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03-06-2010, 17:19
The Tale of Wazzap Axezzap

There comes a time when a calling is made to a new orc leader. No one knows if it's Mork or Gork or both who makes the call, but all of a sudden the chosen one of the green gods gains the strength and power to start up a powerful Waaagh!!!

This is the tale of Wazzap Axezzap and his calling.

Wazzap Axezzap was a savage orc shaman who could contently spend his days zzaping frogs and yelling at the sun, but the day he came across a battleaxe in the woods everything changed.

His grip on orc magic grew and he found that the more greenskins there were around him the stronger he felt physically as well. So strong in fact that he could shatter a chariot with a single blow!

Orcs, savage orcs, goblins, night goblins, and trolls rallied to his call and all of a sudden the Waaagh!!! of Wazzap Axezzap had began...

This is just a quick tale I'm going to run before 8th comes out, and it's basically based around a fun lord build I came up with (and have seen no one else use).

You take one 100 point battleaxe of the last waaagh!!!, throw it on a Lvl 4 savage orc great shaman, and all of a sudden you have a character that is a powerful caster and fighter (5 str 7 attacks if his unit is fully ranked).

Here is the 2250 list:

Lvl 4 savage great shaman w/ battle axe of the last waaagh
Lvl 2 goblin shaman w/ wolf chariot, itty ring
Lvl 2 goblin shaman w/ wolf chariot, scroll

24 savage orcs w/ spears, banner, musician
25 boyz w/ shield, banner, musician
25 boyz w/ shield, banner, musician
25 boyz w/ shield, banner
25 boyz w/ shield, banner
28 night goblins w/ nets, banner, musician
5 wolf riders w/ bows, spears, musician
5 wolf riders w/ bows, spears, musician

Orc chariot
Orc chariot
2 spear chukkas
2 spear chukkas

Doom diver

Total: 2249

The way I'm going to run this tale is that I'm going to try to get 10 games in before 8th comes out, and I'm going to try to win more than I lose.

I played two games yesterday (one against tomb kings and one against lizardmen) and will have the reports up this weekend.

In the mean time vote how well you think I'll do :)


03-06-2010, 18:13
Votin for the epic fail here :D
Not that I have anything against the Orcs its just that I have a hankering for spinach ;)

03-06-2010, 18:33
went for the moderate vote of "Ok", just so you have something to beat ;)

A funny lord choice indeed (how usefull remains to be seen)

03-06-2010, 18:51
Obviously I already know the outcome of the first two games, but I actually really like that build.

Orc magic isn't overly powerful but it is fun and can help out a lot if you get the right spell at the right time, and the fact he can still pack a big punch is just making him an all round great character.

Now in 8th this might be less of an issue where you could have a warboss and a great shaman under the 25% allowance, but in 7th this two in one aspect is pretty fun.

However, adding this magic meant I had to cut points from other areas, and the main place it came from was dropping my BSB. Now I can be a bit more defencive with this army but I know at some point not having a BSB is going to bite me in the ****...

03-06-2010, 19:26
Sorry to say I went with Ok.

* You are an amazing general.
* You have plenty of models to throw around.

* Animosity is going to bite you in the **** at some point and lose you a game
* No BSB and lots of infantry
* 1 hitty character with no protection

I'm thinking its going to be a wash. You'll hit a balanced Empire list, have a great game and earn a win. Then you'll find yourself up against a Slaanesh terror bomb and your models will be so terrified they'll pack themselves. Whatever happens though, I look forward to the Battle Reports.

Oh, and could some of the reports not be youtube? I'm a fan of good old fashioned text.

03-06-2010, 19:38
Oh, and could some of the reports not be youtube? I'm a fan of good old fashioned text.

I'm aiming for a mix :)

03-06-2010, 22:02
Always like your tales Mal so I'm looking forward to this one, voted superwin, if anyone can do it, it's you :D

04-06-2010, 00:27
Kick but Mal, your reports are always a pleasure to read.

06-06-2010, 03:03
ITS A SUPER WINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oops toning down for the 10/10.

06-06-2010, 05:22
Game 1: A Bad Day To Die

Wazzap was yelling at a dead frog when his second in comands came up to him.

"Um... sir?" Spoke the one goblin shaman known as Lumpy. "Are you ready to engage?"

"Wallo wallo!!!"

The other goblin shaman scratched his head. "As much as I believe you that this dead frog 'stole your gal' there is still the pressing matter of the tomb kings firing on us with their catapults..."

With a bang a flaming skull hit the dead frog, vapourizing it in a second.

"Wallo wallo!!! WAAAGH!!!"

The two goblin shamans looked at each other, shrugged, and decided that as long as it made Wazzap sent his horde into battle that they wouldn't correct his thinking that the tomb kings had stolen his frog...

So this was a 2250 battle against tomb kings where I used my standard list and he used something like this:

Tomb king w/ destroyer of eternities
Priest w/ jar
Priest w/ steed, staff

25 skeletons w/ FC
4 chariots
3 chariots
3 chariots
2 swarms

20 tomb guard w/ FC
3 carrion

Skullapult w/ skulls of the foe
Skullapult w/ skulls of the foe

We were using a system where you roll for the type of deployment and the missions for each player and ended up with one where we were deploying on the narrow board edges, I had to control one of mine and one of his objective markers, and he had to control both of mine.

(My objective markers were two boar riding characters and his were two ushabti)

Here is a link to the pictures in photobucket: http://s534.photobucket.com/albums/ee350/Malorian/Orcs%20vs%20TK%202010%2006%2002/
There are a lot of them...

The board was 4X6 and to be honet most of the terrain didn't matter. Each flank had a hill with woods covering it but otherwise nothing else had an effect.

He deployed from left to right: 4 chariots, skullapult, scorpian in front of the skeletons w/ king and priest and carrion behind, skullapult, tomb guard w/ other 2 priests, chariots, chariots.

I deployed from left to right: doom diver and chukka in wooded hill, wolves, chariot, orcs, shaman chariot, night goblins w/ Wazzap and orcs behind, troll w/ shaman chariot behind, savage orcs, chariot, chukkas, orcs, wolves. And in the far back I had a unit of orcs sitting in a ruin guarding an objective.

Swarms dug in behind my left chariot, and a scorpion dug infront of my right one.

He won first turn.

Pre-game Thoughts:

The second he deployed further back with his main line I knew I was in for a nasty game.

