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18-05-2010, 18:10
Hey everyone, I put together a list based on the 8th edition rumors thread (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=253845). I've always wanted to do a Napoleonic army using Perry miniatures, and some of the 8th ed changes make this more possible I think. This is based largely on the following rumors:

-Min 25% core
-Max 25% rare/characters
-Max 50% special

-No guess anymore (similar to how 40k got rid of guess weapons), and that warmachine templates auto hit you don't have to d6 it anymore.
-You can shoot through a friendly unit, but the target counts as in cover so you get the minus to hit modifier
-The slew of magic changes

Handgunners would represent rank and file infantry, archers represent more chasseurs/jaegers, knights would be Cuirassiers while Pistolliers would be carbiners or dragoons. Here's the list:


2 units of 10 handgunners, each with 2 5 man detachments of handgunners @ 160 points each

1 unit of 10 handgunners @ 80 points

1 unit of 10 archers @ 80 points

1 unit of 10 Huntsmen @ 100 points

2 Great Cannons @ 200 points

Inner Circle Knights @ 350 points
10 Knights; Full Command; Banner of the Daemonslayer

Knights @ 154
6 Knights; Champion

Pistolliers @ 132 points
6 Pistolliers, Champ with Repeater Pistol

Pistolliers @ 132 points
6 Pistolliers, Champ with Repeater Pistol

Helblaster Volley Gun @ 110

Helblaster Volley Gun @ 115

Battle Wizard @ 130 points
Lvl 2; Rod of Power

Battle Wizard @ 140 points
Grey Wand; Lvl 2

Wizard Lord @ 205 points
Lvl 3; Speculum (I don't even know if I need this, or maybe drop one of the IC knights, put a horse on the lord and have him ride)

Part of this is target saturation - and obviously also all about # of shots.

Anyway, I just tossed it together to see what I could do with the rumored percentages system so I'm curious to get some feedback. I think I could probably stand to drop a shooty unit or two and get a second strong unit either by beefing up the 6 man knights or getting some rank and file (although that would detract from the Napoleonic theme).