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20-05-2010, 18:40
hey guys, you may remember me with this list:

-Lords & Heros-
-LVL 4 Sorceress: D.Peg, Black staff, Pendant *400 pts (Lana The hand of oblivion)
-LVL 2 Sorceress: Tomb *150 Pts
-LVL 2 Sorceress: Cloak, Dispel Scroll *185 Pts

-5 Dark Riders: R. Crossbows, Musician *117 Pts
-5 Dark Riders: R. Crossbows, Musician *117 Pts
-5 Dark Riders: R. Crossbows, Musician *117 Pts
-12 Repeater crossbowman: Shields, Musician *137 Pts

-9 Shades: Great weps *162 Pts
-5 Cold Ones: Musician *143 Pts
-18 Blackguard:Tower master w/ Crimson Death, Musician, and Hag banner *329 Pts

-War Hydra *175 Pts
-Reaper Bolt Thrower *100 Pts
-Reaper Bolt Thrower *100 Pts

Power Dice (W/O PoD):11
Dispel Dice: 6
35 Models on Field
2232 Pts

but a few of my friends are complaining about my magic heavy list (i know there babies) so because there friendly games anyways i have mixed it up (we peroxied a few games, and i decimated them taking minimal losses)

so as more of a fun list this is what im thinking:

400 pts (Lana The hand of oblivion)
-LVL 4 Sorceress: D.Peg, Black staff, Pendant

132 Pts
- Master: Heart seeker, blood Armour, Shield

134 Pts
-Master: Chillblade, Heavy armour

180 Pts
- Lvl 2 sorceress: Tomb, seal of ghorond

146 Pts
-Assasin: +1 Hand Wep, Rune of Khain, Manbane

117 pts
-5 Dark Riders: Crossbows, Musician

165 pts
-14 Corsairs: Musician, standard, Reaver

110 Pts
-11 Repeater crossbowman: Shields, Musician

200 Pts
-5 cold one knights: Musician, Dred Knight, banner of murder

277 Pts
-14 Blackguard: Tower master w/ Crimson Death, Musician, and Hag banner

108 Pts
-5 Shades: Great weps

175 Pts
-War Hydra

100 pts
- 1 Bolt Thrower

the thing that irritates me tho, is the guy that mainly complains is a WoC player saying my H2H is really good and i should use that VS him, and i laugh saying mine cant stand toe to toe with his warriors, id be stupid to take all the ranged and magic out of my list, seeing that magic is the DE biggest advantage

21-05-2010, 01:05
On the first list...

Not sure what you mean by giving the first level 2 'Tomb'. Looking at the points, I'm assuming you mean the Tome of Furion, to give her an extra spell? I'd also then give her either a scroll, or Lifetaker. Both of those level 2's would be better off on dark steeds. And the level 4 would be better with the Focus Familiar and a couple of power stones. You've already got enough direct firepower and power dice without needing to expose your general.

You don't really need those xbows as you've already filled out your core and you could instead take more shades, which would be a better option.

I find shades tend to work best in units of 6-8, any less and they can't really throw out enough firepower (unless you just want them as an assassin delivery system), and more and you'll start to struggle to fit them into smaller bits of terrain.

The Cold Ones don't really need a musician, but a standard bearer with the +D3 combat res on the charge banner is a nice touch. Not really necessary though, you can run them vanilla and be none the worse off.

The Black Guard don't need to be so many, and a musician is IMO a waste of points. A unit this size will just attract a bucket-load of shooting, and will have to either hide (in which case you've got a lot of points wasted) or risk taking a lot of damage. A smaller unit, maybe 12-14, will work just as well as well as giving you more points to provide more chariots. If you want to make the unit better, put a BSb in there with the ASF banner, and give the unit the armour-piercing banner.

A Cold One chariot is always good, at 100pts these things are awesome. They also provide a great counter charge to the BG anvil.

Pretty good tournament list overall, if you want to make it nastier go with no Knights or BG and 4 units of shades, with rending star assassins in them. But, that list requires about as much tactical acumen as my left foot has, and you'll aslo rapidly run out of people to play against.

I'd also be careful before you peroxide any more armies... people may start to take offence, especially if they've painted their models. Bleach is not friendly, so I hear. :)

On the second list...

Neither of the masters really serves a purpose. If you want the BG block make one an ASF BSB, and give them Banner of Murder to the unit standard bearer (the Knights could take the Standard of Slaughter. Then put another Master in there with the Ring of Darkness. Again, the BG don't need a musician.

The corsairs are lovely models, but they're just not as competative as a spear block would be. When I take them, I run a unit of ten with a musician and repeater handbows, and use them to screen my BG.

There's no need for that 11th xbowelf.

The shade unit is a little small. Try 6-8.

RBTs really need to be fielded in pairs to present a solid threat. One can usually not cover the whole table, and a dragon or Great Daemon won't be scared of just one.

I prefer the Rending Star/Manbane assassin to the fighty ones.

The BG can easily go toe-to-toe with his Warriors (I did it at a tournament recently, even with the Rapturous Standard and an Insane Courage to hold his ogres who were also engaged), less sure about the Chosen as I've never had that come up in a game. And there's no harm playing to your strengths, but if you start tailorig your list just to beat his you'll soon lose an opponent. I wouldn't be so sure about magic being the best part of the DE book, I'd say the shooting phase and the combat can be more brutal as the magic can easily not pay off that well.

21-05-2010, 04:16
thx for the advice

what i meant by i peroxied games, as right now i have most of this list, the only thing i have peroxied was a war hydra, RBT, and BG because i dont have them yet)

21-05-2010, 06:00
I knew what you meant, but I just found the spelling amusing- the word you're after is proxied.

Peroxide (which your word looks more like), on the other hand, is a chemical used to bleach hair. I was just making a joke, obviously I missed the mark :(

21-05-2010, 18:38
lol, no your fine, im just stupid;)