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17-05-2010, 17:06
So, I'm playing a game at some point (it was supposed to happen yesterday morning, but my opponent didn't show up... :( ) and it's going to be a little bizarre.

So the backstory- my friends and I are playing a 3 way border princes campaign, (High Elves, Daemons, and me, Ogre Kingdoms) and while I'm not sure HOW this happened, I made myself a tactical blunder. As it is, I'm defending Malko, so we're playing with the siege rules as put forth by Avian(?), and I've found myself cut off from my reinforcements (due to the idiotic mistake of abandoning the silk road) and assailed by daemons on almost every side. Not only that, but losing Malko will boost the Daemon player's reserves and give him a massive force to attack the Elves, who, at the moment are acting as quite a nice 'buffer' between me and the daemons. So it's kind of a critical point gentlemen!

This puts a huge twist on the game, giving some advantages to me, and some to him.

Pluses- There will be essentially NO static CR, working almost entirely off of kills made by models on the walls. That's pretty much Ogre Heaven :D.

Because of the size of our table, I'm going to 'have to' (:p) put my castle up against one of the table edges, which means that there's no way for him to attack me from the back (thank jeebus.)

The special scenarios mean that, even if I die a horrible and atrocious death, I may still be able to win the game.

Daemons have one shortcoming in this gametype- NO siege machinery, which means unless he brings along a greater Daemon (oh please no!) then my walls should be relatively safe from harm. (Almost wrote ham there. Would've been a funny typo.)

Minuses: Not only am I going up against Daemons, I'm going up against purely Slaanesh Daemons, which means I'm in about as tight of a spot as I could possibly be. But at least it isn't a huge set of horror blocks :cheese:.

I'm horribly outnumbered. Horribly. The rules for siege dictate that I take 50% of his army (in points). Luckily for me, I happen to get the fortification bonus of 250 points, so that BEGINS to even the odds. What this means is I'm playing an army of 1500 points vs. his army of 2500. As I said. Hugely outnumbered.

So I posted this thread for two reasons, one- I need any tactical/army compositional advice I can get. And two- I'd like any suggestions for balancing the internal deficit in the campaign between our armies (as I'm obviously a bit SOL when it comes to balance...)

17-05-2010, 17:27
So you are in a castle against an army that vastly outnumbers you but has no seige equipment...

Damn looks like they are going to wait you out until your food and water runs out...

Oh wait, that's not how this game works! ;)

Just stay on the other side of the walls so he can't see you to cast magic missiles or do much damage.

Make sure you have a ton of leadbeltchers/gnoblar waiting for any flying units willing to go on top of the wall.

Then just wait for the tie :)

17-05-2010, 17:32
be extremely cautious for the leadership affecting abilities and spells. I dont know if they need LOS or not but they could cause massive panic in the ogres. i think some maneaters with pistols may serve you well, put them on a wall and try to pick off flying units and characters.

17-05-2010, 17:39
i think some maneaters with pistols may serve you well, put them on a wall and try to pick off flying units and characters.

Anything on the wall will be blasted by magic.

Bolt of change > a couple of handguns.

17-05-2010, 18:21
Can you link the siege rules scenario, does he have to get in the gate?

Maneaters with a character with greatskull, runemaw or thiefstones increase your surivability if hess going magic heavy, alternatively you could field a hunter or butcher w/bangstick with 3 thiefstones/greatskull/hellheart.
-Take a ton of gnoblars.
-Leadbelchers won't be good on the walls but may be good inside the castle to react to big flying things coming in.

17-05-2010, 21:00
Thanks for all the replies!!

Unfortunately malorian... it's not quite that simple. He can purchase battering rams and such to get inside, or ladders to get his infantry onto the walls. Or he can do it the old fashioned way and have bloodthirster break down the doors and/or stone walls.

Also- thanks for the support. I'm glad best case scenario in your mind is 'get a tie.' Really boosts my confidence buddy :p.

Clarifying: He'll be taking a (likely) PURELY slaanesh army- so Tzeentch magic should be minimal at best. The only blue firey-crazy magic people types I'd expect to see would be screamers and/or flamers. But horrors shouldn't make an appearance as he LOVES slaanesh and is by no means a WAAC player, so he'll likely see this battle as a way to play Daemons that he usually can't (well, without getting his butt kicked.) What I'm worried about is him luring my armies off the edge of the walls (which may or may not be possible.) Luckily, we're playing in such a way that we don't have to 'define' our heroes for any given flag until after they've fought their first battle, so I've got total freedom with my army list.

As to answer the other question, there are a number of objectives any one person could have, including defending a 'weak point' or sending a messenger for help (certainly fluffy in MY case :p.) There are a bunch, and it all depends on a little 2d6 roll.

The link to rules is here http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18068

17-05-2010, 21:08
Also- thanks for the support. I'm glad best case scenario in your mind is 'get a tie.' Really boosts my confidence buddy :p.

In a game that you can't afford to lose, a tie is the same as a win.

17-05-2010, 21:17
haha, I know I know. I was just jokin' around.

I pretty much have been thinking the same thing, to be honest. I'm prepared to have my butt kicked, but honestly, things don't look TOO terrible.

If he takes a GD, I'm a little F&*%($&. Short of that though- I have some things going for me.

I get higher ground bonuses on walls (which we're counting as 'charging from higher ground') there is no static CR in combats on walls (ranks don't count and neither does outnumber) and I have access to some seriously nasty little tidbits to chop/burn/bludgeon any units that try to scale the walls. Plus, the walls aren't exactly easy to take down either.

Thanks for the help though- this is likely to be one of the hardest games I'll ever play.

17-05-2010, 21:18
What I'm worried about is him luring my armies off the edge of the walls (which may or may not be possible.)

I tihnk you are safe from that, you -can't- move over the walls except to the ramparts, so all you have to do is kill anything capable of coming through the gate.

That or tear the crap out of anything that goes in first, it is a bottleneck after all.

17-05-2010, 21:21
Battle report?

With pictures?


17-05-2010, 21:25
I'll do my best malorian- but I think the best I'll be able to do ATM is a 'paint' job, because my camera is a little screwed and in the shop.

In fact- I was going to start a campaign thread- but stopped because Selone's was essentially the same thing (he was the inspiration to start one in the first place.)

Edit: I've actually been hoping to get an army thread together. My Ogres are pirate and cowboy themed (mix surprisingly well...) led by (stolen name) the Rawhide Kid (or the Slaughter Kid, not sure which I like better ATM.) The pirates are intermittently led by (when gnoblars) Bartholomew Sharpstuff or (when Ogres) Jack Rack' o' ham. It's been quite entertaining and rewarding to come up with all the fluff, being a creative writing person and all.