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Spangley Special
21-02-2006, 13:17
The wind howlled outside on this stormy night.
Gabreil Turner slammed down the phone, he had just called the last of the Alpha team. He leaned back and looked around the STARS office, it was new, cold but modern, a mix of maps and posters covered most of the concrete walls. Gabriel contemplated the disturbing Radio messege they had received from racoon

(if you guys could write about your charcters receiving said call and coming to the LPD station, thus we get insight into your charcter)

Tanith Ghost
22-02-2006, 06:14
"Yuri. What? You want us all to report in? When? Da, Captain. I will be in as soon as possible." Yuri hung up. He hastily dressed to go out into the autumn night. Mild compared to back home, but enough to merit the greatcoat. Pausing only to holster his personal sidearm and clip his knife sheath to his belt, Yuri proceeded out the front door, and hastily walked the three blocks he lived from the Latham PD. He liked this part of town. It was a friendly american suburb. He knew a lot of the locals from the bar, one which had begun to carry vodka when he was instated in the STARS team.
Yuri deeply appreciated the gesture, and haunted the place on weekends.
"Good evening, comrade." He walked in the front doors, offering a greeting to the dek seargent as he headed for the STARS office. He walked in and saluted smartly. "STARS agent Yuri Dukosky, reporting as ordered sir."

23-02-2006, 03:48
Dernan hung up the phone and headed out the back his workroom. He shoved all his equipment into a sports bag and grabbed the keys for his car.

5 minutes later he was at the Latham PD. He flashed his I.D. to the officer on the desk then hurried through to the STARS office. He snapped a military salut to his CO, Gabriel Turner, "You rang sir."

Hippy In Peril
23-02-2006, 05:23
John hung up his bedside phone and rolled back into a comfortable position in bed. Crap... he though to himself. Kicking off his sheets, he got out of bed, and quickly made his bed, not really caring for lumps. He pulled his fatigue pants off the back of his chair, and put them on, clipping on his Sig P229 thigh holster when he finished. He pulled on a tight fitting black t-shirt, and picked up his duffle with his casual clothes.

He walked out of his small, one bedroom apartment, and turned on his work-issued cell phone as he went down the two flights of stairs to the parking lot. He hopped in his late 80's Bronco, and revved it up. His phone rang, he checked it. It was his girlfriend. Duty calls, baby, he thought, ignoring it as he pulled out and drove the three miles to his department.

He strode in, giving a weak, two fingered salute to the desk Sergeant, dropped his bag off at his desk, and made his way to his team leader's office. He snapped to attention and saluted. "Sir, Officer Callaway reporting as ordered, sir," he said.

Spangley Special
24-02-2006, 15:39
Bandon slammed the phone down still grogy from the binge the day before.
"Great i get to go on operation hungover" brandon thought to him self as he dragged himself out from his bed.
He threw on his fatigues grabbed his issue pistol, and stagged down the the appartment buildings only stairwell, making sure to not step on any of the broken bottles or needles.
"I hate this neighbourhood" Brandon muttered to him self.
He climbed on his Kawsaki Ninja and speed off toward LPD station.
Entering the station brandon gave the officer a quick nod before running upstairs to the STARS office.
After walking in after every one and giving Gabriel a quick half asrsed salute he sat down at the back off the briefing room.

Spangley Special
24-02-2006, 15:58
Gabriel frowned at Brandon.
"ok,i'll start the briefing" Gabriel said as he turned the projector on, it showed a map of nearby Racoon city.

"This is Racoon City... Aproximatly 3 hours ago we recieved a radio transmission from the RPD building, it was of a low quality and at times inaudiable, but it did detail an attack on the RPD building by what the radio operator called Cannables, other than that we have no details, we do however believe that it is linked tho the mysterious murders that have been plagueing Racoon in the past weeks. Honestly we have no idea what has happened so we are being sent in to Racoon by chopper, here is the plan.
First we fly to the RPD building where we first circle the building a few times then fast rope to the roof, we don't know what going on so we persume the worst. We then continue through the building in an attempt to establish what has happened....
Now get your kit and , MOVE OUT!"

God that sounded cheesy Gabriel thought to him self as he watched the team burst into action.

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Tanith Ghost
24-02-2006, 19:52
Yuri briefly considered uncasing the AK-47 displayed on the wall by his desk.
The reliability and stopping power were a comfort to have, even if it was overkill in a situation like this. He declined in favor of the glock. It had never let him down in the past. He respected the Department's handgun, but it was the glock that saw him through the cold war. Leaving most of the decoative medals in the case, Yuri retrived the ammo pouches he kept in the desk. No point going in unprepared. He felt sure the 200 glock rounds he had total would see him through this scrap.

"Bring rappel gear. And be ready for armed opposition. We do not know what numbers or equipment these canibal cult members posses. One RPG could foil our mission before it begins."

Five minutes later, Yuri was on the helipad, personal rappel gear in hand, gas mask kit hitched to his belt, along with his glock holster, ammo, and knife.
The wind did little to ruffle his greatcoat and even with his ushanka in folded dress position, he was not cold. The chopper engine was warming up, creating an even bigger gust on the helipad. Yuri paid it no mind. He was eager to get to grips with this so-called 'canibal' murderer cult.

Hippy In Peril
25-02-2006, 01:30
After quickly leaving the briefing room, John went to the locker rooms. He took off his short sleeved shirt, and replaced it with a long sleeved black shirt before putting on his tactical vest. He slammed his locker closed, and went to pick up the rest of his equipment. When he reached the gated room where they held all the SWAT and STARS firearms, he pressed his thumb on the electronic lock, and it opened with a buzz.

