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28-05-2010, 01:12
Just so I'm 100% clear on this:

A single model with a unit strength of 1 moves like a skirmisher. Does this apply to characters as well as a unit of US1 models that has been reduced down to its last man?

While it says the move like a skirmisher, do they have 360 LOS for shooting and charging?

The reason this confuses me is because a single model with a unit strength of 2 or more, moves like a monster. However I don't really see the difference in a single monster movement as compared to a single skirmisher movement other then the fact monsters have to deal with their front arc for charging.

On a slightly different note, is there any minimum distance between friendly units? The 1" rule in the BRB only talks about opposing forces. I've run into a couple of games where the player has put two units very very close together confusing the two units and whether or not there is LOS between them.

I've also encountered this issue with small units of skirmishers being places side by side all 1" apart, making it very hard to distinguish the two units.

Thanks so much for your thoughts!

28-05-2010, 01:58
A unit of US1 troops that is reduced to a single model functions as a single skirmisher. 360 line of sight and free movement through terrain come with that, along with no flanks. Monsters work differently, as do single US2 models.

No, there's no minimum distance between friendly units. Hopefully they're painted or on movement trays such that there's a clear distinction between the units.