View Full Version : Effectively dealing with Gutter/Nightrunners(+T6 monsters)(as DE)

30-05-2010, 14:55

Lately, I've been playing a lot against my friend's Skaven army and was trying to find the most efficient way to deal with multiple gutter-/nightrunner units (who are on the mission to cripple my ways to deal with big nasties).

I often play a balanced list without a dragon, using a hydra and 2xRBT, unit of rxb, light on magic (caddy+hotek), BG with lord(exe axe), block of spearmen, 2xDR, 3xharpies, 7x or 5x shades, assassin, pendant BSB and so on.

He always uses (as any skaven player really) at least 2 t6 monsters, most of the time it's the doomwheel and plague furnace and/or screaming bell.
He's also heavy on magic.

Honestly It's not that big of a deal to defeat him, it's just that it becomes more and more tricky, the more efficient he becomes at dealing with my anti-monster measures and I'd rather be safe then sorry.
It's pretty easy to avoid the killy lord, the assassin can threat only one of the monsters most of the time (rending stars+manbane) and even then he has to be really careful - wether inside a unit of shades or on his own, 12" range won't get you far if i.e you only got a single forest on the table.
That leaves me with hydra, which attracts a lot of fire and magic.

So getting to the point - I really love what a pair of RBT's can do to monster heavy skaven but my opponent has 3 very flexible units that can come from any table edge or a tunnel marker.

How do you suggest I deal with that? I think I could simply guard one of the RBT's using the rxb unit (shoot first turn, second turn I can go behind the RBT (at an angle) to protect it's rear and still be able to reach the incoming enemies and put the other RBT on the far end of the table - on my weak flank. I could also sacrifice a unit of harpies to surround the RBT thus protecting if for a turn. Should I bother tho?

Is it worth it at all to protect 200pts. worth of RBT while he invests almost 300pts. to be able to deal with them (no sooner than turn 2-3)? After all, I could just spread them out and count on a bad dice rolls and the units to emerge late in the game.

Hint:I most of the time have no forests in my deployment zone. sometimes a single hill or a v.small piece (40x40mm) of impassable, LOS blocking terrain. Rarely a building.

PS.: I'd rather you give me tips on how to deal with those buggers with my present list (or my alternative list with a dragon lord, CoB and a caddy as characters, no assassin or spearmen unit) - all in all I don't have any other DE models atm.