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01-06-2010, 01:42
So after 6weeks of practice and pre-planning with lists and all the shebang, the team championships were here. After being up at the time for 28hrs Saturday evening, I finished the last 4 models necessary for my army and left to get my train to Dublin. After 2hrs of commuting and pondering over the semi-secret lists available I arrived at my destination and went straight to the hotel to meet as much of the team as was there. When I arrived the fourth and newest member of our team, Jason, greeted me to show me where I could leave my army and stuff so we could meet Rob/ukko, Nigel/Brooklyn, Phil, Woody and Gerry at the bar. Lots of laughs and 4hrs later I realized the 40hrs awake had caused my hearing to severly deteriorate and the several glasses of Cider from the night before's party were causing my stomach to fall apart. It was time to sleep lest I will to lose my games and my appitite the following day.

After a very meaty breakfast that involved me eating the hotel's supply of bacon due to it dully being not cut by the processors, I made my way to the hall with my pointy ears all to eager to do some slaying. Upon arrival I met Dave, Ken/kench1, and Fergus, putting the last touches on the preparations while they awaited the rest of the players; a perfect opportunity for us the steal trays from the kitchen.

I probably should mention something gaming related at this stage. As is evident from the title, the tournament would follow ETC rules. Each team consisted of 4 players, and the match up mechanism was also derived from ETC. Our own, dubbed CLIT (Cork & Limerick Invitation Team) by the organisers, consisted of myself (Dark Elves), Rob Gleasure/ukko (Warriors of Chaos), Peter Crowley (Orcs and Goblins), and Jason Lynch (Wood Elves).


My list had deviated little over the weeks of preparation, with the only change coming after I realized the initial list was illegal. With a few tweaks the Dunmer were set for the tournament.

Black Dragon, Crimson Death, Armour of Eternal Servitude, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield, Null Talisman (2)

Sorceress [ Level 1 ]
2x Dispel Scrolls

Extra Hand Weapon, Manbane, Rending Stars

18x Black Guard
Tower Master with the Ring of Hotek, Standard Bearer with the Banner of Hag Graef

8x Shades
Great Weapons

5x Shades
Great Weapon

20x Spearmen
Full Command, Shields

10x RXBmen

5x Dark Riders
Musician, RXBs

5x Dark Riders
Musician, RXBs

5x Dark Riders

5x Harpies


The plan with the matchups was the ideally try to throw me against a list that I can pull an easy 20-0 over so as the give the rest of the team redundancy. Needless to say that's not totally how the weekend played out for me.

So our first draw was against some of the gamers from Northern Ireland. They had a solid team of Dwarfs, Skaven, Tomb Kings, and Orcs and Goblins as well as some top notch players. My prefered match up here were Tomb Kings and OnG, with Skaven being the big no-no, but I got Dwarfs, and so game 1 was against Dermot Maguire.

Game 1 - Dermot Maguire Dwarfs

Dermot was a sound lad from NI who brought a less than standard Dwarf list, but in the end what it lacked from the standard builds it made up for in rock hard toughness and I certainly struggle for most of the game to put a dent in his armour. His list was roughly as follows below. Note I'm not sure of the runes for the three heroes.

Dwarf Lord
Great Weapon, Shieldbearers, Master Rune of Challenge, Master Rune of Steel, Rune of Resistance, Rune of Stone

BSB, runes unknown

2x Runes of Spellbreaking, Rune of Stone

Master Engineer
Great Weapon, Rune of Stone

18x Hammerers
Full Command, Shields

15x Hammerers
Full Command, Shields, Rune of Courage

Rune of Burning, Rune of Reloading, Rune of Fortune

Grudge Thrower
Runes unknown, entrenched

20x Longbeards
Full Command, Shields

10x Dwarf Warriors

10x Thunderers


Organ Gun

A unit short of the standard Dwarf shooting, but the mass of stubborn and high T/AS was going to be very hard for S3 shooting to penetrate. The plan would have to involve taking out the war machines while keeping the Dragon in cover. I took Chillwind as my spell also with the hope of keeping the Thunderers out of action for as much as possible. Deployment can be seen below in the labeled diagram.


Turn 1

Dwarfs took the first turn and began their assault. The Warriors on the right side moved up a litte to tempt the Dark Riders out of position while the Gyrocopter flew out the behind the building in the center, waiting to get a flank to fire on next turn. Shooting was quite devastating with the Cannon sniping one of Bolt Throwers into a smoking heap while the Grudge Thrower smushed 12 Spearmen with a single well aimed shot. This also caused them to panic and flee.


