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Being inspired by LordofNonsensicalCrap's Battle reports (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=107804&highlight=LoNC+lizard) I'd like to follow suit by giving detailed, humorous, and informative accounts of my coming battles in Warhammer Fantasy Battles. I plan to update continuously (but slowly) on all things having to do with battle reports, models, and the ongoing story for my armies.

Lizardmen Characters notes:

Sotarkesh, Slann: rough translation; Infinite Mind.
A Slann of the 4th spawning; Sotarkesh is an old and very powerful wizard who rules over the temple city of Kotak-Hai. He takes great interest in his meditation and commonly spends the greater part of entire centuries astral projecting to the far ends of the world and some say even the universe. He is awakened only in times of great peril to protect the temple city of Kotak-Hai, much to his annoyance. Woe to any foe who force the great dreamer awake, for none as of yet have survived his wrath for having his meditations disturbed.

Kro'Qua, Old-Blood: rough translation; Dead Blood.
A saurus warrior of extreme age and the last surviving member of his spawning. Unlike most saurus, even those separated from the spawnkin by death, he is considered reclusive and odd. He spends most of his time alone in the jungle on the outskirts of the temple city instead of living with the other saurus. While his behavior is strange, he is supremely loyal to his slann master Sotarkesh. Although he has little patience with skinks, which he considers annoying and weak, he tends to tolerate them for the most part. Usually. This has left him unliked and untrusted by Kotak-Hai's skink-priest council. However, his fighting skills and battle prowess are unquestionable, and in times of extreme need he is called into service to fight and protect his home.

Huan'Qu, Carnosaur: rough translation; Obsidian Moon. Shelved for 8th Edition.

Huini'Zec, Skink Chief: Rough Translation; Insignificant Foe. Huini'Zec is an enigma among skinks. He is the only skink in recorded Lizardman history to be spawned at the same time as group of Saurus warriors. Whether this is an intended exception willed by the Old Ones or a mistake in the great plan caused by the intervention of chaos is the topic of much debate among the skink-priests. The fact remains however that Huini'Zec is a fierce fighter and protector of his homeland. Unlike most Skinks, Huini'Zec is violent tempered, impatient, and brutal; much like his spawn-kin. While processing incredible strength for a skink, he is no Sauru, and isn't nearly as large or resilient to injury as his spawnkin. He makes up for this by retaining the nimble mind and quick reflexes of his skink brethren. Huini'Zec feels cheated by his fate, handicapped by his stature and trapped in a body that he does not belong in. Despite his physical limitations, he feels no fear and fights as bravely as any sauru. He hopes that one day, he can prove this worthiness to the Old Ones through valor on the battlefield, and be given the body that he so rightly deserves. He has great affinity with jungle beasts, combined with his unshakable determination and strong will, he easily subjugates the most fierce of the jungle's prehistoric monsters to be his personal mounts. He proudly claims that no animal can resist his command.

Tenkitza, Skink Priest: rough translation; Recorder of Beginnings. Old, wise, and levelheaded, Tenkitza is the head of the skink priest council and reports directly to Sotarkesh. His knowledge of the stellar constellations and arcane alignments is second to none save Tetto'Eko himself, and his great control over the heavens themselves has aided the lizardmen in battling their enemies countless times. He is the only skink priest with enough arcane attunement and knowledge to properly employ the use of the Engine of the Gods in battle. To war he carries 2 staffs. The snake staff of Sotek helps him channel his incredible astral and geomantic powers. The ornamented jeweled-skull staff... he uses as a walking stick.

Atehe, Skink Priest: rough translation; Knowledgeable of Prophecies.
A young and perhaps a bit impetuous skink priest, Atehe strives to keep up with his scholar master Tenkitza and to prove himself to the council. Having been spawned in an abandoned temple city, he is not entirely trusted by some, and strives with enthusiasm to prove himself worthy of acceptance and to further the completion of the Great Plan. This enthusiasm clashes with his lack of confidence and skittish nature though, causing him to be a bit awkward, if not just emotional, especially for a lizardman.

Kai'Qu, Scar Veteran: rough translation; Ancient Defender.
Introduced in post #32, he is the eternity warden of the Slann Mage priest Sotarkesh. Fiercely protective of his charge, he will gladly sacrifice his life to serve his master. On the battlefield he carries Sotarkesh's battle standard, and often holds back to protect his lord if he is present. He disagrees with Kro'Qua's independent nature and willingness to disobey his Slann overlords. He will be the first to comment if Kro'Qua's loyalty seems to waver or his courage falter.

Vampire Counts Character notes:

Kayosiv, Vampire Lord.
Lord Kayos von Siv is an ancient vampire that remembers serving the great Necromancer Nagash, although it is very dim in his memory. He is haughty, relishing in his power over others and loves to gloat to opponents before delivering the deathblow. He desires power over humans as well as worship to boost his over inflated ego, an ever-touchy subject if he is reminded of defeat or loss. Unlike most vampires, he does not view humans as cattle, but rather as servants. Cattle are unaware of their fate and cannot revolt against a tyrant. Humans are very different. His code of honor still exists, although tainted by countless centuries of evil, it serves as a dampener of his more vile urges. He believes in the chivalry of 1 on 1 combat, and will never break a promise made. While self serving, he is not heartless nor does he enjoy violence simply for violence's sake. He can be reasoned with and has been known to grant mercy to those who beg for it, although always at a price. He believes that knowledge is power, and is always attempting to hone his necromancy and acquire arcane knowledge. He is a powerful but certainly not peerless necromancer, his lacking made up for by his equal pursuit of martial perfection. Not a master wizard nor a perfect combatant, it is his balance of both that makes him so dangerous.

Rupert: Lord Kayosiv's mighty Zombie Dragon Mount. He frequently rides it into battle, and although it has been destroyed many times, he is always able to resurrect the remains with his mastery of necromancy. Rupert retains a limited intelligence, sometimes acting like a diligent puppy, and often forgetting his actual size and power. It is very difficult for Rupert to not accidentally destroy everything in a small radius due to this playful nature.

Kircheck: While Kayosiv urges for political power, Kircheck is content merely to fight. He is no idiot, but he is smart enough to realize that true pleasure in his unlife comes from fighting, killing, and slaughter. The battlefield is his nirvana. Easily bored by the long arching political schemes and magical pursuits of his brother, he often will raise armies solely for the sake of engaging them in grand battles for his amusement. Kircheck relishes in his unlife, often failing to look at the grand scheme of things an immortal existence would allow him proper perspective to see. He cares not for domination, just an excuse to slay mortals. Kayosiv sees his views as irresponsible at best, but knows that his desire to fight for eternity has made him into a supremely competent general and combatant. Although these conflicting viewpoints often put the two brothers at odds, Kayosiv knows he can count on his brother's loyalty. Kircheck secretly fears Kayosiv, for if they were to fight, there is no question who would be the victor.

Redaxe the Slain: The Khornite Lord from the first battle report, now serves Kayosiv in eternal servitude as a wight king. He is currently a near mindless automation, although more is to be done with his personality in the future.

You can view my first battle report here http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=214651&highlight=Kayosiv . It should give some insight into the storyline that develops.

The Story So Far:

A broken body, a look of terror etched into its face, hit the floor with a loud thud. Lord Kayosiv wiped his lips as undead servants shambled into the room to collect the remains. He dismissed them with a wave of his hand, picking up the body and throwing it out the window. Before the corpse touched the ground it was snatched up in the giant maw of Rupert, the vampire's zombie dragon. He figured the beast deserved a treat. If not for Rupert, he wouldn't have made his narrow escape from the Demons of Chaos. He was finally recovering his strength, and revenge would soon be his.

Looking out the window and watching his dragon messily munch on his leftovers, he noticed a black coach approaching from the north; a smile broke on his normally expressionless face. Mentally giving the command to his servants to open the gates, he rushed down the spiral staircase of his tower with unnatural speed. If his brother has succeeded, there was no time to waste. Bursting the door to his keep open, he was met with the arrival of his Brother's black coach, after so many hundreds of years no longer needed to sustain his eternal essence.

"Well!?" Kayosiv demanded, a little harsher then he meant to. It had been over a hundred years since had seen his brother; he was used to dealing with subordinates, not equals.
"You seem to be making a quick recovery" Kircheck snorted, annoyed by his brother's lack of courtesy. He was after all, out doing his dirty work while he was too weak to leave his castle.
"Ah yes, I'm feeling much stronger as of late, and my apologies brother, I am not used to having to anyone to talk to other than my thralls."
"Well then" Kircheck said as he hefted two ornate chests under each arm, "you must have been lonely."
"You've found them both! This is excellent, bring them up to my chambers at once..." Kayosiv paused for a second, "perhaps I'll have my servants take them there. Come, join me in my study, we have much to discuss."
"That's more like it." said Kircheck, finally feeling properly appreciated and handing the remains of Kanzul and Alistair to a pair of approaching skeletal servants. The two vampires began to ascend the stairs, behind them a host of skeletons began to repair the thick keep door that Kayosiv had smashed almost completely off its hinges.


Hours later, in his basement laboratory, Kayosiv flipped through ancient tombs older than even he, looking for the answers to his dark questions. Amongst the pile of books he had removed from the shelves, were the two boxes that Kircheck had arrive with earlier, now open, each containing the remains of one of his eternal servants. Kayosiv had been searching for a way to resurrect their undead forms. Normally, it would be as simple as enacting a ritual of resurrection with the blood of some easily attainable mortals, but this was a more complicated matter. They had been destroyed by demonic blades, their eternal souls given pause by the power of chaos. Kircheck, long standing motionless in the shadows of an unlit corner, was nearly bored to tears.

"So, if they were destroyed so easily, why do you care so much about resurrecting them? Wouldn't it be easier to simply create some new thralls?"
"Because dear brother," Kayosiv said, his head not lifting from his research "You cannot put a price on loyalty, and that was something that those two had sworn to me completely. Also remember, they were not destroyed easily by mortal opponents, but those that gave... even me some slight difficulties."
Many words between the two went unsaid. Kayosiv absentmindedly clutched his previously shattered ribs.
"Well, if you wish to resurrect them so badly so be it, but I do hope you won't spend too long down here in this dank hole trying to figure out how. Do remember also that we owe my resurrection to the Tzeench Demon. Without absorbing such vast amounts of magical power from the creature, I may have spent another hundred years trapped and formless in my ..."
Kircheck's words were cut off as a vice-like hand clutched his throat and pinned him against the wall. Kayosiv had flown across the room at lightning speed to silence his brother's words.
"Vengeance will be mine, do NOT forget that" hissed Kayosiv through gritted teeth.
"Of course brother, and I will be the first to help you slay them" Kircheck choked out, his hand ever so slowly reaching for his broadsword.
"Don't." Kircheck's hand froze, and after a few moments Kayosiv released his sibling's neck. Kircheck rubbed the sore spot.
"Have you really grown so cold blooded in my absence? You threaten a kin with death over some words spoken without ill intent. You're even less sociable then I remember."
"what did you say?"
"Understand that I mean no disrespect, but..."
Kayosiv cut him off, "Of course... cold blooded... I've been looking in all the wrong places." Kayosiv whirled around and began taking new books off the shelves and flipping through them.
"Care to share your little epiphany?"
"Of course, one moment" Kayosiv said, still scanning the ancient withered texts. "The answer is not in Sylvania, but rather somewhere much more exotic... ah... yes, YES! Here it is. Ready your Coach brother, and your armies, we leave at once!"
"And where pray tell shall this expedition of yours be taking us?"
"We head to Lustria Kircheck, to the Temple of Dusk. Don't forget to bring your Cadaverous Cuirass."


Tenkitza smiled to himself as he waited by the spawning pools. It had long been his duty to greet and record those brought forth from its life-giving primordial waters, and even after so many cycles of the world, he still took great joy in his work. Sacred plaques had predicted a spawning of Saurus warriors that would defend their city in a time of great need. Many were worried this meant a great catastrophe was inevitable, but Tenkitza, in all his years of hearing of such talk coinciding with the spawning of warriors, dismissed it as unfounded paranoia. Interrupting his thoughts of new life to be greeted, Atehe came running at him at full speed, nearly tripping over his own feet while carrying a large golden tablet, a look of frantic worry on his face.

"Master! We must speak, we are in great peril!" Atehe panted, attempting to catch his breath before lifting up the tablet for the elder priest to see.
"Settle down young one, lets have a look at what... oh no..." Tenkitza's face grew grim. The tablet's prediction was without question. A great evil blight was headed towards their home, and at great speed.
"Where did you find this Atehe?"
"It's location was revealed to me in the scrying pools. It was buried beneath a mound of bones near the great shrine of Sotek. I have no idea how it could have gotten there, but we must not worry about that now. Our city is doomed!! We must awaken..."
"Nonsense, I will muster the host to defend our city as I have for generations. This is no different and there is no reason to burden our lord Sotarkesh with such trifles. Now alert Huini'Zech and let him know I sent you, he must know of this at once. I will prepare for battle, meet me north of here with the war-host where the evil is approaching from. Hurry lest we be caught by surprise."
"Yes Tenkitza, I will see you on the field of battle."

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BATTLE 1: Purging Infection

Now battle ready and atop a stegadon even older than himself, Tenkitza surveyed the army forming before him. "Xho'za'khanx Xlanax," he spat the words. The warm bloods of chaos had come once again to attempt to finish the work their masters had started so many millennia ago. As always, they would fail. He leaned over the side of the hudah to speak with Atehe one last time before battle.

"Where is Kro'Qua?"
Atehe gave a nervous response, "Nobody could find him, I fear we must face this battle without his might."

Just then a terradon soared overhead, its skink rider jumping off and falling a great distance before slamming unceremoniously onto the ground. The skink's body looked broken and Atehe rushed over to see if he was alright. Seemingly unhurt despite his lack of movement moments ago, a very startled Atehe was shoved aside as the skink arose from the ground.
"I do not need your aid young one" a loud and confident voice boomed from the skink chief, completely contradicting his tiny frame.
"Do not worry Tenkitza, we do not need Kro'Qua, my army is prepared to meet the weakling warmbloods... oh," Huini'Zec stopped mid-sentence.
"We will not have the chance to find out my old friend" said a smiling Tenkitza, an emotionless and silent Kro'Qua standing next to him. He had somehow arrived silently in the few seconds they were all distracted.
"Good, then all is prepared, I shall have their army's standard as a trophy!" Huini'Zec's voice boomed. Turning around, he then ran full speed at a stegadon, leaping a great height to the hudah, and pushed a startled skink crewman off the other side. "This is my mount fool, now go aid the battle elsewhere." Huini'Zec began screaming obscenities at the chaos army's standard bearer while Atehe simply watched dumbfounded and speechless.

Kro'Qua's reptilian eyes searched the battle-line for the lord of chaos leading the army, malice and loathing in his ancient soul, before he went off with the other saurus to prepare for war.

My List: Lizardmen

GENERAL: Saurus Old Blood (Kro’Qua): Light Armor, shield, Halberd
Mount: Cold One, suffers from Stupidity.
Magic Items: Glyph Necklace, Venom of Firefly Frog

BATTLE STANDARD BEARER: Skink Chief (Huini’Zec): Shield, Blowpipe
Mount: Stegadon
Magic Items: Dagger of Sotek, Carnosaur Pendant

SKINK PRIEST (Tenkitza): Level 2 Wizard
Mount: Stegadon with Engine of the Gods
Magic Items: Amulet of Itzl, Plaque of Tepok
Spells: Portent of the Far, Celestial shield (big help there), Comet of Cassanova

SKINK PRIEST (Atehe): Level 2 Wizard
Magic Items: Diadem of Power, Dispel Scroll
Spells: Portent of the Far, Second Sign of Amul
15 Saurus Warriors with full command and spears
10 Skinks with Javelins and Shields
10 Skinks with Javelins and Shields
10 Skink skirmishers with blowpipes
10 Skink skirmishers with blowpipes
5 Cold one Cavalry with Champion and Standard Bearer
3 Kroxigar
5 Chameleon skinks with Champ
2 Salamanders with 4 skink crew

His List: Warriors of Chaos

GENERAL: Chaos Lord with mark of Khorne and shield
Mount: Khorne Juggernaut
Magic Items: Axe of Khorne (+1 strength, killing blow), Crimson Armor, Favor of the Gods

BATTLE STANDARD BEARER: Exhalted Champion with mark of Nurgle and shield.
Mount: Chaos Steed.
Magic Items: Helm of Many Eyes (always strike first, stupidity), Glaive of Putrification

Chaos Sorcerer: Level 1 Wizard with mark of Nurgle
Mount: On Foot
Magic Items: Enchanted Shield and the Infernal Puppet
Spells: Magnificent Buboes

Chaos Sorcerer: Level 1 Wizard using lore of fire,
Magic Items: 2x Dispel Scrolls
Spells: Fireball
16 Chaos Warriors with full command, shields, and mark of Nurgle. Rapturous Standard
16 Chaos Warriors with full command, shields, and mark of Nurgle. Blasted Standard
5 Marauder Horsemen with musician, flails, and javelins
5 Chaos Knights with musician, standard, and mark of Nurgle. Banner of Rage
2X Spawn of Chaos
War Shrine


First thing I want to do is apologize for the picture. This is the first time I am taking pictures for battle reports, and due to the angles it was taken at, due to perspectives, there's an optical illusion that he has 2 units of chaos knights/hounds in the center. This is not the case and they are only labeled once on purpose. We had lots of terrain this game. 3 hills, 2 woods, and a house that we played as impassable terrain. Having a fair number of skirmishers, this benefited me more than him, but it was going to be difficult to maneuver my non-skirmishers through the gaps as I deployed the majority of my heavy hitters on the flanks and left the center open except for a few skinks. I did run into a few problems but for the most part was able to squeeze my units through tight fits when it really counted.

Pre-game Thoughts: I had never seen a Chaos army with 2 huge blocks of warriors before. I'd seen 1 big block, and I'd seen 2 small blocks but dang... 2 Nurgle marked warriors units, BOTH with characters in them and BOTH with magic standards. At first I didn't know even how to deal with them, but quickly devised a plan (I'm so devious). I'd put chump skinks in the center and right flank to keep the warriors busy, along with some skirmishers to pester them from the woods on the right. The Salamanders would stay in the center woods and try to bait the Chaos Knights into it to stop them, or just shoot fire at stuff. On the right flank I had my cold one Calvary and Huini'Zec, on the left I had Tenkitza and my Kroxigar, along with my sauru and Kro'Qua. I was hoping to overpower the Chaos Knights and lord with Kro'Qua, plus Kroxigar, plus Engine of the gods, with Sauru for support on the left flank, and forcing his warriors on the right flank to make the horrible decision of whether they wanted to be charged by a stegadon or cold one cavalry in the flank, all the while pelting him with poisoned blowpipes and sharp sticks. The unit of warriors in the middle I planned to never get in combat with, and just sacrifice my ranked skinks to and flame with the salamanders the entire game and hope they either died or got stuck in the woods or at the wrong end of the board.

Turn 1: Warriors of Chaos

Movement: He won deployment as well as first turn, and opted after short consideration to go first. He moved the majority of his units fairly slowly with the exception of the center spawn and center chaos warriors who moved 11" and 8" up. His fast cavalry bolted to the center of the board, I assume to avoid the wrath of my chameleon skinks. His warshrine, hounds, and Chaos Knights moved forward and angled towards my left flank. The right spawn moved behind the woods to avoid skink shooting, and the Battle Standard Bearer got confused by the whirling images of his helmet and ordered his men to Move directly counter-spinwise at full speed. After much confusion, the unit went stupid and shambled forward 4". The sorcerer in the unit, could not cast spells that round, good for me, an easy round of dispelling.

Magic: With his 2 spells and 4 power dice against my 4 dispel dice and diadem of power, his wizard attempted to cast fireball and magnificent buboes every turn of the game and either failed, were dispelled, or scrolled. There were no irresistible forces, miscasts, or anything interesting beyond him casting and me dispelling for the entire game, so I'm going to remove this phase from the rest of the battle report as it was inconsequential.

Shooting: Similar to his magic, the only shooting in his army was minimal, with a unit of marauder horsemen having javelins. The only thing they ever shot as were my chameleon skinks, which they missed horribly due to their special camouflage rule. Just like magic, the shooting phase on his turn was uneventful and will not be further mentioned save his warshine's blessings. Speaking of, his warshrine drew the attention of the dark gods to his unit of chaos knights, granting them (with a slight modification from the Favor of the Gods) +1 toughness. toughness 5 Chaos Knights... ewww.

Turn 1: Lizardmen

Movement: In response on my left flank, I moved forward with Kro'Qua and my Saurus and angled to the right. Chameleon skinks moved up on the hill for shooting position on the warshrine, regular skink skirmishers not far behind. The Steg and Kroxigar wheeled towards the center after moving up past the house, the kroxigar in reserve, the stegadon moving so Tenkitza would have line of sight to things. On the right flank my 2 units of skink cohorts move up, but not at full speed, wary of the spawn. The skink skirmishers go into the woods, hoping to either draw something inside or to just shoot at stuff unhindered for the whole game. Huini'Zec's stegadon goes off the hill and angles himself so he can get a nice bolt thrower shot into the flank of the center warriors without the blasted standard's 5+ ward save. Their rapturous standard can't protect them from shooting and panic! My Coldone Cavalry zip forward their full 14" movement. I have decided to loop around the woods and hopefully into the flank/rear of the enemy, and am willing to wait until turn 3-4 to do it. Not too afraid of that spawn either, Sauru Cavalry are tough as rocks.

Magic: This magic phase was a disaster. With the thought that I could perhaps eat up some of my opponents dispel scrolls, Tenkitza fired up the Engine of the Gods to make lore of heavens -1 to cast and attempted to bring down a comet upon the heads of the center-most warriors of chaos unit, and promptly miscast. Things went from bad to worse when my opponent gleefully informed me that one of his sorcerers was packing an infernal puppet... So one roll of an 8 later (which he gladly changed to a 10), Tenkitza was now a level 1 wizard. The strength 8 hit wounded but was saved by his Amulet of Itzl. Now I was generating 1 less power dice, 1 less dispel dice, forgot my only offensive magic spell, and no longer had my ward save... I knew I had taken a big risk and lost, and without the added protection of his 2+ ward in any fights, I was extremely wary about getting Tenkitza into combat. Atehe's spells were easily shut down by my opponents 4 dispel dice and he decided to save 1 dice in the diadem of power.

Shooting: Where magic failed I was hoping that shooting would do better. I was planning on trying to thin out that chaos knight unit with my salamanders, but now that they were toughness 5 thanks to the warshrine, that would mean I needed 6's to wound which I didn't think was worth it so I changed targets to the center-most warriors.The salamanders rolled extremely well for this flame template distance, managing to hit 7 and 3 warriors respectively. Unfortunately for me, needing 5's to wound was just too tall an order for my dice to fill, as I rolled ZERO 5's of 6's. That hurt. My shooting phase resolved by my chameleon skinks gettings a few wounds on the warshrine, all of which were saved, my great bow whiffing, and little else. I had hoped to make up for a little bit of the disaster that was the magic phase, and instead dealt 0 wounds to his army.

Beginning of turn 2:

Turn 2: Warriors of Chaos

Movement: His fast cavalry zipped back over to their starting location to throw spears at my chameleon skinks, and miss. His warshrine moved left and angled to create a 4 wound toughness 6 wall between my skinks and their ability to shoot at his knights. His knights moved up slightly and wheeled a bit and his dogs moved up even more. On the right flank, his center warrior unit angles towards my salamanders, while the right one zips down to where it wanted to be last turn before the BSB started giving stupid orders. The right-most spawn came towards the center of the board next to the woods, while the center spawn moved a measly 4" straight towards my ranked skinks.

Shooting: His marauders prove they are better at smashing stuff then throwing stuff by missing my chameleon skinks and the warshine gives the chaos knights the same blessing they already had, followed by... giving him +1 attack. I wasn't sure why he didn't keep the +1 toughness, which I thought was an awesome blessing, but I was soon to find out.

Combat: None yet.

Turn 2: Lizardmen

Movement: Much to my opponents surprise, no charges declared. Kroxigar, skink skirmishers, and Kro'Qua all move slightly towards the center to prepare for the coming apocalyptic clash of the titans that is destined to occur next turn. Tenkitza and his Engine of the Gods move directly up to try and flash fry some chaos marauders and prepare to get into the flanks in later turns. My saurus warriors get into the face of the warhounds, essentially preventing a charge from his chaos knights unit unless he wanted to overrun into the woods. I was attempting to use his own pieces to clog him. This would either delay him a turn while he had to move the dogs out of the way, or charge into a suicidal combat with my sauru. I think my opponent thought I would charge, the dogs would flee, and my charge would fail setting him up for a nice juicy counter-charge next turn, but I was having none of that. The salamanders moved out of the line of sight (behind 2" of woods) of the center chaos warriors, set up in the flank of the chaos knights hoping to kill 1 and force a panic test as well as weaken the unit. 2 ranked skinks units move up, javelins at the ready, Huini'Zec moves up slightly to pressure the chaos warriors in future turns. Cold one Cavalry zip around past the woods and wheel around to face the center of the board. Atehe and right skink skirmishers just stay in their respective woods and sit tight.

Magic: Burning alignment kills a marauder horseman, while Atehe manages to get portent of the far off on the salamanders. Hopefully that might mean I could get some actual wounds on the chaos knights with them this turn. All other magic is dispelled.

Shooting: The chameleon skinks shot the marauder horsemen to pieces, killing another three leaving only 1 left, although with the help of his faith in the dark powers he passed his second panic test. Shot several more skink darts at the war shrine but once again failed to wound it at all. Dang that thing was resilient! The salamanders coughed up some flaming goo at the knights but even with the portent of the far rerolls I couldn't get past his high toughness and armor saves. Skink shooting on the right flank went much better however, although not as good as I'd hoped. The center skinks managed to kill a chaos warrior with javelins, and the unit to the right of them managed to deal 2 wounds to the spawn. The blowpipe skinks on the right did 2 wounds to the other spawn as well. This nearly killed both of them, but I wanted at least one dead. The great blow whiffed once again trying to finish the spawn off. I sure wish I had some large targets to shoot at with it.

Combat: ALMOST THERE~! Turn 3 was going to decide the outcome of the entire left flank and probably the game.

Start of turn 3 Left Flank: Start of turn 3 Right Flank:
130240 130239

Turn 3: Warriors of Chaos

Movement: Charges. Declared. Dun dun DUUUUUN. OK so maybe it was just the war hounds into my saurus, but combat was about to begin. The center spawn charged my ranked skinks, who held, ready to prove their worth to Huini'Zec. My skink skirmishers in the woods proved to have resolves that were not quite as steely, as they failed their fear test and fled from the spawn on the right. On the plus side, that trapped his spawn in the woods for a turn, but it would have been nice to hold. Back on the left flank, the one remaining marauder decided it was better for him to save half his unit's victory points and hightail it out of there, moving towards the center of the board at full march-blocked speed. The center warriors angled towards the center woods, readying for what I thought would be a charge against my salamanders. The right most Nurgle warrior unit angled to the right, keeping both the stegadon and the cold one cavalry in its front arc. There was no way I was winning that combat without a rank denying flank charge, and my opponent knew it.

Combat: My opponent's plan, was for my saurus to slaughter the warhounds down to the last man (dog?), preventing a pursue, and stranding my saurus too far away from his chaos knights to charge, resulting in my untimely charge/demise at the hands of super amped up chaos knights. I allowed this charge to happen because I knew that wouldn't be so. Doing some quick math, I elected to NOT use spears in the following combat. The dogs mustered up an impressive 2 wounds, all they managed to do was break their teeth on my 3+ armor save. In the attacks back, I should statistically get 5-6 hits out of my 11 attacks, 3-4 of which should wound, and that is exactly what happened. My plan was to pursue, then angle my saurus to force the chaos knights (who were obligated to charge due to frenzy) off into the woods to my right. I would then loop around with my stegadon, general, and kroxigar, for a brutal combined triple flank/rear charge. As fate would have it however, the saurus were never meant to be sacrificed in such a way. Easily winning combat, the dogs fled even with their nearby general's leadership and I elected to pursue, rolling AN ELEVEN! This brought me straight into the chaos knights... an unintended charge; The fight was on! Over on the right flank, the center spawn lurched into the brave skinks. Rolling a 4 for his attacks, he hit/wounded 3, but I was able to save one with my 6+ armor save! For my 2 attacks back... I scored a wound! Skinks killed something! In close combat! Did the ground just get colder because I think that certain subterranean areas may have frozen over. A nearby Huini'Zec beamed with pride as his warriors swarmed the monstrous spawn despite their losses, jabbing it over and over until poison coursed through its veins and it moved no more. Well, it did that creepy death twitchy thing, but I don't think that counts. My opponent could only curse his luck as his 55 point spawn was killed by a 50 point unit of skinks.

17-05-2010, 22:28
Turn 3: Lizardmen

Kro'Qua couldn't help himself. Seeing his saurus brethren charge into battle despite his orders stirred emotions in him from ages long past. He reared his mount into a gallop. Strategy be damned, he would rip out the chaos general's throat! A worried Tenkitza could only watch with concern.

Movement: So having "accidentally" charged the unit of chaos knights, I weighed my options. Adapting my plan, I charged with Kro'Qua, with the hope that he could do some serious damage to my opponents knight unit while his chaos lord was trapped in a challenge with my saurus unit champion and unable to fight him. I would then hopefully have about a 50% chance to flee to safety with him, and counter charge with my Kroxigar, hopefully finishing off the rest of the knight unit. With this in mind I angled my kroxigar towards the center, moved both my chameleon and skirmishing skinks up and to the right, and my engine of the gods around the hill. Hopefully all of this combined skink firepower could take out that blasted warshrine and open up my opponents flank. My salamanders back to the right to face the warriors to breathe some more fire goo at them, and Atehe moved out of the woods so if the salamanders had to flee they wouldn't cause him to take a panic test. On the right flank, my skirmishing skinks failed to rally and fled off the board, 0/2 for those guys. Huini'Zec will not be pleased. My two not cowardly skink units angled into the flanks of the warrior units to hopefully pick one off with javelins. Huini'Zec's stegadon moved way up and angled into the flank of the warrior unit with the BSB inside. Huini'Zec had claimed he would get a new trophy and so it must be. You do NOT say no to that guy, he's crazy.

Magic: I threw everything I had trying to get portent of the far and second sign of amul up on the saurus unit or Kro'Qua, but all attempts were dispelled by my opponent, or were halted by his formerly hidden dispel scrolls. They were going to have to win this fight on their own, or die trying. Burning alignment did manage to deal 2 wounds to the warshrine however, so all in all not a bad magic phase, as he had no scrolls left for future turns.

Shooting: Shooting went extremely well. The combined fire of the stegadon crew's javelins, 20 skink skirmishers, and the chameleon skinks, pin-cushioned the warshrine and killed off the 1 remaining marauder horseman. The salamanders rolled very well too, killing 3 warriors. Javelins from the ranked skinks were less effective (read, not at all) but the great bow on Huini'Zec's stegadon managed to roll a 6 and kill one of the warriors of chaos on the right flank.

Combat: This is where my opponent and I got into a rules dispute. I was sure that having killed the warshrine, its blessing would no longer effect the chaos knights, however he insisted that once rolled on the Eye of the Gods table, the blessing was permanent. That seemed a bit crazy to me, as it made sense that without the shrine to attract the gods, the blessing would fade. Regardless, he was positive he was right so we played it his way, which is a good thing too because upon later reading of his book and the WoC FAQ on the GW website, he proved to be quite correct. That meant I was facing 20 strength 5 attacks from the knights, 10 strength 4 attacks from the mounts, 7 strength 6 attacks from the chaos lord with killing blow, and 3 strength 5 attacks from his mount... Maybe Kro'Qua should have exercised more restraint and not charged in...

The Lord of Blood watched as the reptilian creatures ferociously ripped into his dog pack, causing them to yelp and flee in terror, only to be outrun by the brutes and butchered. The blue creatures did not stop there however, and continued running full speed at his unit of elite warriors. Blood for the Blood God, let them come! A primordial roar from the largest of them, covered in red scales, challenged his might. He accepted, eager to add more skulls to the base of Khorne's throne. The red Sauru stabbed both of his spears into the Khone Lord's midsection, with little effect. He responded by hacking off the Sauru's arms, followed by his head. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw another even larger sauru, mounted on a great bipedal lizard charging at them as well, not far behind. He would be next.

I immediately issued a challenge with the saurus warrior champion that the Lord of Khorne accepted with a malevolent smile. More on that later. Despite hitting on 5's, the sauru, no doubt bolstered by the mighty presence of Kro'Qua, managed to get 3 hits and 2 wounds, one of which wasn't saved. Having them kill 1 knight was all I could have asked for, I love my sauru. Not to be outdone, Kro'Qua managed to roll amazing and get no less than 4 wounds with his 5 attacks, 2 of which were not saved. 3 knights down! My saurus champion didn't fair so well however, his attacks bouncing uselessly off of the Lord of Chaos' 0+ armor save. In return, the Khone Lord rolled fairly poorly, but still managed to kill my champion twice over. The 2 remaining knight's furiousity made up for the bad rolls of their lord, hitting and wounding 5 Sauru. I rolled my saves and a 6 popped up against a knight and a 5 against a choas steed, saving two sauru from death. This was crucial, as it meant that he had 6 combat resolution, 3 from kills, 2 from overkill and 1 from banner. I had static 4, combined with my 3 knight kills gave me a combat score of 7. I HAD WON COMBAT BY ONE POINT!!! My eyes watched my opponent roll his break test, an 8 popping up. YES!... NO! I remembered too late that the Chaos Lords have leadership 9, 1 more than the chaos knight's 8, meaning he just barely passed. We were in for another round of combat, and this time he was going to attack first.

Start of turn 4 Left Flank: Start of turn 4 Right Flank:
130242 130241

Turn 4: Warriors of Chaos

Movement: Surprisingly little movement. He did not charge my salamanders like I thought, just moved ever closer to the woods so he was 1" away from them. His other unit of warriors on the far right flank, did not move at all, the chaos banner bearer throwing insults at Huini'Zec calling him a weakling coward with a stupid hat. That would not last for long. His spawn tried to move out of the woods into the flank of my stegadon, but didn't roll nearly high enough.

Combat: Immediately he issued a compulsory challenge with his general, my Oldblood required to accept. This was an opposite of the last combat, where the knights did poor and the general rolled amazing. The knights only managed to kill 2 sauru, one of which was killed by a chaos steed, and my 16 attacks in return managed to wound 4 times and kill a knight back. His lord rolled an impressive 6 hits, I held my breath as he rolled his to-wound dice, and two 6's, a 4 and 5 popped up.

Exhilarated from his fresh kill, the leader of the chaos band wrenched his axe from the decimated remains of the red saurus, and pointed it at the larger mounted lizard creature effortlessly hacking his elite troops in twain. THIS was the challenge he had come here for. The other pathetic weaklings in his army meant nothing. He felt the eyes of Khorne himself upon him. If he succeeded here, his ascension was at hand. His ambition of becoming a deamon prince was within in grasp. Godhood was his, and NOTHING would stand in his way.

Seeing his deliberate challenge, a savage answer erupted from Kro'Qua. The other sauru backed away and descended viciously upon the remaining knights as Kro'Qua and the bloody General of Chaos met in combat. Khorne's champion was impressed by the Oldblood's savagery and strength, but he was no match for his incredible speed. The Chaos lord's armor deflected the blows that his skill could not, and upon discovering a weak spot in the creature's scales, swung his axe mightily at the base of Kro'Qua's neck. The swing was too fast to dodge and blood spurted from the massive wound it inflicted. Kro'Qua blocked the next blow with this shield, but the sheer force of the swing battered his arm aside, leaving his injury exposed. Another mighty arc came at the momentarily defenseless Oldblood, but this time it ricocheted mere inches from its mark. Kro'Qua's amulet glowed brightly as he growled a deep guttural growl. The Choas Lord smiled. Finally, after so many hundreds of years, an opponent who was worthy.

Praise Quetzl!
So of the 4 wounds he dealt me, 1 was saved by armor, which meant I still had 3 more, 2 that were killing blow. The dice shown are my ward save rolls, with that yellowish dice on the bottom of the screen being the one I nominated to save the non-killing blow wound. I had about a 1/9 chance to survive, and made it, suffering a mere 1 wound instead. I was unable to hurt his Chaos lord with my attacks back, but I still won combat because he no longer had a musician. STILL HE HOLDS! There was no way Kro'Qua could get that lucky again.

Turn 4: Lizardmen

Movement: CHARGE! Huini'Zec spurred his great mount into a stampede that slammed into the side of the chaos warrior unit, the saurus cavalry following suit and hitting them in the front. I moved Tenkitza to the flank of the chaos knight combat to aid with magic, burning alignment, and to charge in next turn if it came to that. Both sets of skinks on the left flank moved towards the center of the board, hoping to charge his general and auto-destroy him if he fled and escaped combat somehow. The Kroxigar simply stayed put, their use as a counter-charge still a possibility if my Saurus and general lost combat. Atehe move out of the woods, close enough to cast portent of the far on my general. The center skinks angled to throw javelins at the center chaos warriors the others at spawn in the woods.

Magic: Righteous fire of Chotec bore down upon the Chaos Lord, vaporizing the one remaining chaos knight and wounding the general. The rest of my magic was put into casting buffs on Kro'Qua. Both portent's of the far were dispelled, but second sign of Amul went off and I got 3 re-rolls!. That was just what I needed in order to save Kro'Qua, being able to reroll failed ward saves made me feel more confident about the next combat.

Shooting: Salamanders burned even more chaos warriors, and the skinks on the far side managed to trick the chaos spawn into eating itself. There were no non-skink survivors.

Combat: In the right flank, I rolled well with my impact hits, killing 4 warriors right off the bat. Huini'Zec bellowed forth a challenge, the chaos BSB accepting and went first due to his magical helmet, directing all his attacks at the stegadon, and his horse at Huini'Zec, which he easily fended off. He only managed to deal 1 wound to the stegadon, but that would mean I was s2/t2 after this combat. The stegadon and skink chief both attacked the BSB, but hitting on 5's and his 1+ armor save proved to be too potent a defense and he took no wounds. The Saurus Cavalry managed to kill 2 more despite their impressive 2+ armor save from the front. Man it was nice to be hitting on 4's instead of 5's. The warriors and sorcerer killed 1 knight in return. I won handily and outnumbered him with fear causing models, but when he rolled his break test, on his second attempt thanks to the bsb, he rolled a double 1! I was worried. Without impact hits, spears, or the advantage of going first, I wouldn't win the next combat nearly as easily. On the Left Flank...

That burning light beam had seared his flesh right through his armor. This was his battle, his moment, and that cowardly wizard was trying to rob him of his glory. A curse on him! The Chaos Lord redoubled his efforts against the Oldblood, but the radiant magical fire had weakened him while Kro'Qua had seemed to become stronger despite his injuries thanks to Atehe's magical aid. Their two blades met again, but this time, Kro'Qua overpowered his opponent, slicing deeply into his midsection. The attack cut straight through his living armor and while he was staggered, Kro'Qua's cold one bit out the eye of the Chaos Lord's juggernaut. The beast reared the Chaos Lord off, his waning strength unable to hold on. Landing with a metallic clang, he staggered to his feet and quickly unsheathed two short swords, but fell to one knee as blood poured out of the great wound in his abdomen.
"I am not defeated!" he screamed in defiance, as much at his God as at Kro'Qua. "Your skulls shall decorate the base the great brass throne!"
Kro'Qua simply looked at him for a moment, his expression undecipherable, before letting forth a quiet snarl. At this subtle command the remaining saurus warriors attacked their enemy in a coordinated mass of fury. The dozens of deep puncture wounds received did nothing to halt the Chaos Lord's wrath. He seemed immune to pain and fought back as one possessed, charging into the saurus through a wall of spears and cutting several down. The Saurus backed away from his onslaught, but not to retreat. As soon as they had gotten clear the Chaos Lord was hit with a scalding blast of light from the Engine of the Gods, forcing him face first into the dirt. Smoking and burnt, he planted a shaky hand in an attempt to rise. Kro'Qua leaped off his mount and landed a heavy halberd strike upon his head, splitting his helmet open and slicing deep into the face and scalp underneath.
"NEVER!" the chaos lord screamed, blood dripping from his face, as he unsheathed yet another weapon and stabbed Kro'Qua underneath his chest plate, digging deep into his ribs. Kro'Qua roared in pain before bringing his Halberd down on his opponent's outstretched arm, severing it at the elbow. Kro'Qua's head snapped back with a loud crack as the Khorne champion struck him in the jaw with terrible force from his one remaining hand. He reeled back to strike again, but this time Kro"Qua caught his wrist. Dropping his halberd and grabbing his adversary's broken helmet, he tore the armor off his face, clamped down with his great jaws, and ripped out the throat with a sickening twist. The Lord of Chaos delivered a weak kick to Kro'Qua's ribs, barely missing the embedded sword, before staggering backwards to the ground. A pool of dark blood began to form underneath his body. As his burnt and broken form lay there dying, Khorne's gaze left him; he was no longer amusing.

"So close..." the Lord gurgled, his eyes glazing over, "blood... for the, blood god."
Kro'Qua winced as he pulled the sword out of the wound in his stomach, severed arm still attached in a death grip, and spit out the flesh of his dying rival's neck with a hint of disgust. He then made a deep etch into his shield with a claw, adjacent to 5 similar etch marks. Picking up his Halberd, he decapitated the blind juggernaut with a single stroke. He then remounted his cold one and headed towards the other fighting as the great beast disintegrated into multicolored mist.

My opponent rolled well for his attacks, but when rolling to wound he got a string of 1's and 2's, and of the 2 that did wound, neither were a killing blow. My Oldblood's armor save shrugged them off. That meant that in return, I could use all 3 of my re-rolls on second sign of Amul offensively, and with that help, I scored 4 wounds on the Chaos Lord. All eyes went to the dice, but he managed to save 3 of them. Despite him not dying, with my static combat resolution of 2, plus the wound, it was too much for the Khornite to bear, and he failed his break test and was run down.

Start of turn 5 Left Flank: Start of turn 5 Right Flank:

Turn 5: Warriors of Chaos

Movement: Angling the warriors to charge the skinks, giving up on the salamanders.

Combat: With initiative 6 and having won the last combat, Huini'Zec got to strike first. I kept getting 6's to hit, but then never to wound, so his killing blow proved once again to do nothing. The warriors struck next, but were unable to kill a single cold one knight! The chaos BSB attacked my stegadon, but must've been rather unnerved that his big bad boss had just been beaten down, because after rolling all 3 hits, he only wounded twice against the toughness 2 stegadon, and then I proceed to roll a 6 on one of my 2 scaly skin saves. The Cold one cavalry managed to take down 2 warriors, including the champion. His 2 combat resolution was no match for my 5, and he promptly broke and was run down. Huini'Zec picked up the Chaos standard and broke it over his knee.

Turn 5: Mine

Movement: I surrounded his only remaining unit of chaos warriors and sped everyone who was too weak or too far away to fight to capture table quarters.

Magic: Engine zapped warriors.

Shooting: javalins, salamanders, and general pain into the chaos warriors.

The unit wasn't quite dead yet, but we decided to call the game at this point.


Massacre victory in favor of the Lizardmen!

Post game Thoughts: Yay! The right flank went exactly as I had hoped. Nurgle warriors are tough as rocks, but they aren't immune to psychology nor do they cause fear, and I knew that a combined charge from two fear/terror causing hard hitting units would be enough. The salamanders did an amazing job of thinning out the chaos warriors while never being in any real danger. They never misfired once all game, I dare say this is the best they have ever done. The left flank was a bit crazy, and I was really worried when my shooting on turn 1 and 2 failed to hurt anything and again when the Sauru got their opportunistic charge off. I may have gotten extremely lucky to win that combat, but even if I hadn't it would have only cost me about 500 points, and I could have counter-charged with Kroxigar, then followed his general's unit all game and zap them with burning alignment. I doubt they would have survived past turn 6 even if my general and saurus failed. Still though, what an epic fight. I wish I had gotten more use out of my kroxigar, they seem to always hang back in case I lose a combat so they can counter-charge, but my last 2 games have been massacres and so they sit back and never get to do anything. I guess that's a good thing, but I feel like I could be using them more effectively.

17-05-2010, 23:37
Well now....
Looking forward to seeing this develop :)

18-05-2010, 01:57
This looks good. I like that you take an oldblood, i don't see them enough.

18-05-2010, 04:13
i like the chiefs fluff--it leaves it open to what he takes: one game a terradon, and maybe next the steg/warspear, cool. My guess is the Skavenpelt banner: it fits the fluff so well, trapped in aesser body but he can buff the saurus he spawned with, super cool.

20-05-2010, 23:34
Writing is underway. Does anyone know how to directly imbed a picture in a thread so you don't have to click a link to see it or to make it bigger? I'd like to get that look, but I'm not sure how to do it. I've seen it in a lot of painting logs though, so I know it is possible.

My first battle went very well, and I'm having a few kinks (skinks?) to work out of the system for next time. I'll need to use a flash on the camera as some of the pictures are too dark, I'll need to make better detailed notes for my next battle. Still, I'm having a lot of fun making this my next project, and hopefully it will be informative and entertaining as well.

21-05-2010, 14:53
You can't do it on warseers battle rep thread sadly. You can in M, P and T on warseer and on other web sites battle report threads but not on here.

it's something that annoys Mal ;)

21-05-2010, 18:46
You can't do it on warseers battle rep thread sadly.

it's something that annoys Mal ;)

I CAN SEE WHY! Doh. Oh well. That'd explain why I can't seem to get it to work, it doesn't. Thanks for the info though.

21-05-2010, 19:28
Looking great, very good fluff :)

22-05-2010, 10:42
Looking great, very good fluff :)

Thanks Toshiro, I'm a big fan of your Arghuz Orghid reports, looking forward to your second game.

Whew finally finished. It seems the problem with this is the same problem I had writing my last report, and that was that it just takes SO LONG! Almost a whole day in total. Am I too long winded? Could be. Writing it was much easier though this time because of the pictures and I took brief notes. I'm quite happy with how it turned out overall, but there's things I'm going to change for next time.

Regarding taking pictures, I'm definitely going to use a flash next time, they just look better and tend to be less blurry. I don't think all of the movement marker indication lines are necessary, as there's already a picture and I am describing movement on top of that. I may still use them, perhaps for charges/fleeing only. Whatever I do with them I will make them prettier next time. Squiggly line arrows may be OK in football playbooks, but I'd like mine to look semi-decent. I'd also like to get better angled shots with the camera, and perhaps some closeups of important fights.

Other than that I just want opinions on reporting style, fluff, and what you'd like to see changed (or more of the same) next time. I'll be having scheduled games every Wednesday for the next few months, so expect a report every 1-2 weeks as time allows. Looking forward to this project, especially as I paint and convert up the rest of my war host.

22-05-2010, 10:48
Yeah they do take long--One thing I do is post a real quick post to mark the spot-and then use the edit function to add to it over 3 days or so.

22-05-2010, 21:41
That was a pretty snazzy report. I run big ole' blocks of warriors allot, but they spend most the time chopping down tree-folk.

Thanks for including the pics. A little visual aid always helps.

Most unimpressive war-shrine ever.... I have to agree.

22-05-2010, 23:13
"So close..." the Lord gurgled, his eyes glazing over, "blood... for the, blood god."

Epic quote! I love it. Great description of the battle....

23-05-2010, 03:36
Well worth the wait :D
Loved the fluff too.

23-05-2010, 07:32
Thanks Toshiro, I'm a big fan of your Arghuz Orghid reports, looking forward to your second game.

Thank you Kayosiv! I'm glad to hear you like them, means a lot to me :)

Whew finally finished. It seems the problem with this is the same problem I had writing my last report, and that was that it just takes SO LONG! Almost a whole day in total. Am I too long winded? Could be. Writing it was much easier though this time because of the pictures and I took brief notes. I'm quite happy with how it turned out overall, but there's things I'm going to change for next time.

This report was well worth the wait, just finished reading it up and loved it! I'm also quite long-winded when writing my reports, and I usually don't do it as detailed as you. Taking notes, and above all taking pictures really help speed things up, the overall impression of this report was very good. Rich in detail and fluff embedded on key points to mix fact and narration is always appreciated :)

Regarding taking pictures, I'm definitely going to use a flash next time, they just look better and tend to be less blurry. I don't think all of the movement marker indication lines are necessary, as there's already a picture and I am describing movement on top of that. I may still use them, perhaps for charges/fleeing only. Whatever I do with them I will make them prettier next time. Squiggly line arrows may be OK in football playbooks, but I'd like mine to look semi-decent. I'd also like to get better angled shots with the camera, and perhaps some closeups of important fights.

I always use flash as well on pictures in my battle reports, i only turn the flash off when taking close-ups for my painting thread. Flash makes the pictures clearer and they are often quicker to take so detracts less from the actual battle when played :). The lines are nice I think, but I have chosen not to go with them, as you say it looks a bit more decent without them.

Other than that I just want opinions on reporting style, fluff, and what you'd like to see changed (or more of the same) next time. I'll be having scheduled games every Wednesday for the next few months, so expect a report every 1-2 weeks as time allows. Looking forward to this project, especially as I paint and convert up the rest of my war host.

The fluff both before and during the report was awesome and impressive, th general style of the report is really great, well structured and easy to follow. Just improve the picture quality and you'll have one of the best batrep threads on Warseer :). I'm already looking forward to the next battle, as well as seeing more of your units being painted as it goes on :).

24-05-2010, 00:47
The fluff both before and during the report was awesome and impressive, th general style of the report is really great, well structured and easy to follow. Just improve the picture quality and you'll have one of the best batrep threads on Warseer :). I'm already looking forward to the next battle, as well as seeing more of your units being painted as it goes on :).

Wow thank you, what a great compliment. You shall be pleased to know then, that BATTLE #2 was played and I will be in the process of writing its report very soon.

24-05-2010, 00:48
Battle 2: Rat Poison

2250 points.

Kircheck hated this place. It was just so... lush and full of... life. He could feel the heat of the tropical sun boring down on him even though the dark thunderclouds that followed their progress into the foliage. It was bad enough he had to wait around for 3 days while his brother completed the ritual that brought them here, but now he had to be surrounded by this disgusting landscape. Better than the alternative month at sea perhaps, but since his rebirth Kircheck had done nothing but errands for his brother. He had lands to conquer, women to seduce, blood to drink, and not time to waste stranded in this god forsaken jungle surrounded by buzzing insects. He quickened his mount's pace to catch up to the front of their caravan where Rupert, the mighty zombie dragon, was tearing whole trees out of the ground to make way for their passing.

"Brother, we must speak" Kircheck said with a sneer, raising his voice to be heard over the crashing of trees.
"So speak" Kayosiv said, a little puzzled by his brother's sharp demeanor.
"We have been traveling for almost a week. The zombies are falling apart, the skeletons keep getting sucked into bogs, and these blasted insects are driving me batty. How much longer are we to proceed at this snails pace on our journey to the center of nowhere?"
"You wish blood to spill and drink then I suppose? I would have thought a hundred years unable to move in your coach would have taught you a little patience.
"I merely wish to know why you felt so obligated to bring me here. You clearly do not need my assistance walking at the speed of an old crone through the jungle."
"Silence your futile complaining. Your wish has just come true." Kayosiv waved his hand and Rupert obediently stopped crashing through the underbrush and laid on the ground, awaiting a further command.
"So beautiful maidens have begun to fall from the sk..." Kircheck went silent. "What... what are they doing?"

100 yards ahead, scantly visible and only through the vampires' witchsight, stooped figures in filthy robes could be seen dragging large heavily armored corpses into a gigantic pile adjacent to a pot bubbling stink and foulness. There was one hooded figure stirring the pot with a great iron ore, who occasionally would bark an order at his minions and they would dump one of the bodies in.
"Skaven, here?" Kircheck whispered in confusion.
"There was a great battle here" Kayosiv said, his eyes ablaze as he watched the ghostly events of the past dead transpire before him. "The defenders of the jungle defeated a great host of the worshipers of Nurgle. These skaven must be of clan pestilens, harvesting the diseases for their own nefarious ends."
"There are different clans of skaven?"
"Dozens, but we have no time to discuss it, we are being watched."
*Clap *clap *clap "Bravo," a hidden figure high in the trees said, before stepping out into plain sight. "you must be truly observant to notice me, you're the first I can remember since I kill-killed my master. Oh, how I used to love him." The assassin had uncharacteristically good posture for a skaven, and in addition to his pitch-black hooded cloak, he wore white gloves and a warpstone rimed monocle.
"Who are you, and why have you been observing us?" Kayosiv questioned, his hand on his sword hilt.
"Snips Killington at your service dead-thing" the skaven gave a brief but ceremonial bow. "As to why I'm following you, unfortunately for you old chaps we can't have anyone knowing of our little excavation project, so if you don't mind could you please drop your weapons and prepare to be slaughtered?"
Kircheck fought back a laugh, "you... must be joking?"
"Oh my no, attack-attack!"

Camouflaged and hidden skaven appeared from within the trees, beneath the underbrush, and from the forest canopy. Complete chaos erupted as dozens of gutter runners revealed themselves and attacked the vampires and their escort. The two dark siblings slew all who came close, while Rupert snatched up whole mouthfuls of the humanoid rodents in his powerful jaws. Before long, the entire ambushing force lay dead or dying on the forest floor. Snips, having never left his spot on the high branch, was noisily sipping liquid from a small cup and didn't seem to notice or care about the battle until it was over.
"Oh bother" Snips said with a disappointed sigh, "I'll have you know I'm going to have to tell-tell my superiors about this." Kircheck lunged at the ratman but before he could connect, his target nonchalantly dropped from the branch he was standing on and caught it with this tail. Kircheck went careening off into the foliage while Snips dropped nimbly to the ground below his perch and threw a smoke bomb at his feet. Skeletons rushed the smoke filled area and stabbed at it with spears, but he had vanished. Kircheck came roaring out of the jungle.
"Where is he!?" Kircheck furiously screamed.
"Gone," Kayosiv said, mounting Rupert. "Now prepare for battle."
"I will make a bedding out of their skins" Kircheck fumed.
"Well now brother, at least you're not bored."


My List:
GENERAL: Vampire Lord (Kayos von Siv):
Mount: Rupert the ZOMBIE DRAGON
Vampire Powers: Red Fury, Infinite Hatred, Walking Death
Magic Items: Walach’s Bloody Hauberk, Book of Arkhan, Sword of Might
Spells: Invocation of Nehek, Gaze of Nagash, Raise Dead

Vampire Powers: Beguile, Dreadknight
Magic Items: Wristbands of Black Gold, Cursed Book
Spells: Raise Dead

Mount: Corpse Cart with Baelfire.
Magic Items: Rod of Flaming Death
Spells: Invocation of Nehek, Raise Dead, Vanhel's Danse Macabre

16 skeletons with full command
20 zombies
10 skeleton warriors with spears
18 Grave Guard with full command and the banner of Strigos
5 Black Knights with barding and Hellknight
2 Cairn Wraiths with Banshee
1 Black Coach

His Army: Skaven
GENERAL: Grey Seer
Mount: Screaming Bell
Magic Items: Scalm, Dispel scroll, Warp-Energy Condenser, 2 warpstone tokens
Spells: Warp Lighting, Crack's Call, Howling Warpgale, Scortch

Warplock Engineer
Magic Items: Shadow Magnet Trinket
Spells: Warp Lightning

Plague Priest: with flail
Magic items: Foul Pendent
Spells: Pestilent breath, plague

Magic Items: Warp-forged Blade

20 Clanrats with warpfire thrower
20 Clanrats with rattling gun
20 stormvermin with full command, rattling gun, and storm banner
20 plaguemonks with full command
6 plague censor bearers
7 jezzails with sharpshooter
6 Gutter runners
1 Doomwheel
1 Warplightning Cannon


Pre-game Thoughts: With his jezzails, warplightning cannon, and considerable magic phase, I was worried that my General would get shot out of the sky. I kept him in cover, along with my more important units. I was going to have to deal with his shooting before I could get my dragon out into the open, but if I was able to fly to the left flank to the side of the jezzails, at least I could be protected for a turn and hopefully take out 2 threats in 1 go. I was terrified of that doomwheel, and hoped to clog it with skeletons until my black coach could get in a charge and weaken or destroy it.

Turn 1: His

Movement: To start things off the Doomwheel zooms forward 16 inches towards my right flank. On the opposite flank the plague monks do the same, going forward at nearly full speed and angling slightly to loop around the rocks in future turns. The censor bearers moved up towards the rocks, ready to charge anyone who came out of them on either side. The screaming bell and clanrats all went forward slightly or didn't move, content seeing what I would do with my movement phase. His weapon teams could do more damage to me then the clanrats could, and with my limited range he had no reason to rush engagement.

Magic: With his screaming bell so far back, he wasn't in range for his magic phase to do much. He attempted to cast howling warpgale, but it was easily dispelled.

Shooting: The sheer speed of the doomwheel on turn one had placed it nearest to my Black Coach, its intended target. I was alarmed to find out that the hill offered no protection as zzzap needed no line of sight to fire. I cringed when he rolled an 8 for the strength on the artillery dice, followed by three numbers that weren't 1 to wound. The Black Coach however, confirmed my confidence in its indestructibility by rolling three successful 4+ ward saves. Heh, stupid wheel. His jezzails managed to snipe a few graveguard, and the rest of his shooting missed.

Turn 1: Mine

Movement: The first thing the skaven player did was activate the storm banner, which meant that my dragon couldn't fly. All of my infantry zoomed forward at full speed with the exception of the skeletons on my right flank, who held back and angled towards the doomwheel in hopes that it would roll poorly for its movement and I could get in a flank charge. The Black knights moved just outside of the rocks, ready to move past once certain scouting vermin had been "dealt with." The Black Coach Edged up slightly in hopes the doomwheel would attempt to charge it and fall short, ready to counter-charge. My wraith unit along with lady Cheree the banshee move up and to the left, as did my now on-foot zombie dragon. While I couldn't fly around sewing havoc behind his lines with the storm banner active, I would at least not be shot at in this location. Lady Cheree just wanted to try some rats on the rocks, which was a new popular drink she'd heard about.

Magic: Not much to do here. Kirkcheck managed to boost the graveguard back to full strength (the fool thought he could dispel a roll of a 5 with 2 dice, hahahaha). Gaze of Nagash and several invocations on the zombie unit were dispelled and the phase was over.

Shooting: I rolled well for my banshee howl, but the darn rodents made a bunch of 6+ dodge saves. How you dodge somebody screaming at you is anybody's guess, but it resulted in minimal casualties to the gutter runners.

Beginning of turn 2:

Turn 2: His

Movement: Unlike last turn, his infantry units all moved up at full speed with the exception of his skirmishing units. The censor bearers, satisfied with their position guarding anything that approached the left flank, didn't move at all. Neither did his gutter runners, march-blocking a good 2/3 of my army. The doomwheel rolled extremely high movement for the second turn in a row, but not where I was expecting. I thought that it would go for my black coach, but it in simply wheeled and went in-between it and the skeletons. This was a brilliant move on my opponents part, because this way he didn't have to risk fighting the black coach, still got out of everything's charge arc, and could hit it with zzap in the following shooting phase because my black coach was still the closest target... very Skaveny.

Magic: Now in range to actually cast some spells, the carnage was palpable. When the dust cleared, I had lost an entire rank of graveguard, my zombie unit was below half strength, and I had lost a few spear skeletons too. Ouch. The Black Coach had absorbed a few of his power dice, and good thing too because my dispel attempts this turn were pathetic.

Shooting: The Jezzails found out the hard way that Kircheck had a 3+ ward save against shooting as their strength 6 shots bounced off of him. The warp lightning cannon drastically overshot my grave-guard, only killing 1 model in the very back rank. As good as that part of the shooting phase was for me, the doomwheel was about to show the skaven army how it was done. now rolling a TEN for strength hits on my black coach, he wounded all 3 times, and I only made 2 saves. Being a chariot, the black coach promptly exploded after taking a strength 7+ hit, and I was down 200 victory points.

Turn 2: Mine

Movement: STILL the storm banner stayed active, so I was stuck with a nonflying dragon for 2 turns now. I moved my zombie dragon with Kayosiv on top slightly forward to get the frenzied plague monks to charge me. I wanted the free pursuit. It occurs to me now I could have just charged them. I was worried they would flee but frenzied units are immune to psychology and can't flee anyway... oops. My Black Knights edged up slightly, hoping a banshee howl would finish off the gutter runners blocking their progress through the rocks. Grave Guard, zombies, and Kircheck all zipped forward at full speed. I was hoping to draw the Censor Bearers out of position and only have to fight 1-2 of them, beat them in combat and hold, ready for a charge on the warp lightning cannon in the following turn. My corpse cart didn't move at all, and my banshee unit moved to the right flank at full speed. They were the only thing I had left on the board that could deal with the doomwheel until my dragon could fly again, and I didn't much like the idea of it rampaging around behind my lines shooting lighting at stuff. The spear skeletons flipped around and got into charge position to hit the doomwheel. If I got that charge off it wouldn't hurt it much, but perhaps I could at least pin it in place. My right flank skeletons moved forward at full speed, angling slightly to fight the clanrats.

Magic: I tried to vanhel's danse macabre the spear skeleton unit into the doomwheel, but it was dispelled. I got one successful invocation on the grave-guard, and the rest of my magic phase was dispelled.

Shooting: Banshee managed to kill a few more gutter runners, but they still passed their panic test. I was just going to have to leave them there, the doomwheel was much more threatening at the moment.


25-05-2010, 09:03
Wow thank you, what a great compliment. You shall be pleased to know then, that BATTLE #2 was played and I will be in the process of writing its report very soon.

My pleasure and yes, that does make me pleased :D

The intro fluff to the new battle is great, looking forward to the report :D

25-05-2010, 16:37
First battle was great.

Liking the fluff :)

28-05-2010, 04:35
Great first report, the depth is certainly appreciated, as are the fluff bits :D Interesting old blood and BSB builds too, neat to see different stuff in a lizards list.

- Salvage

28-05-2010, 11:33
Beginning of turn 3:
Turn 3: His. FINALLY the storm banner fizzles out.

Movement: Charges declared! The rightmost clanrats charged my skeletons, somehow passing their fear test (he clearly cheated somehow). The censor bearers charged Kircheck, only 2 of them able to get into combat just as I had planned. The plague monks with plague priest charge my general. Other clanrats on the right flank move up, and the doomwheel attempts to charge my corpse cart but doesn't roll high enough. I was surprised he didn't move his screaming bell or gutter runner unit.

Magic: His grey seer manages to land a scorch between my grave-guard and zombies, reducing the graveguard to a dangerously low 11 models and killing a few zombies. Both his Grey Seer's and Warplock Engineer's warp lightnings are dispelled. His plague priest (I always forget he is a wizard, something to remember) casts pestilent breath on Kayosiv, but the low strength hits fail to do any wounds. My opponent then really surprised me by chugging both of his warpstone tokens and attempting to cast howling warpgale on 3 dice, and I had no way to dispel. Luckily for me, he rolled a mere 7, which is normally enough to cast the spell, but he was within 24" of my baelfire loaded corpse-cart. That thing just payed for itself in spades.

Shooting: Luck finally caught up to the doomwheel as it misfired trying to shoot, and ended up doing a wound to itself. The jezzails couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, and the weapon teams began to wonder why they bothered to come to the battle at all.

Combat: An eventful combat phase full of surprises. On the right flank Snips Killington popped out, hoping to turn the tide of the combat in his favor by hacking down 2 skeletons. The clanrats didn't follow his example and wiffed hardcore hitting 0 times despite needing 3's. In return the skeletons did jaw droopingly amazing and scored 4 wounds, only 1 being saved. Despite his extra rank and outnumber, his clanrats had no command so I managed to win combat by 1 point.

In the center of the board in Kircheck's combat, things started off poorly. He failed his censor test, while none of the censor bearers failed theirs. Before he could be attacked, I activated the cursed book reducing their WS to 1. Despite re-rolling due to hatred, he only managed to wound once, and I managed to make my 4+ armor save, LUCKY! Just as I was feeling luck was on my side however, Kircheck totally biffed his attacks and only got 1 hit which failed to wound the toughness 4 censor bearers. This would mean that with 1 wound on his side, and the +1 combat rez from outnumber, Kirckeck was doomed to die from combat resolution... but wait, his horse hadn't attacked yet!! After 2 rolls of a 4 in a row and a heavy sigh of relief, Kircheck managed to tie combat and hold. Strength 4 horses are the greatest invention ever.

On the leftmost flank, I issued a challenge with my Vampire Lord, which my opponent... refused. I asked why and he said that he'd rather have 16 strength 3 attacks than 4 strength 6 attacks, interesting thought. Hitting on 5's and wounding my dragon on 6's, his plethora of dice betrayed him and he got 0 wounds. In return, Kayosiv and Rupert butchered the unit. I don't remember the exact numbers but he started with static 5 and I beat him by something like 4 points. We were both a little shocked. The plague monks fled and were subsequently run down and devoured by Rupert (although the smelly monks made his tummy a bit queasy).

Turn 3: Mine

Movement: The Graveguard charged into Kircheck's combat while the spear skeletons charged into the doomwheel. The zombies charged into the screaming bell hoping to get 1 wound. The corpse cart moved to face the doomwheel, banshee moved to get in screaming range of it, and black knights inched up so they could see the gutter runners. Kayosiv, free to fly for the first time all game, flew into the flank of the jezzails.

Magic: I threw all 7 of my power dice at attempting to heal Kircheck back to full health, and despite 5 dispel dice and a dispel scroll coming my way to stop it, I managed to successfully cast the final invocation of nehek with my last dice. With my opponents dispel dice drained, Studge used the rod of flaming death on the doomwheel, failing to wound. kayosiv used his Book of Arkan to get a free 8" movement into the jezzail team. They failed their terror test, fled, rolled horribly, and were trampled.

Shooting: The banshee, having accomplished very little this game except for killing a few chump gutter runners, managed to be worth her weight in gold by rolling a 9 to scream at the doomwheel. 11-7=4, meaning the doomwheel, having misfired and wounded itself last turn, died a horrible death. I love that crazy %$#@!.

Combat: On the right flank, the skeletons lost combat by 1 point, although if this trend continued I would tie up that unit the entire game. The zombies missed all their attacks and died pathetically as expected. Kircheck's combat started off horribly. Kircheck fails his censor test. 2 out of 3 Grave Guard fail their censor test. Plague censors fail 0 of their 6 censor tests. Ouch. Despite the champion being the only one to fight back, I did manage to score a killing blow with him, and Kircheck killed a rat as well. Their no longer re-rolling and now strength 3 attacks bounced off my armor saves, and with the help of the Grave-guard's static combat resolution, I handily won combat and the remaining few censor bearers broke. Sadly for my opponent, they fled from the unit with the highest unit strength, that being the Graveguard. This meant that they fled directly into the warp lightning cannon. Kircheck managed to roll sufficiently high to reach it, rendering it useless in the next turn and baring absolutely horrendous rolling on my part, dead in the following combat.

My opponent concedes.


Post game Thoughts for Game 2:

With my opponents jezzails, plague censor bearers, and essentially warp lightning cannon dead in a single turn, he now had no answer to my zombie dragon. I had lost approximately 300 points and him 1000, my opponent conceded.

Kind of bummed that we didn't get to finish the game, but unless he got extremely lucky with his offensive magic spells, the game was going to be mine in a real hurry.

Overall it was not a victory I felt I deserved too much. I blatantly mis-used my black coach and my vampire lord. I shouldn't have hid behind the hill on turn 2 with my black coach, I should have moved to the right next to the skeletons so they abosrbed a hit, instead I auto-died, and I should have charged the plaugemonks instead of being charged by them. The fact that I got lucky and it worked out is no excuse, there was no need or tactical reason to receive that charge.

I felt really rusty with Vampire Counts, that being my first game with them in a good 6 months. I'm used to my lizardmen Oldblood tearing stuff up, but good god I had completely forgotten how much of an unstoppable monster Lord Kayosiv is on his zombie dragon. 9-13 re-rollable strength 6 attacks. There is little in the game that can stand up to that. It helps that I actually remembered to use cloud of flies this time. usually my Lord gets shot out of the sky. It was nice to see what happened when he got a chance to fight.

For the most part it was a fun game, especially when I won 3 combats during a turn when I got charged. I was convinced Kircheck was going to die after he failed his plague censor test, but that cursed book really payed for itself; I plan to use it again. I think I have a lot to improve with Vampire Counts, especially if I continue to take magic-light lists. Speaking of which, necromancers are stupid and not worth it. Having tried one out, I'd rather have a vampire.


Snips Killington gave a sigh as he nimbly sidestepped an axe swing and sliced through yet another skeleton. He was used to killing a half a dozen opponents or so and having the rest run for their lives, yet these automations just kept fighting despite their losses. The general ineptitude of the clanrats he had chosen to infiltrate inside didn't help matters. What a bother. Just as he was devising a sneaky plan to misinterpret his orders, the magical storms that had wracked the sky since the beginning of the battle begun to calm. Uh oh. On the other side of the battlefield, the great zombie dragon took to the heavens and rained down death upon the skaven artillery, before flying at the screaming bell. Ripping the Grey Seer atop the scaffolding asunder, the dragon perched on the construct and his Vampire master began to channel a great spell of death. The stormvermin pushing the Bell began to immediately wither and die, and as the black cloud enshrouded more and more of the valley they were fighting in, all who touched the murderous black mist began to decay. Within seconds the entire skaven army was running for their lives to escape the death shroud as it expanded ever outwards.
"Oh dear, there goes my payment. No need to dillydally around here, retreat-retreat!"

Only about half of Snips Killington's clanrat entourage managed to escape with their lives. Some had been dragged down by the skeletons they were fighting, while others tripped or fell victim to the black cloud. They had run as far and as fast as they could into the jungle and were now gasping and wheezing for breath, all except for Snips, who was barely winded.
"What an unfortunate turn of events" Snips said, unlacing a small bag and snorting some warpstone powder up his nose.
"Yes-yes" agreed a clanrat, "dead-things far too powerful."
"What?" Snips gasped, clearly faking astonishment, "Strong-strong clan Eshin beaten, no-no, that's preposterous. We were clearly-clear betrayed from the inside." The clanrats looked at each other in puzzlement at his announcement.
"And I daresay that the rat in this operation is..." Snips scanned the ragtag survivors of the encounter, "YOU!" Snips leaped forth with lightning speed and plunged a dagger into the chest of a shocked skaven, who quickly keeled over dead. There was panic and murmuring in the ranks, until another clanrat spoke up.
"Me knew Snatz was betrayer all along." "Yes-yes," the other terrified clanrats all nodded in agreement.
"Good then, with that settled I can report-report this unfortunate betrayal to the council." Snips then threw a bag and several pouches onto a nearby clanrat. "Congratulations, you've been promoted, carry my things. If they touch the ground, I kill you."
With that the remaining skaven began to trek into the jungle at Snips' lead.
"We will meet again-again, dead-things," Snips whispered to himself. "I always receive payment."


Lord Kayosiv jumped down off of Rupert, crunching the bones of the storm vermin as he landed. Rupert began to tear apart the screaming bell while he walked over to check on his brother Kircheck, who was coughing up black blood.
"Their wretched poison is potent indeed" Kircheck hacked out. "I'm glad they didn't get to finish their work here and concoct something even more vile."
"Will you recover?"
"Oh don't worry about me, check on your servants' remains, my black coach was blown to splinters."
Kayosiv quickly glided over to the smoking crater that was previously his brother's carriage. The devastation was absolute, but he was relieved to find that the arcane chests housing Kanzul and Alistair were blown clear and free of damage. He ordered the skeletons to begin reconstruction immediately, but it would not be a quick process. He left to go foresee to a final matter.

