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18-05-2010, 23:42
Hi, got a 2k list that im considering in un upcoming local tournament. BUT ive designed the list to kick the crap out of my best friends WoC, and then crash and burn against the other players or if luck is with me manage some wins ;)

Empire General, barded warhorse, Full plate, shield, Rod of command, sword of might (+1str)
Empire Captain, Full plate, Barded warhorse, Army standard, enchanted shield
Warrior priest, heavy armour, great weapon,, barded warhorse, shield
Level 2 battle wizard, lore of death.
25 swordsmen, full command, detachments of 10 handgunners & 9 Free company
25 spearmen, full command, detachments of 10 hadgunners, and 9 free company
10 huntsmen
5 Knights, musician
6 Knights, musician
20 Greatswords, full command
Great cannon
Great cannon
5 Pistoliers, musician

My friends List most likely
(general) Exalted hero, Deamonic Steed, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Might (+1str).
Level 2 Chaos sorceror, Mark of Tzeentch, lore of Tzeentch, Book of secrets
Level 2 Chaos sorceror, Mark of Tzeencth, Lore of tzeentch, Power familiar.
15 Warriors orf chaos, shields, full command, mark of Nurgle
15 Warriors of chaos, full command, shields, mark of nurgle
16 Maruaders of Chaos, Mark of slaanesh, sheilds
5 Maruder horsemen, Sheilds, mark of slaanesh
10 Warhounds (this is either 1 big group or 2 groups of 5)
5 Knights of Chaos, Mark of slaanesh
5 knights of Chaos, Mark of slaanesh
Chaos Giant

Thanks guys, any crushing advice would be great.

19-05-2010, 01:13
This is optimized against WoC... why?

WoC HATE gunlines. Even taking marauder horsemen and exalteds on discs isn't enough usually. March block the bejeebus out of him, and switch to full auto on the guns.

Also goes hand in hand with taking lots of magic. Lv4 + 2 lv2s and a captain on pegasus with casket (stealing Gateway is just funny) could work well. WoC are not partial to lore of metal at all! And with 4 DD and no scrolls... it will not be a fun magic phase for him.

So to recap: Shoot him. Lots. Magic him. Lots. March block anything that moves. Possibly lob a steam tank at anything that still irritates you, but generally more shots + artillery will work better.

20-05-2010, 06:03
Thanks for the comment!
Well, i would like to win but i don't want him to hate me for taking a cheesy list =(
Anyway considering his list is kinda soft i thought i could afford some variability and flexibility for going up against the other players.
My friend asked me to ask you if there were any changes he could make to the WoC list to kick my but?
I usually take a magic and shooty heavy army against friendly games but in the tourney i want more options.
Thanks again, Zan

20-05-2010, 06:52
Just curious, are the two of you going to a hold no bar Tourny? I ask this question because despitle I like how the two of you try not to be too cheesy, a list like this in a tourny that doesn't cares about comp or balance will suffer badly. So I hope the tourny you two are going to is a good one with rules to restrict cheese or balance army players in general. I think both your list will be fun to play against each other though, I hope the two of you will have fun in the tourny.

20-05-2010, 08:20
Thanks chaosVC, nah its a 'friendly' tourney at my local club, couple doezen players, my only goal is to kick my friends WoC back to the cold dark north.
Any advice on either lists ? i have a serious tourney coming up in 3 weeks and some down and dirty destructive criticism (or should i say constructive) would be great.
Thanks, zan.

20-05-2010, 11:53
Take 3 Great Cannons and a Steam Tank...

20-05-2010, 17:15

To be honest, pretty much as before - except less offensive magic. Try Arch lector on Waltar (standard build, go look), warrior priest, maybe captain on peg/another warrior priest and a defensive lv1 wizard. Lots of handguns, maybe some flagellants (core), 2 great cannons + 2xpistoliers and 2 Stanks.

Basically, enemy walks up and gets shot to bits, slowed by pistoliers ideally. When they get there, they're faced with 4 unbreakable blocks before they can get to the squishy stuff.

Ways it falls down:

Stuff that can shoot better than you can. Rare, but irritating when it happens. Full gunline+DE and dwarf gunlines only need apply. At that stage rush across board with combat units and hope it goes well. Or hide and play for draw.
Vampire raise spam (not... enough.... bullets...!!!!)
DoC. Just... DoC (most types are a pain. Furies especially need to die quickly).
Skaven: Horde type (again, not enough bullets!). Also, they tend to come with a ton of magic...
Stupidly magic heavy armies. If it can punch through your defense, your units are very very vulnerable. Its no fun watching a steam tank go through 'working fine' to 'oh crap i can't move it' in a single Spirit of the Forge.

Things it batters:
Monstrous Lizardmen. Ish. Usually a nice matchup for you, but his magic may blast you apart before your shooting does him. Watching unbreakable/nigh on unbreakable tarpits grind is funny too (although don't use the flagellants. Will not go well).
WoC. As above. Less magic is irritating, but more things he bounces off.
Combat dwarfs (hehe)
Most combat armies to be honest. Unless they're stupidly fast or have lots of bodies (ideally both), things die.

20-05-2010, 17:16
Take 3 Great Cannons and a Steam Tank...

Haha! Good one.

@Zanzibar, honestly no, because everyone play style is different and their list are designed in a way each player would visualize how they employ their gaming tactics against possible oponents.

But I can only give some items advice to your WOC friend because I am more experience with WOC haha. Characters with collar of khorn and fury of the blood gods joining expensive units are the best magical body guards you can ever have.

For you Zanzibar, sometimes giving vonhostman speculam to a general is not such a bad idea, though do pray hard to the dice god that your cannons don't misfire so he doesn't have to use it. :p

21-05-2010, 03:35
Thanks fellas,
I'll post up my Tourney list in about 2.5 weeks
Regards, Zan