View Full Version : Maximum number of Dispel Dice

26-05-2010, 04:25
What is the maximum # of Dispel Dice a lizardmen player could have if the only magic in their list was a Lvl 2 Skink Priest on an Engine of the Gods with the Diadem of Power? What is the maximum # of Power Dice? My oponent thinks its 5 PD and 7 DD. I agree with the PD, but think it is only 6 DD. 2 from pool, 2 from Lvl 2 Priest (counts 1 higher b/c of EotG), and 2 max from Diadem of Power.

26-05-2010, 04:57
Six dice, just as you spelled out. What does he think is providing the extra die?

26-05-2010, 06:15
he might be thinking he gets 3 DP for being lvl 3,, just stega-sock him then continue with the game :)