Not so much reeling from the first round losses the Dunmer began to advance. The Spearmen rallied to begin. The Dark Riders on thr right flank moved a short distance so as to not get too close to the Dwarfs, while the other XB wielding riders took a tactical move around the hill to target the Thunderers. Seeing the hill in the center blocking LOS from the cannon and the Grudge Thrower to the left flank, the dragon swooped around the left flank. The Assassin has also left hiding to aid his Shades on running around the forest with the intention of taking out the Organ Gun's crew before it could cut through the squishy elves. The other Shades circled around the southern side of the forest. The Dark Riders in the center moved apprehensively forward as the positioning of the Dwarfs meant that an assassination attempt on the war machines was not an option, and the RXB team on the hill inched forward to bring their weaponry into range. The Black Guard and Harpies moved ahead 3" or so.

In an abyssmal display of shooting the Assassin managed to only do a single wound to the machine and his Shades only killed one crew. The other Shades were more successful and took out two Thunderers. A barrage of magic and bolts from the hill failed to leave any damage, and the shooting of the unit on the far right was also unsuccessful.


Turn 2

The Dwarfs, aware of the approaching threat on the left flank, had to act fast to nullify the forces closing in on them. Unfortunatl their short legs meant the only thing they could do fast is drink beer and fire guns, so that is what they did. The Dwarfs in the east advanced closer to the Dark Riders and the Gyrocopter took around the flank of the Black Guard. The rest of the Dwarfs shuffled abit, seeing as the elves would be around their flank in a turn or two.

The barrage of defense began with ok results for the Dwarfs. The Organ Gun fired 4 shots at the Shades only, even after the re-roll, killing 3. The Thunderers killed only a single Dark Rider too, however the Cannon was able to snipe out the second Bolt Thrower. The Grudge Thrower managed to take down a Dark Rider with a long shot to the eastern flank. The Gyrocopter also wiped out some Black Guard with its steam gun.

The Dark Elves retaliated with a set of charges; the Dragon against the Organ Gun and the Shades + Assassin against the Thunderers. The Dragon was unfortunate enough to be 3" short however the Shades managed to make the Thunderers flee in reaction to being charged in the flank, sending the stunties off into the centre of the field. The Harpies flew over next to the fleeing Dwarfs; they had spotted a possible charge on the Grudge Thrower based on how the Dwarfs shuffled, but at the same time would cause the Thunderers to be destroyed should they fail to rally next turn. The third possible outcome was that they led the Hammerers out of the main battle line allowing the Dragon to charge the Cannon. The Dark Riders in the east made a long move around the Dwarf Warriors and ready to breach the rear of the mountain army, and their kin in the west also set up to shoot the Organ Gun along with the Shades next to them. The Spearmen also moved full pace to catch up to the Dark Riders waiting to resume the small battleline in the centre. To round out movement the Black Guard turned to face the Gyrocopter, if only to force it to keep moving and hopefully land in a spot that another unit could charge it.

The Sorceress and her unit started the ranged assault unsuccessfully as they were out of range, and the shots of all the western units were equally useless. The Dark Riders, now in the north-eastern corner however, managed to shoot down a Hammerer from the Runesmith's unit.


Turn 3

Turn 3 saw some key moments from that point in the game. The Dwarfs initial move was the Lord's unit turning the face the Dragon, apparnatly fearing a flank charge. The Runesmith's unit also turned to face the Dark Riders to their flank. The Thunderers rallied, but could not reform as they wished due to the proximity and placement of the Harpies. With the Dark Riders behind them and being uncatachable to the little ones, the Dwarfs in the east turned in the advance toward the center. The Gyrocopter finished out movement by flying around the flank of the Black Guard once again.

Shooting saw some more Black Guard toasted, and the Organ Gun blow up from a misfire, but other than that everything missed its target.


The Dark Elf turn began with a horrible surprise from the stubborn ones; the Lord revealed his Master Rune of Challenge and used it to goad the Dragonlord into charging his unit. However, their reform to allow this gambit, plus the moving of the Master Engineer to the Grudge Thrower, meant that the Harpies had a fair charge on the Cannon. The western most Dark Riders also took the opportunity to flank charge the Thunderers, who stood their ground. The Black Guard continued to sacrifice themselves unfortunately to keep the Gyrocopter busy, and the Dark Riders plus Spearmen turned to approach the incoming Warriors. The Assassin's unit, devoid of targets, moved at a march to try to move around the Dwarf battleline from the rear, while the smaller unit move onward to try shoot the Gyrocopter. The last unit of Dark Riders then moved around the flank of the Runesmith's unit; they had broken through to the rear of the enemy.

