View Full Version : 750 OK speed tourney

31-05-2010, 23:55
Ok, I have never played OK. A bunch of us at our shop are trying to bring in new players and they (new players)want to play in a tournament, but have always sat them out because they don't want to get their teeth kicked in. So all of us said we would start brand new armies that we have never played before to make it more balanced.

So, I have shelved my WoC and bought 2 boxes of bulls, 1 box leadbelchers, and Butcher. I know it works out to more than 750. My questions are
1. What the hell to do with them lol.
2. Do I take banners at all?
3. Butcher over Bruiser in 750?
4. I am thinking of 2 blocks of 12 bulls and 1 block of 3 leadbelchers. On the flip side I could do 4 units of 3 bulls. I just don't know. You never see Ogres anymore. I haven't played against them in a couple years and it wasn't exactly fair since I killed his tyrants unit first turn with magic.

01-06-2010, 00:38
Umm you can do
50pts of magic items
like 2-3 units of three bulls
and a unit of 2 belchers
that should be like 750
Banners are bad cause u will have so many little units that if they die you just gave the opponent some extra victory pts