Even though I was using a lot of magic in my army I actually had less magic defence and leadership than my regular list... and when you are facing 2 skullapults that will be firing 4 times a turn that means trouble...

I didn't give up hope though because I knew I could still do a number on him in combat (if I made it to him). Wazzap can smash chariots and as long as I avoid the tomb guard I should be able to swarm the rest. At the same time I would have to protect my objectives...

This would be tough...

Turn 1 TK:

He only moves up the chariots and the scorpion a bit and then gets ready to shoot (groan). A shot hits my night goblins and kills a handfull (meaning Wazzap will need to find a new home) and although some lucky scatters and rolling of 1s saves my chariots, a scattered shot did destroy one of the right chukkas.

Turn 1 Orcs:

Animosity makes the savage orcs and the orcs following my geneal squabble... and all of a sudden I'm screwed...

You see I can still push up but I know from hard learned experience that against tomb kings any exposed flank will soon see chariots magically charging into it, so I would have to scale back my advance. Plus my general would be stuck stay with the night goblins just to keep him in a good LD bubble situation.

Otherwise my wolves and orcs on the right move up, the troll protects the general from being baited, and I pray.

The praying does little however as my magic does nothing (shaman were too far away) and my shooting keeps up the same lack luster pace.

Turn 2 TK:

The swarms come in and charge the rear of the left shaman chariot, and the scorpion comes in and charges one of the left chukkas.

In the magic phase the carrion move right in front of me to march block, and in the shooting phase a skullapult lands on the head of the right shaman and panics the chariot and then arrows a few of the elft wolves. In combat the swarms kill the shaman and overrun into the rear of the night goblins, and the scorp makes short work of the chukka and over runs into the right chariot.

So this was a horrible turn for me... he had wiped out a good part of my magic and even though I could counter my lines would be jumbled and not marching on his line like I wanted.

Turn 2 Orcs:

Animosity makes the right wolves and the orcs behind my night goblins squabble (that's ok... it's not like I needed them to counter the swarms...)

Savage orcs flank the scorpion but the right orcs fail their fear tests meaning the troll has to charge the carrion alone. Both wolf chariots rally.

In the magic phase I manage to damage some of the right chariots and then my shooting does nothing.

In combat Wazzap beats up on the swarms, scorpion crumbles, and troll manages to beat the carrion... which all sounds goo until you take into account the fact that my savages are now showing their flank to the chariots. I would have guarded them with the wolves... had they not squabbled...

Turn 3 TK:

Chariots slam into the flank of the savage orcs. Tomb guard move up a bit and his scorp moves into the woods.

The left chariot is destroyed by a skullapult and arrows finish off the left wolves.

In combat the savages are beat and ran down. As he over runs I flee with the chariot (only had 1 wound left anyway) with hopes that it would send his chariots into the ruins... but they stop a millimeter away... (I do however run over and kill the other right chukka) His carrion beat my troll and run him down. And I finish off the swarms.

Turn 3 Orcs:

Animosity doesn't do much, but lady luck then makes the orcs fail their fear test whenh trying to charge the chariots right in front of them.

Wazzap moves into the left orcs and magic and shooting does nothing other than taking a couple wounds off his scorp.

Turn 4 TK:

The weakened chariots charge my wolves but I get away. Carrion fly behind my lines, and the chariots that were right in front of the ruins move to the right (ready to hit any exposed flank).

With magic he raises up the lost chariots.

A skullapult scatters back and kills the carrion (hehe) and then hits Wazzaps unit and panics them. He also destroys the left wolf chariot.

Turn 4 Orcs:

Night goblins fail animosity.

The right orcs charge the flank of the chariots, wolves rally and block the chariots on the far right, and Wazzap rallies. I then just form up a defensive line.

In combat the chariots are wiped out.

Turn 5 TK

Tomb guard charge my right orcs and I flee and get away.

Skullapults hits the orcs in the ruins and panic them and arrows kill a wolf.

Turn 5 Orcs:

Animosity does nothing.

Wolf chariot charges his right chariots, and the orcs fail to rally and keep going towards his board edge.

I form a defensive line, fail to shoot down the priest he had ran out of a unit for some reason, and then bring the chariots down to one.

Turn 6 TK:

Scorpion charges Wazzap's unit but doesn't have the range to actually touch him.

Skullapult panics the center orcs.

I win combat against the scorp but it's still alive, and the chariot battle is a draw.

Turn 6 Orcs:

Animosity does nothing and units rally.

Looking for some fun I move Wazzap into contact with the scorp and in the magic phase make him ASF and reroll to hit... he then fluffs and the scorpion kills him before crumbling...

With the loss of my general it's obviously a win for the tomb kings (boo!)

Wazzap, with poison ripping though his body, raised up his axe in victory.

Sure his army had been slapped around... but they were orcs! And if they had the strength to fight again (and there were enough alive to fight again) then it was a victory in their minds (no matter how much a tactician might disagree...)

Gathering his forces, Wazzap lead his horde away (while still be blasted by flaming skulls) to look for another fight.

Post-Game Thoughts:

To be honest the catapults didn't do as much damage as I thought they would, but at the same time I was right about how this would pan out.

My opponent stayed back with the bulk of his force and just blasted me while some of his units just danced around and kept me busy.

I guess I could have been more careful in the end and not lost my general, but it had been a pretty boring game and I wanted to try and have a bit of fun... and in doing so turned a tie into a loss....

The only good thing I can say about this game is that I held two objectives to his 1, and I liked how my general's build did as he ogt off some fun spells while still did some killing in combat.

Right after this game the local lizardmen player wanted a go so we quickly set back up and got to it. Report to follow soon :)

06-06-2010, 06:50
Game 2: Stegadon Ninjas

After Wazzap Axezzap's "minor set back" he was soon marching out and looking for pigs to bite and hamsters to kiss... until he came across some lizardmen.

"Wallo wallo!"

Lumpy, bandaged up from the beating he had taken in their last battle, came over to figure out what their fearless leader was talking about.

"Wallo... wallo wallo!"

"Sir... lizardmen are spawned from pools, they don't have any 'junk' to swing in your general direction..."


"Ughhhh fine, you're right, they insult you and your pet frog... can we please just go and fight them now?"

"Wallo WAAAGH!!!"

"Thank god..."

Used my standard list and this was the stardard pitched battle game.