The poison cauldron must be destroyed. As much as he admired the skaven for their mastery of death dealing diseases, they were too fickle and treacherous to ever be considered an ally, and couldn't be trusted with toxins that were potent enough to harm him or his kin. As he was tipping the disgusting cauldron of disease over to let its contents seep deep into the earth, he caught something out of the corner of his eye. Among the piled corpses of chaos warriors there was one that stood out. His armor was not rusted iron but rather bloodied brass. Throwing off the other warrior corpses as if they were rag dolls, he dug until he had freed the cadaver of the Khornite champion. A fanged smile spread across his pale face. Oh yes, this was definitely something he could use.


Tenkitza and his warhost traveled back to the temple city of Kotak-Hai, back home. With the forces of chaos thwarted once again, the burden on his soul had been lifted and he was once again at ease. The opposite of his calm serenity sat next to him. Huini'Zec's mount had been wounded by a foul blade in the battle with chaos, and was sickened to the point that it was feared it may die. The Kroxigar were ordered to carry the great beast back to the temple city, as Huini'Zec demanded that a creature who had served so well in the defense of their homeland could not be left to die. Taxing the limits of even their mighty strength, the kroxigar carried the sick behemoth through the jungle. The victory had done nothing to calm Huini'Zec, he seemed alert, expecting ambush or disaster at any moment. A caring hand reached for his shoulder, but he brushed it away, eyes eternally scanning the jungle. Just then, something burst forth from the treeline, and Huini'Zec raised a javelin and prepared to throw.

His paranoia proved to be unfounded however, as the creature that came into the clearing in front of their caravan was a terradon with skink rider, one of the many scouts used as an early warning system against intruders into their realm. He landed next to Tenkitza's stegadon, leaping off his mount and rushing to Huini'Zec's side.
"What have you to report scout?"
"Warmbloods general, to the east of here!"
"No general, it appears to be only a small scouting force, and their flags are brightly colored. They cut down the jungle and build strange towers."
"It has to be Bretonnians" Tenkitza chimed in, "but it makes no sense for them to be here."
"It does not matter why they came, they will be repelled like all our foes. "
"No! There is no prophecy of Bretonnia invading us, we must travel to their site and determine their actions for ourselves."
"Bah, very well" Huini'Zec snorted, "but we must hurry, we take the shortest route east, through the sinking swamps."
"There is no way the sauru can get through the swamps, and your injured stegadon..."
"All non-skink forces will return to the temple city, they will only slow us down. After all" Huini'Zec glared at Tenkitza, "if you're right, why would we need their assistance? Scout, tell your forces to observe but not attack, we shall be there shortly to determine the right course of action."
"Yes general!" The skink scurried over to his terradon and launched into the sky towards the east to pass instructions to his fellows.

As the army split into two forces, one heading south, one east, Tenkitza began to doubt himself. He prayed that he was right.
"Yes master?"
"scan the tablet you found again, miss no details. I sense something is... amiss."
"O... of course master."
At the front of the eastward congregation, Huini'Zec rubbed his hands together. They were going to war, he could feel it.

29-05-2010, 03:10
Battle 3: Dubious Duchesses

Tenkitza peered through the jungle, watching the invaders to their lands cut down the trees within a large valley and construct strange contraptions upon the distant hills. Atehe stood beside him, frantically trying to fully decipher the mystic tablet that had predicted the chaos incursion into Lustria to see if it also had bearing on the current situation. Huini'Zec was beside them, perched on a mighty stegadon, something that Tenkitza still was having trouble coming to terms with. It had taken all of the mystical power and concentration of both Tenkitza and Atehe to create a magical bridge for their one stegadon to cross the sinking swamps. After their arrival when Huini'Zec had claimed that he would "be right back with a suitable mount," Tenkitza never dreamed he would come crashing forth from the jungle with another stegadon. He had never heard of the taming of a stegadon past infancy and he wondered if perhaps Huini'Zec had far more potent gifts from the Old Ones then many dared dignify. Atehe broke his thoughts.

"I am deeply sorry master, but I can find nothing of a Bretonnian invasion nor a second chaos attack. There is a warning though, that we should beware of those swimming in polluted water. Are... are there any lakes or bogs near here?"
"No," an equally vexed Tenkitza sighed, "And I doubt it means the swamps we traversed through to arrive here. Let me see the tablet again, perhaps I can..."
"Enough of this" an impatient Huini'Zec barked out. "I do not need magical rocks to tell me that our lands have been invaded. For all we know, the young one made the rock himself to impress you!"
"Your lust for violence blinds you!"
"It does not matter! Our enemy is fortifying their position. We must act now before they are entrenched here permanently. I will lead the attack.
"Enough" a weary Tenkitza held up his staff to silence their bickering. "There will be no attack without just cause. Send forth a skink diplomat and translator. Have him carry a large white tablet with nothing written upon it atop a long pole. It is the sign of peace in their lands. We shall see why they are here before we attack like animals.
"Hmph. And when your plan backfires wise priest, I shall put the warmbloods down like the animals they are."


Gerard Debove surveyed the peasants work, cutting down trees to clear fields, using the timber to construct crude buildings and trebuchets. It reminded him of when he was a boy and part of the forest was cleared to make new farmlands. He also remembered the ensuing war with the wood elves that robed him of his father and his childhood. He couldn't help but wonder if similar mistakes were being made now. Lady Maupassant had claimed visions of the grail in this far off land across the sea, but he was skeptical, and so were his peers back home in Bretonnia. Despite this shared skepticism, she had convinced many foolish or naive enough to come here based on her vision. There was the headstrong group of knights errant, eager to prove themselves fearless and accomplish great deeds, a village of peasants who would believe that rocks would float in water if their lords decreed it so, and two other damsels of the lady. How had he gotten wrapped up in this pointless expedition? Honor bound to defend his people he supposed. Still, something did not sit right with him, and he intended to say so to Lady Maupassant himself.

"Excuse me milady, but I cannot help notice, that we have found no Grail here."
"Patience is a knightly virtue Debove. Remember that."
"So is honesty, and the longer we spend on this expedition, the more I suspect your motives."
"When we find the grail, you will eat your words."
"If we find the grail here milady, I will eat my lance."
Just as Lady Maupassant was going to give a hot tempered response to her captain's insubordinance, she went silent. Blue scaled creatures, carrying a white banner amongst them, came out of the jungle from beyond the hills and began advancing on their camp.

"Blue devils!" Lady Maupassant screamed, "they come from the jungles to taint our holy presence here!" The peasants looked up from their work with panic in their eyes.
"No... no they carry the white flag of peace." Gerard said after a moment. "And they come alone."
"Do not be fooled, it is a devious trap! Finish work on those trebuchets and form battle lines before we are overrun."
The peasants began to scurry about, frantically arming themselves and preparing the war machines. Gerard took his place at the head of the knights errant, who were cheerfully boasting about their ensured victory in the coming combat.
"I fear it is not the trap of the blue ones we must be cautious about." Gerard watched as Lady Maupassant rode off to lead a group of peasants. The look of pure delight on her face confirmed his suspicions. Something was wrong.

1750 Points. Scenario: The Lizardmen army can have no saurus or kroxigar of any kind. At least one skink unit must have a standard, and be deployed in the center of the board facing the opposing table edge. Scouts must deploy within 24" of their friendly table edge. The Bretonnian army may have only one unit of knights, which must be knights errant, overriding the 1+ knights of the realm rule. The Bretonnian army may only have one paladin, which must be the battle standard bearer. A damsel must be the army general. Bretonnia will get to pray, and also get first turn, but during turn one no charges may be declared nor any artillery fired.

My Army: Lizardmen
GENERAL: Skink Cheif (Huini'Zec) with shield and spear.
Mount: Ancient Stegadon
Magic Items: Staff of the Lost Sun, Venom of firefly frog

SKINK PRIEST (Tenkitza): Level 2 Wizard
Mount: Stegadon with Engine of the Gods
Magic Items: Amulet of Itzl, Plaque of Tepok
Spells: Forked Lightning, Celestial shield, Uranon's Thunderbolt

SKINK PRIEST (Atehe): Level 2 Wizard
Magic Items: Diadem of Power, Dispel Scroll
Spells: Portent of the Far, Second Sign of Amul

20 skinks with full command
10 skinks with musician
10 skinks with musician
10 skink skirmishers with blowpipes
10 skink skirmishers with blowpipes
3 terradons
3 terradons
5 chameleon skinks with stalker
2 salamanders, extra crew

GENERAL: Damsel, level 2 wizard with lore of life
Mount: Warhorse
Magic Items: Prayer Icon of Quenelles (unit gains blessing of the lady)
Spells: The Howler Wind, Master of Stone

Mount: Barded Warhorse
Magic Items: Valorous Standard (cold blooded leadership tests for unit)
Virtues: Virtue of Impetuous Knight (+1D6 to first charge)

Damsel, level 2 wizard with lore of life
Magic Items: Verdant Heart (+1 to cast lore of life)
Spells: The Howler Wind, The Rain Lord

Damsel, level 2 wizard with lore of life
Magic Items: Potion Sacre (may add +1 to dice roll on spell, 1 use only)
Spells: Mistress of the Marsh, The Rain Lord

7 Knight Errant with full command and Errantry Banner
25 men at arms with spears and full command
25 men at arms with spears and full command
10 bowmen with full command and braziers
10 bowmen with full command and braziers
10 skirmishing bowmen with full command
5 mounted yeomen with shields and full command
5 mounted yeomen with shields and full command
1 Trebuchet
1 Trebuchet

Deployment: I didn't quite have the raw skinkage to field an all skink army, so I had to borrow the terradons and a few extra skinks from a very nice gamer at our game shop. I immediately broke one of the terradons (they weren't glued to their bases) and so we decided to just use the bases and leave the models in the case. The terrain was purposefully placed to block much of my opponent's deployment zone with hills and woods while mine was fairly sparse. I separated my stegadons to avoid being hit by too much artillery, and planned to keep Atehe in the woods all game and just cast Second Sign with him. With 20/20 hindsight vision, I think I should have deployed both units of terradons on the right flank to try to take out his war machines. I was afraid they'd get shot to pieces by bowfire, but maybe that would be worth the risk.
Deployment Left Flank: Deployment Right Flank:
130506 130507

Pre-Game Thoughts: I was very worried about his 2 big blocks of peasants, because my skinks were just no match for them in combat. My stegadons could break them, but I had to be very wary of his trebuchets, bow fire, and the unit of knights errant. I had the big monsters but he had the shooting to take them out. My plan was to focus on taking out his shooting on turns 2-4, whittle down his big blocks on turn 4-5, and go for the game winning charge on turn 6 with what I hopefully had left, which would be at least a stegadon and perhaps my salamanders as well. I had thought my terradons would be safe for the most part, until he deployed his scouting bowmen that could see them easily... whoops. I'm used to being the only army with scouts.

Turn 1: His

Movement: On the left flank the mounted yeomen swirled around between the center of the woods and the skirmishing bowmen moved up within 2" of the woods edge so they could fire at stuff. On the right flank the other mounted yeomen zoomed up and angled towards the center of the board. To my surprise, none of his big blocks of infantry moved, nor did his knights errant. Not surprisingly, his trebuchets and bowmen with defensive stakes didn't move either, nor would they all game.

Magic: I can honestly say I've never fought a Bretonnian army with more than 1 magic user, and now I was facing a force with 3. Both damsels managed to cast howler wind, creating an inconvenient bubble of ranged immunity around the army. Despite his lack of offensive spells, I could tell that his magic phase was going to have a presence this game.

Shooting: On the Left Flank the mounted Yeomen and the skirmishing bowmen opened fire on my leftmost terradons, killing 1, wounding another, and sending them panicking nearly off the board (and also off the picture). The Left bowmen shot at my big ranked unit of skinks in the center of the board, killing 3. So much for my flag of peace. His right bowmen didn't have much to shoot at, and his right mounted yeomen plinked off a single ranked skink in the middle of the board. His trebuchets couldn't fire this turn because of the scenario rules and the turn was mine.

Turn 1: Mine

Movement: I rallied my panicked terradons but they couldn't move this turn. Tenkitza's stegadon moved up towards the house, hoping to get a decent distance for burning alignment and fry some scouts in the woods. My center terradons moved up behind the woods, and the chameleon skinks entered the woods, their sights on the mounted yeomen. Salamanders moved up behind the center hill, ready to barbeque anybody that came near me. Left skirmishers moved up towards the hole in the woods mostly to get shot at so other more important things wouldn't be. On the right flank, all 3 units of skinks went forward their full 12." I was hoping to shut down those war machines by turn 3. My center big unit of skinks just sort of edged to the right slightly to take a little less bowfire next turn. Huini'Zec, eager to try out his newfangled Staff of the Lost Sun, only went foward 6" and angled at the mounted yeomen on the right flank. Atehe moved up a bit and stayed put for the rest of the game.

Magic: Burning alignment managed to burnedly align 2 scouting bowmen into their graves. I then blasted a mounted yeoman with a lightning bolt. I'd have liked to have shot at juicier targest with the lightning bolt, but the howler wind prevented me from doing so. All other spells were dispelled or failed to cast. Atehe saved 2 dispel dice in his diadem of power... There was going to be no more 2X howler wind castings this game.

Shooting: The chameleon skinks poisoned 2 mounted yeomen to death, although they passed panic. On the right flank, The Staff of the Lost Sun managed to flash fry 2 mounted yeomen, who didn't pass their panic. It was only turn 1 and Huini"Zec had already earned back his points. Nice. Everything else had marched and couldn't shoot.

End of Turn 1 Left Flank: End of Turn 1 Right Flank:
130508 130509

Turn 2: His

Movement: His skirmishing bowmen, having quite enough of burning alignment, retreated through the woods away from Tenkitza. His big blocks finally started moving, both angling and moving to the left. The Knights Errant unit moved up on top of the small hill on the right flank, but not before the General Damsel separated herself from it.

Magic: He attempts to cast the Rain Lord on my chameleon skinks, which I stop, and on my skirmishing skinks on the left flank, which I'm unable to dispel. They get soaked and are -1 to hit for the rest of the game. The Howler Wind is cast again on 2 dice with a roll of 11. Not confident that I can stop that, I use my dispel scroll on it. I want this turn's shooting to have some impact.

Shooting: Que the pain. The Trebuchets both hit their targets. The first shot isn't so bad, killing a mere 2 skinks out of my white flag unit. The second shot hurts something fierce. 2 crew die, the stegadon is unwounded, and just as I was breathing a sigh of relief, Huini'Zec gets nailed by a falling rock for 2 wounds, enough to take him out of the game. Turn 2 and my general is dead.

Dark shadows began to form on Huini'Zec's stegadon, just before the rocks hit. The Bretonnian war machines had launched a direct hit, and several skinks were pulverized by the impact and part of the hudah destroyed. Huini'Zec was hit by a particularly large piece of boulder and knocked off on the hudah while the remaining crew members worked to calm the startled but unhurt beast.
"General, shall we come back for you!? the remaining skinks yelled.
"No, I am fine. Continue forward, crush our enemies, there is no time to waste."
While the stegadon stomped off towards the battle, Huini'Zec tightly held his side. Blood gushed out of a gaping hole near his hip. He squeezed the lesion shut to stop the blood flow, ignoring the mind shattering pain. He could not die here, he still had so much left to do.

Turn 2: Mine

Movement: On the left flank, my rallied terradons fly up behind the house. Blue Stegadon moves next to the woods to avoid shooting, while skink skirmishers move into the hole between woods. Chameleon skinks and 2nd unit of terradons shift up and to the right for better firing positions next turn. Center ranked skinks move in the face of the knights errant, while salamanders move in position to breathe fire on them after the inevitable overrun. My white flag skinks move up on top of the hill and angle to the right with hopes of throwing some javelins at the knights errant. The skinks, skink skirmishers, and red stegadon on the right flank all move up towards my enemy Trebuchet team at full speed. I had debated holding the stegadon back in hopes of a counter-charge against the knights errant, but with my general killed, I decided I had to be absolutely positive those 2 trebuchet went down.

Magic: Most of my casting spells are shut down, but the engine of the gods manages to put up a 5+ Ward save against shooting.

Shooting: Chameleon skinks turn the mounted yeoman into pin cushion impersonations, while the salamanders lob liquid fire at the knights errant. Sadly, the first shot is short and the second fails to get past their mighty armor saves. Ranked white flag skinks have similar luck with their javelins despite some impressive rolling on my part.

End of Turn 2 Left Flank: End of Turn 2 Right Flank:
130510 130511

29-05-2010, 03:10
Turn 3: His
Movement: His Knights errant charge my skinks, I hold and hope for a miracle. Sparsely any other movement. I was suspecting him to put his peasant blocks into action, but they barely shuffle around or don't move at all.

Magic: Inconsequential magic phase here. His spells fail for the first time with most of his attempts, and I dispel all else.

Shooting: The skirmishing bowmen attempt to kill some chameleon skinks, but discover they are hitting on 8's and fail to land any hits. The left flank bowmen, wishing to actually hit something, target the soaked skinks and pick off enough to cause a panic, but they manage to pass. His trebuchet duo both target the red stegadon, but one misfires (with no negative results) and the other scatters off into empty space. Still, this was likely his last change to take out my stegadon this game, so this artillery failure ensured my lead at this point in the game. His right flank bowmen shot at the stegadon, desperate to damage it, but the arrows bounced off of its hide.

Combat: As expected, the knight unit devastated the skinks in the center, but not to a man. I was hoping I could get a double 1's to hold, but no such luck and they were run down. Unfortunately for me, I had gotten my big unit of skinks with the flag of peace a smidge too close, and they had to take a panic test... which they failed. This caused them to flee to the left flank... panicking the chameleon skinks who passed, and then the soaked skink skirmishers... who didn't. They fled into the blue stegadon, which was luckily immune to psychology, before stopping just short of the house which would have destroyed them. I'd lost more units due to panic outside of combat than I had due to actual fighting. An interesting twist. Normally I'd say "its only skinks" but this was the first time my army consisted of nothing but skinks. I missed cold blooded leadership 8.

Turn 3: Mine

Movement: My rightmost skink unit charged a trebuchet while my skink skirmishers charged the other. Both units of fleeing skinks managed to rally which was a nice surprise. The red stegadon move up adjacent to the hill to make any peasants that managed to ward off their skink attackers had to take a terror test. The salamanders moved towards the knight unit with hopes of whittling it down a little while the chameleon skinks moved closer to a block of men-at-arms while still staying within the woods. My terradons flew over the same unit behind enemy lines, while the damaged terradon unit flew over the skirmishing bowmen unit. Both dropped their rocks. Tenkitza's blue stegadon was locked in place due to all the rallying panicked troops around it, and decided to just hold in place until next turn.

Magic: Great magic phase for me this round. I managed to zap a few peasants out of the center men-at-arms unit and get off a second sign of amul granting 2 rerolls. The engine of the gods granted a 5+ ward save against shooting.

Shooting: The combined damage of rocks and chameleon skink shooting on the men-at-arms unit in the center was severe, although they passed panic, they lost 2 ranks in the process. The rocks were no more merciful on the skirmishing bowmen, wiping out almost half of the unit, with javelens killing one more. The salamanders fried a knight each. Despite the staggering amount of panic tests I caused this phase, all of them were passed. It seems his peasants were really willing to give their lives in this fight rather than flee.

Combat: With the help of Second Sign of Amul, both skink units managed to beat and run down the crew of the trebuchets and overrun into archers, nice. With his warmachines destroyed and his archers dwindling, I was confident that my stegs were out of danger.

End of Turn 3 Left Flank: End of Turn 3 Right Flank:

Turn 4: His

Movement: Peasant unit on the hill charges my chameleon skinks, I gladly flee. I was tempted to just hold and die, trapping them in the woods, but there wasn't any real need as a failed charge meant that they were going to eat a stegadon charge on turn 5. Knights Errant swivel around to face the red stegadon, while his general damsel and the peasant unit that didn't charge attempt to move towards the center of the board and avoid the skink onslaught coming their way from the right flank.

Shooting: His left flank archers manage to whittle down my white flag ranked skinks even more, reducing them to half strength with some well placed shots.

Combat: His long line of archers is no match for my skink skirmishers. Despite his musician and banner, I manage to rack up a kill with some awesome rolling and my 1 kill plus outnumber beats his static combat resolution by 1 and he flees only to be run down.

Turn 4: Mine

Movement: Terradons charge, terradons charge, sandwiching the left flank bowman unit between the 2. With 4 attacks coming at them from both flanks, it'll take a miracle for them to survive. Chameleon skinks rally, and white flag skinks edge over to let Tenkitza's stegadon through the gap. He squeezes past, and angles himself for a charge on the dwindling peasant block on turn 5, also set up for a burning alignment if he rolls well. The rallied soaked skinks march up to fire at the skirmishing bowman unit in later turns. Salamanders move towards the knights errant unit in position for maximum burniation. The 2 units of skinks and the stegadon on the right flank all move 6" over into shooting position, ready to unleash a blow-dart rain upon the enemy.

Magic: With a particularly impressive roll of 11, burning alignment zaps everything around it. I only rolled a 1 for hits against the bowman unit, followed by a 2 for no wounds. I made up for it by killing 2 skirmishing bowman, panicking them off the board. The men-at-arms unit takes even more casualties but refuses to run. Other magic either fails or is dispelled.

Shooting: My unit of skink skirmishers opens fire on the unprotected Bretonnian general and score and impressive 5 wounds with their 20 shots. Her pathetic armor save can't cope and she goes down netting me a ... VICTORY??? WHAAAAAA?

Game End Left Flank: Game End Right Flank:

Gerard Debove grit his teeth as burning liquid sprayed over his regiment. Several of the young knights fell off their horses screaming in pain, clutching their faces and rolling around on the ground trying to extinguish liquid fire that would not go out. So this is what they got for attacking those that came to them under the guise of peace. He appreciated the irony even as his back felt ablaze and his horse panicked, kept from bolting to safety only by his strong control. He was ready to order the retreat when he saw something that almost made him drop his lance. The battlefield stood still. One of the other damsels began to cry.

Lady Maupassant was under attack from a drove of the small blue creatures, and was dragged off her horse. For the briefest of moments he assumed her dead, until a monster burst forth from the mass of skinks, sending them flying. It took Gerard a few moments for his brain to even process the fact that the monster had not appeared, the monster was lady Maupassant. She was bewitched... no, she was an agent... a thing of chaos, and she had been all along! Laughing at them as they believed her lies and she dragged them ever closer to damnation. Gerard spurred his mount into a charge. It was time to make up for past mistakes.

Armor smoldering, his eyes stinging due to the arid fumes, his hands shaky from the pain, the ground his horse galloped on uneven; Gerard's lance felt heavy in his hands. And yet, it found its mark. The thing that was Lady Maupassant had been swiping terrible claws at skittish skinks, and didn't even see the lance until it struck her in the heart. Great surprise widened her many eyes and she was forced back by the terrible impact, letting forth an unholy howl. Gerard ordered his horse back, wrenching free his lance. She glared at him, dying, and smiled.
"Very good Debove" the thing said in an unearthly voice. "You were right after all."
"No milady, I was wrong" Gerard said, readying his horse for another charge. "It was you who are going to eat my lance." The blow struck with enough force to obliterate the monster's head. Gerard turned around, ready to be attacked by the blue creatures, but they had seemed to completely lose interest in him and his men. Instead they all rushed towards the ornately dressed blue creature that had been knocked off the lumbering beast by a trebuchet. He turned his horse around and despite pleading from his fellow knights, began to trot over to them.


"Were we... victorious?" Huini'Zec rasped out, the usual booming echo of his voice gone.
"shhh, do not try to talk" Tenkitza said, a ring of skinks forming around the fallen skink chief. He examined the wound. It was bad. It had been wrenched shut with bare hands, but still was leaking blood, far far too much blood. He began to chant a spell of healing and sent Atehe in to the jungle to fetch some numbweed.
"Yes Huini'Zec, we triumphed today. You were right, in a sense. The forces we fought were lead by a disguised agent of chaos."
"Foolish Cho... so blind."
"I said be silent, you will need all of your strength."

Gerard trotted up to the ring of skinks formed around their fallen hero. A shaman of sorts was attempting to heal him. Based on a quick scan of his injuries, it was a vain attempt. He went unnoticed until he dismounted, when a few of the outer ring skinks raised their throwing weapons at him. He unsheathed and dropped his sword and morning star on the ground, and the skinks seemed to understand he meant no harm. He stood silently, towering over the skinks, watching as their champion bled to death.

Atehe arrived with the numbweed, slathering on the substance he had ground into a sticky powder on the gaping wound. The relief seen on Huin'Zec's face was immediate, and his short breaths slowed as he lost consciousness. Gerard began to hope things had improved, until the slow breathes of the skink chief stopped altogether. Mourning clutched hold of the surrounding crowd and loud wails of anguish filled the valley. Huini'Zec was dead.

Tears streaming down Atehe's face, he clutched at his sacrificial dagger and began to advance at the warmblood amongst them, but Tenkitza halted him, approaching the warmblood himself. Gerard thought he was prepared for anything, but his eyes went wide when the creature began to speak to him in a broken form of his own language.
"Bret-oh-ni-an, I Tenk-itza, us have, many to disk-uss."
"I... I am sorry for your lost friend. What can I do to make amends?"
Tenkitza and Gerard Debove walked off together, Atehe close behind, wiping tears off his face and producing a small tablet to take notes. They had much to discuss indeed.

It turns out that without my knowledge, there was a hidden victory condition placed upon the game before it started, and that was if I managed to kill the enemy general I automatically win. A quick tally up of the points netted me a marginal victory, but considering I hadn't finished my shooting phase, combat was going to net me a bowman unit, and the placement of my stegadons, I feel I could have easily gotten a massacre by turn 6. My stegadons hadn't even gotten a chance to charge yet, and were set up in perfect position to do so on turn 5.

Post Game Thoughts: Even though my general died at the start of turn 2, I was actually pretty lucky that the Trebuchets didn't do even more damage. Turn 3's misfire/scatter ensured that his right flank was doomed. Even without the stegadon I over-ran all his ranged attackers with skinks, so that flank was mine. On the left flank, depending on how well the blue stegadon's charges went I think I would have had reasonable chance of victory, but with a stegadon in each flank, I think the massacre win was assured. With the salamanders breathing flaming death upon the knights errant, I don't think they would have lasted many more turns. I'm not sure why my opponent did so little moving with his 2 big blocks of peasants. I was very worried about the static combat resolution they would bring and planned to avoid them if possible, but he didn't give me much reason to and just let me ignore one and slowly kill the other. I think he should have gotten them into the game much sooner.

29-05-2010, 17:34
another great fluff update, a good story to follow :)

02-06-2010, 03:50
Battle 4: Seeing Shadestars

Atehe shuffled his feet as they headed towards Kotak-Hai. While he felt satisfaction for once again thwarting the efforts of chaos, he dearly missed Huini'Zec. He had never known a more feverish defender of Lustria, and the last thing he had done while he was alive... was yell at him and call him a violent fool. Tenkiza both noticed and shared Atehe's grief. He was no stranger to death in his many journeys, but his heart felt heavy all the same. He was looking forward to the tranquility of his mediation chamber, but it was not yet to be so.

Saurus Cold One riders and kroxigar burst through the underbrush, nearly trampling the skinks at the head of the caravan before screeching to a halt. Tenkitza rose to his full height.
"Who commands here?"
The largest of the cold one riders spoke up after taking control of his stubborn mount.
"I am Veteran HuaXa, and I lead here. We flee from none other than the defiler of Chupayot himself!"
A shiver ran up Atehe's spine. "Lohkir Fellheart... here, a... are you sure?"
The Scar-Veteran looked at him puzzled, unable to comprehend the concept of reporting something that was untrue or uncertain. Tenkitza broke the silence. "Rally your forces HuaXa, we will combine our might and put an end to the defiler." Atehe looked at Tenkitza in alarm, silently begging him to reconsider.
Scar Veteran HuaXa wasted no time. "TO WAR!"
Atehe swallowed hard and despite his best efforts, could not keep his knees from quaking.

2000 Points, no lord. Scenario: The game is to be played longways, meaning 6"4" instead of 4"6. The Dark Elf player will get points for each unit destroyed, while the Lizardman player will get points based on the number of units inside the Dark Elf player's deployment zone on turn 6. The Lizardman player will go first, but will not be able to shoot or cast offensive spells.

My Army: Lizardmen
GENERAL: Scar Veteran with Halberd, light armor, and shield.
Mount: Cold ONe
Magic Items: Glyph Necklace, Venom of firefly frog

SKINK PRIEST (Tenkitza): Level 2 Wizard
Mount: Stegadon with Engine of the Gods
Magic Items: Amulet of Itzl, Plaque of Tepok
Spells: Forked Lightning, Celestial shield, Portant of the Far

SKINK PRIEST (Atehe): Level 2 Wizard
Magic Items: Diadem of Power, Dispel Scroll
Spells: Portent of the Far, Second Sign of Amul

15 Saurus warriors with full command
10 skinks with musician
10 skink skirmishers with blowpipes
10 skink skirmishers with blowpipes
6 Cold One Calvary with champion and Standard bearer
5 chameleon skinks with stalker
3 Kroxigar
1 Stegadon
2 salamanders

His Army: Dark Elves (1750 points)
GENERAL: Lokhir Fellheart!

BATTLE STANDARD BEARER: Master with heavy armor, sea dragon cloak, repeater crossbow and great weapon.
Magic Banner: Banner of Hag Graef (Unit always strikes first)

Master: heavy armor, sea dragon cloak, repeater crossbow and great weapon.
Magic Items: Ring of Hotek (all spells cast within 12" miscast on any doubles) and guiding eye (unit may re-roll all ranged misses, 1 use)

Assassin: with handbow and additional handweapon
Gifts of Khaine: Rune of Khaine (+d3 attacks)
Poisons: Man-bane (strike at strength of +1 more than opponents toughness)

5 Dark Riders with musician and repeater crossbows
5 Dark Riders with musician and repeater crossbows
1 Hydra
33! Shades with blood shade and great weapons

Deployment: 90785
There are 2 things not listed in deployment picture. Atehe IS in this battle, but his fear overtook him and he starts (and ends) the battle in the very bottom left corner of the map. Since my opponent has no magic his dispel scroll and diadem of power are completely useless and he never has any reason to move. The Chameleon skinks are on the top left behind the hill near the Hydra and simply cannot be seen in the picture. It will be obvious why I didn't bother to label them soon.

Pre-game Thoughts: I had many times heard of the so called "shadestar" but have never fought one. I was a bit worried, especially with that hydra looming on the left flank and what I was positive would be the always strike first banner on the bsb. I was hoping I could thin the shades out with magic and shooting to around 20, then charge in and get enough impact hits that I would win combat and run them down. One would hope.

Turn 1: Lizardmen

Movement: On the left flank, the kroxigar and ranked skinks curve around the woods while the skinks skirmishers occupy them. The chameleon skinks come out of hiding behind the hill and go within shooting range of the Hydra. Scar Veteran HuaXa and Co. move up and angle towards the center of the board, while the blue stegadon and salamanders inch forward, as do the cold one knights. I make sure to be outside of 12" of the woods but also within 14" so I can get a charge off in the following turns. The skirmishing skinks on the right flank hug the edge of the board and move up while the red stegadon hides behind the hill.

Magic: I attempt to cast Second Sign of Amul with Atehe, but roll a 7 and it is met with a roll of a 7 to dispel. With no other useful/legal magic to use I put up a 5+ ward save from the engine of the gods against shooting.

Shooting: TOO LATE I realize that I cannot shoot... How I forgot I do not know, but I have put my chameleon skinks in grave danger for no reason and am soon to pay the price. My salamanders too are left at risk for no tactical benefit... Not a great way to start a game.

Turn 1: Dark Elves

Movement: One unit of darkriders declares a charge against my skink skirmishers on the right flank, which are within charge range by about .00001 inches, doh. I declare a stand and shoot reaction, wounding 3 times! but one is saved by armor. Like a jerk he passes his panic test. The other unit of dark riders moves up and his Hydra moves to the left, ready to breathe fire on my chameleon skinks... whoops. All of his heroes, meaning Lokhir, the BSB Master, and the other Master, move out of the darkrider unit they started they game in and move into the shades, which move far enough to the edge of the woods that they can fire. He's got 4/5 of his army in a single unit... A true shadestar indeed. I'd never fought one before, and was about to find out just what it was like.

Magic: My opponent has no wizards or even any bound items and will be casting no spells this turn nor the remainder of this game.

Shooting: Quite the opposite of his magic phase, quite literally his ENTIRE ARMY was armed with a ranged attack of some sort, with the singular exception of Lohkir himself. He starts the phase off by vaporizing my chameleon skinks with Hydra breath... he didn't even have the decency to roll any 1's to wound and the entire unit goes poof. Recognizing how deadly template weapons are to his forces, he opens fire on the salamanders. Lets put this into perspective. His shades have moved, are using multiple shots, and are at long range, meaning they hit on 5's. There are 64 shots hitting on 5's... and 2 shots hitting on 4's (the bloodshade). The 2 masters can't shoot because they marched this turn and the assassin's handbow is out of range. The sky grows dark with arrows. After some hefty handfuls of dice, he scored something along the lines of 23 hits. After randomization and rolling to wound, he has completely wiped out the unit... but wait! I still have 6+ armor saves on the salamanders. Passing 2 of the 7, at least I still have a salamander left for sure. Now I have my 5+ ward save provided by the engine of the gods. Rolling remarkably well, I save all but 2 of the wounds on the salamanders, so both are still alive!! The skink crew don't fair so well however, and 6 of the 8 are wiped out. I hold my breath as I test for panic, but the presence of HuaXa's leadership 8 assures that the unit will be around to melt some shades in turn 2. My opponent cannot believe his misfortune.

Combat: I was hoping that with only 3 dark riders left, I may be able to hold with my skinks on the right flank, but it is not to be so. They kill 5 skinks with their 6 attacks and I flee. He rolls piddly and doesn't get to go off the map, sadly my skinks flee the table never to return. It was only turn 1 and I had already lost 2 units, not a good way to start a game.

End of Turn 1: 90884

Turn 2: Lizardmen

Movement: On the left flank my kroxigar and ranked skinks move up and angle to the right in order to threaten the hydra. HuaXa and the saurus as well as the cold one knights move up along with the salamanders attempting to encircle the shades' woods. Tenkitza's blue stegadon moves behind the cold ones to the right to better position itself for magic/charges in following turns, and the red stegadon moves to the top of the hill for similar reasons. My skink skirmishers in the woods are the only unit that does not move. I keep them in reserve to react to whatever the Hydra does.

Magic: Wonderful magic phase here. Although Atehe's second Sign of Amul is dispelled, Tenkitza manages to launch a forked lightning into the shade unit, rolling a 5 for hits, and killing 4! I once again activate the engine of the gods' ward save against shooting.

Shooting: The great bow on the red stegadon launches into the flank of the unit of full dark riders, but misses. Salamander shooting however, could scarcely have gone more perfect. Rolling a 6 followed by another 6, direct hits are abound. It's shade roasting time! 9 shades burn to death in ways too horrible to describe. With 13 of his 33 shades down, things are begining to feel a lot less lopsided this game.

Turn 2: Dark Elves

Movement: The first thing that happens is his dark riders fail their terror test at the sight of the red stegadon and flee off the map, HA! That'll teach them to kill my skinks. The hydra charges the Kroxigar on the left flank, and the dark riders run way WAY back away from the red stegadon and that... is his whole army because the shades don't move.

Shooting: His dark riders shoot at the red stegadon but the bolts bounce off his hide. His shadestar opens fire once again on my unit of salamanders. Without having moved this time, and with his 2 masters also being able to shoot, things look bad. I was kind of hoping my luck would hold out and I'd get to shoot with 1 salamander next turn... but it proved silly to hope for the impossible. With almost 30 hits scored, the salamander unit did its best impression of a razordon unit and was wiped completely off the board. Looks like it was time for me to get up close and personal.

Combat: The hydra was particually vicious and I don't believe missed any of its 7 attacks. It "only" managed to deal 5 wounds though, so I got to strike back with 6 strength 6 attacks from the kroxigar. I wounded twice, and one was saved by regeneration. About right statistically, but I was praying for a miracle. I lost handilly, and was hoping to escape, but the multi-headed monster ran the kroxigar down... at least it'd have to eat a salvo of skink fire next turn and its breath weapon had been reduced to strength 4. For some reason, the toughness 2 skinks didn't take much solace in that.

End of Turn 2: 90889

Turn 3: Lizardmen

Movement: Charge, CHARGE, CHARGE! Red Stegadon Charges in, Cold One Knights charge in, and after some thought, HuaXa charges in too. Everybody passes their Terror tests, then it is time to weather the stand and shoot reaction, at the cold one riders. My opponent informs me that he is using the guiding eye, an item that lets his entire unit re-roll misses in shooting for 1 turn. An absolutely absurd amount of hits later, I suffer about 10 wounds. however with my 3+ armor save (after modification) and 5+ ward save vs about half the shooting (the engine of the gods 5+ ward save only works from 12" away or more) I only suffer 2 wounds. Not bad, and my 3 charges hit home after the ensuing panic test is passed. On the left flank my 2 units of skinks move up and ready to shoot the Hydra. The Saurus continue to loop around to get at the shades in later turns, and Tenkitza's stegadon continues to move towards the right end of the board and up, with hopes of burning alignment getting me even more kills before the combat starts.

Magic: Gross magic ineptitude this phase. Atehe attempts to cast Second Sign of Amul and promptly rolls a 4 on two dice. No problem I think, as Tenkitza attempts to cast Portant of the Far on the stegadon and... rolls a 4 on two dice. In case you weren't aware, both of those spells go off on a 5+... Moving right along, Tenkitza tries to cast forked lighting at the dark riders, but his roll of a 7 is dispelled with another roll of 7 from my opponents 2 dispel dice. Making sure the phase wasn't a total loss (although still an extreme disappointment) Burning alignment rolls high enough distance to hit both the shades AND the dark riders... and then I roll a 1 for hits on the shades, that doesn't wound. The thing that makes this magic phase at least somewhat bearable however is that burning alignment does manage to kill 2 dark riders, so I guess there's that, but he passes panic. Still, having 7 power dice do nothing against 2 dispel dice is always disheartening, especially now when I needed magic support the most.

Shooting: The Javalin skinks do no wounds against the hydra at all, and the skirmishers do slightly better, managing 1 wound. Not as good as I would have hoped with 28 poisoned shots. The blue stegadon has marched and cannot shoot, and that is the end of the phase.

Combat: As suspected, my opponents BSB has the standard of Hag Graef. Still, I get my impact hits first from my stegadon, and promptly roll a 1. 2 impact hits is better than nothing I guess, and both manage to wound; it's something. He issues a challenge with his blood shade, and fearing his great weapon with my cold one champion, elect HuaXa to accept. He goes first. His master, the few shades left in combat, and Lokhir go for the knights, but my armor saves ring true and I only lose 1 despite taking 5 wounds (although in all fairness 3 were from Lohkir and only strength 4). His assassin and BSB go for combat resolution and attack my skink crew on top of the stegadon, killing 4 of them, leaving only one left. My turn.

Lohkir Fellheart, Captain of the Tower of Blessed Dread, could not believe his eyes as the cold one riders stampeded towards him. He ordered a volley, and hundreds of bolts whized past his head into the Lizardmen, but the few that dropped only seemed to fuel the speed of those remaining. He had seen shades snipe Bretonnian knights through their visor slit, and yet despite arrows sticking out of a dozen wounds on each of the remaining knights, it did nothing to halt their advance. The crash was thunderous as their charge hit home. The druchii were assaulted on both flanks shortly after the initial charge by a Saurus Master as well as stegadon, who plowed through the loose shade formation like dry leaves. Lohkir ordered Bloodshade Foros to take care of the single Saurus rider, fully aware that he will never see him again, and then joined the fray himself.

Red blades slashing like a whirlwind, Lohkir lived up to his reputation by throwing himself into the Saurus Cavalry in an attempt to turn the tide in his favor. Despite causing several of what would be lethal wounds to lessor creatures to both mount and rider, he only managed to take down 1 knight as all the Druchii around him were bitten by massive jaws or skewered by mighty obstinite spears. Among the fighting, Lohkir made a decision, one that he hoped he won't later regret. Lohkir was forced to yell an order that he has not even had to consider in almost three decades.

HuaXa turns the bloodshade into paste after the dark elf's attacks bounce uselessly off his reptilian armor, netting an overkill point for 2 combat resolution total. The knights do decently, with their 10 attacks including mounts manage to kill 4 shades. The stegadon and 1 remaining skink crew member go for the BSB, hoping to get rid of that darn ASF banner. Of the stegadon's 4 attacks, 2 connect, and I am quite pleased until I roll a 1 to wound... dang it. 1 wound on the BSB down, but I would have really liked him dead. I decide not to attack Lohkir at all due to his regeneration... I needed the combat resolution more than anything. A protracted combat with the shadestar only favors my opponent.

My opponent has 1 combat resolution from a knight kill, 4 from skink crew, 1 for the (still living, urg) BSB, and 1 for outnumber for a total of 7. I have 2 from the challenge, 4 from shades, and one from the wound dealt to the BSB for a total of 7... oh wait what's this, my cold one riders have a banner giving me 8!? BUAHAHAHHA... ahem. Yes quite, so I win combat by one and my opponent promptly rolls a 9 for his break test, HE, IS, OUTAHERE! Game over... right? I opt to not pursue with my stegadon who passes his restraint test. My opponent rolls an impressive 11 in an attempt to escape. The Cold one Riders roll a pathetic 6 on 3 dice, getting themselves stuck handily in the woods. No problem, as HuaXa will surely catch them with his roll of... 9. This was my one big chance to win this game, and my opponent outran 2 cavalry units on foot. No fair. On the plus side, the fleeing shades cause the dark riders to panic, so almost his entire army is fleeing.

Turn 3: Dark Elves

Movement: Well this turn is short. He rallies his shades (nuts) he rallies his dark riders, he moves his Hydra.

Shooting: Hydra vaporizes skinks, who panic into other skinks, causing them to panic... there's a lot of panic going on. Nothing else can shoot, turn over.

End of Turn 3: 90972

02-06-2010, 03:51
Turn 4: Lizardmen

Movement: I am stuck with a hard decision. HuaXa is charging in, no question, but what about Tenkitza? Some strength 6 impact hits would be amazing, and I would get 1 more burning alignment at least, but I could simply dance around the unit all game if need be. However if I let HuaXa go in alone, he's facing static combat resolution 2, and if he loses combat and gets run down, so does my best shot at pinning the shadestar in place and preventing it from shooting so my Saurus can arrive. I decide to charge in with both my Scar Vet and Tenkitza and hope for high rolls, praying that they can hold out long enough for my second stegadon and saurus to come to the rescue. The subsequent stand and shoot reaction wounds Tenkitza, but it is saved by his 2+ ward save. A skink crew member also dies and a wound is dealt to the stegadon, not too bad. He's throwing less and less handfuls of dice at me as his unit dwindles.

Most importantly, BOTH skinks units on the left flank rally, much to my opponents chagrin, and the cold one riders pass stupdity and flip around trying to get out of the woods. The Red stegadon moves into position to charge next turn and so do the saurus, turning around the woods and hoping that HuaXa and Tenkitza can hold on until they can get there.

Magic: Tenkitza tries to cast portent of the far and succeeds on double 3's, but finds out that one of the masters in the shade unit has a ring of Hotec, causing him to miscast... Fortunately, I rolled a 6 which gives my wizardless opponent a free spell. No harm no foul. Atehe tries to cast second sign of Amul but it is dispelled... again. Burning alignment hits the shades but not the dark riders and rolls a 2 for hits. At least this time it killed 2, but a number larger than 4 would have been REALLY nice.

Combat: Impact hits rolled... a 3. It manages to kill 3 shades, so not bad. I issue a challenge with HuaXa and wonder who'll accept. The combat resolution denying Lohkir or the dangerous Assassin... my opponent picks Lohkir, hoping to deny me kills and win combat. Lohkir rolls well, but his strength 4 is no match for HuaXa's 1+ armor save and all hits bounce off. Unfortunately, my attacks prove to be just as useless, wounding twice, one is saved by armor and the other by regeneration. I'm not sure if using his shield was the best idea instead of his halberd, but I just wanted to make sure that I survived until help arrived. The assassin and BSB lay into Tenkitza, killing the rest of the skink crew and doing several wounds on the stegadon. I target all my attacks back at the BSB. My stegadon manages to hit it once with its 3 attacks, but the roll to wound was a 1. I just can't seem to kill that toughness 3 4+ armor save jerk. He wins combat by several points, but I manage to hold with Tenkitza's stubborn 6 and HuaXa's modified 8.

Turn 4: Dark Elves

Movement: The Hydra moves into the woods, eying skinks hungrily and having thoughts of roasted lizard meat. The Dark Riders Move far away from the red stegadon's charge arc.

Shooting: The Dark riders shoot their 6 shots at the stegadon, but don't manage to do any damage. The Hydra covers the entire remaining ranked skink unit with the flame template, reducing them to 3 models. Yet all is not lost, as they pass panic.

Lohkir frowned to himself as he parried HuaXa's great halberd, weaving in and out of range and quickly striking with attacks too swift to be stopped. The Saurus champion that had challenged him proved to be even more resilient to injury than the knights he had fought before. While the others seemed to shrug off injury, this one seemed to be outright impervious to his weapons. Then he remembered something, something his father had taught him long ago. All saurus had a weak point at the base of their necks. A wicked sneer appeared behind the golden mask as Lohkir redoubled his attacks. He would need to make space in his trophy room.

Combat: At this point, I am fairly certain that Tenkitza is doomed, and I am right. The Assassin finishes off the stegadon, and without his mount's armor save to protect him, the toughness 2 skink priest is no match for the master's strength 6 attacks. Now, this I expected, the following, totally blew me away. Lohkir makes his 5 attacks, hitting with 4, and after rerolling his failed wounds thanks to special ability of the Red Blades, wounds all 4 times. I roll my dice, and roll no less than THREE 1's! and a 4. OK... I roll my ward save and save 1 of the 3 wounds, but it is still not enough to save the 2 wound model and HuaXa is cut down by the Terror of the High Seas. When it rains, it pours.

End of Turn 4: 90981

Turn 5: Lizardmen

Movement: My opponent is running out of shades, but I am also running out of... army. I don't think it is possible for me to win the scenario at this point with all that I have lost, but I decide to try to attempt to wipe my opponent off the map if he's going to beat me. I charge the dark riders with my Saurus, and my Stegadon charges the shades. The stand and shoot fails to kill the 1 remaining skink crew member despite randomization hitting him like 5 times and the charge strikes home. The stegadon does suffer a wound though. The dark riders flee, and I am able to redirect into the shades with my saurus. Now all I can do is pray that I get good impact hits and my saurus toughness 4 sees me through. My cold one knights, now out of the woods, loop around and prepare to take a table quarter. I doubt they'll see any more fighting as the game will be over before they get the chance.

Atehe struggled the entire battle with his fear, and he was starting to lose the fight. Tenkitza was in great peril, he could sense it, but none of his spells were working! It was as if Lohkir's foul will was preventing the magic he usually wielded with proficiency from being effective at all. Tenkitza had taught him to specialize in defensive magics, but there was nothing to defend against this battle, and he felt useless, and his mind wandered. Wandered to a time of screams, fire, and hooked nets digging into his skin. Atehe shook his head as if to clear the thoughts, but as he attempted to align the portents in Tenkitza's favor, memories flooded into his mind as real as they day they occurred. He lost control of the winds of Azyr, and the energy wrecked havoc inside the skink priest's body. The pain was so intense he lost consciousness, traveling back in time within his own mind, or perhaps the unleashed energies caused him to truly disappear.

Atehe awoke to the sounds of anguish and the smell of burning flesh. He was wet, and as his vision cleared he was terrified to see the devastation that was taking place around him. He had seen this place before... but long ago, in memories long repressed. It was then that Atehe realized where he was; the spawning pools of his birth. All around him Black Ark Corsairs shot drugged arrows into fleeing skinks, as well as throwing their hooked nets over those too slow or wounded to escape. Battle raged on with the few remaining saurus and kroxigar, but they were hopelessly outnumbered and only those that refused to let death take them or the mortally wounded continued to fight. Fear strangled his heart, and he found himself unable to will his legs to move so he could run from this terrible place. It was then that he was noticed by a corsair, one with a golden mask shaped like a great Kraken, who began to advance towards him. Atehe finally forced his legs to move, but found himself netted before he could take 3 steps.

The hooked nets dug into his flesh, and the more he struggled in his panic the more embedded in the trap he became. His eyes grew wide as Lohkir casually strode over and stepped on his head, exerting just enough pressure not to kill him, but keep him pinned. Pain shot through Atehe's shoulder as a drugged bolt was shot into him, instantly making him sluggish and drowsy. The nets were quickly and painfully removed. He tried to scream but no words would come out of him, the drug dulling his mind and body. He drifted off into a narcotic sleep, the last thing he could hear was the maniacal laughter, much like a vindictive childs, coming from behind Lohkir's mask.

Atehe awoke this time to a whip ripping into his back muscles. He was shackled and manacled, in a great line of other captured skinks, doomed to suffer the slow death of slavery. He was whipped again, and slowly began to trudge forward, the lingering effects of the drug making it hard to move or even think. So hard, that he stumbled, causing several of the skinks he was chained to to also lose their balance and fall, halting the march of the line. The dark elf with the whip ran up to him, brandishing a terrible knife, fury in his eyes.
"Pathetic creature, are you too stupid to even walk!? Lohkir demands this shipment loaded by nightfall, I will not be late!"
The dark elf put the knife to Atehe's throat.
"I'm sure there will be no more clumsiness if your friends see what happens to those who slow my line."
Atehe closed his eyes, for he could not look death so squarely in the face. He heard several gasps of his fellow captives and then felt his throat being slit. He was unable to breathe and he began to cough frantically in an attempt to force the air into his lungs. And then, suddenly, he could breathe.

Opening his eyes, he was right where he had been, unsure if he had ever left. He was no longer manacled, but the pain of his injuries flooded his senses shortly after he became aware of his new location. His shoulder and back throbbed, and his wrists and ankles hurt where the chains had been. Tenkitza he realized! He did not know how long he had been gone, or if he had truly been gone at all, but Tenkitza still needed his help. He looked over and saw Tenkitza's blue scaled stegadon topple and fall, NO! He had to hurry! He began to rush towards him, but Lohkir's laughter echoed in his mind. The pain of his new, or perhaps old, injuries increased the closer he got, and soon he was paralyzed by both fear and pain. Unable to leave his master to die, but unable to save him, Atehe stood frozen as he did not know what to do. His emotions and feelings of inadequacy tearing him apart, Atehe made the only decision Lohkir's haunting laughter allowed him to, and he fled the battle with tears in his eyes and a burden on his soul.

Magic: After extreme magical ineptitude the entirety of the game... it doesn't get any better. Atehe tries to cast Second Sign of Amul and miscasts on three dice, taking a wound and losing him the spell and a wizard level. He will not further be participating in this game, not that he helped do anything of significance anyway up until this point.

Shooting: On a positive note, the combined shooting of the ranked skinks and skink skirmishers manage to take down the remaining 2 wounds on the Hydra. Unfortunately the handlers pass their panic test, but at least the Hydra will threaten the lizardmen no more.

Combat: The stegadon charged first, so the skirmishing shade unit had to form up to it putting all heroes in the front, however using his Daring Leap ability, Lohkir manages to get into combat with the saurus flanking the unit. I roll for impact hits and get... a 2. For those of you who are keeping track that is 3 sets of impact hits that have rolled less than a 4. To rub a little salt in the wound, only 2 of the 3 manage to wound. Lohkir challenges, and I accept with my Saurus champion, hoping to save some numbers from the unit. I decide to go with hand weapon shield with the saurus, hoping to avoid kills and deny combat resolution and break them on this charge. With his army defeated, I can spend turn 6 marching into his deployment zone and get myself some points. Lohkir massacres the saurus champion with his 7 attacks, but the shades roll poorly and only 1 other saurus is killed. My 6 attacks manage to kill a few more shades. My stegadon isn't so lucky. Dealing with two masters and an assassin, it is wounded heavily. Hilariously enough, the 1 skink crewmember survives the 3 strength 6 attacks sent his way. With my attacks back I manage to kill a couple more shades. I thought about attacking the BSB, but with his heavy armor and sea dragon cloak he would get a 6+ armor save against my stegadon's strength 5 attacks, and I wanted to get as much combat resolution as possible considering I would strike last in the next combat reguardless of the banner. The +1 combat resolution the banner granted was unfortunate, but I just felt like I couldn't risk it at the time. I manage to win combat by 1, but he rolls an 8 on his break test and holds!

Turn 5: Dark Elves

Movement: The surviving skink handlers are charged by the now dead hydra's beast masters. The stand and shoot has no effect. In retrospect, I should have fled, then simply shot the handlers to pieces with the blowpipe skinks in turn 6. The fleeing Dark Riders fail to rally and roll a 17 to continue fleeing, right, off, the table. HA!

Combat: Lohkir simply cannot be stopped. He wipes out an ENTIRE rank of saurus warriors by himself, his shade buddies killing one too. My armor saves don't do much of anything and I am severely regretting not choosing to use spears. 8-10 attacks hitting on 4's and wounding on 3's would grant me some very much needed combat resolution. I still have a rank, banner, outnumber, and the flank, so I don't lose combat by that bad and am able to hold. Unfortunately, my opponent winning combat is granted a free reform, and takes all his masters and assassin and puts them in combat with my saurus. If they lost a combat this turn against Lohir and 2 shades, they certainly aren't going to be able to beat 2 masters, Lohkir, and and an assassin too. I've essentially just lost the game.

On the left flank, the 2 beast masters easily beat the 3 ranked skinks and over-run off the map to safety. I won't be killing them this game.

End of Turn 5: 91150

Turn 6: Lizardmen

Movement: My Saurus Cavalry move up to get me some much needed scenario points. I couldn't win, by I might as well lose by less. The skinks on the left flank try to do the same, but they're not quite fast enough to net me any points, drat.

Magic & shooting: ......... yup.

Combat: My prediction that the saurus couldn't handle Lohkir and his entourage of dark elf hero buddies was quite correct, as the saurus were ripped into something fierce. My high armor saves managed to save a few, but not enough so I could fight back. I lost combat handily and fled, but he opted to hold, knowing full well that it being my last turn, my saurus could never rally anyway. Normally he'd have been all over the double victory points that Lohkir offered for running down units, but due to the scenario he said he just didn't care.

Turn 6: Dark Elves

Movement: The dark elf assassin's bloodlust got the better of him, and despite a glare from Lohkir he chased after the Saurus in at attempt to run them down. I escaped by a single inch and the charge was failed. The saurus would live to fight another day.

Shooting: The few remaining repeater crossbows were set to the task of finishing off the escaping saurus unit, but after swinging around great weapons all day, the shades were tired and either missed or failed to wound all shots. With no combats to resolve, that was the game.

End of Turn 6: 92801

Post Game Thoughts: ARRRRRG! My opponent got a massacre win based on scenario points and a solid victory counting the old fashioned way. I know everybody has to lose sometime, but this was a loss I have trouble taking in stride. The dice simply were out to castrate me this game. I made some impressive saves early in the game and then was betrayed by the great gods of probability. My 7 power dice were completely shut down by 2 dispel dice. Burning alignment failed to do real damage, 3 sets of impact hits failed to do real damage, HuaXa rolling three 1's on his armor save roll against Lohkir, NEVER BEING ABLE TO KILL THAT STUPID BSB, and the salt in the wound, not being able to run down the shade unit when it fled against 2 cavalry pursuers. Now with that rant out of the way, I am NOT going to blame this loss on the dice. That's right, despite what occurred that was random it was my fault in the parts of the game I could control that caused my loss.
List of things I could have done better:
1. The movement phase on turn 1 was a disaster. What was I thinking? I'll never know. I should have hid my salamanders behind my stegadon. If I had gotten 2 rounds of shooting against the shade unit instead of one, it would have been a completely different game. I put my chameleon skinks in hydra flamethrower range for absolutely no reason. I think I didn't have on my mind that I couldn't shoot turn one, its the only thing that explains my actions.
2. Later against the hydra, I sacrificed my kroxigar against the hydra so I could get it into place and shoot at it with blowpipes. Why did I do this with a 165 point kroxigar unit instead of a 50 point skink unit? I'm not sure what I was thinking there. I set up my kroxigar for failure and they delivered exactly what I asked, my fault.
3. I picked hand weapon and shield when I got into combat with my Saurus. I was hoping I could beat them and make them flee, but with leadership 9 and a BSB... I'm not sure why I thought that was a good idea. Spears would have given me 2 rounds of 8-10ish strength 4 attacks against unarmored shades on turn 5 and 6. While it is true I couldn't use the spears on the charge, I should have thought past that turn. Instead of winning by a point or 2 on round 1 of combat and then being doomed if he didn't flee, I could have lost round 1 by a point or 2 and had a fighting chance in subsequent turns.
4. Why did I never attack his assassin? I was worried about his BSB's 6+ armor save... but the assassin was naked. I had a few chances to kill him and he's just as fragile as shades, I should have targeted him more (at all).
5. MOST IMPORTANTLY, in the second shade combat involving HuaXa and Tenkitza... why didn't I challenge with Tenkitza? Not only would it have taken a lot of the heat off of Tenkitza, but it also would have allowed HuaXa to lay into the shade unit for the small price of a few strength 5 attacks going his way, which his 1+/5+ could have easily ignored. If Tenkitza and mount/crew only took 3-4 wounds and HuaXa managed to do 2-3 wounds, combined with my impact hits roll, I would have had a very solid shot at beating them in combat and getting another chance to run the unit down. That right there was a lost opportunity.

Looking back, its still hard for me to conceive how I lost.
Mid Game:
End Game:

Still, there were things I could have done better, and sometimes the dice are just against you. All in all the great attitude of my opponent made it a fun game to play despite frustrating dice rolls, and it was nice to face one of the great "broken" army lists in the game before the edition ends just to see what it was like. Although I think 1 time is enough.

04-06-2010, 03:32
Most unimpressive war-shrine ever.... I have to agree.

That would be because if you mount the modified bell and the beasts of nurgle before you paint them you never, ever reach everything.

I'll have him post a picture when it is tournament-ready (should be this week).

One assumes that if your opponent is working on his Doomwheel you would not fault him for leaving the center out until it was painted?

(I am making a point of playing with the actual base it will be mounted on because at some point I have to get used to having a 160mm x 60mm monstrosity in my deployment zone and movement.)

04-06-2010, 06:47
Red Blades of Vengeance

Tenkitza struggled to breathe. He had tried to jump clear when the stegadon's neck was slashed by the wicked axes of the dark elves, but he hadn't been quick enough, and had been caught underneath the beast. Fortunately, his body was trapped underneath a small air pocket that existed between the beasts bony back protrusions and ribs. Only his head and one arm remained out in the open, which allowed him to breathe, but just barely due to the terrible weight bearing down on him. He was certain that he had several shattered ribs, and possibly a broken leg, but couldn't feel anything punctured within his body. One has to be thankful for small favors.

Unable to act but cursed to watch, Tenkitza saw HuaXa fall, his neck pierced by the red blades of Lohkir himself. The Red Stegadon of his forces charged in, its crew thirsty for vengeance. They would leave this world unsatisfied, as the assassin leaped into the huddah and butchered them all, the dark elf masters beheading the rampaging beast shortly after. The Saurus were the last to fall, their throats being ripped open by the Master of the Black Tower. Soon, the entirety of the Lizardmen forces had been routed, and all that left for Tenkitza to do was pray to the Old Ones that the dark elf forces assumed him dead. His prayers went unanswered.

"My lord" one of the remaining shades shouted, "the small lizard sorcerer, he lives!"
"Impressive," an amused Lohkir said as he casually trotted over to inspect Tenkitza's predicament.
"Shall I slay him master, or prepare him for the slave ship?"
Lohkir chuckled. "Neither." He knelt close to Tenkitza's face. "Tell me, skink priest, because I know you can understand. How does this artifact of blinding light work? I have many uses for a mobile death ray mounted on my ships, and it is an impressive weapon."
Tenkitza said nothing, but swallowed hard. He knew what was coming, and was prepared to endure. Lohkir slowly, making a point to grind and scrape the metal on the hilt, drew one of his red blades and clutched Tenkitza's one free arm.
"You and I both know what will happen," Lohkir wrenched Tenkitza's hand open and put the blade to one of his fingers, "If you don't start talking."
Tenkitza tried to stare past the golden kraken mask, past its aura of fear, but he could not, so he simply shut his eyes and grit his teeth. Lohkir clutched his face and forced Tenkitza to look at him.
Lohkir's threat echoed through the jungle, silencing the birds and noises of the other animals. Still Tenkitza did not speak, and Lohkir sliced off one of his fingers. He tried to hold in the scream of pain, but he couldn't. Lohkir smiled behind his mask, holding his blade up to another of Tenkitza's fingers.
"I"m waiting."

Tenkitza spit at Lohkir's face, the spittle dribbling down his formerly pristine golden head-ware. Furious, Lohkir batted Tenkitza's head with the hilt of his sword and stood up, barking an order to a subordinate.
"See that this filth learns the error of his ways, as painfully as possible, and get me a towel."
A groggy Tenkitza, still reeling from the blow to the head, was oblivious to the shade menacingly approaching him, his heavy axe raised high.

The dark elf assassin, who had been leaning against a tree and gleefully watching events unfold this entire time, suddenly sprung into action, bolting towards Lohkir at impossible speed. Within a split second, Lohkir had his weapons out and was ready to use them, feverishly searching his mind for who would dare betray him. Who did he hire this assassin from, which temple, was it Har Ganeth? Lohkir had no time to think as his assailant was upon him, however his paranoia proved to be unfounded. The assassin leaped and crashed into Lohkir before he could strike, tackling him to the ground. Before the two dark elves even touched the jungle floor, massive clawed feet crushed the ground that Lohkir had been standing on moments before. Kro'Qua gave a bellowing roar as his halberd cut Tenkitza's shocked would-be killer in twain with a powerful swing, his innards splattering the hide of the recently dead stegadon. Panic enveloped the shades, as the remaining of their number quickly unloaded a hail of bolts at the Oldblood who had seemingly appeared out of thin air. The projectiles bouncing harmlessly off of his scaled hide, Kro'Qua cut several of them down before the remaining few fled into the jungle to escape his wrath. Furious, Lohkir pushed the assassin off of him and got to his feet, picking up one of his Red Blades that he had dropped when tackled.
"You stupid Iguanas don't seem to understand, what happens, to those that cross the Master of the Tower of Blessed Dread."
Lohkir took menacing steps towards Kro'Qua, who responded only by tightening the grip on his halberd.
"But that's OK, I enjoy teaching you."

The two masters, one with Lohkir's standard flying high, watched with anticipation as the distance between the two dissolved while the assassin slunk off into the shadows. Their blades met, and it instantly became apparent to Lohkir that something was different... wrong even. This saurus was faster, stronger, more skilled than any he had fought in recent memory... recent memory? Had he seen this Oldblood before? Lohkir's thoughts were interrupted as Kro'Qua landed a rib-shattering tail smash, followed by a halberd strike that ripped through Lohkir's midsection and tore out his innards.

Lohkir fell, only to immediately rise again, wounds stitching themselves together, and attacked Kro'Qua from behind the moment he had turned away to face the two remaining dark elves. A powerful thrust had put the evil corsair's red blade into Kro'Qua's neck, but it had only penetrated a few inches instead of the deathblow that Lohkir had intended. He tried to wrench his blade free, but Kro'Qua quickly grabbed the hilt and crushed every bone in Lohkir's hand. A mighty kick then sent Lohkir flying a good 15 feet, colliding unceremoniously against a tree with a loud crack. Just as Kro'Qua ripped the blade from the hole in his neck and began to advance towards the other dark elves a second time, Lohkir rose once more, cracking his neck back into place with a loud pop. This gave even Kro'Qua pause. Was this dark elf somehow invincible?

Lohkir was sure if it now... this Oldblood was different then any he had ever fought... ever seen? Memories from thousands of years ago were dim in Lohkir's mind, and as he scooped up his red blade from where Kro'Qua had dropped it and resumed his attack, he was no closer to unraveling the mystery. That is, until he spotted the Oldblood's shield. The etched claw-marks flooded his mind with the elusive answers he had been seeking. His father was the second mark on that shield. This was the same Oldblood who he had watched murder his father so many years ago. His vision blinded with fury and seething hatred, Lohkir redoubled his attacks. Each deflected blow, each ricochet off scale or crest, made him slip deeper into his mad fury; and his temperament made him sloppy.

All defense forsaken, Lohkir attempted to use his dual blades in a scissoring action to cut off Kro'Qua's head, but found his own neck being slashed open before he could complete his attack. The golden kraken mask took the brunt of the blow, but as a result was torn from Lohkir's head, revealing his pale shocked face. The gaping slash in his neck did not heal, and he dropped his weapons to grasp at it. His fury forgotten, Lohkir fell to the ground attempting to prevent himself from bleeding to death. Kro'Qua raised his halberd to finish his opponent, but a loud cry halted him.
"Do not move!" the dark elf assassin yelled, hand bow held to Tenkitza's head. "Now back away, slowly."
Kro"Qua complied, and the two dark elf masters rushed in and began to drag their leader to safety.
"Get back to the ship!" the dark elf assassin yelled, "I will finish this."
The masters didn't need any further convincing. As they ran off towards their vessel, the assassin's gaze turned back towards Kro'Qua.
"Now drop your weapon."
Kro'Qua didn't.
"I said drop your weapon!" The assassin held a poisoned knife dangerously close to Tenkitza's neck, one prick would prove fatal.
Kro'Qua's weapon hit the jungle floor, followed by his shield. The assassin smiled, taking aim at Kro'Qua with his hand-bow.

The two shots were perfectly placed, one is each eye, but they bounced uselessly off of Kro'Qua's eyelids with a quiet *plink sound. wide-eyed and mouth open in disbelief, the shocked assassin was caught off guard by Kro'Qua's speedy lunge in his direction. It was almost fast enough to reach him in time. The assassin's blade wasn't raised to defend himself, but rather put back to Tenkitza's neck. Moments before the blade could slice open the elder skink's jugular, the air crackled with magical energy as a lightning bolt struck the dark elf assassin square in the chest, blowing him backwards and away from Tenkitza. Altering his step mid-stride, Kro'Qua took the few remaining bounds to the dark elf assassin, who was now convulsing and writhing on his back as the electricity flowed through him. Kro'Qua cocked his arm back just as the thunder from the lightning bolt echoed throughout the jungle, and punched the assassin in the chest so hard that his fist did not stop until it hit dirt. The noise roused a groggy Tenkitza, and his eyes opened to see Atehe standing on a small knoll, his hands and staff still crackling with mystic energy. Atehe rushed towards his fallen master.
"I knew you wouldn't leave me Atehe," Tenkitza wheezed out. "Now please... lets go home."

As Atehe tended to Tenkitza's wounded hand, Kro'Qua looked in the direction of the dark elf retreat.
"Please my friend" Tenkitza pleaded, "just let him go. I need you."
Kro'Qua scowled, but walked back towards Tenkitza, and exerting his strength, attempted to lift the stegadon off the fallen skink. Muscles stretched and bones creaked as Kro'Qua lifted, his feet sinking into the earth under the strain of the immense weight. His tenacity prevailed however, as he was able to lift the beast just enough for Atehe to help Tenkitza slide out from underneath. Kro'Qua then picked Tenkitza up as if he were a child and plopped him on his back before starting to walk into the jungle; Atehe quick to follow. The scowl did not leave Kro'Qua's face.


Lohkir bit down on the thick cloth in his mouth. It prevented him from biting through his own tongue as the ship's doctor stitched up his neck. Unable to speak, Lohkir's voice screamed in his own mind.
"We shall meet again Kro'Qua! I remember you now, and I will never forget as long as you draw breath! My father's death and this defeat shall be avenged. I will not rest, until your head is on a pike in my trophy room! Time may heal all wounds, but the hatred of the Fellheart's is eternal."

17-06-2010, 00:42
Deadly Shadow

Had to be careful. Heart rate... slow.
Keep body temperature down, don't blink, don't twitch.
Had to be perfect, had to be precise, 1 shot, 1 chance, death or victory.
Don't get excited, time will pass at one rate no matter your anticipation.
Smoothly, breathe deep but slow, there must be no discerning you from the gentle breeze.
To strike early is to die, to strike late is to suffer, there is only perfection.
Let the target come to you, for in his ignorance, he will step on your head before he notices, for you are but shadow...
The deadliest shadow of all.
His own.


Kircheck slurped noisily as he drank the life essence of an exotic bird that he'd managed to pluck out of the sky. It did little to quell the nausea that had plagued him since his encounter with those vile plague censor bearers, but it eased the headache he'd had slightly. Skaven, disgusting vermin. Of all the abominations that plague this world, he detested them the most. He took a moment to reflect on the irony of his own existence, wondering in what manner his victims viewed him as an unnatural being himself.

Kayosiv was much happier with the occurrence and results of the battle, his new bodyguard and standard bearer holding his flag high and prancing next to him atop an undead steed. Once a mighty champion of the Chaos God Khorne, the newly animated Redaxe the Slain existed for no other purpose than to serve Kayosiv for an eternity of undeath. Another day and night's travel would see them at the temple of Dusk, and after that it would be a simple matter to resurrect Kanzul and Allister. With their necromantic might combined with his own, plus his brother's generalship and might at arms, he would finally be able to enact his revenge against the mighty Greater Demon that had humiliated him so. He could hardly contain himself, thought of his revenge making him more giddy that he had been in centuries.

His good temperament was short lived though, as Rupert, who had been knocking down trees to make way their passage, was impaled upon several sharpened tree trunks that swung down from the canopy. The beast roared in surprise, his body badly damage and pinned. His thrashing to get free only served to damage him more and get him heavily tangled in vines and foliage. Kayosiv expected a lizardman ambush, but after several tense moments, nothing occurred. Rupert whined for aid, completely stuck and incapable of freeing himself.

"Do you think the trap abandoned?" Kircheck asked his brother, sword at the ready.
"No," Kayosiv said back, "it's too effective, too specific."
"Well, how long do we wait here for them to make their move?"
"Shhhh.... do you hear tha!?;"

The poisoned blade sunk deep into Kayosiv's throat, furry hand gripping its handle. Kayosiv could only stare wide eyed at his attacker, the only portion of his hooded face visible being the reflected glint off of a monocle and his smiling yellow teeth. He attempted to swing his sword at his assailant, but the cloaked assassin nimbly danced out of the way. Vision swimming, Lord Kayosiv collapsed off of his Nightmare, dagger still plunged in his neck.

"Hello again dead-things," Snips Killington said with a wicked smile and a hint of self satisfaction. "I do recall you owing me some payment. I've come to collect."

How he had been able to sneak up on them undetected he did not know, nor did he care; Kircheck wasted no words, save for a scream of anger, as he leaped upon the rat with the fury of hell in his eyes. Snips' weapons were nearly torn form his hands with each parry, but he managed to hold off the enraged sibling whilst backing towards a very large tree. He had never fought something so strong as this vampire save perhaps a demonic agent of Nurgle, but even it did not fight with such purpose and ferocity. He was tiring quickly, but everything was still going according to plan.

"NOOOOOO!" Lady Cheree screamed as she rushed over to her fallen master. She tried to grasp the hilt of the blade embedded in Kayosiv's neck, but her immaterial hands simply phased through it. She began to sob as her master tried to wrench the blade from his neck, too weak to even lift his arms. Redaxe purposefully plodded over to his new master, paused for a moment, and then ripped the blade from Kayosiv's neck. His eyeless sockets then watched the sword fight between Snips and Kircheck, who seemed to be getting the upper hand.