Aside from the killing of one Hammerer by the Dark Riders, all other shooting was at the Gyrocopter, with everything failing to wound it. Combat the ensued with interesting results. The Dark Riders killed a single Thunderer, though the unit stood firm. The Harpies killed one of the cannon crew, taking a wound in return, and the stubborn crew stayed in place. The ultimate fight was the challenge between the Dreadlord and the Dwarf Lord. The Dwarf Lord revealed the Master Rune of Steel, reducing the Dragon's strength to 5, however the beast managed to wound the Lord twice regardless. Three wounds were dealt in return with the Dragon losing by 6 and fleeing 14", obviously escaping the Dwarfs.


Turn 4

The Dwarfs celebrated the breaking of the Dark Elf general, though foolishly as the dread lord of the Dunmer was far from finished with his nemesis. Meanwhile the Warriors pressed on, and the Thane's unit failed a flank charge on the Dark Riders, though they made the elves flee. The Runesmith also planned ahead and instead of turning the face the Dark Riders, turned to face the war machine they were about to charge.

With shooting at a minimal, the Dwarfs opened up on the most expensive of targets. The Grudge Thrower had near miss with the Dragon, though the Gyrocopter managed to reduce the Black Guard now to their front rank. In combat the Dark Riders once again failed to break the Thunderers and the Harpies only killed one of the remaining Cannon crew.


Seeing the troops in need of morale, the Dreadlord managed to rally his raging steed and turn to face the enemy once more. The Shades backed off the meet up with their Lord, buying them time to shooting the Hammerers. The Dark Riders up top charge into the Grudge Thrower and their brethren down below managed to rally. Sick of baby-sitting the copter, the Guard moved out to advance to the battle, though they were unsure if they would make it alive. To round out, the Spears moved onward toward the Warriors.

Shooting agains the Gyrocopter once again failed to damage its tough hull, but the Shades managed to kill two Hammerers. In combat the Harpies finished off the crew of the Cannon, breaking the machine, while the Dark Riders slew the three Dwarfs manning the Grudge Thrower. However, the Master Engineer stayed by the machine valiantly and slew two riders in the process. The ongoing fight in the centre continued on also, with another Thunderer falling but the rest staying put.


Turn 5

With the battle soon coming to a close, tensions were on high with a draw looking likely; a high prospect for the elves who were reeling into a loss only turns ago. The Dwarfs needed blood, so the Runesmith charged his Hammerers into the Dark Riders while the Gyrocopter continued to follow the Black Guard. Meanwhile the Warriors prepared to fight the Spearmen in the last round and the Lord approached his nemesis who sat astride his dark reptilian steed. The Thane also attempted to get his misplaced unit back into the action, but knew it would be in vain.

The Gyrocopter managed to bring down 3 more Black Guard, leaving just the command unit. However, that was the only shooting capable of the Dwarfs. In the centre the Thunderers held up yet again against the Dark Riders, though lost another man. The Dark Riders were run down in the north, allowing the Master Engineer one last turn to fire the Grudge Thrower should the elves foolishly allow. If only it were so easy.


With time running out the Elves let lose their mightiest force. The Dreadlord, Assassin, and Shades all charged the Dwarf Lord's unit with no hesitation, while the Harpies charged in against the Master Engineer. The Dark Riders then circled the Warriors, waiting to join the fray with the Spearmen in the final turn. All shooting once again went to the Gyrocopter but again did not hurt it. In combat the Dwarf Lord issued a challenge expecting the Dreadlord to take him on, but in the blink of an eye the Assassin had beheaded the Dwarf Lord, answering the call. Laughing the death of their Lord, the Dreadlord let his wrath and beast loose on the Hammerers, eating up 7 of them. The return attacks from the Champion failed to deal any damage allowing the Shades to cut down more Dwarfs. However, their number was reduced only to 7, allowing them to benefit from their stubborness for one more turn before terror would take them. Nearby, the Master Engineer cut down the Harpies.


Turn 6

The only moves left for the Dwarfs were the Warriors failed charge on the Spearmen, and the Gyrocopters flight toward the Spearmen, knowing that staying around to try get the Black Guard would lead to a charge from the Shades that it couldn't take. The Thane accepted that his unit had no further part ot play, while the Runeload braced himself for the possible terror that lay before him. The Gyrocopter found itself unable to harm the Spearmen with the steam gun, and so combat came early, and the Hammerers were cut down to one man, who was promptly caught and gobbled up by the Dragon who now had one last meal on his mind to take care of.

