View Full Version : toughness "5"and space wolves

22-05-2010, 06:23
Not sure if it was in the erratta (can't find it) but some characters in th space wolves 'dex can reroll hits against monstrous creatures, walkers, and models with a "toughness 5 or more"

when it comes to those with an adjusted toughness five, such as those on bikes or with the mark of nurgle, does this rerolling ability still apply?

somehow it dosen't seem like "RAI" to get rerolls against say, scout bikes

22-05-2010, 06:38
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22-05-2010, 09:12
Yes you do as they are T4 for the purpose of instant death only.

22-05-2010, 09:31
Specifically, Bikes add +1 to Toughness, a bonus that is only explicitly discounted for the purposes of working out instant death result. I guess Plague Marines have similar rules.

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