The force of a mighty swing from Kircheck ripped one of Snip's blades from his hand, and a strong shoulder slam smashed him into the trunk of a tree. "Fools fools" Snips said, "it's as if you're trying to help me escape." With that Snips tapped on the tree and a large knothole section fell out, revealing a secret passage. Kircheck dove to try to prevent the skaven's escape, but Snips threw a small bag at him, which exploded in a fine mist of powder upon connecting with the charging vampire.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH" Kircheck screamed as the powder burned his eyes and lungs, "Garlic!"
Half blind, Kircheck still tried to catch Snips, but he was in the hole moments before the vampire could arrive, another panel of solid wood sliding down to prevent his following. Enraged and in pain, Kircheck began to madly rip and tear at the tree trunk, attempting to gain passage. His burning and tearing eyes went wide as he felt a dagger plunge deep into his back. Snips had somehow snuck up behind him... he was never trying to escape. Kircheck tried to reach the dagger wound to remove the weapon, but it was placed so that taking it out was impossible, and he collapsed to the ground, poison seeping through his veins.

Snips picked up his previously lost sword and began to move towards Kayosiv's limp body. Lady Seree screamed at him, but was silenced by a exploding jar of holy water in her face that caused her to fade away. "Do be quiet my dear, you're spoiling the mood."
Snips shook his head to clear the wails of the damned, and wiped a small trickle of blood from his ears. All that stood between him and his revenge now was the Wight Redaxe, but he was tired, and his back throbbed from when he was slammed against the tree. Snips contemplated retreat, and decided against it. Revenge would be his this day.

Redaxe proved to be a fierce and resilient opponent, especially considering how much energy Snips had already expended. Snips didn't need to defeat him, simply get past him for a split second so he could deal a deathblow to that cursed dead-thing. However, Redaxe proved just fast enough for that to be impossible. Frustrated, Snips broke off from combat, heavily winded. Redaxe did not pursue, but simply stayed at his master's side, making sure to stay between the assassin and his quarry. A few ineffective throwing stars later, Snip's brow furrowed in displeasure. It was then Snip Killington's turn to be stabbed in the back.

"Now you know what it feels like you little rodent." Kircheck smiled, twisting the blade a little.
"But... how how?" Snips demanded, coughing up some blood.
Kircheck knocked on his breastplate. "Cadaverous Cuirass."
A gurgling laughter came from Kayosiv. "And here I thought you never listened to me."
"I never listen to you when you're wrong, which is all the time!" Kircheck jokingly replied back.
"Fools fools!" Snips rasped out, "You have nothing to laugh about. Snips Killington never lose, he merely draws."
The two vampire siblings' laughter stopped short as Snips pulled out a lit bomb of arcane design. Kircheck immediately ripped his sword out of Snips' back and rushed towards his brother, scooping him up and rushing out of the vicinity at inhuman speeds. Redaxe ran at Snips, who had collapsed to the ground in a heap, and covered the skaven assassin with his own body. The explosion was even bigger than Kircheck thought it would be, and he tried to soften the landing to his wounded brother as they were shot forward and tumbled on the ground for several paces.

"You know, I really hate that guy" Kircheck said, dusting himself off, mud stains ruining his formal attire.
Kayosiv pointed weakly at his throat. "If you don't mind..."
"Oh... right." Sighing to himself, Kircheck began to suck the poison out of his brother's neck.
Lady Cheree, who had silently rematerialized a few feet away, sighed with longing. "I remember when you used to let me do that."
Kircheck raised his eyebrows at Kayosiv, who could only laugh it off. "Why yes, aren't I lucky" Kircheck said, helping his brother to his feet and spitting out the poison.

Kayosiv looked at the large crater that had been created by the explosion. Redaxe was strewn about the jungle, and Rupert was still quietly whining, his body half destroyed by the impaling trap. "Ugh, this certainly is going to delay things."

"More than you'd think handsome!" A voice yelled across the nearby valley, but was yet somehow perfectly clear and crisp.

Kircheck and Kayosiv whirled around to see a Chaos General, fancily dressed but also heavily armored, smirking at them from atop a hill; his war-band cresting it as they watched.

"Did I catch you fine gentlemen at a bad time? Too bad. A little birdy told me that if there was an explosion in the jungle it meant there were magical riches to be found. Looks like he was right."

Kayosiv began to summon forth his army, but was so weakened by the poison, he could not animate them all at once. He turned to Kircheck.
"Cut Rupert down... we fight for our eternal lives today."

17-06-2010, 00:43
Battle 5: Sick and Beautiful

1750 Points. Scenario: The game is to be played longways, meaning 6"4" instead of 4"6". The Vampire Counts player will get points for each unit destroyed, while the Warriors of Chaos player will get points based on the number of units inside the Vampire Counts deployment zone on turn 6. The Warriors of Chaos player will go first, but will not be able to shoot or cast offensive spells.

My Army: Vampire Counts
GENERAL: Manfred the Acolyte (to represent a weakened Lord Kayosiv): Level 2 wizard
Mount: Abyssal Terror (to represent a weakened Rupert the Zombie Dragon)
Magic Items: Sword of unholy power, Book of Arkan.
Vampiric Powers: Walking Death
Spells: ALL spells from the lore of vampires.

Vampire (Kircheck): Level 1 Wizard
Mount: Barded Nightmare
Magic Items: Cursed Book, Cadaverous Cuirass
Vampiric Powers: Dreadknight, Beguile
Spells: Gaze of Nagash

BATTLE STANDARD BEARER: Wight King with great weapon (Redaxe the Slain):
Magic Items: Drakenhof Banner

20 skeleton warriors with full command
20 zombies with musician
1 Corpse Cart
17 Graveguard with full command and Banner of the Barrows (+1 to hit for all wights).
5 Black Knights with champion and musician
Banshee with 2 Cairn Wraiths

Opponents Army: Warriors of Chaos
GENERAL: Svay Lustmore, Exalted Hero of Slanesh.
Magic Items: Filth Mace (causes terror after 1st wound, poisoned attacks), Enchanted Shield

BATTLE STANDARD BEARER: Exalted hero of Slanesh
Magic Standard: Blasted Standard (5+ ward save vs shooting)
Demonic Gifts: Blood Curdling Roar.

Chaos Sorcerer of Slanesh: Level 2 Wizard
Magic Items: Power familiar, dispel scroll
Spells: Lash of Slanesh, Ecstatic Seizures.

15 warriors of chaos with shields, full command.
15 warriors of chaos with shields, full command.
5 marauder horsemen
5 Chaos Knights
15 Chosen with shields, full command, and the mark of Nurgle. +1 toughness gift granted at start of game.


I have found the pictures of this game. I will write a report but it was be less detailed than usual because of the extensive amount of time lapsed between the game and the report as well as me losing my game notes.

Warriors of Chaos Turn 1:

Movement: Everyone in the Warriors of Chaos army move up at full speed with 2 exceptions. The maurader horsemen move behind the house to take cover from Kircheck's Gaze of Nagash and the Chaos knights only move up at the speed of their general to give him a buffer in case my general decides to fly in front of them outside of their charge range.

Magic: My opponent can't cast this turn due to the scenario rules.

Vampire Counts Turn 1:

Movement: I am a bit more reserved in my movement phase. My Black Knights with Kircheck leading them move up and angle towards the center of the board. I'm planning on a turn 3 charge into his chosen unit. Skeletons and zombies move up at full speed, graveguard doing almost the same but angling slightly to the center. My Banshee moves up behind the house with the intent screaming at things behind the building because it doesn't require line of sight. Kayosiv on his Abyssal Terror did nothing. I saw absolutely no reason to put him in harms way considering that Manfred the acolyte has 2 wounds with toughness 4 and no save. I could just get him into the action on turn 2 because I didn't care about charges in turn 2. Turn 3 was going to be the turn that decided the game and I held him back in reserve where it was save until then.

Magic: My magic phase is equally uneventful as all spell attempts fail.

Shooting: Lady Cheree screams at the Marauder Horsemen rolling a 7, which kills 2 of them. They pass panic, but I'm happy to whittle that unit down some.

End of turn 1:

Warriors of Chaos Turn 2:

Movement: The unit of the warriors of the left flank moves up 8" to get scenario points. The remaining 3 Marauder horsemen take full advantage of their free reforms and dance around the house and up behind the corpse card and set up for an easy flank charge into my grave guard. Then, my opponent does what I hoped he would, and separates his knights and chosen. He moves up the chaos knights to get into charge range of my skeleton unit while wheeling and moving up with his chosen to face my grave guard. The unit of warriors on the right flank moves up into range to charge my zombies.

Magic: This is when things turn sour. Lash of Slanesh kills a few zombies and he managed to get Ecstatic Seizures off on my skeleton unit. This literally cut the unit in half, reducing it from 20 models to 9. I was distressed, but only a little because my opponent and I had a good chuckle about what exactly it looked like when a skeleton had an "ecstatic seizure" so violent that it destroyed itself. Seriously, take a moment to imagine it right now. Funny stuff.

Vampire Counts turn 2:

Movement: With his knights no longer guarding his general's front, I immediately flew my dragon over their heads and into position to charge the chosen in turn 3. Kircheck and his black knight unit angled to charge the other flank. Lady Cheree moved up and to the right in case I needed her to scream at things if the combat went sour. I was march-blocked with her so I couldn't get too far though. My corpse cart spun around to threaten the flank of the marauder horsemen. I didn't really care if he charged me this turn because my great weapons would cut him to pieces. What I didn't want was to suffer a dual charge from them with something nasty in my front in turn 3. This forced him to either make a suicidal charge or just move out of the way; either way good for me. I saw no reason to move my zombies or skeletons. If he wanted to separate his warriors and knights from my chosen to kill my loser core units, all the better for me.

Magic: Magic was another disappointment. The corpse cart managed to fire off, which was nice. I tried to invocation that skeleton unit 3 times. 1 was dispelled. The 2 that went through only brought 2 skeletons back, so I roll a 2 on 2d6. This sealed the fate of the skeleton unit. With only 11 models, the chaos knights were going to tear it to pieces in the ensuing combat on turn 3.

End of Turn 2:

Warriors of Chaos Turn 3:

Movement: Time for some fighting. His rightmost unit of chaos warriors charged into my zombies and the chaos knights declared a charge against my depleted skeleton unit. My plan with the corpse cart worked, forcing him to move his fast cavalry behind my unit of grave guard to avoid being charged in the following turn. His left most unit of warriors, with nothing really to fight, marched forward 8 inches to get scenario points. His unit of chosen, lead by his general, decided to wheel to face the black knight unit. I was thrilled by this, as I was terrified about getting caught in a challenge with his general with Kayosiv, weakened as he was. I didn't have as high a chance to win with him facing my knights, but I'd rather him stick then have him kill my general and cause my army to crumble.

Magic: His magic fails or is dispelled this turn, a nice change of pace from last round.

Shooting: His BsB tries to blood curdling roar my unit of black knights but fails to do any wounds.

Combat: His knights chop through my skeletons effortlessly, the warriors through the zombies even easier, and both units are completely destroyed through combat resolution. The chaos knights roll high enough to get out of the charge arc of my grave guard, and the warriors get that much closer to my starting zone to score victory points.

Vampire Counts Turn 3:

Movement: I declare a charge with both Kircheck and Kayosiv into the Chosen unit harboring his BsB and General. It's all or nothing time, as this combat will likely decide the outcome of the game. My banshee moves up, although it is unable to march, to scream at the chosen. My corpse cart turns and follows the chaos fast cavalry and my grave guard unit flips around to face them and threaten the knights in the next turn. The rest of my army has been destroyed so that ends the movement phase.

Magic: I attempt to cast curse of years into the chosen unit with Kayosiv, but it is dispelled.

Shooting: The banshee screams into the chosen unit and rolls an impressive 10, netting me 4 kills.

Kircheck cringed as he saw his brother's mount crash haphazardly into the rear of the chosen of chaos. Rupert was literally falling apart and Kircheck knew that his brother's entire concentration in his weakened state was spent animating the army that fought by their side. He knew that Kayos would be of no help in this combat and clenched his fanged teeth together as his own charge was about to hit home. He'd fought enough chaos champions to know never to underestimate them. He bellowed a challenge and Svay gladly accepted. He effortlessly pranced towards Kircheck amongst the chaos of the black knight charge connecting, seeming to revel in the destruction.

Combat: Things start off bad. Kayosiv and his mount have 3 attacks each, hitting on 4's, and proceed to miss all 6 of them. This was rather terrifying because that meant my opponent would get full attacks back. He allocated all of his attacks against Kayosiv and I held my breathe as he rolled the dice. Luckily he rolled rather poor and only scored 1 wound. He asked me what kind of save I had and I replied that I had nothing. We both took a moment to reflect on the fact that if he had rolls at odds, he should have scored about 2 wounds, thus ending the game. On the other side of the combat, the opposite occurred.

He challenged with his general and I accepted with Kircheck, activating the cursed book and reducing his weaponskill to 1. I didn't managed to kill him, dealing 1 wound. He however failed his Beguile test and was hitting on 5's. With his poisoned mace nullified by Kircheck's magic armor, he wasn't able to do any wounds in return. The Black Knights rolled amazingly well. Because of the mark of Nurgle I was hitting on 5's but still managed to get 5 hits and 4 wounds with my 6 attacks. His few attacks back with his Bsb bounced off the armor save of my knights and he scored 0 wounds. With my rear charge and Kayosiv's aura of dark majesty as well as my kills and banner I ended up winning combat by 8 and easily ran him down. The combat went from me nearly losing my general due to bad luck to me wiping out his most expensive unit and almost all of his characters. Quite the eventful combat round.

Kircheck used the brief moments before his challenger drew his weapon to open and read from the cursed book. The wide and confident smile on Svay's face seemed to disappear and he found himself having trouble drawing his weapon, let alone prancing along. When combat was met, Svay's frown intensified as his attacks were sluggish and ineffective. Kircheck on the other hand hacked at him mercilessly and managed to cut a deep gash in his chest. Svay looked around to see his best fighters being skewered and trampled underfoot by the skeletal cavalry. Svay ordered the retreat but it was a futile gesture. There was nowhere to run but into the maw and rending talons of Rupert. His forces scattered about and the few that survived were driven from the field of battle. In his frantic attempt to escape, Svay was stabbed in the back by a wight lance. He keeled over, clutching the fatal wound caused by the magic weapon. As he lay there dying, a grimace of unnatural ecstasy contorted his face.

End of turn 3:

Warriors of Choas turn 4:

Movement: He pushes his 2 remaining warrior units forward 8 inches to try and gain some scenario points. His fast cavalry go hide behind a hill to avoid the corpse cart charge. His chaos knights spin around to face my grave guard's charge during my turn.

Magic: Nothing is in line of sight of his wizard so the phase and turn end uneventfully.

Vampire Counts turn 4:

Movement: I charge my grave guard into this chaos knights. The banshee, again unable to march, moves 6 inches towards his marauder horsemen hoping to kill them in later turns. Kircheck and his Black Knights wheel around to face the chaos warriors on the right flank. Kayosiv flies over the house and plops down within spell range of the grave guard, hoping to augment them in the ensuing combat. The corpse cart kind of wanders around, but with a movement of 4 isn't able to do much.

Magic: I'm able to heal the 1 wound on Kayosiv with an invocation and roll an 11 on my remaining dice to try and cast Van Hel's on the grave guard to give them re-rolls in their attacks, but my opponent manages to dispel it on two dice by rolling a 12!

Combat: I totally wiff the dice rolls with my grave guard their attacks and kill 0 knights even with the +1 to hit banner. He managed to kill a fair number back but my regeneration saves really help out a lot. Even with his superior kill count I have multiple banners as well as a rank and musician. We tie combat, so he loses by 1 because of his lack of musician and fails his leadership roll of 7. Unfortunately, he outpaces me by a mere 2 inches and escapes being run down.

End of turn 4:

Turns 5 and 6:

There's a bit more to this game but I'm going to sum it up because the pictures past this turn have been lost and I'd like to get to more recent reports dealing with 8th edition. The chaos knights fail to rally and the warriors of chaos flip around to face Kircheck. I charge Kayosiv into the chaos knight unit and run it down and position the grave guard on the flank of the rightmost chaos warriors and move Kircheck and his unit of black knights into charge range. In the following turn I move Kayosiv near the rear of the chaos warrior unit. Gaze of Nagash and dragon's breath kills 8 of the chaos warrior unit and my opponent concedes defeat.

Post game thoughts: I was really worried when my opponent trounced through my core blocks effortlessly. The combat with the chosen was very interesting just because there was such horrendous rolling followed by miraculous good rolling. I felt like I deserved the win because I set up for the game winning charge perfectly and my opponent separated his other 2 big blocks of infantry so when he was dual charged, there was nobody left to help out his general or counter charge me after I had won the combat. The player of the chaos army was extremely rusty because this was one of his first games since 6th edition and he was just getting back into the hobby. He was an extremely friendly player and we ended up staying well after normal closing hours of the shop playing a second game at a 2250 level. I ended up winning that game as well but we both had a good time and he learned a lot from his mistakes and my advice.

26-06-2010, 07:03
Freysson's horse panted heavily as he urged it to run ever faster. His head darted back behind him to do another quick scan of the jungle, but he saw no movement other than the rustle of leaves caused by his horse's own frantic galloping. As he turned back around he didn't have the chance to see what hit him as a branch struck him across the face. The shock was so tremendous and unexpected that he lost his grip on the reigns and tumbled backwards, landing sharply on his back. Dazed, he groaned and groggily tried to shake away the stars in his vision. His eyes clenched shut from the pain as he felt where his front teeth used to be with his tongue, tasting blood in his mouth. Opening his eyes, Freysson let out a blood garbled gasp as he began to frantically backpedal with his hands until he crashed into the tall root of a tree.

"My my, what is that delightful smell?" said Lord Kayosiv, having silently materialized in front of Freysson. He started to nonchalantly walk towards the terrified chaos marauder. "I believe it's the combination of my two favorite aromas. Blood, and fear." Kayosiv smiled a devious and toothy grin as he spoke.

Freysson steeled himself and unsheathed his great war mace. There was no sense continuing to run, there was no escape. With a blood filled battle cry, he jumped at the vampire, swinging with all his strength. The impact was brutal, but the vampire's body was as unyielding as stone. Kayosiv glanced down at the wound with the annoyed look of one who had just been bitten by an insect. What happened next was only perceived by Freysson as quick and sharp eruptions of pain. His mace was taken, wrenched from his now broken fingers and tossed aside. His swinging arm was ripped from its socket and his collar bone shattered by an open palmed strike from the vampire. Then, he was tossed completely over the vampire's head and landed on the ground in a broken heap of bloody pain. Kayosiv moved swiftly to his unworthy adversary's body, tilting the head to one side and preparing to drink.

"Wait!" Freysson managed to wheeze out through the tremendous pain he was afflicted with. His fangs mere inches from the marauder's neck, Kayosiv grinned to himself with great self satisfaction.
"Yes?" he slowly hissed out.
Freysson's mind raced. What could he offer, what could he possibly offer this immortal of seemingly limitless power? As the vampire's smile gradually shifted into annoyed indifference, he began to panic. Like a jolt, it came to him clear as day. Freysson remembered what his leader had told him before the battle with the Vampire's undead legion.

"I..." Freysson spoke slowly and carefully "can lead you to the place you seek; to the Temple of Dusk."
Kayosiv was completely taken aback by this proclamation. He had expected the northerner to simply beg for his life like the last few marauders he had tracked down and fed upon to regain his strength. How could this pawn of the Dark Powers possibly know that he was seeking the temple, let alone where to find it? Intrigued, he stood up, releasing the maurader's head and letting it plop into the muck of the jungle floor.
"I'm listening mortal, make it quick."

A whoosh of relief escaped Freysson's lungs. Still struggling with the pain that was his entire right arm, he continued to speak.
"My master Lord Svey came to these strange lands because of a vision. He said the Dark Prince Shornaal told him to come here and do battle with you at the Temple of Dusk. But Lord Svey grew bored and ordered our armies to march into the jungle so that he could vanquish you there. Our lord is now dead because he did not heed the will of the gods. I only wish to return home so that I might bring greater glory in battles yet to come. I can lead you through the quickest route to the temple, but humbly beg that you allow me to return to my homeland alive once your business is finished there."

Kayosiv's brow wrinkled in thought. He was sated with blood already, his wounds suffered before and during the battle continuing to stitch themselves together as he pondered. He had a rough idea from his ancient texts where the temple was, but a guide could be useful, and likely speedy. He highly doubted a double-cross from this broken human, who seemed all too willing to help to spare his own worthless life.
"Very well mortal, I find your terms acceptable. Should you grant me and my forces speedy passage to our destination, I will ensure your safe return to your lowly mud hole."

The look of relief and joy on Freysson's face was short lived as Kayosiv picked up the Marauder with lighting speed, smirking to himself as Freysson's broken limbs flailed about and he screamed in pain. Kayosiv sped off into the jungle towards his host, his cargo unceremoniously flopping around as he half carried and half dragged him behind.

Kircheck sat on a throne of chaos corpses, scowling at the jungle that his brother had entered some time ago saying that he would be right back after he had a lite snack. He trusted his brother's combat competency under normal conditions, but he was particularly weak after their last battle. His condition reminded him of the state he was in when Kircheck awoke from his 100 years of hibernation. Kircheck's expression lightened as he saw the dark figure of his brother emerge from the thick jungle foliage. He was carrying a live chaos marauder over his shoulders, who looked to be in excruciating pain. Kircheck was puzzled by this as Kayosiv wasn't one to indulge himself in torture of mortals, although he did have a habit of occasionally playing with his food.

"Good news brother," Kayosiv bellowed out as he dropped Freysson in the mud, "I've found us a map!"
Kircheck smiled. "That's the best news I've heard from you in 100 years brother. Let's get to this temple of yours and be done with this place." With that, kircheck picked up the body of a stiring chaos warrior and bit out his neck, drinking deeply.

Freysson's face paled as he saw a great warrior drained of blood by one of the undead beings. He could not understand the language they were conversing in, but at least they seemed to be in good spirits. He gulped hard as he noticed the animated corpses and other monstrosities converging towards the center of the camp. He cradled his broken arm and began to walk towards the glowing eyes and wicked grins of the two vampires at the center of the horde. Just what had he gotten himself into?


Atehe struggled to keep pace as they endlessly trekked through the jungle. It wasn't that Kro'Qua's pace was too fast, more that it was implacable. His injuries sustained in the last battle made it hard to keep up and Kro'Qua knew no mercy or concern for his smaller brethren. They had been walking for days with only a few hours of sleep in the dead of night allowed by Kro'Qua's unrelenting march. They ate on the move, always on the move, and Atehe had grown very lonely in this painful silence. It hadn't been so bad at the beginning when he could talk with Tenkitza who had been strapped to Kro'Qua's back in a makeshift harness. However after the first day of Travel Tenkitza had lapsed into a delirium caused by his injuries and infection. Atehe did his best to treat his wounds, but he was no expert in the matter and now all Tenkitza did was bob back and forth limply atop Kro'Qua's broad shoulders while occasionally muttering nonsense to himself.

As he was busy moping about his current predicament, Atehe jumped at the sound of a sudden startling noise. It sounded like the course grinding of stone against jagged stone. It took him a few moments to process what was actually making the noise. Kro'Qua was speaking to him.
"Where is Huini'Zec?"
Atehe stopped short, slack jawed. He had never in his life heard Kro'Qua utter a single syllable to him or anyone else. Kro'Qua stopped and turned around to face the skink, eyes piercing into him, demanding an answer. Atehe gulped loudly and tried to regain his composure.
"He... he died" Atehe said with a bit of a crack in his voice on the last word.
Kro'Qua stood there for a moment, digesting this information. Atehe told him of the battle against the Bretonnians and how they had been lead by an agent of Chaos. Kro'Qua growled at the mention of his hated enemy, causing Atehe to pause. He continued to explain how they had made peace with the uncorrupted Bretonnians and the entire story of the battle against Lohkir Fellheart before he had arrived to save them. He consciously left out the part where he had traveled back in time.

For a long while Kro'Qua said nothing, and Atehe wondered if this would be the first and last time he ever heard the Oldblood speak to him. He was quickly proven wrong.
"You will take me to where Huini'Zec fell."
"Now?" Atehe asked, concern and confusion in his voice. "What about Tenkitza, we must get him back to Kotak-Hai and tend to his injuries! He is so sick, he can't last much longer."
"We are here."
With that statement, Kro'Qua began to walk again, a confused Atehe scrambling to keep up after a moment's pause. Kro'Qua pressed through a thick foliage and an opening revealing their temple city opened up, not 20 paces from where they had been standing seconds ago. Atehe couldn't believe they were so close! He mentally berated himself for being too caught up in his brooding to notice his surroundings.

Immediately they were rushed by dozens of skink artisans and handlers that were working on various projects on the outskirts of the city. They swarmed over Kro'Qua and Atehe, asking a million questions and quickly removing Tenkitza from his harness and scurrying off with him to give him medical attention. Kro'Qua seemed supremely annoyed by the entire spectacle and wordlessly began walking back into the jungle. Several of the excited skinks were brushed aside and one even had to leap out of the way to avoid being trampled. Atehe too was soon rushed off to a place of healing where his injuries were examined.

It was here as a skink physician rubbed healing mixtures on his poor chafed wrists and ankles that Atehe received his summons. The messenger came with a look of great worry on his face, and proclaimed that Atehe was to see Sotarkesh. Atehe's crest went stark white.
"...M...mm..m..me?" he managed to stammer out.
"That is his will" the messenger insisted impatiently.
"B.. bu... but Tenkitza is usually the one... that..."
"Tenkitza is in no condition to meet with Sotarkesh, and he asked for you specifically. Do not keep him waiting" the messenger said with great warning in his voice. Atehe gulped as the messenger left the medicine hut. The look of concern on the skink attending to his injuries made him feel even worse.


Having had his wounds tended to, Atehe stood in front of the great pyramid temple, pausing for a moment before he went inside. A Temple Guard silently acknowledged his presence and bid him to follow. He was lead through a maze network of corridors for quite some time until he arrived at the star chamber itself. He steeled himself to enter but as he took his first step forward his shoulder was forcibly grabbed and the temple guard growled menacingly at him. Shocked and alarmed, Atehe cried out, breaking the deep silence of the ancient corridors, his cry echoing throughout the halls. Quickly, Atehe realized his foolish mistake, and quickly unsheathed his sacrificial dagger and tossed it against the wall near the entrance. It landed with a loud clang that made Atehe cringe. The Temple guard immediately released him and walked off, Atehe presumed back to the entrance, without a word. Atehe walked inside.

In the center of the room was a large rectangle pond filled with water so clear Atehe could see the bottom even in the dim light of the room. Floating atop it sat, or rather hovered, Lord Sotarkesh, whose eyes slowly opened at his advancing presence. On the left side of the pool sat an Eternity Warden who was the largest Sauru Atehe had ever seen. Even sitting cross legged as we was, large obsinite halberd draped across his lap, it was obvious that he would tower over even Kro'Qua if he were to stand erect. At the right side of the pool was Sotarkesh's skink attendant. His entire body was an albino white, and indication that he was marked at birth for greatness.

"You are noisy" the Slann bellowed out.
A terrified Atehe tried to stammer out an apology. "I am so sorry my lord, I did not mean to wake you, I..." but Sotarkesh silenced him with a raising of a long fingered hand.
"And you are imperfect." he said, although he had a hint of concern in his voice. Sotarkesh then blinked, and Atehe felt a strange numbness affect his body. His terror gave way to surprise as his injuries were instantly healed.
"My dreams have been interrupted lately" Sotarkesh continued. "I have been having nightmares of Chaos, of Skaven, and of death in our lands. Let me see the tablet you found."
Atehe blinked for a moment before jolting himself back to reality. Hearing Sotarkesh speak was an otherworldly and captivating experience and he was not used to it. He quickly produced the golden tablet, which was then snatched out of his hands by Sotarkesh's skink attendant, who scurried up to his master to hand him the artifact. Somehow, the skink walked on the water underneath his master to hand him the tablet, who then began to examine it intently.

Atehe became uncomfortable as the minutes dragged on in the silent room. He noticed that the Eternity Warden was staring at him intently and probably had been since he entered the chamber. He could feel his eyes boring into him and it made him extremely uncomfortable. Finally, after what Atehe was certain was over an hour later, Sotarkesh spoke, or at least, started to communicate. It was now that Atehe realized Sotarkesh had never opened his mouth since his entering of his star chamber. He had been communicating telepathically with everyone in the room.
"I do not understand as much as I wish to" Sotarkesh mentally told Atehe. "Tell me everything of your journeys since you found the tablet."

Thankful for permission to finally speak, Atehe began to tell the interested Slann all that had happened over the last few weeks. Sotarkesh listened intently and his expression grew sour the more he heard of the story. Perhaps it would soon be time to take matters into his own hands....


Some time later, Atehe walked out of the great pyramid, mind reeling from the fantastical day he'd been having. Preoccupied by his thoughts, he ran smack into Kro'Qua, who despite his great size had gotten directly in front of him without Atehe noticing. He ricocheted off of Kro'Qua's unyielding bulk and would have fallen if not for a quick and powerful arm steadying him by the shoulder. Atehe shook his head and focused on Kro'Qua's face, whose deep dark eyes locked with his. Staring into those black pools he felt his knees go weak and he just stood there, slack jawed, until Kro'Qua quickly and loudly thumped to one knee, kneeling before Atehe. Shocked out of his stupor, Atehe looked behind him and saw his lord Sotarkesh floating out of his pyramid upon his mystical palanquin, his eternity warden walking at his side. At his full height, the bone ornamented guardian reminded Atehe more of a Kroxigar than a sauru, and his intimidating presence helped him overcome the shock of seeing his master outside the star chamber. Atehe quickly stooped into a kneel alongside Kro'Qua out of reverence for their master.

"Ah, Kro'Qua" the Slann mentally projected into their minds via the divine communication "the last of the great spawning. What brings you here?"
Atehe watched at Kro'Qua simply stared at his lord. He assumed that Kro'Qua was mentally communicating with their lord, and was quickly proven correct.
"So, you wish to retrieve the body of Huini'Zec..." the slann said with a pause. "That is not what the plaque instructs us to do. We must take the war host to the Temple of Dusk."
Kro'Qua snarled and Sotarkesh's eternity warden quickly unsheathed his enormous weapon and raised it menacingly. Kro'Qua rose from his knees, turned his back to the slann, and began to walk towards the jungle. Atehe couldn't believe his eyes. Directly disobeying a Slann was blasphemy beyond compare. Sotarkesh's eternity warden angrily spoke up.
"You DARE turn your back on your lord and master!?"

Kro'Qua stopped sharply and slowly turned around, glaring at the eternity warden. He then began to walk purposefully towards him, stopping mere inches from his face. The temple guard hero was a full head taller than him, and even broader at the shoulder, but Kro'Qua seemed neither intimidated nor wary of the eternity warden's tightly gripped blade. Abruptly and with a thunderous crack, Kro'Qua headbutted the larger Sauru with a force that shattered his ceremonial bone helmet and sent him reeling. Shaking the stars from his vision, the eternity warden's face contorted in rage and he threw his weapon to the ground with enough power to imbed it into the stone cobblestones at his feet. He hurled himself at Kro'Qua and headbutted him so savagely that the Oldblood was thrown to the ground. Kro'Qua, whose eyes never left the face of the eternity warden, rose and flexed every ancient muscle in his body before retaliating against his adversary with another headbutt.

The two ancient Saurus continued to bash their skulls together with a force that created echoing rumbles. Atehe held his ears to protect them from the noise and his rib cage rattled from the shock waves. Sotarkesh simply watched the display of brutality with indiscernible emotion. After about a dozen headbutts from each party, it became apparent that Kro'Qua was winning, and with one final thrust of his crest into the skull of his opponent, toppled the eternity warden, whose eyes rolled back in his head as he thumped to the ground in a heap. A heavily winded Kro'Qua glared in annoyance at his unconscious rival, wiping a trickle of blood from his forehead. He then briefly stooped back down to one knee in front of Sotarkesh before once again trudging off to the jungle.

"Go with him" Sotarkesh told a shocked Atehe. "Prepare the host, and take the engine of the gods."
"B-But... master," Atehe stuttered out, "are you sure that I am ready to... of course my lord as you command."
"Kro'Qua will need all the help you can give if he is to defeat the head stealer. Kai'Qu will aid you as soon as he awakens." Sotarkesh motioned towards the comatose eternity warden.
"Atehe hurried off to make preparations and to catch up to Kro'Qua. He couldn't help but worry about the orders of his revered master. An entire warhost with the Engine of the Gods just to retrieve the fallen Huini'Zec? And what was a head stealer? He hoped he wouldn't have to find out...

"Oh, and one more thing" Sotarkesh mentally ordered Atehe. Tell Kro'Qua to take the Carnosaur."
Atehe stopped dead in his tracks, "WHAAAAAAT!?"

26-06-2010, 07:10
Yup, I read them :)

Take the time you need though, I'll be here waiting :)

26-06-2010, 07:13
Get a 3rd battle with your orcs yet? I think we're in the interesting position of having some of our favorite battle reports written by each other. Glad to see you're still reading =)

26-06-2010, 15:54
Glad to hear so :)

Afraid I haven't gotten that 3rd battle in yet, hoping my planned opponent will have some time soon.

29-06-2010, 20:23
The Warshrine finally went to Tournament last week. You can see pictures of it in a couple of places.


One of the beasts pulling it up close

The champion up on the door in the arch

20-07-2010, 22:12
I'm still reading. I enjoy your fluff and the battle reports are easy to follow. Overall this is one of my favourite threads on warseer, just loosing out to LoNC and Mal. Please carry on as you kind of have me hooked on this thread and fluff just like LoNC did before he disappeared for months...

Lord of Nonsensical Crap
21-07-2010, 01:34
I should like to add that I've read the whole thread, and am really enjoying your battle reports so far (both the Lizardmen and VC ones). The storyline is quite compelling, and the pics and interesting army lists add flavour. I sincerely hope you continue this excellent batrep thread.

21-07-2010, 02:38
nice writing and batreps... do continue plz :)

21-07-2010, 02:43

One of the beasts pulling it up close

The champion up on the door in the arch

Aww that thing is sweet. REMATCH!

Overall this is one of my favourite threads on warseer, just loosing out to LoNC and Mal.

I take this as an enormous compliment.

I should like to add that I've read the whole thread, and am really enjoying your battle reports so far (both the Lizardmen and VC ones). The storyline is quite compelling, and the pics and interesting army lists add flavour. I sincerely hope you continue this excellent batrep thread.

And then we have enough motivation in a single paragraph to last me the next several months. I do apologize for the halt in activity, I am working 12 hour days this summer. I will MAKE time. If nothing else, report #4 will be finished before I go to sleep tonight.

Lord of Nonsensical Crap
21-07-2010, 04:56
I take this as an enormous compliment.

And then we have enough motivation in a single paragraph to last me the next several months. I do apologize for the halt in activity, I am working 12 hour days this summer. I will MAKE time. If nothing else, report #4 will be finished before I go to sleep tonight.

There's no rush, Kayosiv. I know all too well how real life can interfere with battle reporting. Take whatever time you need.

21-07-2010, 12:55
Just another note of support I'm loving this thread and it's really making me want to start one of my own. The fluff inparticular is fantastic and I love the clarity of the report and your thoughts on it as well not just the facts. Long may it continue!

21-07-2010, 14:51
There's no rush, Kayosiv. I know all too well how real life can interfere with battle reporting. Take whatever time you need.

Noted, I won't deprive myself of basic life necessities to write them, but you must understand the high regaurd I hold you in. Its like if your favorite baseball star came to cheer you on at your local amateur ballgame. Needless to say I'm just glad you find it entertaining, you and everyone else who happens to read it.

Just another note of support I'm loving this thread and it's really making me want to start one of my own. The fluff inparticular is fantastic and I love the clarity of the report and your thoughts on it as well not just the facts. Long may it continue!

Appreciated. Sadly 8th edition seems really... lame based on what I've played/seen so far. But there's much more testing to be done yet, we'll see. If nothing else I can make it SOUND entertaining =)

26-07-2010, 03:49
Battle 4 finally completed after ridiculous delay. Will be working on fluff and battle 5 for the next week or 2. Going to try and get an 8th edition game in sometime this week, we'll see how it goes.

28-07-2010, 13:25
Great to see the 4th battle finally complete, was a hard one though. Granted, some things could have been done better, but dice sure screwed you in that one. Was great fluff though as always, will be very interesting to see what happens next :D

02-08-2010, 03:27
fluff update completed. Will start on battle 5's fluff intro in a day or three.

Game 6 has been played and is pending upon game 5's completion. It is my first recorded 8th edition game.

I also like the attached pictures in battle 4. I may go back and do that for all my reports if I find the time.

20-08-2010, 11:21
I liked the pictures in battle 4, I do hope you go through and do it for the other battles as well. :)

How is the write-up of the 5th battle coming along? Looking forward to it as always :)

20-08-2010, 23:21
I've busied myself playing some games of 8th edition and packing up to move back to College.

8th edition sucks.

I'll do my best to get the next 2 reports going but I've learned that these things are just not something I can do fast. Doing my best.

20-08-2010, 23:29
No worries, real life always comes first :) take the time you need for it :)

sorry to hear you don't like 8th edition.

03-10-2010, 14:56
Working on it. Will attempt to have battle 5 completed in the next 3-4 weeks. Sooner if I can, but trying to be realistic as it seems that is just how long it generally takes me. Minor fluff updates have been added, with more to come.

EDIT: Lil more fluff completed. I've decided I"m going to try to do a tiny bit every day instead of the 12 hours chunks I used to put into the Batreps. I find that I'm just putting them off indefinitely that way. So, hopefully every 1-2 days I'll have a little more to read. I hope to finish the 2 battles I've fought already before the semester ends, and then play another battle when I go back home for vacation.

25-11-2010, 10:44
Another 3 weeks go by without an update... I do apologize to anyone who follows this thread.

Anyway, school has been kicking me in the bum lately and taking all my free time. Since Thanksgiving vacation, several things have happened.

1. Front page character fluff has been filled out.

2. I have gone on a conversion frenzy, fully making 2 complete characters as well as FINISHING MY CARNOSAUR. Don't worry, there will be pictures.

3. I realize I just can't do much updating during school. So that'll likely mean updates during the summer months only, at least, the biggest updates. I wish I could update more, but things just keep taking my time and I don't see that ever changing.

4. Having played a few more games after a several month break (I do not play at school) I have come to realize that I just simply do not like 8th edition. It does not fit with how I want the game to be played or how I like to play it. I'm not sure if that means I'll be waiting around for updated army books or I'll play 7th edition in the meantime, but we'll see. I think I like writing the fluff far more than the actual report anyway, so maybe I'll just turn this thread into more of a fan fiction location. As of right now, I don't know.

5. I am in the process of making all the linked pictures in earlier battles into positioned attachments, but it is tedious and time consuming. They will all be changed in time.

This is the model I have been using to represent Kro'Qua. His halberd is composed of over 5 different lizardmen weapons and the most complex accessory I have ever made.

This is my new cold one mounted battle standard bearer, by far the most intricate model I have ever built. I am extremely pleased with how well he turned out.
101320 101319

My new scar-veteran on foot. This guy has more skulls on him than most Khornite Lords, certainly not somebody I'd want to mess with.
101322 101323

Saving the best for last, my grandest creation yet, my Carnosaur.

101329 101330 101331 101332 101333

Now... all I have to do is paint them. XD

7. The new camera I got for my birthday is AWESOME!

31-07-2011, 10:54
What's been going down. I have never forgotten this thread, remembering it fondly, but 8th edition has destroyed Warhammer for me. This has nothing to do with me disliking 8th edition, although that is also true, but that everyone I used to play hates it.

The shop I frequently go to had about 8 active players with 1-2 people that were new or just not regulars drifting in and out each week. 3 months after 8th edition came out, none of them played Warhammer Fantasy anymore. One of them had literally been playing over 20 years and has at least 3000 points of every army in the game. Even the Games Workshop I went to only ever had 40k players and my pickup game attempts over there were failures or against children under the age of 15. So I found myself disgusted with an edition that I didn't like and nobody to play it with.

Well a year has gone by and I am trying to rekindle what I loved about Warhammer even if I do hate the edition. I need to try and stop whining about it and try to adapt instead. I've invested too much time and money to throw that away, and I have no great urge to sell off my armies.

So, here's the skinny.

I still am going to attempt to play Lizardmen without a Slann. I realize that is a bit like saying I'm going to play dwarfs without shooting, but one of the things I really do despite about 8th edition is the magic lores and their irresistable auto-win spells with no saves allowed. I might try a Slann someday and pick some obscure lore like Fire and give it a go, but it is not in the plans for now. My old hero build, namely Huini'Zec as Battle Standard Bearer on a stegadon and Tenkitza on an engine of the gods is now no longer legal in games under something like 3100 points. This means I have no place for a skink chief in my army as I felt that being on a stegadon was his only real use. In fact with an engine of the gods in the army at all, it is difficult to even take a scar veteran BsB, which also means that Atehe can't fit in the army either. The new lord/hero system really cramps the points for the old list I used to run because I ran something like 900 points in heroes and only 200 for my Lord. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle it but it is clear that all but 1 of my skink heroes need to go or I need to run the army without a BsB, which doesn't seem wise. I tried in half a dozen games to make the carnosaur work in 8th edition and it flat out does not. The rules for attacking in initiative order, step up, steadfast, and the absolutely ludicrous challenge/overkill rules make it a liability in every game I've used it in. Crushed as I am that I have to hang up a $50 dollar model I spent so much time converting, the Carnosaur cannot remain in my list in 8th if I want to try to have a competitive army. I have bought a new unit of Saurus warriors to boost my 7th edition usual 15 up to 30 models with hopes that it will be an efficient number to weather the difficulties of 8th edition. both kroxigar and cold one cavalry seem horrendously nerfed (Kroxigar less so if used in a rank but I only have 3) this edition. I'm not sure if they are worth using at all anymore. I find myself unable to write a list that I enjoy that is also competitive, as all my stupid little skink characters running around on big monsters is what made the army enjoyable for me. any advice anyone can give on that field will be appreciated.

In an even worse state than my Lizardmen, my Vampire Counts army is simply unplayable in 8th, literally. I lack the necessary 500 points in core to actually field the army legally in the new edition as I only have about 40 skeleton models, 20 zombies, and no ghouls. I could use my grave guard as skeletons... but then I have no grave guard and can't even reach 2,000 points. Adding to this problem, a Vampire Lord on a Zombie Dragon was a bad idea in 7th edition, and 8th edition has turned it into a terrible one. Lacking the ability to give the dragon hatred, as well as all the buffs to infantry in 8th edition, the Dragon will act much like the Carnosaur as a gigantic expensive liability, except it can fly so I can actually pick my targets so that helps some. However, with all artillery being laser guided now, I have no hopes the build will remain even marginally competitive. Without the point sink of the dragon again I won't be able to do much. I may play my Vampire counts in smaller, 1000-1200 point games for a while and see how I do, but I cannot field anything much larger than that because I just do not have the models. I'm hesitant to spend the $200 or so it would require to bulk up the army to playable levels, especially because skeletons have now become completely worthless. I don't plan to play Vampire Counts in 8th edition in any serious fashion, focusing solely on trying to get my lizards to work for me.

I went back and re-read a lot of my battle reports in this thread. I enjoyed them as much as when I first wrote them. I notice I've got some grammatical and tense issue mistakes I have to clear up, and a few of the pictures no longer work. I'll see what I can do about that. In the mean time of the next few days I'll be filling the gaps of the fluff and LONG awaited conclussions to battles 5-6, as brief as they may be. Then again, nothing I write is ever brief, so there'll probably be a good bit of content for you to read. Meanwhile, sleep is good, I think I'm going to go do that.

Gabacho Mk.II
31-07-2011, 13:26
Thank you for putting the time and effort into this thread. It is a lot of work, I too understand.

Looking forward to reading your posts. Again, thanks!

vinny t
31-07-2011, 17:02
Excellent reporting! I think that your LM in 8th edition will probably be all right without a Slaan. Salamanders have become absolute gold, ancient stegs are pretty good, and Kroxigors are pretty good in units of skinks.

That being said, your VC are absolutely trashed. You practically need at least 30+ ghouls to compete and the zombie dragon (despite the cool new model) is god-awful.

I hope you continue with these wonderful reports!

31-07-2011, 20:15
Can you elaborate on what makes Kroxigar+skink units good in 8th please? I tried them in 7th and they were never successful. I was worried that with all the extra attacks being thrown around in 8th edition that the skinks just wouldn't be able to hold up. Admittedly though, I have never tried the unit in 8th edition so I'm curious to hear the experiences of anyone who's had some success (or failure for that matter) with them.

Gabacho, I appreciate it. It's hard to spend so much time on threads like this when you don't get to see the people behind the screen enjoying them. As vain as it is, praise is a great motivator.

01-08-2011, 08:09
Played my first game in 8th tonight in over 6 months.

It went well, I had fun, I'm pretty dang happy. It was easily the most fun game of 8th edition I've played yet. I think the break away from everything as well as time to reflect on the good parts of 8th as well as the bad was very helpful. I don't have time to update any of the back-story on battles 5-6 because I work tomorrow, but I'll try to do it before the week's over.

01-08-2011, 14:29
Excellent! I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoyed the gaming experience. Makes it more worthwhile to invest your time when there's a touch of laughter and the clatter of dice to make one's heart sing...

vinny t
01-08-2011, 15:44
It's great that you liked your game, can't wait for the report!

Skroxigors are pretty good good mostly because they are classified as "unique" so they can't be stomped or thunderstomped. That combined with the fact that you can't attack the Kroxigor part of the unit means that they are super good at killing monsters. A unit of 24 Skinks and 3 Kroxigors ran 6 wide against any monster in the game will kill it. You are steadfast unitil you are down to 5 models and every round you are pumping out 9S6 attacks along with some skink attacks while ignoring thunderstomps. That'll down most non-infantry units. Also they are marginally faster than most infantry so they can avoid units they can't fight.

Also check these out, really helpful http://warhammer.org.uk/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=83366

Hope that helped

02-08-2011, 05:58
Oh there'll be no report, but I can give you a jist if you wish. I am training for a doubles tournament with a friend. See relevant thread: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=312378

Our opponents army was a 2k warriors of chaos list that was roughly the following.

Level 4 Tzneech sorcerer on disk
BsB exalted hero
15 warriors, mark of khorne and halberds
15 warriors, mark of tzeench and shields
5 knights
5 knights
4 dragon ogres with extra hand weapons
5 dogs
5 dogs

Here's how the fight went down.

The storm banner prevented almost all magic from the tzneech wizard as he was stuck with a moment 1 mount on the first turn. Paid for itself right there.

Saurus got in a fight with the tzneech warriors. They won 4 combats out of 5, always due to the presence of Kro'Qua. Finally, the enemy broke on like turn 5.

the warpfire thrower knocked 2 wounds off the dragon ogre unit.

The clanrats held my BSB scar Veteran and unknown to our opponent, the assassin. That unit got hit by the dragon ogres who decimaded the clanrats, but they were so numerous we remained steadfast for several turns. My BSB's combat presence was very poor. He failed to inflict any wounds more than once. The unit was hit around turn 3-4 by a unit of chaos knights. The assassin popped out and killed half the dragon ogre unit. We ran out of clanrats and the assassin broke and was run down by the knights, but not before he finished off the last of the dragon ogres, easily earning his points back. The knights hit my BSB scar veteran, who held due to his stubborn.

My skinks mostly killed hounds for the first 2 turns.

On the left side of the board, my salamanders and chameleon skinks knocked a few wounds off the chaos warriors with the BSB inside. Over the course of a few turns, the knights on that side of the table were withered and then hit with high strength plague spells that didn't allow armor, the warrior unit followed suit. The warrior unit managed to kill the hellpit abomination before it was allowed to fight (the Chaos Sorcerer had knocked 4 of its 6 wounds off before it saw combat). Shortly afterwards though, they were hit with even more spells and salamander fire, panicked, rallied, and were hit by the 13th spell with only like 4 models left and destroyed.

My Saurus spun around on the right flank to assist my BSB and eventually beat the knight unit and ran it down.

The Grey Seer and the Chaos Sorcerer had a 2 turn wizards duel with the grey seer being the victor mostly due to his inability to roll less than a 5 when rolling to cast or dispel, yet never getting a miscast.

By the end of turn 6, chaos had nothing left on the board and we had lost chameleon skinks (to OUR magic) the unit of clanrats, storm vermin, a warpfire thrower, and the hellpit abomination. Massacre victory.

22-01-2012, 05:14
I just bought the $200 worth of vampire counts releases I said I'd never buy this edition. I respect the book and it's fixing of the travesty that was the 7th edition book just that much. I haven't been this excited for Vampire counts since our 6th edition book came out. time to pump some life into this thread. Unlife that is.

vinny t
23-01-2012, 02:37
Glad to see you're back! I absolutly agree with your feelings toward the new vampires, the added options really help the list. What's your planned list?

Also your Zomble Dragon is now playable. You can make your general practically impossible to hit in close combat with Glittering Scales, Dread Knight, and the Zombie Dragon's Cloud of Flies, and it is really easy to heal with the new lore attribute and invocation.

23-01-2012, 20:09
Ah Vinny, you're always there put me in a good mood. Even 1 fan is a huge motivational force. To answer your question, I don't think I'll be changing my list too much from previous versions. The exception is I'm likely to field some Vargheists and might throw a necromancer in there since they are actually useful. My book is in the mail currently so I'm not aware of the exact point values for things but I'll give you a rough estimate of my planned list.

Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon about 625 points. I'll really have to read the book to see how I kit him out. I like a balance of fighty/casty.
Vampire Hero on horseback meant for close combat, about 150
Wight King BSb about 125
Vampire Caster about 175

For core I plan to go a unit of skelies maybe 30 strong or so with a banner and frills, 180.
A big unit of zombies, 40-50 strong, not sure yet. about 120.
A unit of Ghouls of about 25-30. About 300.
A unit or 2 of dogs, for now lets say 40 points.

For Specials I was really toying with the idea of taking no grave guard and getting a unit of 6 crypt horrors to just be the ultimate anvil unit. Getting combat resolution against toughness 5 regenerating monsters is going to be tough for any foe, and hit in the flank by hard hitting elites or a dragon would spell doom for almost any unit in the game without flaming attacks or massive magic buffs. I ultimately decided against it though because strength 6 grave guard at toughness 4 and 5+ armor are still fairly survivable against strength 4 and 5 attacks, but will put out far far more damage. In short, I'd rather lose more models and put out 3 attacks at strength 6 with killing blow then lose less models and attack with 3 strength 4 poison attacks for approximately the same price.

So, unit of grave guard, probably 25 maybe 30 strong with a banner, about 350 points.
Unit of 3 Vargheists (I love these things) about 150 points.
Unit of Black Knights, I'm thinking 6 strong, about 200 points.

That's pretty much all I have room for at 2500 points. I'd like to have a black coach and a wraith/banshee unit but I'm not sure if I'm willing to drop heroes or my zombie dragon to get it.

I'm undecided on the crazy new toys like the Coven throne or the Mortis engine because I haven't had a chance to read all of their rules specifically yet. It would be cool to have a terrorgheist in the rare slot too, especially considering if it means my zombie dragon can get some relief from artillery fire while they shoot it down. I'll have to really crunch the numbers in actuality when I get the book in my hands.

Also it is my experience that the general is virtually never attacked. They ALWAYS go for the dragon because it's armor is terrible and it lacks a ward save. Now this may change because it is toughness 6, but I doubt it. Glittering scales will be overkill, because most opponents will be hitting the vampire lord on 5's anyway and I'd rather have a decent armor or ward save for the points then have me only hit 6's without adequate protection or costing too much. Costing too much is a big problem, because you can easily make yourself a 700 point Vampire Lord on a Zombie dragon and I'm trying to squeeze him into 625 so I can play at 2500 points. Dreadknight is a problem because I don't want to get stuck in challenges. The mounted challenge rules for 8th edition are horrendous and gimp the zombie dragon. Hitting elven lords on 3's or being hit on 6's by those with weaponskill 4 isn't worth it to me I don't think, I'll have to experiment. Depending on the specific rules of the nightshroud it may be worth taking. If it's all models in base contact I'll definitely consider it. If it's all models that strike the wearer (such as glittering scales) I'll pass it over for likely an enchanted shield or a charmed shield.

What excites me now is that with 6 wounds and -1 to be hit because of cloud of flies, it takes on average 12 attacks to kill it assuming they wound 100% of the time, or 9 if you have re-rolls. Since just about nobody is capable of getting that many attacks in 1 combat round. This is a very huge difference before when it had 5 wounds because your average Lord + big monster attacking it had somewhere between 8 and 10 attacks and it was very possible that it could die in a single round of combat before it got a chance to fight back. The extra wound and toughness (as most powerful lords are strength 7) make ALL the difference in keeping the zombie dragon alive long enough to heal it.

I'm actually kind of glad it went from weaponskill 6 to 4 as well. It makes it a lot easier for enemy elites to hit now, but from a fluffy perspective it was always stupid that it was that good of a fighter. The points drop was needed, and that was the most logical way to make it cost less points. The dragon being easier to heal makes me a happy camper. Looking at my hero allotment though I may have to take out my wight king for more casters. 8th edition isn't one that promotes use of multiple level 2's over a level 4. I'm sure I'd straight up be in a more desirable position if I just transformed my zombie dragon into a level 4 necromancer, but I"m hoping I'll be able to avoid this.

Also, I'm a tad committed to the zombie dragon at this point...

Work in Progress Shot.


24-01-2012, 05:12
I think you should go for the Terrogheist-Zombie Dragon due :) That would be some solid target saturation. Maybe drop the black knights to get points for the TG. Running them close by would help alleviate the problem of keeping TG in march range normally had with generals on foot.

24-01-2012, 05:54
I'm hesitent to drop them for 2 reasons.

1. I have run with a unit of black knights since 5th edition and they have never steered me wrong, winning the game for me on more than 1 occasion.
2. I just spent $30 on the new models.

I could cut grave guard, which I am also uneasy about since they are my only good infantry anvil. More than likely I'll cut the Wight King BSB and downgrade one of the vampires into a cheaper necromancer to save on points. I'll have to see once I get the book with some real numbers in front of me.

I'd also really like to try out Bat Swarms with their "give anyone they touch always strike last" rule. That sounds like dynamite tactically and something I really want to try. I've long since cannibalized all my bat models to use as base decorations and the like because they were so worthless in previous editions. I'll have to see how they go in a few test games.

EDIT: I've began repairing the broken pictures in the previous battle reports. Hopefully the rest of them will be fixed soon. So far, battle 1 and 2's pictures are working properly.

EDIT 2: All pictures on all pages appear to be working properly.

EDIT 3: Turns 1 and 2 for battle # 5 completed.

01-02-2012, 04:09
Battle 5 completed. See post #31. I Will be writing some fluff and starting on battle 6 over the next few days. I notice that when I say that 6 months tends to go by, but I'll do my best to make sure that doesn't happen this time.

03-02-2012, 04:59
Battle 6, Headcount: 2500 point pitched battle.
Scenario: Meeting Engagement.

My Army: Lizardmen
GENERAL: Oldblood (Kro'Qua) with shield.
Mount: Huan'Qu, Carnosaur
Magic Items: Armor of Destiny (heavy, 4+ ward), Piranha blade (2X wounds), The other trickster's shard (models in base contact re-roll successful ward saves)

SKINK PRIEST (Atehe): Level 2 Wizard. Despite what the deployment picture says, it is in fact Atehe, as Tenkitza is recovering this battle.
Mount: Stegadon with Engine of the Gods
Magic Items: Amulet of Itzl, Plaque of Tepok
Spells: Harmonic Convergence, Curse of the midnight wind, Chain Lightning.

Scar Veteran BSB (Kai'Qu) with great weapon.
Mount: Cold one
Magic Items: Armor of Fortune (heavy, 5+ ward), venom of firefly frog (poisoned attacks).

18 Saurus warriors with full command
23 Saurus with spears and full command
10 skinks
10 skinks
10 skink skirmishers with blowpipes
10 skink skirmishers with blowpipes
5 chameleon skinks with stalker
3 Kroxigar
1 Ancient Stegadon
2 salamanders with extra handlers

Opponent's Army: Skaven
GENERAL: Queek Head-taker

Grey Seer, level 4:
Magic items: Skalm (heals to full wounds, 1 use only)
Spells: Skitterleap, Warp Lightning, the Dreaded 13th, and Crack's call.

Warplock Engineer, level 2:
Magic items: Shadow magnet trinket (-1 to be hit at range for entire unit)
Spells: Warp Lightning, howling warpgale.

25 clanrats with doomflayer
25 clanrats with ratling gun
25 stormvermin with full command, warpfire thrower, and stormbanner (Queek's bodyguard)
25 plague monks with full command
6 poisoned wind globadiers with poisoned wind mortar
9 Gutter Runners
7 Jezzails with Champion
Hellpit Abomination
PlagueClaw Catapault
Warp Lightning Cannon

Deployment:Left Flank Deployment: Right Flank
132698 132699

Pre-Game Thoughts: I had a pretty strong center battle line, but the issue was the Hellpit Abombination on the left and the Doomwheel on the right. I was worried about the doomwheel taking on my stegadons and worried about the Hellpit taking on my entire army. He had enough clanrats surrounding it that shooting it with skinks wouldn't be effective for more than 1 turn, so I figured that I'd have to throw my carnosaur at it and hope it didn't roll a million attacks. I felt like him putting his grey seer out in the open was risky business with all my skink shooting, so I was going to try to take care of him that way. I wasn't sure what I was going to do about that doomwheel other than hope I could charge it and get lucky. His clanrats and plaguemonks were no match for my suarus, but Queeks elite storm vermin bodyguard were another matter. My plan was to whittle them down as much as possible with salamander shooting and avoid engaging them if possible. My opponent got first turn, which worried me greatly because he had a fair amount of shooting and artillery with which to whittle down my numerous monsters.

Turn 1: Skaven

Movement: The clanrats and their weapon team on the left flank move up at full speed. The gutter runners spread out in the woods and move forward. The hellpit abomination zips forward straight at Kro'Qua on his carnosaur. Queek's personal guard with him in toe move up along with their weapon team but not quite at full speed. The censor bearers then move in front of them creating a ratshield that I'll have to deal with before I get into Queek's unit. On the right flank, the clanrats and plaguemonks move forward towards my battle line at full speed. The doomwheel rolls forward towards my red stegadon just to the right of the wooded hill.

Magic: The skaven player rolled pretty poorly for magic dice, getting a low number. He attempted to cast skitter-leap with his grey seer to get in range to cast spells, but he rolled a 1 and that disrupted his magic phase. The warplock engineer casted warp lightning on my salamander unit, but Atehe managed to dispel it with no ill effects.

Shooting: The plagueclaw catapult aims a perfect shot on top of my leftmost skink unit and gets 8 hits, wounding with ALL EIGHT (that's a 4+ on 8 dice). They pass panic, but that unit has been essentially reduced to uselessness. The jezzails aim at Atehe and his Engine of the Gods, but are unable to wound the toughness 6 creature. The warp lightning cannon has similar luck, only rolling a 4 for strength when targeting Atehe and failing to wound the stegadon itself or Atehe (it rolled a 1). Most of the crew are killed however.

Turn 1: Lizardmen

Movement: On the left flank my reduced skink unit moves up into the woods hoping to throw 2 javelins at the Hellpit abomination and maybe die a heroic death as it crashes into them, diverting it from my lines for a turn. I move my Carnosaur and Kroxigar up to threaten the Hellpit abomination if he doesn't take the skink bait. My full skink Cohort unit, which is no match for 25 clanrats or gutter runners, angles to the right and moves towards the center hoping to accomplish more there in later turns. My center line moves directly forwards at full speed with the exception of my battle standard bearer Kai'Qu who stays behind my battle line to provide re-rolls if need be. On my reight flank, my red Ancient Stegadon and skink skirmishers move up to shoot at and threaten the doom-wheel.

Magic: Atehe manages to roll an 11 on 2 dice to cast Harmonic Convergence on the spear Saurus, which my opponent doesn't bother to dispel. He then rolls his 6 remaining dice at Comet of Casandora targeted at Queek and his bodyguard only to roll a measly 15. The Grey Seer throws his 5 dispel dice at it and stops it easily.

Shooting: My opponent immediately activates the storm banner, making much of my shooting phase useless. My salamanders manage to roll their 4+ to be allowed to shoot, but the first shot is very short and only manages to kill 1 rat and the second shot misfires and roasts 2 skinks. The rats pass their panic and a lot of ineffective skink shooting later, the phase ends with virtually no casualties.

End turn 1: Left Flank End Turn 1: Right Flank
134374 134375

Turn 2: Skaven

Movement: On the left flank, the clanrats, ratling gun, and gutter runners all move up. Queek and his storm vermin unit move towards teh center of the board to face my infantry blocks, and the hellpit abomination attempts to charge my Carnosaur but doesn't roll nearly high enough. On the right flank the Doomflayer charged the salamanders (which in hindsight I should have fled, I had never faced one of them before and got it confused with the warp grinder), the clanrats charged my larger saurus block that wasn't clanrats, and the doomwheel charged my red stegadon, unfortunately rolling high enough to make it. The plagemonks moved to the center to go around the wooded hill and the plague mortar shuffled around a bit.

Magic: Huge magic phase for my opponent here as he rolls 8 dice and channels twice for a total of 10 against my 6 dispel. I manage to stop a warp lightning, but the skaven player throws 6 dice targeting my smaller saurus block with the dreaded 13th spell, getting irresistible force and turning them all into clanrats. He didn't have the models to represent them but we agreed he could just "take control" of the saurus unit and that it would have the stats of a clanrat unit for the rest of the game. The miscast result didn't do any harm to his grey seer but wounded his warplock engineer. His final spell is a skitterleap that brings the grey seer into the smaler wooded hill on the right flank.

Shooting: To start the phase, the storm banner fizzles out. With the failed hellpit abomination charge, the jezzails take aim at the carnosaur but are unable to do any damage due to the hindering terrain bonus offered by his own units (despite the rather tall version of my model, it is not a large target). The plagueclaw catapault attempts to land on my larger saurus block but misfires and allows me to pick a new target. Unable to restrain myself from the delicious irony, I target the formerly saurus new clanrat unit, killing 5. The Lightning zzzap from the doomwheel manages to put 4 wounds on the ancient stegadon and the plague mortar scatters off into nowhere. The Warp Lightning Cannon targets my BsB but fizzles for 0 strength on the bounce roll and does no damage.

Combat: The ancient stegadon is killed by doomwheel impact hits before it can even fight back and the doomwheel gets a free overrun. The clanrats literally get their unit cut by a third by the larger saurus block who roll amazingly well and get 9 wounds, breaking them and running them down. The salamanders get totally devastated by the doomflayer... that thing packs a punch!

Turn 2: Lizardmen

Movement: The saurus unit on the right flank, fresh from their clanrat massacure, declare a charge into the plague monks, ready to test their mettle against a special choice after handily carving up some core. I Charged my BsB scar-veteran into the new clanrat unit but rolled terribly and they easily escaped. Kro'Qua and his Carnosaur declare a charge into the hellpit abomination and hope for the best. My skink cohort on the left keeps moving towards the center of the board while my skirmishers set up for shots on the doomwheel and the grey seer in the woods. My Kroxigar move up onto the larger wooded hill on the left flank, ready to either support in the hellpit abomination fight or charge the gutter runners in later turns. Atehe on his Ancient stegadon with engine of the gods accessory spins around butting the skirmishers between him and the doomwheel. They are angled in such a way that if the doomwheel tries to charge Atehe, he will hit the skirmishers and be diverted off when he overruns. Lastly, the 2 remaining skinks on the left flank move deeper in the woods, hoping to accomplish something before the game ends.

Magic: I only roll a 3 for the winds of magic and my attempted harmonic convergence on Kro'Qua is dispelled by the grey seer's 2 dice with an exact roll.

Shooting: Lots of shots fired at the doomwheel but they all bounce off of its toughness 6 or 4+ armor save. The skink skirmishers do a tad better however, and manage to do 1 wound to the grey seer with their 10 shots.

Combat: On the right flank the spear suarus repeat their awesome performance and rip into the plaguemonks who despite having twice as many attacks as the clanrats, inflict 0 wounds. The Sauru kill enough skaven to deny them of steadfast and the unit breaks but manages to roll high enough to easily escape. In a titanic battle on the left flank, the carnosaur and the hellpit abomination rip huge chunks out of each other, inflicting 3 wounds to each other a piece. Kro'Qua manages to inflict 2 more that are unsaved by regeneration and thanks to his Piranha blade, kills the nightmarish creature. The overrun takes the carnosaur into the unit of plague censor bearers which will have to be fought in the following turn.

End turn 2: Left Flank End Turn 2: Right Flank

Turn 3: Skaven

Movement: The big surprise here is that the doomwheel doesn't charge my skinks, but rather angles up to bypass them. This was unfortunate because zzzap lightning will now target the stegadon instead of the skinks. I really need to stop underestimating the maneuverability of the doomwheel, it's cost me in previous battles before. The grey seer moves away from the skinks shooting at him by going north and towards the center of the board. Queek's unit just repositions along with the formerly sauru clanrats to see what happens with the carnosaur and censor bearer combat. The plaguemonks on the right flank rally and the clanrats on the left flank continue to march towards the center. The gutter runners charge into the Kroxigar, hoping the +1 combat resolution will help them win combat and run the monsters down before they can support my center line.

Magic: Uneventful magic phase. I manage to dispel warp lightning as well as crack's call and the grey seer fails to cast skitterleap with 1 die.

Shooting: The warp lightning cannon shoots at my spear saurus, knocking off about a rank. The jezzails target my battle standard bearer Kai'Qu and manage to deal 1 wound to him, but one of the jezzails manages to blow himself up in the process. The Doomwheel's zzzap result is strength 8, and the engine of the god's 5+ ward doesn't work at such close range, meaning that the stegadon was promptly destroyed, netting over 500 points so far for the 150 point doomwheel this game. Atehe however survives the carnage and is placed on foot. The plaqueclaw catapult scatters very far when attempting to target some skink cohort, but still manages to hit 2, although neither are wounded. The poisoned wind globadiers and mortar target the spear saurus, but only manage to kill 1.

Combat: The gutter runners quickly regret charging into the kroxigar after they fail their fear test. Hitting on 5's with the Kroxigar hitting on 3's means the kroxigar make mincemeat out of the ratmen, and the few remaining survivors are run down. The plaque censor bearers manage to kill the carnosaur with their multitude of strength 5 attacks, but Kro'qua will not have it and manages to butcher 3 with this 5 attacks and still win combat despite his mount being killed. Kro'Qua may have won the combat, denying the censor bearers of their frenzy, but they manage to hold under the watchful eye of Queek.

Turn 3: Lizardmen

Movement: The kroxigar, fresh from their victory over the gutter runners, declare a charge into the storm vermin's warpfire thrower. The spear saurus once again charge the plague monks on the right flank, hoping to escape shooting and finish them off once and for all. The left flank skinks continue to march towards the center, with the skirmisher units positioning to attack the grey seer and doomwheel. Kai'Qu marches up towards the warp lightning cannon to charge it in the following turn. Atehe gets as far away from the doomweel as possible, marching a full 12 inches towards the left flank.

Magic: Atehe tries to throw all 5 of his magic dice at a chain lightning targeting the doomwheel, but it is dispelled by the grey seer's 4 dispel dice with an exact roll.

Shooting: Shooting is far more effective this round, managing to put both 1 wound on the doomwheel and 2 on the grey seer. The chameleon skinks, having accomplished nothing of note so far in the game, roll amazingly and kill off the poisoned wind globadiers, although the mortar itself passes panic.

Combat: Kro'Qua fails his plague censor test, but manages to save it with his ward save. Without frenzy or the bonus of their flails in the second round of combat, the plague censor bearers now strength 3 attacks bounce uselessly off of Kro'Qua's scales and they are torn limb from limb by the mighty oldblood. They loose their nerve and run for it, managing to escape his wrath. The kroxigar, in a complete reversal of their last combat, totally whiff their attacks against the warpfire thrower, and the few attacks that do manage to wound are saved by the weapon team's 4+ ward save. The spear saurus on the right flank do a bit better, managing to soundly win combat, but the skaven player rolls a 3 for their break test and they hold fast, ready to fight another round of combat. I don't think I mind this, as it will protect them from shooting and I'm sure that I'll beat that unit at some point as their strength 3 attacks aren't inflicting very many casualties on the sauru.

End turn 3: Left Flank End Turn 3: Right Flank

Atehe leaped clear of the toppling stegadon as corrupted lightning coursed through the great beast and its crew. He was sure he had enacted the warding spells just like Tenkitza had taught him, but they failed to offer any protection against the skaven spinning war machine of doom. He had failed. Landing Gracefully on his nimble limbs, he quickly looked up to see Kro'Qua's carnosaur topple and fall into a cloud of green noxious mist, swarmed over by fanatical hooded skaven. Atehe cringed at the shattering sound of the engine of the gods, smashed against the earth as the dying stegadon who carried it finally fell. This couldn't be happening, everything was going so wrong so fast! The skinks around him yelled at him to flee as they let loose volleys of javalins and blowpipe shots at the doomwheel. Without hesitation, he complied, making a run for the woods in hope to gain cover from the skaven war machines.

Queek and his elite storm vermin laughed and jeered as the mighty reptilian predator's legs were beaten and clawed until the mighty beast's limbs buckled, sending it down to the smog enveloped ground with a crash. The creature was then swarmed by the censor bearers and the rider on top was covered by both poisonous fumes and the bodies of fanatical ratmen. The forces Queek had purchased from clan Festus appeared to be worth far more than he paid for them, an uncommon occurrence. Just as Queek was barking orders for his elite guard to charge the huge beasts attacking their warpfire thrower, he saw something that made his fur stand on end with excitement.

The Lizard-thing that was riding the great monster burst forth from the poisonous fog, tossing skaven aside as if they were dry leaves and hacking them in half just as easily. The censor bearers knew no fear in their frenzy but Queek knew they were doomed. He had gotten very good at sizing up an opponent's fighting prowess at a glance and could tell that the Oldblood was a far greater fighter than the usually easily dispatched scar-veteran or temple guard.
"Hold hold!" Queek shouted at his guard, who upon seeing the normally intimidating censor bearers being ripped to shreds were becoming uneasy. "The Lizard-thing's head will be my newest trophy."

Queek could hardly contain his anticipation as he rubbed his hands together greedily. He loved little more than humiliating great leaders in glorious 1 on 1 combat. That and getting new trophies. As Kro'Qua finally beat the fanaticism out of the censor bearers and they began to run from his wrath, Queek ordered a slow advance towards his position. After briefly and unsuccessfully attempting to run the censor bearers down, Kro'Qua turned around to see Queek's scarlet clad unit with him at the forefront. Unlike most skaven leaders, this one was purposefully making himself as visible and prominent as possible, a tall trophy rack of severed heads and limbs adorned his back. This puzzled Kro'Qua, for skaven warlords and chieftains commonly lead their units from the rear. Something besides cowardice motivated this Skaven, an eagerness to fight that Kro'Qua had never seen in the race before. He tightly gripped his Piranha-blade and started to walk purposefully towards the red armored storm vermin, Queek's anticipatory smile growing all the larger as he did.

Battle Continued on next post.

03-02-2012, 09:27
Turn 4: Skaven

Movement: Queek's unit charges the now on-foot Kro'Qua, hitting him in the flank. I had considered fleeing with him, but just couldn't give up the chance to cut a special character in half and felt with Kroxigar support I could win the fight. Unfortunately for me, I had grievously underestimated Queek's fighting prowess. The Ratling gun moved into the woods, hoping to get into fire position after spending the entire game in the middle of nowhere and to shoot at Atehe if he entered the woods for cover. The formerly sauru skaven unit charged my kroxigar in the flank, hoping to save the weapon team and run them down through combat resolution. The doomwheel rolled extremely high and plowed right into Kai'Qu my BSB.

