View Full Version : 2250 point Dwarf Army with 8th ed in mind

28-05-2010, 18:11
Hi this is a basic dwarf army that can go up against any opponent. It is designed to be fair and a challenge to use. I have stuck to the rumoured 25% character max and special/rare max. The Slayers can be used as a stop of the opponent's combat units and then charge their flanks with the other dwarf units. Multiple dwarf units also present more targets for magic, artillery, etc. The cannon and bolt thrower are for taking out small units of knights or well armoured units or large monsters.
Dwarf Thane (general) hand weapon with Rune of Might & Rune of Fire, Gromril armour with Master Rune of Spite, Shield, Oathstone. joins Longbeards 162 pts
Dwarf Thane: BSB, hand weapon with Rune of Fury, Gromril armour with Master Rune of Gromril, Rune of Resistance. Joins Dwarf Warriors 165 pts
RuneSmith Gromril Armour with Rune of the Furnace & Rune of Stone, Ring with Rune of Warding and 2 Runes of Spellbreaking, Shield. Joins Dwarves with Great weapons. 147 pts
Dragon Slayer, joins slayers 50 pts

24 Dwarf Warriors, Shields, Full Command 241 pts
24 Longbeards, Shields, Full Command Rune of Determination & Sanctuary 348 pts
24 Dwarf Warriors, Shields, Great Weapons, Full Command 289 pts
10 Quarrellers, shields 120 pts
10 Thunderers, shields 150 pts

8 Miners 93 pts
19 Slayers, Full Command, 1 giant slayer 242 pts
1 Cannon, Engineer, Rune of Forging & Burning 145 pts
1 Bolt Thrower with Rune of Penetrating & Burning 75 pts

28-05-2010, 20:27
That's a nice list, but for the longbeards maybe the runes of Battle & Stoicism?
I realy bugs players (especially horde armies) when you get double unit strength & based on the new rumours you'l have a standing +2 CR.

31-05-2010, 01:38
No hammerers or lord?

Looks alright but idk how great that army will do.

I'd say take out the slayers, dragon slayer, and unit of warriors and add a lord and big unit of hammerers.

Trust me, you'll love that unit. Stubborn and with the lord in the unit is immune to psychology.

31-05-2010, 02:12
That dragon slayer is super useless