View Full Version : Dilemma! Nurgle Sorceror on Horse or BSB on horse.

22-05-2010, 20:38
I'm playing in a 1999pt tournament, I have an all mounted WoC list with knights, dragon ogres, dogs, marauder horsemen and two disc sorcerors. I was thinking of either adding:

A: Nurgle Sorceror on Horse
B: Exatled Hero BSB with Warbanner, Horse, Shield, GW

Any advice would be helpful.

22-05-2010, 21:10
Hmm. Both are good, but I think I'd go for the Nurgle sorcerer. Mixing some Buboes in with your daily dose of Flickering Fire is pretty tasty.

The BSB can be strong, though I think less crucial in the all-cav army. If you're giving him a horse, give him a halberd instead of a great weapon. When mounted, they give the same strength bonus, but the halberd fights at initiative.

I love your sig, by the way.

23-05-2010, 07:10
I've decided to go with a Nurgle Sorceror on Horse.

I gave him Level 2, MoN, Steed, Enchanted Shield, Infernal Puppet, Third Eye of Tzeentch

Hes built more like my defensive wizard with the Puppet and Third Eye, while my two Tzeentch ones will be on discs doing the real blasting spells.

24-05-2010, 16:20
Tzeentch mages benefit more from third eye, +1 to cast sees to that.
Nurgle mages should be spamming buboes, give units regeneration or 3-dice the fifth spell.

The third, fourth and sixth spells are a bit situational but useful nonetheless,

Contrary to the lore of Tzeentch which basically comes down to Flickering Fire, Pandaemonium and Gateway.

Treason can be deadly, but my experience is that you will roll it against Vampire Counts, and get spell #2 against something like a swordmaster/white lion list.
Spell number 5, though theoretically a gamewinner (through creative use of baiting and stopping remain in play spells) has never really done that for me.

The ability to cast something like "unseen lurker" is good, even better when it is on +1 to cast.

25-05-2010, 13:47
When I saw the title I was going to suggest a Nurgle exalted bsb carrying the book of secrets and spell familiar as that would allow you to both have the cake and eat it but sadly it wasn't an option.

The book of secrets makes the exalted a wizard and under the mark rules the spell familiar would allow him to generate a spell from the nurgle lore. Perhaps a little cheesy but a very versatile character.