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26-05-2005, 01:01
I cooked up these house rules for IG bike squadrons. This is still v1.0, but if anyone fancies giving them a try or would like to offer some feedback, go right ahead.

If you do try them then It's probably best to treat them as a restricted troop and buy them with a Doctrine point.

Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
12 3 3 3 3(4) 1 3 1 7 5+ - Biker
+6 3 3 3 3(4) 1 3 2 8 5+ - Vet Sarge

Number/Squad: Each squad consists of One Sergeant and 4-9 Bikers.

Weapons: Shotgun and Frag Grenades

Options: Up to two Bikers per squad may be upgraded with a sidecar for +8 points, which confers +1 wound. Bikes with Sidecars may exchange their Shotgun for a Stormbolter at +5 points, a Plasma Gun at +10 points or a Meltagun at +10 points.

One Guardsman not equiped with a special weapon may carry a Vox for +5 points

Character: The Sergeant may be upgraded to a Veteran Sergeant for +6 points. A Veteran Sergeant has access to the Imperial Guard Armoury

Forward Scouts:
As per 40K main rule book.

The idea is to create something similar to Rough Riders, but with a distinct feel of their own. As such, I've made the bikes aa shooting option rather than an assault unit. This way each squad can contain a pair of mobile special weapons which can move 12" and shoot at full effect die to the stable platform rule. They should work very well in conjunction with Sentinels but are weak in assault.

What do you think?

26-05-2005, 10:46
Nice. 12pts per guy... automatic shotguns and frags... scouting rule... How do you suggest I model one without paying £27 for it?

03-06-2005, 18:00
one thing i allways thought about bikers (since i race off road) is that if i was in a war with my bike personly i would like to do sort of hit and run thing the two guns on the front bad idea for you to be able to hit anything you would have to go so slow that there be no point in being on a bike. no true something like a bolt pistol or las pistol would be usefull since you have a 360 radius to shoot it with. i give them a sort of gernade that they throw off to the side and when they do this useing the biker speed rule (forget the name of the rule) and then theycut close to the squad throw it at them and by the time it goes off there way past and bombing some one else

just my 2 cents

05-06-2005, 13:55
I like the Idea of Bikers instead of using Rough Riders. I'd like to try them out. Guards on Bikes seems more reasonable, fluffwise, than Marines on Bikes.

05-06-2005, 14:09
I'm not sure about giving the riders shotguns as default weapons. I'd be inclined to give the riders laspistols and equip the bikes with twin linked lasguns.

Sidecars could be equiped with a special weapon, possibly a heavy weapon.

Lady Bastet
05-06-2005, 15:59
Why Shotguns at all? The weapon is clearly inferior and the only potential background application would be to pay homage to the Terminator films.

Strange indeed, interesting however… I shall return when you explain yourself!

05-06-2005, 22:14
Shotguns are assault weapons, Bikers are fast assault troopers.

06-06-2005, 02:57
Why shotguns?

Because in WWII, US army motorcycle couriers would be armed with either Thompson Sub-machine guns or M1 Carbines. Both weapons were short ranged and designed to be handy in a firefight and the most comparable IG weapon is the Shotgun.

German Motorcycle troopers were equipped with proper rifles (for which read lasguns), but they had to dismount to use them, which isn't really how Bikers work in 40K.

Besides, as Bikers should be pretty much constantly on the move, you'll never get to use the 24" shot anyway so why not give yourself the abilty to shoot and assault

That and the obvious Terminator movie reference... ;)

Lady Bastet
06-06-2005, 05:24
You may well have a point, would not be the first homage to the Second World War found within the armies of the Imperium.

06-06-2005, 08:22
Sounds good

As for shotguns they are fluffy (tho in more of a 'cool' way as opposed to hardcore fluff) and as stated they will be moving so also effective --> blast with shotties and assault wouldn't be as powerful as RR but funner :)

06-06-2005, 21:46
I thought I'd add some comment on what I was actually trying to achieve when I created the rules.

My first consideration was to make the Bikers quite different to Rough Riders. Now, as it happens, the shotgun and two special weapons configuration is entirely doablewith Rough Riders, but as I don't knowanyone who actually does this, I though a highly mobile Special weapon toting squad would be a good basis for the rules.

The choice of Shotguns was partly historically inspired and partly beacuse I didn't want the squad to be able to take advantage of the "Stable Platform" rule and snipe targets 24 inches away while roaring across the battlefield at high speed. Laspistols would be pretty pointless as you can't carry a CCW while steering a bike. The Shotgun gave a nice quantity of firepower and enabled the squad to shoot before assaulting, dramatically enhancing their assault capabilities compared to an Infantry squad. Frag Grenades were built into the profile to emphasise this.

Therefore, the squad is nowhere near as hard hitting in assault as a Rough Rider squad wth Hunting Lances, but are more durable because of their T 3(4) and can out perform a Stormtrooper squad because of their Shotguns.

Speaking of Stormtroopers...

The presence of two special weapons in a mobile squad means that the Bikers function more like the Deep Striking Stormie squad - rushing a pair of special weapons towards an ideal Target.

Compared to a Deep Striking, two melta Stormie squad, the bike squad will have to suffer fire before getting to do it's job and may not find it so easy to reach the target - but on the other hand, once it has successfully taken out it's target it can move swiftly on to another one whereas the Stormies may find themselves stranded with no viable targets.

