View Full Version : 2500 Vampire counts based on new rumours

19-05-2010, 11:02
I've got here a 2500 points Vampire Counts army based on points restrictions rumours (25% Lords and 25% Heroes included), where S7 no longer auto-destroys chariots and with scenarios in mind (units with standards capture objectives):

Vampire Lord (General of the army)
Dread Knight

Vampire Lord
Red Fury
Avatar of Death
Wristbands of Black Gold

Battle Standard Bearer
Walking Death
Dread Knight
Drakenhof Banner

20 Seleton Warriors, Full command, War Banner
20 Zombies, Standard Bearer, Musician
10 Crypt Ghouls
10 Crypt Ghouls
5 Dire Wilves
5 Dire Wolves
Corpse Cart, Balefire

3 Spirit Hosts
3 Spirit Hosts

4 Blood Knights, Full command, Flag of Blood Keep
Black Coach

I could switch Flag of Blood Keep for Standard of Strigos, but I still prefer additional protection - flaming attacks hurt a lot.

Any suggestions and ideas are most welcome!

20-05-2010, 00:19
I haven't been playing VC very long, but one of the rumors to consider is that you get only regon or ward save, not both. So maybe just take one or the other on the BSB and give the unit Strigos. Also, it seems to me that the Kastellan is more of a liability than he is worth. With anyone of the rank and file able to accept a challange to protect the characters, it seems like that would be a better option than having a unit champ that has to challange everyone. Their initiative isn't high enough to go first in front of most characters. Its just some thoughts, based on the current rumors. I built my list with 8th rumors in mind also, looking forward to the black box release so I can tweak it.

20-05-2010, 12:51
First of all thanks for the reply!

If you look at the special rules for Blood Knights, the first sentence of the Martial Honour states that if a unit with Blood Knights contains a character with equal or higher Ld than Kastellan, he is not obligated to place a challenge. So, we are safe there.

The idea behind two banners with saves is to protect that unit as much as possible. If anything ranged hits me, Flag of Blood Keep kicks in. In combat there is Drakenhof Banner to fix things. The reason I took both, not just Drakenhof, is that too many things in my surroundings have flaming attacks, so I want to reduce the risk. It may be too much for the total of 200 points, but I have to keep my unit protected as much as possible. And with the rumour on changed Frenzy (they don't have to charge if they pass Ld test), this unit may be the best cavalry unit in the game.

But you point stands, it may turn out that extra killing power serves me more than extra protection.

I thought a lot what to take as a second Rare choice and I wish to try Black Coach under new rules. I have a strange feeling it will be amazing, draining already depleted magic pool from the opponent. Remember, now the opponent will have to throw all his casting dice and remove the sixes. The Coach will grow even faster.