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06-06-2010, 03:26
Touching up my Dark Elf army after a 6 month break from the hobby. I'm a little rusty on the builds but came up with the following:

Dreadlord - 545
-Crimson Death, Armour of Darkness, PoK, Black Dragon

Master - 231
-Dark Pegasus, BSB, HA, Paired HBs, Lance Shield, Cloak of Hag Graef, RoH

Master - 150
-Dark Steed, HA, CBane, Enchanted Shield, SDC

Assassin - 151
-AHW, Stars, Manbane

5 x Dark Riders - 110

5 x Dark Riders - 110

5 x Dark Riders - 110

5 x Harpies - 55

5 x Harpies - 55

9 x Shades - 144

9 x Shades - 162

Hydra - 175


Any tips and/or advice would be more than welcome, I am unsure as to whether my master builds are effective at the minute. I am hoping to severely out maneuver my enemies with this list picking my fights as I go.

Magic will surely be my major weakness but when running with cheese like the dragon and the speed that comes with my build I wanted to leave a glaring weakness.

That said does anyone feel this list is a bit over the top for semi competitive play?

06-06-2010, 03:31
Looks like a solid list. I can see it being a pain to deal with but skaven with 2 doomwheels and a stormbanner will murder your flying units for a turn or 2.

06-06-2010, 05:59
well lets start from the top you lord is fairly standard though it is an option to switch out the pendent for the ring of darkness. Calador's bane is sub par, in fact what is the point of the second master? give the DR at least a musician.

all in all i say drop the second master give the other unit of shades GW give all the DR a musician and i guess throw in another two units of harpies. you would have 113 points left over which is almost another DR unit

06-06-2010, 14:40
The second master is where I was most doubtful, I'd like to make him a CC force worth worrying about but that was the best I could come up with. The list as a whole lacks static combat res, and as a result I will need to choose my fights, pull off dual charges and such to really batter units properly. With that in mind I am not sure the best way to go with my 2nd master...

06-06-2010, 15:38
well for a real bullet i suggest a master on dark steed with heavy armor, cloak, lance, enchanted shield, and potion of strength. this gives you 3 re-roll str 9 attacks on the charge so it should take about 2 wounds off of anything. of give him the dragon egg to beat down and hold an infantry unit. he comes in at 149.

side note i like the crystal of midnight vs daemons because you run this guy to a horror unit and effectively take them out of the game for a 1/4 their cost.

06-06-2010, 15:57
Sounds good and worth considering, I'll probably run one or the other, the egg looks lovely for the breath possibility and I was considering a lifetaker as well but maybe not.

I'll likely be playing brets on my first game with that list so I have that in the back of my mind.

06-06-2010, 18:58
Try a dragon with Lifetaker, Ring of Hotek, full mundane armour (except a SDC), a lance and the Cloak of Hage Graef. Drop the Peg master for a level 1 with 2 scrolls, and if you want a mounted master who can work on his own, take a BSB on dark steed with full mundane armour, the Pendant and a Sword of Might. He can carve through anything without static res, as well as allowing you to smash dragons/greater daemons (he goes in the front and challenges, is very unlikely to take any wounds, then you get more stuff into the flanks/rear).

Aside from that you could probably do with a pair of RBTs, and the dark riders need musicians.