With a final cry of definace, the elves charged en masse to earn their victory. The Dreadlord charged the Runesmith and his unit, the Assassin and Shades charged the Master Engineer, and the Spearmen charged the Warriors in the front while the Dark Riders charged them from behind. With no shooting the bloodbath came quick, with the Assassin quickly disposing the Master Engineer to run on into the Hammerers where he and his unit helped the Dreadlord reduce the unit to just the Runelord and the Standard Bearer, who unfortunately held thanks to the Rune of Courage of their banner. The Dwarf Warriors fared just as bad and were cut down.



The match was very tough for the first 4 turns. The war machines made an immediately impression and were a huge threat until Dermot's bad luck in turn 3. The Rune of Courage was surprising, but the placement of the Dwarf unit I felt let down its potential; if they positioned at a 45 degree angle to the board edge the Dragon would have fled the board once it broke from combat. The Harpies were amazing in this game, winding up the Dwarfs and earning 130pts for their measly 55pts. The Assassin and Shades were of emmense help also, making three significant charges throughout the game, which altogether saw off about 800pts of the enemy army. Below are some more pictures of the game:


I walked out of this game with a 15-5 win under ETC, which is a good result for me considering how things were looking at the end of turn 3. Unfortunately our team suffered two 20-0 loses also, which made the final result a 45-35 in the other team's favour. So after a free pizza lunch courtesy of the awesome organisation staff, it was on to round 2 where we would face the North Wexford Gamers, who I had personally had success against in the past.

Luckily this round I got the pairing I wanted; Ogre Kingdoms. Not only was it a good match up for me, but their general Derek Mitchell is a great guy to play against and has a grudge against my Dragon due to how the magic dragon puffed his army away single-handedly at the GT a year ago. This game is coming up soon...

01-06-2010, 03:21
Fantastic report-- enjoyed every bit of it-- I was pulling for the Dwarfs (not sure why, as I don't currently play them) but those Assassins rerally put in their work at the end of the game there, didn't they!

Well played, well played

02-06-2010, 13:50
nice play, dwarfs can always be tough

the little bugger stubbornly refuse to die!

02-06-2010, 18:37
Very....interesting...team name;)
Grats on the win!

02-06-2010, 21:32
That DE list is just plain nasty! Dwarfs and Orges kingdoms are facing off with this? lol, unless you have a complete dice roll meltdown neither of these lists have a snowballs chance in hell.:evilgrin:

03-06-2010, 14:26
Thanks for the nice battle report.
If you are playing according to ETC rules, then your list is illegal. I think you can only have one rare choice. But since I saw no mention of a hydra in your report, I might be wrong.
from ETC rules pack:
DE: Max. 35 repeater crossbows in the army; Max. 8 shades per unit; Max. 2 flying units or characters; Assassins after the first take a hero choice; Pendant of khaleth takes a hero choice; Ring of hotek takes a hero choice; Max. 1 Large Target; Max. 1 Rare choice
Hope this helps

03-06-2010, 18:30
a nice rep and well done to pull a win after some rough turns.

Idle Scholar
04-06-2010, 14:32
He should have sacrificed the Gyrocoptor by moving it to divert, or at leaast steam gun the shades and Dragon before they hit the lords unit. Alternatively he could have moved the lord out of the unit to try and save him. Either way good game and informative report. I could really follow what was going on.

07-06-2010, 22:36
Thanks for the nice battle report.
If you are playing according to ETC rules, then your list is illegal. I think you can only have one rare choice. But since I saw no mention of a hydra in your report, I might be wrong.
from ETC rules pack:
DE: Max. 35 repeater crossbows in the army; Max. 8 shades per unit; Max. 2 flying units or characters; Assassins after the first take a hero choice; Pendant of khaleth takes a hero choice; Ring of hotek takes a hero choice; Max. 1 Large Target; Max. 1 Rare choice
Hope this helps

Made a mistake, there is actually no Hydra in my list, thanks for pointing it out to me.

