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30-05-2010, 17:39
Right I have been toying with the Empire army list ever since I grabbed the Defenders of Middenheim box set a while ago and now that 8th ed. is on the way and we have some pretty good rumours I think that its time I came up with a list. So far I have the following which I think is reasonable for an all-comers list. Im still not sure about the characters (I would have prefered to give the warrior priest a better armour save or a ward) but this is what I have made with the points available.


1 Grandmaster, sword of sigismund = 190 pts. (joins knights)


1 BSB, armour of meteoric iron = 100 pts. (joins spearmen)

1 Wizard, lv2 = 100 pts. (joins crossbowmen)

1 Warrior Priest, great weapon, heavy armour = 98pts. (joins greatswords)

All these are well under my points limit as I prefer to play character light and put my faith in basic troops. I figure that with the benefits HE will be getting we shall see a lot more of them and I think that the grandmaster is a reasonable combat character to tackle them with the sword of sigismund giving him better strength and ASF which is great when teamed with his I6. Heavy cavalry have taken a slight nerf in the new rules it seems but with this guy in a big unit of white wolf knights I can really see them doing some damage either on a flank or as a supporting unit within my battleline. The BSB is there to help out against the fear and terror checks as well as granting break test re-rolls. The warrior priest should give me a bit of magic protection with his +1 dispel dice and his hatred will be useful for the greatswords if he survives. The wizard is there because I usually play dwarfs and never get to field one.


15 Flagellants = 150 pts.

10 Crossbowmen = 80 pts.

30 Spearmen, shields, full command = 200 pts.
- Detachment of 14 Halberdiers = 70 pts.
- Detachment of 10 Handgunners = 80 pts.

30 Swordsmen, full command = 205 pts.
- Detachment of 14 Free Company = 70 pts.

11 Knights of the White Wolf, full command = 293 pts.

2 big solid blocks, an ubreakable unit and some hard hitting cavalry seems like a reasonable amount of core choices and with their large detachments they should help negate enemy ranks. The crossbowmen are there to babysit my wizard and snipe with their long range weapons.


1 Cannon = 100 pts.

1 Mortar = 75 pts.

20 Greatswords, full command = 230 pts.
- Detachment of 10 Handgunners = 80 pts.

5 Outriders, champion with grenade launcher, musician = 129 pts.

Its no suprise that outriders have now become really good if the fast cavalry rules really do allow before game movement as it means they can be in a great position before the game starts. The cannon and mortar have got better and with the bigger blocks of troops we shall be seeing I guess the mortar might actually be worthwhile now. The greatswords are there because I have a load of the old teutogen guard models and cant see what else to use them for. I will probably use them to anchor one of my flanks while the flagellants hold the other.

Total = 2250 points.

So thats my basic list as it stands. Obviously its open to changes and I wont be building the models until I have read the rulebook but I cant see any glaring weaknesses.

What do people think?

30-05-2010, 18:25
get atleast one dispel scroll in my opinion just to stop that one particulary nasty spell that might ruin your game. if you can bump up the flagellants. go 7x3 more attacks you don't need to really bother with static combat res. just need to hold unit so you hammer them

30-05-2010, 22:12
why not just wait until you see the book in 2 weeks time? and according to rumours scrolls don't get rid of spells anymore they just add +2 dice to ur dispel pool

31-05-2010, 15:36
Two weeks?

31-05-2010, 15:45
yeah your local store should be getting there coupies on the 14 or 15 give or take and they will prolly let u preview it on the next vets night. So another 2 and a bit weeks. I like how there are loads of people on warseer adding lists that they THINK will be complient with the new rules that they have read from the rumours bit.

31-05-2010, 20:20
Hehehe I had some spare time on my hands (just done a degree) so I was just running a tester list to get myself motivated for 8th ed. Sadly my nearest GW store is in Bristol (miles away) and as much as I like warhammer... I can't justify the drive JUST to read a few pages of rules :D