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21-02-2006, 02:54
Please let me know what y'all think of this list. The plan is the dragon flank/rears things, the chariots double charge, the hydras double charge, and the cold one knights just kill whatever they want.

I realize I am putting a lot of points into the cold one knight unit that could go stupid, but with the hydra banner than can take almost any unit from the front. Yes they can go stupid at the wrong time, but I am playing dark elves! I have included the soul shadow standard so that if they go stupid at the wrong time, I don't lose 500 points. I also included them because infantry blocks do not fit in with the list, and I do not think more LD8 chariots will be that useful.

Highborn on Dragon - Gauntlet of power, mudane armors, 5+ ward
lvl 1 - 2 scrolls
BSB on cold one (with knights) with hydra banner and lance

3x 5 dark riders with musicans

2x Chariots with spears
9 Cold one knights with FC and SSS banner
5 Harpies

2 Hydras

Mad Makz
21-02-2006, 05:40
If you are doing the Cold One thing, have you thought about taking that REALLY expensive banner that gives nearby units +1 combar resolution and makes the unit unbreakable?

Advantages: Your hyrdra's and Dragon get +1 Combat resolution if nearby (all good) plus you Cold Ones are Unbreakable (which incidentally makes them immune to psychology, which incidentally makes them not stupid!) Expensive, yes, but you already have two magic banners and a BSB, why not make it just one banner? Maybe you could then find the points to squeeze a Warbanner on the Cold Ones so they have +2 Combat res?

Plus, if your dragon lord JOINS (can be done) he becomes unbreakable as well.

I mean, if you are going to put all your eggs in one basket might as well make it a really hard, reliable, nasty basket. :)

21-02-2006, 05:52
While that is certainly an option there is one major problem. While the 150 point banner would give other units +1 combat res, most likely in such a list they will not benefit it from it. Also, I am trading 1 str6, 4 str5, and 5 str4 attacks that the hydra banner provides. That will undoubtedly provide more than 1 combat res for cheaper.

I will lose the unbreakable, but I most likely will be breaking the unit anyway.

Mad Makz
21-02-2006, 10:29
Yes, but with Stupidity you may never get the charge, which is highly costly.

And also, giving a dragon or Hyrda or a chariot plus one combat resolution is highly beneficial. Static combat resolution is the biggest bane to such units, improving it off the bat is quite effective.

Also, having an unbreakable unit makes your dragon and hydra's that much better. if they don't manage to kill your BSB, whatever unit they are, they will be toast in your next turn when you flank them. It means your Cold Ones can possibly take a charge, which they currently might have to. (Especially if they fail their stupidity test.)

23-02-2006, 02:47
Any other thoughts? More chariots maybe instead of hydras?