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22-05-2010, 11:20
Greetings fellow Generals and Warlords.

My buddies and I plan to do a three-way battle inspired by the classical Battle of La Maisontaal. Instead of Bretonnians, Skaven and Undead we feature Empire, Beastmen and Orcs&Goblins, and the abbey is instead a village in Ostermark.

All armies are worth 3000 points. The game will last 8 rounds and the player with the greatest unit strength within the village at the end of the battle will get an extra 500 victory points.

The Empire player will still have to use an all cavalry army (led by a Grand Master or General) except the Priest of Taal (i.e. Amber Wizard lvl 4), a unit of Free Company and a unit of Archers that are all within the ruined village (the wizard is for free but counts as a lord choice).

The Beastmen and the Orcs&Goblins must include a Shaman Lord, and I (as the Beastmen player) plan to use Malagor (and I am rather sure the O&G player will use a wyvern).

The Empire army enters the table in round one (about 18" from the village), the Orcs&Goblins are about 18" away from the village and the Beastmen are 6" away from the village.

So, do you guys have any helpful ideas what I (as the Beastmen player) should take to take on these two opponents?
I thought about using a Doombull as the second lord choice, but the realized that the Ld of 9 from a Beastlord is most probably a must have. A block of Bestigor to hold the center/village maybe, and Minotaurs and chariots for counter charges. I also planned to use a Giant and a Jabberslythe; the former against the Empire and the latter to harrass the flank of the Greenskins and threaten their war machines.

Any more advices regarding army composition and battle plan? Thanks a lot in advance.