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04-06-2010, 04:40
So after deciding to keep my beasties after the army's latest renovation I've drawn up a 2k list with the percentage system of 8th in mind. My only misgivings about this list is that it's not as hordy as my old BoC used to be, and I'm not sure about the Chalice on the Wargor...I figured that it was either Chalice or harpies, and the Chalice is cheaper and can help me stall missile fire if my ambushers are dogging it or if I haven't engaged the enemy in combat yet. C & c welcome and needed please!

Wargor w/heavy armour, shield, GW, and chalice of dark rain. 135pts Running around with just a scroll caddy always makes me feel vulnerable, and I considered giving this guy the Eye of Night - 45pts for MR2 and a bonus against relatively rarely used lores doesn't seem worthwhile though. Pelt of the Shadowgave maybe?

Brayshaman w/2x scrolls, additional HW. 127pts
Gorebull BSB w/heavy armour, shield, GW, gnarled hide, and ramhorn helm. 237pts

2x Tuskgor Chariot 160pts
6x ungor raiders 36pts
6x ungor raiders 36pts (ambush)
24x gors w/additional HWs, FC 217pts
23x gors w/additional HWs, FC 209pts (ambush)

I feel like I should have some pooches, or 4 tiny units of ungors, half ambushing...

4x minotaurs w/GWs. 252pts
6x centigors w/standard bearer and musician. 171pts It's a shame that these guys lost the ability to move through woods...I thought that this kind of heartbreak would never happen again after what I went through w/7th ed. Dwarfs...I'm just a sucker for these guys though: should be obvious, too...a points hike and the loss of move through woods and I keep coming back...
Razorgor chariot 145pts

jabberslythe 275pts

04-06-2010, 13:35
I like the big blocks, go Beast horde!

Given that you'll have lots of random dispel die in 8th I'd ditch the dull shaman and either trade him in 4x5 dogs/ungors or the points to upgrade the Wargor to a Beastlord for the improved LD and give him a nasty magic weapon/magic armour to help him survive.

04-06-2010, 13:44
Remember that ambushing requires at least a rank to get flank and/or rear in the new edition.

Ambushing will suddenly become a vital tactic. I'd dump the raiders in favor of plain ol' Ungor.