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04-06-2010, 17:18
Hi there all,
I have had abit of a break from 40K for the last few months.
Now I have seen the new Daemons, Blood Angels and Eldar I am being tempted back (away from PP)
I still have around 3000pts of Tyranids but they have started to gather abit of dust.
But Im not that sure where to restart.
Im tempted by
Elite, Fast Blood Angels
Iyanden Eldar
Tzeentch Daemons or

Which would you currently restart with? And why?

04-06-2010, 17:24
I've also beeen gone from 40K for while now but just got back into it
Blood Angrels are looking Kickass so try them :)

04-06-2010, 17:32
I play daemons so will say try them htough they are a bit of a unique play style and are definatly a learning curve army.

All ou listed above are great armies though many would think that Necrons are a bit lacking at present and I would advise against playing a mono-god Daemon list though tzeentchas well as everyone god can pull it off in low points.

Dont play Eldar at all so have no opinion.
Blood angels are good but are very Fotm

Creeping Dementia
04-06-2010, 17:34
I'd either go for Daemons or Blood Angels.

The new Daemon models are looking pretty good, personally I'd go more Khorne and Nurgle, but I think Tzeentch will work well too.

Blood Angel models are also really good looking, and going heavy into jump infantry is actually pretty effective. Storm Ravens are also nasty, and really helpful in getting those elite units engaged (though you've got to model your own). Dante, Sanguinor, some Sanguinary Guard, Assault Marines, and Death Company w/ Lemartes, and of course some Priests, is a low model count and effective army.

Crons are still really needing an update, and Iyanden Eldar is still expensive if you go heavy Wraithguard.

04-06-2010, 18:10

I play Blood Angels and I like the new codex/minis (always someone to whine but for me it's a really nice codex). Several different style like heavy mech, all jump pack, ...... always great fun.

For the Eldars, they are my main opponent. I think they have among the best minis IMO and even if there is some issues with the codex when you compared the options to the more Hollywoodian new codex:D it is still a good army.

PS: We are not a competitive group of player.

Shas'o Kais
04-06-2010, 18:16
The eldar are very strong, if you like strategics they are supposedly very fun to play. I would say go the blood angels route, they have a good codex abd great models and are very powerful.

04-06-2010, 18:57
So many good reasons and suggestions. This is going to get expensive

04-06-2010, 20:46
Play Flesh Tearers.

04-06-2010, 21:14
Thats a very short and sweet answer. I have always seen them as a more rouge and feral chapter compared to the original BAs. I love their clean and antique looks of them more.

04-06-2010, 21:23
I would go with blood angles. They have the best codex out of the lot you are looking at. Mostly though virtue of being a 5th edition book and being a part of GWs current design philosophy. Necrons have an old and rather poor book. Eldar can still work well but your options are limited and daemons while fun have a very troubled book and trying a mono god build it going to hurt even more.