Inside, he found his Enfield L42A1 and stuffed 12 5-round stripper clips full of ammo for it into the pouches on his belt. He loaded two into the rifle, closed the bolt, and left the spent clips on the floor. He grabbed his knife, and slid it into his boot sheath, and put two smoke grenades into the pockets on his vest. Before he left, he grabbed a flashlight, a pair of handcuffs, and canteen, all of which he hooked to his belt.

He jogged out the door to the helipad where the chopper was waiting. He waited next to Yuri, rifle slung over his shoulder as he light up a fresh cigarette and pocketing his plain chrome zippo.

25-02-2006, 09:01
Dernan made his way quickly to the locker rooms. He quickly changed into his fatigues, pulling a standard flak vest over his head. He pulled his bandoleer and a box of shotgun shells out of the bag, with practiced easy he slotted five into his shotgun, another 10 went into the bandoleer. The remainder went into his small equipment pack with his rations. His belt was quickly loaded with his canteen and knife, while his grenades were clipped onto the bandoleer. His service pistol went its thigh holster.
Almost ready, just one stop left.
He jogged over to the armoury. Gaining entry he went to the shelf right up the back, and gently lifted down a block of C4. He placed it into his pack then ran up to the Helipad.

Spangley Special
25-02-2006, 10:51
Brandon followed John into the locker room, he slipped his tacticle vest on and attached his thigh combat holster then moved his Sig from the holster on the back of his belt to the combat holster. he then reached for his issue gas mask but decided against bringing it "cant stand that thing" brandon muttered to himself. He walked into the Armoury grabbed his M4 and clips, slotted them away in his tactical vest then grabbed his trusty roll of duct/gaffer tape on his way to the roof.

Spangley Special
25-02-2006, 10:55
Gabriel strolled up to the roof clad in his Olive Drab Fatigues M4 in hand, he looked at his team and a small smile broke out across his face.
"We gotta GO!" Gabriel yelled over the noice of the warming up huey.

The team climbed into the chopper and Scott the pilot looked back at the team and with a nod from gabriel and a roar from the turbine engine the copper lifetd off.

Spangley Special
25-02-2006, 10:57
Brandon took out his duct tape and taped his clips together he then taped the bottom of his pants to his boots. he then started to gaze ditantly out of the window.

Spangley Special
25-02-2006, 11:00
the copper started to pass over the Ackerlay mountains where the spenser estate used to be, the team looked down at the huge crater asthey passed over head Racoon was visiable in the distance, smoke billowed in huge plumes from the city, it dawned on the team that this situation was very serious indeed.

(the reason i post on mass is to keep characters and events seperate)

Hippy In Peril
25-02-2006, 19:04
"You know, if this mission turns out to be more urban combat then we thought, I'm gonna be SOL out here," John said, laughing as he patted the foregrip of his old rifle. "Ah whatever though, just give me some cover, some targets, a good beer, and I'll do what I need to do," he said, grinning as he puffed the last bit of cigarette and threw the butt out through the chopper's open door.

Let's just hope this proves to be easier than it looks...he thought as he saw the plumes of smoke rising from the city.

26-02-2006, 13:01
"Ah Crap!", muttered Dernan, as he gazed over towards Racoon city, "I shoulda bought more ammo." He sighed, thinking that he'd have to be pretty careful unless he found a stash in the city itself.

Tanith Ghost
26-02-2006, 18:21
"This is far more serious than first expected." Yuri remarked to no-one in particular. He now wished very much he'd brought the AK-47 with him.
No point worrying now though. The glock would have to suffice.
"Keep your eyes open for the precinct building. If it's under attack, we should intervene as soon as possible."

Spangley Special
28-02-2006, 10:20
The chopper flew twords the city flying low over the suburbs, the streets below were empty, apart from the odd burnt out old car.

Spangley Special
28-02-2006, 10:24
"We're out of radio range with Latham, there should be a more powerful radio at the prcinct!" scott the pilot called the the team behind him.

Spangley Special
28-02-2006, 10:28
The chopper Circled the RPD building a few times;
there was a large group of people crowding around the main entrance.
scott brought the chopper to a hover above the heli pad.

Spangley Special
28-02-2006, 10:34
"okay time to strut our stuff" brandon called out as he jumped from the choper, all the team were experienced at fast roping but not many people are as comfortable with it as brandon. Brandon hit the concrette and started to train his rifle around the roof, he could hear his team mates landing around him in quick succession

Tanith Ghost
02-03-2006, 02:15
Yuri was the second man out of the chopper. He hit ground and trained his glock on the stairs to ground level. "Dukosky here, roof secure. No sign of movement on ground level from here. Our comrades from the RPD should be inside. We should contanct them as soon as possible." Yuri moved to the door, motioning for his comrades to follow. The door opened easily. Yuri crept into the hall "Is anyone alive here? Any RPD personel, please respond! This is Officer Dukosky of the LPD. We are here to help! Please respond!" He shouted, training his weapon on the nearest door.

OOC//The door I'm going for is the one to the Chief's office.

02-03-2006, 11:44
Dernan quickly scanned the area around the roof, signalled an all clear, then followed Yuri through the door. I don't like this, if someone heli-dropped onto our roof we'd be all over them in 10 seconds, he thought. Aloud he said, "everyone stay alert, something's not right here."

Spangley Special
02-03-2006, 13:19
The Squad moved through the second floor of the RPD building, it was old and gothic not at all like the LPD building. it was silent not a soul to be seen, as the suad entered what apeared to be a waiting room a huge roar, followed by gunshots and shouting could be heard, through the next door.

