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26-05-2010, 02:42
I have been trying to find the right army for me in Warhammer Fantasy, and I have had alot of failures. I tried a new tactic, I'm applying my play style in
40k to Fantasy (which is fearless swarms and strong characters I.E. Tyranids), and I found vampire counts to match that. Now, I don't know much about VC, I've read the army book a couple of times and read a few threads. What general set up would be best for a swarm heavy 2500pts VC list? (but no all-zombies list, I'm not looking to be too cheesy).

All suggestions are appretiated.

26-05-2010, 03:17
Big Units of ghouls or Spirit Hosts? Best wait til 8th and see how it pans out, as the rumoured changes will affect VC a lot.

26-05-2010, 03:28
I'm not a big VC player so don't know a great deal, i have found though skellies are the best i never put zombies in my list i just tend to raise them. while only they cost a few points i much rather spend it on something else.

skellies, grave guard, black knights form a basis for a good force.

26-05-2010, 18:41
VC have mostly supporting casters as heroes, and tyranids dont have THAT strong of characters... seems a little objective to me since you may/ may not be warping the perception of nids cause you want to play VC, though the never-breaking swarms of troops are pretty tyranid-like and you probly have enough experiance keeping ur synapse guys close by to work around the undead rule.

and to anyone whos does not personaly know me or AMC disregard this because i personaly know him and nearly exactly how his mind works, however ****ed up his mind may work

27-05-2010, 03:00
Thanks for the positive comments cam :rolleyes: I know I'm predictable as I'm still at a noob playing level, lol.
Anyway, what I meant was I like the idea of the heroes being essential in controling the rest of the army (I also love the models and fluff of VC too). I'm going with a mix of skellies and ghouls in my list, and a grave guard block or two. I think having 4 caster's to raise loads of dead is probly a good number. Any thoughts?

27-05-2010, 06:17
VC characters can be combat monsters, it's just that more people play them as casters than "assault". Ghouls are similar to hormagaunts, in that they are quick and have 2 attacks (which makes them my personal pick), one of your vamps with Ghoulkin (who doesn't have to be the general) gives them a free march move before the game starts (careful as this can put your vampire characters out of range of other units).

With your vamps, you can either go the casty route or the choppy route. Choppy is quite reliable, but VC infantry is inherently expensive for its ability, as a result of being reinforceable. So, to supplement this cost, many people go casty, and a combo of 100 point corpse cart and 450 point vampire can easily raise their points back in infantry in a single game. It's still relatively crappy infantry though.

Anyway, you can go choppy with your vampires. They are in no way going to be as scary as a tyrant, and you won't have anything as strong as a carnie, but a vamp with GW hits at S7/I1, or S5/I6 (or 7 for a Lord) with HW. I personally prefer dread knights (hvy cavalry bloodline trait) as it gives you the best of all worlds (high armor, strength, movement, sacrifices line of sight though, but so does being in a unit).

VCs definitely have three of the best "Death Stars" (uber units) in WHFB right now, in wraiths, blood knights, and grave guard/black knights. Wraiths are ethereal, which means you need magic to harm them. The rest can be given regeneration through the BSB (think of 40k's FNP). All can be given ASF with a corpse cart (think of it as a rearguard unit buffer).

Do a search for Malorian and read his thread about his exploits with his vampire counts. That will give you an idea of what the army is capable of.

Otherwise, send me PMs, this is getting long winded...

27-05-2010, 14:11
i prefer a choppy lord then go a caster lvl 2 and a necro. generally is enough dice but may not if going against min/maxer's.
Don't use a GW with vamp's ruins the point of them having high Int, and will be even better use in a few weeks.
Lvl 3 lord with some combat abitlities will go toe to toe with any other race and magic to boot.
Write up a quick with what you like and we can help some more.

28-05-2010, 20:15
I like patchy's plan, I use a similar one along with an ethereal BSB in a unit of 5 wraiths. They take 1 side & the choppy-zappy lord on an Abysmal Terror(not a typom he's suck for me) as a flank beaker on the other side.
This may need to be looked at after 8th edit, but worked for me.
Back these up with a Necro/Corpse Cart in 20 skellies gives a big, cheap unit. Fill the rest with wolves, skellies & ghouls you get farily hordy with some decent smashing units.

30-05-2010, 03:18
I will be posting an army list on Monday. I'm up in the mountains this weekend and I'm actually typing this from my cabin with wifi. I'm thinking of going with a caster lord and some lv 2 vampire with heavy armor and x2 hand weapons to boost the combat of the units there in. Well I need sleep for tomarrow's hike, I'll post the list Monday :evilgrin:

31-05-2010, 05:44
I go with GWs for my foot vamps, but I rarely field them on foot.

01-06-2010, 01:07
Ok, so here is my list, but it is subject to change:

Vampire Lord Lv.4: 380
-Healm of commandment, Book of Arham, talisman of protection, Nightshroud.
Vampire Lv.2: 175
- Dispel scroll, avatar of Death (Heavy Armor, GW)
Vampire Lv.2: 175
- Dispel scroll, avatar of Death (Heavy Armor, GW)
Vampire Lv.2: 130

x30 Skeletons: 248 w/ standard
x30 Skeletons: 248 w/ standard
x30 Ghouls: 240
x5 Dire Wolves: 40
Corpse Cart: 100 w/ Balefire
Corpse Cart: 100 w/ Balefire

x20 Grave Guard: 252 w/ Standard
x20 Grave Guard: 252 w/ Standard
x5 Black Knights: 141 w/ Standard

I'm still thinking about different equipment on the vampires and lord. Is 2 units of 30 skeletons good enough for a good core? All suggestions welcome.

02-06-2010, 07:17
5 big blocks of infantry are enough.

I might switch out the plain L2 vamp for a dread knight or wight king to accompany the knights, but otherwise looks like a solid list.

04-06-2010, 06:01
Get rid of carts and add a Varghulf. Also casters lords are risky since there is the chance of a miscast killing him and then you have to watch your army crumble.