His list was basicially:

Slann bsb w/ cupped hands, extra dice (shadows)
Lvl 2 skink on EotG w/ blood statuette
Scar vet w/ great weapon, charm of the jaguar

18 spear saurus w/ banner and musician
13 skirmishing skinks
12 skirmishing skinks

16 temple guard w/ FC
3 terradons
3 terradons


Here are the YouTube reports:

After the army had retreated and regrouped Wazzap smashed a nearby orc in frustration. This made him feel a bit better, showed to his horde that he was still worthy to lead them, and most importantly killed that orc that the great orc shaman believed stole his shadow.

As far as Waaagh!!!s go this one was off to a bad start, but as long as Wazzap Axezzap had his magical axe and an army following him he would fight on until either he found victory or defeat (or something shiney took his attention...)

06-06-2010, 12:38
two tough games there
seems animosity and useless shooting got you both games, Wallo! indeed :)

06-06-2010, 13:36
I'm loving this army! Usually all you see is an army go undefeated, it's nice to cheer for the good ole orcs, even when they take some lumps.

06-06-2010, 15:02
Tough luck on that first one. Short table edge deployment kind of makes a mess of things, especially against a build like that TK one.

06-06-2010, 23:14
Aww poor Wazzap :D
Rakkashi should be coming to play this week.

07-06-2010, 03:20
Not exactly the start I thought I would see, nevertheless those were two great battle reports and I can't wait to see what the greenskins face next. Animosity can be a killer though. After facing chaos warriors with my 1000pt night goblin type horde today, I was able to pull out a draw after almost certain victory. My unit with my ng boss failed animosity 2 turns in a row and then panicked off the table after the group next to them ran from combat and then both groups (in total around 300 points) never rallied.

07-06-2010, 03:31
Bad luck on the losses. Just get the bad rolls out of your system now, and I am sure that Wazzap will WAAAGH! his way to victory soon. That first game was painful to read...animosity really messed up that advance.

07-06-2010, 21:37
Well I'm all signed up for a five game tournament in three weeks, so as long as I can get 3 more games in apart from that I'll be fine for making 10 :)

07-06-2010, 22:17
Beastmen will be ready to rock on wednesday.
Getting close with Gobbos too ;). Roughly 1750ish and growing.

07-06-2010, 22:35
Der es no looosin..............Gest Waaaghin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08-06-2010, 02:40
6-8 voted here, I have faith!

10-06-2010, 15:51
Game 3: A Date With Deamons

“Deamons…” Spat goblin shaman Lumpy. “Why’d it have to be deamons…”

Fellow goblin shaman, Scrawny, shrugged his shoulders. “Hey, maybe Wazzap will be too busy doing… whatever stupid thing he is doing now… to pick a fight with them…”


An irate Wazzap Axezzap started running across the field, alone, towards the deamon army that had been marching on their camp.

Lumpy looked over at Scrawny and winked. “You know… if we let him die we could have the axe for ourselves.”

Scrawny winked back. “True, but his stupidity makes me smile.”

“Alright then… shall we?


With that the two goblin shamans jumped into their wolf chariots, rushing to aid their foolishly brave leader, and behind them the horde followed.

So I had planned to play against Seabo’s beastmen but when I got there the local deamon player told me that she wanted to try out a new list, and knowing the best way to break a losing streak is to fight deamons I accepted ;)

Her list was only 2000 points so I dropped the doom diver, a unit of orcs, and then 2 more orcs from another unit.

The deamon list was something like:

Lvl 4 lord of change
Lvl 2 tzeentch herald (bsb?)
Lvl 1 slaanesh herald
Herald of khorne

29 horrors w/ FC
19 blood letters w/ FC
19 deamonettes w/ FC

6 flesh hounds inc karanak

The board was 6X4 and there was a woods on the left flank, a ruin on the right flank, I had a hill in the right side of my deployment, and she had a tower in the left of hers.

She deployed from left to right: lord of change behind tower, deamonettes, flesh hounds, bloodletters, horrors.

I deployed from left to right: wolf riders behind woods, savages, orcs, orcs, chariot, shaman chariot, night goblins w/ great shaman, troll w/ shaman chariot behind, chariot, wolves in front of hill and 4 chukkas on it, orcs behind ruins but facing center.

I won first turn.

Pre-Game Thoughts:

I wish I could have taken pictures because her army looked really good, and I have to say that for a deamon army it wasn’t overly nasty.

With the lord of change on the opposite side of my chukkas (and it bound to fly even further to the left) unfortunately I wasn’t going to get many shots against it, but that just meant they could concentrate on the flesh hounds.

The plan was to double team the deamonettes (knowing my savages were a good match-up against them), shoot up and counter the flesh hounds, smash the bloodletters with chariots, and then just block the horrors and deal with them later. If the lord of change made it’s way closer to center then all shooting would be at it.

Turn 1 Orcs:

Animosity makes the left orcs squabble, and I pass stupidity.

Wolf riders all rush up (daring the flesh hounds to charge), and then the rest of my line moves up. I know I don’t need to rush in to engage them but this meant that if the LoC flew behind the woods I could waaagh!!! a catch it with the savages plus I didn’t want to wait too long and watch my chariots blasted with bolts of change.

In the magic phase one shaman fails to cast, the other (itty ring) miscast and exploded, and then my great shaman was shut down. So not a good way to start a game against deamons.

Then in the shooting phase I only manage to do 1 wound to a flesh hound, but hey, better than my magic phase ;)

Turn 1 Deamons:

No charges. Horrors shift over to be behind the ruins, LoC flies to the left flank (far enough back to be safe from the savages), and surprisingly the line doesn’t move up much.

In the magic phase she gleans my magic and moves up the bloodletters a bit more, and kills a single savage. A scroll saved one of my chariots from a bolt of change.

Turn 2 Orcs:

Animosity makes the savages and wolves in front of the bloodletters squabble, and I pass stupidity.

The left orcs move up to make a solid line, all the chariots, the troll, and the night goblins wait to counter the bloodletters, and the left wolves move to block the flesh hounds and deamonettes.

Magic does better as I kill a hound, kill 6 bloodletters including the champ, and none of my guys blow up! Shooting does nothing.

Turn 2 Deamons:

Flesh hounds charge the wolves and I flee and am caught as they stop just in front of my left orcs. To my surprise the bloodletters don’t charge and instead try and work their way around the right side of the squabbling wolves, and then unfortunately the LoC has just enough room to fly behind my savages. Deamonettes move up and the horrors move more behind the ruins.

