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21-05-2010, 00:59
So, I have absolutely no idea how to use daemons. I have been trying to figure them out for some time now. The lord and hero choices are easy, but I just don't know what core, special, and rare choices to pick. I have a 2500 point game vs dwarves coming up, and I would very much appreciate any tips. Thanks

21-05-2010, 02:49
I suggest bringing ample amout of furies, nurglings, whose flight move(furies) and scout ability(nurgling) helps quite much for dispatching warmachines. A big block of plaguebearers with herald seems to be the best core choice you can get. However, beware of dwarven warmachines particularly since most of them will have runes granting flaming attacks. Fiends of Slaneesh is a good rare choice, considering their decent attacks and astounding M10. Screamers also look good.

In any case, I suggest deploying multiple units of 'fast things'(furies, fiends, screamers, etc) against dwarfs.

21-05-2010, 15:56
I dont know much about deamons, but i can give you tips on beating dwarfs with some basic deamon types.

Key point is that Dwarfs are incredibly slow, with M3. You can avoid the Blocks unless you know you can win, and target all the war machines and shooting units.

1) Furies make exelent War machine killers, these guys are normally stubborn, but the fear causing solves that issue.

2) Dwarf bolt throwers, cannons and stone throwers are almost always flaming, bear this is mind if you take regen units.

3) An anvil of doom is going to cause havoc on your flyers, take it out quickly, its very expensive too!.

4) Hammerers with a Dwarf lord are immune to fear and terror, either hold them up, ignore them, or make sure you can kill them. (They normally have a 1+ save and a 4+ Ward.

5) Dwarfs are poor offensive fighters, with only 1 attack each. Go all out offensive.

21-05-2010, 16:16
I have used dwarves against deamons a few times and the only thing that didnt do too much for him was flamers. So would maybe avoid them. They play havoc with my elves but dwarf toughness and armour seems to help them a lot.
Apart from that i think it should be a good match up for you.
He had big blocks of bloodletters and deaomettes led be heralds and even although i had a large shooting phase( which did terrible) when he got to my army he just walked through iron breakers, longbeards the lot!
Oh and he used a bloodthirster and some hounds! Not nice!