Spangley Special
02-03-2006, 13:20
"Come on!" Brandon shouted as he kicked the door open and ran out onto a balcony over looking a huge hall, he looked down astonished by what he saw

Spangley Special
02-03-2006, 13:26
Below there was a group of about 10 Rpd officers and civys including one rather formally dressed orirental woman and a rough looking young man weilding a pair of single action army pistols fighting off what must be the cannible cult (around twenty gore covered figures) another group of about 6 or 7 cizys were cowering behind the huge reception desk

02-03-2006, 13:54
Keeley fired another round into the cultists chest sending him spinning to the floor. He fired the pistol in his left hand the shot taking a chunk out of another cultists head "That was lucky.." The cultists however just kept coming. "Where are the *********** law when you really need them!" He turned around to see that only a woman in a red dress had tried to help him hold off the horde, the others were just hanging back behind them. Then he emptied his pistols into the chest and abdomin of another cultist and turned around to reload his pistols "Any of you mother ****ers gonna help us or you just gonna watch us save your carcasses?" He turned back to face the cultists slamming the speed loader into his pistol.

Tanith Ghost
02-03-2006, 17:16
"Quickly, call our bird back!" Yuri said to the nearest officer. "We can get these civilians out by air!" He hit the release for the emergency ladder. He took aim with his glock. Rules of engagement be damned. This was un-natural.
The head of a creature kicked back, a gaping hole in the head. The gore covered man fell over flat and went still. He speed-dropped down the ladder.
"Latham PD, Officer Yuri Dukosky. We are here to aid you, comrades." He explained to the nearest RPD officer as he took aim and dropped a second zombie with a pair of shots to the head.

Yuri turned to the civilians not fighting. "Up the ladder! Go! Now!" He shouted at them. "Help them up! We need to get them out of here quickly!" He added to those still up on the balcony. "Get back to the firing line Yankee! You want to be crossfire casualty?" He said to the man with two pistols.

OOC//the last line was at Nikolai7's character.

02-03-2006, 22:55
Dernan saw the guy get a chunk blown out of his head, and keep on coming. "Oh you have got to be crapping all over me," he muttered. He took aim with his shotty and blew a gaping hole into the things stomach. Now it went down.
Over the radio he said, "LPD bird 1, you still out there?"
"Just about to leave."
"Well hold there, we're sending some civvies for evac. Get them back to LPD, refuel and wait for us to call."
He reached down the ladder to help the first of the civiliians up, "get up to the roof, there's a chopper waiting for you."

Hippy In Peril
02-03-2006, 23:01
John was the last out of the chopper, and after a quick scan with his rifle he took off down the stairwell, slinging his rifle across his back. He drew his Sig as he jogged down the halls, meeting up with the rest of his team.

He fired off a pair of shots into the face of a cultist coming towards him and Dernan, and helped him lift a survivor onto the ladder. "How long until the chopper can get back?" he shouted over the roar of gunshots and screams.

Spangley Special
03-03-2006, 15:03
"i've just set the whily bird down, you guys get here quicktime!" scots voice could be heard over the radio.

Both Gabriel and Brandon opened fire in unison fireing short bursts, put cannable after cannable down.

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Spangley Special
03-03-2006, 16:37
"Ok Yuri and john, take these civy's to the chopper and tell scott to take 'em back to Latham PD!" Gabriel shouted to his team mates

Yuri and john escorted the civvy's through the secound floor and out on to the HeliPad but were shocked by what they saw.

The chopper was ripped open, with huge gouges covering the fusilage(sp?). Scotts body was ripped literally limb from limb, and the control panel was damged beond repair (surpise, surpise)

Yuri and John could hear a quiete hiss from somewhere around them but the source was a mystery

Tanith Ghost
03-03-2006, 20:38
Yuri swore in russian. "Now how will we get these people out? Get back inside! Go!" He said the civilians, hustling them back inside the precinct.
"Whatever did this is not far. Scott did not even have time to yell a warning.
We are no match for it armed as we are. We should bar the door and retreat."

Hippy In Peril
03-03-2006, 23:02
"Sweet Jesus," John said, holstering his pistol and unslinging his Enfield. He cambered a round, and held it at the ready, panning it back and forth while slowly stepping back with Yuri into the stairwell. Once inside, he kicked the door closed and closed the deadbolts.

"Find something to bar the door, I'll hold it from here."

Tanith Ghost
04-03-2006, 06:53
"Da. Simple locks won't suffice this time." Yuri said, offering John a crowbar to wedge in the door handle. "This door is steel, but so was our helicopter."
He said, edging a metal shelf structure into place over the door.
"You people should return to the main hall. Stay up on the balcony with the LPD personel." He said to the civilians, in a no-nonsense tone. When they were out of earshot, Yuri surveyed the hallway, trying to recall where the building STARS office was situated. "I do not like the looks of this, comrade.
We are effectively trapped here until we can contanct Latham for support.
The muslim rebels used this tactic on us in Afghanistan. Why simply stop all re-enfocements when you can let them in and strand them? We should find the STARS office. Captain Wesker will know what to do. Barring that, one of the Raccon STARS agents should be there. Redfeild or Burton, with any luck."
Yuri holstered his glock. "We should also be prepared for the worst. From what
I've seen so far, this crisis makes Chernobly look like picnic."

07-03-2006, 13:15
Keeley had fallen back with the policemen, he had gotten half way up the stair well when the people with him were forced back down. he tried to find the Russian guy but there were too many poeple. So he got out his pistols and reloaded them put the safeties on and than started spinning them on his fingers and holstering them.. he wouldn't need them now the law was here.

Spangley Special
07-03-2006, 15:58
The Surviours gathered in the main entrance hall....

