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25-05-2010, 16:01
So here it goes, I'm use to playing lizards they have been my army for years..

i orginally wrote a 2k army but thought i would build a 1k first then see what i need.

170 plague priest lvl 2 warp scroll

85 engineer lvl 1 warp condenser

225 30x clanrats spears and shield. rattling gun

220 20x storm vermin full com doom flayer

165 20x plague monks full com.

96 6x plague censors.

im a bit light what should i add?

26-05-2010, 03:38
Bump, no one have anything to say?

26-05-2010, 05:05
well for starters your magic defense is lacking as your only have 4 dispel dice and no scrolls but your list is very balanced no huge focus on one phase

id suggest a scroll atleast, also i usualy dont bring the monks without a furnce but thats just me

26-05-2010, 06:05
whoops yeah i wrote it originally with a scroll not sure why i didn't put it in. would love a plague furnacr but just not feasible at this level...

27-05-2010, 14:25
After much thought i decided to change it up a bit.

170 Plague priest warp scroll lvl 2

110 warlock engineer dispel scroll, warp condenser

225 30xclan rats full com. ratling gun

42 20x slaves musician

42 20x slaves musician

165 20x plague monks full com.

96 6x plague censors

150 doomwheel

that should be 1000 on the nose

28-05-2010, 01:11
If your Plague Priest is going with the censer bearers then give him a plague censer. If going in the monks unit then give him a flail. This guy is a beast on the charge with either a censer or normal flail, so I ALWAYS give mine one.

Also, I've never tried plague monks, but I've only ever seen them with a furnace, but hey, maybe they're great and I just don't know it. If you want to drop the monks then pick up another block of clanrats or two.

One more thing - Ratling guns = meh. Warpfire thrower & doomflayer is where it's at! :evilgrin:

28-05-2010, 02:21
yeah i love the idea behind doomflayers. especially no chance of blowing up. i will change to one when i have enough bits to put one together. right now my bits box is quite empty