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19-05-2010, 13:41
This is my first attempt at putting together a HE list so I would really appreciate any advice and suggestions from the experienced players on these boards.

Iím aiming to have a list with a theme that is still effective and fun on the table rather than an out & out tournament list.

The features I want to maintain for this are:
Hero on a flying mount with the seafarer bow
Spearmen with a facing of 7 models
Some Seaguard

Heros: 488

1 Noble
Great Eagle, Bow of the Seafarer, Helm of Protection, Talisman of Protection, Dragon Amour, Lance, Shield.

1 Mage
Level 2, Annulian Crystal

Core: 794

28 Spearmen

28 Spearmen

20 Seaguard
Shields, Standard

Special: 416

6 Shadow Warriors

7 Dragon Princes

6 Swordmasters

Rare: 300

Repeater Bolt Thrower

Repeater Bolt Thrower

Great Eagle

Great Eagle

Total: 1998pts


19-05-2010, 13:52
It's a good overall list and no doubt effective. Personally, I would drop 1 block of spearmen to a smaller number (maybe down to half size), and use those free points to get 3 bolt throwers, and drop 1 great eagle. Get a few more swordmasters to beef them up a bit, and go down to only 5 dragon princes(6 at most, they become sort of hard to play around with cause of terrain after a bit)

19-05-2010, 14:49
Thanks mate,
Another RBT would be nice but I’m not sure if I have a third. (The aim of the game is to build the army from models I have kicking about from ages past)
Plus I’m trying to future proof to some extent, hence the 25% spent on the heroes and no more than 2 of a rare choice.
Your comment on the SMs confirms one of the doubts I had. I’ll see how many I have and will look to drop DPs and a GE to beef them up.
Hopefully this will allow me to keep all the spearmen as they are part of my painting concept.

Being such a noob, one of the main things I’m really struggling with is the load out on the characters.

I only have a very basic understanding of the Magic rules. I know one Lvl 2 mage won’t give me great magic but is it enough to make sure magic heavy lists don’t dominate me totally until the new edition hits?
Is the Crystal a good buy or would a couple of scroll be preferable?

With the Lord on Eagle I know I want the Bow but not sure about the rest of his equipment, any suggestions?