"whats the situation excatly" Gabriels voice was stern as he spoke to the few RPD police officers in the group

"erm? well, they attacked us two days ago.. all the commanding officers are dead... except the Cheif.. but he's been acting really weird recently and hasn't been seen since yesterday.....and these cannibles i don't think that they're jus cannibles... it like... its like... they're zombies!?! like from the movies! i know it sound stupid but its the truth. Also the equipment has been scattered around the precinct, its not all in the armoury, there should be some equipment at the STARS office on the second floor there should be a radio there too, but ressistence between here and there is huge."

"what about STARS? are they still around?"

"No... they left town after the incident at the spencer estate.

"****. OK STARS we're going to the RPD STARS office!, John stay here and help look after the civvys, after all this is the only room big enough for your rifle to be effective."

The STARS team (minus John) left the entrance hall through a set of double doors on the west wall.They entered a large waiting room with a huge chest in the corner.... Four "Zombies" were staggering towards the team.

Hippy In Peril
07-03-2006, 19:32
"Sure thing, sir," John said. He gathered the civilians up in a tight group in the center of the room. "Everything's going to be alright folks, just sit tight. We have it from here," he said, tipping his white cowboy hat to the group. He watched as the rest of his team filed through the set of double doors into the adjacent waiting room.

Seeing the zombies, he quickly dropped to a knee, and took precise aim. He pulled the trigger, and with a little kick, fired off a 7.62 round into the nose of a shambling zombie. He chambered a new round and let the rest of his team handle the situation in the next room. He stood, and held his rifle at the ready, walking slowly around the group of survivors, watching doors and windows for any signs of movement.

08-03-2006, 10:49
Dernan saw the head of the creature he'd been aiming for explode spectacularly, and the body slumped to the ground. Before it even hit he had another in lined up, a burst from the shotgun removed a large portion of its chest.
"What's with these things?" He wasn't sure they were actually people anymore, "their skin looks like it's dead."

Spangley Special
08-03-2006, 14:01
Brandon opened fire with his M4, he fired a quick burst, 3 in the chest followed by two in the head of the closest "zombie".

Gabriel fired a single round at another shambling "zombie". it pieced the zombies skull, it slumped to the floor.

One final zombie shambled towards the team, his skin pale and torn.

Tanith Ghost
08-03-2006, 20:03
Yuri took aim, and fired. Two rounds impacted the torso to little effect.A third and fouth only made the wound worse, but the zombie wasn't stopping.
The rest of the clip hit various places, finaly separating the hea by virtue of two neck shots. The headless corpse fell over.

"It's not enough just to kill any intruders." Yuri said, examining the body. "If these got in, more could follow. We need to find a way to break out of the precinct and get out of the city."

Spangley Special
10-03-2006, 10:35
Agreed, but first we must try the radio in the STARS office... get some back up or an evac

The group moved through the door at the far end of the room.
They entered a long corridor in the shapeof an L.. their feet thumped against the green marble floor, moon light flooded in through the cracks of the boarded windows, a pool of blood glistened, some thing hissed and fell from the ceiling just ten feet away. It was a monstrosity, like a man on all fours.. but inside out and with huge claws... then another fell from the ceiling this one 15 feet away.. the team was shocked by what they saw.

"what the ******?!" brandon exclaimed.

Tanith Ghost
10-03-2006, 20:22
"Bozshe moi...." Yuri said, disgusted and horrified by what he saw. Only the creature nearest hi scutling forward broke him from his trance. The glock barked though an entire clip, but only threw the beast onto it's back. Like some un-natural pill bug, it righted itself, hissing menacingly. "Shoot! Shoot them!" Yuri roared, slamming a fresh clip into the glock, and firing again.
Looks like some kind of lizard....Sweet motherland what I'd give for my AK right now...fire, Yankees, FIRE!

10-03-2006, 23:59
"Oh S**t!!!" Dernan muttered, "What the hell is that!?" He bought his shotgun up to his shoulder, took careful aim at what he thought was the head.
So long you little b***h!

OOC/ not sure what it takes to kill one of these things

Tanith Ghost
12-03-2006, 08:13
Yuri nearly cheered when the creature's jelly like brains were pasted across the wall, and the lizard like beast spasmed it's last. "Good shooting comrade!"
He managed to say over the ruckus, readjusting his aim for the second creature's head. He got off two shots before it hit him, knocking him flat.
"Sweet motherland get it off me!" He roared, firing his glock point blank. Suddenly, the beast was gone in a spray of blood. "Thank you, comrade."
Yuri said, still breathing hard.

OOC//Anybody want a free save?

12-03-2006, 08:59
The beast slammed into Yuri, knocking him to the ground and trying to maul him. Dernan didn't even have time to think, he went on auto pilot.
He placed the barrel of his shotgun next to its head and gently squeezed the trigger. The head exploded into a fine mist. The body took a moment to realise it was properly dead, then staggered back and collapsed to the floor.
Yuri struggled to his feet, "thank you comrade."
"Any time. You ok?" Dernan asked as he popped 5 fresh shells into the now empty shotgun.

OOC/Yeah I'll take that :D

Spangley Special
13-03-2006, 15:36
"I dont know what they are... but i'm glad their dead. Good Work." Gabriel said before moving on.

the team moved on through a maze of narrow corridors untill the came out into a hallway, white marble tiles covered the wall and a large set of wodden stairs, was to the teams left.

the sound of choppers could be heard softly in the distance, slowly approaching. Suddenly gun shots could be heard from up the stairs.

"What was that? come on lets go" Brandon called as he jogged towards the stairs

OCC/ and marrine, dont worry about i was gonna have it a bit harder but no worries. Also sorry its still moving slowly, i'm really busy at the mo.

Tanith Ghost
13-03-2006, 20:20
"We get out of here alive, I'll buy you a drink at the bar next to the station back home." Yuri said to Dernan. "Their Vodka is as good as Soviet issue."