So, summation... I envisage the Squad being used a bit like a cross between a Stomtrooper squad and a Rough rider squad...

20-06-2005, 00:53
And a heavy weapon is just to big for the IG. I like the Idea maybe make it sorta like the SM bikes. Its got TL lasguns in the handlebars and then they can grab a shot gun for like 5 points more. I donno the innitial rules are really good too.

24-06-2005, 23:16
this is nice, but as has been said, is there any way that we can do this squad cheapiy?

26-06-2005, 23:24
Okay. Ork warbike, old metal Imperial Guard heavy weapons gunner legs, One Heavy weapon wheel and a miscellany of bits from the Tank Acessory sprues.

The whole lot comes to £6.50 (about $13) not including the tank acessory sprue, which you should have in your bits box.

I've done a Prototype but not photographed it yet as I have been very busy with work. I will post it up in time.

27-06-2005, 02:56
I'll give it a go. It gives a good alternative to the rough-riders. Personally I'm a fan of bikers over the rough-riders any day. I like the side-car rule too.

27-06-2005, 10:12
I think that bikes will also look heaps better so even if you opponant wont let you use the biker rules you can still use your awesome models to beat his ass with. :evilgrin:

The boyz
27-06-2005, 13:18
Sounds good. I have always thought that the Imperial Guard would look good having the option to take bikes instead of rough rider squadrons.

04-07-2005, 11:54
They should definetly have a heavy stubber option for the sidecar, and perhaps a hand-held lasgun option instead of the shotgun, perhaps for +1 point per model. Last time I checked the ruling was that bikers may shoot twice and assault with handheld weapons, but couldnt move and fire at max range.

Well, in this thread at least : http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=4240

This would give them the option of stopping and firing their lasguns at long range, wich I guess would be like dismounting and firing, but still keeping up a decent volume of fire on the move. I'd probably shorten their lasguns as much as possible (or use the FW droptrooper bullpup ones) to make them look managable one handed. Perhaps even with extended clips to make them more capable of "spraying" rounds at close range.

/Joel - just a few thoughts

04-07-2005, 19:00
They should definetly have a heavy stubber option for the sidecar, and perhaps a hand-held lasgun option instead of the shotgun, perhaps for +1 point per model. Last time I checked the ruling was that bikers may shoot twice and assault with handheld weapons, but couldnt move and fire at max range.

I thought quite hard about including the Heavy Stubber as an option and am entirely cool with it as an idea, but I deliberately left it out as a 36" range heavy weapon seemed a bit much, and I wanted to avoid heavy weapons - otherwise why not just mount Heavy bolters?

Nevertheless, Heavy Stubbers as an option for sidecars for +10 points seems fine to me.

The decision to equip the squad with Shotguns was a deliberate attempt to prevent the unit having a 24" basic weapon option... I'm trying to encourage movement in the squad a give the squad a distict character of their own rather that simply duplicating some other unit's capabilities (eg stormtrooper) only on bikes...

Kensai X
04-07-2005, 20:15
That or you could make up a gun for them like lascarbine or hellcarbine or something of that nature.

04-07-2005, 23:53
Why bother making up a weapon when exactly the right weapon already exists?

20-08-2005, 12:53
Okay, time to practice some necromancy.

I've been meaning to post up a picture of my Biker prototype for ages and I finally got raond to photographing and scanning one this week.

So, here it is, my £6.50 IG biker... (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v454/Getz/bikes.jpg)

The one on the left is finished but not fully painted. The one on the Right will be my Vet sarge when ginishe, and I've included him so you can see a little more clearly how the bikes are made. When he's finished he will be armed with a plasma pistol and power weapon. I'm going to use the Yarrick sword (so he won't be waving it around in the air) but the converiosn will have to wait untill I've built up a big enough bitz order to warrent going to my local GW...

I've used the Heavy Shoota's to fabricate a new set of front forks, as this make the bike look more "manageable" for a guardsman. The Smoke Launchers on the headset represent either frag launchers for my trial rules - or a one shot spray of krak grenades which counts as a hunting lance for when the bikes are standing in as Rough riders.

Bea IC
03-09-2005, 13:50
Getz, those are fantastic! I'll have to use some of those ideas on my bikes/trikes.

ML Kurze
14-09-2005, 10:43
I once made rules for IG bikers, which were more similar to the Space Marine bikers / bikers from Gaunt's Ghosts than these are. And I like these better. I'd like to suggest that the the unit be allowed to be equipped with a single trike (like an assault bike) which is armed with either twin-linked heavy stubbers, a heavy bolter or a heavy flamer. It counts as a bike with sidecar (+1 t, +1 w) but has a better armour value (4+) and counts as stationary when firing weapons. The number of men on the bike is two (one behind the guns, the other driving with a shotgun).
What do you think?

14-09-2005, 11:15
Cool model, cool rules. I agree that shotguns are the best weapon choice.

Just make it so the sidecar weapon is in addition to the driver's shotgun, not a replacement. And that both can be fired in the same turn of course.

30-09-2005, 18:42
just saw these at-

and thought of imperial guard bikers, either as they are, or with converted riders .