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04-06-2010, 20:33
Has anyone seen or done any good conversions for ironbreakers or hammerers?

I want to include one of these units in my dwarf army but don't want to spend 200 dollars acquiring the models for it.

If you have seen/or made one, what did it include?

Also does anyone think something could be done with the dwarf warrior box or bfsp warriors? I was thinking of taking those and green stuffing over the chain mail with plate and then equiping them with either great weapons or hw/shield

Just wondering what others have seen/done/thought off.


04-06-2010, 20:36
I've seen IB done by taking the warrior box and putting face masks and some bigger shields on them. It looked OK, but they were still warriors with face masks and big shields.

04-06-2010, 20:43
yeah thats the problem. I don't want something that looks meh and screams "hey look at me I am too cheap to buy this unit"

something I was considering was getting 3 ironbreaker boxes and then a box of warriors. Basically making the entire front and flanks of the unit actual ironbreakers and filling in the middle with slightly converted warriors. Thats still 100 bucks for a single unit.

04-06-2010, 20:44
This (http://www.coolminiornot.com/index/whatc/Fantasy/whatm/GW/id/111692) one is pretty awesome in my opinion.

04-06-2010, 20:47
I've seen IB done by taking the warrior box and putting face masks and some bigger shields on them. It looked OK, but they were still warriors with face masks and big shields.

To be fair after seeing how little armour greatswords have I think its quite easy to claim face masks are gromril armour. ;)

04-06-2010, 20:52
Would you be playing in official tournies or at GW stores?

If not, then you could try the new mantic dwarf models.


You can get 100 Dwarfs for 50 (approx $75 I think). I just picked up 20 of their ghouls and saved myself 14 on buying GW ghouls, and the Mantic ones look much better IMO.

Follow the link to see them.

THE \/ince

04-06-2010, 21:14
while the mantic games ones look nice it doesn't seem to me they would fit well with the rest of the gw dwarf line. Maybe it is just me but something about them is just a bit off as far as comparing those to the gw line.

That conversion was nice, maybe I will try something like that. I am not that good with green stuff but how will I ever get better if I don't use it.

I think I am going to start by grabbing all the warriors with cloaks and then greenstuff their armour to look a bit thicker. I will see how far that takes me. I guess

04-06-2010, 21:45
It is really easy to convert the normal warriors into convincing looking hammerers. I used all of the cloaked bodies, and then armed them with the great weapon arms with the axe heads replaced with hammer heads from the hand weapons. So long as you buy enough dwarf warrior boxes you can do it quite easily, and still build the rest into HW/Sh Dwarfs. No pics i'm afraid as im not with my models for the next couple of months, but they do look quite good.

04-06-2010, 21:46
Hammers can be done with warrior box, using face mask and hammer weapon, and they don't look too bad, not as good as models. Ironbreakers on the other hand really do need to use the models. The cost of Ironbreakers is crazy, which they were plastic

04-06-2010, 23:53
I fear even if made into plastics they would cost the same as goldswords or beastigors. If that is the case though maybe gw would follow their current trend and put them in a battlion, hey one can dream right?

05-06-2010, 00:58
Use the hammerers. You can use hw/s to where you would be a 3+ as (1 less then the IB) but they are stubborn and when accopanied by a Lord immune to psychology. Not to mention way easier to convert warriors to hammerers instead of IB

05-06-2010, 01:00
Not to mention using the GW for a S of 6

Flash Felix
05-06-2010, 02:56
Regarding the Ironbreakers, there aren't any easy alternatives to the current models, not that I can see. If you don't want to spend the money on them new (and I didn't either), then you only have two options;

1. Buy them off e-Bay or some similar website, hopefully for around half price.
2. Get really good with Green-stuff. The Warriors with face masks would be a good base, the main issue is the lack of armour on their arms and hands. The example that Hicks put up is fantastic, but I know that I couldn't do that, not without a couple of years of practice. Maybe.

The Hammerers are a lot easier. Like many others I used the Warriors box, putting the full-face masks on and replacing greataxe heads with hammers. Whether you use cloaks is up to you, I prefer them without, but they will stand out if they're all cloaked. I prefer these to the metal ones, not so much for the price, but because I think the pose is better.

Look up The Forge page at Bugmans Brewery, there are a lot of good ideas there.

05-06-2010, 05:11
yeah I think I am just going to convert up some hammerers now, much easier and cheaper.

Esp since after reading this thread I realize hammerers are a better tarpit unit and a better offense unit than ironbreakers. Poor ironbreakers

05-06-2010, 07:40
Just buy some of Mantic's Dwarf Ironclads.

They come with both hammers and full plate armour, so you can probably get away with using them as either unit.

Or take off the hammers, replace them with axes to make ironbreakers from the mantic models, then use the spare hammers on the ends of the dwarf warrior great weapons to make your hammerer regiment out of GW dwarf warriors.

That's just my lazy view on it though. :)

And yeah, GW probably will release some sort of new elite regiment for either 20 or 25 whenever the new dwarf book gets released.

Until then your options are convert, ebay, or pay 30 for 10 metal models from GW.