When the gunfire started, Yuri loaded a fresh clip. "Other survivors. We should get to them as quickly as possible. I'll take point." Yuri took the stairs at a run, racing for the gunfire and hoping he would not be too late.
"Hang on comrades, help is on the way!" He said as he neared the source of the noise.

Spangley Special
14-03-2006, 10:18
As Yuri and Brandon reached the top of the stairs they could sea figure dressed entirely in grey and wearing an advanced gasmask at the end of a hallway. He fired short bursts into a group of five zombies from his smg before running through the far door, oblivious to the STARS team

Tanith Ghost
15-03-2006, 22:03
"Dispose of these monsters quickly. There may be more survivors." Yuri said, taking aim at the zombies and opening fire. Yuri went over known special forces in his mind, trying to recall his KGB training. They're not SEALS, DELTA, SAS, or SPETZNAZ....Not CIA either...Who could they be with?

Spangley Special
21-03-2006, 10:10
The sound of choppers grew louder.... more gun shots could be heard from the rooms beyond the far door.

OCC/ this seems to be dying, probably due in part to the fact that i have to fit posts around my lectures.

Tanith Ghost
21-03-2006, 18:12
ooc//I know the layout of the area or resident evil three, and outbreak.
There are several ways for us to get out of racoon with out charges.

Yuri downed the last of the monsters on the helipad. He made for the gunshots, kicking open the door. "Latham STARS, we're here to help you!"
He said to the masked man. "If you arrived by chopper, we have civilians in need of extraction."

Spangley Special
22-03-2006, 13:16
The Masked man stared at the STARS unit silent apart from the heavy breathing through his respirator. A large markless chopper came to a hover over head. the masked man opened fire on the STARS team who dived iside for cover, he graped a rope from the chopper and was gone.

Tanith Ghost
22-03-2006, 19:01
OOC//Anyone ever see the intro movie to starcraft broodwar? :p

Yuri watched in disbeleif as the unmarked chopper lifted away and turned south to leave. "Umbrella..." He said it like a curse word. Their own chopper was wrecked. The gunman's chopper paid them no heed. There would be no rescue by air for them. "Maybe we can get out and go north. We need to get out of here soon though. I don't know what your government does for situations like this, but in Russia, this city would be destroyed to contain the incident."

OOC//What day is it in game?

22-03-2006, 22:50
Dernan dived to the side as the masked man fired. Rolling into a crouch he brought his own weapon to bear, but his return shots went wide.
"Son of a B***h." He muttered, "he coulda taken all the civilians in the station with that thing."
"Maybe we can get out and go north," Yuri proposed. "We need to get out of here soon though. I don't know what your government does for situations like this, but in Russia, this city would be destroyed to contain the incident."
"Yeah, but if we try to go on foot those things are gonna wear us down. If we try to find a transport it needs to be big enough for any civvies we find too." Dernan sighed softly, "I hate it when a mission goes balls up."

OOC/ not broodwar no, seen the original though.... "I love you sarge...." :skull:
the day is today :p

Tanith Ghost
23-03-2006, 19:05
OOC//I mean in the storyline.:p We can break out with the rest of the RPD(Desperate times, Outbreak file #2). From there we have a few options on what we can do, several of which involve air escape, with the others involving escape in ground vehicle. It might be a good idea to wrap this up before it dies.

"Now what? We still have over a dozen civilians in tow and the half dozen men
we came in with, and no way to move them. We know the local STARS unit is gone, we have had no word from the Cheif of this precinct. If we break out on foot now, at least me might get some of the civilians to safetey before we are overwhelmed."

Yuri was half complaining, half thinking out loud. Then he had an idea."Dernan, help me salvage this radio." He indicated the one in the helicopter. The controls were a complete loss, but thankfully the radio was intact. "If we put the parts for our radio into the one here, we can call Latham for another bird."

Spangley Special
24-03-2006, 13:52
OCC// this only really take the ps one games into account, and its set slightly before resi evil 2, hence we just saw hunk being extracted\\

Well, theres no need to worry about the governments actions, not even Latham know what happening at the moment"

Gabriel was interupted by a call over their short range radios, "This is Callaway to Alpha team, you have a contact coming your way. Danger is high, so give him hell boys." johns voice was clearly shaken.

Just then a huge roar came echoing from within the building.

26-03-2006, 11:52
Just then a huge roar came echoing from within the building.

"You have got to be kidding me..." Dernan moaned.
He turned to Gabriel, "you know boss, once. Just once. I'd like to get a normal assignment. One where we don't have to kill Frankensteins offspring."
He shook his head mournfully as he cocked his shotgun. "Maybe next time eh?"
He racked the slide, "lock and load ladies. The S**t has hit the fan."

OOC/ I was gonna go yippie kay ay, but thought it was a bit of a rip off. lol

Spangley Special
27-03-2006, 12:13
Just as Dernan fished talking the door to the helipad was thrown five feet from its hinges, as a huge and deformed man came stumbling out roaring as he went, obviously unfazed by the numerous bullet wounds on its chest. An enormous bloodshot eye peered about from the monstrocity's shoulder. It leapt at the team...

"****!" brandon exclaimed as he jumped from the creature's way.

OCC// yes its birkin\\

27-03-2006, 12:32
"****!" brandon exclaimed as he jumped from the creature's way.
Dernan wasn't quite fast enough. He got off a single shot, which just clipped the creatures side, before it slammed into him. Dernan hit the deck hard, losing his shotgun as he fell. But years of training took over, he rolled as he hit the ground, drawing his sidearm even as he came to his feet.

Tanith Ghost
28-03-2006, 02:00
Yuri raised his glock and fired. There was no way this could be. How much lead could a livnig thing take and not die? He wasn't so shocked into action he didn't see the wounds inflicted before they opened fire. If it had left John alone, perhaps it could be made to retreat under a concetrated enough barrage of gunfire.