Magic: Skitterleap was cast on the grey seer himself, but was dispelled. He managed to cast warp lightning and cracks call on the skink skirmisher unit nearest the woods, but he rolled terribly and only killed 3 skinks with both spells combined. He did however manage to cast Howling warpgale with his 1 remaining dice.

Shooting: The warplightning cannon and jezzail teams took aim at the now very vulnerable Atehe. The warp lightning cannon drastically overshot with a bounce of 10, missing him entirely. The jezzail team fared much better, scoring 3 hits and wounding twice. Atehe was saved by his 1-use ward save and took 1 wound. The plagueclaw catapault misfired and exploded and the plague mortar had nothing to fire at that wasn't in combat and so moved close towards the center of the board. The doomwheel's zzap only rolled strength 4 and Kai'Qu's 1+ armor save deflected it without a problem.

Combat: The Kroxigar managed to kill the warpfire thrower and enough clanrats (who did no damage on the charge) to win combat by 1 point, and even with Queek's leadership they failed their break test and fled. Unfortunately the Kroxigar ALSO failed their restraint of pursuit despite Kro'Qua's leadership. This was enormous because it meant I wouldn't get flank charge support from the kroxigar if Kro'Qua managed to hold out for a turn like I was hoping. On the plus side I ran the clanrats down, but they were never going to rally anyway. The Sauru on the right flank again managed to beat the plaguemonks, this time killing just enough models to deny them steadfast despite the sauru losing so many casualties to shooting. They once again broke, but I opted not to peruse, knowing that if I did that unit would be too far on the right flank to accomplish anything later in the game and I was counting on them for late game muscle in turn 6. They were the only thing I had left on the board that stood a chance versus Queek's elite storm vermin. The doomwheel rolled a 6 for it's impact hits, and despite making 4 out of 5 saves against the strength 6 attacks, the already wounded Kai'Qu was taken out of the game, netting yet hundred points more for the doomwheel. In the storm vermin combat...

Queek's red attired Storm Vermin elite surrounded Kro'Qua, practicing a trained ritual that they had enacted many times before. They did not attack, but instead formed a large circle with their weapons pointed towards the center from all angles, creating an arena that he could not escape. Queek himself pushed out of the mob and into the edge of the circle, pointing towards Kro'Qua with a terrible spiked hand-axe.
"Challenge-challenge lizard-thing!" Queek shouted with gleeful anticipation. He had never known a Sauru to refuse to meet his blade in combat and didn't expect this to be the first.

Kro'Qua as usual wasted no words, leaping at Queek and slashing a devastating arc that came inches from decapitating several startled storm vermin just behind the Warlord. Queek however agilely rolled under the attack and began his attack in earnest. Kro'Qua found it difficult to defend against the dual wielding windmill style of the crimson skaven, who was much faster and more skilled than any he had fought before. Queek was having similar problems, having fought many Sauru champions before, he was used to them being tremendously strong, but slow and cumbersome. While he expected the Oldblood to be a good fighter, he surpassed his earlier estimates, being at least as good as the many contracted assassins that had tried to take his life in the past, maybe better.

Queek tried attacking his opponent's eyes, his neck, his groin, any and every weak spot he could think of on such an impenetrable adversary, but Kro'Qua parried or deflected all major attacks. He found that the Oldblood smartly defended all would-be deathblows or attacks that would cripple him, and that gave the headtaker an idea. Redoubling his efforts, Queek went for quick but weaker strikes, tearing at the oldblood's heavily armored arms, legs, and head. His opponent might be too skilled to defeat with 1 fatal strike, but Queek was determined to wear his opponent down with a series of smaller attacks that were too fast to stop.

Queek's plan was working and his confidence grew, growing emboldened by the cheers of his fellows. Kro'Qua had several small gashes and cuts on his body, his dark blood trickling down his scales and into the ground at their feet. Queek probably could have continued to dodge Kro'Qua and defeated him in a battle of endurance, but his ego demanded that he maintain his onslaught, and during his continued attack he was caught in the chest by Kro'Qua's massive blade. The serrated edge of the blade cut deep, but it was not just the flesh tearing but the sheer force of the blow that was so devastating. Queek was thrown off of his feet and thrown into the edge of the circle by the blunt force of the swing, his armor bent inwards and torn by the cutting edge of the Obstinite weapon.

Queek's eyes teared with pain as he felt the fur on his chest go damp with his own blood. All eyes of his storm vermin were focused on him and he willed his body to get up and move. It was immediately apparent to Queek that his armor had saved his life, but was now useless. The jagged edges of his opponent's blade had made it so the armor would cut him while moving if he continued to wear it. Using the leverage of his weapons as a fulcrum point, he pried his damaged and torn armor apart so that it fell from his body, hitting the ground with a metallic clink.
"Weak Lizard-thing, you cannot defeat-kill Queek so easily!"

Kro'Qua just stared contemptibly at the head-taker, offering no response to his taunts. This lit a fire in Queek's eyes, as he hated nothing more than being ignored. Though the pain was tremendous, Queek refused to beaten and launched himself once again at the Oldblood. Their weapons met again at the center of the circle and its cheering intensified to match the intensity of the battle that it contained. It was a highly unusual occurrence that Queek's guard was treated to such a spectacle. Queek usually defeated most opponents before they could even swing their weapons.

Queek immediately challenges and manages to deal 3 wounds to Kro'Qua, but I make 2 of my 3 ward saves. Kro'Qua hits 3 times, but only wounds once. Queek makes no saves and the Piranha blade multiplies the 1 wound into 2. I had hoped to score a far greater victory on Queek, but I didn't realize he was so monstrous in combat. With 6 attacks that hit on 2's and ignore armor, he is a very dangerous opponent. Although Kro'Qua loses combat by 5, he still manages to hold. I attempt to combat reform so I'm not being flanked by Queek's unit, but fail. I'm going to have to do a lot better in the next round of combat. Even if I manage to kill Queek, the odds that his unit's static combat resolution will defeat Kro'Qua are extremely high.

Turn 4: Lizardmen

Movement: The Kroxigar spun around to face the storm vermin unit. Most of my skinks moved towards the doomwheel, hoping to shoot it down in later turns. The Sauru charged the plague mortar, which fled but was still run down after a miserable roll. Atehe moved into the woods and close enough to cast spells at Kro'Qua. The 2 remaining skink skirmishers on the left flank charged the plague censor bearers and actually managed to make them flee off the table. This was a good turn so far.

Magic: And it kept getting better. I rolled a mighty 10 on my power dice and Atehe powered up ready cast some magic. I had to be cautious with dice per spell because he was sitting on 1 wound with no ward save, but I still managed to have a pretty meaningful magic phase. The first thing I cast was a curse of the midnight wind on Queek's storm vermin unit, which was dispelled using 3 of my opponents 5 dice. I next cast chain lightning at the Doomwheel, managing to deal 2 wounds to it. The chainlightning then jumped to the warp lightning cannon but it totally failed to wound (I rolled like three 1's and a 2). Lastly, Atehe cast Harmonic Convergence on Kro'Qua with 3 dice, which my opponent tried to dispel with his 2 but rolled just short.

Shooting: And I had though the movement/magic phases went well, this is when the game really turned around. Keep in mind that Howling warpgale was giving me a -1 to shoot with all my attacks. First, with 7 shots I manage to roll three 6's and kill the Grey Seer with my skink skirmisher unit. Second, the chameleon skinks manage to roll enough 6's to do serious damage to the warp-lightning cannon. Finally, my center unit of skink skirmishers manages to deal 1 wound to the doomwheel, causing it at the end of the phase to lose control and scatter DIRECTLY into the already heavily wounded warp-lightning cannon, killing it with impact hits, HA!

Combat: Kro'Qua takes another wound from Queek, but with the help of Harmonic Convergence manages to really cut into the Skaven Warlord, getting 3 wounds total, multiplying into 6 and killing him with a massive overkill bonus. Kro'Qua wins the combat and is able to reform and face Queek's elite guard, who pass their steadfast and hold.

Turn 5: Skaven

Movement: The clanrat unit on the left flank that's been wandering nowhere for the entirety of the game turns to face Atehe and charge him on turn 6, although he'll be long gone by then. The Doomwheel rolls high enough to charge the chameleon skinks who aren't allowed a charge reaction because of it's random movement. My gamble pays off and the plague monks way over on the right flank fail their rally test and flee off the board.

Magic: With no wizards left, the phase ends.

Shooting: Unable to see Atahe behind the wooded hill, the jezzails take aim at the Kroxigar and manage to deal 2 wounds, killing one of the Kroxigar. The Ratling gun attempts to fire even more shots at the Kroxigar but gets a bit too greedy with it's dice rolling and ends up exploding due to misfire. The doomwheel opts not to fire the zzzap and succeeds in it's leadership check.

Queek's relentless attacks continued to take their toll on the oldblood and Kro'Qua could feel his injuries impeding his ability to fight and sap his strength. Queek's own chest wound had slowed the ratman down, but made him much more cautious and he successfully stayed out of the reach of Kro'Quas jagged sword. As Queek pressed his advantage and went for the kill, Kro'Qua felt the energizing warmth of Atehe's magic flow through his limbs. With a quick lash of Kro'Qua's tail, Queek went down, collar bone shattered and his right arm hanging uselessly at his side, twisted at an impossible angle. A wide eyed Queek clutched desperately at his mangled limb and cried out in agony. The Storm vermin went silent. Never before have they seen the champion of Clan Moors defeated in single combat.

What happened next, greatly confused Kro'Qua. Since time immemorial, every time he defeated a skaven warlord in combat, his fellow skaven had descended upon their former leader and devoured him, a rival warlord finished him off to garner his own position, or the ratmen simply ran and left the defeated warlord to his fate. But not this time. Queek's guard dragged him into their ranks protectively and began to close the circle around the Oldblood, vengeance in their eyes.
"Kills-it Kills-it Kills-it Kills-it!" Queek screeched in a mad rage full of pain and resentment.

Kro'Qua tried to fight off the swarm of skaven, but he was already severely injured, and each one he cut down was replaced by another who stepped up to battle him. He knew the fight was one that in his current state he could not win, and with a last burst of strength plowed through the enclosed circle and made a break for the woods. But his injuries made him too slow. A great halberd strike caught him in the leg, and Kro'Qua fell, swarmed over by the crimson guard of Queek. They slashed and cut at his body until he moved no more.

Combat: The doom wheel totally obliterates the chameleon skinks with impact hits as expected, but luckily doesn't roll an over-run high enough to get out of line of sight of the Saurus block. Kro'Qua's luck however, runs out. Rolling poorly and losing combat by 2, he breaks from combat and rolls a measly 2 for his flee roll, and is promptly run down by Queek's elite guard.

Turn 5: Lizardmen

Movement: The saurus charge into the doomwheel. The kroxigar decide to just move up past the Storm-vermin and towards the jezzails. Without Kro'Qua to help deal damage and only 2 Kroxigar left, there's no way I'm beating a elite skaven unit so I opt not to charge and just save the points, hoping to snag the jezzails on turn 6. Atehe passes his marchblock test and gets out of line of sight of the clanrats on the left flank so nobody can charge him on turn 6. My 2 skink skirmishers that ran down the censor bearers move into shooting range of the jezzail team.

Magic: Without having any combats in range to buff or curse, Atehe launches a chain lightning at the Jezzail team, killing 2 and causing a panic test which they pass.

Shooting: My skinks on the right flank have nothing to shoot at. The 2 skinks in the skirmisher unit on the left flank throw some javelins at the jezzails but are ineffective.

Combat: The Saurus put one more wound on the doomwheel and beat it in combat by 1 point, but it manages to hold.

At this point, my opponent and I are out of time for our game and have to pack up. I'm pretty sure I could have squeaked out a victory here if we had gone to turn 6, but as it was the points added up to a draw in my favor. If my kroxigar could weather another round of shooting the jezzail team would have been mine, and while I was down to very few Sauru left, I think they could have put the last wound on the doomwheel.

Post Game Thoughts:
It feels good to finally finish the report for this game. Overall, it was a very equal game that went my way in turn 4 with that amazing magic and shooting phase. I need to really respect the Doomwheel's ability to destroy big monsters. Speaking of, I don't feel my Carnosaur is worth taking in games under 3000 points. I'm still undecided on a Slann, but I know now that I'd rather have another 180 points worth of troops and just put my Oldblood on a cold one, probably not taking the piranha blade again. It's great for monster killing, but I really should just kill monsters with skink shooting anyway.

09-02-2012, 13:37
Souls Reclaimed

"Oh no... no no no!" Atehe stammered as he ran as fast as he could towards the unmoving body of Kro'Qua. The skaven had been routed, but at what cost? Most of the saurus warriors were dead or injured, the stegadons were killed... and the engine of the gods lay shattered, broken into ruble upon the earth. Atehe shuddered at the thought of such a priceless artifact being destroyed while under his care. How could he have failed so completely? Sotarkesh was wrong to entrust him with something so important.

As Atehe skidded to a stop in front of Kro'Qua, the skink priest was at least partially relieved; Kro'Qua lived. His wounds looked grievous however, and each breath was labored and full of struggle. Atehe's meager healing spells would be useless on such injuries, and he had no idea how to even begin bandaging the oldblood, whose entire body seemed ripped and torn. Kro'Qua roused at Atehe's presence and seemed to drift back into consciousness, grunting weakly as he slowly became aware of all the painful sensations of each cut and gash he had suffered.

Kro'Qua's one uninjured eye opened and stared pleadingly at Atehe.
"Please, help me stand."

Atehe was suddenly overcome with emotion. He had always considered Kro'Qua a living embodiment of war; more of an untouchable force of nature than a mere mortal of flesh and blood like himself. But now he lay here broken, begging for his help. "Of course Kro'Qua" Atehe said with an endearing smile, "you can always count on me."
"I know."

Unfortunately, Atehe's new-found comradely with Kro'Qua made him no stronger, or Kro'Qua any less heavy. After much struggle, Kro'Qua's blood-slicked form rose, leaning heavily on Atehe's donated staff. And Kro'Qua began to limp onwards; though Atehe knew not where, he felt that he should follow. They did not have far to go. Just outside the outskirts of the battlefield they arrived at a crudely camouflaged skaven burrow hole, difficult to see from a distance but obvious as they approached it. How Kro'Qua knew of this underground entrance or what they were doing here Atehe did not know, but he was sure that when the remaining skaven forces had retreated, they had not gone in this direction. Before he could further ponder the mystery, Kro'Qua went inside.

Atehe easily caught up with the hobbling Kro'Qua, who marched on into the increasingly dark tunnel. When Atehe attempted to ask where they were going he was harshly shushed by stern glare from Kro'Qua's one good eye. And so they walked in silence down the corridor. The tunnel widened the deeper they delved and it branched off into several bisecting corridors but Kro'Qua seemed to know the right way. When the light was so dim Atehe started to trip over his own feet, he saw a feint and distant light in the black gloom that grew in size as they approached it. At first he was grateful for the illumination it provided, but the relief quickly turned to dread. The light was an unnatural green hue that radiated magic, dark magic.

It was then that Atehe noticed a bizarre humming. It was a kind of crackling noise somewhat akin to the reverberating sound magical energy made as it coursed through his body upon the completion of a spell, but higher pitched. As they continued to advance down the tunnel the green luminescence bathed the walls the noise grew ever louder, until it begin to hurt Atehe's ears and he had to hold a hand over his eyes to protect them from the light. At last Kro'Qua and his tiny companion reached the entrance to an open but cluttered room, filled with evil things the likes of which Atehe had never even imagined.

Inside the carved out area was all manners of machinery, much of it possessing an arcane design or a sinister blade, sometimes both. The source of the now almost blinding light was a large orb glowing like a green sun in the center of the room. It was hooked up to various wires, pipes, and cables, which in turn were connected to several pieces of weaponry scattered in a pile next to it. Just past the orb was a single skaven, utterly absorbed in his work and unaware of the presence of intruders in his workshop. His attire was strange and he had several tools and knickknacks attached to his robes and what appeared to be a prosthetic chain tail made of interlocking metal joints where his organic tail should be.

Atehe's eyes strained against the blinding light of the green orb to see what the Warlock Engineer was working on, and he wished he hadn't. Set upon a dais was the partially flayed body of a skink. The corpse had several embedded parts and tubes within the open body cavity that had been crudely surgically implanted. The engineer finished connecting some mechanical contraption together and used the long pronged metal shaft on the end of it to prod the skink, which caused its body to twitch and convulse. The ratman watched utterly fascinated behind protective shaded eyepieces, jotting down notes in a weathered book. Realization dawned on Atehe, as to his horror he recognized the victim of the Warlock Engineer's experiments. It was the fallen and partially decayed body of Huini'Zec.

Kro'Qua began to stalk purposefully but silently towards the glowing green orb as Atehe watched with growing anticipation. As Kro'Qua neared the arcane power-source, the skaven's ears perked up. Atehe held his breath as the ratman lifted his nose into the air and gave two quick sniffs. The aroma of Kro'Qua's blood had been quite potent outside, but here in this chamber it was being overpowered by the smell of oil and fumes. Still, Atehe knew how keen the senses of the skaven were, and his heart froze as the owner of this workshop paused with his nose held high in the air. Atehe let out a silent whoosh of air as the warlock engineer shook his head dismissively and began to once again scribble in his notebook.

Kro'Qua took the few remaining steps forward and lifted Atehe's staff high into the air above the green glowing orb. With his injuries being as severe as they were, even such a simple act was excruciatingly painful, and as Kro'Qua winced he let out a barely audible breath through gritted teeth. The skaven instantly spun around in alarm.
"What are yo..." was all he could stammer out before Kro'Qua brought Atehe's staff down on the orb, shattering it, and everything went white.

Atehe felt his back erupt in pain as he thudded against the earthen wall of the workshop. His vision was swimming and came back in splotches. At first he was worried that he had gone blind, but quickly realized that without the glow of the orb to light the room, it was nearly pitch black. The only light source was the sparking remains of the once brilliant green orb, as well as a few small fires that had sprung up around the orb's detonation point. As his vision returned, Atehe scanned the room for Kro'Qua and began to become progressively panicked as he was unable to find him. Atehe began to wonder if perhaps the blast had disintegrated him. There was also no sign of the workshop's owner; a fact that greatly worried Atehe, for he knew it was dangerous to assume that he had simply fled, life was never that easy.

With thoughts of the hidden ratman residing in every shadow and corner, Atehe's heart leaped in his throat as a loud crash resonated throughout the room. Much to his relief, the racket was caused by Kro'Qua unceremoniously pushing several heavy metal contraptions off of himself. Atehe headed over as Kro'Qua dug himself loose and helped as best he could to free the Oldblood. As the last of the scrap and junk was removed from Kro'Qua's legs, he swiftly shoved Atehe away from him. The darkness lit up as warp-lightning coursed through Kro'Qua, and Atehe knew he only had a few seconds to save his comrade's life. Enacting complicated counter-spells as best he could under the circumstances, Atehe dissipated the flow of lightning and Kro'Qua collapsed in a smoking heap. The Warplock engineer, previously hiding in the shadows, shook his warplock condenser violently in an attempt to re-energize it. Realization dawned on his face; the machine was still working, Atehe had just shut down the winds of magic that powered it.

"So-so... you are a wizard lizard-thing" said the skaven, approaching menacingly. "No matter, you die like all the rest that defy the great Link Razortail."

With his intent proclaimed, Link Razortail dropped his now useless warp lightning condenser and pulled out a cruel looking bladed device. Flipping a switch, his backpack whirred and buzzed and the blade came to life, spinning and slashing in a manner that meant certain death to any that were caught in it's mechanisms. Atehe stared into this blender on a stick with terror, fervently going over his possible options of escape. One look at the still breathing but unconscious Kro'Qua made his options very limited, but quite clear. Escape was not a choice, he had to fight.

Figuring that lightning attacks wouldn't be effective against the skaven's equipment, Atehe cast the only other offensive spell he knew, channeling the winds of Azyr into a hurricane flurry targeted at his opponent. Realizing his adversary was using a magical assault, the skaven techno-sorcerer began to twist several knobs on his bladed arcane contraption. His attempts at dispelling the spell proved insufficient however and Link was scantly able to turn off his things-killer contraption before he was lifted off of his feet by the magical wind and blown end over end until he collided against the burrow's wall. He let out an anguished scream a moment later as his deadly weapon then collided with its creator in an ironic example of karma.

Loud pings and clinks resonated throughout the room as pieces of rocks and scrap metal fell from the air. Atehe put down his hands, breathing heavily. It was much harder for him to channel magic without the aid of his staff and the execution of a single spell had wiped him out. He quickly ran over to a stirring Kro'Qua, who despite a large charred welt on his chest, seemed no more damaged than he already was. Realizing he wouldn't be able to move Kro'Qua until he was fully conscious even if he wanted to, Atehe scanned the gloom hoping to locate his staff, silently hoping that it hadn't been destroyed in the explosion. While searching the room, he saw something that made his heart freeze. Link's backpack and cloak were still pinned against the wall by his things-killer device... but his body was gone. Terrified, Atehe slowly reached for his sacrificial dagger and drew it. The slow grinding noise the blade made against its sheath was deafening; the room had become deathly quiet.

Atehe thought he heard a noise and so quickly turned to swipe the air behind him, but nothing was there. His nerves getting the better of him, Atehe began to back against the wall to cut off his constant uneasy feeling that something terrible was sneaking up behind him. Unfortunately, his attempts to look in every direction at once failed to notice what was on the ground, and he tripped and stumbled over some wreckage on the floor. Atehe looked up just in time to see Link Razortail pounce.

The skink priest gasped for breath as Link's jagged fingernails cut into his throat in a furious attempt to throttle him.
"Everything-everything! You've ruined everything!" Link screamed at the target of his wrath. Fresh blood from his wounds dripped onto Atehe, who lay trapped underneath him, struggling for air.

Atehe's hands frantically searched the cluttered ground for his lost dagger, something, anything he could use. He unfortunately found the sharp end of his dagger first, slicing his hand, but he didn't care. Link Razortail's squeal pierced the room as Atehe plunged it into his side. The Ratman released his grip and shrank away, dagger still protruding from his ribs. Atehe coughed violently and wheezed deep breaths of air into his starved lungs. With a wail, Link removed the dagger from his abdomen, glaring murderously at the skink who was responsible for it being there. Holding his bleeding side with his free hand and raising the skink priest's own dagger dangerously, he began to stalk the now defenseless Atehe. His murderous glare quickly darted to beside the skink priest as the newly conscious Kro'Qua stood up to his full height, nearly touching the ceiling of the workshop.

The skaven's murderous rage fled his body as he locked eyes with the oldblood's own steely glare. Link slowly lifted his free hand to his face and seemed to notice only now how badly he was bleeding. After a few seconds of hesitation, Kro'Qua took a single step forward and the skaven's courage faltered. Dropping his stolen dagger, he scurried off into the darkness down one of the many corridors leaving the workshop. That one step however was all Kro'Qua seemed capable of and he stumbled, nearly falling. Atehe scoured the wreckage for his staff and found it... sort of. Part of the jeweled headpiece had been destroyed, but the shaft was intact at least. He offered it to Kro'Qua, but the Saurus pushed it away.

After a few heavy and struggled breaths, Kro'Qua rose with a wince and began to walk to the dais that Huini'Zec's corpse was sprawled on. Removing the equipment attached to the cadaver, Kro'Qua hefted it over his shoulder and began to limp out of the workshop past a slack jawed Atehe and back the way they had come. Collecting himself, Atehe scampered after him. On the way back to the surface, Atehe noticed Kro'Qua was leaning more and more, until he eventually had to walk with most of his weight supported by his arm on the tunnel wall. It occurred to Atehe that if Kro'Qua collapsed, he would have no idea how to get back to the surface. Fortunately Kro'Qua was able to keep his crawling pace and they were eventually able to find their way out of the catacombs and back into the sunlight. By the time that they reached the surface however, Atehe noticed Kro'Qua was barely able to lift his own feet enough to shuffle along. Without the support of the cavern's walls, Kro'Qua didn't get far until he could walk no more, and was forced to place Huini'Zec's corpse down on the jungle grass in front of him.

Atehe jumped back as a dimensional rift opened a few hundred feet in front of them. With the kind of day he'd been having, he half expected demons to pour out of it. Much to his relief though, a regiment of Saurus warriors walked out of it, the slann Sotarkesh hovering just above them. Atehe noticed a perfectly healthy Kai'Qu at their head, despite him falling in battle only a few hours before. Sotarkesh floated over to them, a look of concern on his face.
"Have you succeeded?" the slann asked directly into their minds via the divine communication as Atehe bowed low before his master. He was apprehensive about his master being angry with him over the loss of the Engine of the Gods, but Sotarkesh didn't seem concerned with it for the time being.

Kro'Qua tried to rise, but was unable. "Yes."

"Excellent" the slann thought into their minds. Sotarkesh raised his long arms and arched his multi-jointed fingers. At first Atehe couldn't perceive what he was doing, but after a moment the corpse of Huini'Zec began to dissolve and fade away. As it did, vegetation and multicolored flowers rose in its place.
"It is done" the Slann said, turning his attention to the kneeling Oldblood, who was so wobbly it looked like he could collapse at any moment.
"And you Kro'Qua, you are very weary. Is your fight over? Do you wish to leave this world?"

An alarmed Atehe's attention darted to Kro'Qua, who could barely keep his eyes open. He breathed a difficult breath that was full of pain. He looked down at the newly sprung up vegetation where the body of Huini'Zec had been moments before. It looked so very natural, so peaceful. A small breeze whooshed by and rustled the plants.

"No." With that the Oldblood collapsed.

"Very well" Sotarkesh said, "attend to him." A score of saurus lifted Kro'Qua's limp body and began to carry him back towards the portal from which they came.
"Come" the slann said, beckoning Atehe. "We have much to discuss."

The skink priest walked off with his master, describing the battle and their ensuing adventures. He finished just before they reached the portal back to their home.

"It is just as I feared" Sotarkesh said. He turned to Kai'Qu, who had been standing silently at his side. "Rally the host, we must head south.
"Yes Master" Kai'Qu said with conviction, before bowing low and entering the portal.

Atehe was puzzled. "South, master?"
"Yes" the slann responded. "To the temple of Dusk. We have delayed for far too long already, but we still have time to prevent catastrophe."
Without further explanation Sotarkesh entered the portal back to Kotak-Hai and Atehe quickly ran after him before the portal closed.

A few minutes after the portal vanished, a solitary figure stalked out of the jungle. He had a pronounced limp, and still damp bloody bandages were wrapped around his side. The wounded skaven glared spitefully at the plants and flowers that were once the body of Huini'Zec.
"Ruin me lizard-thing... I ruin you instead!"
The skaven turned around sharply, and his metallic tail sliced cleanly through newly sprung up plants. With his vengeance declared, Link Razortail began to limp back into the jungle to plot his revenge.

09-03-2012, 09:04
Battle 6 complete. It only took me one and a half years...

There is also a huge fluff update on Post #32 that you should check out if you care about the story. There is more fluff to be written which will be located on post 68, but I've got to get going to sleep at the moment and will hopefully complete it over the next few days.

24-03-2012, 02:24
Only just found this thread, but it's excellent. Very much enjoying the style of writing.

A few army comments - if you were to use the oldblood on carnosaur again, be aware that the bugger gets a 3+ armour save just for turning up. 4+ scaly skin, and you get +1 for being mounted these days, so light armour+shield is sufficient (or just heavy armour, if you're going for that). Might of course be worth taking that shield, if his mount gets killed from under him...

Also for the vampire lord - getting a decent lord out of 625 on a zombie dragon is... interesting. Especially if you want him to be balanced fighty and magicky. About the best I could come up with is the following:
Vampire Lord
Level 3
Biting Blade (not really necessary, but 10pts spare at the end, and it stops ethereal things being irritating)
Nightshroud (works on the zombie dragon too, so really should help keep it alive)
Quickblood (rererolls!)
Zombie Dragon
Heavy Armour + Shield

Total armour save of 2+, combined with nightshroud, means he should live for a while at least. He's not massively hitty, but 5 attacks hitting on 3 rerollable (often) at S5 armour piercing means he's respectable, and lv3 was the best I could do if you wanted any protection at all. If you go down to lv2, it's a lot easier - can get the Talisman of Endurance too, and upgrade Biting Blade to Sword of Striking if you wished. Red Fury of course is very desirable, but at 50pts it's just not tenable if you want any magic at all.

24-03-2012, 07:48
Nice quality writing Kayosiv, the story is really intriguing. I shall go back and read it from the start. :yes:

24-03-2012, 12:14
Only just found this thread, but it's excellent. Very much enjoying the style of writing.

Oh hey thank you. Compliments go very far in motivating this thread's continuation.

A few army comments - if you were to use the oldblood on carnosaur again...

I couldn't agree more. This was a very experimental build in one of my earlier 8th edition games. I just wasn't prepared for how much damage the Carnosaur was going to take due to striking in initiative order, 2nd rank attacks, and step up. If you notice, the carnosaur got off all the charges in the game. Under 7th edition rules, I would have killed the Hellpit before it got to strike, killed enough plague censor bearers so they couldn't strike, and likely ran them down with the extra movement granted by the carnosaur. I was still building my list with that mindset because I was just unused to 8th edition mentality at the time.

Also for the vampire lord - getting a decent lord out of 625 on a zombie dragon is... interesting.

... Red Fury of course is very desirable, but at 50pts it's just not tenable if you want any magic at all.

Totally, it's a squeeze. You've got a pretty good build set up too, although I'd probably just give him a lance for 10 points instead of armor piercing, but either way it is a nice balance of magic/fighty. I'm leaning towards giving him red fury, which as you've correctly surmised, makes giving him level 2+ pretty much impossible. I haven't had a chance to play with the list yet so I want to try a lot of different builds for him. Hopefully I get can get something that works.

The Nightshroud is an unquestionably awesome item, but I just don't feel it works on a dragon. You need a ward save to protect you from cannons, strength 6 magic missiles, and miscasts results. Nightshroud does a great job turning cavalry and great weapon wielding troops into chumps, but I think it's more appropriate for a lord with a Look-out-sir roll.

Nice quality writing Kayosiv, the story is really intriguing. I shall go back and read it from the start. :yes:

Fantastic and glad to hear it entertained you. Please let me know if any way I could make the story better or more clearly/correctly written and enjoy the reports and their accompanying fluff. Congratulations on you recent win against Vampire Counts.

I have the next bit of fluff for the story in my head but school has been absolutely kicking my flank lately and I have had no free time whatsoever. Hopefully I can get it on here in the next couple of weeks.

25-05-2012, 06:59
Well, alrighty; thread resurrection time. Summer is here and I'm a college graduate, yay me. I've so far gotten 2 games of Warhammer in, both against my friend's beastmen, and both victories in fact, which certainly is motivating. I played vampire counts first (because I was just dying to try out the new book) and then lizardmen. I used a Slann for the first time ever... he did well but not exceptional. I think I'll need to try different magic lores as I used heavens simply because I was familiar with it.

Still building vampire counts, and using a lot of proxies (the goblins technically have skeletons "in" them, right?).

Still need to paint more stuff.

Having fun with both lists, which I'll post later. The lizardmen is slightly modiefied, but having never really played Vampire Counts in 8th edition the list was totally new to me. I felt very lost with it and have a lot I need to do to improve.

My opponent in both games used the same beastman list, which consisted of
a horde of 60 gor with a wargor bsb with the +1 strength banner,
a level 4 wizard with beasts, a level 2 wizard with beats,
a gorbull in a unit of skirmishing ungor.
a doombull, a unit of 6 minotar
a cygor.
Some units of 5 dogs.

Summary of Game 1:

Vampire Counts vs beastmen. I managed to kill his doombull+minotaur unit with a single spirit host base. It was awesome. The spirit host then tied up the cygor the entire rest of the game. I used curse of years on his horde of gor until it was more manageable and dual charged it with my dragon and graveguard, netting me a decisive victory.

Summary of game 2:

Lizardmen vs beastmen. His unit of minotaurs charged one of my units of 30 saurus, nearly wiping it past steadfast, but they held with the help of my BSB. On my turn I charged in both flanks with a ancient stegadon and my Scar Veteran BSB. The unit broke and was run down. I used skinks to lead the gor herd around until I was ready to charge it in the front with saurus, the side with a stegadon, and the back with a salamander. He was just a few guys down from steadfast and his unit broke and ran. His gorbull was lead around all game by my chameleon skinks and did nothing of significance. His cygor dropped some rocks on his own head twice, then failed a dangerous terrain test, losing 2 wounds. After nearly killing himself, he was fried by my Slann's Lightning bolt. At the end of the game, I had lost most of my skinks, but my opponent had no army left.

The reason I didn't take photos of those game or bother to keep notes was because we were just playing on the floor. It was a very "this book is a hill" situation. Hopefully I'll be able to get in another game soon on an actual gaming table.

EDIT: Gotten in 2 games which I plan writing reports on, one with Vampires and one with Lizardmen. Knowing my usual progress with this thread, that means the reports will be done in a year or so... Although I'll still try to get them done faster. We'll see what develops.

01-06-2012, 09:19
BATTLE 7: The Temple of Dusk
Scenario: Dawn Attack

"Hmmm, interesting" said Kircheck, "I didn't think the temple would be on an island, let alone one populated by elves."
"I think populated is too strong a word brother" said Kayosiv, gesturing towards the pillars of smoke billowing out of the elven structures. Even in the distance across the water it was apparent that the elven settlement was in ruins. "It seems Lord Svey's force wasn't the only chaos regiment here. I can see movement on the island, and there are no elves there left alive."
"Well lets not keep them waiting" Kircheck said eagerly. "Come, if we march our forces through the water, we'll be undetectable and be ready to strike before daybreak!"
"Hmmm..." Kayosiv pondered for a moment, "that means we'll have to leave the black coach here. Lady Cheree, come here."
Lady Cheree materialized into existence next to the vampiric siblings. "Oh, yes my lord?"
"Watch over Kanzul and Alistair's remains until I return."
"Buuuuut my lord, I wish to accompany you!"
"NO!" Kayosiv sternly barked out. "You will keep the black coach safe."
Looking very pouty, lady Cheree grumbled in resigned agreement, "As you wish," before fading away with a HUMPH!

"She'll get over it" Kircheck said. "I'll get our troops moving." And with that Kircheck rode down to get their forces prepared for a long underwater march.
"You" kayosiv said, pointing at a startled Freysson, who had been trying to be as unnoticeable as possible. "Your aid was most useful, as as per our agreement, you are free to go."
His bargain fulfilled, the Norseman grunted in approval and began to stalk back into the jungle, though Kayosiv knew or cared not where. With that Kayosiv floated over to the black coach, for their was one last detail he had to take care of.
"Studge!" Kayosiv bellowed at the raggedly cloaked figure in the coach, "Are they ready?"
The necromancer, always a bit unnerved by his master speaking directly to him, answered meekly. "Oh, oh yes master, just like you instructed."
"Excellent" Kayosiv said with a wicked smile. As if on cue, the large coffins had their heavy stone lids banged and scratched on from the inside. "And they seem eager."
"Are you sure they are... controllable master?" mumbled Studge.
Kayosiv looked at his necromantic apprentice with annoyance, insulted at the question. "You'd better hope so Studge, because if you can't keep them line, there will be hell to pay."
The necromancer gulped loudly. "Yes master."

With everything in order, the undead host began its long march across the bay towards the southern island that housed the Temple of Dusk. Unfortunately, the currents proved to be far stronger than anticipated and the necromantic legions were pulled apart and off their feet beneath the waves. The force managed to cross the water, but was in disarray when it finally bubbled back up to the surface. Kayosiv was supremely annoyed at the long delays, but his expression soon changed to one of shock. A host of chaos warriors was set before them, fully aware of their arrival and ready to fight.

"How can it be...?" Kayosiv angrily mused out loud. "Studge!" he screamed.
"Yes maste..."
"Release the Vargheists! Get the skeletons into position... where the devil is Kircheck!?"
"I don't know master, I..."
"Never mind, prepare the battle line you fool, lest we all be destroyed."

Studge quickly complied and scurried off to his duties. A deep frown set into Kayosiv's face. A set up, how could they have known? The chaos forces began to march towards his shoddy and ill-positioned battle line.
"The fools think they could catch me by surprise" he thought. "They're in for the surprise of their soon to be ended lives."

The two forces advanced towards one another just as Daybreak crested the waves.

My List: Vampire Counts

Lord: 621
Vampire Lord, Army General: Kayosiv Level 1, Heavy Armor
Vampiric Powers: Quickblood (always strike first) Red Fury (each initial wound in combat grants an additional attack)
Magic Items: 4+ ward, Enchanted Shield (+2 armor), Sword of Might (+1 strength)
Mount: ZOMBIE DRAGON, Rupert
Spells (1): Hellish Vigor.

Heroes: 275
Necromancer: Level 2.
Magic Items: The Cursed Book (35)
Spells (2): Invocation of Nehek, Curse of Years.

Magic Items: dispel scroll
Spells (2): Invocation of Nehek, Vanhel's dance macabe.

Core: (625 min) 625
40 Skeletons: with full command and the Screaming Banner
5 Dire Wolves: with Doom Wolf
5 Dire Wolves:with Doom Wolf
20 zombies: with musician and standard bearer
20 Ghouls:

Special: 984
30 Grave Guard: with great weapons, full command, and banner of the barrows.
11 Black Knights: with Lances, Barding, and full command.
3 Vargheists:
1 Spirit Host
1 Spirit Host

His List: Warriors of Chaos

Lords: 370
GENERAL: Sorcerer Lord: Level 4 wizard,
Mark of Tzeentch, Disk of Tzeentch, Talisman of Preservation, Spell Familiar

Heroes (625 max):300

Exalted Hero: Mark of Tzeentch, Chaos Steed, Halberd, Dragon Helm, Talisman of Endurance

Chaos Sorcerer: Infernal Puppet, Lore of Fire

Core:719 w/ dogs
50x Marauders of Chaos: Standard Bearer, Great Weapons, Mark of Khorne
22x Chaos Warriors: Standard Bearer, Champion, Halberds, Mark of Khorne
5x Chaos Hounds

14x Chosen: Standard Bearer, Champion, Shields, Favor of the Gods, Wailing Banner, Mark of Tzeentch. +1 Toughness.
5x Chaos Knights: Standard Bearer, Champion, Banner of eternal Flame, Mark of Tzeentch


Deployment: I really felt like the scenario screwed me over pretty bad on deployment. My general was stuck on the right side of the board while most of my army was in the center or on the left. The good news was that my vargheists were on the left and so was his hellcannon, so hopefully I could silence it fairly early in the game, or die trying. My opponent also could not place both of his warshrines in range of his chosen, so his auto 4+ ward save wasn't to be expected and he actually had to get lucky to get it. I don't know what the heck I'm going to do on the left side of the board, but the right side of the board seems reasonable for Kayosiv to clean up. As you can see, I'm still using a lot of unpainted and proxy models for my army. Things are slow going to change this, as money is an issue and I really don't like the zombie or ghoul models so I'm not eager to buy them. I'd like to get painting soon on what I do have though.

Turn 1: Vampire Counts

Movement: On the left flank, the vargheists move up and angle to threaten the hellcannon. The ghouls and 2 spirit hosts move forward at their painfully slow natural movement because they cannot march. The wolves, while also unable to march, are fast enough to go up a decent bit and angle themselves for re-direction in later turns. Kayosiv flies up to threaten a wide arc of targets, and the black knights move into the woods to take advantage of their ethereal steeds rule should they be the victim of a long charge. The 2 units with necromancers just stay put, as I don't think either of them can do much at this point in the game. even a horde of skeletons is going to be useless against chaos warriors or a horde of marauders.

Magic: Most of my magic is dispelled, but I do manage to grow 8 zombies in the center of the board with a successful invocation of Nehek.

Turn 1: Warriors of Chaos

Movement: He moves his warshrine on the left flank in front of the Hellcannon to protect it from a vargheist charge, and mostly just moves everything else up. His chaos sorcerer moves well behind his lines, protected from all angles, but close enough to cast spells.

Magic: He casts baleful transmogrification on my Vampire Lord to draw out dispel dice, but I just let it through and it does no wounds because of my high leadership. I am able to dispel flickering fire and he casts infernal gateway on my lord, which my necromancer dispels with his dispel scroll.

Shooting: His warshrine's grant his chosen +1 armor save, and his hell cannon +1 leadership. The hell cannon takes aim at my vampire lord, and scores a direct hit. Luckily he fails to wound Kayosiv, but Rupert takes 4 wounds from the hit, making me a lot more tentative about getting him into combat.

End of Turn 1:

Turn 2: Vampire Counts

Movement: I declare several charges, all of which make it. The nice surprise was that the vargheists made their long charge into the warshrine over on the left flank. My center ghostly spirit hosts make a charge into his hounds, which hold. My dogs make a long flank charge into the flank of his horde of marauders, while my grave guard and dragon make it into the front. Finally, my black knights make the charge into his chaos knights, the only combat of which I'm not sure I'm going to win. The ghouls, other dogs, other spirit hosts, and zombies all move up slightly, but are all unable to march so with the exception of the dogs, don't get far.

Magic: Kayosiv manages to cast Hellish vigor on his dragon/himself, and heal the dragon of an important wound, bringing it up to 3. A curse of years on the marauder horde and my other magic is dispelled, but I manage to increase my zombies by a bit on a 1 dice invocation casting.

Combat: The black knights manage to lose to chaos knights by 1 point. My 2 killing blows weren't quite enough to get me a victory there. Only having killed 2 chaos knights, I think the black knight unit is doomed, as I wanted to hopefully pursue the chaos knights out of line of sight of the chosen. As is, they are lost to me. The marauder combat is the most butchering I've seen in 8th edition. When the dust had finally settled, there were 41 marauders dead, with Kayosiv and Rupert killing about half of that number (I used the pestilent cloud breath weapon). To their credit they killed half the grave guard, reducing them to a much less threatening 15, but were beaten in combat by more than double their leadership and were subsequently run down. The vargheists actually rolled amazingly well and despite the warshrine's impressive saves, tear it to pieces, overrunning into the hellcannon, preventing it from shooting next turn. The spirit hosts easily defeat and break the chaos warhounds, but their swift-stride gets them just out of reach of the pursuit and I fail to run them down.

End of Vampire Counts Turn 2:

Turn 2: Warriors of Chaos

Movement: The Chosen declare a charge into my black knights' flank, sealing their fate. No other charges, but the frenzied warriors move up and the sorcerer flies to safety from all retaliation. The warshrine repositions slightly. His war hounds fail to rally and run for the table edge.

Magic: The chaos player rolls a potent 8 power dice + 2 channels, giving me a measly 4 dispel dice. His Tzeentch Lord casts a brutal strength 7 flickering fire on my dragon riding Vampire lord. My armor and 4+ ward save fail me and the spell reducers Rupert and Kayosiv to 1 wound each. He then casts Infernal Gateway, again on my lord, on an impressive roll of a 20. I throw my 4 dispel dice at it, fearing the worst, but am pleasantly surprised as I easily dispel it with 3 sixes. All my dispel dice spent, the Chaos player casts pandemonium with his remaining power dice and the phase ends.

Shooting: The hellcannon is tied up by vargheists and cannot shoot, but the warshrine blesses the chosen with +1 attack.

Combat: With a massive amount of attacks at high initiative coming from the chosen and the chaos knights, the black knights cannot cope and are wiped out before they can even fight back. The chosen and chaos-knights reform to face the battle. The Vargheists and Hell-cannon inflict 3 wounds on each other, netting me the victory because I charged and was in the flank. The hell-cannon however was unbreakable and held. Losing 4 attacks because of the dead vargheist was a bummer, but with only 2 wounds left on the hell-cannon, I was confident I could kill it in the next round of combat with my 8 remaining attacks. Also on a positive note, the Hell-cannon attempted to reform to face me and failed.

End of Turn 2:

Turn 3: Vampire Counts

Movement: I declare a charge with my dogs into the already fleeing warhounds, forcing them to run off the table and netting me a few points. I also charge my ghostly spirit host into the flank of the chaos warriors, their frenzy forcing them to hold. Kayosiv Flies towards his two necromancers, desperately hoping to regain some wounds from their combined magical efforts. I reform my grave guard into ranks because horde formation is no longer doing me any good. My other set of dogs moves up to redirect the frenzied warriors should they defeat the spirit host. My skeletal spirit host moves towards the center of the board, hoping to tie something up in later turns. The ghouls, skeletons, and zombies stay put.

Magic: Casting everything I possibly can, I manage to only heal Kayosiv of 1 wound, bringing him up to 2 total, and Rupert of 0. Having a maximum of +2 to cast against a +4 to dispel is really rough, especially this phase when I really needed it.

Combat: Disaster strikes as the Vargheist's attack rolls go south, netting me only 1 of my 2 needed wounds to finish off the hell-cannon. It's return attacks are amazing (even the dwarves got like 2 wounds with their strength 3 attacks) and the vargheists crumble to death. The Spirit host also loses combat but only by 1, so crumbles a wound. The chaos warriors elect to stay in place.

Turn 3: Warriors of Chaos
Movement: His knights march around the forest while the chosen turn around to face the depleted grave guard unit. The warshrine moves to the center of the board and so does the chaos sorcerer, his eyes set on finishing off my wounded Vampire Lord and his undead mount.

Magic: The Tzeentch sorcerer successfully casts a flickering fire on my skeletal spirit host, but rolls a low strength and only scores 2 wounds. He then casts infernal gateway on my Lord, which I throw all my dice at but still fail to prevent. Luckily, he rolls a 4 for strength, but unluckily, he manages to again get past all my saves and wound my Vampire Lord, bringing him back down to 1 wound.

Shooting: The Hell-cannon takes aim once again on my Vampire Lord and scores a direct hit, rolling immensely well and killing both the dragon and my Vampire Lord. I'm a bit sore just because my 4+ ward save failed me 4 times in a row, never preventing any wounds. The crumble tests on my army are particularly bad, and my opponent and I decide to call the game as a massive victory in his favor.

End of turn 3, and the game:

Post Game Thoughts:

Well the scenario really borked me over from the beginning, but that's not why I think I lost. As much fun as the dragon is, and was, from 6th and 7th edition, 8th edition more than ever is an edition of wizards, and I simply cannot hope to be competitive with both a lord that is vulnerable to all shooting as well as unable to deal with enemy magic from level 4's. I have decided to shelf the dragon, although I know not what with which to replace it. All of my other infantry have been failing me lately as well. I've played a few games since this one and my infantry is constantly failing me. My Spirit hosts, knights, vargheists, and lord tend to do 100% of the killing while my infantry fail at all tasks I assign them to, from killing the most incompetent and small of units to even holding out for a single turns 2 combats, even at sizes of 50+. I think I am done with infantry.

For core, I think I will continue to take a unit of zombies and several units of wolves for redirecting, but skeletons are dead to me, and so are grave guard. I think I will try out a ghoul horde for my next couple of games. In sizes of 40 or so I think it can at least cause SOME damage to enemy core. The grave guard have constantly underperformed, and while I considered putting a hero vampire or perhaps my lord with them, I feel he is more useful to me in a black knight unit where he can be fast and have improved protection because of his barded steed. What to replace them with, I am not sure. I have tried one game with a hero on a coven throne. He performed decently, although did not survive the battle; though he certainly earned more than his victory points by the time he died. I'm thinking of trying out a unit of crypt horrors next. The dragon I have been using as a Terrorgheist, and while in the 2 games I have used him in he has not performed spectacularly, I think I will continue to use him as he is always decent, and the threat of him is very real and he absorbs a lot of fire from my opponents that takes heat off of my lord.

I will continue to tweak my list as I have not been happy with how all of it has performed. Even winning my last few games with Vampire counts, I feel like the army still plays very unfamiliar to me. Steadfast doesn't benefit undead, and grinding down opponents hoping to win through fear autobreak is gone, and I need to keep adapting to become proficient with the army again.

01-06-2012, 09:23
Adjust to Change

Kayosiv once again attempted to re-knit Rupert together but his necromantic powers continued to fail as they had the entire battle. His magic was being tampered with from an outside source, he could just feel it. In the meantime, the zombie dragon was so damaged and tattered that he could scarcely keep airborne. Kayosiv turned the beast about face and retreated back to his necromancers, hoping that his magic disruption was an independent problem. He wouldn't get the chance to find out.

As he landed, Studge frantically yelled an unheard warning at him, just before the bolt hit. The Hellcannon's magical hellfire struck Rupert square in the center of his body, blowing him into pieces and hurling Kayosiv dozens of feet through the air only to heavily slam into the ground. Weakened and dazed, Kayosiv drifted into unconsciousness to the sounds of the heavy footfalls of those clad in plate armor.

Awakening with a start as he heard Studge's death scream, Kayosiv rose quickly but regretted it as his head throbbed and his vision swam. Shaking his head to clear the stars, he surveyed the carnage happening around him. Khorne worshipers were tearing apart Studge's skeleton bodyguard, as well as Studge himself. The battle, already in the chaos warriors' favor, soon shifted from a fight to a slaughter as the skeletons fell apart and exploded even before they were hit by their opponents' weapons. Kayosiv tried to strengthen the necromantic bond, but found his magic still stunted and useless. He screamed in rage and frustration. How could he have come so far to lose it all now?

As his battle line crumbled around him, he began looking for a possible escape route. He had lost his sword but still had his enchanted his shield, a fact that prevented his destruction as he used it to deflect a blazing hailstorm brought down by the Chaos Sorcerer flying above him. The flaming rocks ricocheted off his shield and landed on the ground, burning into the earth for several feet and turning the dirt into fiery liquid goop. Kayosiv ran for cover, keeping his shield held protectively above his head and frantically searching for his sword.

The chaos sorcerer's onslaught continued, as he easily kept pace with the fleeing vampire on his disk of Tzeentch, hurling fireballs of varying colors at the Vampire Lord. Kayosiv dove into an already desecrated elfin building. The sorcerer switched targets, instead blowing great chunks out of the elfin structure until it's stability faltered and the structure collapsed.

Dust settled as the structure's tumble to the ground came to an end and there was a short silence. With all of his necromantic minions destroyed, the collective eyes of the chaos forces watched the toppled building with anticipation. The chaos sorcerer, who was not so foolish as to assume the vampire destroyed, began to summon forth an infernal gateway to the nether realm of chaos, just to be sure. He didn't have time to finish his incantation however, as rock and bits of wood exploded forth from the wreckage. His armor and cloths in tatters, Kayosiv bellowed immortal rage at his foe. He leaped the vertical forty foot distance to the sorcerer, who had shielded his eyes from bits of rocks and debris that had shot skyward when Kayosiv emerged form the ruble.

The chaos sorcerer's sword whipped out in a flash, but it was batted away by a bare hand. Kayosiv's other hand slammed into the sorcerer's head, tilting it violently, and Kayosiv's fangs plunged into the side of the sorcerer's neck as the chaotic disk spun around in haphazard loops. The Vampire blanched as his fangs broke on a surface as unyielding as stone. Clutching at his broken teeth in surprise, Kayosiv was kicked off the flying disk as the chaos sorcerer regained control of his mount, sending him plummeting into the ground below.

Kayosiv groaned groggily as he woozily got to his feet. He was completely surrounded. The Tzeentch sorcerer hovered just above, and safely behind, a regiment of chosen warriors.

"You have lived far too long, lord of the night" the sorcerer said, smug satisfaction and a hint of malevolence in his tone. "I have had my eye on your soul for quite some time. My mouth waters for it." With that, he gestured towards the impatiently waiting Khorne warriors, who charged the vampire while screaming at the top of their lungs and with murder in their eyes.

Dismissing the the last statement as a Tzeentch peculiarity, Kayosiv readied himself to fight for his life. But before their charge could hit home, the momentum of the Khorne worshipers petered out and they slowed to a walk, heads looking past their previously intended target with mouths agape. At first Kayosiv didn't dare look behind him, but even the chaos sorcerer seemed stupefied by the spectacle so he risked a quick glance over his shoulder, and could not believe what he saw.

An entire Lizardmen host, complete with a Slann to lead them, was just finishing walking through a crackling dimensional rift. Whether they had arrived to stop him or the band of chaos warriors, or perhaps both, he did not know, nor did Kayosiv care. What mattered was the distraction the lizardmen were making. Most of the chaos marauders at his back had turned around to look at the arriving lizardmen, and he used this to his advantage. Making a mad dash through the living wall of men, he tore through and tossed aside the marauders as if they were made of straw. A few regained their senses in time to defend themselves but Kayosiv wasn't trying to fight them, merely wade through them.

"They're late" the Tzeentch sorcerer mumbled to himself, regaining his wits. He then noticed Kayosiv's desperate attempt at fleeing and shrieked in a panic.
"No, no you fools, he cannot escape, not again! We need him for the ritual!"

But it was too late, Kayosiv had made it through the wall of marauders preventing his escape and was bee-lining it to a nearby river. The marauders tried to turn to pursue him but were halted as an enormous fireball exploded in front of them, missing the vampire lord by only a few yards. Blown forward by the concussive force of the blast, Kayosiv landed in the water, and began swimming with the current to freedom.

"RRAAAAAAHHHHWWWKKK" the sorcerer squawked out in rage, sinking to his knees and pounding his disc with his fists, causing it to sink down and shift haphazardly in the air.
"The Slann will PAY for this! Battle formations!"
The chaos troops, despite all being bunched up in a circle, spread out as best they could to prepare for the lizardmen advance. The Tzeentch sorcerer seethed with rage and frustration. The lizardmen were late, days late, and they hadn't brought the engine of the gods with them. They were supposed to bring it! His whole plan was now ruined. How could his prophetic visions have been so wrong? He would subjugate the stupid slann, MAKE HIM bring forth an engine of the gods. For the Chaos Gods were his masters and he had been instructed to procure one, as well as an immortal soul. He had been robbed of one necessary ingredient today; he just had to make sure that he got the other.

01-06-2012, 09:24
BATTLE 8: Jaws of Defeat
Scenario: Battle for the pass

My list: Lizardmen

Lords: 618
GENERAL: Slann (Sotarkesh): Level 4 wizard, Lore of Light. 2 Disciplines of the Ancients.
Magic Items: Divine Plaque of Protection (2+ ward save against ranged attacks)
Disciplines of the Ancients: Focused Rumination (+1 free power dice per cast). The Becalming Cogitation: (At start of enemy magic phase, choose 1 wizard within 24”, Ignore all 6’s by that wizard when casting)
Shem's 0 Burning Gaze, 1 Pha's Protection, 2 The Speed of Light, 3 Light of Battle, and 6 Birona's Timewarp.

Lord: Saurus Old Blood (Kro’Qua): halberd
Mount: Cold One
Magic Items: Glittering Scale Armor (-1 to be hit in close combat), 4+ ward, Venom of the firefly frog (poisoned and magic attacks)

Heroes: 176
BATTLE STANDARD BEARER: Scar-Veteran (Kai'Qu): BSB, great weapon.
Mount: Cold One
Magic Items: Armor of Fortune (+2 armor 5+ ward), Stone of Good Luck (re-roll 1 failed armor save)

Core: 916
30 Saurus Warriors with full command.
30 Saurus Warriors with full command.
10 Skinks with Javelins and Shields and musician.
10 Skink skirmishers with blowpipes.
10 Skink skirmishers with blowpipes.

Special: 361
10 Chameleon skinks with stalker.

Rare: 425
Salamander with 3 skink crew
Salamander with 3 skink crew
Ancient Stegadon

His List: Warriors of Chaos

Lords: 370
GENERAL: Sorcerer Lord: Level 4 wizard,
Mark of Tzeentch, Disk of Tzeentch, Talisman of Preservation, Spell Familiar

Heroes (625 max):300

Exalted Hero: Mark of Tzeentch, Chaos Steed, Halberd, Dragon Helm, Talisman of Endurance

Chaos Sorcerer: Infernal Puppet, Lore of Fire.

Core:719 w/ dogs
50x Marauders of Chaos: Standard Bearer, Great Weapons, Mark of Khorne
22x Chaos Warriors: Standard Bearer, Champion, Halberds, Mark of Khorne
5x Chaos Hounds

14x Chosen: Standard Bearer, Champion, Shields, Favor of the Gods, Wailing Banner, Mark of Tzeentch
5x Chaos Knights: Standard Bearer, Champion, Banner of eternal Flame, Mark of Tzeentch


Couple of clarifications. At the time I did not have enough Saurus warriors to run 2 units, so no the saurus are not in a unit of 10 with cold one cavalry behind them or in an illegal formation, they are just proxies. Also, my slann is proxied by a very unslann-looking Carnisaur model. Lastly, the chameleon skinks are not deployed at the time of this picture, they actually end up scouting 12" to the left of his hellcanon.

Turn 1: Warriors of Chaos

Movement: The left side of the chaos board all uniformly moves up 8", with the chaos knights holding back from going their full speed to support the warriors beside them. The chosen and warshrine move up to the base of the hill, followed by the chaos sorcerer lord. The marauders go their full distance of 8 inches to the base of the large woods on the right side of the board. The hellcanon doesn't move, but takes aim at my slann Sotarkesh.

Magic: I manage to dispel a flickering fire, call to glory, and a fireball. I gamble that he can't cast infernal gateway on 3 dice but lose, and infernal gateway goes off on my center-most Saurus unit. You always have to hold your breath when that spell is cast on an expensive infantry block, but the damage if fairly minimal, only killing 5.

Shooting: The hellcannon lands a magical blast right on Sotarkesh's head, but my opponent learns the hard way that he has a 2+ ward save against all shooting thanks to his Divine Plaque of Protection. The warshrine's both buff the chosen unit, giving with the eye of the gods table granting them +1 armor save as well as magic resistance 3.

Turn 1: Lizardmen

Movement: I angle my leftmost skink skirmishers so that if they are charged by the chaos knights, they will over-run into my salamanders and also will be unable to charge my stegadon. I move my saurus units up, but not at full speed, wary of charges from superior chaos troops. The center salamander moves up and angles to breath fire on the chaos warriors. My skink cohorts move to the crest of the hill, planning on fleeing a charge from the chosen if they feel so inclined. The stegadon, slann, and Battle standard bearer shift around the midfield, setting up charges for charges in turns 2 and 3, with the slann just positing in the middle of my battle line. I move the skink skirmishers on the far right exactly 15.5 inches away from the marauder horde, forcing them to test for frenzy but not being in any real danger. The chameleon skinks move so they are all in range of the hell cannon.

Magic:I manage to get Pha's Protection's -1 to be hit to all units within 12" of the slann, as well as Speed of light on the center unit of Saurus warriors.

Shooting:The left salamander's flame gout is short, but the center salamander happens to get far enough to engulf a few chaos warriors. Sadly, only 1 is wounded. Most of my shooting is out of range and the great bow on the stegadon misses. The chameleon skinks steal the show and manage to deal 3 wounds to the hellcannon.

End of Turn 1:

Turn 2: Warriors of Chaos

Movement: The worst possible thing happens, the hellcanon goes berserk and rams right into my chameleon skinks... dang it. He declares a charge with his knights into my left salamander, as well as a charge of his warriors into my saurus, I hold for both. When he declares a charge with his warshrine into my skinks on the hill however, I flee the heck out of there. There's no way they can take that thing on. Ensuing panic tests are passed and onto the magic phase. The warriors end up failing their charge into the saurus which sets them up perfectly for a counter-charge from the saurus and my ancient stegadon. The chosen unit moves up on the hill to be next to the warshrine and the marauders move into the woods and angle slightly towards my battle-line.

Magic: Of which there isn't one. My opponent only gets a few power dice and throws them all at infernal gateway, which doesn't even go off.

Shooting: Far more eventful here. The chosen replace their +3 magic resistance with stubborn and a 4+ ward save. They now have a 2+ armor save and a 4+ ward save... that's going to be a hard unit to shift.

Combat: The best possible thing happens. The chameleon skinks use their awesome kung fu ninja skills to do the two remaining wounds to the hellcanon. My opponent and I can't believe it. This gives me some distant hope for the chaos knights vs skink skirmisher combat... but probability finally falls back into logical reasonableness and the skinks are juiced and the knights overrun into the salamander.

Turn 2: Lizardmen

Movement: Kro'Qua charges into the Chaos Knights. My saurus charge in tandem with my ancient stegadon into the warriors of chaos with the exalted hero. My regular stegadon charges into the chosen, hoping to just hold them in place for as long as possible. The center painted saurus charge into the left warshrine, and problematically fail. My fleeing skinks rally and my remaining salamander moves to the flank of the marauder horde to try and get as many under the template as possible. Kai'Qu my BSB moves up next to the warshrine's flank out of everything's charge arc.

Magic: I get Pha's protection on the saurus in combat, as well as a 12" bubble speed of light on everything around the slann. Unfortunately I irresistible forced the speed of light, and then forgot the spell and ended my magic phase. So, good that I got 2 spells off, bad that my wizard is now level 3 and doesn't know that spell anymore.

Shooting: Over on the right flank, skink and salamander fire manage to kill off 9 of the marauder horde. Most of my opponent's other units are in combat or out of range so the rest of my shooting is wasted.

Combat: In the combat with the chaos warriors I manage to get 6 wounds with impact hits so I'm feeling pretty confident. however, even hitting on 3's my Saurus warriors only get 3 hits, 2 wounds, and both are saved by armor. To make matters worse, even though he's hitting me on 5's because I'm -1 to be hit and weaponskill 10, he STILL kills 6 Saurus. Just as I'm starting to doubt my chances his attacks on the stegadon's skink crew totally miss or bounce off their armor save. A roll of a 6 on the thunderstomp dice sees another rank of chaos warriors deleted and I win combat handily, he breaks and I peruse with both, running them down. The stegadon literally did 100% of the work there, getting 12 wounds through impact hits, attacks, and stomps while taking 0 wounds in return. The saurus just looked pretty and negated steadfast, but either way their combined efforts just netted me over 500 points.

Kro'Qua fared much worse. The salamander was totally destroyed giving the chaos knights 3 combat resolution and while Kro'Qua rolled well and scored 4 wounds, 2 were saved by armor and 1 by his 6+ ward save. While his champion was dead, I still lost combat by 3. Kro'Qua remained resolute though and managed to hold needing a 5.

The chosen proved as indestructible as I had feared. Between their 2+ armor save and 3+ ward save, they suffered 0 wounds from the stegadons impact hits, attacks and stomps. To make matters worse they even wounded the beast. I lost combat handily but managed to hold because of stubborn. I have no idea what I'm going to do about that unit. Nothing I have on the board can outfight it. Hopefully I can clog it with stegadons long enough to surround it and beat it through combat resolution.

End of Turn 2:

Turn 3: Warriors of Chaos

Movement: The warshrine on the right charges my remaining salamander and I flee a solid 11 inches, getting away soundly but also being a bit farther back than I wanted. He flies his sorcerer over past the woods to the right of the mauraders, which pass their frenzy restrain and angle towards the center of the boards and move up slightly. His warshrine on the left is marchblocked and cant' do much, so it angles to the left of the board to draw the saurus unit closer to the chosen.

Magic: pandemonium is cast and so is treason of Tzeentch on my painted saurus block. I decide that saurus are incapable of hurting anything, including themselves, and let in through. I am proven wise to not doubt the incompetence of my own troops as only 1 dies to the infighting. The chaos sorcerer then risks it all, casting infernal gateway on the same unit with 6 dice. He does not get irresistible force however and rolls rather low, with a total score of only 19. I only have 4 dispel dice to combat it but he has no more dice so I just throw all four to stop it and also get, exactly 19. WHEW!

Shooting: problems here, as the chosen give up their largely superfluous +1 armor save and get +1 strength. now they'll be wounding the stegadon on 5's instead of 6's, meaning I won't be able to lock them in place for nearly as long.

Combat: Kro'Qua, still not it top form from his injuries apparently, fluffs his attacks and takes a wound in return against the chaos knights. He loses combat by 2 but still manages to hold. He can't hold on forever though and I plan to get some help over to him as soon as I can. The stegadon still only takes 1 wound from the now strength 5 chosen and even manages to kill one of them with their reduces armor. However, this is not nearly enough to help me win combat and I lose again, but still hold due to stubborn and a BSB re-roll.

Turn 3: Lizardmen

Movement: I charge my painted saurus block into the warshrine and they hit home. My salamanders then rally, which was nice considering they were only on leadership 6. My skinks on the right side move up to block the marauders and shoot the chaos sorcerer respectively. The saurus that defeated the chaos warriors swift reform around to help Kro'Qua deal with the knight unit while my blue stegadon goes the opposite direction to get a charge off on the chosen. My chameleon skinks move towards the center of the board to shoot at things in later turns. Kai'Qu moves over to the left side of the board between my red stegadon and Kro'Qua, giving his BSB re-roll to both. My slann shifts over a few inches to the left for the same reason.

Magic: First thing I do is dispel pandemonium. I manage to get pha's protection on my red stegadon, hoping that will help it survive a little longer. I try to 12" bubble a speed of light on 5 dice but it is dispelled.

Shooting: Skink shooting manages to kill 2 marauders as well as take a wound off his Chaos Sorcerer. With a 1+/3++ he certainly wasn't expecting that. Only 2 more wounds to go.

Combat: Kro'Qua takes yet another wound by the chaos knights, bringing him down to a dangerous single hit point. He manages to kill the one in return but loses by 1 because of their banner. He manages to hold in no small part because of the recently relocated leadership of Sotarkesh and Kai'Qu's re-roll. The warshrine kills one saurus warrior and takes no wounds in return. I beat it handily but it still passes its break test. Pha's protection does it's job and the chosen are unable to hurt the red stegadon. I can't do any wounds back though so it again loses but again holds due to stubborn leadership 9.

End of turn 3:

Battle Continued on next post.

01-06-2012, 09:25
Turn 4: Warriors of Chaos

Movement: The marauder horde, tired of being shot at all game, charges the skink cohorts. I elect to stand and shoot, hoping to take a few with me and resigning the brave skinks to their fate. His wizard flies up to just below the hill and the warshrine moves next to him.

Magic: Flickering Fire hits my salamander unit, although miraculously doesn't kill it, inflicting 2 wounds on the salamander and killing 1 skink handler. My opponent and I then have a "6 dice war" of casting and dispelling infernal gateway against my battle standard bearer Kai'Qu. I lose. Thankfully, the 10 hits are only resolved at strength 4, and between high toughness and good armor saves, Kai'Qu is able to shrug off the spell in its entirety without taking any wounds.

Shooting: The warshrine decides that +1 strength on the chosen is worth keeping and elects not to bless anything.

Combat: Pha's protection continues to keep the chosen at bay. Unable to hurt the stegadon, in no smart part to some lucky armor saves, the chosen prove just as invincible to retaliation and suffer no wounds, once again winning the combat. The warshrine doesn't fair as well and is once again defeated by the saurus warrior block. This time however it fails its leadership test and flees, only to be run down.

Kro'Qua manages to kill another knight but that's not enough for him to win combat against a banner and a musician. With the knight unit down to only 2 models, I'm somewhat regreting commiting and entire saurus block to save my oldblood. Kro'Qua does what he has to for this plan to work, and holds for a final time.

Turn 4: Lizardmen

Movement: Regret or no, commited is what I am so the saurus charge into the flank of the knights. The blue stegadon charges into the chosen's flank. Both charges connect. Kai'Qu elects to hold back to spread his 12" Hold Your Ground bubble to as many things as possible. I move my salamander to the flanks of the marauder horde in order to shoot at it most efficiently. The chameleon skinks continue to move to the right side of the board, with the intention of shooting at things in later turns. Sotarkesh shifts up a bit out of the warshrine's charge arc, and the saurus move up and to the left of the board to charge the chosen in the following turn. My remaining skink skirmisher unit moves behind the marauders to continue peppering them with blowpipe fire.

Magic: Sotarkesh manages to get off a 12" pha's protection bubble to almost everything in my army. I try to cast some other spells but they are dispelled or fail.

Shooting: Skink and salamander shooting is particularly devastating to the marauders, with he salamander getting a direct hit covering almost half the unit in flame. The unit is reduced in size by almost a third.

Combat: Hilariously enough, even with all my attacks, the last 2 chaos knights take no wounds at all, but don't inflict serious damage either, going for the kill on the Oldblood and failing to remove his final wound. They lose handily and break, killing the standard bearer and sending the musician packing. Since they were so close to the edge of the board and unable to rally on anything but double 1's, I opt not to peruse and turn both unit and character towards the center of the board.

I get pretty excited when the blue stegadon manages to kill 2 chosen with impact hits, but my joy soon turns to worry. Even with the pha's protection, the chosen mince the red stegadon, taking off all 3 of its remaining wounds and killing it outright. I kill another chosen with a stomp attack, but even that isn't enough to win the combat and the chosen reform. It seems they are ready to take on my whole army.

End of turn 4:

Turn 5: Warriors of Chaos

Movement: Remember that single knight musician who could only rally on double 1's? Well he rallies on double 1's. The marauders are blocked and can't charge anything, so the warshrine spins to the left and the chaos sorcerer flies down by the water in a tag team attempt to box my slann in and charge him. The marauders are then found to be marchblocked so only go 4 inches towards my lines, angling to get line of sight on the saurus unit.

Magic: The chaos sorcerer casts pandemonium and has infernal gateway dispelled. He tries to cast flickering fire on 1 dice but rolls a 2 and fails.

Shooting: none

Combat: The chosen go to town on my blue stegadon, inflicting 5 wounds on it and killing it in a single go before I can even strike. They reform to face my closest saurus unit.

Turn 5: Lizardmen

Movement: I mull over charging the chosen with my saurus warriors, and decide against it. My thought process was that it was a unit I couldn't beat. It was also a unit I couldn't beat with only 11 guys in it, so I was going to be steadfast, meaning his charging down a hill wouldn't matter as I'd be on leadership 8 no matter what. Since I couldn't beat the unit, charging it was just giving it another round to beat up on me, and the game was winding down. So, I hold off on that charge, banking on the notion that as indestructible as the chosen are, they won't be able to break me in the 2 rounds of combat the game has left.

Kro'Qua in the meantime charges the warshrine and makes it. The skinks and salamander all shift around the marauders to continue killing them to death. Kai'Qu, tired of having infernal gateway sent his direction, joins the unpainted saurus unit for a bit of protection after they head 8" towards the center of the board. My slann moves up to where if he gets charged by the chaos sorcerer and holds, the unpainted saurus unit can flank.

Magic: I once again attempt to cast pha's protection, this time on the saurus unit closest to the chosen, but disaster strikes. I roll double 1's on two dice and fail, ending my magic phase with nary a spell cast.

Shooting: Another round of pain for the marauders, as another direct hit flame template decimates the unit. After the skinks shoot down a few more with blowpipes, there is only a dozen left in the unit.

Combat: Kro'Qua doesn't manage to deal any wounds to the toughness 6 warshrine and its 4+ ward save, but he does beat it in combat because of his charge and it breaks. It is however able to get away by two inches.

Turn 6: Warriors of Chaos

Movement: What's left of the marauder horde charges Kro'Qua, hoping to take off his 1 remaining wound and score his points. I would have fled, except with the chaos sorcerer on one end and the rallied chaos knight musician on the other, it was far too risky. The chosen charge into the saurus block and I can only hope the damage he does is minimal and that my could blooded leadership holds. The chaos sorcerer flies left, just to the left of the rocky outcrop. The warshrine manages to rally. The single chaos knight retreats, getting far away from anything that might kill him and give up the points for his unit.

Start of turn 6, after charges but before remaining movement:

Magic: Flickering fire and infernal gateway are cast on my unpainted saurus block, but he rolls low for strength both times and only a single saurus ends up dying. I dispel pandemonium since he has used up all his dice.

