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18-05-2010, 16:23
As I can't post this in the services and stores forum (why?) this will have to do.

Has anyone used this webstore before? Good prices (cheaper than both Wayland and Maelstrom), free postage and best of all they actually seem to have good stock levels.

I haven't heard anything about them though and I am wary of unknown webstores so are they worth using?

18-05-2010, 17:13
I have used them in the past five or six times, if you buy stuff that's in stock, or newly released there is usually no problem. On one occasion i did order a mini that was on backorder and i had to continually chase up on its status. Also the guy who runs it is very loathe to answer communications of any kind. Hope that helps.

18-05-2010, 17:28
Agree with the above. Ive ordered many times (mainly for anima tactics miniatures) and generally theres been no problems and fast delivery. But the last time i ordered (for an Alkemy boxset) the item nether arrived and after the initial email i have had no further response to my enquiry and nether got the miniatures. A friend has had a similiar experience with some Okko stuff.
So only order if item is in stock.

(Dont get books and box games as they havnt been posted in boxes but in padded envelopes with no hard protection, ive had a couple thats been damaged during delivery).

18-05-2010, 17:36
They do seem to have a bad customer service reputation (if you google them the second option is 'Arcane miniatures problems' .

Everything that I want is in stock though so I think I may take a chance on them rather than waiting the 2-3 weeks for Wayland to restock and deliver.

Brother Loki
18-05-2010, 17:37
I've made several orders and had fast and efficient service. My flatmate has had a poorer experience. I've no idea why but the service seems to be inconsistent. I think it's a one-man operation, so if the owner is ill or - as happened one time when I didn't bother to read the announcement on the homepage - on holiday, then you can end up waiting a while. As I say though, I've had good service myself.

20-05-2010, 09:21
I've ordered quite a bit of stuff off Russ over the years (mainly Warmachine and AT-43, but also Uncharted Seas and some other odds and sods - 10% or so discount and free postage is not to be sniffed at!) Only once had a problem with something that wasn't delivered. Russ responded to my email and sent a replacement no problem.

I have heard reports of others having communications problems, but never experienced them myself.

He regularly tweets, so you can follow him on Twitter (where he offers occasionaly discounts for his followers) and could always contact him that way if you needed to.


23-05-2010, 15:36
I've ordered from them twice.
First time, excellent service.
Second time...
Let's just say there's not going to be a third time.

25-05-2010, 15:53
They have been pretty good with me for Warmachine/Malifaux/AOW stuff but as stated above if it's not in stock it may take some time and you need to decide if that extra time is worth the free postage.

I generally go for Wayland/Maelstrom for all my non-GW stuff and DarkSphere for GW models.


25-05-2010, 16:46
Well I have put my order in so all I can do now is wait :)

26-05-2010, 10:13
I bought about 150 of hobby supplies from them a few years ago. The package was a little slow to arrive but not as bad as with some other companies (FW). When it did arrive some of the order was missing so I contacted the store and asked for it to be sent out. I recieved no responce to this and over the next month sent more emails, all of which were ignored. Then a month and half after the packaged arrived I recieved a second package from Arcane Miniatures. Inside were itemes which were not what I'd ordered, but since they had a roughly similer value and I couldn't be bothered to argue anymore I cut my losses and kept them.

Make from this what you will.

Also a word of warning for anyone thinking of buying Greenstuff from them. They don't stock it. The thumbnail shows a picture of Greenstuff, but the text says Greystuff. The text is correct in this case.

22-06-2010, 20:03
It has now been nearly a month since the supposed dispatch date and less than half of my order has shown up.

It looks like another webstore has lost my business.

23-06-2010, 17:42
Can't say you weren't warned ;)

08-07-2010, 15:50
Yeah, good luck getting a response via email, I never managed it.

08-07-2010, 17:01
Paypal is currently on the case.

I did get a (very fast) response to my first email but that was 3 weeks ago and I think that his email filter is now being 'overzealous', or something :).

08-07-2010, 18:34
Yeah, I finally got my stuff a couple days before the day I decided as my deadline before a paypal claim.

08-07-2010, 20:52
I have used them a few times (quite a while ago admittedly) and never had a problem. Saying that when i emailed a couple of queries it took a long time to get a reply...if i ever got one. Which was strange as it cost them a few sales (and it was obvious from teh queries that i was looking to get something clear before i bought)

11-07-2010, 03:34
As has been said, if it's a common item with plenty in stock, I'd order from them again. But I don't faith in preorders and back ordering, just due to the lack of communication.

