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23-05-2010, 19:22
This is the first time I have take all mounted WoC so here goes.

Lvl 2 Sorceror, MoT, Disc, Bloodcurdling Roar, Skull of Katam-230pts

Lvl 2 Sorceror, MoT, Disc, Rod of Torment-205pts

Lvl 2 Sorceror, MoN, Horse, Collar of Khorne, Book of Secrets, Third Eye-231 pts

3x5 Warhounds -90pts

2x5 Marauder Horse, Flails, Musician, Light Armor- 86 pts each

5 Knights of Slaanesh, with full command and Banner of Wrath 310pts

5 Knights of Tzeentch, with full command and Blasted Standard 305pts

3x Dragon Ogres with Champion and GW's


So its a hard hitting heavy list, there is a far bit of shooting a turn in the magic/shooting phase from all the items and gifts. I find this helps thin out numbers before charges or kills charge redirectors quite well. The two tzeentch sorcerors fly around spamming lvl 1 missiles while mutuallying using Skull of Katam.

The dogs will die for the knights, the knights while expensive should be very durable to magic or shooting since the nurgle sorceror will go in the slaanesh knights give them MR2, while the tzeentch knights have 4+ ward to shooting.

The only thing I am not sure about is should I drop the hellcannon for some spawn instead as my flank protectors and water down the cost of the knights to buy maybe more units of dogs?

23-05-2010, 19:34
Whenever I see a Chaos list, I always advise on more dogs, although at the moment you have 3 units of heavy-hitters and 5 screening units (counting the Horsemen) so if you really can't find the points you should be ok. Upgrading the Horsemen with MoS is recommended, purely to avoid having them put to flight by an unlucky terror test or enabling them to charge something that causes fear without having to test.

If you are looking for a few free points then you can drop the Champions and Musicians from the Knights as in my experience they tend not to need them too much anyway. The same goes for the Drogre Champion.

As for the Hellcannon, that one is really up to you. On one hand if you stick it on the flank then nothing much is going to get past it, and (AFAIK) it can contest a table quarter for you, but on the other hand, with the rest of your army being extremely mobile you could find that the rest of your troops tie up the enemy early on leaving you with a lack of targets to shoot at.

23-05-2010, 22:29
I just bought a giant and some more dogs so I will be dumping the hellcannon and some champions

24-05-2010, 08:43
TBH hell cannon is the best choice for rare, given the shot is random, but it still something of a great concern for your oponents and will definately last longer than your giant. Also, at 205pts, its relatively cheaper and more cost effective then the giant. But note this, if you have a hell cannon, always bring along infernal puppet, especially when you have 3 sorcerers. While its great to have sorcerers on dics, pray you don't fight skaven or the storm banner will make you look really silly.

24-05-2010, 09:59
I agree, the hellcannon despite being slow is still great choice for a mounted list. I also agree about dropping the unit champions on the knights, they are a waste of points. Get the puppet for one of your sorcorers and if you still have points give the horsemen mos. Basicly do what the other posts said :P

24-05-2010, 16:33
I changed up my Nurgle Sorceror, to be

MoN, Steed, Power Familiar, Book of Secrets, Conjoined Homunculus. Between my three wizards I produce 10 power dice. Not bad for 1999pts. I plan on spamming 2x Third Eye of Tzeentchs, Buboes, Fireball (from book), and then the last three spells will have to be random unfortunately. Hopefully I get fleshy abundance or something like that.

My Nurgle Sorc will generate 4 powerdice, plus access to two in the pool. I just hope its not too many dice for what I can do.

I've seen giants turn against whole armies on several occassions and absolutely destroy them. I've also been on the recieving end of a giants jump up and down and get wrecked. So I'll give it a go.

24-05-2010, 16:42
one of my favorite tactics is to take units of marauder horsemen with MoK, flails and throwing axes. You let your warhounds go forward screening your knights, while your marauder horsemen flank and angle there rears to them. They have 360 LOS so start chucking axes at them without fear of having to charge. Usually if its an eggs in one basket unit they have to ignore them (ie temple gayrd with slaan and chakax) You then charge them with your knights and use a turn to full reform with frenzied horsmen with 11 st5 attacks and 10 st3 attacks from the horses.

25-05-2010, 20:45
[QUOTE11 st5 attacks and 10 st3 attacks from the horses.[/QUOTE]

horses in a frenzied unit also get the extra attack?!

25-05-2010, 21:49
Ruling states that what ever aplies to mount aplies to rider for psychology and bonus and negative modifyers. we hecked this becayse we wonderd if the warriors juggernaught was frenzied seeing as the daemons one is'nt

I mean, Chaos knights with MOK, 5 attacks a base, 26 a unit of 5.

and with the book of secrets on the sorcerer, why not take shadow and steed of shadows the hellcannon!

25-05-2010, 22:07
and with the book of secrets on the sorcerer, why not take shadow and steed of shadows the hellcannon!

Because the spell only works on US1 models.


26-05-2010, 03:51
Giants make good pin cushion for any lizards player