28-03-2006, 07:09
Dernan emptied his pistol into the creature, doing nothing to halt it's rampage. Ah crap, this is gonna hurt.
"Hey boss," he called to Gabriel. "Cover me."
He holstered the pistol and pulled out one of his grenades. Gabriel shouldered his carbine and started firing bursts into the beast, causing it to start howling, though whether in pain or anger was uncertain.
Dernan kissed the grenade once for luck then charged in at the mutated.... thing. He leaped onto its back and held on for dear life as it started thrashing about trying to dislodge him. He let go with one hand and slipped the grenade into a pocket on the beasts tattered clothing, but his momentarily weakened grip was all the creature needed to get a hold of Dernans arm and hurled him across the roof.
His flight was stopped short by a large air conditioning fan, which crumpled under the impact.
Dernan slammed into it and dropped to the ground, unmoving.

OOC/Yipee-ki-yay mu...[CENSORED]...rs

Spangley Special
28-03-2006, 09:30
Birkin started to stumble towards dernans unconcious body, wehn BOOM, the grenade went off. The majority of shrapenel was imbedded into birkins chest, he let out a ror then jumped from the building to the ground below.

The team survured the scene.
"**** gabriels hit" brandon shouted

Gabriel sat hunched up, shrapnel imbeded into his chest. he spat blood across the helipad.

"its no good, the sharpnel.... it punctured my lung." gabriel gasped/spluttered.

" ******, what do we do now!? we've got no medic! bandon muttered.

Continue as planned, head to the STARS Office, get John and the others to meet you there, call for EVAC.

"John get yo **** up to the STARS Ofiice on the 2nd floor and bring the survivors, we have a situation." brandon called across the short range radio.

28-03-2006, 11:37
Keeley heard the radio transmission, he looked at john "I'm sure the cops remaining down here can look after the remaining people right?" Then he leaned in close so the ther couldn't hear "I don't wanna be here with these guys any longer.. it might be your job to save them but I'm less inclined to save them. So what's say we leave these guys here are meet up with your team?"

Hippy In Peril
28-03-2006, 18:57
Brandons voice blurted out of the radio,
John get yo **** up to the STARS office on the second floor, and bring the survivors, we've got a situation."

"*****," John said. "Alright! Everyone with me to the S.T.A.R.S. office upstairs. Officers, I want the rest of you hold that room.There are four of you, so I'm sure you can handle one door," he said as he started to climb the nearby staircase.

Cautiously opening the door to the office, he trained his rifle around. "Clear!" he shouted as he motioned for the survivors to file in.

Spangley Special
29-03-2006, 13:43
The rest of the Team entered the STARS office, Brandon and Dernan were carrying the unconsious Gabriel while the others covered them.
They cleared a desk and lay gabriel on it.

Ok, Drenan see if you can get that radio working" bandon said motioning at the back of the room.

30-03-2006, 07:38
OOC/ Dernan isn't really in any condition to carry Gabriel, he was knocked unconcious.
But in the spirit of moving on....

IC: Dernan
Dernan slowly came back to conciousness. He could hear someone calling his name, but it came from a long way off. Then a searing pain ripped through his head. "DERNAN!!"
He jerked upright, and instantly regretted it. "Next time someone else goes head to head with the train." He mock glared at Brandon, "and no slaps to wake me up damn it."
Brandon chuckled quietly then pulled Dernan to his feet, "come on, Gabriel took some of that blast. We gotta get him some help fast."
Dernan nodded, pushing the pain aside. He helped Brandon carry Gabriel to the STARS office, putting him on a table.
"Ok, Dernan see if you can get that radio working."
He nodded and pulled the cover off the radio.

OOC/ how hard should this be to fix? if possible at all. Hope you don't mind me borrowing Brandon.

Tanith Ghost
30-03-2006, 07:58
"Bohze moi, do know you could have been killed Dernan? Still, good shooting comrade." Yuri fiddled with the radio parts for a bit. The american components were unfamiliar, but he was sure he could manage. "What I'd give for some good vodka right now..." He muttered, hoping that he'd not lost his touch since Afghanistan.

Spangley Special
30-03-2006, 11:45
OOC// my bad about Dernan, most my post are at college so they are some times kinda rushed, but good save. also i think this'll have to go on hiatus during the easter holidays (next week i think) also see the recuitment thead.\\

IC//Gabriel was drifting in and out of conciousness, the team had basic first aid training but there wasn't a dedicated medic recuited yet. They had patched him up as best they could.

Bandon paced up and down the office unsure of what to do.
"I'm next in line.... but yuri has far more experience..." Brandon Thought to himself.
"any suggestions people?!?" he called out to the rest of the team.

Tanith Ghost
30-03-2006, 17:11
"We must break out. We lack the supplies for a seige." Yuri said from the radio. "If this fails, and we cannot summon more air support, staying here will not help us, as we cannot possibly exterminate every monster in this city that is drawn to the precinct. If we attempt a breakout though, there is a chance we can obtain transport for our charges to get out of here." He paused for a second. "Be aware comrades, there is a good chance saving these people's lives will costs us our own."

31-03-2006, 06:36
"Be aware comrades, there is a good chance saving these people's lives will costs us our own," Yuri said.
Dernan sighed softly, "well that's why they pays us the big bucks. So that when we get done in our families can be wealthy." He looked around at the other members of the team, "I say we go straight through hell and out the other side. And if we can't get out, we take as many of these bastards down with us as possible."

31-03-2006, 08:10
Keeley fell into line with the other people from the precinct following john. He made sure his pistols were reloaded and then started playing with them. While spinning one of them around his finger he looked around at the other survivors. They all looked really scared. Do I look like that?