Combat: The chosen prove how much better they are than saurus warriors by ripping an entire rank off the unit. I'm able to do absolutely nothing against them and he wins handily, but I hold. Kro'Qua goes absolutely to town on the marauders, killing no less than 5. I hold my breath but their numerous strength 5 attacks aren't able to finish the stubborn oldblood and they break and flee. I consider not chasing them and trying to run them down on turn 6 with skinks and setting my sights on the warshrine, but decide that I'd rather have the guaranteed points vs fighting a battle against a warshrine that might kill me and might not run from combat. Kro'Qua peruses and runs the few remaining marauders down.

Turn 6: Lizardmen

Movement: Kai'Qu declares a long charge out of his unit against the chaos sorcerer, who is close enough to the edge of the board that he dares not flee. Bonus being that he actually rolls the 10 he needed and makes it! Not much other movement is necessary but my skinks move in towards the warhsrine, hoping to finish it off with shooting.

Magic: I try to cast Pha's protection on the Saurus and get it off with irresistible force. My heart skips a beat when I roll a dimensional cascade with a little nudge from the Infernal Puppet, but I merely take a wound instead of being sucked into the warp. I lose a lot of dice from the miscast but throw my remaining on timewarp at the saurus, but am thwarted by a handful of dispel dice from my opponent.

Shooting: All shots go on the warshrine, and after the flaming breath and several dozen blowpipes the warshrine only takes a single wound.

Combat: I'm glad my slann didn't die to his miscast because pha's protection might as well not even been there. In the chosen/saurus combat, I once again get beaten down horribly, but importantly so horribly that not only am I not steadfast, but he actually outnumbers me! I still can't do a single wound in return. I am defeated by 6 but manage to hold on a 3 thanks to the leadership of the nearby slann!

Kai'Qu, even at strength 7, can't get past the chaos sorcerer's high armor and ward saves, although he can't wound me either. I hope that I can win through the sheer combat resolution of charge plus banner. He's down to leadership 6, but passes his break test, and that ends the game.

End of Turn 6:

Result: Victory to the Lizardmen by 864 points.

Post Game thoughts: Overall a fun game where I had some really good luck early on that carried me through the end. Defeating the warrior unit with hero in it because I rolled 12 impact hits + thunderstomps is about as lucky as you can get. The hellcannon being defeated by the the weakest of the weak was also particularly lucky in my favor. I feel like I handled the marauder and chosen units well, sacrificing some points against them but keeping them from running amok and causing too much damage. I was really surprised that Kro'Qua was so beaten up by those chaos knights. I should have probably sent more his way to support him and am lucky that he held for so many turns without any help. In future games I think I'm going to run my BSB inside a unit. It might not protect him from cannons, but it can help him vs a lot of shooting and spells. The game was a lot closer than it looks at final glance. If my Slann had been sucked into the warp from the dimensional cascade, the saurus unit wouldn't have held and they would have potentially been run down by the chosen. That shift in points alone would have been enough to prevent the win.

14-06-2012, 06:16
Update: Game 7 completed. In the following days/weeks I think I'll be focusing on catching up with my fluff so that the story actually flows like in my head instead of leaving off at an illogical cliffhanger. I've got "stuff" planned I swear, and I hope you all enjoy.

Posts 68 and 76 will be receiving updates until they are finished before I begin the 8th report on post 77.

20-06-2012, 08:14
What news of the lizards Kayosiv?

20-06-2012, 08:28
Started my first week of work at my Summer Job and have had no time to write battle report fluff. I haven't been getting many games with my lizardmen lately because my friend who plays warriors of chaos has been defeating me lately with vampire counts and I've been modifying my lists and tactics in an attempt to beat him because he has been crushing me so thoroughly. What's awesome is that the string of defeats at his hands has ended finally and I've gotten 2 wins in a row, bringing the total to something along the lines of 2 wins and 5 losses with my vampires against his Warriors of chaos. He does however want to play my lizardmen for the same reason (I don't believe he's ever beaten my lizardmen, if he has it's been a long time) so I'll hopefully get a few games in with him soon.

In other news I just contacted Oncebitten and he says that, while he is busy, he can probably get in a game with me over skype and he has lizardmen and vampire counts pieces at his disposal to use. I'm super exited about this because I've been a fan of Oncebitten's reports for years and have watched well over 200 of his youtube videos. When I was living in the dorms and was unable to play warhammer for many months at a time, Oncebitten's games were the only ones that I got to watch, so to speak. Hopefully we can set that up soon as well.

20-06-2012, 10:33
Started my first week of work at my Summer Job and have had no time to write battle report fluff. I haven't been getting many games with my lizardmen lately because my friend who plays warriors of chaos has been defeating me lately with vampire counts and I've been modifying my lists and tactics in an attempt to beat him because he has been crushing me so thoroughly. What's awesome is that the string of defeats at his hands has ended finally and I've gotten 2 wins in a row, bringing the total to something along the lines of 2 wins and 5 losses with my vampires against his Warriors of chaos. He does however want to play my lizardmen for the same reason (I don't believe he's ever beaten my lizardmen, if he has it's been a long time) so I'll hopefully get a few games in with him soon.

In other news I just contacted Oncebitten and he says that, while he is busy, he can probably get in a game with me over skype and he has lizardmen and vampire counts pieces at his disposal to use. I'm super exited about this because I've been a fan of Oncebitten's reports for years and have watched well over 200 of his youtube videos. When I was living in the dorms and was unable to play warhammer for many months at a time, Oncebitten's games were the only ones that I got to watch, so to speak. Hopefully we can set that up soon as well.

Sounds great, ive just got my wfb mojo back myself. Looking at getting some quick games in to post up and get the YT channel working again.
I would love to be the ref in that match :) Ive watched nearly all of OB's output, its quality stuff cant wait to see it posted up :yes:

17-08-2012, 04:20
Despite the long inactivity in this thread, I have been playing more Warhammer than ever. My job keeps my very busy and I have little spare time, meaning then when I do have a few hours to spare, I play games instead of writing reports. I take detailed notes and my job is ending in less than a month, so there will be more content in this thread very soon, but in the meantime I have a special treat for the dedicated that still check this thread from time to time.

I have recently played a game against one of my long time internet heroes, Oncebitten360. He was nice enough to spend 6 hours of his Sunday playing a game of Warhammer with me over a distance of 3000 miles. We played the game over Skype using his models and he has just finished putting up the battle report on it. Please do check it out, as I am excited as heck to have given him a good game and for him to do a report based on a Warhammer Fantasy Battle against yours truly. I was forced out of my comfort zone for the game, having to play an army I've never played before, but battled many times, Beastmen. The results are interesting and well worth the watch. Please leave a comment and a like if you enjoy the report; such things help Oncebitten continue to offer great entertainment free of charge on his Youtube channel.


17-08-2012, 07:44
Will surely check this out when I get home from work! :) Youtube battle reports are awesome!

17-08-2012, 22:58
Great fluff as always, top-notch! It's great to see some fluff reports here since they are, always have been and probably always will be my favorite kind of reports! :D

08-09-2012, 05:48
Fluff on Post 68 finished.

Still need to do some in-report fluff on battle 7.

Battle 8's report should be started soon.

09-09-2012, 22:01
My List: Vampire Counts

Lord: 621
Vampire Lord, Army General: Kayosiv Level 1, Heavy Armor
Vampiric Powers: Quickblood (always strike first) Red Fury (each initial wound in combat grants an additional attack)
Magic Items: 4+ ward, Enchanted Shield (+2 armor), Sword of Might (+1 strength)
Mount: ZOMBIE DRAGON, Rupert
Spells (1): Hellish Vigor.

Heroes: 275
Necromancer: Level 2.
Magic Items: The Cursed Book (35)
Spells (2): Invocation of Nehek, Curse of Years.

Magic Items: dispel scroll
Spells (2): Invocation of Nehek, Vanhel's dance macabe.

Core: (625 min) 625
40 Skeletons: with full command and the Screaming Banner
5 Dire Wolves: with Doom Wolf
5 Dire Wolves:with Doom Wolf
20 zombies: with musician and standard bearer
20 Ghouls:

Special: 984
30 Grave Guard: with great weapons, full command, and banner of the barrows.
11 Black Knights: with Lances, Barding, and full command.
3 Vargheists:
1 Spirit Host
1 Spirit Host

I think you really need to look at having a better variation of lores within the army, personally I only take a single model with lore of vampire (maybe 2 if the points permit) and a couple of shadow mages (then this gives me the fun of shadow hoping with my blender lord). I think dragon lords for VC are a massive risk, you need your general near your army so it can advance at a decent pace, you want you dragon away from the lines setting up flank charges, the games with cannons then its very much a frantic rush for cover, you might be better off seeing if you can turn your dragon into a terrorgheist and having your lord supporting your army. I think the other problem with the dragon lord is the lack of magic within the list, a couple of lvl2's won't be doing a whole lot unless you can kill off the enemy wizards.

Grave guard are a fine unit, I don't think its worth hording them unless you have a unit of 40, anything less and you may as well go for ranks, honestly not a massive fan of horde units, they can be annoying to position unless you and opponet just run head first at each other. Skeletons are fine, they do however need a vampire in the unit to do the grinding, they are a perfect place for a blender lord to hide, zombies are cool as well but I think the main thing is access to a magical banner, even a flaming banner can be useful on them, screaming banner really requires a vampire with all the anti-leadership powers.

Really cool battle reports and it looks like you have a very tough WoC army to beat, with so many hammer units VC will always be at a disadvantage.

10-09-2012, 09:32
Yeah my WoC opponent has been getting better and better, mostly because we play each other so much and keep exploiting each others' weaknesses with increasing efficiency. I lost to him tonight, in fact, although he played a much better game than me. It was a harsh reminder and lesson about taking needless risks. I casted a spell on 2 dice for virtually no benefit on turn 1, got double sixes, and rolled a 3 on the miscast chart. I nearly lost the game before he got a chance to take a turn and it costs me 5 black knights which crippled me the entire game.

All I can say about all of your advice is well... yes. Yes to everything. The list you quoted is quite old and I have not been using a dragon for quite some time and have been running a terrorgheist instead. I have also dropped the unit of grave guard because a unit of 40 costs over 500 points and just didn't want to spend that on a single unit. I replaced it with 8 crypt horrors and have not regretted it at all. More magic dominance in my list is something I've been trying to work in and have been thinking about how best to do it.

10-09-2012, 09:46
All I can say about all of your advice is well... yes. Yes to everything. The list you quoted is quite old and I have not been using a dragon for quite some time and have been running a terrorgheist instead. I have also dropped the unit of grave guard because a unit of 40 costs over 500 points and just didn't want to spend that on a single unit. I replaced it with 8 crypt horrors and have not regretted it at all. More magic dominance in my list is something I've been trying to work in and have been thinking about how best to do it.

Well if you want any suggestions on improving your list let me know, I'm sure I can come up with something that doesn't require a massive chance, shame about dropping the grave guard, I still use mine, just a unit of 27+ character, I tried the unit of 30 myself in a horde, it was rather pointless. Not tried horrors yet but I have nothing in my list I would want to drop, I would rather have a unit of Wraiths anyway:D

10-09-2012, 19:55
I used a tiny unit of 2 wraiths with a banshee for all of 7th edition and they never steered me wrong. The fact that the scream needs line of sight now though got me a bit worried. I have been contemplating replacing the terrorgheist with the point equivalent amount of 3 wraiths + banshee, just because the terrorgheist is SOOOO useless is any combat that it can't thunderstomp and it would be nice to have a support unit that could scream instead of a unit I have to baby because it crumbles so easily, even if it can scream slightly better. The biggest problem is in my meta of friends, wraiths are very fragile. The things I need the armor ignoring attacks to target are mostly doombulls, chaos knights, and skaven monsters like hellpits and doomwheels. All of which have high strength magical attacks.

I really don't miss the skeletons I've dropped from my list at all. They just don't work and I am impressed with any army that can get them to do anything. The grave guard however, I miss. My list lacks high strength attacks outside of the black knights who only get it on the charge and who are already with my lord anyway and he rarely needs any help. Having another unit with strength 5+ would be nice. There's plenty in the armybook that can do that too, I just need to figure out what to swap around. After I finish up my last report backlog I'll look into tweaking my new list some more, but in the meantime here is the most current list I've been using.

Vampire Lord, Army General: Kayosiv: Level 2, Heavy Armor
Vampiric Powers: Quickblood, Red Fury
Magic Items: 4+ ward, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Might
Mount: Barded Nightmare

Necromancer, Level 3.
Dispel scroll:

5 Dire Wolves:
5 Dire Wolves:
5 Dire Wolves:
20 zombies: with musician and standard bearer
43 Ghouls with haunter:

14 Black Knights: with Lances, Barding, and full command and Warbanner
8 Crypt Horrors with Haunter
4 Vargheists
1 Spirit Hosts
1 Spirit Hosts


10-09-2012, 20:36
Well its a good start, I don't use necromancers at all, if I was to use one then I would be taking a lvl4, just have your lord to cast IoN on your knights and keep them in one piece.

I've honestly had no real problem with my skeletons but they have a combat character in the unit, I simply have them for the parry save, let the vampire grind down the enemy unit (which is usually my blender lord).

The terrorghiest is very nice, I don't use it because its a pig to transport, I have a unit of 6 wraiths as a hammer unit which I have found to be very effective, some Wraiths could be useful for drawing direct damage spells away from your knight bus (not that I'm a massive fan of it), I just find having my general with the army more useful. Have you considered even swapping the Vampire lord for two vampires? I find having my points spread more evenly helps a lot, with this list as soon as your lose your knights its your army pretty much screwed.

11-09-2012, 05:10
I have actually thought of 2 heroes instead of 1 lord, especially with a master necromancer to keep the army going. I'm just paranoid about my vampires dying, which my hero level vampires when I took them always seemed to do. If my lord was a necromancer though... maybe that would be OK.

Why aren't you a fan of the knight bus?

11-09-2012, 20:00
I've played with with normal vampires over a lord before, I guess it depends how you arm them, of course when I did it I didn't have a master necromancer so my list really suffered in the magic phase.

This is my favorite vampire build :D

lvl 2 sorcerer
- Lore of Shadow
- Great Weapon
- heavy Armour
- Nightshroud
- Beguile
- Dread Knight
- Aura of Dark Majesty
Total 242pts

So far he hasn't let me down! I haven't tried the necromancer lord yet, I only take vampires as my characters, of course my play style is to spread the points across the table more evenily to reduce the impact of losing units to the overall game plan.

My main problem with the knight bus is the amount of points you end up pointing into a single point of the board, especially if you have you vampire lord in the unit, then basically your game is won or lost based on how well this unit does, its not like black knights have super stats either and I think they force you down the lore of vampire route because of the investment, you have to keep it alive. I would much rather have grave guard (well I am very bias towards using grave guard, but I use teutogen guard as mine ;) ), so many more models, more ranks and if you choose a smaller frontage. It just makes breaking units easier! The other thing is if you take a black knight bus you kinda have to put your vampire lord in it, so when it comes to deployment you opponent has a far easier time of predicting how your characters will deploy.

05-10-2012, 13:55
Realizing that once again I have let this thread sit idle for nearly a month, here is a lot of updates on what I've been up to.

I have found a Games Workshop within reasonable driving distance and have been going to their fantasy events. The turnout is low but I'm getting to fight armies like Orcs & Goblins and Dark elves which I haven't faced in years.

I have finished assembling my 2nd set of 5 black knights, my 4th Vargheist, and my 8 Crypt Ghouls. The last vargheist and cyprt ghoul conversions I am especially proud of. I will post pictures soon.

I have been busy attempting to find work and so haven't had the time to write reports/fluff things in here. I will do my best to get some solid updates within the next week or 2.

I recently picked up a brush for the first time in almost a year. I had a stegadon run down a horde of ogre bulls in a recent game. The BSB was in the ogre unit and they failed 2 steadfast leadership 9 break tests and were then also unable to outdistance the stegadon who perused then and ran them down. That was a 235 point unit that in one round of combat, netting me over 800 victory points. Because of this, I proclaimed that I would finished painting the model, which had been left unfinished some 3 years ago so I could work on other projects. The progress is shaky and slow as I try to work around my rustiness with the brush, but overall is going well.

EDIT: As promised, here are some pictures of my WIP crypt horrors, my FINISHED Vargheists (it feels both odd and amazing to finish something) and a hex wraith test conversion that I think turned out well enough that I'm going to make a few more.

I am tremendously proud of these and how well they came out. The brown color scheme was not one I had seen done before, but wanted a more "realistic bat color" for them. I spent a good hour picking out the teeth and doing that red glow on their eyes, starting over many times. The effort was well worth at as you can just see the "Oh look, lunch came to me" expression on their faces. Super happy with these, I only hope that my next projects will come out half as well... and hopefully take half the time.

Pretty excited with these conversions, especially the dual wielding unit champion and the "taking a bite out" conversion. Byrothegryo of this board helped me with some of the conversions which were some of my first Green Stuff work. His help is much appreciated.

Aside from the mold lines being pretty bad and the dang oldschool horse models not fitting together properly, I really like the look of how this guy came out. With all my extra bits from the blackknight spruce I figure I should be able to make a unit of 5-7 Hexwraiths for around $10 spent on the old horses. Perhaps a bit more work is required, but it seems worth it.

I have made considerable progress on my stegadon, but he is not finished. I will post it when it is complete.

09-10-2012, 18:13
both vargheists and horrors looks good, and getting something finished always gives that warm fuzzy feeling inside ;)

green stuffing some ragged barding on that hexwraith might be a good idea, rider looks good, horse still the goofy ol' thing :p

Hoping for some more batreps from you in the future

09-10-2012, 22:03
I kind of like the horses to be naked, although I agree the old models aren't the best, but they are also cheap. I never really considered using Hex Wraiths until I had 10 extra bodies sitting around with no horses to go on. I assembled them on a whim and am just seeing if I can do something with them.

I'll be working on one today I think, we'll see what I can get done.

Story section on post #76 is now completed.

Game 8 is now completed on posts #77-78.

I am now no longer backlogged in games to report. I will be seeking a new game to report soon, hopefully Lizardmen vs High elves to be played on November 1st. I am also trying to coordinate a rematch with Oncebitten360 involving Vampire Counts vs Lizardmen, who he says he will probably be able to play sometime in mid to late November. Apparently, my Skype battle with him was popular enough that there is now a line to play him over Skype and there's a few people ahead of me.

In the meantime, I am painting my stegadons and am looking to start on my slann soon.

26-10-2012, 07:01
Story section on post #76 is now completed.

Game 8 is now completed on posts #77-78.

I am now no longer backlogged in games to report. I will be seeking a new game to report soon, hopefully Lizardmen vs High elves to be played on November 1st. I am also trying to coordinate a rematch with Oncebitten360 involving Vampire Counts vs Lizardmen, who he says he will probably be able to play sometime in mid to late November. Apparently, my Skype battle with him was popular enough that there is now a line to play him over Skype and there's a few people ahead of me.

In the meantime, I am painting my stegadons and am looking to start on my slann soon.

08-11-2012, 08:45
Game 10: Last Battle for the Temple
Scenario: Meeting Engagement, 2500 points.

The Tzeentch sorcerer parried a mighty thrust from Kai'Qu as he surveyed the decimation around him. Everything was in ruins. His army was in shambles, only the chosen of his patron god still left fighting. His undead quarry had escaped. All his painstaking planning had come undone. And it was all that Slann's fault. The slann had outsmarted him, beaten him at his own game and it made his blood boil.

Kai'Qu's warblade missed decapitating the sorcerer by mere inches after another mighty swing, and he began to slowly levitate out of the scar-veteran's reach, much to Kai'Qu's frustration. The chaos sorcerer knew he had to escape, but that would be difficult. He needed a diversion, and he quickly scanned the portents of probability and reality to find one. He smiled, as High Elf ship sails came into view through the fog that had enveloped the day.


Hallar the Scholar stared through the gloom in hopes of seeing the situation on the island, but the fog was so thick that the fleet's crews nearly rammed the ships into the pier. As the ships were tied down and the passengers began to disembark, his heart sank. He could see black smoke rising into the grey skies. They were too late. Shocked and disappointed murmurs began to circulate through his relief force. They had made the trip for nothing, their High Elfin brothers were already dead.

Just as despair threatened to overtake the elves, the din of battle was heard. Their attitude changed immediately and the host began to rank up and disembark in an ordered panic. Hallar made a wave of his ornate staff and gusts of wind began to blow away the fog that blocked the elfish encampment from their view. There was a collective gasp.

Demons. Demons were everywhere. They were ransacking the encampment, defiling it and its inhabitants in unspeakable ways.

"TO ARMS!" Hallar screamed, filled with righteous fury. The elves surged forward at their foes, despite only half of them being disembarked from their boats. The lizardmen turned in unison towards the elfish charge, confusion in the eyes of Saurus and skink alike, until Sotarkesh's commanding voice boomed in their heads.
"They know not what they see, defend yourselves."

The chosen of Tzeentch did not continue to fight, but marched off silently with a purpose known only to them.

My List: Lizardmen

Lords: 593
GENERAL: Slann (Sotarkesh): 1 Disciplines of the Ancients. Lore of Heavens.
Magic Items: Divine Plaque of Protection, dispel scroll
Disciplines of the Ancients: Focused Rumination (+1 free power dice per cast).
4+ Ward save. 2+ Ward save against all ranged attacks.
Spells: 0 Iceshard Blizzard, 3 Curse of the Midnight Wind, 5 Comet of Cassadora, 6 Chain Lightning.

Lord: Saurus Old Blood (Kro’Qua): halberd
Mount: Cold One
Magic Items: Glittering Scale Armor, Talisman of Preservation. Venom of the firefly frog
+1 Strength, 1+ armor save. 4+ ward save. -1 to be hit in close combat. Poisoned Attacks. Stupid.

Heroes: 176
BATTLE STANDARD BEARER: Scar-Veteran (Kai’Que): BSB, great weapon.
Mount: Cold One
Magic Items: Armor of Fortune, Stone of Good Luck
1+ armor save, 5+ ward save, may reroll first failed armor save. +2 strength, strikes last.

Core: 972
30 Saurus Warriors with full command.
30 Saurus Warriors with full command.
10 Skink javelin and shields with musician.
10 Skink javelin and shields with musician.
10 Skink skirmishers with blowpipes.
10 Skink skirmishers with blowpipes.

Special: 596
10 Chameleon skinks with stalker.

Rare: 160
1 Salamander with 4 skink crew
1 salamander with 4 skink crew

His List: High Elves

Lords: 320
Archmage: Level 4 High Magic. Jewel of Dusk, Folariath's Robe(unable to make attacks but immune to mundane weapons).
Spells: Shield of Saphery, Curse of arrow attraction, Fury of Khaine, Vaul's Unmaking.

Heroes: 343
Mage: Level 2 Beast Magic. Annulian Crystal (remove 1 power dice from opponent, use as extra dispel dice)
Spells: Wyssan's Wildform and Amber Spear.

Noble: BSB. Great Weapon. Armor of Caledor. Dawnstone. 2+ re-rollable armor save. +2 strength.

Core: 635
10 Archers with musician and banner of Eternal Flame
25 Spearmen with full command
25 Spearmen with full command

Special: 1102
5 Dragon Princes with musician
5 Ellyrian Reavers with bows and musicain
20 swordmasters with full command
28 White lions with full command and banner of Sorcery (+d3 powerdice each magic phase)

Rare: 100
Great Eagle
Great Eagle

Deployment is a bit weird because half of the high elf units end up being in reserve, most notably, his horde of white lions. The High Elf player wins the roll to deploy first ends up garrisoning the fences between the houses, while I deploy fairly far back. His army only has 1 small unit of archers and some fast cavalry with bows, meaning that I have far more firepower at my disposal. Since he didn't have enough units on the board to really cover his flanks, all the skinks go down on either side of the map, the chameleon skinks deploy behind his lines, and the 2 saurus blocks, 2 stegadons, and all my characters go in my center about 17 inches away from his foot troops. Only my battle standard bearer Kai'Qu doesn't deploy with the rest of the army. I fail to roll a 6 and so the first turn goes to the High Elves.

Elves: Turn 1

Movement: The elves don't do much moving. Most of them shuffle around at their garrisoned fences. The two eagles each fly behind a house for cover. The white lions, dragon princes, and spearmen come on the board with the spearmen and dragon princes going over on the right side of the board and white white lions moving just behind the right house. His reavers move at full speed towards my chameleon skinks.

Magic: The beast mage manages to get an amber spear off on my red stegadon with irresistible force, causing 2 wounds to it. The ensuing backlash kills 3 spear elves and loses him a bunch of power dice, preventing him from casting anything else that phase as I easily dispel the rest.

Shooting: His elfin reavers take aim at my chameleon skinks, but fail to hit them. The archers swift reform in an attempt to also shoot, but fail their test and cannot shoot at the chameleons at all.

Lizardmen: Turn 1

Movement: My 2 saurus blocks don't move much, only shifting a few inches forward, with my slann going 2 inches to the left. My blue stegadon turns to face the dragon princes (safely behind a scree slope) and spear-elves, while all my skinks move forward at maximum speed for the best shooting positions. My right salamander moves up to the flank of the white lions while Kro'Qua and the left salamander move up in preparation to fight the other set of spear elves. Kai'Qu comes on the board behind the action in hopes that he'll do things in later turns.

Magic: I cast comet in the center of the board and my opponent lets it go, using his dispel dice to stop the rest of my magic phase. I can only hope the comet comes soon and hits him in the center of his lines before he has time to move out of the way.

Shooting: The chameleon skinks manages to totally decimate the reavers, killing 4 of the 5 models. Skink shooting elsewhere manages to kill the leftmost great eagle, 2 spearmen on the right flank, and 2 dragon princes. The rightmost salamander overshoots the white lions almost entirely and only hits a few models, wounding 2, and he makes BOTH of his 6+ armor saves. The surviving great eagle on the right flank is not so lucky and suffers a wound. The salamander on the left fares much better, landing his flame template in the middle of the unit of spear elves and killing 6.

End of Turn 1:

Elves: Turn 2

Movement: He declares his only charge, the rightmost spear-elves into my ranked skinks. I elect to flee and go an impressive 11 inches, while they spear-elves fail their charge and go a piddly 2". He garrisons his white lions in the rightmost house, and moves the sword-masters and spearmen forward. His dragon princes move so they can get to the stegadon without having to cross the scree slope. His reaver makes a run for it and his eagle positions to get a charge on my rightmost salamander.

Magic: The Lord mage casts fury of Khaine at my red stegadon. I'm thinking that 2d6 strength 4 hits are of no real danger to the toughness 6 monster so I let it go. Then he goes ahead and rolls 10 hits, with enough allocated on the stegadon with enough 6's rolled to kill it, and then I don't make any scaly skin saves. 1 stegadon down... from strength 4 attacks no less. That sucks. Just when I was starting to feel real bitter about the magic phase, he fails to cast some easy spells and his phase is over with me holding a big pile of dispel dice and feeling really stupid, and the comet lands right in the center of his lines. About a rank is taken out of his left spear-elves as well as his sword-masters, and his great eagle dies outright. Not bad. Sadly, the white lions are 1/2" away from the comet and take no damage.

Shooting: The archers try to shoot at the chameleon skinks but just can't roll any 6's.

Lizardmen: Turn 2

Movement: The leftmost saurus warriors as well as Kro'Qua charge into the spear elves. I am very confident with this combat. With Kro'Qua's help victory is assured. Next, in an amazingly lucky chain of events, my Stegadon charges the dragon princes, who fail their terror test and flee through the spear-elves, who fail their panic test and also run, and are then charged by my rightmost skink skirmishers and forced off the board. I would have liked to have killed the dragon princes, but they were just out of the skink's charge arc. Still, an amazing stroke of luck having his right flank collapse like that without a single model being lost. With the right flank secured, the right saurus unit moves up into a position where they can flank the swordmasters if the spear-elves dont' break and the left saurus unit is flanked. My skinks on the left move up to kill the archers and the ones on the right move to shoot at the dragon princes. The javalin skinks who fled the spear-men rally and flip around to face the way they came. My rightmost salamander positions to belch fire at the sword-masters.

Magic: Iceshard Blizzard on the spear-elves on two dice but unfortunately get the spell off with irresistible force. The ensuing miscast robs Sotarkesh of 3 magic levels and all of his spells with the exception of chain lightning. The phase ends and things are not looking good for the lizardmen in terms of magic superiority.

Shooting: The combined efforts of skink skirmishers, chameleon skinks, and a salamander reduce the archers to a single model, who passes his panic and holds. I am less lucky on the right flank, as the rightmost salamander scores 8 hits but instead of burning swordmasters horribly, only scores a single wound. The skink skirmishers charged the spear elves off the board this turn and cannot shoot.

Combat: The high elf player directs as many attacks as he can at Kro'Qua, but the oldblood shrugs off the strength 3 attacks with ease and the unit takes minimal casualties because of ice-shard blizzard. The mage and several spear-elves are killed and I win the combat decisively and break the unit. Fearing a flank charge from swordmasters, I opt to restrain with the saurus warriors and reform to face them. Kro'Qua chases after the spear-elves but despite swiftstride, fails to run them down. On the plus side, the BSB is killed because his unit fled from combat.

End of Turn 2:

Elves: Turn 3

Movement: In his only charge, the high elf player charges the sword-masters into the left saurus warrior block. Because of the -1 leadership penalty on iceshard blizzard, the spear elves fail to rally and continue to flee. The dragon princes however do rally and spin around towards to battlefield. The white lions exit the house and angle towards my right saurus warriors.

Magic: Being reduced to level 1 really hurt me this magic phase as I am unable to stop a single spell. The high mage gets off shield of saphery on the sword-masters and uses unmaking to destroy my BSB's magic ward save. Luckily, his other 2 spells are useless.

Shooting: With only 1 archer left, he takes aim at the salamander and misses.

Combat: The swordmasters and Saurus chop into each other, with the ward save on the elves being the tie-breaking difference. I also find out that the mage is immune to mundane attacks which leaves my entire left row unable to attack anything they are able to damage. The elves win combat by a few points but I am steadfast and hold.

Lizardmen: Turn 3

Movement: skinks on the left flank set up to shoot the fleeing spear elves. Kro'Qua flips around and angles towards the right side of the board. I set up my right saurus and ranked skinks to effectively die while holding the white lions in place if he decides to over-run. I move my blue stegadon to the flank of the white lions with hope that I can get a flank shot with the great bow down his horde line. Kai'Qu sets up to give his 12" re-roll bubble to all my units in combat or soon to be in combat and Sotarkesh does the same.

Magic: With only 1 spell and my opponent having a heaping helping of dispel dice, I just pick up 6 dice, aim chain lightning at the white lions and let it fly. I get another irresistible force, another miscast, and another result of losing wizard levels... so my Slann is now level 0 (technically he's level -2). The spell manages to kill 1 white lion, bounces, and we have a minor rules dispute. We're not sure if the spell can "bounce" into a unit currently in combat, ie the swordmasters. We're both not sure how to play that one so we just roll a dice and it goes in my favor and the lightning bolt kills a few swordmasters. If anyone has a clear ruling on that though please let me know.

Shooting: My right salamander launches a gob of fire at maximum range of 10" at the white lions... shooting a bit too far and also hiting 2 of my saurus on the right. I didn't mean to set him up this way (I thought I measured for them to be out of range, but whatever) but it happened. Unfortunately, I only wounded 2 white lions, which BOTH passed their saving throws of 6+... AGAIN! Of the 2 hit saurus warriors, 1 is wounded and killed... doh. The skinks on the right shot more blowpipes at the dragon princes but were still unable to kill any. The other skinks on the left flank were busy shooting the spear elves on the left down to less than 25% of the unit, preventing them from rallying on anything but double 1's. Sadly, the great bow doesn't hit down the flank of the white lions, but the skinks throwing javelins manage to kill 1.

Combat: The swordmasters totally biff their attacks and only managed to kill 3 saurus. The saurus in return roll extremely well and take out almost 2 full ranks of the unit. This reduces them to the perfect number of 1+mage left, meaning they can only rally on a roll of a double 1's, effectively taking them out of the game. This is important, because when I try to run them down when they flee I roll a 3 and the elves roll a 10.

End of turn 3:

Sotarkesh struggled, for the first time in memory, to cast his spells. He could feel his magical power being drained away by an unknown and very powerful source. All his attempts to locate his assailant only served to weaken him further. What he could discern was that his magical opponent was extremely powerful, evil, and ancient, perhaps even more ancient than himself. He was also able to perceive that they elves they fought were under some form of illusion or hypnosis, presumably from the same entity that now drained him of mystical power. Sotarkesh continued to struggle against the mechanisms of his unseen adversary, knowing all the while that he was running out of time to overcome their effects.

08-11-2012, 08:46
Elves Turn 4:

Movement: His white lions charge the right saurus unit and his dragon princes charge my blue stegadon; both charges connect. Everything fleeing continues to do so as he is unable to roll any double 1's with his depleted units.


Magic: With his only living wizard fleeing, he has no phase.

Shooting: Once again the lone archer tries to hurt the salamander, and this time even hits, but fails to wound.

Combat: In the stegadon combat, the dragon princes manage to do an unsaved wound to the steg. I end up rolling extremely well and get a bunch of wounds, even with the skinks, but he then proceeds to make all of his armor saves. I was hoping that my stubborn cold blooded 6 would save me from breaking, but I rolled high leadership followed by a low flee roll and was run down. The White lions and Saurus proceeded to have an even bloodier combat than the one against the sword masters. The saurus held their own, losing 14 but taking 7 white lions with them. I lose combat handily and am not steadfast and break. However, the saurus manage to escape pursuit with a roll of 10 against 9 and the white lions overrun into the unit of skink cohorts.


Lizardmen Turn 4:

Movement: The rightmost saurus unit rallies and spins around to stare death in the face. Resigning the skinks and rightmost Saurus to their fate, I place both Kro'Qua and Kai'Qu into the left saurus unit and move them towards the combat as much as I can. I move my skinks around to shoot at various targets at the board edges. My salamander on the right moves to breath fire on the white lions after they inevitably kill the skinks. Sotarkesh moves as far away from the action as possible while still offering his leadership, worried that the dragon princes might be able to get a charge off on him on turn 6.

Shooting: I shoot up the elf spear unit on the left side of the board some as well as finish off his lone archer.

Combat: The white lions have a bout of ineptitude and only manage to kill 7 of the 10 skinks in combat, and actually lose a white lion to the 3 skink return attacks, much to my amusement. They still win, overrun, and once again hit the right saurus unit.

Elves Turn 5:

Movement: He charges the dragon princes into the saurus on the right. his Level 4 flees off the board but his deleted archer unit on the left actually rallies with a roll of doubles 1's only a few inches from the board edge!


Shooting: Another shot and a miss at the salamander by the 1 remaining archer.

Combat: The added attacks from the dragon princes don't help the situation and the saurus warriors are severely beaten down again, reduced to only the champion, musician, and a single saurus, WHO DECIDE THEY'VE HAD ENOUGH. Out of my 7 attacks from the 3 models, they managed to kill no less than 3 white lions and their champion, more than double their statistical average in kills. I can't help but feel like that unit really pulled it's weight this game, taking the brunt of forces that far outmatch it and still doling out severe damage. Sadly, They still lose combat, break, and while they escape the white lions who opt to reform 5 wide and facing the remaining saurus warrior block, the dragon princes roll two 6's and run the unit down.


Lizardmen Turn 5:

Movement: Too far away to charge the white lions with my remaining saurus, I opt to march 8" towards him. I position my salamander to shoot at them, and move the rest of my skinks to finish off the rallied spearmen/man on the very left board edge.

Shooting: After 40 shots of chameleon and skink blowpipe fire, the spear elf unit on the left is killed outright. The salamander breathes some fire on the white lions, killing a few and inciting a panic check which they FAIL!

End of turn 5:

Elves Turn 6:

Movement: The white lions rally and spin towards the saurus warriors. The dragon princes just go towards the edge of the board to help preserve their points.

Lizardmen Turn 6:

Movement: I charge the saurus warriors with characters inside at the white lions, but sadly roll a meager 4 which is not high enough for the charge to connect.

Shooting: My salamanders try to hit the white lions again in an attempt to panic them off the board, but both roll short and the templates miss.

Point Breakdown: 2140 scored by the lizardmen VS 911 scored by the elves.

Victory to the Lizardmen!

Post Game Thoughts: Thus concludes my first game against High Elves. I felt like I played a pretty good game with one exception. The blue stegadon should have been played much more conservatively. I gave my opponent a free charge with his dragon princes against me for no real tactical benefit. That was just psychological I think. I was so used to the dragon princes doing nothing and being cowards, I just figured they couldn't do anything. Boy was I wrong. I'll learn to respect flank charges from knight units in the future. I ended up getting 0 impact hits from my 2 stegadons this game and it was because I didn't think 2 turns ahead like I should have. Hopefully this game will teach me to stop tunnel visioning or expecting the great bow to do something besides miss.

Everything else, was mostly just bad luck. Losing all my wizard levels, losing the stegadon to strength 4 attacks, and having my opponent make all his armor saves with his knights all really sucked, but it was nothing I couldn't recover from. I was able to eliminate his magic levels almost as quick as I lost mine. The dragon princes were really my only real oversight this game. When they fled, I considered them out of the game, a mistake that cost me many victory points.

26-11-2012, 02:24
Fighting Fate:

With the High Elf forces routed or dead, the lizardmen host began to collect their wounded and form up around Sotarkesh. Their Slann master however, did not look well. His eyes closed and his brow furrowed, he appeared to be unconscious or at least in extremely deep concentration. As more of the lizardmen gathered around him, the glowing stones under his palanquin began to flicker and the chair itself started to sink. A score of saurus warriors managed to catch it before it fell to the ground, and hefted the heavy stone throne upon their shoulders. The entire host watched, waiting for their master to finish whatever silent divine ritual he enacted that taxed him so.

After a few minutes, magic energy crackled throughout the area, and Sotarkesh's breathing became pained and labored. Ignorant of the extreme powers at work that they could barely perceive, the assembled lizardmen looked around confused and somewhat scared. Then, as quickly as the magical storm had escalated, it promptly ceased. Some distance away a solitary man-shaped figure popped into existence. He wasn't touching the ground when he arrived but was rather high up in the air, and fell several dozen feet before smacking into the dirt below. Seemingly unhurt from falling such a distance, the figure quickly rose, chuckling to himself in an impossibly loud voice that sent shivers through the spines of the lizardmen.

Once on his feet, the man's horned helmet and armored form betrayed him as an agent of chaos, a sorcerer who was likely a worshiper of Tzeentch based on his odd posture and brightly colored armor. The host looked to Sotarkesh for guidance, but he was only just opening his eyes, completely spent from the effort of transporting the chaos sorcerer to this place. The laughter grew louder and louder until it became deafening. Several of the skinks covered their ears and shrunk away from the noise while the saurus clenched their teeth and steadied themselves underneath their heavy burden. Suddenly the laughter simply stopped, all echos of the sound seemingly erased, and the chaos sorcerer began to speak.

"It appears frog, that I have grievously overestimated you. Yes, I am here. An impressive feat no doubt for you to have willed it so, but what now? Your pathetic mortal shell is drained from the effort. What challenge could you hope to provide me now? I had hoped to outsmart you at a later time, so that I could collect from you what is rightfully mine, but your powers had proved worthy of caution. Now though; now? You've weakened yourself only to serve my whims. You've done all my work for me, offered yourself to me on a silver platter. I had higher hopes for you as an opponent, but I am not about to let this opportunity pass me by. Oh no. You've made far too large a blunder for that."

"Be silent," Sotarkesh's voice interrupted with a soothing resonance that demanded respect. "The only blunder I have made is not detecting and dealing with you sooner, demon."

"Deal with me? That's precious. Pray tell... how do you plan on dealing with me in your present state? No, rather I think it's high time that "I" dealt... with... YooOuUUaawwwwk!"

As the chaos sorcerer spoke his body began to spasm and convulse, bloating at points and finally rupturing out of his armor. He began to grow taller and great multi-colored wings sprouted from his back. For a brief moment he had the form of a twisted angel, until his pressured head finally exploded in a shower of blood and magical sparks. Pushing through the mess was the avian head of a bird, connected to a continuously growing and feathered lanky body that shot up towards the sky until it was taller than any of the elfish ruins that surrounded them. With its transformation complete, the Lord of Change spread it's wings to their full span. Snatching a staff from nothingness in the blink of an eye, the greater demon of Tzeentch rippled the reality around it and the lizardmen recoiled from its gigantic and abhorrent form. All except one.

Kro'Qua strode forward, interposing himself between the greater demon and Sotarkesh, much to the demon's delight. It laughed at him mirthfully.
"Do you seek to harm me, little Lizardman? I suppose you hope to do so with that pointy stick of yours?"
Kro'Qua merely stared silently up at the towering creature. He did not fear death, nor pain, but there was something else. Something about this demon gnawed at his mind. It's unnaturalness was so strong that it was unnerving to look upon, and Kro'Qua had to fight foreign urges to cower and flee. Kro'Qua focused his anger to clear the befuddlement. Ancient images of his spawn-kin being ripped asunder by demons in an age long past flooded into his mind. The Oldblood spurred his mount into a gallop towards a foe he had no hope of conquering.

This act of brave defiance completely flipped the mannerisms of the greater demon. It grew furious and spat out insults at the charging Oldblood. "Pathetic gnat, I am Xello'kepska, The Eye of Tzeentch! This entire island feeds my power, my very existence in your world! To challenge me is to challenge the might of the Ruinous Powers themselves!" Kro'Qua gave no indication that he was impressed, and reared back in his saddle before leaping upwards from his mount with a gigantic arc of his weapon swinging skyward. The result was the parrying of Xello'kepska's humongous staff to the side, causing an eruption of earth as it exploded a crater in the dirt. The Demon had not even began his swing towards the Oldblood before Kro'Qua's mighty arc had started with the purpose of deflecting it, but the demon moved with impossible speed and their weapons met just the same. Due to the massive difference in the size between the two opponents, the result was akin to a mouse batting away the striking paw of a lion.

The terror of the other Lizardmen was immediately washed away and replaced with vigor. Battle cries erupted and as if they were one, the skinks launched volleys of javelins, blow pipe darts, and salamander fire at the Greater Demon. Most of the projectiles broke on the Demon's skin or puffed into smoke before reaching him, but the skinks paid no heed. Meanwhile, Kro'Qua was parrying the crushing smash attacks from the Demon's colossal staff, all the while attempting to hack at his opponent's ankles and feet. Xello'kepska had to continuously flap his wings and lift his talons off the ground in order to avoid the Oldblood's swings. The demon's anger boiled as he hopped from foot to foot.
"You wish to challenge that which is eternal? You cannot defeat change, cannot stop time, you are ALL doomed!"
Finally Kro'Qua's blade found it's mark, and sliced deeply into one of the demon's bird-like toes. As the Greater Demon squawked in pain and rage, all hell broke loose.

The sky immediately burst into multicolored flames, portions of which began to rain down upon the lizardmen. The javelin and blowpipe fire immediately halted as the skinks ran for their lives in a panic.
"NO!" The ethereal voice of Sotarkesh commanded, "stray not from me."
The skinks obeyed and cluttered around the slann, magic flames ricocheting off a circular magical field he had raised. The strain on Sotarkesh to forge a shield this large was immense, but he would have to endure.

Great fissures opened up in the ground as the earth split and cracked, revealing bubbling lava that spewed up from the depths of the world. Other fissures discharged spiked tentacles or swarms of small bulbous insects that began carpeting the ground. The trees uprooted themselves and began to walk, the rocks grew teeth and snapped with cavernous maws, and in the sky the clouds continued to churn forth a rain of fire. The world itself went mad.

Kro'Qua nicked a grazing scratch into the Greater Demon's Ankle, infuriating the already agitated monstrosity. Xello'kepska's great avian head tilted way back, and his chest bulged from his stomach and traveled up his neck until he finally bent forward and violently heaved out a vomit of horrors. Pink and blue, the multi-limbed freaks of nature rained upon Kro'Qua in a sickening downpour. He cut swaths through them as they fell upon him, but the oldblood was soon overwhelmed by their sheer weight and was ripped from his mount by hundreds of grasping claws. His cold one was also shortly dragged under the pile of demons in a screaming panic.

Several moments after the pile of demonic bodies completely covered Kro'Qua from head to toe, they exploded in a rich golden light with Kro'Qua at the epicenter. Kro'Qua didn't seem to notice at first, eyes wrenched shut and his blade swinging wildly in an attempt to take as many of them with him as he could. Meeting no resistance, his blade slowed and Kro'Qua opened his eyes, looking in confusion at himself and the golden light that illuminated his normally black and white form. The same golden glow radiated from Sotarkesh.
"You are empowered" the slann thought into Kro'Qua's mind. "Strike now!"

Xello'kepska just laughed his squawking laugh. Kro'Qua leaped at the greater demon and sliced two humongous crisscrossed gashes into its chest, each wound far longer than the weapon used to make them. His colossal opponent pitched backwards and landed on the ground with a rumbling crash that echoed across the uneven landscape. Kro'Qua landed on the demon's chest and lifted his blade high above his head in preparation to cut deep. Before he could swing, a mighty hand grabbed his torso in a lighting-quick motion and long talons dug into his sides. The demon's hand popped and sizzled in contact with the aura, but his grip proved unshakable.

The Changer of Ways arose with a single flap of his wings and with a wave of his staff in the direction of the slann, the protective barrier around the host cracked and shattered, disappearing into thin air. The effects of chaos immediately descended upon the lizardmen. Several of the skinks clutched and tore at their bodies as demonic horrors clawed out of their insides. The golden aura around Kro'Qua faded as Sotarkesh did all in his power to save as many of them as he could, but he could feel his magic being drained away just as when battling the high elves. Xello'kepska had the power to dampen his magical abilities, and there was nothing he could do to save some his fellows.

As the sickening and mutated things that were once skinks freed themselves from their hosts, the saurus formed up in front and under Sotarkesh's palanquin, ready to defend their lord to the end. A crevice in the earth cracked open to Sotarkesh's left and spiked tentacles whipped forth, grabbing one of the saurus and yanking it to the ground at the base of the dark hole from which it came. The sauru stopped only for a moment before his body bent in half and he was dragged to the depths. To the demons this signaled the attack, and they charged en-mass. The wall of saurus muscle held, but began to falter. Several of the gibbering beasts leaped above them with fangs bared at the vulnerable Sotarkesh. Many of the skinks had climbed the throne where Sotarkesh sat and defended him by throwing javelins and stones at any who got past or above the saurus shield-wall. Occasionally even this protection was not enough and a demonic horror would near the Slann, only to be deftly sliced in twain by Kai'Qu, who stood perched beside his lord. Under his watch, his master was never touched. However, killing the demons just spawned more as they split and twisted into new and ever more numerous forms. Their unending tide seemed relentless, and unstoppable.

Xello'kepska's squawking laughter filled the valley until Kro'Qua's jaws clamped down on his index finger and ripped off a great chunk of the demon's flesh. Screeching in pain, the Changer of Ways dropped his staff, which fizzled into nothingness in but a moment. With both hands free, the greater demon clutched the Oldblood with all his might and tried to squeeze the life out of him. Refusing to be crushed, Kro'Qua's ancient muscles strained against the superior strength of his foe. Arms and legs pushed outward with stubborn resolve to fend off his pressing destruction, and his spiked tail jabbed and tore at the hands of his attacker. Shrieking in pain as Kro'Qua took yet another bite out of his finger, Xello'kepska flapped his pinions to gain altitude. Reaching sufficient height, he dive-bombed into the ground with his arms outstretched, burying Kro'Qua head-first into the dirt at tremendous speed. Once on the ground, he lifted and smashed his captive into the earth again and again.

Finally stopping when he felt his victim go slack, he inspected the Oldblood in his hands. Kro'Qua responded by chucking a jagged chunk of rock, somehow grabbed during his previous pummeling, into the face of the Greater Demon. His monstrous eye squinted shut as the stone struck his pupil, his head shrinking back and his grip on Kro'Qua loosening. Kro'Qua wrenched his opponent's hand open and fell, but before he could land on the ground Xello'kepska snatched his staff out of the ether. In one fluid underhand swing, he struck the oldblood, sending him flying and flipping end over end into the distance like a limbed cannon ball. He was nothing but a tiny spec on the horizon before a geyser of water signaled his landing in the far off sea. With his current foe dealt with, Xello'kepska turned his attention to Sotarkesh and his failing guard, who were now completely surrounded on all sides by ever-multiplying demonic horrors.

A few purposeful strides later, the Greater Demon loomed over the desperately fighting Lizardmen. Smirking with self-satisfaction, the Demon raised his staff high before striking down at Sotarkesh. Kai'Qu leaped to intervene, but the staff never connected. It ricocheted off of a golden shield that had flickered into existence just before Sotarkesh was crushed. The demons attacking the lizardmen hissed and sizzled as they shrank from the light, retreating back out of its circumference. Xello'kepska took a few more playful swats at the field, relishing the pained look on the Slann's face with no hidden delight. Several fireballs and meteorites fell from the sky onto the shield at the Greater Demon's command, causing it to bend inward and crack in several places. The dozen remaining Saurus grunted grimly to each other and the skinks began to panic over their looming destruction. With one final swing of his demonic stave, the barrier fell and Sotarkesh cried out, tears trickling down his face from the strain.

Xello'kepska loomed over them like a vindictive child, snickering to himself.
"All my work for me." he laughed softly.
Sotarkesh weakly lifted his head to look death in the face. It was not the death he expected. The multicolored horrors of Tzeentch all began to mewl and caw in agony as their bodies weakened and withered away, splitting and multiplying even as both forms fell apart. Even the Lord of Change himself seemed to grow gaunt, his laughter replaced by heavy breathing as he leaned on his staff for support. Puzzled, he noticed that the sun was just finishing its set on the horizon of the sea. His eyes opened wide in comprehension.
"No, not now," the Greater Demon whispered in a wheeze. "This strand of fate is wrong."

A ghostly voice rolled across the wind in response.
"You dare to try and take my eternity from me daemon? My eternity was earned, fought for, and must be diligently kept with care. Your useless eternity was gifted to you; you have no respect for it or what it means to take it from another. It is all a game to you because what more are life and death than games when you deem yourself beyond their consequences? I've been trapped in that poisonous mindset before and long ago came to an enlightened realization. There are always consequences. So, I put this in terms that you and your spoiled privilege can understand. I win, and you lose."

As the voice spoke, the Greater Demon's legs began to buckle under their own weight.
"Enough, your magic is potent but of no consequence to one such as I."
With a wave of his staff, Xello'kepska's form plumped up and stood tall, the effects of millennia of aging reversed in an instant. Kayosiv chose this moment to attack, knowing full well that the aura of magical protection around the Lord of Change would be momentarily weakened when he expended energy to dispel his curse. The Vampire's ornate blade plunged hilt-deep into the demon's long neck and he whispered mockingly at his foe.
"I found my sword."
Xello'kepska gurgled in shock, teetering on his long legs in an unbalanced stumble, he swatted at his neck in an attempt to crush the vampire but Kayosiv was too quick. Darting aside and ripping his sword out of his opponent's new wound, he jumped to the demon's shoulder, then down his back. Slicing every-which-way on his long fall down, Kayosiv made great gashes in the Lord of Change's shoulders and wings, causing the beast to arch his chest forward in a spasm and cry out in pain. Whipping around and gritting his teeth, Xello'kepska spitefully glared down at the vampire, who had landed and was now crouched and looking up at his foe.

"Who is that?" Kai'Qu asked his lord, hoping his infinite wisdom would shed some light on the subject.
"Our dark savior" responded the Slann to his eternity warden.
Feeling his powers start to return to him, Sotarkesh silently went to work discreetly undoing the chaos unleashed by Xello'kepska. The Changer of Ways did not seem to notice. Great globs of demonic ichor leaked down the demon's back and landed with tinkling rings as they hit the ground. Where they struck, lush vegetation sprouted up, flowered, and died within a matter of seconds. Abruptly, the greater demon's manner shifted. His snarl turned into a snickering sneer and his pain appeared gone or forgotten. "I don't like this game" said the avian monstrosity with a twinkle in his eye.
"I think it's time that I changed the rules."

Concluded on next post:

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Fighting Fate: Continued from Post 99

With two taps of his staff's base on the ground, the air behind the Changer of Ways ripped asunder into the visage of another dimension. Brightly colored, this tear in the fabric of existence pulsed and swirled, unstable in size and shape, just like the creatures that could be seen within in. Demonic fiends of indescribable form began to pour forth from the portal, their appearance changing even as they passed through to fit the laws that governed this reality. Xello'kepska's beak split open in a triumphant and sardonic grin while the impassive Kayosiv just watched as the demonic legions spilled forth.

"Your all-consuming desire to protect your precious eternity makes you terrified of death, it makes you a coward."

Kayosiv let the insult pass. "I've always prided myself more in my machinations and wit rather than my bravery. In this game of such high consequences that we play, I'd rather be the cautious victor than the impetuous loser." This brought a frown to the Greater Demon's face, his pride having been insulted.

"You dare to believe your plots beyond the likes of me?"

"I dare to win."

At that moment, the portal snapped shut. So abrupt was it's closing that several demons were severed halfway between worlds. The gathered demons, Xello'kepska included, then burst into flames. Completely engulfed by fire, the lessor horrors twisted and died, but the Changer of Ways simply continued to frown as he scanned the field, eyes resting on an entourage of high elves. It was Hallar the Scholar with the remains of the elfish forces at his heels. Having found the demons responsible at last, he commanded the flames of the phoenix to tend to their destruction. Seeing the fiends burn, the pace of the elves quickened and they moved towards their hated enemy with increasing speed. The Greater Demon's gaze went back to a smiling Kayosiv. The demon of Tzeentch's face had twisted into a glower of fiery rage. With a wave of his staff the fires that licked his form were immediately extinguished. His hand throttled the stave with such fury that his knuckles went white and demonic ichor leaked from the bite wounds on his finger. Appearing to have reached some sort of decision, he contemptibly snorted out a whoosh of air through his nostrils. Xello'kepska then waved his staff and seemed to fold in on himself before completely winking out of existence.

An instant later, the Greater Demon unfolded back to reality, exactly where he had previously been standing. Panicked surprise shaped his features as he quickly looked from side to side in disbelief. His gaping stare settled on Sotarkesh, whose formerly pained visage was now dominated by a devious smile.
"YOU!" the Changer of Ways accused.
At that moment, Kayosiv resumed his attack.

Dancing, leaping, seemingly floating around the Greater Demon, Kayosiv cut swaths through his opponent's hide. Deftly avoiding spell and staff swing alike, the vampire whizzed across and underneath his larger foe's body, hacking and slicing all the while. Finally a panicked staff flail struck Kayosiv mid-air, swatting him to the ground. The vampire landed on his feet, but Xello'kepska used this momentary respite to lift himself airborne. His cut wing limped as it flapped, but it still provided sufficient altitude to avoid further punishment from his foe. Kayosiv leaped a great vertical distance to try and reach him, but the Changer of Ways hiked up his feet to avoid the sword slash and continued to gain height.

The elves let loose a volley of arrows in a panic, but they fell short of their ascending demonic target. Xello'kepska's mocking laughter spread across the valley.
Sotarkesh's eyes flickered with electricity as the lightning bolt struck the Changer of Ways square in the back. The colossal demon was forced downward into a spiraling plummet as his limbs and wings twitched and convulsed uncontrollably. There was a deafening crack of thunder throughout the valley followed by an equally loud boom when the demon hit earth. Bent and mangled, Xello'kepska slowly stirred in his charred crater. Before he could fully pick himself up, he was descended upon by the High Elves. He writhed and twisted as white lion axes, soon followed by Kayosiv's bejeweled broadsword, chopped at his flesh.

"ENOUGH!" the Greater Demon screeched, unleashing a wave of force that knocked all the elves away from his person. The elves tumbled backwards from the shock-wave but Kayosiv was only momentarily halted and soon continued his onslaught. Even as the vampire lord sliced as his midsection, Xello'kepska chanted a short incantation, causing his opponent to freeze in place mid-swing. Kayosiv struggled to break the magical bonds, but found he could not move a muscle. Demonic Talons snatched up the Vampire, and the Changer of Ways stood up to his full height, looming over the dazed high elves. The demon's breath was ragged, and blood seeped out of cuts all over his body. With a shrill scream, he threw the vampire to the ground and stomped on him half a dozen times with one foot. His wrath was then turned to the High Elves, and he raked his staff across their lines, scattering and crushing them. Hallar tried to stave off the demon's attacks with fireballs, but they bounced uselessly off of his immortal skin.

"MoRtAl ScUm!" the demon squawked in a voice that seemed to break sound. Near blinded by his fury, he trampled the elves while cackling out spiteful laughs and coughing sputters alike. Suddenly, with a quick jerk of his staff he deflected a sharp beam of yellow light. The Greater Demon glared at the Slann responsible for the attack.
"YoU tHiNk I hAvE fOrGoTtEn YoU!?" His voice trembled and cracked across the wind.
Disregarding the elves, Xello'kepska plodded in the direction of Sotarkesh. The saurus formed up for battle, but the Changer of Ways never made it to the Lizardmen. He squawked out a yelp as he fell to his knees, hamstrung from behind. Kayosiv, his sword dripping with demonic blood and his armor shattered and in taters, breathed a few heavy breaths, then relaunched his attack against his gigantic rival.

A sudden change took place in Xello'kepska. His eyes shifted, lost their sentience, and became dark and feral. Even on his knees the Greater Demon towered over the vampire, and his long arms and snapping maw attacked with new-found ferocity. The demon was cornered, desperate, and all strategy was abandoned. All that remained was a frantically flailing beast, with the unchecked strength and speed of the gods at his disposal. Kayosiv found that dodging was now nearly impossible, but was able to use the beast's own reckless abandon against him. Deflecting and slicing at his hands and beak instead of trying to get inside the demon's defenses, Kayosiv kept his distance and slowly cut the attacking extremities to shreds. Occasionally the speed or power of the assault was too great, and the vampire would find himself swatted to the side or smashed into the ground. Such blows would have broken a mortal creature, but Kayosiv forced himself to fight, refusing to be beaten again.

The demon's impetuous soon ran out as his fingers became little more than bloody stumps. He stared at his mangled hands with returning comprehension and pain. Kayosiv could barely stand, but did not relent and staggered forward to continue his attack. Xello'kepska plucked his staff out of the air and clutched it with three working fingers. He raised it up in preparation to smash the vampire, but choked out a coughing gurgle before he could deliver the swing. Kro'Qua was bear-hugging the base of his neck from behind, squeezing with all his might and digging his claws into his opponent's throat. The Greater Demon frantically fumbled at the oldblood's arms and at the back of his neck, trying to pry the lizardman loose. His wounded hands proved no match for Kro'Qua's iron grip and the Changer of Ways shook his head violently from side to side in an attempt to shake the oldblood off and force air into his lungs.

Xello'kepska's frantic flailing abruptly stopped as Sotarkesh fired a beam of angelic light that ripped through his chest, cutting clean through the demon and leaving a gaping hole in his torso. Eyes wide in disbelief, his arms drooped limply to his side.

"This cannot be..." The greater demon said, somehow speaking without using words. "Tzeentch... is invincible..."

"But you're not" Kayosiv whispered with a hiss. Grunting as he leaped into the air with the last of his strength, the vampire cut a deep gash into the demon's throat. An arterial fountain sprayed forth and after a few sucking gasps, the demon toppled over completely. Kro'Qua had to dive off in order to not be crushed by the demon's enormity. Xello'kepska stirred weakly as he choked on his own blood. His injured hands lost their grip on his staff, which exploded into a multicolored mist rather than fade away. Kayosiv stumbled towards the Greater Demon's head and lifted his sword to finish it.

"I had planned" the vampire wearily spoke through his broken teeth, "to come here and resurrect Kanzul and Alistair, using our combined power to destroy you. I went through great pains to get this far, something I'm sure can be attributed mostly to your schemes. And after all my trials, all my victories, I was defeated mere moments from my goal. I thought all was lost, but then you presented yourself to me in your true form. So unlike a demon of Tzeentch; so exposed, so vulnerable. Thank you, for doing all of my work for me."

Giant half-lidded eyes stared blankly at Kayosiv without response, and the vampire sunk his blade deep into the forehead of his nemesis with a triumphant howl. The demon's docile writhing was replaced by a soundless scream and the spasm of limbs before Xello'kepska's eyes grew dim and his extremities slowed to a stop. His body began to flicker and spark, small segments of it exploding and dissipating along the winds, fading back to the ether from which they came. Kayosiv turned first Kro'Qua, offering him a slight nod of respect and gratitude, and then to the slann. Sotarkesh's palanquin hummed to life and lifted off the shoulders of the saurus who had been carrying it. Kayosiv forced his exhausted body into a shuffle to meet the Slann.

A giant beak snapped around Kayosiv's torso, digging deep into his flesh and crushing his chest. He yelped in agony, trying to force the demonic maw open with his failing strength.

"YoUr SoUl BeLoNgS tO TzEeNtCh!" the Greater Demon deafeningly proclaimed.

Kro'Qua sprung into action, reaching the vampire in only a few bounding strides. The beak's razor edges sliced into even his scaled hands, but he exerted his strength and was able to pry the vice-like jaws open. No longer pinned, Kayosiv limply flopped to the ground in a heap, but Kro'Qua did not stop. The oldblood continued to wrench the jaw wider and wider apart until the demon's muscles began to tear. Finally, there was a sharp crackling pop and Kro'Qua separated the demon's jawbone from its head. Tossing the lower part of the demon's face aside, an exhausted Kro'Qua fell to his hands and knees and tried to catch his breath. The remaining High elves charged the demon's corpse, hacking the rest of Xello'kepska to bits even as he disintegrated.

A concerned Sotarkesh arrived, ordering Kai'Qu to check on their wounded ally. The Eternity Warden checked Kayosiv's vitals, and slowly shook his head.
"He is dead" Kai'Qu said dryly.

After a moment's pause, the slann spoke. "No... I can sense that his spirit endures. Gather him carefully, we will bring him back to Kotak-Hai and see to his aid."

A group of skinks delicately positioned the sprawled vampire on his back before beginning to dress his wounds. Kai'Qu bent down and helped Kro'Qua to his feet. The obsidian oldblood leaned heavily on his comrade's shoulder.
"You fought well today brother" Kai'Qu respectfully said to Kro'Qua, who nodded with a grunt in response. Together they slowly walked back to Sotarkesh, who was approached by Hallar the Scholar, high-mage and leader of the few remaining elfish forces. Sotarkesh spoke first.

"My apologies for the loss of your brethren. You were under the effects of a demonic illusion. I tried to counter it, but..."

Hallar put up a hand to interrupt the Slann, an action that was met with a menacing growl from Kai'Qu. The elf took a few steps back and regained his composure before he spoke.

"You have more than made up for that by destroying the monster responsible. You have avenged our people with tact and grace, and for that we thank you. We are only grateful that we could be of some help in the final battle against..." It was then that Hallar noticed the body of the vampire being tended to by the skinks. "Surely... you are going to destroy him as well?"

"No" said the slann with a tone that was not to be argued with. "If not for his intervention, we all would have been no more. I owe him my life, and so do you."

"But he is a vampire, he is just as dangerous as the Tzeentch Demon he helped defeat!"

"If you wish to harm him, you will find him under my protection" said the slann. Kai'Qu hefted his mighty halberd and glared at the elfin mage and the other elves began to hesitantly raise their weapons.

After a long and uncomfortable pause, Halar spoke again.
"...No, no we owe you much and do not wish to sour relations. We thank you again for your aid and the use of your lands. We will begin rebuilding here, hopefully better able to defend it next time."

"Do so with my blessing. We must be off to tend to our wounded, and to undo the damage that the demon has done and set into motion. Farewell."

The two groups parted, and Sotarkesh opened up a portal into the secret ways that would allow them to travel home.

"Warden" Sotarkesh said to Kai'Qu.

"Yes my lord?"

"Quarantine the vampire, full guard at all times."

"As you wish it."

With his final command issued, Sotarkesh and the other weary lizardmen walked through the gateway, grateful for the reprieve and to be heading home.

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Game 11: Twice Shy
Scenario: Lizardmen vs Vampire Counts: Pitched Battle with my army completely deploying first, followed by my opponent's army, 2500 Points.

Kircheck surveyed the undead forces at his command. His brother was here, he could feel it. Swept away by the currents and having battled brutal monsters at the bottom of the sea, Kayosiv's vampiric sibling had been delayed. Right when his brother had needed him, Kircheck had been delayed. He could feel his brother's life force, flickering violently like a candle that was about to go out. There wasn't much time. He had followed the faint echo of his kin to this place, this city of temples. He knew that Kayosiv was no doubt captured by the lizardmen. He would get him back, at any cost.

"um..." Lady Cheree meekly said to Kircheck. "sir...?" Kircheck turned to face his brother's banshee and former lover.
"Be quick about it" he snapped at her.
"It's just that... My lord told me that the black coach was not to be moved."
"Your lord is defeated and dying! We need everything at our disposal to save him. Do you wish him destroyed!?"
"It's just that he was very specific about not..."
"Enough!" Kircheck roared. "Your concern is considered and has been ignored. Away with you!"
"Very well..." And with that Lady Cheree faded away into the nether.

Kircheck snorted in annoyance. "Stupid girl, she knows nothing of war or the delicateness of our situation."
He would get his brother back, and his debt to him would be repaid. Then he would be free to pursue his own goals and could leave this wretched jungle land. He could hardly wait.

Here's the link to the battle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAJNUmHjwRo

My List: Lizardmen 2499/2500

Lords (625 max): 567
GENERAL: Slann (Sotarkesh): 1 Disciplines of the Ancients. Lore of Heavens.
Magic Items: Dispel Scroll
Disciplines of the Ancients: Focused Rumination (+1 free power dice per cast).
300 Points. 4+ Ward save. 2+ Ward save against all ranged attacks
Spells (4): 0 Ice-shard Blizzard, 3 Curse of the Midnight Wind, 5 Comet of Casandora, 6 Chain Lightning.

Lord: Saurus Old Blood (Kro’Qua): Great Weapon
Mount: Cold One, suffers from Stupidity.
Magic Items: Glittering Scale Armor. Talisman of Preservation. Venom of the firefly frog
267 points. +2 Strength, strike last, 4+ ward save. -1 to be hit in combat poisoned Attacks. 1+ armor save.

Heroes (625 max): 176
BATTLE STANDARD BEARER: Scar-Veteran (Kai’Qu): BSB, great weapon.
Mount: Cold One; suffers from Stupidity.
Magic Items: Armor of Fortune, Stone of Good Luck
1+ armor save, 5+ ward save, may reroll first failed armor save, +2 strength, strikes last.

Core (625 minimum): 960
30 Saurus Warriors with full command.
30 Saurus Warriors with full command.
10 Skink javelin and shields.
10 Skink javelin and shields.
10 Skink skirmishers with blowpipes.
10 Skink skirmishers with blowpipes.

Special: 361
10 Chameleon skinks with stalker.

Rare: 435
1 Salamander with 4 skink crew
1 salamander with 4 skink crew
Ancient Stegadon

His List: Vampire Counts 2500/2500

Lords: (625 max) 604
Vampire Lord, Army General: Level 1, Heavy Armor and Shield.
Vampiric Powers: Quickblood (always strike first) and Red Fury (each wound grants an extra attack).
Magic Items: 4+ ward and Dragon Helm (+1 armor). Sword of Might (+1 strength).
Spells (1): Vanhel's Danse Macabre

Necromancer, Level 4.
Master of the dead: Can raise units of skeletons beyond their starting size.
Spells (4) Invocation of Nehek, Hellish Vigour, Raise Dead, Curse of Years.

Heroes: (625 max) 166
Wight King with lance
Mount: Skeletal Steed

Cairn Wraith

Core: (625 min) 633
5 Dire Wolves
5 Dire Wolves
21 zombies: with musician and standard bearer
40 skeleton warriors: with full command and screaming banner.
39 skeleton warriors: with full command

Special: (1250 max) 902
9 Black Knights:with Lances, Barding, and full command
8 Crypt Horrors
4 Vargheists
1 Spirit Host
1 Corpse Cart with Baelfire.

Rare: (625 max) 195
Black Coach

I have played a rematch against Oncebitten360 over Skype, this time at my house using my models. I would have played this game a week ago, but had a family emergency and had to cancel on Oncebitten (twice no less) to sort it all out. Here are my thoughts on the game.


Tactical Blunders for the Lizardmen.

Placement of the chameleon skinks on turn 1. I just assumed that the hill between the dogs and chameleon skinks was blocking their line of sight, but I didn't check. I was so fixated on being able to fight the Vargheists that I didn't pay the dogs any heed. I planned for success, assuming that they would all be wiped out by skink and salamander shooting before they did anything. Planning for success is never a good idea, you always want to plan for failure. If I had simply kept the chemelons back to shoot at the vargheists during turn 2 (I couldn't shoot them turn 1 anyway) or angled them to face the dire wolves so I could be fighting them from the front and/or get a stand and shoot reaction against them, I wouldn't have had 40 points of dogs wipe out a 126 point chameleon skink unit.

Placement of the Right Salamander on turn 1. I put my salamander 17 inches away from the black knights, which I still stand by a good strategy. He'll fail that charge over half the time and put me in a great position. However, again, I was planning for success and not for failure, so I put my stegedon right in the way of the over-run. I could have easily angled the salamander differently or place the ancient stegadon in a different position so an over-run wouldn't have cost me so dearly. While my stegadon didn't die, it was taken out of the entire game without accomplishing a single impact hit or scoring me any victory points.

Charging the zombies on turn 2 with my Oldblood and skinks. I knew in my head, that I was hoping to over-run after defeating them and hit the Necromancer's bunker, but that wasn't very good planning. I was statistically only going to kill about 7 zombies, and there were 8, meaning the odds of my plan working were far less than 50/50, and that's not sound tactics. The skinks I still probably would have charged in, but my oldblood could of been useful in a plethora of other combats and should have moved elsewhere. Instead he was locked in a never ending combat against crypt horrors that netted me no victory points and eventually got him killed during turn 4 when he was flank charged by the black coach. All this to kill a 0 victory point zombie unit.

Luck was on my side

There was a series of crucial things that kept my army afloat throughout this game that was completely luck. I'm going to list as many of them as I can remember.

1. Magic Phases: As mentioned by Oncebitten, I had some crazy luck in my magic phases. I would essentially get 1-2 spells off, then a 3rd with an irresistible force that had no ill effects. I rolled two 8's which were just saved by my ward save or failed to wound and a 7, which does nothing because my Slann was never in a unit. It gave me TOTAL dominance of the magic phase. This prevented his black knights from doing much damage to my stegadon as they were cursed for two combats, and far more importantly, his vampire lord had ice shard blizzard on him for four combats and was cursed for two combats. If that unit had faltered, it would have meant the unit, the BSB, and my Slann were done, removing 900 points from the board and giving him my general and all my magic in one fell swoop.

2. Stegadon: built Dino Tough. My ancient stegadon was an absolute tank this game. Foolish positioning saw him on the receiving end of a flank charge and he took it like a champ. Statistically a charging unit of black knights with a wight king ought to do about 3 wounds to the steg, and he only took 1. He then fought them in SIX rounds of combat and managed not only to stay alive, but hold his own. The problem was that while the black knights weren't doing any real damage, they were winning combat almost every round due to their banner and musician, so the stegadon lost 5 of the 6 rounds of combat he fought. He managed to hold out for 4 rounds on his stubborn leadership of 6 without ever breaking. That was insanely lucky, and anchored my right flank. He finally failed on his 5th loss but I was able to reform the unit with my BSB in it so that I was within 12" so he could get the re-roll and pass on the second try.