In the magic phase my center orcs become stupid, my right chariot losses 2 wounds, a few savage orcs are blasted, and one of the left orcs is killed.

Turn 3 Orcs:

Terror tests are passed. I declare my Waaagh!!! and most of my units pass and move up, and both stupidity’s are passed.

Savages charge the deamonettes, the left orcs charge the front of the hounds while the center orcs hit the flank, and the troll and shamanless wolf chariot charge the bloodletters (I wanted the night goblins and right chariot to charge too but the wolves were in the way and the chariot failed the fear test).

Then the right orcs move back, the wolves move to threaten the flank of the bloodletters, the night goblins move up, and the two other chariots aim to the left side while staying out of LOS of the LoC.

In the magic phase I start off with my great shaman and get shut down but that’s my plan as it allows the goblin shaman to magically move my night goblins into combat with the blood letters.

In the shooting phase all chukkas fail to wound the flying chicken but an arrow kills a horror.

In combat I net and crush the bloodletters and the rest of them fade away, I beat the hounds and they fade away as the center orcs overrun into the flank of the deamonettes, and then in that combat… the deamonettes go ninja… they kill 8 orcs (6 savage and 2 regular), I do nothing back, and they win by two. Luckily both units hold.

So overall a pretty good turn but now things looked to get very nasty on the left flank.

Turn 3 Deamons:

LoC charges into the rear of the savages and horrors move up.

In the magic phase the herald destroys the right chariot with a bolt of change… until we look and see he didn’t have LOS, but then the horror unit casts the area spell (gift of change?) and destroy the chariot anyway. A bunch of the right orcs are also killed by this spell and they fail panic.

In combat I’m beaten, the center (stupid) orcs are caught while the savages luckily get away, and this panics the left orcs. This leaves my general and night goblins in a bad spot as they now have deamonettes on one flank and horrors moving in on the other.

Turn 4 Orcs:

Night goblins fail animosity (Nooo!!!) and stupidity is passed.

There is good news however as all units rally (so the10 remaining savages bravely face the LoC). The wolf chariot and the troll move to the flank of the deamonettes while the wolves move to redirect them away from the night goblins. The other chariots moves to threaten their opposite flank and the lord of change.

In the magic phase I’m easily shut down as the great shaman is busy squabbling.

In the shooting phase I do ok though as a chukka does 3 wounds to the LoC.

Turn 4 Deamons:

Deamonettes charge the wolves and I flee and get away, and LoC charges the savages who pass their terror test. Horrors move up.

In the magic phase both the horrors and the lord of change get off that area spell (gift of change?) but luckily they roll fairly badly and all I lose is a couple wolf riders, a few night goblins, and a few orcs.

In combat the savages the LoC kills 3 savages, the savages do a wound back (woot!), and then hold! (double woot!)

Turn 5 Orcs:

Terror is passed on my left chariot.

Animosity does nothing but the troll fails stupidity.

Left orcs charge the flank of the deamonettes, the chariot charges the flank of the lord of change, and the wolf chariot charges the other flank of the deamonettes. Wolves rally and move to redirect the horrors while the night goblins reform to face them and the right orcs move to their flank. Shaman chariot moves over to get in range with his magical movement spell.

In the magic phase I’m shut down though, and shooting does nothing.

In combat the charge kills the lord of change and overruns into the flank of the deamonettes. A ton of deamonettes are killed and then the rest fade away.

At this point my opponent throws in the towel.

Victory to the Orcs!

Lumpy leaned over to help Scrawny to his feet (who was still dazed from his misadventures with magic).

“Hey Scrawny, guess what?”

“I’ve managed to live through another crushing defeat?”

“No! We won! Can you believe it?”

“Get out of here…”

Looking out Scrawny could see Wazzap Axezzap running towards the last of the deamons before they too faded away.

“Wow… maybe Wazzap is a good leader… maybe we’re going to come out of this alright after all...”

Post-Game Thoughts:

Well that turned out a lot better than I had planned, and especially after one of my shamans blew up on the first turn.

Shooting failed me again and animosity tried to make things tough, but this was all made up for by the massive amount of leadership tests I passed during the game. To be honest if I had failed a few more (especially the ones for flank charges) it would have been a much different result. But hey, I’ll take it, good and bad luck all works out even in the end.

Both of us had a lot of fun and it turned out to be an interesting game.

Don’t know who my next opponent will be (maybe my brother’s ogres) but at least I’m back on track.

Thanks for reading :)

11-06-2010, 08:06
a win against demons... unbelievable. congratulations. now keep winning or ill be loosing the poll ;)

11-06-2010, 08:34
The thread rocks!!!!!!!!
The goblin lieutenants are great too, and the thing is i actually like your list, and want to see how the warrior-shaman build will go...maybe he needs more manouverability?

11-06-2010, 09:36
Good on you dropping points to play against Daemons! The Ontario tourney circuit would have Orcs up to 2500 against 2k Daemons (and they still usually lose) so well done scoring that win!

11-06-2010, 12:35
Nice game, Malorian.

I am not that surprised by the outcome; from what I've understood from Seabo's and your past reports, your gaming group favors large, mainly unsupported, hard-hitting units. Lists like that are the bread and butter of horde lists, as you can afford to lose some bodies to enemy magic and can redirect the hard-hitters until you get into favorable positions.

Lets take this game, for example: The daemon list features 3 large infantry units (only two of which are combat-oriented), a 6-hound support unit and a Flying rank Breaker. Magic phase aside (12 PD against your 6 Dispel Dice), the orcs have the advantage of numbers (5 ranked infantry units, 4 chariots, 2 fast cavalry units and a redirecting troll), which is huge: you get to outdeploy your opponent by a lot and then you can redirect his big units to no end (animosity allowing, of course). The way I see it, the game could go the daemon player's way in one of the following two instances:

1) She plays the denied flank card and forces you to either face his units in a straight fight or endure a long-ranged magical barrage targetting your juicy targets (basically anything that a flickering fire can wipe out in one go: Fast cav, chariots, mages).

2)You get bad rolls for leadership against fear/terror, mitigating the numerical disadvantage of the daemons, saving them from flank/rear charges.

In my opinion, the big mistake your opponent did was commiting the Lord of Change VS the rallied savage orcs; with rank, numbers and musician, the Greater Daemon had to kill at least 3 of the savages to win combat, then hoping they'd fail a Ld7 Break Test. (quite a leap of faith with normal dice)
I find that flying rank breakers work best when they do exactly what they're advertised to do: Flank/rear charge large infantry units and turn the tide of a combat.