Spangley Special
31-03-2006, 11:01
" I agree but lets give the radio a chance, you guys have only been trying to fix it for a couple of minutes." Bandon replied to Yuri

OOC// remember the radio works in RE3

Tanith Ghost
03-04-2006, 04:09
"There. If this works, we can get a bird in here for extraction." Yuri said, finishing his work on the radio. "Latham dispatch, calling Latham dispatch, this is Agent Dukosky. Situation extremely bad. Our bird is down, and we have several casualties. Alpha team requires extraction. Send all remaining birds to RPD building. Have located a dozen survovors in the building, also in need of extraction."

Tanith Ghost
05-04-2006, 19:15
OOC//Edit your post to be IC once you get a character in the OC thread.
Somebody has to keep this alive.

Spangley Special
08-04-2006, 13:15
OOC//sorry dudes but like i said its kinda on hold till after easter cos my net access is limted (most my posts are done at college) and now that my course work is out of the way i can redouble my efforts

18-04-2006, 09:07
OOC/ don't you forget about us Spangley. I'm enjoying this game.


Spangley Special
18-04-2006, 13:55
Yuri was working on the radio as the rest of the team checked their equipment.
Gabriel's breathing was heavy and irratic

"Yes, i have it" yuri exclaimed.
The radio burst into a flurry of static. The Team's moral shot up.

Brandon ran over to the radio. and tuned into the LPD emergency frequencey.

"This is LPD what is the emergency." A young woman's voice rang out across the STARS office.

"yes, this is Brandon Glade, STARS Alpha team we need immediate emergency estraction, along with several civillians and a medical emergency from the RPD roof." brandon called down the radio

"Roger that, the Bravo team pilot and Alex will be dispatched in an empty chopper for your extraction." Alex was Bravo teams medic"

Brandon turned to the rest of the team.
"get your gear, round up the civillians and help Gabriel, we're heading to the roof!"

19-04-2006, 12:07
"Time to go ladies and gents, this party kinda sucks anyway." Dernan said.
He went over to help carry Gabriel up to the roof, "someone wanna give me a hand with Gabriel? He's a heavy bugger."

TAG: all

20-04-2006, 10:52
Keeley heard the conversation on the radio.. He checked his pistols. They were both loaded. He put them away and joined the crowd before hearing one of the S.T.A.R.S ask for help to carry someone. He decided that it was safer to be carrying him with the other STARS protecting him than the oehter way around. He walked over and helped the STARS team member.

Spangley Special
21-04-2006, 09:59
The group assembled on the roof, the wreckage of the alpha chopper was upsetting the dwindling group of civilians. The night was silent apart from the sound of distant moans being carried on the cold breeze.
Slowly the team started to hear the dull throbing of distant rotorblades.


"what was dat?" yuri asked.

"What are you talking about Yuri?" Brandon replied.


Suddernly the rest of the group heard it too, it was like a reptile only louder and deeper.

The team all became alert and took up defensive positions around the civillians.

22-04-2006, 05:52
"Oh crap, I don't like the sound of that," Dernan muttered as he gently lowered Gabriel to the ground and readied his shotgun.
He glanced at the other team members, "When the chopper gets here, civvies first, then Gabriel, then us. Whatever's coming at us we make it regret being born until everyone is on the chopper. And no one is allowed to die until the civvies are safe."

TAG: Team members.

Tanith Ghost
22-04-2006, 08:21
"One more rule, comrade- Veterans go last. I will not leave a man to die in this hellhole of a city." He trianed his glock left to right, searching for the hissing noise. "Of course if I die, I can't buy you drinks at the bar." He laughed. "I know a good bar on the same block as my apartment that stocks the finest Vodka you've ever tasted."

Hippy In Peril
23-04-2006, 00:55
John took a knee, facing the Southern stairwell to the roof. He unslung his rifle, and drew the bolt, chambering a round.

"You know Yuri, I ain't a big fan of that Russian stuff. I'm more of a whisky man," he joked, looking over at the large Russian with a grin on his face. He tensed up as he heard the hissing again. "Hot damn, what is that?"

23-04-2006, 11:35
"As long as it comes in Russian shot glasses my friend, not he pissy little half glass that they give you in most bars here."
His finger tightened on the trigger as the hissing intensified. "Just in case the devil has come for us, it's been a pleasure serving with you guys."

OOC/ ahh fatalism,; such a beautiful thing... :eyebrows:

What the hell are these things spangly?

Tanith Ghost
24-04-2006, 09:06
"Da. It's the only place in city to carry them. Real, full sized Soviet shots that put courage in your heart and holes in your liver." He chuckled. "Fret not, John. They also have, as you yankees say, 'authentic Jack Daniels hospitality.'
A delicious drink to be sure, but my preference is for my homeland."
"I've know many good soldiers, cops, and agents in my time, Dernan.
You STARS agents are by far them ost distinguised unit I've ever had the privledge of working with. If here is indeed where death claims us it has been an honor, comrades."

Spangley Special
24-04-2006, 12:53
The Team trained the guns around the roof top, their eyes strained as they tried to see the sorce of the hissing noice through the darkness.

The roof top appeared empty apart from the chopper wreckage.

Suddernly the team heard a dulled thud, followed in quick sucesion by two more.

Through the gloom they could just about make out three muscular humanoid figures, slowly approaching.

"This is the Police stay where you are or we will be forced to open fire!" Brandon called out.

The Team could see the moon light reflecting off their shoulders.
As the figures aproached the team could slowly see more and more details.

The Figures weren't human at all but reptilian, with huge claws in place of there hands.

The Reptiles burst into a run, hissing as they went.

