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Hrokka `Eadsplitter
06-06-2010, 19:03
This maybe is a quite unknown tactic for many, that means that you target your enemies characters and kill 'em before you actually starts fighting the main army.
I tried it in a small 500pts game, with me(WP, 15ish handgunners, some swordsmen, etc) vs my cousin(orc led goblin army).
My handgunner marksman killed his bigboss with his long rifle almost immediatly, and after that the gobbos collapsed.
I wonder if anyone else used this and if it works for 'em?

Cheers, Hrokka

06-06-2010, 19:06
what was he doing for you to just be able to target and kill his General O.o

Hrokka `Eadsplitter
06-06-2010, 19:09
Charging straight at me:D

06-06-2010, 19:18
Odds say no.

At long range, a marksman with hochland has 1/3 odds of hitting a character. S4 armour piercing of course varies from 2/3 to 1/3 (usually) odds of wounding, and most combat characters will be sporting a decentish save.

e.g. empire captain with 2+ save (BSB probably). At long range/stand and shoot that's 1/12 wounds per turn, moving to 1/8 at short range.

Taking like 6 of them and targeting bad save characters works - especially taking out wizards, GW-wielding foot HE, etc.

Taking out decent combat characters like the general is unlikely and should't be relied upon (or paid for). Irritating as hell when it happens though.

06-06-2010, 19:20
Characters are expensive point wise and add a fair amount to an army. If I have the chance to, I'll take them out. I don't play empire, so I can't shoot them out, but I'll target them with magic or charge something cheap into a unit and direct all my attacks at a mage. It works fairly well for killing mages.

06-06-2010, 20:02
Cavalry such as marauder horsemen, dark riders and skirmishers such as shades are brilliant wizard killers because you charge into the unit, shades attack a wizard with 3 re rolling to hit ws 5 str 6 attacks, dark riders with 2 ws 4 hatred str 4 attacks and 2 ws3 str 3 hatred attacks. They then lose combat to the unit and run further escaping before rallying

08-06-2010, 00:32
Its not a bad tactic but it wont make you any "Friends"....................Im in it to win but o wont through everything at a single target as to cripple my opponent..................well unless its some pesky fast cav/March blocker that I just hate with a passion. Mage Killing is a time honered tactic........................but its better to have an over all stratagy and go with that.....................taking 6 long rifles will just get boring when you dont have anyone to play with and get dirty looks from said GEEKS OF FANTASY!!!!!!!! (I am Alpha Geek so there)

08-06-2010, 08:48
It's a tactic I find wholly acceptable against Teclis. He's a stringy piece of p...string...that doesn't deserve to live.

Kurt Helborg too, but that's mainly due to his moustache...

08-06-2010, 14:32
while tactically smart, as others have said it's not friendly to snipe the enemy's general on turn 1. especially if your "enemy" is playing an army that seriously depends on the general for one reason or another.

when you are playing casual warhammer (ie, not a tournament), you have to think about 2 kinds of tactics: tactics to win the game, and tactics to secure future games. you have to think about the big picture. this means avoiding doing things that come off as "*******"... throwing fits, excessively nitpicking rules, and disregarding the enjoyment of your opponent. in other words, if no one will play against you, then you automatically lose, because you can't win if you can't play.

to reiterate: in casual, non-tournament play, the person accross from you is your opponent, not your enemy (many times they are actually your friend!). you are not trying to crush them and send them off, tails betwixt legs. you are trying to win at a game while also still making sure that everyone involved has fun. yes, your opponent's fun is, to an extent, your responsibility

08-06-2010, 14:40
I would laugh at this the first game but getting mighty annoyed when my friend keeps killing of my characters. Just don't emphasise on them a lot. Especially against armies which lack the capabilities to protect their general and so need him. Then again if its a tourney everything goes I guess.

Generally though my opponents get frustrated when I roll a 6 for the Blessing's Wardsave. That will teach them sniping out galant ladies with a cowards weapon.