View Full Version : Best 1000 point wood elf list ever?!

22-05-2010, 02:33
ok, I think I may be on to something here. This is an all comers list I made through trial and error. I figured the true test was posting it on here! sorry in advance for errors, im typing on my phone, computer broke...

Branchwrath lvl 1
netlings, radients

alter noble
hail o doom, helm of hunt, gw/lt armor/shield

10 glade guard

8 dryads

8 dancers

3 treekin

3 warhawks

so there it is. do I have too much faith in this or is it as good as I think it is?!

22-05-2010, 15:53
LOL what did you take out for the hawks? 5 g.riders?.....Doesnt matter I guess I am gonna smoosh you if you try this list. MUHAHAHA!!!

22-05-2010, 21:17
You need a treeman standard (lol), thats what i do. Putting down a t6 s6 w6 moster that can cause and artillery dice worth of S4 hits is wrong. I would drop the kin and either the dancers, the alter or the hawks for this. It just make you army nigh on unkillable in small games

also, bow of lorn is better than hail on an alter,m you get 4 shots every turn (max of 24 a game) or hail (max of 18 a game. OR MIN OF 3 SHOTS FOR 35 POINTS). To much of a reiability

24-05-2010, 19:32
I have to agree on thesheriff's point about the Bow of Lorn being better in small games. Taking out that one critical unit with Hail is not always that easy and having the ability to use your Bow every turn more then makes up for the loss of that one hit wonder item.
just my opinion but the list looks good. still 1000pts of Green Waaagh!!! will still stomp it but thats because Green is Da best.

24-05-2010, 20:59
Do Go rippin on wood elves, ther just as green as greenskins, but they use leaves and skirts!