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19-05-2010, 21:21
How would you guys go about doing a multiplayer kill team game?

Im going to have anywhere between 5 to 8 people bring a 200pt kill team down to my place this weekend for beer, 40k and bbq. I have a nice 6x4 table (GW 2x2 sections), but Im struggling with how to get more than 5 people deployed in a consistent manner.

Should I:
- just divide people into 2 or 3 teams?
- if 6 people play, deploy anywhere on any one 2x2 section?
- ????
- profit!

19-05-2010, 21:29
Stage1: Either... Divide them into teams or hold a tornament.

Stage2: ???

Stage 3: Profit!!

19-05-2010, 21:57
Stage 1: drink copious amounts of beer and eat large amounts of dead animal

stage 2:????
stage 3: figure out a fair way to divide the table and have a last man standing free for all!!!!

19-05-2010, 22:50
Play necromunda instead.


Spend all your profit on new minis

Vlad Urkana
19-05-2010, 23:20
The BRB has some suggestions for multiple player games. i would suggest just following those such as only 2 sides in one CC and you can shoot into CC as long as you don't have any models involved and for each hit you roll to see which unit you hit.

For deployment if it is just 200 points each, then players should have room to deploy in a 12" x 12" zone along the edge of the different 2' x 2' sections. You could possibly even fit people into 8" x 8" deployment zones depending on the armies chosen.

20-05-2010, 01:16
Multiplayer Kill Teams game?

*takes an Eternal Warrior Doom of Malantai* hehehe

Logarithm Udgaur
20-05-2010, 08:42
If you have an even number of players, divide the board into even sections and deploy each player within one. If you have an odd number, do the previous, and the odd man out deep strikes in on their turn.