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04-06-2010, 09:20
So trying to think how i'm going to arm mine, He's gonna be in a unit of 17 beastigors.

Was thinking hw/shield, tali protect, gnarled skin, pelt of shadow gave
So he's got a 2 save in combat at the unit is at -1 getting shot at an -2 magic at them.

Think is folks have said he just inst killy enough and I'm pretty new to fantasy, i thought 4 s5 attacks were pretty good (can tell what other game i play ;)).

What do you guys give yours?

I was thinking of swapping his stuff for: the wolverineesk d3 attack item, and the armour that lets you attack if you make a save, gnarled skin and heavy armour too so he still has 2+ save but a potential 5-7 attacks + attacks from making saves.

oops in general, apologies not had my coffee yet this morning.

04-06-2010, 10:48
4 S5 attacks in general won't do you much when you face off against the enemy's heavy hitters.
My beastlord is tooled to the extreme, he takes on units head-on and comes out winning (he once fought a unit of Skaven Stormvermin to the front while he also had Skavenslaves in his flank, and he won).

I give him the Brass Cleaver, Ramhorn helm, Gouge-tusks, Gnarled hide, heavy armour, shield and a Razorgor chariot.

This means that on the charge against a normal infantry unit, if fighting to the front, he will kick out 8 S5 attacks at -3 armour save, 1 S4 attack, 4 S6 attacks, and D6 impact hits. If anyone wounds him and he saves, that's an additional attack per save as well.
He's expensive as hell though, comes in at 374 pts, but there's few things in Warhammer (that doesn't ride a Dragon) that are as killy as he is.

I really don't think putting him in a Bestigor unit is any good. Bestigors themselves are a crap unit, so spending lots of points on them and then even more on a character, just to get a sub-par unit, is a big waste if you ask me.

04-06-2010, 11:10
I take heavy armour, shield, gnarled hide and the ramhorn helm which give him a 1+ save and extra attacks if he saves. With that I can either take a Sword of Might for S6, or the more expensive set up of Stonecrusher Mace which gives you S8.

If you haven't seen it you can find more beastmen tactics on The Herdstone, see the link in my sig.

04-06-2010, 15:22
I wouldn't bother with talisman of protection; a 6+ save has a 58% chance of not being used on a 3 wound model (and thats assuming the model isn't hit by killing blow or multi wound attacks).

Instead I'd follow mrtn's advice ad use a sword of might. Str 5 doesn't have much effect against armour and there are lots of things were it won't wound on 2+. If you don't want to take a magic weapon (in order to preserve the hw+shield bonus on the beastlord) you could take gouge tusk. That way he is at least a bit better at penetrating armour.

04-06-2010, 16:41
I have a large beasts army back in New Zealand I
thinking of having shipped to NYC. Basically this is my thoughts on a beastlord.

1. If you are taking one you are doing so for one/all of the following reasons over a doombull.
-higher leadership
-accesibility to chariot as a mount.

I would play to those strengths.

Personally I'm not sold on giving him a chariot just yet as that eats into my lord allowance. You can quite comfortably fit in a great Brey shaman AND a beastlord if u so desire. I guess alot depends on how the magic phase shapes up.

Anyway this is how I'm looking at running mine.

Additional handweapon heavy armor shield and gouge tusks. If u arnt putting the scaly skin save on ur BSB then add that here. Honestly I'd avoid inopportune combats like the plague on this guy. Keeping that ld 9 bubble intact. I'd definately charge him in for opportunistic fights in the flank where he can get some kills with little chance of dying back. Personally when 8th drops I have a feeling gor units will come into their own. I am looking at giving him the horn that allows primal fury rerolls within 36". I'm a big advocate of keeping things cheap and with the above he does decent offensively for his cost altho his protection is very weak. 5 str 5 hatred armour piercing attacks is ok if facing infantry. I might consider giving him the +1 Init gift as well to put him above spearelves/warriors.