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Yin - Yang
22-02-2006, 14:40
Last night, I mail ordered my first inquistor model - I've played a few games before, and I'm looking forward to getting down to some gaming with my own warband.

But, being a fan of the fedora as hat, I plan on giving my Inquistor one - the only problem is, how to do it.

Right now, the two options I can think of are;

1) Green stuffing one

2) Finding one in Inquistor scale (54mm I think?) that could be used.

Any help?


Inquisitor Samos
22-02-2006, 15:17
Using "Green Stuff" or another model-making epoxy putty ould probably be the easiest method.

There is a company I know of that sells 54mm figurine heads, some with hats: take a look at Item SG-A18 from Andrea Miniatures (http://www.andrea-miniatures.com/market/AspsProductos/Detalle.asp?IdProductoDetalle=346). One of those heads has a fedora.

It'd likely take a fair bit of care and skill with a razor saw to remove the hat from the head, however..... presuming you didn't want to just use that Andrea head "as-is" of course! ;)

I'm still thinking epoxy putty will be the simpler way to put a fedora on a particular head that doesn't already have one, though.

Yin - Yang
22-02-2006, 15:41
Yeah, I was leaning towards the "Green Stuff" etc way - it does seem to be the easiest.


22-02-2006, 15:49
I gave my Inquisitor a big hat made of greenstuff, but you could probably apply a similar method to make a fedora.


The pictures don't work anymore, because I moved them, but there're some here:


Basically, I sculped the brim and crown of the hat separately, then joined them together with a hatband made of greenstuff afterwards.

Inquisitor Samos
22-02-2006, 17:40
That's some fine work there, McMullet! :cool:

Yin - Yang
22-02-2006, 17:55
Nice hat there XD

Yeah, I think green stuff'll be the way to go.


22-02-2006, 23:21
Cheers muchly! :)

I'm afraid I have ripped most of that model apart (I kept the hat) as I want to redo the cape (it was a shoddy attempt to cover up all the shoulderpads on the Eisenhorn model). Which also means redoing the beard, and then maybe repainting the whole thing. Ah well, I don't play =]I[= much anyway... :p

06-03-2014, 02:25
Since I can't create a new thread I'm going to post this in here. Not so much a question about the Inquisitor game, but a question about one of the Eisenhorn novels, in Hereticus Eisenhorns mansion on Gudrun is attacked by a group of highly trained mercenaries. Does anyone know the name of the Mercenary group? and where i could possibly find more information on them? I've lost my copy of the book so i can't look it up for myself.

06-03-2014, 05:41
Vessorine janissaries. There's not a lot official on them outside of a few scraps that Abnett has written, but http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Vessor sums most of that up.