11-07-2010, 07:51
Every single item I ordered was in stock, and are still listed as in stock, but it is now about 7 weeks since I put in my order, even a back order would have arrived by now. There was also no communication aside from a vague dispatch notice ('in a few days').

In fairness he did say that he posted the entirety of my order together in 2 parcels so one may simply have gotten lost in the post. However it was about 3-4 weeks since he told me this and I still haven't gotten my stuff, nor any kind of update.

Even if it looks like there should be no problem the risk of it going tits is just too great.

15-07-2010, 18:43
I tried to make three orders with these guys, the first never happened, I don't have paypal so i emailed, as requested, to set up a transfer. No reply. I tried again about six months later and got my order through, but only because I practically live around the corner and hand delivered the cheque. The third time was like the first, no response.

I know guys at my gaming group who have ordered, payed and never received anything, but the order was so small they didn't bother chasing it. the only reason I would ever use them again is because I know where they're based and could walk around there if they forgot my order. I couldn't really recommend them to anyone else.

13-12-2012, 22:38
I live in a land far, far away with trolls under the customs bridges, trolls under the postal bridges and ..well, trolls, that will nick a package out of your letter-box.
So to get our Mini's here, my friends 'n I rely on transport 'mules', rather like those nice chaps from South America. This time round I ordered from ... (big list) ... EuroBitz,
GW, ForgeWorld, Raging Heroes, HassleFree, Wayland, Heresy, Statuesque, eBay UK, eBay USA, Victoria Minis, World Works, Lead Adventures ... and Arcane Minis.
Quite a list, and with only 5 weeks till my friend departed the UK to brings me 'n my pals our new goodies - a little "deadline-nerve-wrackin'."
Some things were delayed - Raging Heroes had a hold up on their new sculpts at the foundry for example. But they kept me in constant contact and, when things got tight - paid for express delivery free of charge. Great service! Others, for example Statuesque, were so quick I ended up putting in a couple more orders for friends. Great service!
Arcane Minis were the 1st company I ordered from ... weeks ago. I now have all my other minis (V V V cool - esp the RH and Statuesque ironically) but from Arcane not one word.
During the last few weeks, I emailed several times, I called several times, and got no response. An automated 'we're busy' would have been something but really nothing - no reply.
Maybe there is an industry out there where this level of customer un-service goes unnoticed but this in no longer it - everyone else is tight, professional and on the ball.
If you are thinking of ordering from Arcane Minis - my only advice is DON'T - leave the money in YOUR bank for the next few months instead.

14-12-2012, 10:31
Open a case on Paypal, if you paid that way - it's what I did. The guy didn't respond to any email I ever sent until I opened the case. Then he fed me some rubbish about family illness, which from the sounds of things is utter tripe.

My parcel did arrive in the end, but only after Paypal intervened. To make matters worse, I paid for next day delivery originally and it came 2nd class in a torn padda bag!

Avoid this guy at all costs.

14-12-2012, 10:52
I order new release Infinity stuff from him every other month and have done so for about two years, along with the odd figure from other companies. Yes the padded envelopes mean the boxes are often a bit battered when I get them but nothing has ever been broken. On one occasion I actually got two extra blisters with my order!

He is rather slow at answering people, but when the new Infinity rules were late coming out, I got two emails apologising for the delay.

I must be the exception to the rule...

14-12-2012, 19:37
I ordered from them once, a few Hordes bits and bobs. Three weeks later the items still hadn't arrived and my attempts at contact through emails were ignored. Eventually had to go through Paypal to get my money back. At no time did i receive any contact at all from them. So i cannot recommend them.

14-12-2012, 19:53
This thread has been dead for over two years.

15-12-2012, 08:22
This thread has been dead for over two years.

I only just noticed it had been threadomancied myself. Still worth reminding people of how terrible Arcane Miniatures service is, given that somehow they are still in business.

15-12-2012, 12:45
I've ordered from Arcane Miniatures half a dozen or so times and have always had a good experience. Most recently, start of this week I ordered Super Dungeon Explore. Got an email it had been dispatched and it arrived the following day.

Sorry that some people have had problems, but my repeat business with them has always been smooth and straightforward.

15-12-2012, 15:59
Dead thread stays dead. :chrome:


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