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24-05-2010, 12:58
We currently play:
1st) Always strikes first
2nd) Chargers (even if great weapons)
3rd) Highest initiative (without GW's)
4th) Great Weapons

Is this correct?

And if a mounted unit attacks, say rider is I5 and horse is I3. Do they go at the same time or would the rider go then the horse go later? Sometimes it seems like it takes a really long time for us to figure out who goes when, and lots of the time we are guessing!

Does charging provide any bonuses besides increased lance strength, and attacking first? That is all we give it at the moment:)

24-05-2010, 13:23
hmm i think i was confused because i read something about 8th edition and didn't realise that was a newer one then the current one:P

24-05-2010, 13:50
Initiative order is (currently) the tie breaker. This means that if you have two opposing models that are charging each other, or they both have the Always Strike First rule then the model with the highest Initiative value attacks first.

If both have the same Initiative value then you roll-off to determine which side of the combat goes first for this specific initiative bracket.

Having a great weapon never comes into account as far as the tie-breaker is concerned.


25-05-2010, 19:08
oh la la, how can two models be charging each other? Don't you only charge on your turn?

25-05-2010, 19:19
orc boyz charge chaos marauders and win combat handily. they pursue/overrun straight into some unengaged chaos warriors behind them (or into engaged chaos warriors that had already resolved their round of combat for that turn). on the chaos turn, they charge knights into the orc boyz which overran/pursued into the warriors. both the knights and the boyz count as charging. voila