07-06-2010, 23:46
So game 2 was my grudge match with Jarvis which he gleefully took an opportunity at. Despite Ogres' tendency to rock the bottom tiers, Derek has had a lot of success with his Ogres and has placed well with them at several Irish tournaments. His list was new and interesting to me in that it contained a unit I had never seen on the table before and a unit that scared the bejebus out of me; Rhinox Riders. (Note I'm once again not sure of character gear)

Cathayan Longsword, Heavy Armour, Wyrdstone Necklace, Greyback Pelt

2x Dispel Scrolls



4x Bulls
XHW, Bellower

3x Ironguts
Champion, Bellower

3x Ironguts
Champion, Bellower

3x Ironguts
Champion, Bellower

24x Gnoblar Fighters

8x Gnoblar Trappers

3x Rhinox Riders
Full Command, Warbanner, Ironfist, Heavy Armour, Bull Rhinoxen

Slave Giant

3x Maneaters
Great Weapons, Heavy Armour

With the 2600pts it was a big army, and quite intimidating to face. I knew I'd have to play this right with the right focus of shooting on the right targets to win, as only the Black Guard and Dragon stood a chance in combat. With a loss in the last round, a big win was crucial for the team and I had the best chance of us all this round so as long as I didn't screw it up. I went Lore of Death this time in hopes of getting the 2D6 hit MM, but only rolled a one. Deployment can be seen below in the labeled diagram.


Turn 1

Getting the first turn, I wasted no time in positioning my troops to do a lot of shooting, as I knew the Ogres could break on me in turn 2 or 3. The Assassin popped out of hiding and he along with his Shades moved deeper into the woods. Everything else that could shoot but needed range shuffled forward a bit, and the Dragon flew out west to be ready to tackle whatever survived on that side, with a particular eye for the meaty Butcher about 30" away.

Shooting was en masse with a lot of wounds being dealt. The Bolt Thrower, a few Shades, and the Dark Riders managed to collectively rid the Giant of 4 wounds, which the Assassin and his Shades killed a Butcher. All other shooting however failed to hit, and magic was easily dispelled.


In the Ogre turn the beastly army surged forward as fast as they could, with the exception being the Irongut unit in the west, being scared of a charge from the Dragon. The Trappers moved into the forest to try and kill off some Shades.

The Gut magic this turn proved very effective, with the RXBmen losing 5 men, a crew man dying, and a unit of Dark Riders fleeing the table.


Turn 2

With a mighty roar the Dragon flew head on into the Giant, the two monsters eager to fight it out. The Shades and Dark Riders swung around the left flank to threaten the nearby Ogres' flank, while the Harpies flew out to block off the Rhinox Riders and also try to redirect them for at least a turn. The Assassin and his Shades also turned their attention to the Rhinox Riders, passing their terror check. The other Dark Elves shuffled back a bit, not ready yet to take a charge from the Ironguts.

Magic once again proved ineffective, and shooting's effect was better; the BT taking two wounds from a Butcher and the Assassin and Shades killing a Rhinox Rider. In combat, the Dragon easily chewed up the Giant and overran 11".


The Ogres continued to close in on the Dark Elves ASAP, with charges declared also by the Trappers and Rhinox Riders. The Harpies attempted to stand but lost their nerve and fled 15". The rest of the Ogres moved along full pace.

Magic once again made an impact, killing another crew man, a Dark Rider, and 5 Shades. In combat, two Trappers were killed by the Assassin before the rest cut down two Shades. The remaining Dunmer then killed a further two Trappers, breaking then and catching them with an impressive 11" persue.


Turn 3

The Dreadlord, now away from the action, reared hs steed back around the pond to threaten the Butcher's unit. The Dark Riders also moved further down the flank to avoid a charge. The Harpies continued to flee, leaving the battle field, as the Black Guard repositioned around the pond to avoid a charge from the fearsome Rhinox. The shield wielding Dark Riders also reformed to prepare to add support if needed. Also, the Assassin's unit moved around the rear of the Tyrant's unit, their intended Rhinoxen target now beyond their reach.

Looking to his right, the single crewman on the eastern BT knew his time was short and went for the big bucks, managing the hit and slay a Butcher with his war machine. The other BT along with the Shades, Dark Riders, and RXBmen managed to kill an Irongut and take two wounds from a second. A Maneater also took two Rending Stars in his gut.

The Ogres finally saw combat as the bloodthirster Ironguts charged the Spearmen and the Bulls charged the RBT. The remaining Butcher, now surrounded, attmepted to outpace the beast behind him, but it was in vain, and so focused his last energies on killing as many Dunmer as he could. The Rhinox repositioned to try charge the Black Guard next turn, while the Fighters continued down the right flank toward the other RBT, and the Ironguts, now Butcher-less, aimed toward the centre. Finally, the Maneaters turned to face the Assassin.

