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25-05-2010, 16:07

I've got my first game with the new beastmen this week.

It's 750 points, does anyone have any tips for smaller games, please?

Or tips for beastmen in general?

I've come up with a list below (partly as it is as it'll let me field my new Ungor Raiders and my old bestial harpies rediscovered in the bit box and reunited with their wings (apologies to my now wingless possessed marines))!

Help, criticism much appreciated. Please be aware I haven't played for some time. So, my apologies for any mistakes - I should also note I'm not really bothered how well I do as long as everyone has fun!

Gorebull w/ heavy armour and shield

2 * 5 warhounds

5 * 6 ungor raiders

7 * scouting harpies

3 * tuskgor chariots

Thanks L:)

25-05-2010, 16:40
This should probably be in the tactics section. I've played a few games with beastmen and I've tried to use mobility as best I could. Chaos Spawn to hold the flanks, ungor raiders to harass the enemy and then a block of gors as a heavy hitter. It worked out okay but I try to play every army like its wood elves and it doesn't always work. You list doesn't have have much in the way of high strength attacks so you should try your best to avoid anything you list can't take. You're likely to have leadership problems with that list and you're lacking anywhere to put your Gorebull.

Anyways live and learn and play around with the lists until you find something that works for you.

26-05-2010, 15:25
Apologies if I've made a boob.... It's been a while!

Can the Gorebull not join a warhound unit?

I guess I have picked a Wood Elf style list.

Are you better off with a block at low points values?

Thanks L

26-05-2010, 20:16
The Gorebull can join the unit of hounds, but the hounds will be easy combat res. Some people set it up so that the hounds all line up behind him but then you have a large flank. If you luck isn't great you won't break then enemy and then you'll be flank charged. A chariot and gorebull probably will break the enemy, but my luck doesn't run that way. Anyways the gorbull has frenzy and only pursues a D6. So just be wary of someone throwing away a unit to force you to charge, over-run and present an easy flank charge.

I like running a block and a hero level gor character. One more leadership always helps. Then try to harass with everything else and if they leaving an opening, I take it. The block can work okay, you just need to make use of your high movement and create openings.

Really you're just gonna have to play around and have fun.