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18-05-2010, 12:33
First attempt at an O+G list:
Im thinking of starting O+G or beasts when the new edition comes out

418: Savage Orc Warboss (light armour, wyvern, shagas sword, amulet of protectyness, battle brew)
144: Night Goblin Big Boss (light armour, shield, wolf chariot, 1-hit wunda, triksy trinket)
160: Night Goblin Shaman (wolf chariot, brimstome bauble, scroll)
160: Night Goblin Shaman (wolf chariot, staff of sneaky stealin OR 2 scrolls)

160: 30 Night Goblins (FC, 2x Fanatics)
160: 30 Night Goblins (FC, 2x Fanatics)
185: 30 Night Goblins (FC, 3x Fanatics)
60: 5 Wolf Riders
60: 5 Wolf Riders
60: 5 Wolf Riders

60: Wolf Chariot
60: Wolf Chariot
75: Rock Lobba (bully)
75: Rock Lobba (bully)

80: Doom Diver Catapult
80: Doom Diver Catapult

18-05-2010, 15:01
night goblins cannot be mounted in a chariot, only normal goblins

18-05-2010, 15:20
yeah, so you need to add 15pts to the list as the Night Goblins are cheaper than common goblins.

Also you'll be suffering for leadership - the warboss will be too busy getting stuck in to combat to help out with leadership - and being savage AND a flier he'll be easily baited.

The wolf riders all lack musicians, which is going to hurt, the war machines are fine, but 2 spear chukkas might be a better replacement for 1 lobba - as they come in handy v's large targets.

The 30 Goblins with FC are useless without netters, if your taking the full 30 then give them netters!

If your thinking 8th don't forget, it sounds like spears are getting a massive boost so while in 7th it's all about hw & shield the 8th might change that mentality.

If it was me I'd drop the 3rd fanatic to upgrade the NG bosses to common gobbos, you might also want to consider either bumping the lord up to Black Orc, OR drop the Wyvern all together - you really need leadership bubble to make a goblin army work - as essentially this really is just a goblin army with an Orc leader, there are not enough orcs to call it orcs & goblins :P

You might also want to think about trading the wyvern for a unit of orc boyz with hw & shield

25-05-2010, 20:53
as said above, give musicians to the "people". If thats what makes you win a combat phase, it is worth it. Plus u get +1 to the roll when rallying, wich is essential for a goblins Ld when baiting and fleeing.

Secondly, having a warboss that is a Savage on a Wyvern is risky buissness. The enemy will easely bait him into situations were he will be broken, and that is not a good way to spend 400+ points in a hording army. And why did you give him battle brew? He is already savage (frenzied).

26-05-2010, 16:40
Also, if this is planned for 8th, the % costs are way out.

27-05-2010, 09:44
I thought it was 25% for lords and 25% for heros. or is that wrong?

27-05-2010, 12:56
AFAIK it's 25% total for all characters.

27-05-2010, 12:59
it's 25% lords, 25% heroes per the latest rumours. 25% total characters isn't disproven per se, but it's fallen out of favour as rumours go.

27-05-2010, 13:36
Ah, my (possible) bad then...