Unfortunately for the Butcher, his concentration was spent, and Gut magic finally failed to give results. However, the Ogres won both combat running down their foes, though not before the Spearmen cut down an Irongut in a valiant last effort.


Turn 4

The Dreadlord grinned an evil grin as he knew his steed would be pleased to finally get its intended meal; a charge was declared against the Butcher. The Black Guard further braced themselves for the Rhinoxen charge, and the Dark Riders with Shields repositioned, moving between the gap near the pond and hill. The other Dark Riders raced across the field toward new targets, as the Assassin retreated from the hulking Tyrant. Also the Sorceress' unit turned to target the Rhinox Riders.

With the magical superiority of the Ogres lessened, the Sorceress attempted a spell on the Rhinox Riders, only the miscast, allowing the Butcher a free shot at Trollguts, giving his unit Regeneration. More successful, the Assassin and Shades managed four wounds of the Tyrant, leaving the Ogre Lord on the verge of death. The remaining Bolt Thrower also managed to kill three Gonblars.

In combat the Dreadlord challenged the Butcher, whose lack of a place to run had him cornered. Despite the Regeneration, the Dreadlord and Dragon managed enough wounds to break the unit, catch it, and overrun into the rear of the Bulls. The Ogres were now in trouble.


Fearing his own demise, the Tyrant hightailed it into the woods, underestimating the precision of the Assassin even in dense foliage. The Ironguts and Rhinox Riders closed the gap between them and the Black Guard, with a charge soon to be imminent. The Gonblars also closed in on the RBT, applying pressure. The Maneaters also closed in on the Shades. In combat, the Dragon and Dreadlord collectively chewed up the Bulls, overrunning the last two.


Turn 5

Using the pond as a divide, the Dragon and Dark Riders attempted to encircle the Rhinxo Riders, with their destruction essential for a big win. The other Dark Riders moved to target the Maneaters while the Assassin chased down the Tyrant, killing him. The RBT also managed to kill four more Gnoblars while the Sorceress fried an Irongut.


Seeing no future in catching the Dark Elves, the Maneaters turned tail and started heading for the border in hopes to avoid being shot. The Rhinox and Gnoblars however both declared charges, though the Rhinox were out of range. The Gnoblars successfully overran the RBT, earning their points worth.


Turn 6

With a roar of triumph the Dragon and Black Guard sandwiched the Rhinox Riders with a dual charge. The Dark Riders moved for a table quarter and chased the Maneaters respectively. The Shades and Assassin also tried to follow the Maneaters. In combat, a Rhinox Rider was killed but managed to roll Insane Courage.


The Ogre continued their tasks, even with the lone Irongut charging the flank of the Black Guard, but it was in vain as both him and the remainign rider were cut down. Victory was with the Dunmer tonight.



Was definitely pleased with the game. I played it right and managed to dictate how the pieces were all moved on both sides. Nothing much else to say really, 16-4 win :)

This put our team up a bit as we managed to beat NWG teamwise 44-36. This resulted in our final match against Dublin's the 12th Legion, which pitted us against Daemons, Wood Elves, Beastmen, and Skaven. Drawing it rough, I was pitted against Daemons, and the typical Khorne/Tzeentch GT set-up no less. This could be painful...

08-06-2010, 02:06
This resulted in our final match against Dublin's the 12th Legion, which pitted us against Daemons, Wood Elves, Beastmen, and Skaven. Drawing it rough, I was pitted against Daemons, and the typical Khorne/Tzeentch GT set-up no less. This could be painful...

Ahhh now this will be interesting!

08-06-2010, 11:07
Very good read so far, the maps help recreate the action and your description is detailed enough to give good insight on what's going on. I can't help but notice the gimicky nature of ETC armies, though; in both games the outcome was greatly influenced by the presence of the Dragon and the Assassin, to the point where the rest of the army (apart from the shooting units) are just cheering and standing around.

I'm in no way judging your list or style of play, just making an observation about ETC-level tournament play.

Other than that, the report is ace! Waiting for the next installment!

08-06-2010, 21:12
You are absolutely right and I won't deny that, I'll only say that I honestly only used the Dragon because I didn't have enough models to make a 2250pts list under the restrictions otherwise; I much prefer my standard list with no Dragons, no RBTs, and only one Hydra.