Thanks for the report, looking forward to its next installment!


11-06-2010, 12:52
great game Mal! :)

11-06-2010, 13:16
nice!!! go AXEZAPP

11-06-2010, 14:13
Thanks for the comments everyone :)

I am not that surprised by the outcome; from what I've understood from Seabo's and your past reports, your gaming group favors large, mainly unsupported, hard-hitting units.

Well that's true for some of the armies but not all of them.

Interesting note though, the guy that runs the bunker (the one that uses chaos warriors in blocks of 25) hates the idea of bait and flee/redirecting and thinks the game should be all about big blocks fighting each other, and is looking forward to 8th where they will have less of an effect.

For now I'll just happily hit their flanks ;)

And it's confirmed, my next game will be a 2250 against my brother's ogres.

Here's hoping I didn't use up all my good fear test rolls on the deamon game...

14-06-2010, 18:08
No luck with the ogre game.

Things came up and I had to cancel it.

24-06-2010, 17:01
Game 4: Return of the deamons! (This time with more boobies!)

Wazzap Axezzap had just had his first victory over an army of deamons meaning his horde had more faith in him than ever before.

It didn’t matter that after beating the deamons he started giving a victory speech… to his foot… and it didn’t matter that he and said foot soon got into a fight after an alleged racial slur… the fact that the leader was leading the horde to victory and that was all that mattered.

So when storm clouds gathered and another deamon army appeared as if out of nowhere Wazzap’s legions of greenskins didn’t give it a second thought before bellowing out “Wallo Wallo Waaagh!!!” and charging into battle.

I used my standard 2250 army.

The deamon army was:

Lvl 4 lord of change w/ stuff
Lvl 2 herald of tzeentch w/ stuff
Lvl 1 herald of slaanesh w/ ignore armor weapon
Lvl 1 herald of slaanesh w/ many armed monstrosity

29 horrors w/ FC
19 deamonettes w/ FC
19 deamonettes w/ FC

5 flesh hounds
6 screamers

2 fiends

The board was 6X4 and there was a hill in each corner on the left side and a couple of towers on the right flank (both of us wanted things fairly open).

She deployed from left to right: LoC behind hill, deamonettes, fiends, hounds, deamonettes, horrors, screamers.

I deployed from left to right: orcs, chariot, orcs, shaman chariot, night goblins w/ Wazzap, troll w/ shaman chariot behind, orcs, chariot, orcs, wolves, wolves, savage orcs. Then all the warmachines were on the hill.

She won first turn.

Pre-Game Thoughts:

Well it looked like I would have to take on deamons again but I felt pretty good about this game. I had the greater deamon pinned in with an ton of warmachines, I had the chariots to counter the deamonettes ASF, and overall the deamon list wasn’t a nasty one anyway.

The plan would be to swing over with the wolves and use them to bait out the fiends and hounds, counter and destroy, then swamp the deamonettes with chariot support, and then on the right side just keep the horrors and screamers busy with my savages who wouldn’t have to take panic tests anyway. And of course shoot down the chicken… if my chukkas didn’t fail me… again…

One thing that would be a lot of fun is both shamans got brain busta (2D6 str 4 hits) so those would be perfect.

Turn 1 Deamons:

Line moves up but only about 8 inches, the LoC flew behind the fiends, and the screamers flew off to the right flank. I think she held back because she was worried about my chariots and was hoping to blast them with magic first before moving in for the kill.

However her magic came to a whole lot of nothing (either out of range, fail to cast, or dispelled) and we were quickly to my turn.

Turn 1 Orcs:

Animosity does nothing but troll fails stupidity and stumbles forward.

Things move up only slightly, the wolves swing over to the center, and the savages reform to face the flank.

My magic phase does wonders as I blast down about 8 of the deamonettes, including killing the unit champ with the itty ring (even though shaman took a wound from it) and putting a wound on the herald with an ead butt from Wazzap.

Shooting wasn’t so great though as the doom diver scattered off target and the chukkas did nothing to the LoC.

Turn 2 Deamons:

She doesn’t fall for the bait and simply moves up cautiously again. LoC flies behind the left deamonettes and the screamers move to my right.

In the magic phase she mages my left wolves stupid, the horrors miscast and 1 dies, and the rest is shut down. Then the LoC shoots at my troll but fails to wound.

Turn 2 Orcs:

Animosity does nothing of note, and stupidity is failed on the troll but passed on the wolves.

One unit of wolves moves over to redirect the left deamonettes and the other moves to block the fiends and hounds (depending on what she does I will either flee, get caught, and counter, or just take the charge to slow them down. The far left orcs swing in along with the left chariot.

My magic phase does absolutely nothing to the deamons, but the itty ring shaman is killed by the itty ring. *face palm*

Shooting does better as the doom diver does 2 wounds to a fiend and chukkas force the LoC to take two wards… which are made. *shakes fist at Lady Luck*

Turn 3 Deamons:

Hounds and fiends charge the stupid wolves and I flee knowing that the fiends will hit me but expecting the hounds to fall short… I’m wrong. The fiends hit the inner right orcs (fear failed) and the hounds hit both the far right orcs (fear failed) and right chariot (fear passed).

Right deamonettes and horrors move up, and although I tried my best the screamers find a chink in my line and are able to land on the left flank of the savages while staying out of line of sight.

In the magic phase I shut most things down with the help of a scroll, and then she miscasts again, this time with the LoC and I get a free spell which moves the far left rocs up thanks to hand of gork. She does however make my night goblins stupid.

Shooting again does nothing.

In combat the fiends don’t do enough and go pop, and the hounds do a couple of wounds but also fade down to just 2 models.

Turn 3 Orcs:

Animosity does nothing of note, stupidity is failed AGAIN on the troll and also on the night goblins.

The far left orcs try and charge the flank of the deamonettes by fail fear. The wolves move to block/redirect the left deamonettes into the troll while everything else sets up to counter. Then on the right flank the savages reform to face the screamers/flank of the deamonettes should they charge into my far right orcs (which they are sure to do).

Doom diver kills one of the right deamonettes and I get 2 chukkas through the LoC’s wards… only to roll double 1’s for wounds. (Not overly bad as it’s still 2 wounds, but still.)

In combat the hounds fade away.

