View Full Version : Dark elves 2,000pts Tourney

the godfather
28-05-2010, 15:55

Sorceress, level two, sacrificial dagger 160pts

Sorceress, level two,Dispel scroll 160pts

Sorceress, level two,Dispel scroll 160pts

Death hag, cauldron of blood 200pts


20 Warriors, shields, full command 155pts

20 Warriors, shields, full command 155pts

10 crossbowmen 100pts

5 Dark riders, crossbows 110pts


20 Black guard, full command
standard of hag graef 330pts

cold one chariot 100pts


Bolt thrower 100pts

Bolt thrower 100pts

War hydra 175pts

28-05-2010, 16:08
Too many points in characters. leaves the rest of it quite lifeless. if taking 3 level 2's you plan to cast some magic yet you take 2 scrolls. doesn't quite make sense.

29-05-2010, 00:07
For a tournament list, this is really rather soft. Obviously depends on what comp system you're using though, but here are my thoughts without changing the list too much.

No harm in taking 2 scrolls Patchy, I'd say that's the least anti-magic that should be taken.

But, I do think a level 4 and a level 2 would be more effective. I like the Dark Peg/Focus Familiar combo with a powerstone and a scroll.

I'd make the Hag the BSB as well if you want a Cauldron.

Drop the xbowelves, take shades instead. They're a hell of a lot better.

The dark riders need a musician to get the most out of their fast cav rule.

Not really sure what the point of the warriors is- people will never prioritise them as a shooting/magic target over the Black Guard, and you've not got any assassins to deliver through them. Taking 2 blocks of 10 instead with musicians will give you more options for re-directing, and give you more points for competative stuff.

The Black Guard don't need a musician, and they don't need too be so numerous. A unit of 14 will be ample. I'm a big fan of taking 13 Black Guard with a champion with Crimson Death, a Standard Bearer with the Standard of Murder and an ASF BSB with a great weapon, heavy armour and SDC. Especially if you take unit of 10 corsairs with a musician to screen them.

If it's a tournament list, you'll also want harpies and shades.