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21-02-2006, 13:50
This is a contunuation of the original Thread that i posted on here around christmas. I have just started working on the second batch of terminators that i got from Jolly ol' saint nick. I have had a Crusader for a while and it needed to be redone so im making it for these assault termies. Tell me what you think. And Check my sig for the other terminators!

I started working on the Sgt but then the new BT shoulder pads and Storm shields came out from FW and i have been wipeing all the drool up since i Saw them. So im still desideing on weather to take the already painted shield off the sgt and put the new one on. Because the old one looks good now. WHat do you think? C&C apprecated



Inquisitor lorr
21-02-2006, 22:40
I think you should make use of the new forge world stuff,its pretty cool ,not that much either.And i don't exactly understand your question if you mean you like the current storm shield and don't know whether to swap it for the FW one jsut paint the FW then compare it

22-02-2006, 07:55
Yea i guess i could do that but i Havent bought the SS yet and i was just wondering if i should or not.

Inquisitor lorr
22-02-2006, 22:35
ohhh-i get you now,in my opinion,no your shield look cool and perfectly fine the FW ones are okay nothing special.You could just add a few purity seals and bits too yours but other than that they're fine and i'd stick with them.