09-06-2010, 04:17
Nice battle report so far. I'm looking forward to reading the rest. Adding all the detail in a turn by turn report really helps me understand what each unit is doing and what's actually going on. Some battle reports I've read in the past lacked the detail and really only told you who won and lost.

11-06-2010, 17:23
Quite curious on the army actually, you seem to have maxed out on many of the hard choices without picking a few of the hard magic items. Is it the restricion pack or is it that you find the builds you are using better than them?

19-06-2010, 11:31
ETC restrictions count things like the Ring and the Pendant as hero choices.

21-06-2010, 17:42
Game 3 - James of the 12th Legion Daemons of Chaos

So up to table one it was to face off with the dreaded Daemons. Against the build before me I had never before had much success, at most securing a draw at the GT '09. My previous encounters had ended so due to me playing like a chump because of being too intimidated by the army and thus making mistakes. I was determined not to let that happen this time.

The Bloodthirster was going to be the main problem to deal with, and for that I had the Assassin and 2 Bolt Throwers. The Flamers were also potentially devastating, and so I planned to use my mass of Shades to try distract them until I could send resources to deal with them. As has been the case previously, I am not 100% sure on all magical items, though in this case I am 99% sure.

Firestorm Blade, Immortal Fury, Obsidian Armour

Herald of Tzeentch
Master of Sorcery, Spellbreaker

Herald of Tzeentch

6x Flesh Hounds
6x Flesh Hounds

10x Horrors
Standard Bearer, Icon of Sorcery, Musician

10x Horrors
Standard Bearer

10x Daemonettes
Standard Bearer

5x Furies

6x Flamers

Fiend of Slaanesh

The list was imposing and the type of list you see at every UKGT, albeit with one or two minor differences. One Tzeentch Herald rolled Glean Magic and Flickering Fire, while the Master of Sorcery took the Lore of Beasts. I just took Chillwind as my own spell. Deployment can be seen in the following labeled diagram.


Turn 1

Rolling higher in the roll off, I elected to take the first turn. I wasn't overly sure of how he was going to work his assault, so I kept the troops weary and the Assassin in hiding. The infantry and Harpies repositioned for a better defensive stance and the RXBs shuffled into range of the Daemons. The Dark Riders all prepared a vanguard to scout out the enemies moves, while the Shades moved to a shooting position.

Shooting was largely unsuccessful, with the Bloodthirster's magical essence protecting him from bolt fire, and Tzentch saw to it that only one of his Horrors fell. Elsewhere however, the Shades killed two Daemonettes.

In a daring move, the servants of Slaanesh charged headlong at the Shades in the forest. The Daemonettes never made it however the Fiend hit them hard. The Flesh Hounds in the east charge the central Dark Riders at a long run who fled. The Bloodthirster knowing it could not hide forever moved out toward the edge of the forest, ready to charge the Elves next turn. His Fesh Hounds followed suit. The Furies flew out to the east while the Horrors edged forward to get their spells in range. Finally, the Flamers moved around the forest.

Magic was quite devastating, seeing the total annihilation of the RXBmen from two spells. The Flamers also torched four Shades leaving one standing alone. In combat, the Shades managed to fight off and kill the Fiend, losing only one of their number.


Turn 2

The Dreadlord sounded the charge and atop his black steed he charged the Furies. The Assassin also popped out of hiding to assault the Bloodthirster. THe Dark Riders on either side advanced, with the fleeing one's continuing to do so.

Magic yielded no results as was to be expected, but a Bolt Thrower bolt managed to wound the Bloodthirster twice while the Assassin wounded him once more. In combat the Dreadlord and his Dragon slew the Furies outright and overran into the Flesh Hounds behind.


Angered by the attack, the Bloodthirster led out a bloody roar as he charged at the Spearmen, who though valiant in their attempt, couldn't overcome their terror and ran, allowing the Greater Daemon to hit the Black Guard in the flank. The Flesh Hounds came in a bit closer while the Horrors positioned themselves for the coming magic phase. The Flamers also moved up around the lone Shade and the Daemonettes backed up to advance toward the bolt thrower.

Between magic and shooting, two units of Dark Riders lost a man while the western most one was wiped out. In combat, the Dragon killed three Flesh Hounds and the rest then vanished into the Warp. Elsewhere the Black Guard struck at the BT in vain and lost four of their number. However, the chosen of Morrowind would not run so quickly.


Turn 3

The Dark Elves rallied now around their general. The Dragon flew around the rear of the Daemon army ready to send flame down the flank of a unit of Horrors. The Dark Riders nearby also approached the Horrors, while the second unit rallied. The Harpies attempted a charge on the Flesh Hounds but were unsuccessful. The Shades and Assassin now moved back to take out the Daemonettes while the Spearmen rallied and turned.