3. Slann survival: As said, my Slann survived 3 miscasts, but it should be also said that being charged by the Vargheists in the flank had me sweating bullets. See, I hadn't planned on the vargheists surviving. That unit took 2 chain lightnings, 2 iceshard blizzards (meaning also 4d6 strength 4 hits from the lore attribute), copious amounts of skink fire, great bow shots, and STILL I could only kill 3 of them before they charged in. I was worried but not overly so because statistically I was going to take about 1 wound which wouldn't be a terribly difficult break test to pass with 2 tries. However, The vargheist was on fire and did no less than 3 wounds, and my 4+ ward save couldn't save any of them. Suddenly I wasn't losing combat by a few points, I was losing by 5! It was pure luck that my Slann's single strength 3 attack was able to hit and wound the Vargheist, giving me just enough combat resolution to pass my second break test on a 5. If the Slann hadn't made that wound, he would have broke and I think that would have been the end of the game.

4. Kai'Qu topples a God: I remember the night before the game, I rolled 3 test fights between my oldblood Kro'Qua and the Vampire Lord that Oncebitten was using. In all 3 battles, my Oldblood was decimated. Let there be no confusion, when I accepted the challenge with Kai'Qu, I was resigning him to death, hoping to stall the vampire lord for a few combats while my saurus took down the skeleton unit as best it could. The fact that I rolled 3 wounds in 2 rounds of combat AND that he wasn't able to kill me before I could fight back in our 2nd round of combat was insanely lucky. It came down to me rolling a 5+ ward save against 2 wounds dealt to me that got past my armor save. I passed 1. If I had failed them both Kai'Qu would have been dead and the vampire Lord would have had an entire magic phase to heal.

5. Kro'Qua REALLY hates crypt horrors: In the initial combat involving the crypt horrors, spirit hosts, skinks, and oldblood, a miraculous thing happened and it saved my bacon. The skinks took an absolute beating, taking 1 wound from the spirit host and 7 from the crypt horrors, and that was bad. That meant that I was facing a combat score of 9 against my 1. I was losing combat by 8 points, putting me on snake eyes. Kro'Qua statistically should do about 2 wounds to the crypt horrors, meaning I was still losing combat by 6 and was on snake eyes, and this was out of range of BSB support. Kro'Qua however, had other plans. He hit with every attack, wounded with every attack, and the crypt horros made 0 saves. Even his cold one hit and wounded with no save. Suddenly I was only losing by 2 instead of 8 and I just passed my break tests as if there was never any problem.

6. Super Salamander: On the left flank against the horde of skeletons, the round before I charged in with my saurus warriors, my salamander landed the most direct hit from the front I think I've ever fired. 21 skeletons hit, 13 wounded and killed, was HUGE. I actually lost that combat by 2 points charging in because the skeletons had always strike first re-rolls and rolled pretty good, taking off a rank of my guys. I passed my break test exactly on a 6. If that salamander hadn't made that amazing shot, or even killed a few less, the skeletons would have had another rank and I would have lost combat by 3 and broken.

7. Stone Cold Determination: I never failed a single fear test. This might not seem impressive considering cold blooded leadership is so good, but I'm also talking with skinks and stuff outside my BSB and general's range, even against the screaming banner.

Luck wasn't one sided, it just favored me

Oncebitten also was on the fortunate side of luck quite a few times throughout the game and it got me really worried on a few occasions.

1. Charging Champ (must be the Bretonnians... go watch our previous battle): Oncebitten never failed a single charge the entire game. Despite needing his fair share of 10's for various charges, he just always made it. His over-runs always hit home.

2. Undo all your hard work: When Oncebitten's Necromancer Lord cast invocation with irresistible force, I knew I was in trouble. 3 Crypt Horrors, 5 Black knights, and well over a dozen skeletons came back from that single spell. There was also no backlash for this occurring other than him losing the rest of his power dice.

3. Flank Charges, of DOOM: Between his dogs earning him 126 points for my chameleon skinks (who totally chumped their attacks) and his black coach earning him 267 for my oldblood (it got like 5 killing blows), he certainly got points worth out of long flank charges. His vargheist and spirit host into my Slann was also devastating, and it is nothing but pure luck on my part that I was able to stick around and survive until the end of the battle.

Oncebitten's request for my opinion on the magic phase

The biggest thing you have to realize with Vampire counts is that they are their magic phase. Very little in their army can win fights without the magic phase. Here's some general advice I can give.

2 dice it. The signature spell as well as vanhel's, Hellish Vigor, Gaze of Nagash, and Raise dead can all reliably be cast on a 2 dice with a level 4 wizard. 83% chance or better to get them off. yes, that is a 17% chance to fail but it is only a 3% chance to miscast. If you use 3 dice, it is a 7.4% chance to miscast. Always get off what you can on 2 dice before you go for anything big. your general should have been casting vanhel's Danse Macabre every turn on his unit, and hellish vigor should have been next. I know you had a lot of phases with 6-8 dice, and the idea that you can put out so many spells while also holding back 3-4 dice for a curse of years or an invocation at the end puts even more pressure on me to let them through. It's not so much about turning your skeletons into killing machines. Even with re-rolls to hit and to wound, they're not going to win combats on their own, but it isn't really about winning, it's about mitigating losses. Losing by 7 with no buffs and losing by 3 because of buffs is a big difference. Not only did you kill 4 more guys, but you lost 5 less Skeletons because you took out a rank. Keeping the skeletons you did gives you a rank you might not have had and further decrease you losses next turn, etc. It all compounds. My favorite thing to end on is curse of years, because since it remains it play, it often will eat up your opponent's power dice in a desperate attempt to get rid of it.

Don't be afraid to march your necromancer right up the butt of your units in combat so he can use 6" invocation to maximum effect, If it's a crucial combat, you've probably lost the game anyway if you lose it, so don't worry about what will happen to him if you lose, worry about how to best spend your dice to get him affecting the most units possible. It's not important if he dies if he can help you win 2-3 crucial combats to do it. For that same reason, 6 dicing an 18" invocation or charged up Vanhel's is often worth the backlash if it can win you the game. Giving your entire army an 8" move can really mess with your opponents who think their match-ups are favorable. In that same vein, casting invocations and van hel's or Hellish Vigor's on 1 dice at the end of a phase is a great way to get an unchallenged cast 66-50% of the time. There are also a plethora of great bound spells that go off on a 3 that you can make use of.

Thoughts on Oncebitten's List and the game

THe list overall seemed solid, but here are a few of my thoughts.

1. I have never seen such great use of a Black Coach. It is fairly useless against ranked infantry of all types but you used it against chaff and characters to excellent effect. Your patience paid off and it earned you over 300 points.

2. The Cairn Wraith and Wight King accomplished little in the game that 13 more skeletons or 3 more black knights couldn't have. I would not consider taking a wight king unless he was the battle standard bearer and wraiths, while decent, are better taken in the rare slot in small units where they are cheaper. Overall, a Banshee is likely to cause much more damage or just a cheap vampire for an extra wizard level.

3. I have new respect for the spell raise dead. With the new FAQ dictating that no over-run is possible because of crumble, it opens up a lot of uses for the spell. Oncebitten used this masterfully against me on turn 1 and it cost me over 300 points.

4. Everything was a 1 on 1 matchup. Almost without exception, this game was a series of 1v1 fights between units. As vampires, you don't want to play fair like this. Sending the pegasus knights on a suicide mission to take out the slann is a good idea, but you are going to need your vargheists to support your skeleton blocks to help them win. Don't be eager to charge when you can hang back. Your units aren't going anywhere, they can't. Buff them up to mitigate losses, and position a turn ahead. I will often place 2 units, flush but 4" or so apart, against an enemy I want to fight. If I charged them, my 2 units in the front wouldn't be more effective than 1. I wait for them to charge me, which I take, and lose combat. The following turn, I charge in their flank because my unit is still there 100% of the time, leaving me in range to buff up both combatants and get a win. Try to get into the mindset that you can afford to lose combats depending on the situation, because there's plenty more where that came from. Thinking a turn ahead is vital to winning with Vampire Counts because unlike with most armies, you can plan for it with just about complete certainty.

5. There were so many situations where you won combat by 1-3 points but I was able to hold. You rarely tried to cast magical buffs on your units. I feel like it would have made all the difference. I was only winning most of the combats because I had magical debuffs on your troops.

6. That was an extremely enjoyable game for me and I was in a good mood all day after it ended. As is standard with me after having played Oncebitten, I felt like I got lucky and was impressed with just how good a player he is. Things are constantly happening that I didn't see and he is always capitalizing on everything. The game was totally crazy with 5 irresistible forces occuring in 4 turns, long charges making it, and combats going every which way. It was truly Warhammer at its best and all I can say is I wish the dice didn't hose him over quite so bad, although it was nothing compared to how our first game went.

I strongly feel that if I ever get in a game against Oncebitten where the dice go 50/50 I am in serious trouble; and I look forward to that game very much.

21-12-2012, 16:59
I'm new to warseer but just read this whole thread. It's by far the best written battle report I've read! Love the fluff and how you do the bat reps. Keep em coming!

07-01-2013, 11:02
Desperate Alliances

Kayosiv slowly opened his eyes and surveyed his surroundings. It was dark, not that it mattered to him though. His vampiric vision pierced the gloom and he saw as clearly as any creature sees in the daylight. But it being this dark meant that he was either inside a building with no windows, or underground, perhaps both. The stone room only had one exit and resembled a dungeon cell, but there was no door or bars to prevent his escape. He wasn't being held prisoner, that much he was certain, but what he didn't know was exactly were he was or how long had he been unconscious.

In the midst of his contemplation he noticed something that startled him. There were two guards at the door, waiting outside and just out of sight. Normally he could sense the blood of the living from miles away. It burned brightly to his senses like a beacon. But these guards were different, seemingly immobile and with heartbeats so faint and infrequent that he wondered if they were alive at all. He sat up from what appeared to be a little makeshift cot that had been prepared for him, but the sentries did not move or acknowledge his awakening. For a moment Kayosiv wondered if they were perhaps magical constructs of some kind, but then he heard the faint sound of one of them sniff to take in his scent. Not only were they awake, but they were more aware of his actions then he was of theirs.

Standing up, Kayosiv found that his armor had been removed and he ha been dressed in a woven garment of what appeared to be some kind of leather. It fit perfectly and had unquestionably been custom made for him. He smiled to himself at the irony of the lizardmen being such fine artisans of clothing when their species rarely wore any. The fact that he had not only been kept alive but also taken here and had his wounds treated meant that the lizardmen probably meant him no ill will. Still, then why guards? Perhaps they weren't guards at all? He didn't know what language to even attempt to converse with them in, so he just loudly cleared his throat.

The heartbeat's of the two lizardmen exploded into action and their statuesque forms came to life. The change was so sudden that Kayosiv thought they might even attack him, but it turned out they were just reactivating their bodies from some sort of hibernation. The two huge bone-clad warriors stepped into view and Kayosiv caught an intelligence behind their brutish nature. The message was clear however, he was not to leave. Why not just put him in a cage then? No, if the message wasn't that he could never leave, it was that his answers would come to him soon. He could probably take the guards out with little difficulty... but then why sour relations with his host? The right course of action here was to play the waiting game. Kayosiv did not have to wait long.

He heard footsteps coming down a long corridor, and a quiet rhythmic humming that he couldn't identify. Torchlight soon came flickering into view and the two door sentries silently excused themselves, although Kayosiv imagined that they would not go far. A moment later, 3 lizardmen came into view, as different in size and shape as they could be. The first to arrive, seemingly to scope out the room, was an enormous Saurus with a bone helmet and a halberd that weighed at least 100 pounds, hefted easily in one hand. The second was a bulbous frog-like creature, which Kayosiv assumed must be a Slann, sitting cross legged on a stone throne. Glowing stones underneath the seat were the culprits behind the strange humming noise, and they appeared to somehow magically keep the chair aloft. The slann appeared to be injured, having recently suffered deep gashes and claw-marks on his body and face, cutting across one half-closed eye. The last to arrive was a small and skittish creature that was no doubts a skink. He carried a stone tablet and looked very unsettled by his current situation.

He could feel a monumental amount of magic flowing through the slann, more than himself, maybe even more than Xello'kepska. Just as he was about to introduce himself, Kayosiv found his mind under assault. He reeled and fell back on his cot, concentrating to fend off the probing of his thoughts. The slann quickly raised his one good arm to the side of his temple and cried out before ceasing the mental scan. Kai'Qu raised his weapon at the vampire menacingly, but Sotarkesh waved his hand and the attack was prevented. Kayosiv quickly got up, his face contorting into that of a snarling animal.

"No, please" the slann spoke with a hint of a lisp, "I did not wish to startle you. My telepathic powers are beyond the comprehension of most peoples I communicate with. It is rare that any are even aware of my presence within their minds. I am sorry."
The vampire slowly tensed down.
"You could have warned a fellow" he said snidely.
Kai'Qu growled but was once again silenced by a wave of his master's hand.
"Unbidden intrusions aside, I would like to thank you for saving my life, and the life of many more."

"Well," Kayosiv said with a satisfied smile, "the Demon and I were destined to clash, you just provided the right moment."
"I could say the same thing about you," The slann said grimly. "I despise demons above all else, but the elves tell me you are just as dangerous as they."
Kayosiv frowned at this. "Surely though you are not foolish enough to believe them?"
"No, but nor am I foolish enough to discount their counsel completely."
"So then... where does that leave us?" the vampire said with a furrowed brow.
"It leaves you with many questions" said the slann, "allow me to answer them."

"I am Sotarkesh, slann of the forth generation and leader of the temple city of Kotak-Hai within which you now reside. You have been recovering here, underground, for eleven cycles of the very sun that seems to weaken and burn you. Your armor and weapon are being repaired and are yours to claim as soon as they are finished. I sustained these injuries fighting against the unliving legions of one of your kind. We attempted to parley with him, but he would hear none of our words and attacked us unprovoked. The battle has left me injured and my armies weakened, but there is still much to do."

"Was this vampire... destroyed?"

"Yes" Kai'Qu said flatly, speaking up for the first time.

Kayosiv let out a long sigh, annoyed by his brother's rashness. "Well then, am I free to leave?"

"No" the slann said, "I yet have a task for you."
"I am neither servant nor stooge for you to order around, king of this city or not. Solve your own problems."
"I cannot, for I am weak and my armies spent. I have great need of your might."
"If you are so weak," Kayosiv growled, "then perhaps I will simply leave of my own accord, through you if I must."
Kai'Qu again growled his displeasure at the vampire's disrespect, and this time Sotarkesh did not silence him.
"You could" Sotarkesh admitted, "but while you saved my life, do not forget that I also saved yours. Without my aid the demon of Tzeentch would still be free to plague you, and you would have been destroyed by the elves while you lay unconscious if not for my intervention."

Kayosiv stood silently for a while, reflecting. Finally he spoke quickly and full of poorly hidden resentment. "What would you have me do?"

"Do not mistake me for one that thinks little of your vocation or underestimates your prowess. You claim you are an immortal, and believe yourself above what you deem to be lessor creatures. No greater affront to you is the threatening of your immortality, because it is what makes you superior, destined for greatness; it makes you divine.

"Your point?" the vampire asked, somewhat intrigued.

"My point is that your ire burns most brightly against those that threaten your existence, and you loathe them with a passion that most mortals cannot imagine. The Chaos Gods want an immortal soul, your soul, for what purpose I do not yet know. They will hound you until it is theirs, but they are not the only ones who wish you destroyed. The skaven too have threatened you, come close to taking what you feel is rightfully yours. You hate them too, as do I. Your task is one that you will find repugnant today, but will serve greater ends for the future. Today I ask you to help the skaven before the remaining forces of Chaos in Lustria destroys them.

"To what greater end will aiding the ratmen serve?"

"Chaos besieges our lands. Their forces are great, and I have asked for aid but there is none to give. The skaven have occupied an abandoned temple city to the north for centuries, and the largest of the Chaos forces is marching straight towards us, with them directly in their path. The skaven have mounted a resolute defense, but they will fall. You must ally with the skaven, and they must suspect nothing of your hatred for them. With your help they will stand a chance but will still suffer horrible losses, as will the Warriors of Chaos headed for this temple city. Without your intervention, Chaos will roll over both the skaven and Sotek-Hai in an unstoppable tide, and we need time to mount our defenses. Time only you can give.

"While I see the appeal in fighting a battle where I win no matter which side loses, why should I risk my life for you? As far as I'm concerned we are even and I owe you nothing."

"True, but the Chaos forces that march towards us contain the remnants from Xello'kepska's personal guard. This might be your only chance to rid the world of their kind, and make them pay for the defeats you have suffered."

"Well now," the vampire mused, "that certainly does pique my interest. Very well, Sotarkesh, I will raise my armies against a seemingly invincible foe while allying myself with the most untrustworthy bunch of scoundrels in the world. That was what you wanted to hear, yes?"

"Well... yes" the slann hesitantly said. "That was what I was hoping you would do."

"I'm sure you did" the vampire said with a knowing smirk. "And I will be as good as my word, under a single condition. If I do this, you will owe me a single favor, of which I may call upon at any time."

The slann's face grew grim, and the skink priest Atehe looked up at him worriedly. "Very well." The slann said with a frown. "I swear upon the Old Ones that you will have your favor at a time of your choosing."

"Excellent! Now then show me to my arms and armor."

"Atehe" said the slann to the skink priest, who jumped at the mention of his name. "Show Lord Kayosiv to his personal effects."

"Whh...aaa... um... Yes my lord" a terrified Atehe sputtered out, looking up from his notes but trying not to make eye contact with the vampire.

"Very good my tiny little associate" the vampire said, bearing his fangs. "Lead on."

As the vampire lord followed the nervous Atehe, he smiled and shook his head. The slann was good. Here he had him off doing his dirty work, risking life and limb, and he made it sound like it was a golden opportunity. "The only chance to rid the world of their kind" he laughed to himself silently. Truly the slann understood the art of a great negotiator, which was to trick others to do your bidding while making them think they were getting what they wanted. Sotarkesh's quick foray into his mind must have gleaned much, for it was true that he hated above all else any who dare try and cut his eternity short. Lately, Chaos had been at the top of the list. As Kayosiv put on his magical armor and drew forth his repaired magical weapon, he smiled to himself. This was going to work out well for everyone. Especially him.


Kayosiv stood at the foot of a previous battle; his last defeat. Things were not working out well at all.

"So let me get this straight" the vampire said with a barely checked temper. "I gave you one task, ONE! And you found that too difficult to obey?

"I'm so sorry" Lady Cheree sobbed, spectral tears streaming down her face, "I tried to stop him, but your brother insisted. He would not listen, he took the black coach from me. I told him of your orders, but did not care. He said we needed the coach to save you."

"And where is he now?"

"He..." there was a long pause as Cheree thought about how to phrase her answer. "He was cut down in glorious battle, trying to save you. The lizardmen, it was the lizardmen who killed him!"

"Glorious..." Kayosiv looked at the charred and splattered remains of Rupert, his zombie dragon, blown apart by hellcanon fire. It would be near impossible to raise again under his own power. Plants had began to grow underneath and in some cases within it, reclaiming the carcass to nature.
"Then where is my coach now?"

"It... I tried to follow it after the battle, but I could not. It flew off, faster than I could... than was possible to catch."

"Any my brother's remains, where are they?"

"Well... when I... when the coach escaped, I went back to gather them for you, but I could not find th... I mean they had vanished!"

"So, what you are saying, is that you have failed me completely, in every way possible?"

Tears sprang forth anew as lady Cheree begged for mercy.
"Please master, think of my centuries of service, my unending love for you, I cannot go to the next realm, my sins are too many. I could not bear such a fate!"

"That is not the punishment I have chosen for you."

At this, Lady Cheree perked up and groveled at Kayosiv's feet. "Oh, oh thank you master, you are so kind, so merciful."

"The fate I have chosen for you is much worse."

The groveling stopped. The tears stopped. Sound stopped. For the briefest of moments, everything stopped.

Lady Cheree tried to fade away into the ghostly ether, tried to escape, but Kayosiv was too fast. His hand glowing with necrotic energy, he gripped her by the neck and her transparent form began to bend and twist before collapsing in on itself. She screamed a silent scream that only the dead could hear, and then exploded into dark mist. The mist slowly wafted over the remains of Rupert, and the broken pieces of the beast began to shudder and twitch. A vortex of flesh was created, sucking up the pieces of the zombie dragon and reassembling them around what was left of Lady Cheree's soul. Soon the monster was whole again, the same but different, lit by a dark and flame-less fire that radiated cold instead of heat. It roared it's outrage and torment to the sky.

Kayosiv frowned.

"I loved you once..." he said, sadly, to no one who could hear him, "but that weakness no longer plagues me."

The broken remains of his army began to re-animate themselves around him and form up at his command. Once reassembled, they marched north towards the skaven and what would be the last vestiges of his revenge. Kayosiv began to wonder if his obsessive fixation on revenge was worth it. He continued to contemplate on the long march north.

07-01-2013, 12:13
After watching the video of you vs oncebitten something that he said puzzled me, why was he taking a crumble test for his master necromancer dying? he isn't the general, I think that had a massive effect on the game.

I also don't see why he was trying to get his general in challenge with your BSB, his general should be grinding down the unit.

Did he have a horde unit of skeletons? I can't see the sense in that, even with spears unless you have shadow and mind razor.

I don't think Wraiths make good characters, banshees are pretty good but I agree that another vampire would have been better the wight king and wraith unless his necromancer had lore of death, then the king is ok so you don't need to have you lord and necromancer in the same unit for ld10 death snipes.

The corpse cart is junk, but I think from his comments he can see that (why did they make it a chariot?)

I think you played the game well so deserved the win, he made some silly mistakes that cost him in the long run.

If you ever interesting I wouldn't mind trying out this skype gaming :)

07-01-2013, 22:31
I'm new to warseer but just read this whole thread. It's by far the best written battle report I've read! Love the fluff and how you do the bat reps. Keep em coming!

Thanks Wabdullah, great to hear you got some enjoyment out of the thread.

After watching the video of you vs oncebitten something that he said puzzled me, why was he taking a crumble test for his master necromancer dying? he isn't the general, I think that had a massive effect on the game.

His army crumbled when his master necromancer died because the master necromancer had taken control of the army from the general. He had no other wizards with the lore of vampires to hold it together.

He wanted my BSB dead because he was literally keeping my lines afloat. I failed almost all my first break test rolls and was passing the second ones. The first few combats he did just grind into the unit, but it wasn't working because the skeletons were being depleted faster than my saurus.

He had 2 units of 40 skeletons. One was 5 wide and one was 10 wide, which housed his vampire lord. I didn't have any particularly deep combat blocks, so he didn't need the steadfast breaking ranks and wanted to go more for offense with his Lord's unit. It actually panned out for him, winning the first combat they were in. They were reduced in numbers after that, but he just reformed.

He is new to vampires and chose things he thought were cool or would work well. I agree wraiths don't work well as single characters, and his wraith was fairly ineffective. Same thing with the corpse cart. He'd never used it and wanted to try it. It actually helped him out a fair bit because his skeletons at I2 got re-rolls against my I1 saurus warriors, but even so I doubt he'd use it again once he learned just how slow it is.

Thank you for the compliment on my play. I felt that Oncebitten made less mistakes than me in the game but his list was not as solid as mine. A few more games with vampires and he'll surely work out the kinks in his list.

I'd certainly be interested in a Skype game but not for another week or 2. I've got to flush out my super big game's battle report, but then I'll be free to report on another game. I'm sure we can work out the details in the mean time. the "couple weeks" for doing the report have traditionally tended to transform into several months, but I'll try my best to be timely.

08-01-2013, 10:39
I'm still confused as to why the necromancer lord became the general, the only way a vampire counts army can change its general is through the death of its general, I think your mixing up the selection of general rules with slain general rules, miscasting will not cause you to change general.

I saw about going after the BSB in the video and my first thought is "thats simply going to increase crumble", because the unit needs the vampire lord to try and balance out the damage the are taking. It just seems to me if your unit is getting very small going after a single model which can be hard to shift with S6 is very risky.

Honestly, don't know why anyone would use skeletons as a offensive unit outside of a shadow spam army, ghouls are far better at it.

Well from the Video I gathered he thought the cart was junk, it can work but only in a very static army. I think the only time Wraiths work as heroes is if you have a ranks worth of them in a unit, then they make zombies very silly.

Thats cool, just let me know:)

12-01-2013, 07:19
oncebitten's vampire lord had died the turn before, that is when the necromancer took control of the army. Then that very turn the necromancer lord blew himself up. Hope this clears up the confusion on the crumbling. Hope you and kayosiv get to play a game over skype, that would be a lot of fun to watch.

17-01-2013, 11:31
Battle 12: Unlikely Allies. 2500+2500/5000 points.
Scenario: Pitched Battle

Kayosiv stood relaxed and confident, surrounded on all sides by halberd tips pointing at his neck. An enormous rat ogre lumbered up to him with a large black furred and heavily armored skaven on top. He addressed the vampire with the overconfident pomp of someone who believed they had just outsmarted their greatest rival.

"So let me make sure I understand your offer-deal, dead-thing. You wish to help us fight-fight the chaos-things, and in return you want 25 claws of warpstone and 100 slaves?

"That's right" the vampire said nonchalantly. The vampire's easy demeanor in what should be a life threatening situation unnerved the warlord slightly, but he hid it successfully enough that none of the surrounding skaven noticed.

"Well then, I have for you two quick-quick questions. What does a dead-thing want with 100 live-slaves? And, why shouldn't I just kill-kill you right now?

"To answer your first question, I don't plan to keep them alive for long. They're of far more use to me reanimated than living." At this there was some some audible unrest from the present slaves, but they were silenced by a single glare from the skaven warlord. "And to the second, your forces are no doubt... formidable, but they are no match for the coming chaos forces.

The Skaven Warlord sneered and puffed his chest out proudly. "High Warlord Slitquick has never been defeated! Chaos-things are no match for him or his armies!" The present skaven squeaked and cheered their approval at this statement. After the buzz of excitement had simmered down, a lone gutter runner coughed awkwardly. All eyes, even Slitquick's, went to him. A complete hush fell over the area as they strained to hear the meek mumbles of the ratman.

"Um... most unbeatable of warriors... there may be a tad-smidgen of bad news..."

"Get on with it!" the warlord bellowed.

"Oh, uh, yes-yes. I have just come back from scout-spying the chaos camp... and the dead-thing is right. We are outnumbered." Slitquick frowned deeply at this statement and gently kicked his rat ogre bonebreaker in the shoulder. The beast quickly raised up a meaty fist and smashed the gutter runner flat into the jungle floor. The rat ogre lifted up his hand from the skaven pulp and began licking the gore off the bottom of its fist.

Slitquick turned to the vampire and spoke in a quick and hushed tone. "5 claws of warpstone and 25 slaves."

"What!?" Kayosiv shouted, outraged. "You are on the precipice of certain doom and you're trying to haggle with me!?"

Slitquick looked thoughtful for a moment. "Fine-fine, 10 claws... and 75 slaves. Final offer."

"You will give me 50 claws of warpstone and 1,000 slaves for the sheer audacity of trying to shortchange me when I am the only thing standing between you and certain death. And believe me, if anyone knows death, it is I."

Slitquick's eyes went wide at this proclamation. Murmurs began to rise up in the skaven ranks. No one had ever stood up to the warlord with such conviction before... and lived. Even the storm vermin surrounding the vampire looked to their leader for his reaction. It was uncommon for anyone to speak down to him in such a manner, and his pride demanded the vampire slain for his arrogance... but Slitquick knew that he needed him.

After careful deliberation, the warlord spoke. "25 claws or 100 slaves, you pick-choose."

Collective focus went back to Kayosiv, who in turn reflected thoughtfully at the offer. "Very well, 25 claws of warpstone." There was an audible whoosh of relief from every slave in the vicinity and Slitquick ordered his guard to drop their weapons.

"Good-good" the Warlord said, now go ready your dead-thing army. You get paid after fight."

"Half now, and half after."

"Grrrrrrr" the warlord growled. He barked some orders behind him in his native language and a heavily burdened skaven plodded forward, hunched from the weight of many heavy bags.
"Give this dead-thing 12 claws of warpstone" Slitquick said with annoyance.
The skaven accountant poured the contents from one of the bags on his back into his hand and counted their contents very meticulously.

"13 claws" the vampire smirked.

"12 and a half!" the warlord shrieked, startling the counter and forcing him to start over.

Hefting a bag full of 12 and a half claws of warpstone, Kayosiv smiled as he walked away from the skaven to prepare his forces. He couldn't care less about the warpstone, but he knew that the skaven would be suspicious if he offered his services for free. Things like common interest and mutually beneficial ventures did not register in their culture. What did register was greed, greed and survival. Kayosiv was just being a good negotiator. By acting as the warlord would have acted and preying on what he knew the skaven wanted, Kayosiv got Slitquick to do exactly what he wished while the warlord thought he too was getting what he desired. The poor fool.

Vampire Counts List 2500 points:
Vampire Lord, Kayosiv. Level 2, heavy armor
Vampiric Powers: Quickblood, Aura of Dark Majesty, Beguile
Magic Items: 4+ Ward save, Enchanted shield, Ogre Blade (+2 strength)
Spells: Invocation of Nehek, Hellish Vigor.

Necromancer, level 2, with dispel scroll
Spells: Invocation of Nehek, Vanhel's Danse Macabre

40 skeletons with full command
40 skeletons with full command and banner of swiftness
20 zombies with musician and standard bearer
5 dire wolves
5 dire wolves
Special :
12 Black Knights with lances, barding, full command, and Warbanner.
5 Hexwraiths
8 Crypt Horrors with Haunter
4 Vargheists with Vargoyle
1 Spirit Host

Skaven List 2500 points: (Because I am unable to get the list from the player, this is a rough estimate)
Warlord on Bonebreaker. 4+ ward save, halberd, other trickster's shard, Warpstone Armor
Grey Seer
Spells: Cracks Call, Warp Lightning, The Dreaded 13th, Scorch

Battle Standard Bearer with Enchanted Shield and heavy armor
Assassin with Potion of Strength and Weeping Blade
Assassin with Blade of Corruption

40 clanrats with ratling gun
40 stormvermin Doom-flayer, full command, and Razor Standard
20 slaves with shields.
Special :
10 plague monks
6 gutter runners with poisoned slings
7 Warplock Jezzails with Sharpshooter
Warp Lightning Cannon
Hellpit Abomination with Warpstone Spikes

Warriors of Chaos List 5000 points:
Valkia the Bloody
Chaos Sorcerer, level 4. Charmed Shield and Infernal Puppet.

Festus the Leech Lord
Throgg the Troll King
Exalted Hero, Mark of Tzeentch, Halberd, chaos steed, dragon helm, talisman of endurance.

6 Trolls (core because of Throgg)
23 chaos warriors with mark of Slannesh, Halberds. Stander bearer with Banner of Eternal Flame.
23 chaos warriors with additional handweapons and flag carrier with banner of frenzy.
20 marauders with mark of Slannesh and shields.
5 chaos warhounds
Special :
10 Hellstriders with whips, standard, and musician.
20 Chosen with Champion and Standard Bearer. Favor of the Gods and the Wailing Banner. 1+ armor save gift.
10 Chaos Knights with standard and musician.
Scyla Anfingrimm
Shaggoth with great weapon
Hell Canon
5 Skullcrushers with standard, musician, and glimmering pendant.


Deployment ended up being a bit difficult because we were just so cramped for space. I've played larger games than 5,000 points before, but never on a single standard sized 4"x6" table. A lot of stuff had to simply be squeezed in, such as the terrorgheist fitting sideways because he just wouldn't fit anywhere else. Overall it worked out, but we had to spread a tad thinner than we wanted and the jezzails couldn't fire at anything on turn 1 due to the hill. Our side won first turn however and we were determined to make the best of it.

Unlikely Allies Turn 1:
Movement: Moving from left to right across the battle line, the following moves take place. The warlord and his storm vermin march up, accompanied by their doomflayer. The jezzails move up to the hill to secure good shooting position. The hellpit and wolves go towards the left, giving the hellpit a good selection of targets and the dire wolves a good position to charge the chaos hounds on turn 2. The slaves move up some and the warplock engineer moves up far enough to get a solid line of sight to juicy targets with his doom rocket. Both units of skeletons march up, and the terrorgheist fits behind them, still squished in sideways. The Black Knights and vargheists move up some but not maximum movement, hoping to not get charged but instead attack things during turn 2. The hex wraiths are content to sit back behind the sinister statue biding their time. The entire right flank moves up with the exception of the grey seer, some into the river which turns out to be a normal river, confident that chaos wont be able to score a first turn charge.

Magic: Magic is uneventful as low dice are rolled and most of the skaven spells are out of range and the vampires lack offensive magic.

Shooting: The warplock engineer takes aim at the chosen with his doomrocket and lets fly. He ends up getting a near perfect shot, also cliping Festus' warrior unit. He ends up killing 4 chosen and 2 of the Nurgle warriors.
Doom rocket... OF DOOM!!! 164316

The Warp Lightning cannon attempts to shoot down the skullcrushers, but ends up short as well. Despite it's poor bounce distance, it still hits the back of the hellstriders and kills 2. The doomwheel fails it's leadership test to restrain from pushing buttons and pulling levers, causing it to shoot lightning at clanrats, killing 2.

Warriors of Chaos turn 1:
Movement: The hellstriders charge the warhounds in front of them and automatically make it. The knights, not being stupid, slowly back away from the Hellpit and pray it doesn't notice them. Valkia's warriors do the opposite, inching up just out of average hellpit charge range, putting them just slightly in the river. The warhounds move into the river as well. Festus' Nurgle warriors move up and angle to fight my left skeleton block and the warshrines all move with various warrior units, but stay safely behind them. The marauders with level 4 sorcerer occupy the house and the rightmost warshrine goes around behind it towards the skull crushers, whom themselves garrison a fence. The chosen and trolls with Throgg only move up slightly, angled behind chaos warhounds, hoping that my vampire lord or crypt horrors will take the bait and be stuck fighting near invulnerable chosen and set up for a flank charge by trolls. Scyla shoots up super far, but not far enough towards the doomwheel, stopping just a few inches short of it. The shaggoth is more hesitant, hanging back and hoping he can get a charge off on the doomwheel on turn 2.

Magic: A good number is rolled on the winds of magic and the chaos sorcerer tries to cast Mindrazor on the hellstriders. Unfortunately... the roll doesn't pan out too well for him and he rolls triple 1's. With that wizard no longer able to cast, Festus casts magnificent buboes on the Skaven warlord, but it is easily dispelled by our remaining dispel pool.

Shooting: The hell cannon takes aim at the terrorgheist, but scatters way off target into empty space. The right and center warshrines both bless the chosen, granting them +1 toughness and a 4+ ward save with stubborn. The left warshrine blesses the trolls and gives them +1 strength.

Combat: The hellstriders manage to kill 4 dire wolves, who can't kill any back in return and crumble to death. He reforms wide after the battle.

End of Turn 1: Note that this picture is before the hellstrider/dire wolf combat.

Unlikely Allies turn 2:
Movement: My dire wolves on the left flank charge into the hounds in the river and the clanrats charge into the hellstriders on the right flank. The doomwheel smashes into Scylia but the hellpit abomination isn't so lucky and stops in the river a few inches short of Valkia's warrior unit. In the remaining moves phase, the skaven warlord and stormvermin unit march up and angle towards the center of the board. My hex wraiths zip 18" through Festus' warriors and kill a few while positioning in front of the hell cannon but also threatening the leftmost warshrine. my left skeleton unit marches up in front of Festus' warriors and my terrorgheist lands just to their left, with the vargheists right behind. Skaven slaves and zombies shuffle around a bit but don't do anything important. My knights and crypt horrors move forward and both angle to the right of the board, threatening a plethora of targets. The Grey Seer and his plague monks walk into the river to make sure he has targets in the range of his spells.

Magic: An eventful magic phase for the skaven, with the first spell being a successfully cast scorch on the trolls. The spell itself only does a few wounds but takes away their regeneration. The ensuing warp lighting does several more and the trolls lose 7 wounds from the two spells total. My necromancer tries to cast van hel's on the left skeletons, but it is dispelled.

Shooting: The warp lighting cannon shoots off a shot at full power, once again aimed at the skull crushers, but this time impacting gloriously. One skullcrusher is reduced to scrap metal. The jezzails take aim at the chaos knights and manage to pick one off. The terrorgheist screams at Festus' warrior unit and rolls in the double digits, killing an impressive 7 models despite their 5+ regeneration save. The Doomwheel tries to fry Scyla but ends up misfiring and hitting itself for 3 wounds.


Combat: Making up for his earlier incompetence, the doomwheel gets 6 impact hits and squishes Scyla flat before he can even fight back, overrunning forward. The clanrats reveal an Assassin who is able to handily defeat the Hellstriders. The rats kill 4 and they break from combat, but are able to easily outpace their skaven pursuers. The dire wolves on the left flank totally chump all of their attacks against the chaos war hounds and suffer a wound in return, tying the combat.

Warriors of Chaos turn 2:
Movement: The chaos knights charge my dire wolves, losing 1 knight to dangerous terrain, who is worth as much as the entire wolf unit, so I am OK with this. Valkia's warrior unit charge the hellpit abomination, also losing a few warriors to the river's currents. The leftmost warshrine charges my terrorgheist and Festus' warriors charge my unit of skeletons. The skullcrushers charge the clanrats in the front and the chaos hounds in the center make a long charge into their flank. Lastly, the Shaggoth charges the doomwheel. Last and certainly least, Throgg and his trolls charge my Vampire Lord's unit of black knights, but fail by only rolling a 3, going 2 measly inches forward. The centermost warshrine positions between the hex wraiths and the hellcannon, hoping to intercept a charge that would clog up the only chaos shooting on the board.

Magic: All spells were either dispelled or failed to cast, but the Chaos player manages to make us use our dispel scroll.

Shooting: The hell cannon tries to shoot for my Vampire Lord, but misfires without any negative consequence. The rightmost warshrine blesses the skullcrushers with +1 strength.

Combat: In the clanran vs skullcrusher combat, the skaven player reveals YET ANOTHER assassin, who has drunk a potion of strength. After suffering the loss of 4 wounds from the two assassins, the skullcrushers opt to go for the squishy clanrats instead of trying to kill the assassins, worried about losing the combat. They manage to kill 7 while the flanking warhounds kill 1 more. The clanrat's attacks bounce uselessly off the skullcrusher's armor, but manage to kill a dog. The skaven lose but are steadfast and hold.
Before Combat:164569 After Combat: 164570

Festus' unit goes to town on the skeletons, killing 8, while the skeletons deal 0 in return. However, the skeleton champion manages to wound Festus in their challenge before being hacked to bits. Losing by so much, the crumble is particularly bad and the unit is reduced to half size.

Valkia the Bloody licked her lips as a nightmarish patchwork of flesh rumbled towards her and her unit of Khore's chosen warriors. The beast gurgled a sickening roar from half a dozen throats as it pulled itself ever closer with desperate reaches of it's mutated limbs. The warriors of khorne, waist deep in the river's currents, began to unsheathe their weapons, but Valkia barked an order for them to hold.
"The monster is MINE" she almost screamed at her men.
Hardened warriors all, most shrank back at the sound of her voice as Valkia prepared for the charge of the skaven monstrosity. One warrior however, was too battle hungry and remained at the side of his mistress with his weapon at the ready. Infuriated, the Bride of Khorne decapitated him, prompting the other warriors to take yet a few more hasty steps back. Valkia took to the sky moments before the abomination would have flattened her and fluttered around the beast, hacking off heads and cutting deep gashes into the flesh of the thing as it roared its outrage. Her warriors only looked on in awe and jealous anticipation. Hopefully she would leave something left for them to fight this time.

Valkia rolls insanely well and does 4 wounds to the Hellpit herself. The chaos warriors actually roll fairly poorly, but it is just enough due to the unit's flaming banner to put the last 2 wounds on the hellpit, killing it for good before it even gets to fight back.

Over on the left flank, the exalted hero in the chaos knights butchers the dire wolves and they opt not to overrun, fearing the dangerous terrain tests of the river. On the opposite flank, the shaggoth shrugs off the doomwheel's rat attacks and hacks the already weakened wheel into firewood and turns to face the clanrats. The last combat of the turn is uneventful, as the warshrine and terrorgheist are unable to hurt each other. Because of the 1 combat resolution for charging, the warshrine wins and the terrorgheist crumbles for 1 wound.

Continued on post #109

17-01-2013, 11:31
Unlikely Allies turn 3:
Movement: On the left flank, the storm vermin and accompanying warlord charge into the chaos knights in the river. The hex wraiths opt to charge the warshrine in front of the hellcannon instead of moving through it for free hits, hoping to win combat. Both the black knights and crypt horrors charge the chaos trolls and make contact.

The vargheists move up, single file, to sacrifice themselves to Valkia's chaos warriors in hopes to spare the terrorgheist. The slaves move up on the hill behind them and next to the jezzails with the intent of doing the same once the vargheists inevitably die. Skeletons, zombies, and spirit host all move around a little bit but are generally blocked by the sphinx in the center of the board or combats they can't move past. The grey seer and his plague monks move out of the river and into range of a plethora of juicy targets.


Magic: The dreaded 13th spell is cast on the chosen, but the dice fail to meet the casting value. Invocation and van hel's danse macabre are then both easily dispelled by the level 4 chaos sorcerer.

Shooting: The terrorgheist screams at the warshrine, once again rolling in the double digits with an impressive 10. The shrine rolls pathetically on it's ward saves, only scoring 1 save on a 4+ out of 6, and dies outright. The jezzails take aim at Valkia's warrior unit and manage to kill 1 chaos warrior, but one jezzail also explodes from misfiring. The ratling gun has no legal targets.

Combat: On the left flank, the storm vermin and Slitquick roll unbelievably terribly and only manage to kill 2 knights despite their plethora of high strength armor piercing attacks. The knights roll much better and kill a decent amount of skaven. Because of the river the skaven have no rank bonus, lose combat and cannot claim steadfast. They fail their break test and flee. All is not lost for the Warlord however because despite the swift-stride of the knights, the skaven do what they do best and successfully run away.


The hexwraiths manage to deal 2 wounds to the warshrine and beat it by a combat result of 3. It fails its break test and flees, but manages to outpace the hexwraiths. The pursuit however does bring them in contact with the hellcannon, effectively clogging it. In the skeleton/Festus warrior combat, the skeletons manage to once again do absolutely nothing to the unit, but take a single wound off of Festus. The champion of nurgle can't make a regeneration save to save his life... literally. Despite Festus' death, the warriors tear the skeletons to pieces and the unit crumbles completely and is destroyed. I had hoped to have a few left to keep the warriors from charging into the terrorgheist, but was very happy at least that Festus was dead so the unit no longer had poison or regeneration.

Kayosiv and his knights + the crypt horrors badly hurt the chaos trolls, reducing them to half number before they can even strike. The remaining trolls roll awful and their vomit can't even wound any knights and barely scratches the high toughness of the crypt horrors. They are beaten badly and fail their break test. Despite being chased by 2 units, 1 with swift stride, the trolls escape. The crypt horrors peruse into the building housing the chaos marauders and sorcerer and Kayosiv and his black knights hit the unit of chosen.

Valkia gazed longingly across the battlefield at a monstrous melee between skeletal knights, gigantic ghoul creatures, and Throgg's trolls. She desperately wished she could be part of such a glorious combat, but her expectations were soon shattered. Instead of the fighting being a brutal clash of titans, it was a one-sided massacre. A Dark warrior, beautiful in his terrible violence, slashed the trolls to pieces with a strength that impossibly exceeded his form. A worthy opponent. She must have him.

Throgg's trolls were completely outmatched and even the troll king himself could not turn the tide against such odds. After a very brief fight the trolls fled, pursued by their attackers. Valkia's eyes went wide as the Knights veered away from the trolls and into the chosen of Tzeentch. This dark warrior was deliberately attacking the chosen? Valkia feared nothing and even she knew that a fight against them was fruitless. Was he a fool? Insane? Perhaps he was truly the worthy adversary she had been seeking. She began to walk towards him, but was interrupted by large humanoid bat monsters filling the sky and dive bombing at her and her accompanying guard. She screamed at them as she took to the skies and fought the largest of them.
"Out of my way you damned monsters, the dark warrior is mine!"

Without the aid of their potion of strength, the assassins do much worse against the skull crushers, doing a measly single wound in combat. The clanrats do even worse, getting 0 wounds, although they do kill another chaos warhound. With their ranks diminished and their leadership low, the clanrats break from combat and are taken off the board by the pursuing dogs and skull crushers.

Warriors of Chaos turn 3:
Movement: The chaos knights charge the jezzails, who flee, and successfully redirect into the storm vermin's doomflayer. Valkia's unit charges the vargheists, losing 3 warriors to the dangerous terrain tests from the river. Festus' warriors, now sans Festus, charge the terrogheist. Both the fleeing warshrine and trolls fail to rally, with the warshrine running completely off the board and the trolls going dangerously close to the edge. The rightmost warshrine starts to move up past the house, followed by the warhounds, shaggoth, and skull crushers after a successful reform, all angling towards the center of the board and the grey seer's unit.

Magic: A low roll only gives the chaos forces a few dice to work with. A desperate mindrazer is attempted on the chaos marauders in the building with all the dice, but the casting result consists of triple 1's and a 2.

Shooting: With the hell cannon clogged by hex wraiths and 2 of the 3 warshrines dead, there is no shooting.

Combat: The chaos knights obliterate the doomflayer and reform towards the center of the board. Valkia gets in a challenge with the vargeist champion and kills it easily, causing the unit to lose by 5 and crumble heavily. The frenzied chaos warriors roll like crazy and despite needing 6's to wound, do 5 wounds to the terrorgheist of which it saves 0, killing it and allowing them an overrun into the skaven slaves' flank. Having sacrificed the vargheists to save the terrorgheist, I can't say I was happy about this turn of events.

The chosen prove to be extremely resilient with their 3+ ward save and only take 2 wounds combined from the knight unit and Kayosiv. In return they kill 2 knights, but still lose the combat by 1 thanks to the black knight's war banner. The chosen then fail their stubborn 8 break test on an 11 and flee! I opt not to pursue, hoping that the chosen will flee far enough to hit the hexwraiths and bounce through the hell cannon and off the board. My gamble pays off as the chosen flee off the table and the black knights reform to face the center of the board.

Slicing a Vargheist clean in half, Valkia quickly glanced at the Tzeentch Chosen, and her mouth went agape. They were... retreating. Defeated, broken, running like dogs. They fled the blade of the dark warrior, who's armor was now colored a slick crimson from being completely drenched in blood. Letting the Chosen flee like cowards, he commanded his troops to face Valkia's warriors. Her heart began to beat faster.
"Hurry you weaklings!" she yelled at her warriors as they finished off the last of the vargheists. "Charge the knights, the knights! But the dark warrior is not to be touched!"

The crypt horrors manage to easily defeat the marauders, but they roll a 3 on their break test and manage to hold. The hex-wraiths and hell cannon can't do any damage to each other.

Unlikely Allies turn 4:
A jubilant smile formed on Valkia's face as the skeletal knights charged towards her and her warriors, the dark warrior at their head. Her triumph proved to be premature however, as the knights turned to the left and plowed into the back of Festus' personal guard.
"No... NOOOOO!" she screamed in defiance. "Fight ME! Forward my warriors, forward towards glory and death!"
She whipped her warriors into a frenzy and they charged out of the river towards the black knights' flank. This challenge was everything, and she would not be denied.

Movement: Kayosiv and his Black knights charge into the rear of the additional hand weapon warriors, while skeletons charge into the flank. Warlord Slitquick and his storm vermin rally and face towards the chaos knights on the hill, but the jezzails fail and continue to flee. The zombies and necromancer go behind the skeletons, getting close enough for a 6" invocation. The spirit host spins around towards the shaggoth in hopes that it can keep it trapped in a combat that it can't win. The grey seer faces towards several threats bearing down on him from the right flank, hoping to teach them the error of their ways with his magic. A group of gutter runners come on the board on the right flank and move towards the center of the board.

Magic: Not everything goes the grey seers way as his first spell of the phase is a warp lightning targeting the skull crushers on 2 dice. One roll of double 1's later, the spell fails and so does the phase for the skaven wizard. Kayosiv does better by getting off invocation with irrepressible force. The ensuing miscast costs him a wizard level and the rest of our power dice, but he is able to revive 2 black knights and 5 skeletons.

Shooting: The warp lightning cannon decides to show what a REAL lightning attack is, and hits a bloodcrusher with a strength 10 shot, vaporizing him. The ratling gun follows the example of the grey seer and not only accomplishes nothing, but misfires and explodes. The gutter runners take aim on the last remaining skull crusher but are unable to get past it's 1+ armor save.

Ready... FIRE-FIRE!!! Aim...166801

Combat: In the predictable combats, the crypt horrors once again beat the marauders, this time running them out of the house, and Valkia's warriors easily kill the remaining vargheists and reform towards the center of the board. The hex-wraiths and hellcannon tie again.

In the massive combat at the center, things do not go my way. My vampire lord rolls three 1's to wound and so can only do a couple of wounds to the chaos warriors. The knights do decently killing a few more, and the skeletons and slaves kill one each. Sadly, the total between all the attacks of 3 units is only 6 dead warriors. The warriors on the other hand roll amazingly awesome and manage to kill a lot of slaves and even a lot of skeletons even with only 2 models in base contact on the flank. 3 black knights also die to chaos blades and the warriors only end up losing by 2. They pass their break test on a roll of 6 and suddenly everything is in jeopardy. I never dreamed that the warriors would hold and now suddenly my most important unit is being faced down by Valkia on it's flank. On the plus side, the slaves are able to reform so they are no longer flanked and turn to face the warriors.


Warriors of Chaos turn 4:
Movement: Lots of charges this phase. The chaos knights charge the flank of the skaven slaves while Valkia and her warriors charge the flank of Kayosiv's black knights. The shaggoth and warshrine charge the grey seer's plague monk unit but only the shaggoth makes it. The lone remaining blood crusher charges the warp lightning cannon. The trolls fail to rally again and flee off the board. The chaos mauraders with the chaos sorcerer also fail to rally and continue fleeing. The unit of chaos warhounds on the left flank move up at an angle to redirect warlord Slitquick and his storm vermin unit. The other unit of chaos warhounds moves between the shaggoth and my spirit hosts, also hoping to redirect.


Magic and Shooting: With chaos' only wizard fleeing and their only shooting plugged with hex wraiths, there are is no shooting or magic. The remaining warshrine blesses the shaggoth with +1 armor.

Combat: The blood crusher easily crushes the blood out of the warp lightning cannon crew and reforms towards the center of the board. The shaggoth rolls extremely poorly and only manages to do 2 wounds to the grey seer and only does 1 thunderstomp. Sadly, the plague monks can't wound his toughness 5 despite their numerous attacks and he is dealt no wounds in return. The plague monks lose combat by a few points, fail their break test, and are run down grey seer and all. The hexwraiths manage to wound the hellcannon, but it is unlikely they'll kill it before the game ends.

Valkia desperately tried to find the undead lord in the swirl of melee combat between the various sides. She cut a swath through the black skeletal knights in her search, and finally she found the object of her recent obsession. There he was before her, slicing chaos warriors apart as if they were defenseless children.
"YOU, Lord of death!" she directed at the vampire, "A challenge!"
He dispatched another chaos warrior before turning in the direction of the fierce female voice. Her heart fluttered a bit when he looked up at her.
"Perhaps another time" he said with a smirk.
Valkia was confused. "Wha.... no, NO! We battle here and now, in magnificent single combat!"
Kayosiv did not respond, but simply began to glow with a bright light. For a brief moment, the light became blinding, and Valkia hid her eyes behind her demonic faced shield. When the light faded, she was horrified to find that the vampire was gone.

Furious beyond rational thought, the Bride of Khorne lashed out at anything within reach while screaming at the top of her lungs. Black knights and chaos warriors alike fell to her blade and soon all backed away from the long reach of her deadly spear.

Slitquick watched the berserk woman from the top of the hill.
"Knew I should have paid undead-thing after battle was over" he grumbled to himself.

In the now even more gigantic combat in the center involving 6 units, Valkia and the 2 units of warriors manage to kill an impressive 8 black knights while the black knights, skeletons, and Lord Kayosiv kill 8 warriors of chaos. The chaos knights and hero kill 11 skaven slaves and when combat is all said and done, the combat is lost by 7. The remaining black knight dies and Kayosiv crumbles to death with him. The skeletons crumble twice from the loss and general's death, and the skaven slaves explode but cause no casualties in the chaos knights. Crumble is fairly lax on my army as I pass most of my leadership tests but notably my spirit host is destroyed. Valkia's warriors and the exalted heroes knights reform and so do the 2 remaining chaos warriors facing the skeletons.


Unlikely Allies turn 5:
Movement: Slitquick's unit of storm vermin charge the chaos warhounds and automatically connect. My crypt horrors move out of the house towards the center of the board. The gutter runners move after the fleeing mauraders on the right flank, hoping to chase them off the board.

Magic: Being our only wizard left on the board, my necromancer 6 dices invocation of nehek. The resulting resurrection brings back 8 skeletons and 9 zombies. He tries to cast Vanhel's Danse Macabre with his 1 remaining dice but rolls a 2 and fails.

Shooting: The gutter runners shoot their poisoned slings at the fleeing marauders, killing 2.

Combat: The skeletons manage to kill both of the remaining additional handweapon warriors and reform so they can't be flanked by either the knights or remaining chaos warriors. Slitquick's storm vermin easily kill the 3 chaos warhounds and reform to face the flank of the chaos knights.

Warriors of Chaos turn 5:
Movement: The chaos knights predictably charge the front of the skeleton unit. Unpredictably, Valkia charges out of her chaos warrior unit and flies over the skeletons into the flank of the zombies containing my necromancer. I was feeling confident about this until the shaggoth makes a long charge into the rear of the unit. The 3 remaining chaos warhounds in the center charge the doom rocket warplock engineer and make it. The marauders with chaos sorcerer manage to finally rally and spin around to face the gutter runners. The remaining skull crusher heads towards the left side of the board.


Magic: Miasma is cast on the gutter runners, reducing their ballistic skill by 2.

Combat: The shaggoth and Valkia both roll like champions and kill a dozen zombies between them. The resulting crumble completely destroys the unit, my necromancer, and my entire army crumbles again. The hexwraiths all die and the skeleton unit takes heavy losses. This compounds with a savage beating from the chaos knights and the skeleton unit is destroyed completely. The warhounds also manage to kill the warplock engineer.

Slitquick stares down the remaining Chaos forces at the end of turn 5.

Unlikely Allies turn 6:
Movement: With nothing left to do and our armies all but decimated, 3 charges were declared with the 3 units we had left on the board. The crypt horrors declared a charge against the shaggoth, and the Bonebreaker riding Warlord charged the chaos knights. Sadly, the crypt horrors failed, but Slitquick made it into combat for an epic stand. Lastly, with their ballistic skill reduced to virtually nothing, the gutter runners charged into the marauder block containing the level 4 chaos sorcerer. The jezzail team sadly fails to rally and runs off the board.

Combat: Slitquick and his unit roll significantly better in round 2 against the chaos knights. Despite their armor piercing banner bearer now being dead, the unit manages to kill 3 knights instead of 2 like last time, and they put a wound on the exalted hero. The skaven beat the knights by 1 but thanks to the nearby presence of Valkia, they pass their second break test and hold. Overrunning or persuing past the line of sight of the chaos forces was Slitquick's only chance at survival... but at least the knight unit was all but destroyed and wouldn't contribute much in the final combat of the game. At the end of the combat, the storm vermin reform 5 wide to help preserve their ranks. The gutter runners fare much better, defeating the dwindled marauders by 2 combat resolution and chasing them right off the board.

Unable to break through the chaos lines, there is nothing left for Slitquick to do but weather the oncoming storm.

Warriors of Chaos turn 6:
Movement: Everything left standing dog-piles the storm vermin.

Combat: Valkia challenges Slitquick while the other chaos forces stomp the storm vermin into the dirt. The storm vermin manage to deal some damage, killing several warriors, the last chaos knight, and wounding the shaggoth. After the shaggoth attacks and thunderstomps though there is literally nothing left of the unit. Slitquick truly goes out with a bang as he and Valkia reduce each other to 1 wound remaining each. unable to cope with such a disastrous defeat of his unit though, Slitquick breaks from combat and is subsequently run down to end the game.

End of Game: Victory to the forces of Chaos

23-01-2013, 20:46
"23 chaos warriors with mark of Slannesh, Halberds. Stander bearer with Banner of Eternal Frenzy."

I'm assuming this is Banner of Eternal Flame? As Marked Slannesh with Banner of Rage is kinda redundant in that Frenzy is already ItP.

Either way, I'm loving your huge Batreps and fluff! Keep it coming!!!

23-01-2013, 22:22
Thank you for the compliment.

Yeah there's some mistakes with the above list. I just haven't updated because I've had the stomach flu over the past few days and have been too sick to do much other than sleep and forcibly expel waste. The army's owner already let me know of the list discrepencies, although it was still sharp of you to pick them up. They will be amended soon.

As far as updates go, I am mostly focusing on catching up on my fluff. The story on page 100 is meant to tie together many aspects leading up to battle 11. Then there's more fluff dealing with battle 11 into 12 which has a compilcated plot point. How do I get my pre-established Vampire and Skaven factions (who hate each other) to team up and fight chaos. I have several ideas and a rough plan, but it always takes some ironing out when the actual writing occurs.

Painting wise I am nearly done with my 2 stegadons, and they are starting to look pretty great. My Scar Veteran and Oldblood are getting more work on them as well but are less completed (maybe around half). If I ever manage to finish them, I think it will be time to start painting up some more vampire stuff. Something simple. I'm thinking either dire wolves or skeletons.

31-01-2013, 00:36

If you like the fluff, you're gonna love this one. The story piece on posts 100 and 101 is finally finished. It is by far my longest continuous story segment so far, consisting of well over 5,000 words and 10 pages of text. It is the first time I ran into the character limit when writing a story segment. To even make it fit I had to move the Slann Studio update to post #103. I'm quite happy with out it came out but am still going over it with a fine tooth comb to get the little peculiarities and typos that remain. As a whole though, it is "done" or at least as done as anything gets in this thread. Please go check it out and I am eager to hear both praise and criticisms alike.

Next up is to write a bit more fluff *groan* connecting the next 2 battles, but those will not be nearly as long. Battle 12 is having some technical difficulties as I'm trying to get pictures from 1 persona and the list from another. Not sure when I will be able to complete it but I will start on it as soon as resources become available.

07-02-2013, 05:58
Glad to see you got your thread moved here. Even though it has battle reports in it, it is really about the story and creative writing. Really liking where the story is going and wanting more. Great looking slann, need to put vines on his base though ;).

09-02-2013, 08:21
Battle 12 started after a hefty delay. Pictures of deployment on post 110. More updates to follow.

10-02-2013, 10:54
Coming along nicely, I'd suggest a watered down wash of agarax earthshade on the skeletal horses, that should take away the 'too white'
Nice Bsb too, I think you got the cold one 'look' just right :)

19-02-2013, 07:47
I have updated (but not completed) a story piece on post #105.

Turn two of battle 12 on post #110 has been finished.

I played a game today at the local shop. I got to play against a wood elf army, which was a real treat because I've only fought wood elves once before, and it was in 7th edition. This game featured a very strange wood elf list with virtually no shooting. The player claimed that he was undefeated with wood elves in 8th edition and gone 5 wins and 1 draw so far. I believe the following picture sums up our game quite well.


Needless to say, no elves survived, although there were some miscellaneous units of dryads running around the board. 2500 point game, won by 2000 points, not bad.

His list consisted of 4 units of 8 dryads, a treeman, 6 treekin, 7ish way-watchers, and 25 eternal guard with 2 nobles (1 being the bsb), 2 spellcasters, and a highborn in the unit. The highborn sported the item that gave the entire unit a 5+ ward save. The level 4 had life and got dwellers, throne of vines, shield of thorns, and flesh to stone.

His treekin were taken out by a combo charge from Kro'Qua and Kai'Qu. Not only did they run while steadfast, but they also failed to rally. The treeman was taken out with a combination of lightning bolts and skink shooting before he ever got to do anything. I tried to kill the dryads with skink shooting and salamander fire but they proved extremely resistant to both and I couldn't kill that many. 2 units of saurus, 2 stegadons, and my scar veteran Kai'Qu all charge the eternal guard unit. It proved to be extremely resilient with flesh to stone, but all it took was one round of combat without them getting any buffs and they were ground down.

25-02-2013, 07:48
Story section on post #105 completed for your reading pleasure.

08-03-2013, 00:00

Battle introduction story section on post #110, battle 12 completed.

16-03-2013, 08:25
Here's a few photo's of a tournament I went to last week. This is game 2 against a Vampire Counts army. His fully painted army puts mine to shame... but I'm working on it!



I managed to tie for 3rd place going 1-2... not my best tournament by any stretch of the imagination. I managed to do so well despite my poor win record because I got a large amount of objective points every game and all my losses were 8-12 minor victories for my opponents. I faced high elves first with a Teclis that seemed to roll doubles no matter how many dice he rolled (frequently on 2 or 3) and a dwarf army in game 3. Game 2 sported Manfred and game 3 had Thorek. Sometimes I wish that lizardmen had special characters that were worth running... but I suppose the regular Slann is powerful enough that it isn't really necessary.

18-03-2013, 06:38
UPDATE: Battle 12 report finished!

After quite some time... as is usual, I have completed my latest battle report. You can find the report on post#111-112. There is still a little bit more to do on the 2 posts such as adding a bit more fluff and some closing thoughts, but the "report" part that recollects the battle is finished. Go check it out if that's your thing, and if not, there are 20 pictures spread throughout the report if that's the kind of thing you came to see.

25-03-2013, 09:17
none of your pictures will load for me.

25-03-2013, 09:47
That's odd. What internet browser are you using?

25-03-2013, 10:22
Chrome, tried firefox and it worked better :)

25-03-2013, 10:28
LOL well, now that everything is working, do you have any feedback on the plog at all?

26-03-2013, 09:41
I've gone back to battle 12 on post #108-109 and finished the story sections inside the battle report, making it totally complete. There is a bit more I want to add about the ongoing story of that battle and what happens after it's conclusion, but it will be in a future update. In the meantime, there were several pictures of the battle taken that just wouldn't fit in the report. Some of them were pretty striking, so I'm going to plop them here so everyone gets a chance to look at them.

16735716736516736416736316736216736116736016735916 7358167366

31-03-2013, 07:00
Great to see you finished the battle report, and the fluff is excellent. I especially like the skaven parts.

14-04-2013, 05:47
Went to a tournament today with my Lizards and unlike the last 2 times I did so, actually went 3-0 and got best general! I haven't done any painting on my lizards so I didn't get any pictures of them, but managed to get some pictures of the other armies there.


One of the craziest parts of the tournament was Sigvald the Magnificent, who "jus din' care" about the overwhelming skaven forces bearing down on him. With his entire army destroyed Sigvald and his stubborn leadership 10 didn't budge for 2 rounds of combat.

Here's a better look at what he was up against. A skaven assassin popped out, and was immediately dispatched by Sigvald who lasted 2 more rounds of combat.

Finally a hellpit abomination charged Sigvald in the rear, and STILL it takes 2 turns for him to die to it, wounding it heavily in the process. During this time the skaven player continuously rolled 13 to ring the screaming bell so Sigvald was weathering 36 storm vermin attacks, of course taking 0 wounds.

Overall the tournament ended up being really fun. I went against warriors of chaos twice, but also against Lizardmen, which I hadn't fought with my own Lizardmen since 7th edition. So far, my lizardmen are 2-0 against their own race. The chaos warriors I fought were 2 very different armies. The first had a lot of blocks of warriors with character support, while the second had a lot of monsters with double hell cannons, a chimera, and a flying demon prince. Comet in the lore of heavens was GOLDEN for me in the 3rd game and straight up won it for me. 2 comets, 1 landing on the head of the demon prince, killed him 1 turn before he was going to finish off my temple guard and kill my Slann. The comet hit my temple guard as well, and there were only 3 left after it landed, but the game was already over.

Shadow Lord
25-04-2013, 10:13
Nice work on the Lord! Keep up the good work, I know how boring painting regular troops can get...especially if you try to paint that many at once...so thumbs up from me!

25-04-2013, 21:36
I haven't painted regular troops since I did a unit of 15 saurus warriors about 3 years ago. I had forgotten just how soul crushing it is. I'm trying to do 10 black knights and 20 skeletons so this is more than double the original load of models I've attempted to paint at once.

I don't know how skaven and orc players do it.

28-08-2013, 09:19
Bit of an update update since it has been so long.

I have purchased the new Lizardmen book and unlike the Vampire Counts armybook... I am heartily disappointed. Generally, things that were too weak got cheaper or stronger and things that were too good got worse or more expensive... except by not enough. Cold one riders are better and cheaper, but still not worth taking. Salamanders got more expensive, but are still so far above razordons that razordons will never be considered even at their new cheaper price, etc. Overall my list is looking to change... pretty much none. Troglodons and Bastiladons are both terrible and so are most of our magic items, and Slann are still mandatory.

The one unit I am interested in are Ripperdactyls. They actually offer a new way to play the army. Everything else is mostly just what stegadons were last edition, overcosted. Carnosaurs, Troglodons, and bastiladons need a 20% cut in price to be nearing what I'd consider good for their cost. They all feel very lacking at the moment. Stegadons however DID get a 20% decrease in cost so they're pretty great. The rest of the dinosaurs, no so much.

I'll want to fiddle around with my list a bit (I REALLY want at least ONE of the new units to work so my list isn't exactly the same) but I think it is largely going to be identical with one unit of saurus warriors swapped out for a unit of temple guard. at only 3 points more a model than a saurus instead of 5, they seem worth it to me now that slann aren't forced to join them and kill the entire unit when they miscast.

I'll try to get into tying up the story of this thread a bit as I transition into my next battle report, but I'm not sure where that will come from. The Seattle Battle Bunker, my regular play spot, has remodeled and no longer offers tables to play. To say this is a disappointment is a gross understatement and I will be looking for a new venue in which to get games in with other players.

28-08-2013, 16:50
Yeah not to many changes, stegs are excellent especially with sharpened horns, and str4 breath on sallies is good news.

Bastilodon with solar engine is pretty good actually, just sad the troglodon is so bad.... Such a cool model... And while carnosaurs are a bit pricey they can at least be taken in the hero slot.

Looking forward to your continued chronicles :)

28-08-2013, 22:48
Continued from the end of battle 12, post #109

Slitquick grit his teeth as the charge of his enemies struck his lines... or rather line. Everything else in his army had either died or fled long ago. It was just him and his storm vermin left now, only remaining because they were more afraid of him than the largest monsters the chaos wastes could spit forth. A titanic lizard ogre crashed into the right flank first, sending storm vermin flying. Next and easily as problematic were the chaos warriors spearheading into the opposite flank, mowing down his elite warriors like tufts of dry grass. Slitquick himself was busy engaging himself in a fight for his life against knights of chaos. He had heard of their terrible reputation, and much to his chagrin, all the rumors seemed to be true. They fought like demons and even when presented with the smothering numbers of his storm vermin and the crushing power of his bonebreaker mount, they refused to give any ground. Things were going poorly, but then, an opportunity presented itself.

A winged demonic woman entered the fray shortly after the other charges, but at that point there was little left to fight. The storm vermin had broken ranks and small pockets of them were fighting desperately for their lives, or trying to flee to safety even as they were cut down. The demon-lady pointed a long and wicked spear in Slitquick's direction, and bellowed forth a challenge. Slitquick chuckled to himself. With so many ways to die enclosing on him all at once, he might as well fight them off one at a time if they were going to be so accommodating.

"Very well she-demon" the Warlord said in the most intimidating voice he could muster, steering the bulk of his mount to face her as it batted a chaos knight off its horse with a loud *crunch*, "Your weak-weak gods will not save you from my wrath!"

A rictus smile formed on the Bride of Khorne's face as she flapped her powerful wings and charged at Slitquick. Complete slaughter on all sides of him, the Warlord steeled his resolve and prepared to meet her charge. Valkia's first move was a lightning-fast sweep that nearly decapitated the Warlord outright. Only a lucky lurch backwards from his mount, startled by the speed and ferocity of the attack, prevented Slitquick's head from rolling off his shoulders. Perhaps the favor of the Great Horned Rat was with him this day. He hoped it was anyway.

Slitquick was a good fighter, and fast, but he had never felt so outmatched in his life. His formidable speed and skill were nothing to this woman... this monster. Decades of ingrained sexism melted away in mere seconds as Slitquick fought desperately for his life against his opponent. He could scarcely touch her, while her spear continued to cut huge gashes out of his bonebreaker and dance just out of their reach. His mount had been bred to ignore the pain, but it was only a matter of minutes before the beast bled out and Slitquick was doomed. And that gave him an idea. Ordering his mount to leap forward, he took the Bride of Khorne by surprise. She raised her spear up and it connected solidly with the chest of rat ogre, but such was his bulk that it was undeterred and continued to press forward, lodging Valkia's spear within it's torso. Her weapon stuck fast, Valkia wrenched at it with all her strength, but was soon struck by a flurry of blows from Slitquick's Halberd and the rat ogre's meaty fists alike. She blocked most of the hits with her shield, but was then grasped by the crushing hands of the bonebreaker, pinning both of her arms to her sides. She whipped her head from side to side in struggle, but she could not break free.

Slitquick wasted no time and sliced at Valkia's horned head with heavy blows from his halberd. The ratogre bit at her face and neck, all the while continuing to squeeze the life from her slender form. The bride of Khorne's rage hit a crescendo as she was cut just above the eye and her arms exploded free from the bonebreaker's grip, forcing the beast to stumble backwards. Her face a mask of fury, she lunged forward and gripped her spear. Still lodged in the rat ogre's chest, she drove it deeper with all of her demonic strength, causing the point to explode out the back of Slitquick's mount. It gurgled a dying scream of rage and smashed her into the ground at the shoulder, crumpling her left wing. Slitquick nimbly jumped off his collapsing mount, landing with a tumbling roll and quickly regained his feet. He tried to press his advantage but Valkia was standing even quicker than him and batted away his halberd strike with contempt.

Now unarmed and her shield lost, Slitquick found he still was no match for Valkia. She had great demonic claws and despite her injuries was faster than his eyes could even follow. Slitquick had to use all of his skill and cunning to avoid being eviscerated and even then was only avoiding or deflecting her attacks by mere inches. One of her powerful slashes finally struck home and gouged him through the chest, but the powerful magics that coursed through his armor lashed out at her, badly burning her hand. Both of them recoiled from one another in pain. Valkia cradled her charred hand while Slitquick clutched at the new wound in his chest. It was then that the skaven sensed his opportunity to escape.

Slitquick charged, but much to Valkia's confusion, turned and ran straight at the shaggoth, who had been watching the battle between the two tiny warriors with piqued interested. Startled that the ratman would be heedless enough to attack him, the shaggoth bent over to retrieve his discarded weapon, just as Slitquick had planned. Leaping as high as he could, the skaven warlord sliced at the monster's nether-region and continued running as fast as he could between the beast's gigantic reptilian legs. The shaggoth clutched at its groin and stooped over, dropping his weapon and yelping in pain. Furious that her challenger was trying to flee, Valkia began to follow Slitquick while screaming her displeasure. The shaggoth fell down to the side, nearly crushing Slitquick as he barely dashed from beneath the monster in time, but also blocking Valkia's pursuit. The chaos warriors began to give chase, but none could match Slitquick's speed.

