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24-05-2010, 20:37
PLaying the other day vs some friends some doubts arrouse.

The unit was of 14 + slan


tipical formation, well the temple guard died slowly vs some trolls + Black orc chief till i was


This is 4 temple guard and a slan. The rules un the armybook say (on the Stegadon a skinks part) that as soon as and only when the second rank is bigger than the fron rank it shoould go front so i Argued the slan coul stay there until only 1 temple guard was allive


Buy they said that taking into account the BRB as soon as the fron rank loose models, the back ranks shouls go forward, so that as soon as only 4 out of 6 model on the fron are left the slan should go forward ocupying those 2 slot making it




So can someone tell me how is this done properly?

I mean, 3 cases

1)4 temple guard + Slan left
2)2 temple guard + slan left.
3)1 temple guard + Slan left

Thanks a lot

24-05-2010, 20:54

he is always in the second rank (LM pg 43) and he will only have to go in the first rank when he is wider than the front rank. (LM pg 41 and somewhere in the BRB)

24-05-2010, 20:58
the should only go front with 1 temple guard left right? because if there are 2 he is not wider he is the same

24-05-2010, 21:02
The Slann is always placed in the second rank of the unit (Lizardmen, p. 43). I guess the "always" part means that the unit eventually narrows down to being one model wide with the remaining Temple Guard stubbornly defending the Slann form harm.


25-05-2010, 06:20
yes kaintxu, I understand the question as to until when the slann may stay in the back - so number 2).

T10: pg. 41 of the lizzie book also covers slanns in TG units. therefore I would applicate that paragraph to the slann.

25-05-2010, 07:24
Yes, p. 41 does indeed describe how larger-base models are placed in units. It doesn't really address the OP's question: How is the unit arranged when the number of rank-and-file models dwindle to less than the initial unit width?

In this case the unit's width shrinks while the Slann is kept in the second rank. This is because the Slann is always kept in the second rank.

Ok, so it'll look a bit weird. But it's not unplayable.


25-05-2010, 07:26
always until only one TG is left. :)

25-05-2010, 10:16
always until only one TG is left. :)

The Slann only moves to the front rank if all the rank-and-file temple guard are dead. Of course, at this point he's the only model left in the unit.


25-05-2010, 11:07
it explitly says on pg 41 (also with references to the slann), that the BRB rule stating that 'the second rank may never bee wider than the first rank' is not overruled by the lizardmen armybook. the handling of pg 43 is explained on pg 41, thus the slann will go to the front as soon as only 1 TG is left.

25-05-2010, 11:21
The army book overrides the rule book in this instance.


25-05-2010, 13:20
besides the fact that the armybook explicitly tells you to applicate the rule from the BRB that the second rank may not be wider than the first.

on a sidenote: should that sentence of mine have some punctation? my german thinking brain says yes, my english lessions say no...

25-05-2010, 14:43
Now I wish I had the book with me for specifics but as I recall the mixed-unit size rule from the lizard book says the slann must move to the first rank as soon as the frontage of the unit is reduced below the starting width and there is room. Slann, standard and champion on the front rank is an (unfortunately) legal formation that's required as soon as the frontage drops enough that he needs to move forward. I thought the diagram example actually showed this. Am I imagining this?

Back to the OP question, I've always played it as 1) 4 temple guard + Slann left, at least since the new lizard book was released with it's revised mixed unit size rules.

25-05-2010, 16:22
grey, you're wrong. do you think T10 and I were not checking the rulebook/armybook before we started acting like baboons? :D

T10: in the end it doesn't matter around here anyways. conga lines are strictly prohibited. and 1 TG and 1 Slann build a conga line. :)

25-05-2010, 17:10
In the Guardians entry for Mage-Priests it says to refer to p41 for further clarifications. On p41 it states clearly that "a rear rank cannot be larger than the one in front."

Slann stays behind TG until there is only one, at which point he moves to join the one in the front rank.

26-05-2010, 05:21
my slann took out karl franz on a griffon once,, (well beat it in combat and ran it down).. the same with a chaos dragon,, anyone who doesnt want it in front rank is daft :D..

haha jk bout the daft comment im just flukey..

i've always played it as as soon as 1 is left then it moves to the front if that helps??

28-05-2010, 01:57
Ok, my play-friends are telling me than since it says somewhere in the BRB (i didnt find it) that you cannot change formation, and that back rows allways complete front rows, and you cannot make your front smaller if you have models to cover those spots, you have to move the slann forward as soon as only 4 TG are left if your original rank was 6.

I have argued this with the allways on 2nd rank, to which they responded, yes allways as long as he doesn´t have to come to the front because of shortage of TG

I have also said, that if you read pg 41, on the pictures squar, fig you, it says at the end of the 2nd parragraf that when there are 6 sking and 3 die the kroxigor comes forth due to the back beeing bigger then the front. they say its just an examen that, if 2 dies it would be same, I say, no it stated 3 for obvious resaons, so what do you guys say.

Anyone know where in the BGB it stated that it allways has to go to the front, and no formation changed allowed?