View Full Version : 2k WoC khorn(ish) list needs rating & fixing

17-05-2010, 18:49
Right heres my list,, rate & fix please

Valkia the Bloody

Exhaulted Hero:Blasphemous Amulet, Shield, BSB, Khorne, Bronze Armour, Chariot
Chaos Scorcerer: 2x Dispel Scrolls

16x Marauders: Khorne, Great Weapons, Shield, Light Armour
5x Marauder Horsemen
5x Marauder Horsemen
5x Warhounds of Chaos
5x Warhounds of Chaos
5x Warhounds of Chaos

5x Chaos Knights: Khorne, Standard Bearer
5x Chaos Knights: Khorne, Standard Bearer

Giant: Slaanesh

Basically the Scorcerer and Valkia go in the unit of marauders the giant acts as tarpit/anvil while the knights/chariot tear units up, the horsemen go for flanks and the warhounds direct enemy charges/frenzy block..

i have 33 points left too BTW if you have any idea what to put them on/in?


17-05-2010, 19:03
remove that giant of yours and replace it with:

2-3 small 10 man units of Khorne marauders with GW or Flail. they are awesome.
In addition, get another knight in each of your knight units. And give one unit the blasted standard, giving them 5+ wardsave vs shooting.

you do not need tarpits etc, you need a lot of units with high damage output. Khorne works best as MSU,(many small units). the more frenzied units you have, the easier it is to play with them.

I would make your sorcerer a tzeentch sorcerer. Flickering Fire is THE best MM in game. no contest. :)

immortal git
17-05-2010, 20:14
ew a chariot, not too my taste but see how it goes, valkia in the marauders? she can fly! let the bird fly free, just dont get her killed in the process, and yeah, not enough models as kramplarv said

17-05-2010, 22:00
if i dropped the giant i could put in 50 marauders? lol,, the thing i have to be careful with though is im mostly against vampires and the "outnumber by fear causing enemy" thing rapes me lol,, thats why i put valkia in a unit until its safe for her to run free. could give a unit the raptous standard or whatever,,

so if i drop giant ill have 293 points,, thats 2 extra knights in each unit (for max attacks) and 20 marauders equipped the same as my current ones?