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26-05-2010, 17:38

im new into daemons so please help me improve my army

(please mind 8thEd. rumour rules)

*************** 1 Hero ***************

Herald of Khorne

dont know how to equip him but he is gona be on foot and goes with the Bloodletters

100 p (up to 200 with equip)

*************** 2 Core ***************

15 Bloodletters
- SB
+ - Icon of Endless War
- - - > 217 P

these guys go wirh herald for enemy special units and stuff

21 Daemonettes
- - - > 252 P

ladys gona hunt large core units

*************** 1 special ***************

6 Flesh Hounds
- - - > 210 P

*************** 1 rare ***************

2 Fiend
- - - > 110 P

Fiends and Hounds go for exposed flanks and WMs

Daemons of chaos : 889 Points

27-05-2010, 12:21
nothing ???

27-05-2010, 21:18
I would rather take skulltaker than a herald. Try and equip a herald as good as him for 150 points. Or even put him on a juggernaught and have him in the bloodletter unit.

I have a whole khorne daemoins army, and blood letters need to be 6 wide. a unit of 18 with herald (3x6) or 20 with mounted herald (4x6),

Make your daemonettes 10 strong. There rank will not efect there raw attack power, which is how they win. They are shock troops.

Drop a fiend and use up you 100pts and get 2 units of 5 flesh hounds. boy, are they mean puppies.

have fun


27-05-2010, 21:26

For the equipment of your Herald try the Obsidian Armour or Soul Hunger and Armour of Khorne.

Mine is on a jugger with Armour of Khorne (1+, 5++).

I respect your choice thesheriff but the Skulltaker in 1000pts I think it's a bit too much.

27-05-2010, 21:38
He's the same strength, toughness, wounds, and once upgrade, usually points of a normal herald, but ahs better initiative, special rules, attacks and wargear. Also, the model is SWEET :D

27-05-2010, 22:22
thx guys

i changed it like this

*************** 1 Hero ***************


goes with Bloodletters

*************** 2 Core ***************

17 Bloodletters
- SB
+ - Icon of Endless War
- - - > 241 P

20 Daemonettes
- SB
+ - Icon of irensomething
- - - > 277 P

*************** 1 special ***************

5 Flesh Hounds
- - - > 175 P

cant take two units of them because i have only 250p to spent into special units (8th Ed. rules)

*************** 1 rare ***************

3 Fiend
- - - > 165 P


what do u think Deamonetts > Horrors ?

28-05-2010, 00:42
people may not want to be your friend if you take skulltaker at 1000 pnts
i wouldnt

28-05-2010, 02:29
i thought it was up to 50% for special?
As said before i would split the daemonettes.

28-05-2010, 06:08
yes its 50% sry my fault

28-05-2010, 06:24
take skull taker by all means but not my cup of tea - while he's good for what he does the fact is he only comes in to his own in challenges - plus you lose the greatest thing a herald gives to bloodletters - hatred!

another thing is with skull taker...he's a special character, so he should be special, ie taken out once in while for themed games or what not. i'd go for a normal herald anytime

and the whole twin flesh hound thing - been there and done that, i loved the 1st list much better without him

go for something like you got - only the addition of even a naked herald of slaanesh (ie no upgrades, not what your thinking ;)) would make it a fearsome unit! ASF, great static res, lots of attacks, speed, and they can have icon to make it so either the enemy can't flee, just hold or make them so they are stubborn for 1st time they take a failed break teat - wonderful for having them hold the enemy for 1 key turn so you can flank them them in the next turn!

fiends are wonderful also - and with the new ed coming out magic defence will hopefully allow us to field lists with no mages! :D

at 1000 pts i'd also think about 5 furies to help deal with war machines, lone mages, night goblin fanatics, etc, etc.

28-05-2010, 17:50
IMO I wouldnt even take bloodletters unless your making a themed list. I just find that bloodletters never make their points back. But the rest of the list looks pretty good. I would suggest another unit of deamonettes or Horrors.