Turn 4 Deamons:

Left deamonettes charge the wolves (I pass fear and hold) and right deamonette charge the far right orcs (I fail fear).

LoC flies to my left flank, horrors edge up, and screamers go to town killing a handful of savages and destroying the right chariot.

In the magic phase a few more savages are blasted but I stop the rest.

In combat the left deamonettes bring the suck and only kill 3 wolves and the remaining 2 kill the wounded herald (hehe). I obviously still lose and break but I get away and the deamonettes hit into the troll. In the right combat she rolls poorly again and only kills 4 and I manage to hold.

Turn 4 Orcs:

WAAAGH!!! Pretty much everything moves up (the night goblins and inner right orcs hitting into the left deamonettes on either side of the troll, but the far left orcs fail terror from the flying chicken and run over a bunch of units and actually end up jumping onto the screamers and being wiped out (doh!).

The left chariot charges into the flank of the left deamonettes and the savages flank the right deamonettes, and other wise I just shift around slightly. Both the orcs and the wolves rally.

Magic phase is shut down, but then in the shooting phase the doom diver scatters off the screamers and the chukkas kill the LoC.

At this point the game was pretty much in the bag. A large part of her army was destroyed and as both deamonettes units looked doomed I half expected her to give up… but I was wrong… on both counts…

In combat the left deamonettes are wiped out (Wazzap killing 3) but in the right combat the deamonettes to ninja and I do almost nothing back. I win by 1 and she passes and now I’m in big trouble. The left flank is mine but out of position and once the horrors flank my savages I’m in done for on the right side.

Turn 5 deamons:

Horrors flank the savages. Horrors fly over a couple of units killing some orcs and almost destroy the wolf chariot while doing a wound to the shaman.

Magic phase does nothing.

In combat I get a gift as she doesn’t do much damage and thanks to me outnumbering I win by one (both her units pass).

Turn 5 Orcs:

Animosity does nothing of note. The chariot (having a big overrun after beating the left deamonettes) rear charged the right deamonettes. Then I shuffle around but most of it is pointless as I’m either trying to catch fliers or catchup to the right flank. (After however I felt stupid as I could have tried to use hand of gork to charge a unit into the screamers.)

Magic phase is mainly shut down although I do manage to get off bash em lads on the savage orcs.

Shooting kills a couple of screamers.

In combat the chariot and savages do a bunch of damage on the deamonettes (now below half) but they also kill a good amount of me. I again win by 1 and she passes her tests.

Turn 6 deamons:

Horrors fly over and kill the troll, some night goblins, and some orcs.

After a bloody combat it is my turn to lose by 1 and for me that means auto break. Chariot screams over to the left and both my blocks get away from his blocks but run off the board.

Turn 6 Orcs:

Animosity does nothing of note, and so I move around to hold/contest table quarters.

Chariot fails to rally and destroys the wounded wolf chariot while running.

In the magic and shooting phase I blast the screamers to be below half. I had miscast with Wazzap but it only made him frenzied and stupid.

Nervously I add up the victory points to see if it’s a tie or a minor win and…

Victory to the Orcs! (Thank god I got those table quarters!)

He had done it again! Even though it had been a bloody battle Wazzap had lead his horde to victory!

The rest of the deamon away fled the field and the orc and goblin army celebrated their victory the only way they knew how… raiding an orphanage…

Post-Game Thoughts:

Well that really came down to the wire, and after it seemed to be so much in my favor too. (I should also note that I’ve now beaten deamons twice in a row with orcs and goblins… in your face tier system!!!)

Really disappointing to have my shaman killed by the itty ring so quickly and I’m thinking I should drop it, but at this point I can’t. I’ve already submitted my tournament list and I’ll soon need to completely rework the list anyway for 8th.

Good to see my chukkas finally got the job done, and orc/goblin magic is turning out to be a lot of fun. Looking forward it seems that the new standard eight lores will be a lot better, but I can always take a warboss with a wizard hat ;)

So anyway I should have another game next week and then on the weekend it will be the 5 game tournament (so I’ll meet my 10 game quota). Here’s hoping I can meet my goal of winning more than I lose.

Thanks for reading! :)

24-06-2010, 18:42
Good game Mal, congrats on your 2nd win against the Daemons :D

01-07-2010, 16:40
Here is an intro for my tournament: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HYT5MeMT48

01-07-2010, 21:14
Thanks for the report and just as importantly thanks for the into vid :) Looks like a fun tourny

04-07-2010, 09:43
Seems like it will be a fun tourney!

04-07-2010, 15:09
Looks good, are you going to make a new tale for 8th, have you finished off the itchy bum one or have i missed the final showdown.

I think your Welsh Legion could do well in 8th with the focus on large blocks, although you may need a druid or two.

05-07-2010, 15:15
So didn't have time to make the youtube reports on the weekend so I'm going to have to do them this weekend.

It was a crazy tournament full of massacre wins, massacre losses, and insane dice.

Stay tuned ;)

08-07-2010, 15:26
And now I've played my last game, meaning this weekend I'll need to put together 6 battle reports!!! :eek:

And the last one is an 8th ed game ;)

have your popcorn ready for saturday ;)

The Blue Guy
08-07-2010, 16:24
have your popcorn ready for saturday ;)

I'll be here :)

08-07-2010, 23:07
I'll be asleep/at work!

09-07-2010, 02:48
Wazzaps last great battle was against the Beastmen.
I love Mals batreps so I won't give too many details away but just want to add a few insights that I have of 8th ed now that I've played a game.
1)Magic is awesome!!!
2)Micasting is really....really bad... :(
3)Ungors in a horde still suck...
4)6+ Ward save w/shields really comes in handy :D
5)Monstrous infantry is da bomb....nuff said...
That's it for now. Enjoy the youtube report :D

10-07-2010, 15:07
Game 5: Silly Beardlings

Lumpy, the goblin shaman in charge of giving Wazzap tactical advice and cleaning up his poop, carefully studied the dwarf formation.

“This could be a tough one boss, their flanks are covered by terrain and their forces look solid… we’ll have to find a way to draw them out…”

“Wallo wallo?”

Lumpy started to rub his head as the headache was already starting to set in. “Sir… no, I don’t think offering them cake will do the trick…”


“No… your loin cloth won’t work either, in fact offering it might actually make them run away…which although would be great, wouldn’t give the boyz the chance to kill.”

“Wallo? Wallo!”

