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29-05-2010, 09:25
Playing my friends VC's

Core: 768

15x Chaos Marauders of Slannesh - 142
Flails/light armour/shields

5x Maraurder Horesman of Slannesh - 85

5x Maraurder Horesman of Slannesh - 85

17x Chaos Warrios of Tzeentch - 396
Halberd Shield Blasted Standard

5x Chaos warhounds - 30

5x Chaos warhounds - 30


5x Chaos knights - 220
Standard Bearer

5x Chaos Knights - 255
Banner of rage, Standard Bearer

Heroes: 756

Nurgle Sorcerer - 175 (hangs out in warrior block)
Infernal puppet, level 2

Nurgle Sorcerer - 185 (hangs out in warrior block)
Power Familiar, Conjoined Hommoculus, level 2

Nurgle Sorcerer - 190 (hangs out in warrior block)
Black Tongue, level 2

Nurgle Sorcerer - 206 (rides with knights who are not fenzied)
Enchanted Shield
Biting Blade
blood of tzeentch
Barded steed
level 2


29-05-2010, 13:14
if your gonna take your unit of maruaders why not take wulfrik aswell. I wouldn't bother with thesorcerer and black tongue as it's 50points of one use only. if your going to take one make him a lvl one with spell familiar and a scroll. that way you have more points to spend elsewere. Also I see that you have no scrolls in this army. In the current edition scrolls are amazing.

29-05-2010, 13:32
I'd drop the Black Tongue and the Conjoined Homunculus and use the points to make two of your sorcerer lvl 2. More powerdice, more spells and thus more versatility. I'd exchange the Blood of Tzeentch with the Book of Secrets which would again give you an additional spell and another power dice. You'd have 10 power dice in total with which you can reliably spam buboes on two dice and another nice spell (fleshly abundance on unit in combat for example, provided you get the spell).

I would not bother with the Blasted Standard against VC, there is almost no shooting to protect you from. I'd mark the unit Slaanesh (being autobroken by a unit of 25 skeletons would suck) and give them the Rapturous Standard. Furthermore, I'd not put all sorcerers in one unit, too many eggs in one basket. Put one in the marauders as well. You should have 30 points to spare with the changes to the warrior's mark and standard, you can use these points to make the marauders 20 strong.


29-05-2010, 18:32
Yea i wanted the puppet and scroll to attempt to wound his general then finish him with bubous early, his BSB usually has that annoying regeneration banner. If i can kill those 2 will avoiding combat he is much more managable. That was the point of all the magic for me. He runs a unit of knights (the etheral ones) and a unit of grave gaurd with regeneration banner and usually his BSB and general in it with regeneration banner. then 2-4 units of hounds and 2-3 large units of ghouls.

Definitally removing the blasted standard. going to up to 20 marauders and jam a sorceror in. Will try to fit in the rapturous standard. (Going to keep the black tongue/puppet for 1 battle, I have never used them and want too)

I tried wulfrik against him but he died a very sad death! mind you if i can get him to the general he might be able to kill him, or go after the BSB would probably be better as he is fairly easy to kill.

29-05-2010, 18:38
Oops all 4 sorc are level 2 already (11dice atm sorry forgot to write down, also 6 dispel dice) - goal is to first turn make his BSB with regeneration banner botch a spell, then bubos him to death. After that all bubous at his general, if the general is not in the unit with the regeneration banner i will go after him first and ignore the BSB.

Going to ditch blasted standard, will put rapturous standard on my warriors. will try to get marauders up to 20. Will change mark to MoS on warriors. Thanks!

19-06-2010, 10:34
VCs rely a lot on getting their spells off, so even if you only have 4 lvl 1s, you'll still get the same number of dispel dice. Especially as the Nurgle spells have low casting values, you won't need so many power dice. I'm not saying 4 lvl 1s is the way to go, but it would certainly be adequate IMO. And if you did you'd save 140pts.