"*****!" brandon exclaimed
"open fire" he shouted as his carbine erupted bucking in his grip.

OOC// gotta love hunters:rolleyes: and these guys are double hard by the way!

25-04-2006, 09:50
Keeley stayed with Gabriel the STARS member. just incase he needed to be moved.. He heard the hissing sound that had got the STARS members spooked. He wished he hadn't.. he crouched next to Gabriel in between him and the rest of the civilians.. if they got attacked he wasn't gonna single himself out as a target. Then he heard some of the STARS shouting. He looked in the direction they now aimed for. He saw the lizard creature thing.. and began tp tremble, he found his pistol was in his hand.. and wondered when he had drawn it. he aimed and fired at the creature hiting it in the chest. The creature was pulled to one side as the bullet struck it, it didn't go down however and he felt fear kick in and adrenaline shot through his body. He stood up and drew his other pistol.

25-04-2006, 15:16
Great, first some mutant freak, now some bloody big lizards. I need a normal job.
Dernan took careful aim on the first lizard, waiting till it was almost too close.
*BOOM!* the shotgun blast was true, slamming into the creatures chest and sending it tumbling back. Dernan quickly shifted his aim to the second beast, but the beast jerked sideways as someone elses shot slammed into it's side. And his shot went wide. Damn!
He shifted his aim to the third beast, but was distracted as his first target got back to it's feet with barely a scratch. "You have got to be sh*tting me," Dernan breathed. He'd never seen anything get up from a close range shotgun blast. He quickly fired again, this time clipping the leg. But the beast just kept on coming.
"Uh, boss. I think we have a problem."

OOC/ Who is the boss at the moment anyway? Yuri or Brandon? Or have we become a committee ;)

Spangley Special
26-04-2006, 10:56
OCC// its pretty much up for debate who is incharge, some animostity going could be a laugh. any whooo keep at it, i'm waiting for another post or two before more gm posts

Hippy In Peril
27-04-2006, 04:22
John quickly took aim on the beast Dernan shot, and put a round through its kneecap. The creature let out a yelp and fell to one knee. John rapidly drew his rifle's bolt and chambered a new round, which he put through the lizard's eye, pushing it to the ground, twitching.

"Brandon, Yuri, what the hell do we do about these things?!" he shouted as he chambered his second to last round from his first pair or clips.

27-04-2006, 14:48
"Brandon, Yuri, what the hell do we do about these things?!" John shouted.
"Keep shooting," Dernan yelled back, as he rolled a grenade towards the twitching beast. "Although a bit of cover couldn't hurt right now," he added as he jumped behind the same AC unit he'd crumpled before.

OOC?/ BOOM??? :evilgrin:

Tanith Ghost
28-04-2006, 09:30
"What do we do?" Yuri said it more as a reply than question. "We do what my father did at Stalingrad, and his father before him on the eastern front. We attack!" With that Yuri moved toward one of the hunters, firing off a full clip into the head and reloading, again emptying the clip at close range. The beast screamed as it fell, writhed madly for a few seconds, then lay still.

Spangley Special
28-04-2006, 11:33
Brandon followed yuri, his m4 pounding his shoulder as round after round burst forth from it barrel.

The secound Hunter fell backwards flailing from the barrage of fire.

Slowly the dull throb of distant rotor blades became apparent.

Spangley Special
19-05-2006, 12:27
OOC// ok sorry about the constant near death nature of this RP but if any one is still interested. any new guys wanna join nows your chance, PM me.

IC// Brandon turned to face the sorce of the noise and could see the siloute of a LPD huey aproaching.
"Get the Civvi's and Gabriel ready, the choppers gonna have to do two round trips, so you guys know what that means right? We're getting the last train home!" Brandon called out as the chopper aproached.

As the chopper came to a hover above the roof, Alex, bravo team's medic scaned the roof, her mp5 raised.
"Clear" she called back to the pilot who set the chopper down with a noticable lack of finess. Alex hopped out of the chopper and ran over to the team.
"where is Gabriel? she called out to any one who would answer.

21-05-2006, 01:20
"Where is gabriel?" the medic called as she jumped out of the chopper.
"Over here," Dernan called back, "he needs a real hospital really quick."
He helped the Alex carry Gabriel back to the chopper then turned to the waiting civillians.
"All right you lot." He shouted over the noise of the rotors. "Women and children first. If there's any space left we'll gett some of the elderly in too. Anyone who thinks they can handle a weapon without shooting himself, or one of us, ask the chopper crew if they brought any extra guns and ammo with them."

OOC/ Hope I'm not the only one who returns

23-05-2006, 09:31
Keeley looked at the chopper he knew he wouldnt get on the first one and it was only fair that the women and children went first.. he was no angel but he wouldnt be able to cope with guilt. He stood about and watched everyone move about going backwards and forwards. He wandered over to a pile of junk and sat down. He reloaded his pistols which he hadnt noticed were empty until that moment..

Hippy In Peril
24-05-2006, 04:51
John lowered his rifle as soon as the chopper had cleared the building. He slowly paced back and forth along the end of the roof that looked down on the main entrance. He'd occasionally stop and look over as a zombie or two would approach, most likely attracted by the helicopters and gunshots.

"Looks like we have a few comin' on in. Someone may want to check that stairwell every now and then," he said, looking over his shoulder at the rest of the team and civilians.

Spangley Special
26-05-2006, 10:44
Brandon and Yuri carried Gabriel onto the chopper and placed im along one of the benches.
"Dernan you cover the building entrance, John you watch that fire escape." Brandon called out.
He then helped Alex load the the few children and elderly on to the chopper along with a young pregnant woman.

"you ok?" Alex asked her tone. obviously concerned

OOC// the Rp is gonna be going kinda slow at the mo as new players are being recuited