"No... NO! You can't just leave!" Valkia screamed towards the heavens. Her wings shot open as she catapulted herself into the air, over the shaggoth and after the ratman. Her left wing however gave way under the strain, and she crashed into the ground with a thud. She pounded the earth with clenched fists as she spat her rage. Slitquick slowed his sprint into a sustainable jog, still easily outpacing the heavily armored humans. He chuckled heartily as he escaped in the direction of a Skaven burrow hole, surprising even himself that he had somehow lived through the battle.

Valkia got up off the ground and wiped the mud off her face. She was seething and none dared approach her; no mortal that is. A disembodied head began to appear next to hear, shimmering with multi-colored light as it took the shape of an avian monstrosity.

"Let the coward go" The flickering visage of Xello'kepska echoed. "They are not a necessary part of the plan."

"I don't take ORDERS from you, trickster" Valkia spat.

"True, but how do you propose to catch him?"

At this Valkia was sullen and silent. She began to stalk over to the now-dead bonebreaker and wrenched her weapon free from it's abdomen.

"Exactly" the Greater Demon said smugly, his floating face following the bride of Khorne around like an annoying fly. "Did you at least acquire the engineer?"

"Aye" she said, rubbing her injured wing tenderly as she rotated her shoulder and cracked her neck. Valkia whistled, and a pack of dogs dragged forth a crying skaven. He was so terrified that he was nothing short of a gibbering wreck.

"Tell me" the visage of Xello'kepska's head said to the skaven, causing his head to whip up towards the noise with his eyes wide. "I hear that you are developing a machine that can wake the dead."

Link Razortail's heart froze. "Yes..." he managed to squeak out.

"I'd like you to show it to me."

"Yes-yes... but then, you let Link go?" the skaven asked nervously.

At this the visage of the Tzeentch demon squawked in laughter, causing Link to shrink down into despair. Two chaos warriors grabbed him by the shoulders and dragged him away. At this, he lost all sense of composure and began sobbing uncontrollably.

"NO, NOO!! I do what you ask, I do anything, just let me go." The desperate pleas of the skaven grew dimmer as he was carted off into the distance. Xello'kepska's laughter intensified until it filled the entire valley with echoing reverberations of insanity. Valkia just rolled her eyes and blew out a huff of air while tenderly touching the cuts on her forehead. "All this had better be worth it" she thought to herself. Allying herself with Tzeentch scum was grating on her nerves. Still, if Xello'kepska was indeed telling the truth, something she began to doubt more and more, all of this trouble would indeed be time well spent. Her thoughts wandered to the dark warrior she had seen that day, the so-called vampire. She breathed a heavy sigh. She could not rest until she was tested against him, this she knew. Perhaps their paths would cross again, but if not, she would make them. She smiled to herself in anticipation of battles yet to come.


Kayosiv arrived at the temple of dusk with a bright flash of light, startling the weary high elves. Within minutes, the alarm had been sounded and the area was swarming with tall helmets and spear tips glinting off of torchlight. Kayosiv gave the elfin ruckus little heed, knowing exactly where he was going. The Slann had lived up to his end of the bargain and transported him to his missing black coach. Kayosiv was delighted that the coach had found it's way to the heart of the temple of dusk, saving him a second trip to bring the remains of Alistair and Kanzul there after they were recovered. When the vampire arrived, several elves, whom he presumed were set to guard his coach, pointed spears at him and tried to steel their resolve.

"Don't do something you'll regret" Kayosiv said as if talking down to a small child.

"Back monster!" the boldest of the sentries cried, trying to sound defiant.

Kayosiv merely sighed, and began walking towards the coach. Several elves struck at him with spears, stabbing him in the midsection. He made no attempt to dodge. The vampire's eyes glared at them with a bestial fury, barely held in check.

"Last chance" he hissed.

Staring into the black pits of the vampire's eyes, several of the elves lost their nerve and chose to flee. Of the few elves who were left, only one continued to press the attack. Kayosiv caught his opponent's wrist and squeezed until it went limp and dropped the spear, using the other hand to pull out the abandoned shafts from elsewhere in his torso. The elf in his grip struggled to break free, and failing that, pulled out a dagger and stabbed the vampire in the hand. A trickle of blood escaped the wound, and Kayosiv's face contorted in rage.

"You wish to die, fine!" The vampire screamed, grabbing the elf's other wrist and squeezing both until the bones snapped like twigs. The elf's scream sent the others fleeing, their nerve broken by the display. He tossed the broken elf aside as if he were a dirty piece of laundry and strode up to his coach. Opening the enchanted locks with but a gesture, Kayosiv flung open the door and was halted by a command behind him.

"Halt right there" cried Hallar the scholar, archmage of the tower of Saphery. He was surrounded by a large number of silent but ominous looking phoenix guard. Others came and dragged the squirming elf with the broken arms away while Hallar stared down the Vampire Lord.

"I'm only here to claim what is mine and leave" Kayosiv said, gesturing to the coach. "I'll be glad to take it off your hands. You certainly don't seem to appreciate its presence."

"You're not going anywhere. You've blighted the world with your presence for far too long" Hallar said, seemingly resolute. The vampire switched tactics.

"I have permission to be here and take what is mine, from Sotarkesh himself."

"So you say..." Hallar said hesitantly.

So I say. Dare you disobey him?" The vampire challenged.


"Excellent" the vampire said gleefully. "He went inside the coach and gathered the heavy chests that contained his thralls. "You'll all do best to stand back. The energies I am about to unleash are... not healthy."

Minutes later Kayosiv sat inside a freshly carved ritual circle just outside the temple. Hallar and the other elves watched from a distance, a hundred arrows trained on him as insurance against his betrayal. Kayosiv began a great ritual of second birth, and the chests almost immediately exploded open. The vampire could feel the powerful energies being drawn to this place, powers of darkness, but of light too. Sifting through them took considerable effort, but soon the dust and rags inside the chests floated upwards and began to turn back into flesh before the astonished eyes and gasps of the elves. Scraps of leather turned to flesh and dust turned to blood as the 2 bodies of the vampires seemed to decompose in reverse and knit themselves together. Now complete, their bodies fell to the ground, crushing the chests that had contained their corpses for these long months. Kanzul comprehended his situation immediately and knelt in subservience and gratitude to his master. Alistair looked around groggily with great confusion. Seeing Kayosiv his distorted features lit up and he jumped up and hugged his lord.

"MASTER!" The excited thrall yelled to his lord, embracing him a bit too tightly.

"Yes... uh thank you Alistair. Now let go" Kayosiv said awkwardly.

"Oh... right right, sorry master" Alistair said as he fumbled over himself before taking his place kneeling next to Kanzul.

Still brimming with dark power, Kayosiv began to cast another spell. Those of his undead minions who had been destroyed in battles here began to reconnect and shamble upright. Other dead, chaos warriors, elves, and lizardmen, also rose under the will of the vampire.

"What are you doing!?" Hallar screamed in outrage.

"Taking what is mine, and leaving" Kayosiv said. "The dead belong to me."

Fury boiled in Hallar's veins, and his eyes grew aglow with magical flame to match the anger within. Kayosiv wondered for a brief moment if he had perhaps overstepped how far he could push the elf, but the threatened attack never came. The arch-mage dissipated the uncast spell and sunk his gaze to the ground in defeat. With a smile, the vampire lord gathered his minions to him, both new and old, and cast the final spell to transport them back to Sylvania.

16-10-2013, 05:36
So I have been very busy designing a board game I am working on. I will not clog this post with any specifics, but if you are interested, see my signature.

The Game Design has taken the majority of my free and not-free time. I had been playing Warhammer a lot less because my local gaming store stopped playing games. I recently met a player on this site, godswearhats, who lived in the area and was trying to get back into the game. He's set up a gaming group at his house and my 2 friends that play as well as a few others have started joining and I am playing Fantasy again and it has been a lot of fun. I do think that soon (when we have proper tables to play on, really) I will be making some new reports.

In the mean time I just got done winning my 3rd tournament, the first with the new Lizardmen book. Unlike our last book, this one has literally NOTHING in it that is overpowered in any way. So it makes a tournament win all the sweeter. I scored best general and 2nd best overall (which was the highest result possible without a fully painted army).


While I did not do a report of the battle (I am a fairly slow player and find doing a report in a timed tournament to be very hard) you can see a brief write-up by godswearhats over at Asrai.org about our battle for first place in the finals. Yes, the same guy I just started the gaming group with was who I played in the finals. Sadly for him, the other 2 people he played were my other 2 friends. What are the odds!?


My other prize was a box of Temple Guard, which I plan to start utilizing in my lists from now on. At 2 points less a pop than in the previous book and the slann able to leave them if needed, they finally feel about right.

I am working on the fluff update in the post above this one and will hopefully be returning to this thread soon as I gain easy access to different opponents, which is something I haven't had in many months.

15-11-2013, 11:57
I have started my fist campaign, which I find to be a very exciting prospect, using the Mighty Empires rule-set. If you want to follow the action in real time, check out these links over at Dimensional Cascade, a site kindly put together and also moderated by the fine chap Godswearhats.


This is what the map looks like as everyone's battle 1 takes place. There are 8 players total and I was challenged by the Ogre Kingdoms Player to a 2500 point pitched battle. The battle report should be showing up over the next few weeks (I hope) in the following 2 posts below.

15-11-2013, 11:59
Game 13: Game 1 of Bloody Shores Campaign: Feeding Time
Scenario: Vampire Counts vs Ogre Kingdoms: Battle Line 2500 Points

A flash of darkness signaled the return of Kayosiv and his undead armies to Sylvania. Or at least, Sylvania was where he had meant to transport his armies. As he looked around, Kayosiv saw not the familiar sight of his castle, but a different keep. Alistair stated the obvious.

"Master, where is here?"

"I... don't know" Kayosiv admitted with growing annoyance.

Gauging the stars for a moment, Kanzul spoke up. "Based on the heavens, we are somewhere south of Albion. Master, did you... perhaps make a mistake in your ritual?"

"No I..." The vampire lord stopped. "Hallar" he snorted. "How childish. And they say their race is so culturally advanced. Ha!"

"How do we get home?" Alistair said, seemingly on the verge of tears.

Kayosiv began to reassure his newly resurrected thrall, but stopped when the ground began to tremble.

"What in the world...?" Kanzul said with confusion.

"Ogres" Kayosiv said. "You two, you are too weak to help me fight. Go and find a safe hiding spot. I will take care of this."

"NO MASTER!" Alistair cried.

"Yes, I have gone through too much trouble bringing you back to this world to have you throw your lives away. Now do as I say."

Alistair looked hurt but complied to his master's wishes and Kanzul left with a curt nod.

The rumbling of the earth continued to intensify as Kayosiv set up his battle formations.

"Well played Hallar" he said to himself with a grim smile. "Well played indeed."

My List: Vampire Counts 2500/2500
2500/2500 points Vampire Count List

Lord: 520
Vampire Lord, Army General: Kayosiv Level 4, Heavy Armor
Vampiric Powers: Red Fury, Quickblood
Magic Items: Talisman of Preservation, Enchanted Shield, sword of might, and Other Trickster’s shard
Mount: Barded Nightmare
+1 attack per wound caused. Always strike first. 1+/4++. +1 strength. Units in base contact must re-roll successful ward saves.
Spells (4): 0 Invocation of Nehek, 1 Van hel's, 2 Hellish Vigor, and 4 Raise Dead.

Hero: 150
Necromancer Level 2, dispel scroll. Master of the Dead (skeletons can raise beyond starting size)
Spells (2): 3 Gaze of Nagash and 5 Curse of Years

Core: 625
5 Dire Wolves:
5 Dire Wolves:
20 zombies: with musician and standard bearer
40 skeletons with full command and banner of swiftness
40 skeletons with full command

Special: 980
15 Black Knights: with Lances, Barding, and full command and Razor Standard
7 Crypt Horrors with Haunter:
4 Vargheists with vargoyle:
1 Spirit Hosts

Rare: 225

His List: Ogre Kingdoms 2498/2500

Slaughtermaster with ironfist, Armor of Destiny, and Crown of Command. 4+/4++ stubborn.
Spells: 0 Spinemarrow, 1 Bonecrusher, 3 Toothcracker, 5 Trollguts

Butcher with hellheart.
Bruiser BSB with Heavy Armor, Shield, and dragonhide banner.

12 Bulls with ironfists and full command
6 Ironguts with full command

2 mornfang
2 mornfang
3 yettis with greyback
1 sabretusk
1 sabretusk
1 sabretusk

1 Ironblaster
1 Ironblaster
1 Thundertusk

There were 2 hills with a lot of impassable terrain on the center and right side of the board so both of our deployments focused a lot on the left. I was happy with how deployment ended up. I wanted to match my Vampire Lord with his big block of bulls and BSB, the terrorgheist with one ironblaster and vargheists with the other, and my crypt horrors against his thundertusk, which I was able to do. My plan was to go full tilt and scream the ironblaster on the left to death with my terrorgheist, hiding from the other one behind the tower. My vargheists would go up for a turn 2 charge against the other cannon, and my spirit host would get in against either a cannon or clear his chaff. My skeletons would be used to suck up charges and hold more dangerous things until my vampire lord could swing around to deal with it. The crypt horrors could probably take the mournfang, yetis, and thundertusk on the right flank, but not all at once so my dire wolves would play interference with whatever came at me so I could fight it piecemeal.

Vampire Counts Turn 1:
Movement: On the right flank I move my dire wolves down off the hill and between the pass, followed closely by my crypt horrors. I am careful not to put them too far forward for fear of being charged. I want to dictate where my opponent goes rather than him get a lucky long charge and put me on the defensive. The center sees my spirit hosts and vargheists move up to the center of the hill, their ethereal and flying movement unconcerned with the impassible terrain in front of them. On the left I move up both of my skeletons as far as they will go and my Vampire's black knight unit about an inch back from that. A long charge into my skeletons is acceptable but not so much into my Lord's unit. The zombies follow suit and hug the back of the black knights. My terrogheist goes a full 20" fly move towards the ironblaster on the left, surprising my opponent.

Magic: Van Hel's is successfully cast on the leftmost skeletons and they move up about 4 inches and use the rest to wheel towards the center of the board. I get off a hellish vigor on my vampire lord's unit on 1 die and my opponent lets it go. I use the rest of my dice to try and cast raise dead in front of the ogre bull unit but my opponent uses all his dispel dice and successfully stops it cold.

Shooting: The terrorgheist screams at the ironblaster and rolls a piddly 3. I do a mere 2 wounds and cringe as my gamble fails to pay off. I just hope it can live through a round of cannon or grapeshot fire to scream again.

Ogre Kingdoms Turn 1:
Movement: I was worried that his ironblaster would charge my terrorgheist but he stayed put instead and took aim at the monster. His only charge was his leftmost mornfang unit into my leftmost skeleton unit. He easily connected. The right flank did almost no moving at all, with his yetis and slaughtermaster angling slightly but the rest staying put in reserve. His ironguts turned to the left to face the terrorgheist and his unit of bulls moves aggressively forward. His leftmost sabretusk is placed brilliantly in such a way that my black knight unit cannot charge the ogre bulls or the mournfang cavalry.

Magic: I am able to stop all of his spells except for bonecrusher against my spirit hosts. The strength 2 hits deal 3 wounds, leaving the swarm with only 1 wound remaining.

Shooting: His leftmost ironblaster takes aim at my terrorgheist and falls short, but is able to re-roll the bounce roll and wound the monster. I take my 6+ regeneration save... AND PASS! Crisis averted. His other ironblaster takes aim at my vargheists. I had put them in a 2 rank formation without even thinking about it to maximize attacks during their next-turn charge. I paid for my lack of forethought as the cannon direct hit 2 of them in a row and dealt enough wounds to kill both, reducing the unit to half strength... dang.

Combat: Even with van hel's granting re-rolls to hit, the skeletons are no match for his mournfang. I am extremely lucky that he rolled pathetic for his impact hits and only won by a few points, killing 11 skeletons total with crumbling factored in. I do no wounds in return.

End of Turn 1:

Vampire Counts Turn 2:
Movement: My terrorgheist and Vampire Lord's unit are in bad spots. The terrorgheist can't get out of the way of the ironguts and the black knight unit is stuck charging nothing but a meaningless sabretusk. After weighing my options a bit, I make a series of calculated gambles.
First off, I charged my terrorgheist into his ironblaster. Odds were that we'd do about 1 wound to each other, and with a charge I could win combat by a point, flee, and run right off the table to safety. Secondly, I charged my Vampire Lord out of the protection of his black knight unit and into the ogre bull unit. Needing to break steadfast, I charged my skeletons in too, as well as my spirit host in the flank to add a bit of extra combat resolution as well as protect him from more magic missiles.
My last charge was the 2 remaining vargheists into his center ironblaster. I wasn't confident I'd win with only 2 models remaining, but I needed to clog that cannon up for a turn while my vampire lord would be potentially vulnerable outside of his unit. On the right I moved my dire wolves up so that a charge from yetis or mournfang would put them right where my crypt horrors could counter-charge. My Black knights shift over to face the mournfang in turn 3 and hopefully save the skeletons.

Magic: Immediately at the start of the magic phase, my opponent activates his hellheart...

Kayosiv spurred his nightmare into a gallop. The enemy may have protected their flanks well with their sabrecats, but he'd seen enough bait and flee tactics to know better than to go off chasing them. The ogres never expected a lone rider to come and face such numbers of them alone, and that assumption would prove to be their undoing. Arcane words formed on his lips as he summoned forth dark energy to fill himself and the charging skeletons with vigor.

Just as as his charge was about to hit home, a butcher in the unit of bulls pulled out a grotesquely deformed heart and wolfed it down in a single bite. The ogre spell caster let forth a loud belch and Kayosiv only had a second to be disgusted before he was nearly torn asunder by uncontrollable arcane energies. Dark magic flooded into the vampire's body in an unending tide and his form strained to the breaking point to contain it. Dark tendrils shot out of him in all directions as his horse puttered to a stop before collapsing mere feet from the ogres. The vampire's scream of agony made even the fearless ogres step back as it rung out across the field, continuing to intensify as more and more unceasing power flowed into his body. Moments from destruction, Kayosiv found the focus to shift the unending tide of dark power to his newest necromantic pupil, who was casting spells of his own behind the undead battle line. Kayosiv gave a final anguished scream as he focused his will in a last ditch effort to shunt off the excess energy.

While Kayosiv's immortal form could barely contain the power, the necromancer's frail mortal shell simply exploded with a shock-wave that knocked even the ogres off their feet. Zombie body parts rained down from the heavens in bloody chunks as the unit the necromancer had been with was reduced to a smoldering gory crater. For a few seconds after the initial blast, the undead army began to falter and then slow completely to a stop. The ogres, recovering from the intensity of the explosion, began to chant and cheer; those close to the butcher slapped him on the back heartily and bellowed his praises. A few of the nearest ogres began to smash and stomp the deathly still skeletons with delight.

Just as suddenly as it had ceased to move, the undead army exploded into motion with unnatural swiftness. This caught many of the ogres off guard, and the guttural scream of a vampire, no longer one of pain but now full of vengeance and hatred, cut through the air and shook their resolve...

The hellheart rolled a good distance, hitting both my vampire lord and my necromancer. My vampire lord took a strength 6 hit and was fine, but the necromancer rolled dimensional cascade and was sucked into the warp with a roll of a 3, killing every zombie in the unit expect for 1. Losing most of my power dice and my opponent gaining 2 dispel dice, I threw everything left in my power pool in a desperate attempt to get off a 12" bubble version of Hellish Vigor and healing my spirit host 1 wound. Getting irresistible force, and miscasting, AGAIN, caused my vampire to lose 3 wizard levels and all of his spells except for van hel's. 3 miscasts in 1 phase with only 2 wizards... impressive. I guess I should be thankful that I didn't roll the miscasts results the other way around and get my Vampire sucked into the warp...

Shooting: I hold off the on the terrorgheist scream, hoping that I can beat the ironblaster through combat resolution and overrun off the table.

Kayosiv. Is. Pissed. He deals 7 wounds to the ogre bulls and only does that instead of 9 because my opponent rolled two 6+ parry saves and then when re-rolling them because of the other trickster's shard, rolls two more 6's. Even Kayosiv's horse deals a wound while the skeletons deal 2 wounds, the spirit host deals 1. The ogres attacks are ineffective against Kayosiv's superior weaponskill and armor and while they kill and stomp a few skeletons, still end up losing by 6. The battle standard bearer is still alive for the ogres but they are on double 1's to hold and can't make it, breaking and fleeing only to be run down by all 3 units. This unit being destroyed panics the 2 sabretusks out of my way as they go running for the board edge.

The terrorgheist manages to deal 1 wound to the ironblaster, which it promptly saves with its 6+ armor save. Now I know what that feels like. Fortunately the rhinox and ogre crew can't deal any damage in return so I still win combat by 1 point. Unfortunately, despite needing a 6 on its break test, the ironblaster holds and seals the fate of my poor terrorgheist. Next turn it is going to be charged by ironguts and be torn to shreds. I reform after the battle to put my front to the oncoming irongut charge. If I get extremely lucky I might be able to kill the cannon and survive if they somehow whiff all of their attacks.

In combat with the other ironblaster the vargheists fare much better. They deal 2 wounds to the chariot and take 2 in return. I win by 1 point because of the charge and despite their general's leadership nearby giving them +1 to their break test, it still fails the roll and flees off the table with the vargheists stopping a few inches away from the table edge after their pursuit.

The skeletons continue to be smashed underfoot by the mournfang. Even with hellish vigor on them they can't get past the 2+ armor saves of the monstrous cavalry. Entire ranks are lost as the skeletons lose badly and continue to crumble.

Ogre Kingdoms Turn 2:
Movement: The Ironguts charge my terrorgheist, looking forward to an easy win. The mornfang on the right make a long charge through the woods at the flank of my dire wolves, taking 1 wound to dangerous terrain. Both fleeing sabretusks continue to flee and the Slaughtermaster moves out of the charge arc of my skeletons. The thundertusk turns sideways towards the left side of the table to shoot at things with its orb of frost and other shooty bits.

Magic: A low roll on the winds of magic sees my opponent rolling all of his dice at bonecrusher targeting the spirit host. I fail the dispel and the swarm takes a wound once again reducing it to only 1 wound remaining.

Shooting: The thundertusk takes aim at the vargheists. The orb of frost misfires and the chaintrap misses, but the harpoon launcher lands a hit and deals 2 wounds to the vergoyle.

Combat: The terrorgheist is unable to wound the ironblaster and is chopped into unrecognizable bits by the ironguts, who choose to over-run. Both units of mournfang win their combats decisively. On the left the skeletons are completely destroyed after crumble, having been defeated in a mere 3 rounds of combat by the two mournfang. On the plus side, before going down the skeletons actually manage to deal 1 wound. The victorious mornfang reform to face the oncoming black knight charge. On the right, the mournfang flatten the dire wolves and overrun, attempting to get out of the charge arc of the crypt horrors, but a mediocre roll puts them directly in line to be flank charged.

End of Turn 2:

Vampire Counts Turn 3:
Movement: My Dire wolves on the right flank charge through the woods at the sabretusk, my crypt horrors and black knights each charge mournfang, and my spirit host charges the ironblaster. Sadly, the spirit host falls short and the cannon is free to fire this turn but the rest of the charges make it. With the cannon free to shoot, I turn my vampire lord around and hide him behind the tower. I take my vargheists and decide to sacrifice them to prevent the slaughtermaster from killing my spirit host by placing the vargheists between them. I need it to counter the remaining ironblaster and it is more valuable then the depleted vargheists. My skeletons move up to threaten the thundertusk in later turns.

Magic: I only have a level 1 caster vs his level 4, and while I try to get it off each magic phase, it either fails or is dispelled by the slaughter master's superior dispel bonus in all of the remaining turns of the game.

Shooting: Likewise, with my terrorgheist dead there is no shooting for the Vampire Counts for the remainder of the game.

Combat: The black knights and their superior initiative make a mess of the mournfang, dealing 2 wounds and deflecting all of the return attacks with their armor saves. The unit breaks and is run down. If the black knights won easily, the crypt horrors made it look downright effortless. Taking a wound in the process, the crypt horrors roll up enough attacks and wounds to downright kill the mournfang. The armor save rolls were over 50% 1's and 2's and there was just nothing left of the unit. An overrun would take me uselessly into impassible terrain, so the crypt horrors reform to face the yetis. My dire wolves manage to kill the sabretusk and overrun into the rear of the thundertusk. I know that they'll die, but it grants me a turn that the thundertusk can't shoot at me so their sacrifice isn't in vain.

Ogre Kingdoms Turn 3:
Movement: The yetis charge the crypt horrors and the slaughter master charges the vargheists. The ironguts swift reform to face the black knights and the ironblaster moves over to fire at them.

Magic: The Butcher successfully casts Toothcracker on himself, increasing his toughness to 6.

Shooting: His thundertusk is clogged by dire wolves, but his ironblaster takes aim at my black knights and promptly misfires. It cannot shoot this turn or the next, putting it's gun out of commission until at least turn 5.

The yetti's manage to kill a crypt horror by doing 2 wounds to the unit, but suffer horribly in return. Lots of poison was rolled and the unit is killed outright, which is actually bad. I was hoping the unit would lose horribly and allow me to chase them, bringing the crypt horrors closer to the thundertusk. As is, I'm looking at a slow move up the field without the ability to march or a very difficult charge. The thundertusk squashes the dire wolves flat, taking no wounds in return. The slaughtermaster, even at toughness 6, does take a wound against the vargheists, but kills the weakened unit and overruns just a few inches short of the spirit host. It cost me a fair number of points, but the spirit host is now safe to charge the ironblaster next turn.

End of Turn 3:

15-11-2013, 12:05
Vampire Counts Turn 4:
Movement: I am forced to make a difficult decision. Do I charge ironguts with my black knights and get the lance bonus and hope to defeat them, or let them charge me and get impact hits, but have time to get my vampire lord in the unit who will make up the difference in lost combat power? Ultimately, I decide that Kayosiv should be able to dispatch 1-2 ironguts before they get to strike and that will turn the tide in the comabt. I hold off charging with my black knights and put my vampire lord once again with the unit. The spirit host tries once again to charge the ironblaster and this time makes it. The skeletons and crypt horrors charge the thundertusk, but only the skeletons make it. On the plus side, the crypt horrors roll a 6 on of of the dice for their failed charge roll so they go as far as they would have walked anyway.

Combat: Impressively, the skeletons deal 2 wounds to the thundertusk. Sadly their efforts are for naught as they ogre player rolls a 6 for thunder stomps and still beats the skeletons in combat. The spirit host does no wounds but beats the ironblaster in combat by 2 and chases it off the table. SCOOOOOOORE!

Ogre Kingdoms Turn 4
Movement: The ironguts predictably charge my black knights. The slaughter master moves into the tower.

Magic: Flaunting his magic superiority, the slaughter master gets off both stubborn and regenerate on the ironguts. I'm able to stop toothcracker, but things are still looking grim.

Shooting: With the last of their cannons dead and the thundertusk tied up in combat, there is no shooting.

The irongut's strength 5 impact hits manage to deal 2 unsaved wounds to the black knights. Struggling to get through regeneration saves, Kayosiv only does 3 wounds and the black knights are ineffective. The ironguts manage to kill several more knights and win combat by 2, crumbling 2 more. The impetuous of the charge is over, but I'll have to deal with another round of combat with all of the ogres' combat buffs and my unit has already been cut in half. On the other flank, the thundertusk absolutely decimates the skeletons, who cannot repeat their good performance of last round and deal 0 wounds to the beast.

End of Turn 4:

Vampire Counts Turn 5
Movement: The crypt horrors once again charge into the thundertusk, but this time manage to complete the charge into the monster's flank. The spirit host comes back on the field and moves to face the flank of the ironguts.

Combat: The thundertusk continues to make a mess of the skeleton unit, but doesn't kill them all and is dragged down and killed by the poisonous attacks of the crypt horrors.

Kayosiv still can't get through the regeneration saves of the ironguts and does a measly 2 wounds. The black knights on the other hand step it up and make up for their previous round of ineptitude by dealing out 3 wounds. The ironguts have a bout of complete ineptitude and only hit with 5 of their 17 attacks. Only a couple of knights are killed and the Black knights win combat by 1 point! My opponent rolls an 8 and I an overjoyed because he is not steadfast... until I remember that he is stubborn because of the spine marrow augment that is still affecting them.

Ogre Kingdoms Turn 5
Movement: With not much of an army left, there is no movement.

Magic: A lot rests on this crucial phase. The Slaughter master casts tooth cracker, which I let through, granting the ironguts +1 toughness. He then uses his 5 remaining power dice and throws them at spinemarrow, trying to push through regeneration on his ironguts. I throw all 6 of my dispel dice in hopes that I can stop it, and we tie at a roll of 23! Crisis averted and while the ironguts are now toughness 5, they no longer regenerate and are not stubborn.

Combat: Unhindered by regeneration, kayosiv still can't seem to perform up to par and only does 3 wounds to the ironguts. The black knights on the other hand are on fire and manage to deal 2 wounds with the horses dealing 2 more! There are very few ironguts left in the unit at this point but they still make a mess of my knights with solid return attacks. My black knights are reduced to 3 models plus the vampire lord. The ogres lose combat by 5, break, and are run down by the pursuing knights and Kayosiv.

Vampire Counts and Ogre Kingdoms Turn 6
With nothing to do or charge on my turn 6, I pass the turn to the ogres. The slaughter master, still in the tower, casts a bonecrusher at the depleted black knight unit, hoping to get lucky and score the points for the unit. Unfortunately for him, he rolls poorly and does no wounds. With that, the game ends.

Points earned by Vampire Counts: 2,190
Points earned by Ogre Kingdoms: 879

Victory to the Vampire Counts by 1,311 points!

Post Game Thoughts:
Overall the game was much closer than the victory points indicate, mostly because the rules for victory points this edition are bad. The only unit I had left on the board above 25% strength was the crypt horrors. The skeletons were reduced to 9 models out of 40. The spirit host had 1 wound out of 4 left. The black knights had 3 models out of 15, etc. While my opponent had nothing but his general left, almost all of my units had taken a pounding from the ogres and were crossing the finish line with a limp. I thought I had the game in the bag after defeating that large unit of bulls with the BSB inside, even after losing all of my magic levels, but victory was far from assured. I was kicking myself for the decision on waiting to charge the ogres with the black knights. I had failed to calculate just how potent magic support on that unit was going to be and I think my best bet was to go in without my vampire lord. Without his cannon able to fire for 2 turns, I should have gone after his slaughtermaster inside the building with my lord and mopped up. Of course there's nothing to say that the black knights on their own wouldn't have just lost and died... so I guess it all worked out. Still, for those 3 rounds of combat I was holding my breath. All it would have taken to lose the game would be to lose combat by 3 points and have the last black knight be dead for my vampire lord to crumble and with it the rest of my already heavily depleted units. All in all an excellent game that could have gone either way many times throughout.

Kayosiv was hard pressed in the final battle against a exceptionally resolute group of ironguts, the last remaining unit of ogres on the field. They refused to give ground, their skin seemed tough as rocks, and their wounds stitched themselves together even as the vampire lord and his black knight guard hacked them down. Kayosiv could feel magical energies enhancing the already formidable fighting abilities of the ogres coming from nearby, but his senses were still muddled from his earlier miscasts in the battle. His magical perception dampened, he could only concentrate at the task at hand. With a mere 1/4 of his original entourage intact, the ogres finally broke and fled after a particularly strong final push from him and his knights.

Exhausted, Kayosiv gathered himself and wiped the gore from his armor and sword. Dismounting, the Vampire Lord tried to clear his thoughts and locate the source of the Ogre Magic. His senses lead him to a nearby tower and he reached for the decaying door to find and confront his magical challenger. Sensing peril, he leaped away from the entrance moments before it exploded open to reveal a massive Ogre. The Slaughtermaster was armored in a styling similar to the warriors of Nippon, and the door splintered as his bulk smashed through the comparatively small opening and his armored plates scraped against the stone door frame. Wasting no time, the Ogre charged at Kayosiv while hefting a massive and blood-stained cleaver.

Dodging the cleaver strike aimed at his neck, the Vampire Lord put his arms low on the Ogre's Gutplate and lifted up with all of his strength, using the momentum of the Slaughtermaster to send him up and over his shoulders. The ogre went wide-eyed as he found himself suddenly airborne and tumbling end of over end. He landed hard on his back and with enough force to shake the ground as his massive bulk bounced and his armor clanged.

"Uuuuuggghhh owwww" the ogre grunted in a daze, putting his hand to his forehead and trying to stop his vision from reeling. His focus cleared when he felt the point of Kayosiv's broadsword poke into his neck. The point of the enchanted blade stung like winter's chill. The vampire stood over the ogre with a deep frown on his face.

"Who are you, ogre?"

"...Taku, Slaughtermaster of the Ice Fang tribe."

"It is my experience, that ogres only care about 2 things" The vampire said. "Meat and gold. Tell me, since there is little meat to be had in my army, why would you think I have any gold?"

"Didn't think you had gold. Was paid to smash your army."

"Paid?" Kayosiv was confused. He barely even knew where he was. How could anyone know he was here, let alone have a vendetta against him?"

"Yes, but you make the tribe run. Now the gold goes to our competition."

"Who pray tell, is your competition?" Kayosiv asked the ogre, growing frustrated as each answer only brought more questions.

"Filth Rats."

"Skaven... here? Why would THEY be after me? Who hired you?"

"They tell me not to say..." The ogre said with hesitation. Kayosiv punched his sword into the thick neck of the ogre a few inches, drawing blood and causing the slaughtermaster to wince in pain. He brought his face next to the ogre wizard and glared into his eyes.

"I insist" he said.

Mere inches from the ogre's mouth, Taku let out a loud and putrid belch right in Kayosiv's face. He shrunk back from the noise and stench of the burp, frantically waving air in front of his face to try and dissipate the foulness. Furious, the vampire raised his sword and prepared to punish the ogre for his grotesque display of disrespect.

"You'll pay for that you fat pile of.... wh... wha what, where!?" Kayosiv couldn't believe his eyes. Taku was gone! How something so big could simply vanish in mere moments right in front of him defied all logic. Whirling around frantically to try and detect the ogre, he only became more confused and irate.

"How... how could he..." Kayosiv stammered uselessly to himself. He tried to focus his concentration and search for the magic of the ogre alone, but it was no use. The slaughtermaster had truly somehow vanished into thin air.

It was then that his unnatural hearing picked up the scritchy-scratch of paws against earth. Skaven tunneling teams, nearly on top of him, or rather underneath...

"Curse it all to hell..." he said to himself as he tried to shake off the effects of the previous battle's miscasts and raise his army to fight for him once more. Just as his army was nearing completion and forming ranks, the first of the burrow holes sprouted open and skaven began to pour out in their hundreds, dragging with them a whole number of death dealing contraptions.

Kayosiv's sighed to himself as his undead legions formed up the battle line.

"Nothing's ever easy..."

21-11-2013, 22:18
Game 14: Game 2 of Bloody Shores Campaign: Treacherous Tunnelers
Scenario: Vampire Counts vs Skaven: Battle Line 2600 Points

My List: Vampire Counts 2600/2600

Vampire Lord, Army General: Kayosiv Level 4 lore of Vampires, Heavy Armor (6)
Vampiric Powers: Red Fury and Quickblood
Magic Items: 4+ ward, Enchanted Shield, sword of might, and Other Trickster’s shard
Mount: Barded Nightmare
+1 attack per wound caused. Always strike first. 1+/4++. +1 strength. Models in base contact must re-roll successful ward saves.
Spells (4): 0 Invocation of Nehek, 1 Vanhel's, 2 Hellish Vigor, 5 Curse of Years

Necromacner Level 2, Lore of Vampires Dispel Scroll
Spells (2): 0 Invocation of Nehek, 3 Gaze of Nagash.

Wight King BSB on barded skeletal steed with Lance and dragonhelm

5 Dire Wolves:
5 Dire Wolves:
30 zombies: with musician and standard bearer
40 skeletons with full command and screaming banner
40 skeletons with full command
13 Black Knights: with Lances, Barding, musician and standard bearer with War-banner (+1 combat resolution)
7 Crypt Horrors with Haunter:
4 Vargheists with vargoyle:
1 Spirit Hosts

His List: Skaven 2580/2580

Grey Seer: with 2 warpstone tokens.
Spells (4) 2 Warp Lightning, 3 Howling Warpgale, 5 Scorch, and 6 Crack's Call

Chieftan BSB

Plague Priest with flail mounted on a Plague Furnace
Spells (2) 1 Pestilent Breath and 5 Cloud of Corruption

Warlock Engineer with Doom Rocket

Assassin with Potion of Strength and Weeping Blade

20 clanrats with poisoned wind mortar
40 skaven slaves
40 skaven slaves
40 storm vermin with full command with poisoned wind mortar
5 giant rats with packmaster
5 giant rats with packmaster
35 plague monks with full command and Plague Banner
8 gutter runners with slings and poison
Warp Lightning Cannon
Warp Lightning Cannon
Hellpit Abomination with Warpstone Spikes

I get some solid matchups and am happy with deployment. I put my vargheists and a unit of dire wolves on the left flank to take care of the warp lightning cannons as well as a unit of skeletons to deal with the slaves on that flank. My vampire lord is in the center and able to threaten a plethora of targets while keeping the army marching. The right flank is my weak link. I place a unit of dogs and the spirit host over there to stall and tie up targets like the hellpit and storm vermin. I don't think that I can win on that flank but I do think I can slow him down enough to deal with the army he has in the center and left before he can contribute.

Skaven Turn 1:
Movement: As seems to always be the case when I fight an army with a lot of shooting, my opponent wins first turn. His doomwheel shoots towards the center of the board but his hellpit abomination doesn't roll very far when trying to reach my lines. The left side of the board mostly stays put and unit of slaves moves forward over the fence in the center. The Storm vermin with BSB march up into the woods and prepare to go around the tower on the right flank. The plague monks pushing the plague furnace wheel towards the center of the board.

Magic: In the very first spell cast of the game, his grey seer gets howling warpgale on 5 dice with irresistible force. The miscast result robs him of 3 wizard levels and leaves him with warp lightning as his only spell. While it sucks that I can't fly this turn, it is still a stroke of good luck to have magic dominance practically guaranteed so early in a game.

Shooting: Both plague mortars misfire or scatter off, but the warp lightning cannons are particularly devastating and kill 4 black knights as well as 11 of the rightmost skeletons. On the plus side, the Doomwheel fails it's zzzap restraint test and kills 2 skaven slaves.

Vampire Counts Turn 1:
Movement: My Black knights and Kayosiv Charge the Doomwheel, hoping to destroy it nice and early before it can threaten my multi-wound models. My dire wolves on the left also charge the giant rat pack on the left flank, hoping to get them out of the way and get closer to the skaven artillery. Unable to fly, my vargheists march at their full ground speed towards the warp lightning cannons The crypt horrors march up to face the gutter runners while the skeletons on the left flank go forwards a piddly 4 inches trying to do the same. My Terrorgheist is stuck going 6 inches and goes as far as he can towards the center of the board. The skeletons in the center march up towards the tower and center of the board while the dire wolves on the right flank actually back up. They can win no combats there and I'll redirect with them in later turns in tandem with the spirit host had failed a charge against giant rats at the start of the turn.
Magic: Invocation on my black knights is dispelled, but I do get a Van Hel's off on the center skeleton unit, allowing them to march up an extra 8" and block the advance of the plague furnace.

Combat: I'm able to win, but unable to catch anything. The dire wolves on the left lose one of their number but defeat and break the giant rats who escape by a few inches. The Doomwheel is damaged by Kayosiv and his Black knights and can't do any damage in return. It breaks and escapes pursuit, fleeing through the majority of the skaven lines and ending up near the table edge. The pursuit brings Kayosiv and his black knights into contact with the center-most unit of skaven slaves.

End Turn 1:

Skaven Turn 2:
Movement: The giant rats on the right flank charge my dire wolves and the doomwheel fails to rally and flees off the table. The hellpit zooms forward past the tower and the storm vermin march up behind the giant rants fighting my dogs.

Shooting: The billowing death of the plague furnace hits the knights, killing 3 and wounding the battle standard bearer who failed his look-out-sir. A warp Lightning cannon gets a perfect shot and kills 5 knights and explodes inside the skeletons and kills a few. The second warp lightning cannon actually hits the Lord (and kills 2 skaven slaves) but much to my relief fails to wound. However the black knight unit is in tatters with only the units standard bearer left alive. I need to heal that unit up quick!

A poison wind mortar direct hits the skeletons and kills another 9. The warlock engineer fires the doom rocket at the left skeletons but drastically overshoots and only kills 3 zombies. The gutter runners fair far better by scoring 6 wounds on the crypt horrors and I make zero 5+ regeneration saves.

Combat: The dogs on the right flank kill a giant rat who can't do any damage in return and the result is a tie. In the combat against the skaven slaves, they direct all of their attacks at my single remaining black knight but are unable to kill it. I roll well, killing 13 of them, but there's plenty left for them to be steadfast on leadership 10 and they pass their break test. I sometimes wonder why the rules allow skaven slaves to be so brave.

Vampire Counts Turn 2:
Movement: My dogs on the left charge a warp lightning cannon and the vargeists charge the other. While the dire wolves make it unfortunately the vargheists fail. My Terrorgheist is dangerously close to the helllpit abomination now and I go for a long charge into the corner of the skaven slave unit and make it in, awesome. My skeletons and crypt horrors charge the gutter runners who stand and shoot at the horrors but don't deal a lot of damage. My skeletons reform to face the hellpit and re-direct it away from my vampire lord.

Magic: I roll low on my dice and throw everything I have at an invocation of Nehek to try and heal the black knights. The resulting casting value is poor and is stopped by the skaven dispel dice.

Midway Through Turn 2:

Shooting: The terrorgheist screams at the skaven slaves and several of them wet their pants to death.

Combat: The dire wolves in combat with the warp lightning cannon can't do anything despite their strength 4. In return the cannon crew beats the guts out of the unit, dealing 3 wounds and crumbling them to death. Beaten by a cannon crew... not a great showing for the dire wolves. Things go better in the slave combat.

With the terrorgheist's help, Kayosiv and what's left of the black knights deal a massive number of wounds to the skaven slaves who again are unable to do any wounds in return. They break and explode, dealing a wound to the terrorgheist who reforms along with Kayosiv to face the plague monk unit.

The skeletons and crypt horrors easily defeat the gutter runners and overrun into the other unit of skaven slaves with the warlock engineer, although I do lose another crypt horror in the fight because I still can't seem to make any 5+ regeneration saves. The Dire wolves on the right beat the giant rats but that is actually bad as they peruse into the storm vermin horde... I don't think they're gonna make it.

End turn 2:

07-12-2013, 10:26
Skaven Turn 3:
Movement: I expected to be charged by the plague furnance, but he holds off and his only charge is his hellpit abomination into my skeletons. He moves his storm vermin up the right flank and angles them towards the center but otherwise doesn't move much other then scooting a bit back with his clanrats.

Magic: He tries to cast spells with his plague priest but they are dispelled. His grey seer targets warp lightning at the crypt horrors but ends up rolling a 1 and then wounding himself.

Shooting: His first warp lightning cannon misfires and can't shoot this turn. The second hits my Lord's unit and I hold my breath. The damage is relatively minor because it was only strength 4 hit, but it does finish off the unit and score him points for it's destruction as well as prevent me from bringing the models back.

Combat: Despite their being 20 skeletons left, the hellpit abomination absolutely destroys the unit to a man, causing it to overrun and... hits my vampire lord. I could have sworn that I had set up the skeletons so that they would prevent an overrun into Kayosiv, but either I reformed wrong or set the skeletons up incorrectly in the first place. I can't believe what a foolish mistake that was and I'm worried it is going to cost me the game.

The storm vermin predictably destroy the dire wolves on the right flank, removing the last of my doggies from the table. The crypt horrors kill enough slaves to win combat barely, but lose another of their number bringing the total unit size down to 3.

Vampire Counts Turn 3:
Movement: On the left flank my vargheists charge the leftmost warp lightning cannon, actually making it this time, and the skeletons charge the flank of the slaves fighting my crypt horrors. I nudge my zombies forward a bit so my necromancer can try to help out with spells. The terrorgheist flies over to the flank of the plague monks, aimed to scream at the hellpit abomination in hopes of weakening it before it can strike against my vampire lord and wight king BSB.

Magic: I am able to get Hellish Vigor off with Kayosiv, giving his unit re-rolls to wound and heal the wight king back up to full health. I miscast on a casting of Vanhel's Danse Macabe, healing the terrorgheist to full health and the miscast only does 1 wound to the necromancer.

Shooting: Rupert the Terrorgheist takes aim and screams at the hellpit abomination. The roll is good and his regeneration saves average, severely wounding the monster and reducing it to half health.


Another shot of electricity exploded around Kayosiv. While the magical wards in his armor had protected him and his wight king servant was made of sterner stuff, his black knights had been blown to smithereens by the constant artillery barrage. Feeling a regiment of skeleton's link to this world becoming severed at an alarming rate, he turned to his right and saw their bones flying up in a storm of marrow. A gargantuan monstrosity, part mechanical and it seemed part of a little bit of everything else, was smashing its way through a skeleton regiment at alarming speed. It would only be a matter of seconds before the monster trampled him; there was no time to dodge. kayosiv mentally ordered Rupert to scream death at the abomination but it proved insufficient to stop the monster's charge.

Wheeling his nightmare around, Kayosiv stuck out his broadsword at the rampaging beast. It's own bulk skewered itself on the weapon but such was its momentum that the legs of Kayosiv's horse snapped and splintered, sending his horse toppling over and him flying off of the saddle. The impact wrenched the hilt of his blade out of his hands. Landing upright after a quick backwards somersault, the vampire leaped at the monster even as it continued to crash towards him. Grabbing the hilt of his lost sword and slicing upwards, he cut the abominations's torso so severely that the weapon exploded out the top of its chest. Even this was insufficient to kill the patchwork monstrosity and it continued to snap at him with heads that extended from fleshy tube necks and claw at him with mechanical limbs. Kayosiv continued to lop off heads and cut gashes into the abomination's flesh but still the monster fought on. He literally had to hack it to pieces before it finally stopped trying to devour him.

Combat: My prayers are answered as Kayosiv manages to (barely) kill the Hellpit abomination before it strikes by dealing exactly enough wounds after regeneration to kill it. I reform once again but put the wight king behind Kayosiv to protect him from a charge by the plague monks because he took 2 wounds from the impact hits of the hellpit's charge.

On the left flank the vargheists easily succeed where the dire wolves failed and demolish the cannon, overrunning into the second one. The skaven slaves are no match for the combined forces of the crypt horrors and skeletons and without steadfast they break and explode, dealing no damage of significance.

Skaven Turn 4:
The Skaven player reveals his assassin and drinks a potion of strength... uh oh.
Movement: The revealed assassin charged into the flank of my Vampire Lord while the plague monks and their plague furnace come barreling into the front. The grey seer, seeing advancing skeletons and crypt horrors coming his way, exits the clanrats and runs back to the table edge. The storm vermin continue to wheel around to face the center of the board.


Magic: The plague priest casts a cloud of corruption with irresistible force that hits everything around it except the plague monks. The weakened wight king dies to the spell, the assassin takes a wound, the storm vermin take 4 wounds and the terrorgheist shrugs off its effects.

Shooting: A poisoned wind mortal kills another crypt horror, reducing the unit down to a dangerously low 2 models. Luckily, the other mortar tries to fire and explodes.

Standing on a pile of hellpit abomination gore, Kayosiv was suddenly surrounded by dark green mist. The gas proved to be poisonous as well as acidic and while Kayosiv held his breath, his wight king simply fell apart from the vapor's corrosive touch. Hearing a loud rumble, Kayosiv whirled in the fog to try and discern the direction of the noise. He was struck by a humongous spike-ball before he even knew what hit him and was sent flying through the air amidst the jubilant and hacking cheers of the plague monks pushing the contraption. Quickly getting to his feet the vampire narrowly avoided an assassin's blade that seemed to appear out of nowhere within the fog. His attack leaving him overextended, the skaven assassin's head was soon removed from its shoulders. Kayosiv took out his frustration on the poor skaven corpse, hacking it into ribbons. This display of violence dimmed the cheers of the plague monks, who watched the ratman cut limb from limb by the vampire. With an annoyed grunt, the skaven priest on the top of the plague furnace ordered his minions forward once again.

Combat: The impact hits from the plague furnace deal 1 wound to Kayosiv and things are looking grim. I challenge to protect myself from as many attacks as possible and the assassin accepts. He takes aim with his 3 strength 7 armor piercing attacks that deal d3 wounds a piece and... misses all of them. The unbelievable luck continues as Kayosiv hits and wounds with all 5 of his attacks thanks to the 2 buffs still on him from my last magic phase and the assassin proceeds to fail all of his ward saves. The red fury attacks granted give me maximum overkill points for 6 total combat resolution and I lose by a mere 1 point, crumbling 1 and being reduced to a single hit point.

In a far less tense combat, the vargheists once again rip a warp lightning cannon to pieces and overrun off the board.

Vampire Counts Turn 4:
Movement: My terrorgheist charges into the rear of the plague monk unit and my skeletons and crypt horrors charge the clanrats. My spirit host moves up to redirect the horde of storm vermin and my vargheists move along the table edge ready to charge the clanrats of they survive or the grey seer. The skeletons and few remaining crypt horrors charge the clanrats on the left flank.

Magic: Kayosiv manages to get off Hellish Vigor on himself and Van Hel's off on the terrorgheist. Both spell's lore attribute go towards healing himself and he is able to gain 2 wounds, bringing him back from the brink of destruction.

Shooting: The terrorgheist rolls a 9 to scream at the plague furnace. All hits randomize to the furnace itself and it takes 5 wounds.

The skaven plague furnace lurched at him once more, but this time Kayosiv was prepared. After deftly avoiding the furnace's swinging spike ball, Kayosiv began to hack the construct apart. Enraged, the plague priest upon the furnace leaped down and swung his bubbling plague flail into the vampire, connecting with his head and shattering his helmet. Sent reeling, kayosiv steadied himself just in time to swivel around a second attack against his now unprotected face. Having regained his balance, Kayosiv rushed the plague priest and bashed him in the chest with his shield, forcing the air out of the skaven's lungs and staggering him, but losing his shield in the process. Taking advantage of the opening, the vampire grabbed the priest's wrist and sliced the skaven across the shoulder. A powerful kick to the plague priest's chest sent the ratman flying backwards and saw his arm torn clean off.

Wailing in pain, such was his ferocity that the plague priest tried to attack again, but was batted twice cross the face with his own severed limb.
"How do you like it!?" Kayosiv screamed as he sliced his beaten opponent across the chest, ending his life.
The plague monks, who had been cheering on their hero with no lack of delirious enthusiasm, were sent into a zealous frenzy at his demise. The mob rushed the vampire with wild abandon and their weapons drawn. Dropping the priest's arm, Kayosiv bent down and grabbed the plague priest's tail and spun around 3 times before releasing the corpse into its brethren. Several plague monks were knocked off their feet by the dead skaven missile, but dozens more descended upon the vampire. Kayosiv's enchanted broadsword killed with every stroke, but there were plague monks everywhere and they clogged his weapon and piled around him while stabbing frantically. He was buried under a heap of skaven bodies, both living and dead.

Exerting his strength, Kayosiv exploded out from under the press of bodies and continued to fight a retreating battle against countless more. Reaching out mentally to Rupert, Kayosiv commanded the terrorgheist to attack the frenzied plague monks. Attacking the vampire with singled minded purpose, the skaven didn't see the monstrous undead dragon until it was too late. Rupert's great bulk exploded through the plague furnace and landed among the plague monks, plowing through their tightly packed lines and devouring them whole.

Combat: The plague monks use their plague banner allowing all of the rats in the unit to re-roll their missed hits and wounds. My vampire lord actually rolls quite poorly and while he manages to kill the plague priest and plague furnace, he only does it barely and again only because he has both re-rolls to hit and wound. Having dealt only 3 wounds to the unit I worry about actually winning combat but even with re-rolls of their own the plague monks are unable to harm Kayosiv and only deal 1 wound to the terrorgheist who in turn does a fair amount of damage and gets a good stomp. The result is a solid victory for me but the plague monks are steadfast and stick around.

The skeletons and crypt horrors brutalize the clanrats and they flee and are run down.

End turn 4:

At this point, it is getting very late in the evening and my opponent and I decide to call the game in my favor due to him having nothing that can really threaten my Vampire Lord anymore and the inevitable death of his Grey Seer General in the following game turn.

Massacre Victory in favor of the Vampire Counts

Post game thoughts: This was a very interesting game because of how crazy the dice went. At the start of the game, his dice were hot and my dice were oh so very, very cold. He was blowing chunks out of my knights and units left and right and all of his misfires didn't seem to have any negative consequences. If it wasn't for his grey seer miscasting and losing all of his wizard levels on turn 1 I don't think I would have been able to win the game. Then, in turn 3, everything reversed. I started rolling amazing and getting everything I needed to just keep on surviving and take out anything the skaven threw at Kayosiv and then some. Overall I don't feel like I deserved the win because of the terrible mess up I made with the skeletons failing to redirect the hellpit... but other than that I felt my game plan was strong.

07-12-2013, 10:30
Game 15: Game 3 of Bloody Shores Campaign: Ashes to Ashes
Scenario: Vampire Counts vs Chaos Dwarves: Battle Line 2500 Points

Kayosiv walked at the head of his depleted legions. Damaged units of skeletons flanked him and behind him limped heavily wounded crypt horrors that were licking their wounds and struggling to keep pace. Even the near mindless vargheists seemed tired, for the fighting had been hard on all fronts and loses were heavy. Completely covered from stirrup to broken helmet tip in skaven gore, Kayosiv the vampire lord was weary, but his mood was bright. He had been victorious against 2 armies that had been sent to destroy him. His unknown adversary no doubt thought him dead and he planned to capitalize on their presumptions. Finally after hours of marching he arrived at where he left his two recently resurrected vampire Thralls, he gave the mental command for his army to stop and the creaking of bone came to a halt. Alistair was the first to come out of hiding.

"Master!" he spewed in unchecked excitement, "you've returned! We should have been there help you master, I am so sorry..."

"Nonsense" Kayosiv said to his eternally loyal thrall. "You did as commanded, as you should."

Kanzul came out next, observing the damage dealt to the army. "Not just ogres master?"

"No..." Kayosiv said with a pause. "Skaven as well. Sent as mercenaries."

"Wha... who even knows we're here?" Kanzul said with confusion.

"I thought the same thing myself" Kayosiv said, gesturing towards his thralls. "But that's the wrong question to be asking." A duo of skeletons dragged bound and gagged skaven and presented their burdens in front of the two vampires. "The question to be asking is, who has that kind of gold to spend?"

Alistair wasted no time and began tearing the captured ratman apart in a bloody feast. His partner captive's eyes went wide in panic and he frantically tried to wriggle free from his bonds and scoot away from the sounds of his fellow skaven being ripped limb from limb and devoured. Kanzul looked down at the hysterical skaven as if it were a fetid piece of meat that had been placed before him. He frowned before bending down and tearing out the skaven's throat with an efficient rip before drinking its blood. He grimaced at the flavor. It was worse than he feared.

"I know it's not ideal Kanzul," Kayosiv said "but I need you to keep up your strength for the task at hand. I am weakened from my battles and I will need your help reassembling the army as well as in the coming battle."

"Battle?" Alistair looked up with eager anticipation from what was now a meat-stripped corpse.

"Not you Alistair"

"But master I can..."

"NO! I have another task for you. One that is, sneaky."

"Ohh... I like sneaky. Thank you master, I will not fails you" Alistair said to himself, rubbing his bloodstained hands together in glee.

"Battle with whom, master?" Kanzul chimed in curiously as he wiped the blood off his face with a silk handkerchief.

Kayosiv gestured behind him at the mountains far off in the distance. Black plumes of sooty smoke bellowed from their center and rose up to seemingly infect the sky with smog.

"Dwarfs. Dwarfs have that kind of gold to spend."

My List: Vampire Counts 2500/2500

Vampire Lord, Army General: Kayosiv Level 4 lore of Vampires, Heavy Armor)
Vampiric Powers: Red Fury and Quickblood
Magic Items: 4+ ward, Enchanted Shield, sword of might, Other Trickster’s shard
Mount: Barded Nightmare
+1 attack per wound caused. Always strike first. 1+/4++. +1 strength. Models in base contact must re-roll successful ward saves.
Spells (4): 0 Invocation of Nehek, 1 Van Hel's, 3 Gaze of Nagash, 5 Curse of Years

Vampire (representing a weakened Alistair) Level 1, Heavy Armor, Dragon Helm, Shield, Dispel Scroll
Lore of Shadow (1): 0 Mystifying Miasma

5 Dire Wolves:
5 Dire Wolves:
21 zombies: with musician and standard bearer
40 skeletons with full command and banner of swiftness (+1 movement)
40 skeletons with full command

15 Black Knights: with Lances, Barding, and full command and Razor Standard (Armor Piercing).
7 Crypt Horrors with Haunter:
4 Vargheists with vargoyle:
1 Spirit Hosts


His List: Chaos Dwarfs 2500/2500

Sorcerer Prophet with 4+ Ward save and Darkforged Weapon that granted infinite hatred.
Spells: Lore of Hashut (4) 0 Breath of Hatred, 3 Curse of Hashut, 4 Ash Storm, 6 Flames of Azgorh

Infernal Castellan BSB with great weapon and 2+ armor save and 4+ ward save.
Hobgoblin Khan with Light armor and shield mounted on giant wolf X 3
Demonsmith Sorcerer with dispel scroll and Lore of Death. Spells: (1) 0 Spirit Leach

43 Infernal Guard with great weapons, full command, and Magic Resistance (1) banner.

3 Bull Centaur Renders with champion and Standard. Equipped with heavy armor and shields.
Magma Cannon
Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher
Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher

5 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders
K'daai Destroyer

The chaos dwarf player won the roll to pick sides and so picked the side with a nice big hill on the left flank for him to defend. A river cut diagonally across the left third of the table so reaching that hill at a reasonable speed was going to be difficult. The chaos dwarfs placed their infernal guard horde in the center of the hill with the BSB inside. 2 demonsmiths were placed within 3 inches of the artillery, which was two death shrieker rockets and a magma cannon. To the right of the hill went the k'daai destroyer, and across the river to the right of that went the wolf riding hob goblins, and the bull centaurs. 2 Khan wolf riding characters were placed near the infernal guard while the other was placed next to the river to the right of the hill.

Unable to march across rivers anyway, I didn't deploy my general in the center of the table as is the norm, but rather in far left of the map just to the right of a unit of dire wolves. The terrorgheist plopped next to him with the zombies to the right of the black knights. Skeletons with Kanzul and crypt horrors took up my center and on the right flank I had my other unit of skeletons and dire wolves, as well as the vargheists (facing backwards) and spirit hosts. I had a hill with impassible terrain in the right flank of my deployment zone so I put the skeletons in it (5 wide and facing left so they could fit) and the spirit host who could move through the impassible terrain without having to slow down.

Chaos Dwarfs Turn 1:
"Movement:" INCHES of movement happen in this phase, proving that my opponent has truly mastered dwarfs as none I have ever battled before. The infernal guard horde shifts towards the left a wee smidgen and the hellsmiths buddy up with some war machines. The only thing that moves forward aggressively are the bull centaurs, completely unafraid of my dire wolves on the far right, and with good reason.

Magic: The Sorcerer Prophet gets off curse of hatred on the infernal guard and I dispel Flames of Azgorh.

Shooting: Both hell shrieker rockets take aim at the terrorgheist. One scatters off and kills a single skeleton while the other deals 4 wounds. The hell cannon also scatters and while the template still hits the terrorgheist, he fails to wound it. The flame cannon shoots at the crypt horrors and manages to deal 6 wounds and reduce the unit down to 5 models.

Vampire Counts turn 1:
Movement: I declare 1 charge, a long one against the khan hero on the left flank with my dire wolves, who actually roll high enough to make it. Unable to march because the black knight unit is slightly in the river, I just go forward 7 inches to the base of the forest. The zombies move up to keep pace with the knights. The terrorgheist flies into the forest itself just ahead of the black knights, passing its dangerous terrain. My center skeletons with Kanzul in them begin their long trek up through the river and my crypt horrors move up as well. The spirit hosts moves through the impassible terrain towards the center, and my skeletons on the right move 4" towards the center of the board trying to get off their stupid impassible hill to where they can do something. I march my dire wolves on the right up and around and my varhgeists move up into the flank of the bull centaurs. After some debating I decide to keep them facing backwards. I think I could defeat the bull centaurs with a flank charge but it is more critical that I take out his war machines on turn 3.

Magic: Kayosiv casts a gaze of Nagash and rolls an impressive 11 hits against the infernal guard, also healing the terrorgheist back up to 3 wounds. I score 8 wounds, 4 of which are saved by armor and 1 by magic resistance, killing 3 dwarfs.

Combat: Surprisingly, my dire wolves take 0 damage from the Khan, who biffed all of his attack rolls, and manage to deal a wound to him and run him down when he flees. Awesome!

Chaos Dwarfs Turn 2:
"Movement:" The Ka'daai destroyer fails a toughness test and takes 1 wound, which I greatly appreciated. It moves just into the river a little bit. The bull centaurs inch up a bit as well, setting up for a plethora of charges. The only other big movement is he moves a khan past my dire wolves and in front of my black knights, turned sideways to prevent them from overrunning forward.

Magic: The Sorcerer Prophet casts Ash Storm on my Black knights with irresistible force and Kayosiv is unable to stop it. The resulting miscast drains the rest of his power dice away, but causes him no harm.

Shooting: One of his death shrieker rockets misfires while the other one hits the terrorgheist but rolls a 1 to wound and fails. The flame cannon targets my black knight unit but rolls a 10 on the artillery dice and bypasses most of it, only hitting 2 models and dealing 0 wounds after armor saves. The Hellcannon also aims for my black knights but scatters off and hits my crypt horrors, dealing another 3 wounds to the unit and reducing its models down to 4.

Vampire Counts turn 2:
Movement: The only charge I declare is with my spirit hosts into his bull centaurs. I need an 8 but manage to make it. With kayosiv unable to charge, his unit shifts to the left 3.5 inches. My zombies, skeletons, and crypt horrors all continue to move up and the rightmost skeletons get off the hill still continuing left towards the center of the board. I fly my vargheists all the way to the back of the board facing left and all of the chaos dwarf war machines. The dire wolves on the left move to the far left to make sure if his hell cannon rampages he'll go towards them and off the table and my right dire wolves move up along the right flank to set up for late turn charges. The terrorgheist moves a little bit but is wary of being charged and so just takes aim at the Khan blocking my black knights.

Magic: Limited in magical targets because of ash storm, Kayosiv casts Van Hel's on his own unit which once again scoots to the left at half speed. The vampire lore attribute again heals the terrorgheist and brings it up to a total of 4 wounds. I try to cast invocation and then miasma with Kanzul but they are dispelled.

Shooting: The terrorgheist rolls his scream attack at the Khan and flubs. Needing only 5 a kill the hobgoblin hero, he rolls a 4 and only does 1 wound.

Combat: The spirit host rolls well but cannot get past the bull centaurs 2+ armor saves and does no wounds. Because of the unit's banner it is a tie combat.

Chaos Dwarfs Turn 3:
"Movement:" The Ka'daai destroyer was apparently extremely offended that I was going after the dwarf war machines and reformed directly in front of them facing to the right and the vargheists, effectively blocking them from the magma cannon. The infernal guard wheel a few inches to the left to better threaten my units there.

Magic: 5 dice ash storm once again on my black knights and I am unable to stop it with my 3 dispel. I... I think I hate that spell.

Shooting: The hellcannon misfired, sucking up all 3 of the dwarf crew and then subsequently failed its monster reaction test. It become rooted to the spot and only able to shoot at the nearest enemy unit for the remainder of the game. A death shrieker rockets once again took aim at the terrorgheist, but rolled a 1 to wound after hitting. The other shot at my center skeletons managed to kill 2 after scattering wildly. In an eerie occurrence of deja vu, the magma cannon once again aims at my black knights and once again rolls a 10 on the artillery dice, doing 0 wounds after I rolled the same armor saves as last turn. Weird.

Combat: Unable to do any wounds, the spirit host loses combat by 1 and takes a wound from crumble.

Vampire Counts turn 3:

Movement: Wanting none of the ka'daai's shenanigans, my vargheists instead go for the long charge against the hobgoblin wolf-riders and much to my delight, make the charge. The zombies charge into the back of the wounded Khan that's blocking my black knights. Skeletons on the far right continue to move in slow-motion towards the bull centaurs and the crypt horrors continue to move up so they can charge on turn 4. Kanzul and his skeletons continue to move up through the river. My black knights shuffle to the left... again. My dire wolves on the left move up to the side of the hell cannon and sit there for the rest of the game, preventing it from shooting ever again as it must target them, but they are within its minimum range. The terrorgheist moves and finagles around until it can find a spot that's outside the infernal guard's charge arc but can also fit its huge base.

Magic: I try to get spells off with Kayosiv but with ash storm's targeting restrictions he cannot get anything through. Kanzul on the other hand manages to get off Miasma on the infernal guard, reducing their weaponskill by THREE points to a mere 1.

Shooting: The terrorgheist screams at the final Khan hero and kills him.

Combat: Predictably the vargheists shred the flank of the hobgoblins and they overrun into the flank of the infernal guard. I'm hoping to do some real damage next turn since I'll be hitting on 3's thanks to Kanzul's timely casting of Miasma. The zombies straight up kill the Khan and reform to face the enemy. The spirit host once again loses combat by 1 reduce it to 2 wounds remaining.


08-12-2013, 09:52
Chaos Dwarfs Turn 4:
"Movement:" The Ka'daai destroyer reforms back to face the center of the board and that is all for movement.

Magic: Once again Ash Storm targeted at my black knights. Looking at a pretty difficult dispel, I decide to use Kanzul's dispel scroll on it and go for the charge into his infernal guard.

Shooting: The magma cannon shoots at my crypt horrors but it fails to wound. One deathshrieker rocket hits my terrorgheist and deals 2 wounds to it while the other drops a big pie plate on Kanzul's skeletons and kills a dozen of them.

Combat: I roll insanely well with the vargheists. I get 11 hits and despite needing 3's to wound, roll 11 wounds followed by another 2 stomps. Taking more than an entire rank of the horde and only taking 1 damage from the return attacks was more than I could have hoped for. Unfortunately, the infernal guard easily hold and reform to face the vargheists. Somehow, 24 attacks hitting on 4's seems a lot scarier than 4 attacks hitting on 5's.

The spirit host once again takes a wound from crumble which reduces it to a single wound remaining.

Vampire Counts turn 4:
Movement: CHARGE TIME. Rightmost skeletons and crypt horrors charge the bull centaurs. Black knights with Kayosiv, terrorgheist, and skeletons with Kanzul charge the infernal guard. Both skeletons make it. Crypt horrors make it. Terrorgheist makes it. Black knights with Kayosiv... FAIL THEIR CHARGE! NOOOOOOOO! The khan's have done their job and kept me at a distance. The terrorgheist hits the rear of the infernal guard and kanzul and his skeletons hit the front. The skeletons fail about half a dozen dangerous terrain tests for charging through the river and are just barely able to squeeze in a single guy on the corner.

Magic: With Kayosiv actually able to cast magic, I am able to get off an invocation and heal the Terrorgheist back up to 4 wounds.

Shooting: The terrorgheist screams at some infernal guard and gets an average roll, killing a couple.

Combat: For all the amazing rolling the vargheists had last round, it is the exact opposite this round. I think I kill 2 dwarfs with my 16 attacks and 3 stomps. Kanzul on the other hand steps up and manages to kill 3 dwarfs with his 4 attacks and the terrorgheist gets a solid thunderstomp of 5 to deal a lot more. The return attacks form the dwarfs decimate the vargheists and reduce them down to the champion model only and put a wound on Kanzul, but do nothing to the terrorgheist. I win combat by a few points but am very worried with that Ka'daai destroyer looking at the flank of both my vargheists and my skeletons.

The bull centaurs manage to kill a few skeletons but not enough to win combat. The skeletons and spirit host can't do any damage but the strength 4 attacks from the crypt horrors finally bust through his armor save and do 2 wounds. He breaks from combat and is pursued by all and run down.

Chaos Dwarfs Turn 5:
"Movement:" The Ka'daai destroyer charges into the skeleton's flank and much to my surprise, both the sorcerer prophet and demon smith abandon their war machines and charge into the flank of the terrorgheist.

Magic: Once again with the ash storm at the black knights with irresistible force and the miscast is inconsequential. He does however fail some test that chaos dwarf wizards are required to take and has his toughness increased to 6, but takes a wound as a result.

Shooting: The Magma cannon takes aim at my right skeleton block and lands in the dead center of the unit, killing like half the unit in a single shot as he doesn't roll ANY 1's to wound. The deathshieker rockets prove ineffective at wounding black knights with their low strength.

Combat: The lone vargoyle does some decent damage to the infernal guard and so does kanzul. The ka'daai munches 7 skeletons and the terrorgheist ends up doing poorly so I'm starting to get worried but then, the impossible happens. I have 2 skeletons in base contact with the ka'dai. Needing 5's to hit and 6's to wound. I roll a 5 and 6 to hit. I roll them, a 2 and a 6, wound. The Ka'daai has a special rule that non-magical wounds must be re-rolled. So I pick up the 6 and roll... another 6. He goes for his 4+ ward save and fails it, taking a wound from a lowly skeleton. What saves me in this combat is the infernal guard just don't have that much to attack and the 2 wizard dwarfs can't get past the terrorgheist's toughness 6. Only Kanzul can be hit and the 2 attacks against him fail to hurt him and while the single vargheist is killed, he can only get 2 combat resolution from it because overkill wounds don't count. I win combat by exactly 4, which is the exact number of wounds that the ka'daai destroyer has left and it crumbles to death. If it wasn't for that single wound caused by the skeleton it would still be around in the next combat and likely cause me to lose. With the ka'daai dead, the combat is mine if I can get my vampire lord in there.

Vampire Counts turn 5:
Movement: Skeletons, crypt horrors, and the spirit host over on the right flank make long charges into the dwarf war machines, but sadly all 3 fail to reach them. Kayosiv is once again unable to charge so he just moves closer to the infernal guard combat as do my zombies.

Magic: Kayosiv manages to get a spell of on his own unit, which is of little worth, but the lore attribute heals the terrorgheist to 5 wounds.

Shooting: The terrorgheist's scream targets the infernal guard and rolls very high, killing a half dozen despite their good leadership.

Combat: The infernal guard continue to get thrashed, but manage to deal a wound to the terrorgheist and the sorcerer prophet deals 1 more, reducing it back down to half health. They stubbornly hold their ground and the fighting continues.

Chaos Dwarfs 6:

Magic: What is there to say? Ash storm. On the Black Knights. Irresistible Force. Again. The miscast wounds the demonsmith and the terrorgheist.

Shooting: The dwarf artillery tries to wipe out the weakened crypt horror unit and while they do a lot of damage, simply cannot kill them all.

Combat: The Dwarfs are reduced to 1 dwindling rank of models and their few return attacks are ineffective, but still they hold.

Vampire Counts turn 6:
Movement: The same charges as before, but the crypt horror unit, now reduced to 2 models, make it into a magma cannon.

Magic: Limited by ash storm as he is, Kayosiv heals Kanzul to full health.

Shooting: The terrorgheist screams at the sorcerer prophet, but rolls poorly and only does 1 wound which is prevented by the dwarf's ward save.