Shooting proved fruitful for the Dark Elves with a whole rank of Horrors being killed and all but one of the Daemonettes. Combat proved well also with the Black Guard losing only one man and beating the Bloodthirster in combat, though he rolled snake eyes.


The Flesh Hounds reared and charged the Harpies who ran off the board, leading the Hounds into the Black Guard. In a bad situation the Horrors turned to face the Dragon, exposing their flank to the Dragon. Expecting his unit to get fried also, the Master of Sorcery left his unit, totally udnerestimating the reach of the Dark Riders on the hill before him. On the other side of the field, the lone Daemonette ran for the bolt thrower while the Flamers moved into the woods, arms blazing.

The ensueing shoot phase saw 4 Shades die, and in combat, the Black Guard were obliterated, though not before taking down two Flesh Hounds. The Hounds overran into the Spearmen.


Turn 4

The Dark Riders beckoned their horses to gallop and charged the Herald and Horrors' flank respectively. The Shades and Assassin moved toward the Flamers to shoot them down, and the Dragon dodged out of the BT's LOS.

Shooting was rather unfortunate with both Bolt Throwers missing the BT, though the Shades killed two Flamers. In combat, though killing 4 Spearmen, the Flesh Hounds lost a dog and the combat. The Dark Riders overran the Herald with ease, hitting the flank of the Horrors. The other Dark Riders wiped out the Horrors leaving only the Herald.


The BT charged into the flank of the Dark Riders, knowing his time was short. Giving up on the Shades, the Flamers moved to try hurt the now near Dragon. Finally the Daemonette continued toward her target.

In the shoot phase the Dragon took a single wound, but in combat the BT wiped out three Dark Riders, allowing the other to kill a Horror before he ran. The BT elected not to chase knowing the Rider could not rally and wanted to taunt the Dragon into combat knowing it was the only way he could now make a difference. In the final combat of the turn, 4 more Spearmen fell, but yet again they killed a Hound and another died to resolution.


Turn 5

The Dragon lead the turn off by flying over the try sort out the last Daemonette. The Shades and Assassin shielded him from a possible Flamer charge, while the other lone Shades rolled around the back of the forest. With all else locked in combat shooting ensued with a Bolt slaying the BT finally. The other RBT reduced the Horrors to four Daemons. The Daemonette survived, but the Spearmen managed to kill the last Hound in combat. The Dark Riders also destroyed the Herald.


The Daemons had little left to lose, and so the Daemonette charged the RBT. The Flamers stayed stationary and the Horrors turned to face the Spearmen. The Flamers killed the three Shades now, leaving the Assassin alone. The Daemonette managed to kill a crewman on the RBT, but the combat was a stalemate.

Note in the below diagram, the Spearmen should not have turned around yet


Turn 6

The Assassin charged the Daemonette while the Dragon took cover with the lone Shade behind the woods. The Spearmen moved around the face the Horrors charge, while the Dark Riders stayed put to secure a table quarter. The Daemonette fell in combat.


To finish the game, the Horrors charged the Spearmen but were wiped out.

Aftermath and tournament conclusions

Well starting with the game I was delighted with my playing. I set out to conquer my fear of that list and I did just that. Allowing the Bloodthirster in toward the Black Guard was key in this game I think, as they held it up long enough for other parts of the army to be mopped up, and so that it couldn't overrun and instantly get another combat once they finally died. My previous mistakes of being too agressive against Daemons with my Dragon were also not to be repeated this day. The game resulted in a 20-0 for the Dark Elves making the final round count for round 3 50-30 to CLIT.

With that was the end of the tournament. I can honestly say it was my favourite tournament in a long time. Between the fun nature of the day, the free and delicious pizza, and my lack of huge mistakes for once, I really enjoyed myself. To make things better, the results came in, and we came 4th out of 12 teams, and in individual scores, I came joint 1st out of 46 players. Needless to say, this truly made the day for me, and will be glad to have this tournament as my last tournament of 7th edition.

Now bring on 8th!!!

22-06-2010, 00:17
Well done on the results and the personal improvement :) I think my best tournament finish is 20/60th :D

24-06-2010, 14:43
Top third is always a good finish and is always what I aim for; well done. Thanks for the support selone.

28-06-2010, 02:01
That was a lot of fun to read, thanks for posting!