Lumpy finally gave up. “Ok fine, you go offer them the cake, served on your loin cloth, and I’ll start marching up the boyz just in case it doesn’t work…”


It had been a great victory, the dwarfs were beaten and scattered and Wazzap Axezzap’s army controlled the field.

Lumpy’s face gleamed with satisfaction, until Wazzap headed his way…

“Wallo wallo!!!”

“I know sir, I don’t understand why they didn’t want the cake either…”

“Wallo wallo wallo!?!”

“Yes sir, I’m sure it’s now safe to eat the cake yourself…”

Wazzap grinned a toothless grin and hurried off to eat his treat, and Lumpy… Lumpy started to wonder if they were hiring at McOrcies…

10-07-2010, 15:09
Game 6: Dark Elves and Their Cheesy Smells

Looking through his looking glass Lumpy carefully examined the center line of the approaching Dark elves.

“Hmmm executioners with a hag holding a banner with another hag following behind them with a cauldron of blood… I wonder if it’s too late to call in sick?...”

Gritting his toothless gums, green energy filled the eyes of great shaman Wazzap, and suddenly from his finger blasted out a powerful bolt of orc magic!

That completely fried the butterfly that had landed on his sandwich…

“Sir, you might want to save your energy for the coming battle…”

Wazzap pointed at the remains of the butterfly and started to scream as he jumped up and down. “Wallo wallo!!!”

“Yes sir, you did the right thing… that butterfly did almost steal your sandwich…”


“Oh yes, and it called your mother fat… how could have I forgotten…”


The battle was a disaster… every part of their battle plan had turned against them, Wazzap’s stupidity had led to their center line breaking, Lumpy had so many arrows in him that it hurt to breath, and many of their horde had been slaughtered…

Lumpy looked around and wondered if this was it… would this be the straw that broke the boar’s back? Would Wazzap be left on his own while his army abandoned him?

A bruised Wazzap Axezzap hefted up his axe, bellowed out a loud Waaagh!!! and charged towards a nearby herd of goats.

At first the other orcs scratched their heads but soon, after their fearless leader had decapitated a couple of goats and was laughing as he chased after a third, defeat was erased from their minds and they too charged in with their weapons raised.

“It was true,” Lump thought “As long as he led them into battle his army would follow.”

10-07-2010, 15:10
Game 7: Chaos Beardlings???

For once savage orc Wazzap Axezzap was taking part in the pre-battle planning, and he was asking goblin shaman Lumpy some good questions. Unfortunately Lumpy had nothing…

“I’ve got nothing…”

“Wallo wallo?”

“Sorry sir… I’ve never encountered chaos dwarfs before… especially ones from the province of Indy… all I can say is that I can’t fathom why they aren’t castling on that hill…”


“Well, I guess they might be doing it for fun…”

Wazzap grinned. “Wallo wallo?”

Lumpy smiled too. “Alright boss, we’ll do it your way. We’ll have fun.”

Turning around, Lumpy gave the orders to the troops. “Men, we seem to be up against some beardlings that pray to the chaos gods, and we have decided to focus on one key strategy… kill em all!”

The orc horde smiled, together bellowed out a loud WAAAGH!!!, and charged forward.


From the noise coming from the tavern you would think two tribes of rival ogres were having at it, but in fact it was nothing like that.

“So *hic* what chaos god do you pray to exactly?” A well past drunk Lumpy asked.

The dwarf sorcerer downed the rest of his mead before replying, “Hell I don’t know *burp*… what’s the gay looking pink one called?”

Orc and dwarf together burst out laughing.

Then the dwarf leader looked around. “Hey, where didn’t that orc shaman get to anyway?”

Lumpy smiled, “He’s over on the mechanical *hic* bull.”

Looking over the group saw Wazzap Axezaap riding the mechanical bull, waving his axe in the air, and screaming like his life depended on it.

“Ha!” Laughed the dwarf. “He rides it like I ride my wife!”

Lumpy’s smile disappeared. “Actually… that might be exactly what he’s trying to do…”

After an awkward pause, the dwarf sorcerer threw up….

10-07-2010, 15:11
Game 8: Too Skinny to Be Scary

The Waaagh!!! of great shaman Wazzap Axezzap was back on the move, and it wasn’t long before they found the fight they were looking for.

Horns blared and from across the field Lumpy saw an army of High Elves preparing to engage them.

“Sir!” Lumpy called back to Wazzap. “You better take a look at this…”

Tearing himself away from the tea party he had been enjoying with a trio of friendly frogs, Wazzap squinted his eyes to try and see what his second in command was talking about.

“Wallo wallo?”

“No sir, not the sun… look down… no, not at your feet! Look across the field! You see that high elve army making their way to us? Well what would you like to do about it?”


Lumpy sighed. “No, I don’t think this is the time for ultimate frisbee… you see all the forest and hills? Those crafty high elves are obviously trying to split our forces. Which flank should we concentrate on? Or would you rather we hold or position and wait for them?”

Wazzap thought for a second… then he thought some more… then he went back to the frogs to get their opinion… then he refilled their tea cups… then he came back…

“… Wallo…”

“Brilliant sir… but the answer isn’t three… you know what, how about I send the majority of our force around the right flank. Hell you can even go with them! You never know, you might find something shiney!”

Wazzap thought for a second… then he thought some more… then he went back to the frogs to get their opinion… then he refilled their tea cups… then he came back…


“For Gork’s sake! The answer isn’t three!!!”


Lumpy walked towards Wazzap who was toying with something shiney in his hands.

“Congratulations sir, that was a great victory indeed, and I see you found some ‘treasure’ along the way…”

Wazzap grinned, lowered his hands, and opened them to show the goblin shaman what he had found. In his grubby hands were some finely crafted elven arrow heads.

“Well sir, that is nice…” Lumpy said half sarcastically (just enough so that the savage orc wouldn’t catch on).

“Wallo… wallo?”

“Really sir? I have to count them for you? Alright… well there’s one… two… three…”

Wazzap just stood there with a look of self satisfaction on his face.

“What? I don’t get what’s the big deal… oh… oh Gork… three… well sir, looks like you and the frogs were right after all…”

Beaming with justification, Wazzap rushed off to tell the frogs the good news…

10-07-2010, 15:13
Game 9: Orc kill Orc!

Lumpy lead the stranger to Wazzap’s tent. Knocking on the door he then led him in.

“Sir, might I introduce to you Warboss Headloppa. He and his horde were passing by and he wished to meet you.”