Combat: Unable to kill the magma cannon's crew, the dwarf war machine holds and preserves its points.
The last of the infernal guard are killed by a combination of Kanzul and the terrorgheist's attacks. The dwarf BSB comes so very close to killing the terrorgheist, dealing a wound to it but having it be saved by the monster's 6+ regeneration save. The demonsmith and Sorcerer Prophet cannot wound the terrorgheist and the demonsmith is then stomped to death. The dwarfs lose combat, and the Infernal Castellan breaks from combat and thus dies instantly. The Sorcerer Prophet however refuses to be intimidated by the destruction of his entire army and holds his ground to end the game.

Battle Result: Massacre win in favor of the vampire counts.

Post Game Thoughts:
Very interesting game against chaos dwarfs. In some ways, they play identical to regular dwarfs, with their castling on a hill with war machines and what not. However, their plethora of fast monsters and chaff, as well as their potent (ash storm) magic phase make them a different beast altogether. The 2 extremely lucky things to happen to me this game were the skeleton dealing that wound to the K'daai Destroyer and his artillery being unable to kill my terrorgheist despite nailing it turn after turn. The unlucky thing was my opponent's uncanny ability to get off ash storm every single phase for 5 turns in a row. A dispel scroll was the only reason I had any reprieve and even then I failed my charge with my Vampire Lord and his black knights when it really counted. Even so, and despite a horribly crippling river slowing my army down, I was able to outmaneuver my opponent and come at his giant horde from multiple sides as well as isolate parts of his army that he left alone and crush those portions piecemeal. Had my vampire lord entered the fray, I'm convinced I would have ground that horde down in a mere 2 rounds of combat, but it is a testament to my tactics that despite lacking 1,000 points of my army and my strongest fighter, I was still able to win the game decisively.

"You think I'm scarda you, eh!? Come on ya stupid monster! I hope ya choke on me!" The sorcerer profit bellowed out insults as he fended off the snapping jaws of Rupert, a colossal zombie dragon imbued with spirits of pain and torment. The demonsmith at his side was crushed and his armies around him were dying, but the sorcerer profit paid it no heed. The situation was hopeless, but his kind had given up on hope long ago. After landing a particularly crushing blow to the side of Rupert's face, the zombie dragon backed away, jaw dislodged and broken, sagging on one side. The sorcerer profit took a moment to catch his breath, and for the first time the eerie silence of the battlefield struck him. Everyone was dead. Everyone but him.

A knightly entourage approached, stained black by soot and ash from the many storms he had magically summoned to halt their advance. Mortal enemies would have suffocated in the choking fog, but the vampire at the head of the procession looked to be merely inconvenienced, although none too pleased. He hopped off his horse and attempted to clean off his face, smearing ash all over it more than achieving any results. He blew his nose one nostril at a time and soot rocketed out of each in turn. He started to speak, his voice raspy as dust billowed out of his mouth in a dark cloud.

"I, would like to know, one, very simple piece of information" the vampire said, quivering with rage. "It is my hope... that I can gain this piece of knowledge from you, before I lose my temper and hack you apart."

"Why should I tell you anythin' you fanged wimp? You think aye fear pain, fear death? What do you take meh for, an elf?" Now get lost before I club ya ta death!" The chaos dwarf, ever defiant, hefted his demon-mace threateningly.

"Haahahaaha" Kayosiv laughed, his anger forgotten. He couldn't help but chuckle at the shear audacity of this little bearded man, surrounded on all sides. "Amusing" said the vampire lord. "What if I were to spare your life in exchange for the information?" I would hate to rob the world of someone of your... unique character."

"You and I both know that I'm already dead, so stop mocking me and send your army to finish it. Or come yourself if you're not a coward!"

"Not so. I'm not afraid of you, nor am I in any hurry to end your life. I do however grow weary of being hounded by mercenary armies. I want answers."

"I don't care none about what you want, fool. Enough talkin, I'm gonna cave your skull in!"

With this the sorcerer profit charged the vampire. His black knights moved to intervene, but Kayosiv waved his hand for them to hold. He fought the chaos dwarf for a few minutes in hand to hand, constantly surprised at the speed and ferocity of his tiny adversary. The chaos dwarf finally managed to land a telling blow and knocked Kayosiv down. It would have likely been fatal to a mortal opponent but the vampire got up, making sure to lift himself slowly without using his hands until he stood again, towering over the dwarf.

"Why so eager to die, son of Hashut?" Kayosiv said with genuine curiousity.

Panting heavily the chaos dwarf answered with no effort to hide his disgust in himself. "The... failure of this battle is... inexcusable."

"My dear dwarf," the vampire smirked, "you're the only one left. You can make up any story you want. What choice would they have but to believe the sole survivor?"

At this the sorcerer profit's eyes first grew wide, then his brow furrowed, his frown deepened, and his eyes shifted to the side. "I suppose that's true" he said after quite some time. "Twas another vampire" he said, after another pause. "Over-puffed fellow wearing too many frills. He's the reason ya teleported to the wrong place too. Hates yur guts; paid good money for your death."

"I see" said Kayosiv, digesting this information. It described nobody he was aware of, vampire or otherwise. Even so, he was convinced that the chaos dwarf was telling the truth.

"So, you now know what you wanted, are ya gonna keep true to your word or end me?"

Kayosiv couldn't help but laugh again. In the dwarf's rough demeanor, it was less of a question and more of an insulting dare. "You're free to go, as long as you and your ilk never hunt me again."

"Well there'd be no reason for any Dawi Zharr ta come after you after I tell them that you're dead. Speakin of which, I'll need some proof."

"Fine fine" said the vampire, tossing his helmet at the dwarf. He caught it and smiled, placed it on the ground and punched a hole in the skull section with his enchanted hammer. "That'll do. May we never meet again."

"I can live with that" Kayosiv said.

"Not for long, there will be more armies comin for ya. Lots more."

"So be it" the vampire said.

Seemingly impressed by the vampire's grim determination, the chaos dwarf actually smiled and gave a curt nod before walking off, broken vampire helmet under his arm. A wounded chaos dwarf reached out for him and the sorcerer profit bashed his skull in without breaking stride, continuing to walk as if nothing had happened.

"Thus continues our gauntlet" Kayosiv said to Kanzul, frowning. "Lets hope that the rumor of my demise spreads quickly and isn't too thoroughly questioned."

"That seems like a lot to hope for" said Kanzul, standing by his master's side as he had for most of the confrontation.

"Indeed it is."

16-02-2014, 11:42
Played a game against Demons of Chaos today. My first time meeting/playing this opponent and also my first time playing against demons and their new 8th edition book. Was a super fantastic game and I plan to turn it into report #16.

Speaking of reports, game #15's progress stopped after my gaming group abruptly had to abandon our campaign. Our host (Godswearhats) had a work schedule shakeup that prevented him from being able to offer his gaming tables to the group on consistent days so the Bloody Shores campaign came to an unexpected and screeching halt. That topped with my last game in the campaign being super anti-climatic (It was over on turn 1 before my opponent even moved) caused me to lose impetuous on Warhammer as the holidays took up a lot of my time.

I've played a few games since then and am happy to be slowly getting back into gaming but I am still busy and as usual the end of report 15 and this next report against Demons will come slowly. I'll try to keep chipping away at it though.

16-02-2014, 11:43
Game 16: Remnants
Scenario: Lizardmen vs Daemons of Chaos: Battle Line 2500 Points

Sotarkesh's unbound form glided at the speed of thought throughout infinity. Separated from his corporal body, his mind was free to traverse the realm of thought along the winds of magic. His ghostly visage was not without purpose in this journey, as he sought the last remnants of the chaos invasion upon his realm. With the defeat of Xello'kepska and the scattering of Valkia's great host by the combined forces of Undead and Skaven, there was little left of the Chaos invasion save for isolated pockets of easily dealt with marauders and the occasional rampaging mutant that was just as likely to end its own life in thoughtless frenzy as it was to die at the hand of the Lizardmen. Or so Sotarkesh believed.

This trip to the astral plane was a mere formality. A triple check to make completely sure that the threat truly had been extinguished and victory had been true and absolute. As the ancient slann ended his rounds across the breadth of Lustria and began to navigate back to his body to rest from the journey, he caught something tugging very edges of his perception. And then it was gone. Perplexed, Sotarkesh investigated further, peering into the depths of this nonphysical realm. It was if every time he detected the hint of Chaos, it vanished. Suspiciously so. Exerting his will the answer finally hit the Slann and his mind was sent reeling. No Mortal Chaos Champion. No demonic entity. It was both and neither at the same time. A Daemon Prince!

Using his mortal soul and demonic aura in tandem to make detecting either difficult, the demon that was once mortal had cloaked a sizable demonic force and was heading straight for Kotak-Hai! Having learned more than enough the Slann attempted to stealthily leave with great haste, but was noticed by the Daemon Prince despite his best efforts. The unnatural voice that boomed forth from the entity chased Sotarkesh's spirit all the way back to his body housed within the Star Chamber of his Pyramid.

"I am coming for you little lizardman. You and your kind can't run fast enough."


Back at the spawning pools of Kotak-Hai and ignorant of the looming demon assault, Tenkitza sat at the edges of the spawning pools. He was present as a witness and scribe to catalog the miracle of life that was to soon break their tranquil waters. Even after his many years of studying this phenomenon, the event still inspired him. Younger and more nimble skinks began to chitter in excitement as bubbles broke the glowing waters. Soon heads erupted from the water and great first breaths were sucked into new lungs as the saurus warriors ascended from the depths with the help of their skink companions. Tenkitza began counting and recording at once. It was more difficult than it used to be, now that he was missing a finger. The old skink frowned as he remembered the terrible visage of Lohkir Fellheart's unblinking mask. A smile on his face quickly triumphed after a brief battle with the short lived scowl as he remembered his timely rescue. He was truly blessed to have such good friends as Atehe and as strong a protector as Kro'Qua.

30x3 cohorts, one with purple markings on their back scales as is commonly considered a sign of the blessing of Tepok... Tenkitza continued to write. As he was finishing his report his head jerked up in the direction of an anguished wail. Very rarely, only twice that he could remember, a saurus was born flawed and missing some vital piece of themselves. It was the destiny of these poor individuals to die in agony shortly after their emergence from the spawning pools. It was customary to ease the suffering of the afflicted as much as possible until their time came, but none of the young skinks currently helping the saurus seemed to know what to do. Tenkitza set his notes aside and guided his junior skinks to collect the suffering saurus and help him to shore before he drowned. Considering that three full cohorts had been spawned, it seemed odd to Tenkitza that there would be another lone saurus born. Especially if that particular saurus was fated to simply die. As unlikely as that was, it was nothing compared to what turned out to be the origins of the single saurus, who was not actually a saurus at all.

The skinks dragged forth and presented to Tenkitza not a dying saurus, but a complete, albeit sobbing, skink. A large skink, but most certainly a skink nonetheless.
"It's not fair..." The crying skink choked out, coughing up water and clenching his quivering fists, "not fair..."

"What's not fair?" Asked Tenkitza with genuine concern.

"My life! How can this be!? LOOK AT ME!? The skink darted forward, easily breaking the grip of his rescuers and latched onto Tenkitza's ceremonial necklance, shaking him back and forth violently.

"...Huini’Zec?" Comprehension dawned on the elder skink priest slowly. How could this possibly be?

"Of course it's me you old fool! But why do I still look like this? Why was I reborn to suffer the same pathetic existence as before? Is this some cruel joke played upon me by the Old Ones? Am I cursed?" Tenkitza put a gentle hand on top of Huini'Zec's and the skink chief stopped shaking him.

"Or Blessed, perhaps. How many mortals are given a life to live again?

"But in this pathetic husk..." Huini'Zec sunk to his knees in despair. Tenkitza moved to comfort him as the other skinks just watched the whole spectacle in awe.

"The Old Ones surely have grand purpose for you my friend. That much cannot be denied. I am sure that they would not see fit to give you a form that was ill-suited for that purpose."


"I'm sure that Sotarkesh would be happy to have an audience with you to discuss what he believes to be the source of your... rebirth."

Suddenly Huini'Zec perked up and his crest turned bright red. His sorrow forgotten, he was alert and focused. "Demons," he muttered. "On their way here."

"But how could you possibly know that?" Tenkitza asked as the other skinks began to panic and scurry about.

"I don't know. Ready a mount for me" Huini'Zec commanded with grim determination.

"Looks like your answers will have to wait my friend" Tenkitza said apologetically.

"Purpose..." Huini'Zec said to himself.

My List: Lizardmen 2500/2500

Lords (625 max): 611
GENERAL: Slann (Sotarkesh): Level 4 Lore of Heavens
Spells (4): 0 Iceshard Blizzard, 1 Harmonic Convergence, 4 Lightning Bolt, 5 Comet
Magic Items: Dispel Scroll
Disciplines of the Old Ones: Soul of Stone
4+ Ward Save. Can change miscast result own by +1 or -1. Automatically dispel 1 spell per game.

Lord: Saurus Old Blood (Kro’Qua): Great Weapon
Mount: Cold One, suffers from Stupidity.
Magic Items: Amulet of Preservation, Glittering Scales, Other Trickster’s Shard
1+ armor save, +2 Strength, strike last, 4+ ward save. -1 to be hit in close combat. Models in base to base reroll successful ward saves.
Heroes (625 max): 253

BATTLE STANDARD BEARER: Scar-Veteran (Kai’Que): BSB, great weapon
Mount: Cold One, suffers from Stupidity.
Magic Items: Armor of Fortune and luck stone
1+ armor save. May reroll first failed armor save. 5+ ward.

Skink Chief: (Huini’Zec): Light armor and spear
Mount: Terradon. Has drop rocks, fly, fear, forest strider
Magic Items: Enchanted Shield. 2+ armor save total.

Core (625 minimum): 630
30 Saurus Warriors with full command.
10 Skinks javelin and shield with musician.
10 Skink skirmishers with blowpipes.
10 Skink skirmishers with blowpipes.
10 Skink skirmishers javelins and shields.

Special: 446
5 Chameleon skinks.
24 temple guard with full command and Banner of Swiftness (+1 movement)

Rare: 560
1 Salamander with 3 skink crew
Ancient Stegadon with sharpened horns (red)
Ancient Stegadon (blue)

His List: Daemons of Chaos: Approximately 2500 points

GENERAL: Demon Prince with mark of Tzeentch. Chaos Armor and Eternal Blade. Level 4 with lore of Tzeentch.
Gains +d3 strength, weapon skill, initiative, and attacks at the beginning of every round of combat.
Spells (4): 0 Blue Fires of Tzeentch, 1 Treason of Tzeentch, 3 Bolt of Change, 6 Infernal Gateway.

Herald of Khorne with the axe of Khorne and the Locus of Fury (Frenzy to himself and any Khorne unit he joins)
Gains +3 attacks if in base contact with 3 or more models.

Herald of Nurgle, with Balesword (d3 wounds) and Locus of Fecundity (4+ regeneration to himself and any Nurgle unit he joins)
Level 1 with Lore or Nurgle.
Spells (1): 3 Curse of the Leper

19 Bloodletters with standard bearer
19 Plaguebearers with standard bearer
10 Pink Horrors with standard bearer. Level 1, Spells: 0 Blue Fires of Tzeentch
10 Pink Horrors with standard bearer. Level 1, Spells: 0 Blue Fires of Tzeentch

3 bloodcrushers with standard bearer
3 Flamers with champion

3 Plague Drones with standard bearer
Soul Grinder with Mark of Khorne (+1 strength on charge) and Demonbone claw (1 model in base contact must pass initiative test or all attacks against it hit automatically)


On the left side the of the board I planned to shoot at his pink horrors and plague drones with skinks and match up my Temple Guard against his plaguebearers, with stegadon support. On the right side of the board I planned to fight his bloodletters with my saurus after whittling them down with my salamander. Skinks on the right flank would shoot and re-direct the soulgrinder while the red stegadon ancient took care of the bloodcrushers with his d3 wound dealing impact hits. I didn't really have an answer to his demon prince other than a lucky stegadon charge and I just hopped that enough lightning bolts, shooting, and the fighting prowess of Kro'Qua would be enough to take him down. My chameleon skinks pop in on the very right side of the table and hope to plink some wounds off of his soulgrinder.

Daemons of Chaos Turn 1:
Movement: The demons move up fairly aggressively with all of their slower units and generally march forward at full speed. The exception being the plaguebearer unit that has to wheel around a marsh in front of them. His Plague drones, blood crushers, and soulgrinder keep their distance back, but the demon prince and flamers zoom forward at full speed, taking cover behind a wall.

Magic: Reign of Chaos wrecks havok on my dinosaurs. My salamander and BOTH stegadons roll a 6 and suffer a series of low strength hits. The salamander (and 1 crew) and red stegadon take 1 wound each and the blue stegadon takes 2 wounds. Both pink horror units on the left flank target my skirmishing skinks and kill a total of 7 with their dual castings of Blue Fires of Tzeentch. The skirmishers pass their panic though so there is that.

Shooting: The flamers manage to kill 3 of my skinks in the ranked javalin unit, but I pass my test for warpflame and they gain a 6+ regeneration save for the rest of the game.

Lizardmen Turn 1:
Movement: I move up fairly cautiously with my 2 units of saurus, hoping that if I get charged that some of them will fail. Skinks are abuzz around the field looking for good fire lanes and I focus on setting up my stegadons for shooting rather than charges.

Magic: I roll a measly 2 on the winds of magic and my opponent rolls 2 channel dice. I throw 2 dice at a lightning bolt but it is easily dispelled by his 3.

Shooting: The skies darken with a hail of blowpipe fire. The skink missiles are able to kill a flamer and put 2 wounds on the soulgrinder. Stegadon shooting puts a wound on the demon prince after firing dozens of ineffective Sotek sting shots, a single lowly javelin deals the damaging hit. The salamander breathes flame at the bloodletters, killing 4 and pleasantly also dealing a second wound to the demon prince.


Daemons of Chaos Turn 2:
Movement: The demons proceed to make a series of long charges and land all of them. The plague drones hit the front of my temple guard and the demon prince and blood crushers combo charge into the front of the saurus block containing Kro'Qua. The soul grinder and bloodletters move up very aggressively and the plague bearers wheel around their marsh and out of the woods to head towards the center of the board.

Magic: Not much of note happens as I use my scroll to stop a Treason of Tzeentch and dispel all of his offensive magic missiles.

Shooting: His flamers manage to kill 2 more ranked skinks, but I ONCE AGAIN pass my toughness test and they now have a 5+ regeneration save thanks to warp flame.

Combat: The plague drones bite off more than they can chew against the temple guard and lose 1 of their number and the combat by 2 points. They suffer no penalty after a good roll on the demonic instability table though. The other combat is another matter entirely. The demon prince rolls for his Eternal Blade and it makes him strength 9 with 8 attacks at weaponskill and initiative 10... He makes an absolute mess of the saurus warrior unit champion but does no harm other than gaining 6 combat resolution. Not to be outdone, Kro'Qua demolishes the blood crushers, killing 2 entire models of them by himself. Unfortunately that happened after all of the blood crushers' attacks and the toll on the saurus is high. Due to Kro'Qua's battle prowess more or less canceling the carnage caused by the Demon Prince, the saurus only lose by 1 and are able to hold.

Lizardmen Turn 2:
Movement: Stegadons go! Big Red goes into the front of the bloodletters along with Kai'Qu my battle standard bearer while Baby Blue smashes into the remaining flamers. My skinks continue to dance around out of the line of sight of things. My skink chief Huini'Zec flies towards the center of the board setting up for a turn 3 charge.

Magic: I'm able to push through an ice shard blizzard on the demon prince, subtracting 1 from his leadership and making him -1 to hit. The rest of my spells are dispelled.

Shooting: The skinks on the left flank are able to 3 pink horrors while the skinks on the right flank are able to deal 1 more to the soul grinder. My salamander melts 3 plague bearers into demonic goo with his flame template.

Combat: The temple guard continue to prove their competency by beating and destroying the plague drones, reforming to face the 2 units of pink horrors. The blue stegadon crashes into and kills the flamers, but suffers a wound for his trouble, and overruns into the plaguebearers. The Demon Prince of Tzeentch rolls 3 on his d3 yet again for his increase in attacks, strength, initiative, and weaponskill. This guys stats are literally off the charts. Then he challenges. I accept with Kro'Qua and hope that he is tough enough to take on a strength 9 Demon with 8 attacks.

Before Combat:

It was glorious. So glorious. He was a god. The demon prince of Tzeentch remembered his mortal life, back when he was a fleshy barbarian of the northern tribes. He remembered the strength, unshakable determination, and the pure savagery of the saurus he had fought in his past life. And now they were nothing to him. The man who was now a demon hacked apart the champion of the saurus cohort with childlike glee, reveling in the sheer effortlessness of it all. They were just so pathetic, like little toys, meant to die for his amusement. He looked over to see the carnage that his bloodcrushers were inflicting on the hapless lizards. He frowned at what he saw.

A mostly black saurus, with white scales on his back in the shape of a skull, was slicing through the metallic robot flesh of the juggernauts like they were dry grass. Their grinding screams drowned out the shrieks of the bloodletters who were dispatched just as easily.
"You, Saurus oldblood" the demon prince bellowed at Kro'Qua. "Your warband is so weak that it wearies me. Come do battle with a worthy opponent so that I might be entertained."

Kro'Qua needed no more invitation. Sending a second juggernaut and rider back into the ether, he rode atop his cold one towards the demon prince. All saurus parted as he made way to his challenge.

"You are too slow," the demon prince said as he dodged Kro'Qua's charging halberd strike. "Too weak," as he deflected a double handed thrust. "And all too mortal." The demon prince Stabbed his gargantuan sword through Kro'Qua's defenses, striking him in the chest. The oldblood's weapon shaft fell to the ground, broken in twain. It was followed by fragments of his shield, stabbed through the center and shattered. Kro'qua tried to wrench the sword out of his abdomen, but the strength that held it there was implacable. It was the strength of a god.

With a wicked grin followed by an equally wicked twist of his weapon, the demon prince dismounted Kro'Qua who hit the ground with a thud and keeled over in pain. Clutching the gaping wound in his chest with one arm, Kro'Qua found the strength to slowly try to drag himself away from his adversary with the other. The demon prince merely laughed. He hardly noticed as the last blood crusher was brought down by the saurus warriors. He took menacing steps towards the wounded oldblood, but was distracted by annoying pricks at his legs. The saurus had now began to attack him and their weapons stung like bee stings. He turned to them with the intent of crushing them like the bugs that they reminded him of.

Turns out, Kro'Qua was not up to the challenge. Kro'Qua has fought everything from chaos lords to ogre tyrants, doombulls to greater demons, and he has NEVER been slapped around as much as this game. Poor guy didn't even get to swing. Considering that the demon prince was at a crippling -2 to hit, I thought I would be OK, but I was wrong. 3 hits, 3 wounds. There are no armor saves from strength 9. 3 ward saves that succeed on a 4+, all 3 failed. Ouch. On the plus side the Demon Prince "only" doing 3 wounds was helpful. The remaining saurus finish off the blood crushers and actually manage to win the combat by 1 point, although the Demon Prince passes his instability despite his -2 leadership.

Disappointed about losing my oldblood, I move onto the combat involving the bloodletters, my red stegadon, and Kai'Qu. I'm more hopeful about this fight and I am not disappointed. The strength 4 of the bloodletters can't scratch the toughness 6 of the stegadon and with impact hits and stomps as well as Kai'Qu being a BSB and in the flank sees me win combat by an impressive 7 points. His unit is cut in half and his herald of Khorne is dead. And then he rolls his demonic instability.
Double 1's.
Suddenly all of my damage is undone. The herald pops back into existence and so do the near dozen bloodletters that I had killed in the combat.
This, is bad.

BEGINNING OF TURN 3 (after charges):

Continued on post #143.

16-02-2014, 11:50
Daemons of Chaos Turn 3:
Movement: The soul grinder counter-charges into the flank of my red stegadon.

Magic: The Reign of Chaos table hits my chameleon skinks, killing 2 and sending them running off in a panic. Treason of Tzeentch is once again cast at the saurus and this time I use my dispel dice to dispel it. The pink horrors either fail to cast or roll super poorly on their blue fires and cause no damage.

Shooting: With his flamers dead there is no more demonic shooting.

Combat: The blue stegadon crashes into the plague bearers with absolutely 0 effect. A low roll on the impact his followed by him making all of his 4+ regeneration saves screeches the blue behemoth to a halt. The herald of nurgle then whips out his d3 wounding weapon and kills the stregadon flat out before it can even make its attacks or thunderstomps. Youch.

The Demon Prince of Tzeentch once again rolls a 3 on his d3 for his magic weapon, giving him superpowered godlike stats. He proceeds to then wreck the saurus unit, killing a full rank and a half for a total of 9 dead lizards. I am steadfast and hold but can't keep taking this kind of a beating for much longer.
Kai'Qu and the red stegadon fare no better. With a statistically absurd number of ward saves made, the battle standard bearer's and red stegadon's attacks bounce off the bloodletter unit. I end up losing by 1 but thanks to the BSB re-roll both Kai'Qu and the red stegadon are able to hold.

Lizardmen Turn 3:
Movement: Huini'Zec and his teradon make a long charge into the flank of the pink horrors and succeed! My temple guard unit marches up so that it can charge the plague bearer unit or the larger uncharged unit of pink horrors. With nothing to shoot at now that the soulgrinder is in combat, my 2 units of skirmishing skinks on the right flank zip towards the plaguebearers. What's left of my (now regenerating thanks to warpflame) skink cohort moves up in front of the plaguebearers to shoot and speedbump them. The chameleon skinks fail to rally and continue to flee.

Magic: A comet on top of his plaguebearers is dispelled but the slann is able to cast harmonic convergence on the saurus fighting the demon prince, who is then hexed with ice shard blizzard.

Shooting: I fire a plethora of skink missiles into the plaguebearers but to no effect. The salamander manages to deal a single wound to the unit after overshooting fairly badly. The depleted skink skirmisher unit on the left deals 2 wounds to the pink horrors.

Combat: Huini'Zec pounds the pink horrors with the pent of rage of a tiny guy who wishes he were a big guy and kills 6 pink horrors who reform to face him.

The Demon prince kills 5 more saurus warriors but thanks to the magical help from harmonic convergence, manage to deal 1 wound back to him. They still lose but hold.

How could this be? These pathetic creatures were... hurting him. The Demon Prince stomped on the saurus, cleaved them in two with his gifted sword, he bellowed his rage at their stalwart resolve, but still they fought on. Every nick and scratch began to add up as the reptilian infantry threw themselves at the Demon Prince with reckless abandon. He simply couldn't kill them fast enough and their vigor seemed impossible for mortals. He then noticed why. The slann had been augmenting the saurus' fighting prowess and had been causing magical chunks of ice to pelt and distract him. This filled the Demon Prince with rage but also gave him an idea. If the slann wanted to dare and draw upon the magical winds of his masters, he would suffer the backlash of their misuse.

The Herald of Khorne, who had been largely whiffing his attacks up until this point, decides that his unit is the only one allowed to be red and does 2 wounds to the stegadon. The soul grinders demon claw hits the stegadon with a strength 10 hit... but rolls a 1 to wound! Kai'Qu manages to kill 3 bloodletters after the stegadon and crew mostly miss and the combat is a tie.

Daemons of Chaos Turn 4:
Movement: The plague bearers charge my skink cohort and the stand and shoot sees no nurgle demons killed.

Magic: Reign of Chaos once again takes a toll on my chameleon skinks and completely wipes out the remainder of them. It also hits one of my skink skirmisher units on the right flank and kills 6. Treason of Tzeentch is dispelled again and the blue fires of Tzeentch cause a few wounds to my temple guard but they are saved by armor.

Combat: Huini'Zec continues to kill the pink horrors and suffer no wounds in return. There is only 1 demon remaining and after a failed instability test there is nothing left of the unit.

The skink cohort manages to deal a single wound to the plaguebearer unit with their superior initiative before they are completely wiped out. They overrun but fail to reach my temple guard; exactly as planned.

"No... NOOOO! This cannot be!" The demon prince bellowed his rage as the saurus overtook him, finally toppling him over and beginning to hack at his chest and face. He knew that if it had not been for the magical meddling of the slann that he would have been victorious. Before he was banished back to grovel before his masters in shame, he unleashed one final attack. In his death throes the Demon Prince hurled a purple bolt of energy at Sotarkesh. After a deafening crash the bolt penetrated his palanquin's force field and struck Sotarkesh square in the chest. Kai'Qu looked over in alarm and nearly had his head removed for his trouble by the bloodletters he was fighting. Sotarkesh shook off the effects of the attack after a few seconds, seemingly unhurt. The Demon Prince, weak as he was, couldn't muster the strength to do much more than lash out with a desperate flailing of magic. For reasons he didn't understand, Huini'Zec felt an ominous sense of dread as he continued to hack through the pink and blue horrors that assailed him.

The Demon prince continues to suffer the effects of iceshard blizzard and finally fails to get 3 on his d3 for his weapon's stat boosts. He then rolls a slew of poor to hit and wound rolls, only killing 2 saurus warriors. The saurus roll amazingly well and manage to put several wounds through on him. His 5+/5++ can only save so many and he takes a wound, killing him. The saurus unit, now massively depleted and down to 7/30 models, reforms to face the soulgrinder.

The Herald of Khorne does another wound to the red stegadon, reducing it to its last hit point. He is then killed by THE SKINK CREW riding the beast! The Bloodletters can't deal any damage in return but one of them does wound Kai'Qu and force him to use his luckstone in order to save it. The soulgrinder then attacks and kills the red stegadon, removing him from combat, but also no longer giving his +1 for flanking. Kai'Qu and his mount kill 2 more bloodletters and end up winning the combat by 2. Without the superior leadership of his general or Herald of Khorne, the bloodletters fail their instability by 4 and fail their reform test to try and face the scar-veteran in their flank.

Lizardmen Turn 4:
Movement: My temple guard charge into the front of the plaugebearers while my salamander charges into the flank. Huini'Zec charges into the flank of the larger pink horror unit, eager to continue killing the pink freaks of nature. My remaining skink skirmishers on the right flank all move towards the now unengaged soul grinder to hope to weaken it enough with poisoned shots so the saurus can take it out.

The temple guard crashed into the plague bearers and began to fight a fierce melee. To aid his guard, Sotarkesh summoned magical storms to assail the demons, but something was wrong. Far more power is siphoned to him than he called for. He tried to expend it as quickly as possible with more spells, but more and more of the winds of magic were drawn to him. Only then, did the slann understand the nature of the Demon Prince's attack. Exploding with an uncontrollable amount of magical energy, Sotarkesh screamed out in pain before a white light enveloped him and knocked all those fighting around him to the ground. When the blinding light faded, he was gone.

Magic: Sotarkesh casts iceshard blizzard on the plageubears successfully, but then DISASTER STRIKES. I cast Harmonic Convergence on the temple guard on 3 dice and roll a miscast, followed by a dimensional cascade! Not even my soul of stone can save me as I roll a natural 3. The resulting strength 10 large template hits 10 templeguard... but get this, only kills 5! 5 rolls of 1 out of 10! The explosion also kills 2 plague bearers and wounds my salamander. I'm starting to think that maybe this miscast isn't so bad when I roll to see if my slann is sucked into the void... and he fails his roll and dies instantly. At least I got an augment on the temple guard and a hex on the plague bearers before it happened.

Shooting: 20 shots of poisoned blowpipe fire go into the soulgrinder and he shrugs off all the effects. I however then get 3 poisoned wounds from the 4 remaining javelin skirmishing skinks on the soulgrinder. Despite a 4+ and 5++ he cannot save any of them and keels over with jungle venom pumping through his veins... and I guess motors and cogs. Apparently 4>20.

Combat: Despite the larger size of this pink horror unit, Huini'Zec is not to be denied. He manages to deal just enough wounds to win combat by 1 and the resulting instability test kills 4 more.

The temple guard, now sans Sotarkesh, fight with great passion at the loss of their lord and charge. They manage to kill no less than 8 plaguebearers in their zealous frenzy. Despite -1 to hit, the plague bearers kill 4 saurus in return, but it is not enough. A terrible instability roll wipes the unit out completely and the temple guard reform to face the last unit of pink horrors.

I get a bit worried when Kai'Qui is struck with a killing blow attack but his ward save manages to rebound it. He then rolls fairly poorly and only kills 1 bloodletter, but his flank and Battle Standard give him enough combat resolution to win combat. The demon player rolls his 3rd terrible instability test roll in a row this turn and the rest of the unit is banished back into the warp. This time, for good.

At the point, with only 1 unit of (soon to be dead) pink horrors on the field, my opponent concedes.

Battle Result:
Lizardmen: 2600 points.
Daemons of Chaos: 1250 points.
Victory for the Lizardmen!

Final Thoughts:
I was getting pretty worried during turn 2 when my oldblood was slapped silly and then the glorious charge of the red stegadon was negated by the demonic instability roll of double 1. My blue stegadon dying in the following turn after accomplishing nothing of significance made me start to think that I was in real trouble. The victory here goes to my Slann. Tzeentch had given the demon player a lot of magic missiles, but only 1 debuff (that I always went out of my way to dispel) and his level 4 demon prince couldn't do a whole lot. Sotarkesh on the other hand was getting at least 1 hex or augment off every magic phase, and sometimes both. This gave my units the slight boost they needed to beat down the superior demonic droops. I also felt I got some good matchups in my favor with the bloodletters never getting into my infantry and Kro'Qua hanging out with the saurus warriors so he could offer enough hitting power to take down the blood crushers. Losing Sotarkesh to a dimensional cascade was unfortunate, but he had already done everything he needed to do that turn. The crazy slew of 1's when wounding with the large blast template leaving enough temple guard to keep the unit in fighting shape was a blessing that allowed me to win that combat handily.

All lizardmen gathered around the spot where Sotarkesh was last seen. The only evidence of the catastrophe that had befallen him was a black and charred crater. His temple guard, their weapons slick with plague bearer gore, hung their heads in disgrace. Some even seemed to be on the verge of tears. Sotarkesh, their Slann, was gone. Nobody knew what to do.

Kai'Qu slowly shuffled over to the crater, falling to his knees near the edge. He picked up the charred sand off the ground with quivering hands and watched the black soot run through his fingers. "Master... I have failed you." He sobbed openly into his black dusted palms.

Huini'Zec dismounted from his teradon mid-flight and landed with a rolling somersault.
"Definitely cursed..." he muttered to himself.

Kro'Qua was the last to arrive. He was still clutching the gaping stab wound in his chest and leaning heavily on his cold one for support. Even the simple wit of his mount seemed to understand the gravity of the situation and it showed uncharacteristic calm as it aided its rider to the crater. Some skinks attempted to get close to the oldblood to treat his wounds but a guttural growl pierced the silence of the battlefield and they quickly jumped back.

After a few moments, Huini'Zec spoke up. "Well, lets not just all stand here slack jawed and stupefied. Gather the wounded and see to them. The chaos incursion has been repelled in full. The cost was great, far more than we ever wanted to pay, but we have not lost everything. We still have our temple city and our lives. We must use each of them to protect the other and continue on.

The lizardmen silently and sluggishly followed the orders of the skink chief. Their hearts were still heavy but they knew he was right. The trip back was long and there were no celebrations of victory. A meeting of the slanns was called to discuss the death of Sotarkesh and what would happen to the city of Kotak-Hai. 9 slann answered the call and came to the now leaderless temple city. They would convene and ruminate on the recent events for several weeks before making a decision. Possibly even months. Until then, the armies of the Kotak-Hai would lick their wounds, try to mend their hearts, and prepare for anything.

16-02-2014, 12:26
Thank you for putting all of this together. I haven't read through all of it but I love it!

04-05-2014, 19:43
You're welcome MasterSparks. It's a lot of work but I get a lot of enjoyment out of it as well.

UPDATE: Game 16 is now finished. I really need to go back and add some fluff to game 15 but I'm struggling on where to go with my story so that is the cause of the delays.

I'm looking to get in game 17 tonight against the new wood elf book. We'll see if that actually pans out.

05-05-2014, 08:41
Excellent stuff, working on putting together my lizards these days so another reason to read your reps :) that demon prince was pretty killy though... Scary stuff.

07-05-2014, 23:13
Thanks SevenSins. Sadly the game against the new wood elves was a bust as the player was a no-show. I'm Probably not going to be able to put up any reports for a while because my Kickstarter Campaign for Space Frontier is nearing its Launch Date. Expect to see more about it in my signature sometime soon.

03-08-2014, 05:50
I haven't been playing much Warhammer but recently went to Sparkle Party 4, a 2999 point, three game tournament.

I did well, winning all 3 of my games with my Vampire Counts and getting 6th out of 39th overall. A good showing, but not enough to win any prizes.

There are campaigns brewing within my gaming groups and hopefully I will have some more battles to report on within the next month or 2.

That's me there wearing the red shirt and tan shorts.

Sparkle Party 4 Game 1:

Sparkle Party 4 Game 2:

Sparkle Party 4 Game 3:

06-08-2014, 09:31
Sounds like a good showing. Will you be writing stories about it? I want to read more narratives from you!

04-09-2014, 00:23
I did not plan on it. Tournament games are difficult for me to finish because I am a fairly slow player, so taking notes or pictures of the battle doesn't work.

I have however just joined a story driven campaign called "Colony and Conquest" at www.dimensionalcascade.com

Battles start soon and I plan to continue the narrative using that campaign as a device.

15-04-2015, 07:08
So, over a year later, the "Colony and Conquest" is dead and I can't imagine is ever going to continue. Our host just had too many other real life responsibilities get in the way and it was a disappointment for all involved.

In the mean time I have played some games and 3 tournaments. The last couple of months though a new game shop has opened up within 5 minutes of my work and I have been playing more Warhammer than ever before.

I was not able to get proper notes or photos for these games but my latest tournament, Sparkle Party Deathmatch 6, was a great time and I took enough photos that I should be able to give brief accounts of the games.

Some notes on Sparkle Party Deathmatch 6:

It was a 2,500 point, 2-day, 5-game tournament with no comp. End times and 50% lords/heroes are allowed.

A draw gives 10 victory points to each player and a 1,500+ point victory or more gives 20 to the winner and 0 to the loser, with a sliding scale in-between.

At the start of every game you roll to see if you are playing a meeting engagement, a pitched battle, or a battle for the pass game. So the map is either sideways, length ways, or diagonal, but the rest of the deployment rules for those scenarios are ignored.

One of 8 scenario cards can be chosen (once per tournament) can give you between 0 and 5 victory points.

The scenarios are for the most part completed or enhanced by a special unit called a "Regiment of Renown" which is a COMPLETELY FREE unit of 29 human statline troops with full command and a "Hero of Renown" with basic human hero stats to lead them. The unit is equipped with heavy armor and shields. Every scenario requires the regiment of renown to either accomplish an objective or the objective in the scenario gives more points (like 5 instead of 2 for example) if it is accomplished by the regiment instead of another unit. So for example, you could get 2 victory points for controlling a woods at the end of the game if you chose the Wood for Sheep card, or you could get 5 points if the unit controlling it was your Regiment of renown.

Also of serious note was that for every fight your regiment of renown won OR lost, they would get to roll on a table at the end of the game. In general the more they won fights the more offensive bonuses they would get and the more they lost the more defensive bonuses they would get. Completing scenario objectives also sometimes gave bonus abilities or equipment to the regiment or hero.

I Brought my Vampire Counts and used a unit of (embarrassingly unpainted) Yari Ashigaru models as my RoR with a mummy as my HoR. Here's how the game and tournament went for me.

My list is as follows:

Vampire Lord, Army General: Kayosiv, Level 4 lore of Vampires, Heavy Armor
Vampiric Powers: Red Fury, Aura of Dark Majesty
Magic Items: 4+ ward, Enchanted Shield, sword of might, Other Trickster’s shard
Mount: Barded Nightmare
+1 attack per wound caused (not cumulative). 1+/4++ save. +1 strength. Models in base contact must re-roll successful ward saves. All enemy models with 6” suffer -1 Leadership.

Dispel Scroll
Lore of Vampires (Level 1):

Wight King BSB with Great Weapon
Magic Items: Dragon Helm

Cairn Wraith

Hero of Renown (0 points)

5 Dire Wolves
5 Dire Wolves
20 zombies: with musician and standard bearer
40 skeletons with full command and Banner of Swiftness (+1 Movement)
40 skeletons with full command

29 Regiment of Renown with heavy armor shields, and full command (0 points)

13 Black Knights: with Lances, Barding, and full command with Warbanner (+1 Combat Resolution)
6 Crypt Horrors:
4 Vargheists with vargoyle:
1 Spirit Hosts


Onto the Games in the following Post!

15-04-2015, 07:12
Sparkle Party Deathmatch 6. 2500 point tournament with free Regiment of Renown. Games 1-3.

Game 1: Vampire Counts vs Dark Elves
Dark Elf List:
Dreadlord on Pegasus with a 1+ armor save, ogre blade, and cloak of twilight (d3 wounds in first round of combat)
Supreme Sorceress, level 4, with lore of life.
Master BSB.

15 dark shards with shields and full command
5x3 dark riders with shields and repeater bolthrowers,
1 coldone chariot
unit of harpies
4 repeater boltthrowers
10 warlocks (Sorceress went in here)
30 executioners with full command (Master BSB went in here)
29 regiment of renown with full command and hero of renown

Game 1 Summary: Scenario: Hold the center of the board and kill something in a challenge with your Hero of Renown.

The diagonal deployment actually helped me pretty significantly because it allowed my fast elements to get to him very quickly. My terrorgheist ran up and screamed a unit of dark riders off the board and my dire wolves on the left flank killed a bolt thrower. My vargheists were already in his back field at the end of turn one and also ready to charge either bolt throwers or archers. I raised a unit of zombies in front of his black guard to chaff them up. He tried to cast dwellers bellow on my vampire Lord's black knight unit but failed to meet the casting value and he shot everything in his army against my terrorgheist and reduced it to 1 wound. His executioners killed the zombies in front of them and overran super far forward.

Turn two saw destruction the rest of this bolt throwers as my vargheists and terrogheists killed them and persued the board. Curse of years was dispelled but I managed to grow another unit of zombies up near his darkshards and I charged my spirit host into them just to prevent them from shooting. I couldn't kill any thought. My crypt horrors killed his harpies and rolled high enough to hit the flank of his overexposed executioners. On his turn he charged pegasus dreadlord into my black knight unit and his chariot into my skeletons to prevent them from helping out with a flank charge during my next turn. The drealord killed a few black knights and I kept my vampire lord out of combat. My crypt horros defeated his executioners and they failed their reform test destpite being leadership 10 with a re-roll. My spirit host continues to lose combat fighting the darkshards, never dealing any wounds

My dogs on the far left flank, having destroyed all of the bolt throwers on that side, moves up to redirect his regiment of renown. My 2nd unit of skeletons charges the cold one chariot in the flank and my raised unit of zombies move up for an easy charge against the dark shards if my spirit host dies so they can protect the vargheists and terrorgheist (still at one wound) that just came back on the board. I finally manage to get curse of years off on the executioners unit and kill 3. The terrogheist screams at the dark shards but don't roll high enough to do damage.


In combat my vampire lord makes way and beats the stuffing out of the Dreadlord, dealing 2 wounds to him and taking none in return. He breaks and is run down by the black knights. The two skeleton units beat the cold one chariot through combat resolution and run it down as well. The crypt horrors once again beat the executioners but this time they are able to reform to face them.

In his he gets rid of curse of years and one againt fails to cast dwellers below. He finishes off the spirit host in combat and mauls the crypt horrors badly, but I have a few left after crumble.

I charge my vargheists and zombies into his dark shards and my black knights, regiment of renown, and skeletons into his executioners. After combat there is virtually nothing left of either unit and they break and are both run down. In his turn he 6 dices dwellers but I stop it with a scroll and dispel the rest of his magic. He does manage to plink the last wound off my terrorgheist with some dark riders. Time is running out and we agree to call the game considering he has so few units left on the board and no real way to fight any of my remaining blocks.

25/0 Victory to me.

Game 2: Vampire Counts vs Empire
Empire List:
Arch Lector (General)
Level 4 of Heavens with the Speculum that swaps stats of opponents in a challenge
Captain BSB
2x Warrior priests
2x master engineers

50 spearmen with full command and detachment of 5 archers (one warrior priest goes here)
50 halberdiers with full command and detachment of 5 archers (one warrior priest goes here)
40 greatswords with full command and detachment of 5 archers (Arch Lector, Captain BSB, and Wizard Lord goes here)
2x great cannons (both engineers at end of game)
2x hellblaster volley guns (both engineers at start of game)
Celestial wagon
29 regiment of renown with full command and hero of renown

Game 2 Summary: Scenario: Keep enemy units out of my deployment zone/keep his regiment of renown out of my table half. Easy.


Why was it easy? Because we rolled up our game type and got battle for the pass and his entire army was infantry... but it also had 4 war machines. And of course, he won roll to go first. He irresistibly forced a comet down in the direct center of the board right in front of me, but it cost him a wizard level and the spell. His hellblasters didn't have anything to shoot at so they actually moved back, and only his archers moved forward to gum up my army in later turns. His very first cannon shot of the game killed my terrorgheist in a single hit and his second killed 2 black knights. Undaunted I moved up my army at full speed. And then the comet landed. And then he rolled a 12 for disance in all directions. The ensuing destruction was absolute as almost every unit in my army suffered heavy losses.

My luck however turned as I found myself rolling a 10 dice magic phase and rolling double 6's to channel. With a dozen magic dice in my hand I threw 6 at an 18" Invocation of Nehek to try and repair the damage that the comet had done, and it worked! My decimated army reassembled itself and the miscast cost me a wound off of my necromancer and 3 lost power dice. My last 3 power dice were spent on a bubble version of van hel's to try and get my army an extra 8" forward. My opponent threw all 5 of his dispel dice at it but rolled poorly, and failed to dispel it by exactly 1 because his Wizard was now level 3.

He again didn't move and threw all of his magic dice on harmonic convergence. I tried to stop it but failed with a poor roll. His re-rolling hellblaster volley guns took aim and ripped my black knight unit to pieces. Even after getting 5 back the unit was reduced to a fine powder and my Vampire Lord was now alone. His cannons fired at him but one fell short and the other bounced off my ward save. I began charges to clear out his archer detachments and continued to move up aggressively. I hid my Vampire Lord behind crypt horrors hoping that they would protect him from cannon balls and my vargheists, despite being very depleted by the comet, charged into his hellblaster volley guns, silencing them for good. Frustratingly, one of his archer units held despite being charged in the flank by dire wolves and blocked my regiment of renown from getting into the fight next turn against his halberdier unit.

His cannons took out three crypt horrors but didn't do any wounds to my vampire lord. He tried to cast buffs but I used my dispel scroll to stop everything because I knew the following turns would decide the game. STILL the stupid archers on his right flank hold. On my turn I charge my skeletons, wraith, vampire lord, and crypt horrors into his great sword unit. Only the cairn wraith fails. he challenges with his wizard and I don't take the bait, accepting with my skeleton champion and having his Speculum be wasted. I can't get any meaningful magic through but in combat my vampire lord rolls like an absolute beast anyway and cuts down 9 greatswords. The skeletons and crypt horrors kill a few more and while hatred and being hit on 2's takes a terrible toll on my units, I still win combat but the greatsword's stubborn holds.

Alarmed at how fast his greatswords are dying, he takes his regiment of renown out of the tower (he was keeping them in there to get scenario points) to help out in the fight. His hatred is gone but he gets off the spell to get a 5+ ward save so he is much more resilient. He still loses combat but only by 1 due to how many ranks the skeleton warriors are providing. He brings my crypt horrors down to 1 model, but I manage to wound his BSB. My vargheists kill the remaining hellblaster volley gun and overrun into the flank of his regiment of renown. On my turn I charge my wraith into the greatswords and my regiment of renown into his halberdiers. I win both fights but the last of my crypt horrors is destroyed and everything holds. My other skeleton block is locked in a losing combat with his horde of spearmen and continues to lose against it for the rest of the game.

He charges in his regiment of renown, fresh from obliterating my vargheists, into my vampire lord. They roll scarily well and both they and the greatswords deal a wound to him, bringing him down to a dangerously low single hit point. My cairn wraith however manages to scythe down his battle standard bearer. This makes all the difference as I lose combat by a single point, but my battle standard bearer's crucical -1 to crumble saves my vampire lord from dying. In my turn, the final turn of the game due to time constraints, I get off a bubble van hel's dance of macabre and the re-rolls really stack up. I make an absolute MESS of the greatswords and the unit is down to less than a dozen models. Without a BSB and reduced to leadership 8 due to my Vampire Lord's aura of dark majesty, his greatswords break. His halberdiers break. His regiment of renown breaks. His celestial buff wagon panics. EVERYTHING with the exception of his spearmen horde is running.

I. Catch. NOTHING. His entire army escapes my pursuit as I roll 3's and 4's to pursue with 4 different units. Despite everything being on the run, I earn no points for any of it with the exception of the dead BSB. Because of this I lose the game as time is called.

Final result is a 7/13 win in his favor. But, having been forced to remove his regiment of renown from the tower, he gains no scenario points and I gain all 5 of mine.

Final result, 12/13 Victory to my opponent.

Game 3: Vampire Counts vs Lizardmen
Lizardmen List:
Slann with loremaster high magic, 3 channel dice on a 5+, and soul of stone
Oldblood on cold one with sword of might and 4+ ward save
Scar Veteran on cold one with great weapon and 5+ ward save
Oldblood on carnosaur with 4+ ward save
Skink priest of heavens (level 1) with dispel scroll

30 Saurus warriors (Slann, cold one oldblood and cold one scar veteran go here)
2x10 skink skirmishers with javalins and shields (Skink priest went in 1 of these)
10 skink skirmishers with blowpipes
3 terradons
2x5 chameleon skinks
Ancient Stegadon
29 regiment of renown with full command and hero of renown

Game 3 Summary: Scenario: The more you lose the game by, the more scenario points you get.

I have a history of playing, and losing to my next opponent. I have known him for several years and have never defeated him. This is partly due to his impressive tactical ability and also partly due to my incredibly poor luck in my games when I seem to play him. I choose the scenario card that gives me points for losing after much deliberation deciding that this way, win or lose I'll be happy and get some points.

He snags first turn and uses it to aggressively move up with his chameleon skinks and terradons. He drops some rocks on my left unit of dire wolves and kills 4 of the 5. Chameleons move up into the marsh near my deployment zone and take aim at the terrorgheist, dealing 2 wounds to it. His magic phase only produces a single spell and that is fiery convocation on my skeleton block that contains my wraith and battle standard bearer. The unit is decimated and drops down to 16 skeletons with the wraith taking a wound and the wight king's dragon helm protecting him. The miscast on the slann ends up not doing much because of a slight adjustment from his soul of stone, turning a crippling 10 into a 9 that does 1 wound to his slann and skink priest. On my turn I charge one unit of chameleon skinks with my terrorgheist and crypt horrors, pushing them behind his lines and causing both charges to fail. I resign my skeletons to burn to ashes and move my wraith out of the unit at his terradons, pushing them off the map with a second charge at them with my one remaining dire wolf. My wight king moves out of the unit and the rest of my army moves up cautiously with the exception of my vargheists, wary of charges from the prehistoric monsters. In my magic phase invocation of Nehek is dispelled but I do cast curse of years on his large saurus unit, killing several and healing my terrorgheist by one. The terrorgheist uses death shriek against the chameleon skinks that are still close to me and outside of the protection of the slann's leadership they are obliterated. My skeletons continue to burn and there is only a handful left in the unit.


He moves some of his skink skirmishes behind my vargheist's arc of sight to shoot at them and moves up a little bit with his carnosaur and stegadon. In the magic phase he casts a magic missile at my spirit host, doing 3 wounds but failing to kill them. He also gets hand of glory on his carnosaur, giving it +3 to most stats. I am much more wary about charging that thing now! He tries to cast vaul's unmaking on my vampire lord with the rest of his dice but it is dispelled. The skeletons continue to burn down to a single model and curse of years continues to take a toll on his saurus regiment, killing several more. His shooting is largely ineffective and the turn goes to me. I decide to play it conservative and only charge into skinks on the peripherals of his lines. My cairn wraith on the left makes it while my regiment of renown fails. My sprit host makes a long charge into his stegadon and succeeds! The carnosaur can wait until it doesn't have initiative 5 and weaponskill 6... In my magic phase I throw two dice at gaze on Nagash on the freshly rallied chameleon skinks... and miscast.

And the miscast is a Dimensional Cascade.

And my Vampire Lord gets sucked into the warp.

Two. Dice. At least the chameleon skink unit died.

The crumble test is particularly bad as both my cairn wraith and spirit host crumble into nothing, freeing up his stegadon and skinks. My terrorgheist survives with minimal damage thanks to the close proximity of the BSB, but my black knight unit is badly mauled because of the strength 10 large template hitting them. Now suddenly on the back foot, my opponent easly dispels curse of years and stops the necromancer from casting.

The lizardmen player declares charges against my crypt horrors with his stegadon and one of his oldbloods, while the carnosaur moves back into center stage after hiding behind a building for one round. Damage to the crypt horrors is bad but not terrible and I manage to wound the stegadon a bit. He manages to once again get hand of glory off on his carnosaur. In my turn charge my regiment of renown into a unit of skinks on the woods and my vargheists into his saurus regiment, hoping not to win but just to do as much damage as I can. My magic is pathetic and my terrorgheist brings the stegadon to 1 wound with a scream. The skinks are defeated but hold due to being stubborn skirmishers in woods and I reform to give them my flank so that his regiment of renown can't charge mine in the flank. The vargheists kill several saurus warriors but are mostly killed in return.

In the lizardmen turn he moves his regiment of renown towards the center of the board and charges his carnosaur at my terrorgheist. During his last magic phase he swapped out a spell for searing doom and casts the large version on what is left of my black knights. He miscasts, but manages to kill 6 of the 7 cavalry. The miscast however... IS A DIMENSIONAL CASCADE! After blowing the saurus unit to smitherines and being sucked into the warp, I'm thinking that maybe the game isn't over. Skinks shoot at my wight king BSB and reduce him to 1 wound remaining. The carnosaur eats the terrorgheist for lunch and overruns. My regiment of renown finishes off the skink unit in the forest. With my regiment free I charge his regiment of renown in the flanks. He flees, and I redirect into the flank of the stegadon. I charge my wight king BSB into a unit of skinks and he survives the stand and shoot, but sadly rolls a 4 to charge and fails. My black knight champion, the only one left in the unit, charges his saurus warriors, now reduced to a mere 6 models. Our champions get into a challenge and I roll twice to wound, but he saves one with armor and the other with his blasted 6+ parry save! He can't wound me in return but due to his banner and musician, I lose by 1 point and crumble to dust. My regiment of renown manages to kill his stegadon but his oldblood kills the last of my crypt horrors.

His regiment of renown rallies and shooting kills my battle standard bearer. In my turn I charge his oldblood who had just killed my crypt horrors with skeletons and my regiment of renown to try and beat them through combat resolution but it doesn't work and he holds. The game ends and the lizardmen, despite losing the slann, have a crushing victory in their favor. On the plus side, I do get 5 bonus scenario points for losing so badly...

Final Result: 5/22 Victory in favor of my opponent.

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Sparkle Party Deathmatch 6. 2500 point tournament with free Regiment of Renown. Games 4&5.

Game 4: Vampire Counts vs Skaven
Grey Seer on Screaming bell (his General)
Chieftan BSB
Warlord with ogre blade (+2 str)
Warplock Engineer with warp musket
Warplock Engineer level 1

40 clanrats with light armor and shields (screaming bell and Grey Seer go inside)
30 clanrats (chieftan BSB and warplock engineer go inside)
30 stormvermin with full command and storm banner (chieftan BSB and warlord goes inside)
5 jezzails (musket warplock engineer in here)
8 rat ogres with master bred rat ogre, 2 packmasters, and master molder with shock prod
small giant rats unit
warp lightning cannon
2x doomwheels
29 regiment of renown with full command and hero of renown

Game 4 Summary: Spy vs Spy card had the hero of renown from both armies fight a duel before the game began. Mine had 5 attacks with re-rolling wounds. His had 3 attacks with armor piercing. I rolled 0 wounds, he rolled 2, I failed both my armor saves and was killed. Not a good showing for my hero of renown.

I snagged first turn and moved up sheepishly. I set up dogs and spirit hosts to redirect the screaming bell unit and regiment of renown on the left flank. In the center I positioned my own regiment of renown and vargheists to fight his rat ogres, and on the left flank I put my crypt horrors to deal with the doomwheel and clanrats. In his turn he edges forward slightly with everything except the doomwheel which flies forwards. His warp lightning cannon thankfully falls short of my black knights.


In my turn 2 I charge my regiment of renown, skeletons (just in case the RoR fails the charge) and vargheists into the rat ogres and pleasantly all of them roll the 8-9+ that they need to succeed.


On the left flank my dogs funnel the doomwheel to either hit them and be flanked by my crypt horrors or go off to the far left of the board where there's nothing useful for it to do. I move my dogs and spirit host on the right flank up at full speed to redirect the screaming bell and his RoR and put my Terrorgheist in-between them. Curse of years kills several clanrats in the screaming bell unit and the terrorgheist destroys the warp lightning cannon with a death shriek.


The rat ogre combat is particularly bloody as they units both deal 9 wounds to each other. My suprior ranks plus banner and charge are enough for me to win the combat and I elect to reform with the skeletons and regiment of renown. The vargheists are frenzied and have to pursue but fail to catch the remaining rat ogres. The skaven player charges the doomwheel and his RoR into my dire wolf units and the screaming bell into the spirit hosts. Defeating and overrunning against them all. The rat ogres fail to rally and the vargheists take a few wounds from jezzail fire.

In the center of the board my skeletons get into a losing fight against his storm vermin. After being beaten for a few rounds of combat they are rescued by my regiment of renown hitting them in the flank and eventually breaking the unit and running it down.

On the left side the crypt horrors defeat the doomwheel after 3 rounds of combat but it's zzzzaapp and attacks cut the unit in half. The pursuit is unable to catch the 3d6 flee roll of the doomwheel and eventually the vargheists turn around and charge into it and tear it to pieces.

With the warp lightning cannon gone on the right flank, my terrorgheist is free to rampage behind enemy lines and death shrieks at the screaming bell multiple turns in a row. My opponent rolls well for his ward saves and I only deal a few wounds to it each turn. I eventually lock down the unit with the skeleton unit containing my battle standard bearer and my vampire Lord kills the grey seer and the bell in the final turn of the game. No longer unbreakable, the clanrat unit loses combat and is run down.

His regiment of renown gets stuck in the marsh and fights my zombies but otherwise does littler of importance for the remainder of the game.

Final result, 20-5 win in my favor.

Game 5: Vampire Counts vs Warriors of Chaos
Warriors of Chaos List:
Gutrot Spume (His general)
Demon Prince. Mark of Nurgle, 1+ armor save, sword of striking, Level 4 Lore of Death
Exalted hero (BSB) with mark of khorne on a juggernaught

19 nurgle chaos warriors with mark of nurgle and great weapons (Festus and Gutrot Spume go in here)
3 Skull Crushers (BSB started in here and left on turn 1)
12 Chaos Trolls (Throgg goes in here)
29 regiment of renown with full command and hero of renown

Game 5 Summary: My opponent's scenerio was to control a forest at the end of the game. Mine was to break his fortitude. Regretably, I have no pictures of this battle but the layout of the table was very simple. River going longwise accross the table, moreso in my opponent's side of the table. In the center of the board there was a tower and to the right of that that tower was a bridge accross the river. On my side of the deployment zone on the right side there was a considerably sized woods. We didn't really do anything on the left side of the table as my opponent's army was very concentrated and I deployed to match.

My opponent got first turn and after some deliberation, decided to fly his demon prince right up in front of my entire army and try to cast purple sun. He rolled average and I was able to dispel. I then found out that Gutrot Spume made it so any unit he joined ignored water terrain for movement purposes. This changed my ENTIRE battle plan as I had anticipated fighting his army in small pockets, not all at once.
In my turn one I charge the demon prince with my vampire lord and moved the terrorgheist up enough to scream at it, hoping the redundancy would be enough to kill it. It turns out I was overprepared and rolled a 10 for the death shriek, which was exactly enough to kill the demon prince once I rememberd to factor in my Vampire Lord's Aura of Dark Magesty -1 leadership debuff. Curse of years on Gutrot's unit saw a few chaos warriors drop.

My vampire lord was countercharged by my opponent's regiment of renown from accross the river. Despite taking a half dozen casualties for going accross the river he hit me in the front. His magic phase saw him cast regeneration on the RoR and I was unable to stop it. In the combat I wasn't very effective due to the regeneration but his regiment was also not terribly effective at busting through my black knight's 2+ armor save. In the end I lost mostly due to static combat resolution and crumbled by a few points. In my turn I moved up my spirit host and dogs to prevent Gutrot and the skullcrushers (now advancing over the bridge) from reaching my vampire lords unit in order to help the chaos regiment of renown. I moved my own regiment of renown up to fight Gutrot's chaos warriors and my skeletons over to try and flank charge the skull crushers after their overrun. In my magic phase I tried to cast Invocation of Nehek with my vampire lord to regrow my black knight losses but my opponent used his Hex Scroll. Needing to roll a 1-4 to shrug off the effects, my vamprie lord rolled a 6 and was turned into a frog. With all his stats reduced to 1 and unable to use any equipement, I knew that I had just lost the game. In the following combat he was efforttlessly hacked to pieces and the black knights were reduced to 3 models by the attacks against them and the combat result.

Luckily my crumble had been quite merciful and most of my units remained intact, including my terrorgheist which only took 1 wound. I screamed at the skullcrushers and rolled high again, dealing 5 wounds and killing 1 of them. His overrun in the previous turn did'n't take him very far and so flanking with the skeletons was impossible so I charged in with my vargheists. The vargheists bounced off the skull crushers uselessly and were wrecked in return, reducing their 4 models to 1. I had manuvered my skeletons as such though that at least no matter which way he reformed, I would get the flank with one of them. The chaos regiment of renown finished off the rest of my black knights.

Both the chaos trolls and chaos warriors charged my regiment of renown but they BOTH failed. This actually gave me a chance to potentially defeat Spume's unit if I rolled well and got the charge. The chaos regiment of renown charged one of my skeleton units, but failed to make the charge. Magic was uneventful and the skullcrushers finished off the last of my vargheists.

In my turn I charged into the flank of the remaining skullcrushers with my skeletons and the chaos warriors with my regiment of renown. In the magic phase, of COURSE my necromancer dimensionally cascades and explodes with most of the zombie unit he was bunkered in, so now I will continue to crumble every turn. The scream at the skull crushers from the terrorgheist is rather weak but does reduce the unit down to 1 model. In combat my flanking skeletons defeat the one remaining skullcrusher and manage to run it down. My regiment of renown fights valiently but are unable to defeat Gutrot Spume's unit. They lose a close fight by only 1 point and despite their cold blooded leaderhip 8... break from combat and run away. Happily however they escape persuit.

My opponent's regiment of renown charges the skeleton block that just ran down the skull crushers and over the course of the next several turns, grinds through it and the other skeleton block as well. Gutrot Spume charges the regiment of renown, but they escape and his chaos warriors fail the charge. On my turns, the terrorgheist screams at the chaos BSB every turn but with the cumulative crumble wounds he has been suffering he is unable to do any damage to him and is eventually charged and destroyed. My regiment of renown rallies and Gutrot Spume decides not to charge again. He goes for the woods in the right-center of the table to try and gain maximum scenario points. I roll quite well and actually defeat the unit! He is on re-rollable leadersihp 9 though and easily holds to end the game. I denied him his scenerio, but was otherwise completely tabled.

Result, 0-20 in favor of my opponent.

01-05-2015, 23:35
Game 17: Gauntlet's End
Scenario: Vampire Counts vs Dark Elves: Battle Line 2500 Points. Swedish Comp v15.3.

The armies of the enemy were endless. After well over a dozen battles, Kayosiv and his Legion of Midnight were in sorry shape. Kayosiv had been shot, stabbed, smashed, burned, and at one point magically turned into a frog. His armor and his army were in tatters. The skeletons and zombies were easy to re-animate or repair but the more powerful undead were showing heavy casualties. The crypt horrors' overactive metabalisms had begun to burn out and Kayosiv's personal wight bodyguards had been destroyed so many times that some were unsalvagable. Rupert had been damaged beyond locomation and had to be left behind to retrieve later, if they ever retrieved him at all. Without an ability to resupply and no true recovery time to cast the complicated rituals required to leave or bring more undead to him, Kayosiv's army was dwindling.

Kanzul's expertise in binding spirits however was proving to be a lifesavor, figuratively speaking. The magical apptitude of Kayosiv's pupil gave him hope in these mirthless times and bound cairn wraiths and spirit hosts into the army's service. Knowing full well that if the black coach was destroyed he would never be able to ressurect his brother, Kayosiv employed it in battle anyway. He was getting desperate. Everything at this point was desperate. The last of his gold had been spent to hire a Nipponese mercenary company that was soley responsible for winning several battles until they too died. Just when things were looking their grimmest Kanzul found and befriended a hideously deformed and gargantuan vampire who only refered to himself as "Carnivorous." The varghulf's great strength and ferocity proved vital in their last confrontation against a skaven force. Kayosiv had been stabbed in the chest with a poisoned blade and nearly overcome until Carnivorous held the ratmen off long enough for him to escape.

Kayosiv had never been so weary. Kanzul looked worriedly at his master, who had always been known to him as a pinicle of infinite strength and genius. Kayosiv's bloodshot eyes scanned the dark elf army that was forming battle lines to fight him. He commanded his troops into position with strategic efficiency, but also looked like he was about to fall off of his saddle.

"This is the last one" said Kanzul to his master, hopefully. "If we can best this force, we are home free.

"Yes..." Kayosiv said. "If..."


Lord Vain, dreadlord and commander of expeditionary strike force of Har Kaldra sat atop his raptorous cold one at the head of his elite knight guard. Accross the battlefield he saw a similar sight. An undead king at the front of his elite knights, commanding his troops into position. Their forces looked to be about equal. He relished the challenge, but something was gnawing at his mind. They money was too good. It had been his experience that something was always wrong when the money was too good. He didn't know his employer, who used a series of puppet agents to deliver payment, and he didn't recognize the coin. It was gold, and in plentiful amount, but it was unlike any coin he had ever seen before.

"Something troubles you lord Vain. I can always tell." The sultry woman who spoke to him rode attop a cold one of her own, lounging in the saddle like she might relax in a lover's bed. Lord Vain looked at Despoena Sibyl out of the corner of his eye, lest he be distracted by her near naked form.

"I like to know who I'm working for" Lord Vain said, looking at her sideways, "especially when the purse is this substantial.

"Then why did you agree?" she said to him, somewhat mockingly.

"Because" the dreadlord spat, somewhat annoyed "the money was too good to refuse."

"But if you know the money was too good to ask questions, that also means," Despoena smirked, "that you know you've been played."

"I hate being a puppet" Lord Vain said, "especially when I don't know who's pulling the strings."

"Pity you're so greedy then."

"That's ENOUGH out of you, witch." Lord Vain tired of the sorceress' mind games. They had already reached the point of no return. He drew his sword, which immediately burst into green flames, startling the mounts of those around him. "We'll have plenty of time to look for answers after the battle is over and be rich while doing so."

"Sad day. You'd almost figured it out."

"Figured what out exactly?" Lord Vain's patience was paper thin.

"He is a cutie isn't he?" Despoena said, eyeing the Vampire Lord accross the field and ignoring the question. "I'm going to have some fun with him."

Lord Vain just sighed. Crazy Sorceress never made any sense. He saw the undead forces begin to advance on his position and gave the order to attack. Something deep in his gut still told him that this was a mistake.

Vampire Counts List:

My List: Vampire Counts 2500/2500
2500/2500 points Vampire Count List. Swedish Comp Score of 14.0

Lord: 530
Vampire Lord, Army General: Kayosiv Level 4, Heavy Armor
Vampiric Powers: Red Fury, Aura of Dark Majesty
Magic Items: Talisman of Preservation, Enchanted Shield, sword of might, and Book of Arkhan
Mount: Barded Nightmare
+1 attack per wound caused. 1+/4++ save. +1 strength. -1 leadership to enemies with 6".
Spells (4): 0 Invocation of Nehek, 1 Van hel's, 2 Hellish Vigor, and 3 Gaze of Nagash.

Hero: 151
Vampire (Kanzul) Level 2 Lore of Shadow, Heavy Armor, Shield, Luckstone.
Spells (2): Mistifying Miasma, Enfeebling Foe

Core: 625
5 Dire Wolves:
5 Dire Wolves:
20 zombies: with musician and standard bearer
40 skeletons with full command and banner of swiftness
40 skeletons with full command

Special: 764
10 Black Knights: with Lances, Barding, and full command and Razor Standard
5 Crypt Horrors
4 Vargheists with vargoyle
1 Spirit Hosts

Rare: 470
Black Coach

Dark Elves List:
Expeditionary Strike Force of Har Kaldra

Lord Vain - Dreadlord
Cold one, shield, sea dragon cloak, Giant Blade, Other Trickster's
Shard, Glittering Scales

Despoena Sibyl - Supreme Sorceress
Level 4 heavens, cold one, Ring of Hotek, Dispel Scroll, Ironcurse Icon

Androcles - Master
BSB, cold one, sea dragon cloak, lance, Dawnstone, Potion of Stength,
Charmed Shield

Tzila Deirbhile - Sorceress
Level 2 dark, dark steed, Tome of Furion, Warrior Bane

13 Witch Elves, Standard, musician, Banner of Eternal Flame
18 Dark Shards, Full command, shields, Banner of Swiftness
9 Dark Riders, Standard, musician, shields

10 Cold One Knights, Full command, Razor Standard

12 Executioners, Full command, Gleaming Pennant
6 Shades
2 Reaper bolt throwers


Battle Report in Progress.

01-05-2015, 23:36
Also Reserved for Game 17:

18-05-2015, 00:41
And then suddenly, without warning, 5 years went by.

That's right, 5 years ago today I decided that this thread was a good idea and started on the journey to catalog and turn into a narrative my games of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Even in the far off yesteryear of 2010 written reports had been on the decline in favor of visual video reports and today I'm not sure that it is any more true than it was a half decade ago. There are far more Youtube battle reports now, but there doesn't seem to be any less written then there were.

Upon 5 years reflection it makes me happy at how wonderful my Vampire Counts army has turned out and terrified at the stagnant progress of my Lizardmen army, which has had a grand total of 4 models painted to completion. In comparison, Vampire Counts has had 156.

It also is laughable how absolutely not prolific I am when it comes to writing battle reports. Averaging less than 4 reports a year isn't exactly impressive. Yet every report is a labor of love, especially the story sections. Time seems to pass far faster than I ever give it credit for. I just finished up some fluff sections on a battle and realized when I finished that I played it 18 months prior to its completion. I have always had great grandiose plans for the narrative. Possible plot threads that could go in any direction. Will I get to them someday? Hopefully not another 5 years down the road. But as I get older life of course, has gotten busier. No longer a college student with a lot of free time I now have a job, a girlfriend, who I'm sure will turn into a wife and at some point children. Then there's this whole business with the End Times blowing up the Warhammer world that is the hot topic on everyone's mind. What IS the future of the hobby now that the setting has been removed? A reboot, a retcon, something completely new? Nobody is quite sure but we will likely find out sometime soon.

In the meantime I will continue to labor on. This thread will not be updated regularly or quickly, but it will also never be forgotten. I still greatly enjoy miniature war-gaming as well as creative writing and for those of you that are just finding this Battle Report thread now or have been a longtime reader I tell you that I appreciate you sifting through it. I know it is quite dense to say the least. However, as someone who enjoys creating worlds and characters that are also dense, I wouldn't have it any other way. I know that such a long winded writing style and slow update pace will not be to everyone's taste, but for the few who, like me, find it to be exactly what they're looking for in terms of imagination expanding entertainment I just wanted to say...

Thanks for reading.