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21-02-2006, 08:15
I would like to start a new thread from a tactical point of view based on the following questions:
1. What is the strongest army you have used and using that army, against which army can you be assured of victory and which army tends to defeat you?
2. What tactics or general strategy do you employ when using that army?

Hope this thread generates lots of interest and helps those wishing to choose a new army

21-02-2006, 10:52
depending on what type of game you're playing, most armies can be selected to be extra powerful, if you're playing a tournament against unknown opponents/armies a much more general army must be taken, elements of magic, shooting and combat need to be considered, and in that arena, I feel the armies are more or less balanced (maybe ogres are a little underpowered)

If you know your opponent and his/her army, then you can usually pick an army specifically geared towards defeating them.

Against most undead, use lots of anti psychology stuff, as well as hard hitting and fast moving cavalry, magical defense is paramount, although shooting is rather ineffective against these armies as they are both numerous in number, do not panic and have the ability to restore casualties/wounds. I find chaos, Empire and dark elves tend to perform well against tomb kings and vampire counts.

Against most Elves, magical defense can be important, you can expect to be less maneuvrable than they are, but one on one, most non human armies are better fighters. Watch your flanks and expect the elves to gang up on units, defeat in detail is the strength of all elves. Deny them the opportunity to gang up like this, and you will find them much easier to beat. They are also quite vulnerable to concentrated missile fire (large units of dwarf thunderers or empire handgunners can make mincemeat of the best elf units) Although because of their high leadership, elves arent that vulnerable to panic.

Against Empire, expect two things, heavily armoured knights, and a flurry of black powder weapons unleashing volleys of nasty lead-based death your way. They can be nasty in the magic phase, the shooting phase and the combat phase, though rarely in all 3 at once. They tend to be the jack of all trades, although they probably are the master of none. Usually, I find they tend to castle a bit and shoot you up as you come to them, then when you march into range, they unleash their knights to finish you off. I find concentrating magic and shooting on the knights whilst getting into combat as quickly as possible with the less tough units like handgunners, spearmen and halberdiers tends to be a fairly effective tactic. Expect fairly heavy casualties from missile fire, and prepare to take lots of 'look out sir' rolls as cannonballs bounce around your general's ears. Avoid the volley gun as it can blow a huge hole in the middle of your army, and at short range there really aren't many things which will survive a volley.

Those are the main 3 armies I play against on a regular basis. I tend to win about as many as I lose with both my chaos and my dark elves, although my ogres often get hammered!

In a mini-tournament we played last year, my dark elves lost every game, whereas recently my dark elves won all their games in another tournament. So it really is all about the army selection, and a little bit of luck.

my 2 cents.