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18-05-2010, 04:44
Hey all,

Got a tournie coming up in two weeks, and wanted to know what everyone thought of the lists. It's a doubles tournie, 1000 points each. I'm taking Orcs and Gobbos and my buddy's bringing Ogres. There's going to be comp at the tournie, and we're both bringing pretty soft armies(Each of us are bringing a giant for chuckles!:p), but please leave some comments!

I'm not looking for revisions, just how you think THESE lists will do together. What are our strengths, weaknesses, etc.


Black orc big boss: Heavy armour, Enchanted Shield. (104)
Orc Shaman: Lv.2 wizard, nibbla's itty ring. (120)

20 orc boyz: Shields, full command. (150)
10 orc arrer boyz(Crap I know, but I like em!:rolleyes:): (60)
5 goblin wolf riders: Spears, Short bows, musician. (76)

12 Black orcs: Shields, musician, standard bearer, nogg's banner of butchery. (211)
2 goblin spear chukkas: (70)

Giant: (205)

Ogres(Not sure of the exact points values)

Bruiser: Tenderiser, heavy armour.
Butcher: Bangstick, dispel scroll.

4 ogre bulls: Standard, musician.
4 Ironguts: Standard, musician.

2 leadbelchers

1 slavegiant



18-05-2010, 05:23
Magic may eat you, also terror won't be fun

18-05-2010, 11:43
Would you care to elaborate a little bit?:p

I think with 4 dispel dice and a scroll we have a fairly solid defence, if that's what you mean.

As for terror, psychology is always going to be a problem for Orcs and Goblins. I've got LD8 which is as good as it gets for me, and my spear chukkas will hopefully give big monsters second thoughts about getting near my infantry.

And all the ogres cause fear, so terror won't be a problem!;)



18-05-2010, 12:00
You'll do all right against any armies that don't have elite infantry or cavalry or good magic.

Actually... Under the current edition, those lists are definitely 'Soft'. Soft enough that you will lose against nearly every army out there.

Don't get me wrong: I play Ogres, so I'm not super competitive, but I think you'll get eaten for lunch. You have no mobility, little magic defense, weak troops and little anti-armour capability.

What points value is the tournament? It looks like you've got 806 points on your list.

18-05-2010, 19:41
Haha! I listed the black orcs as 21 points, not 211. That's fixed. It comes out to be 996 points total for me, and it's a 2000 point tournie.

I definitly agree with you the list is soft, but it's not just a doormat either. 2 giants working together do really well, and the ogres have a fair amount of mobility i'd say. My waaagh! also helps me close with the enemy line too (and that's assuming they are playing a gunline and don't move up). we also have a pretty aggressive magic phase, with 2 lv 2's and 2 bound spells. Not too shabby!

We've played 3 practice games so far against dark elves and lizardmen, and we've gotten 2 massacres and a minor loss so far, so it is possible to win games!:D But hey, it could have all been luck right?

Thanks for the comment!


20-05-2010, 14:05
Hey arrerr boyz are far from crap they are one of my favorite orc and goblin units! You guys should have fun and maybe do ok!

immortal git
22-05-2010, 18:46
No slavegiant, terrible thing. take two maneaters instead =D you cant put the brusier in them, solid. or talk to er opponent let him have two rares can you do that i dunno, but the OG goblin is beter than the slavegiant by far

22-05-2010, 21:12
No slavegiant, terrible thing. take two maneaters instead =D you cant put the brusier in them, solid. or talk to er opponent let him have two rares can you do that i dunno, but the OG goblin is beter than the slavegiant by far

Slave giants are cheaper than normal giants and arn't stubborn. When working in concert with the other giant, it's a bit more muscles, causes terror, and acts as a great flank deterant.

What i would be tempted to do with the Orcs and Goblins though, would be something like (i vaguley remember the points values, and i think the restrictions are something like a combined chart with either army haveing a general capale charecter)


3x gobbo shaman (lv.2, scroll) = 300ish

3x 20 night gobbo bows w. 9 (yes 9!) fanatics between them = 465

2x bolt throwers w. bullys = 80ish

1 x rock lobber w. bully = 70ish

1 x doom diver = 80ish

The ogres i would give token butcher, 1 3-man bull unit , 2x 20 gnoblars, 2 big units of ledbelchers. Basicly, an uncivilised gunline if you will

But, your list is good too, so do whatever :D