View Full Version : Putting together a HE list, with 7th/8th in mind

28-05-2010, 00:56
Ok, so after teetering on the edge of Dark Elves or Tomb Kings, I got a look at a friends High Elf book and fell in love, so High Elves it is.

Now, I understand that an all cavalry army is both impossible and unwieldy with HE, but i'm building an army that will revolve around a solid core of spears/archers, and mainly cavalry for the specials/lords choices. With that in mind, I turn to the users of Warseer for advice on building it.

I've pretty much decided on some of it:

Prince w. Lance, Shield, Armour of Caledor,Vambraces of Defence,Elven Steed = 257
3 x 10 Archers @ 110 each
2 x 20 Spearmen w. full command @ 205 each
3 Bolt Throwers @ 100 each

So now its just filling in the gaps with special cavalry, heroes choices etc. I'm considering taking a second Lord choice too.

Any help and advice would be most welcome and appreciated :)

28-05-2010, 07:47
Firstly, the armour of Caledor is pointless on a mounted prince using a shield, as dragon armour, barded horse and shield also get you a 2+ save. Enchanted shield would than give you a 1+ save for example.

Dragon Princes are much better than silver helms so I would typically go with them. I'm never sure if giving a dragon prince champion a 1+ re rollable save or a 2+/5+ is best.

I like ellyrian reavers, and when I take them I am often tempted to use both bows and spears, but I'm not fielding a heavy cavalry force, so I like the flexability in the unit, allowing me to have something that can actually do a little damage on the charge if needed. With plenty of other horses, you probably want them with bows only to harass and warmachine hunt.

28-05-2010, 14:25
First up, welcome to the party. High Elves were my first army and are the only army I play with consistently through all my editions, and they really are a wonderful army to paint, collect and play.

I agree with all of Adran's comments about your Prince - there are many more points efficient builds to give the same effect. At 2000 points, you won't be able to get an effective Archmage as a Lord, and I would suggest not trying. There are some excellent Noble/Mage builds (think Reaver Bow, think Rod of Spell Choosing) and I would go defensive re: magic if you are not taking an Archmage. At 3000 points, definitely take an Archmage and give him the Staff of Sorcery (+1 to dispel) - in 8th Ed. this will amount to a whopping +6 to dispel!! A few powerstones will buff him up to a good all-rounder.

As concerns your core choices there is a difficult choice with a view to 8th Ed. Lothern Seaguard are going to become much more points-efficient that I would suggest two units of these should be your first port of call in ANY build (even if they are themselves supported by more spearelves/archers).

As regards speedy core, I would advise you to strongly consider chariots to support whatever cavalry you decide you go with (although DPs are always a good choice). Tyranoc are the fastest in the game, but Lion Chariots are about to get a huge buff. Lion Chariots cause Fear, which means they will get +1CR. Also, if your opponent fails his leadership test he will only be striking you with WS1 (i.e. on a 5+). This will improve the chariots survavability (especially given that auto-destroy from S7 is also gone).

These are just things to consider, but I can imagine that 7th Ed and 8th Ed armies are going to look very different, and will fit your "speedy" elites very well.