Warboss Headloppa was a tall orc, easily a foot taller than Wazzap, and was covered in patches of armor from countless battles. He was famous for leading lightning raids from atop his wyvern, yet even he had heard of the tale of Wazzap.

“H’llo Wazzap, me an da boyz just want’d ta stup by and tell ya wat a great job yer do’in.”

Wazzap smiled, then sniffed the air… the then followed the scent until he was sticking his face in Headloppa’s rear end.

“Wallo Wallo!”

Lumpy quickly intervened. “Sir, I’m sure he smells like a wyvern because he rides one all day… I hardly think it’s logical to think he actually has a wyvern up his backside…”

“Wallo wallo…”

Without warning, Wazzap start scratching at Headloppa’s rear end, trying to find the mysterious wyvern.

“SIR!!! STOP IT!!!”

Warboss Headloppa growled and spun around, knocking both greenskins away with a back fist.


“Please forgive Wazzap… he get’s, um, confused easily…”

“Wallo wallo?”

That got Headloppa really mad. “How d’are you say dat I fornikate wit my wyvern!!! Great Shaman Wazzap… I chall’enge you ta battle!!!”

With that the large warboss left the tent, Lumpy was left stroking his growing migraine, and Wazzap still tried to figure out where the wyvern was…


Battered and bruised, Lumpy hobbled his way back to camp where he found Wazzap and a good portion of the army laughing and playing tag.

“Excuse me! But what the hell just happened?”

Wazzap shrugged his shoulders. “Wallo wallo… wallo wallo…”

“Oh, you forgot to turn the oven off…”

“Wallo wallo…’

“And then you wanted to play a game… well good for you… Well, just in case you were wondering, while you and your pack of loony orcs were here having fun, me and the rest of the army were busy FIGHTING OFF AN ARMY THAT YOU HAD INSULTED!!!”

Wazzap didn’t know what to say… he’d never seen Lumpy so angry…

“I mean come on! You go and pick a fight, then run off, and leave the rest of us to fend for our selves?!?!? What kind of leader are you?!?!?”

Again Wazzap didn’t know what to say…

“It took EVERY inch of my cunning to keep us from being slaughtered… you know, maybe if you had stayed around we could have won that fight!!! Think of that! Instead of licking our wounds we would be training our new wyvern and giants!!!”

Wazzap blinked…

“Gork damn it Wazzap! I don’t know how the hell you expect the army to rally back to you this time…”

To this, Wazzap smiled. He turned around, ran back into his tent, and moments later came running out holding two trays of triple chocolate fudge cookies, fresh from the oven.

“Wallo wallo!!!”

From all around orcs and goblins rushed forward to get their share… and once again, despite the setback, the Waaagh!!! of Wazzap Axezzap was still alive!

Final thoughts on the tournament:


10-07-2010, 15:14
Game 10: Beastmen Endgame

Since their last battle Lumpy had calmed down and he and Wazzap had mended their friendship.

Lumpy was still mad but in the end Lumpy knew that if he left he would just have to join another Waaagh!!! at the bottom of the totem pole, and Wazzap knew that the little squeaky goblin sounded funny. It was a match made in heaven…

As they and the horde marched through the forest something strange happened… seven birds in the sky became eight, buildings and odd structures popped out of nowhere, and then… then the beasts came…

No one understood it… it was like their world had just been dropped on its head, and in this chaos they were being attacked by large groupings of minotaurs and formations of ungors bigger than they had ever seen before…

There was only one thing to do… WAAAGH!!!


Although the night goblins, for some reason, no longer let their leader, Wazzap Axezzap, join their ranks, from the sidelines the savage orc great shaman still lead them from to bloody victory to bloody victory.

Waving around his axe and firing out spells they defeated and destroyed the ungor horde, then beat the minotaurs and ran them off, and then caught up to the last minotaur to finish him off.

Wazzap bravely ran forward, cutting open the minotaur’s leg and gut, but it wasn’t quite enough to take down the beast… the minotaur retaliated with his giant axe, and it was as if time slowed down as goblin shaman Lumpy saw the axe strike on the top of Wazzap’s shoulder and then continue down until it was mid chest.

The night goblins swarmed the minotaur and cut him down, but as they did their brave leader coughed, spat out some blood, dropped his magical axe, and then collapsed to the floor…

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!” Yelled Lumpy, and he whipped his wolf drawn chariot as fast as he could… but he was too late before he even started… Wazzap Axezzap was done for…

Lumpy held the head of the dying great shaman and wept.

“Wallo… *cough* wallo wallo…”

“I know… I know… you tried your best…”

“Wallo *weeze* wallo…”

“Ok *sniff* I’ll give your axe to the frogs… you just rest now…”

Wazzap Axezzap grinned one more toothless grin… and then went limp…

The tale of Wazzap Axezzap was at an end… and somewhere, miles away, as if triggered by his death, a Lahmian vampire open her eyes…

11-07-2010, 08:03
Awesome fluff!!!
And way to go out with a bang. At least my Beastmen got a moral victory for pulping the crazy green guy :p

11-07-2010, 08:09
Awesome, the best series of batreps ever. Loving the tale of Wazzap Axezzap. Thankyou, I may even consider using that combo of mad shaman and weapon myself.

12-07-2010, 14:53
I was a lot of fun (although getting 6 reports done in one night wasn't...) and I can't wait to start my next tale in 8th :D

Lord Nestron
13-07-2010, 21:55
that was awesome and I can not wait for the vampire storie line :)

13-07-2010, 21:57
that was awesome and I can not wait for the vampire storie line :)

Might want to catch up on the fluff...

Search for Lahboura ;)

14-07-2010, 00:33
Enjoyed the tourny reps.
Not much to say about the dwarf rep but plenty on the DE rep. Welcome to dark elves, sounds like you had a less than great time thoguh grats on not being too woe and despair (at least in the after words :D). I thought if you took casualties to a flank the casualties would come off the flank :confused:
The chaos dwarf game sounds really enjoyable even despite the extremes of luck that was flying about. His war machines were pretty funny :) As an aside the first part of the game is labelled on Youtube as High elves.
The scenario for the HE game was a bit dodgy, especially if it was on your modified toughness and you were an elf who faield the first one. Imagine if you'd faced any nurgle sorcerors :o
The fifth game should have been the great escape, you played very well to overcome awful turn one :)

Good tournament :)