View Full Version : question about DE pendant of Kaleth

28-05-2010, 20:45
400 pts
-LVL 4 Sorceress: D.Peg, Black staff, Pendant

thats how i run my Lord, but curious on why even use the pendant, chances are the opponent is gonna hit the D. Peg anyways, leaving her very vulnerable

for those of you who run this, why do you do it?

the only thing i like about it, is when she miscasts, its a nice thing to have especially i have been known to use 9 dice to cast a single spell b 4 (brute force method XD ti drop a graight unclean one in a hold with the last shadow spell XD)

28-05-2010, 20:47
You take a spell familiar so she can stay hidden and you can still cast.

28-05-2010, 21:40
That's exactly how I run my current Lord.

Usually I give her 'firing lanes' between my other units as since she's not a large target she can't be seen behind units of spearmen, but if you leave a little gap she can fire through.

Plus some spells don't need LOS, so she can fly around behind some woods and drop spells over the other side of it. So those two combined generally keep her safe enough. And after a couple of turns just land behind them to force them to chose battle line or lord on pegasus. Either way, the other one is going to have an awesome turn next turn.

And I use it as a 'just in case' mechanic. She shouldn't get hit, but if she does I want her to live.

28-05-2010, 21:43
The pendant affectively allows her to survive a bit of what fire power the pegasus doesn't get hit by, otherwise there goes your main caster in potentially one volley of fire due to bad positioning.

Also have you tried Morathi, she's a brilliant caster and with the black staff will have an insane amount of powerdice. Her ward makes her survivable to.