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22-05-2010, 23:32
I always wanted a Khorne Daemon Army maybe with a bit of Slaanesh in it or Tzeentch or both.

Flamers are too good, Fiends and Beasts are big chunky old metal models.

Bloodcrushers are getting a Plastic Kit... but sadly, the cost of the models in the game plus the fact that 8th edition basically makes this unit obsolete has me wondering if I'm judging too far ahead or if I'm right.

Bloodcrushers have 2 Wounds and a mere 4+ Armor 5+ Ward save.
The point cost of each model is twice the price of one Flesh Hound.

In 8th edition, they will meet Infantry that will be stubborn against them.
They would need, I believe a minimum of either 6 or 10 models to break ranks in flanks and rear.

For the heavy price of the unit, you get a support unit that can only deal with enemy support units and fears anything like a cannon or D3/D6 weapons (Catapults for one thing...).

So am I right in thinking that as far as usefulness goes - they are becoming Obsolete with 8th edition changes?
Would I be stuck going for the very much overpowered Flamers if the rumors become true? (March, Reform, and still be allowed to shoot)

23-05-2010, 01:56
They're monstrous cavalry, which means they get:

2 WS5 S6 I4 attacks
2 WS5 S5 I2 attacks
1 crush attack at S5 (probably, and striking last)

That is a lot of attacks per model. T4, 2W and 4+/5++ should protect them from most units, and they will kick the seven shades of c*** out of a lot of stuff. Bloodcrushers are very good (although suffer like other cav in 8th ed). If they weren't in the daemon list, they'd be exceptional. Like most cav, their job is no longer to front charge and run over (sigh... like that ever happened), but they become nice grinders. Enemy infantry won't stay stubborn for long!

But they are. As you pointed out, flesh hounds are half the price and still fairly vicious (although it is worth noting that they get hit even harder by the stepping up). Flamers still are the best unit going in the game (no 360 sight is a pain, but march and shoot is just plain irritating against them). However, as you don't have slots anymore... who knows, you may see more of them. Doubt it somehow - flamers still take up 450pts of a 2k army.

Wednesday Friday Addams
23-05-2010, 02:06
So they get the crush attack even though they only count as normal calvary?

23-05-2010, 02:11
They're on 50x50 bases, maybe that's all it takes to count as monstrous cavalry?
Without having actually read the book it's hard to say.

23-05-2010, 02:15
Would I be stuck going for the very much overpowered Flamers if the rumors become true? (March, Reform, and still be allowed to shoot)If you think a unit of 6 will be required, take a unit of 6. They will probably be as good as a bloodthirster in most situations and less vulnerable to cannons. I wouldn't worry too much. Your infantry will now be worth investing in, your khorne heavy army will now get decent magic protection without the need for a mage or horror units, you can probably afford one sub-optimal unit in your army. (Although those 6 will certainly be putting out a whole bunch of attacks on the charge if you form them up as a single rank.)

I'd try not to be too focussed on maximised units/lists whenever possible. You have to leave enough room in your lists for one cool looking/fun unit IMO.