View Full Version : Valkia the bloody's 2,000pts Tourney list

the godfather
06-06-2010, 20:58

Valkia the bloody 410pts


Festus 185pts

Chaos sorcerer, level two,
mark of Tzeentch, Book of secrets

Chaos sorcerer, level two,
mark of Tzeentch, Infernal puppet


12 Warriors, shields,
Helberds, mark of khorne 234pts

12 Warriors, shields,
Helberds, mark of khorne 234pts

20 Marauders, AHW,
Full command, mark of khorne 150pts


5 chaos knights, mark of khorne 230pts


chaos spawn 55pts

chaos spawn 55pts

chaos spawn 55pts

chaos spawn 55pts

06-06-2010, 23:19
What's your plan with the army? Where do the sorcerers go?
Marauders cannot take additional hand weapons, you can only give them flails, great weapons, shields and light armour.


the godfather
07-06-2010, 09:16
The plan if for the sorcerers to stay with the warrior
Festus is with the marauders to give them regenerate and poisons
The marauders will have flails

07-06-2010, 10:21
I personally think the best thing to do with valkia is to pair her with all mounted warriors list. She is a mini bloodthirstet after all. I would do something like this;

valkia = 410

exalted champ. = 225
daemonix steed, chaos runesword, shield, mark of khorne

tzeentch sorcerer = 190
lv.2, disc, scroll, power familiar
tzeentch sorcerer = 180
lv.2, disc, scroll, spell familiar

3 x 5 marauder horsmen = 273
throwing axes, MOS, musician

8 chaos knights = 435
MON, banner of rage, command

5 chaos knights = 230
champion, musician

2 x 5 warhounds =60

Lots of fast stuff, and the unkillable knights. Just make sure you don't fall into the frenzy trap, screen with the hounds

07-06-2010, 18:19
never take a deamonic steed, especially if your gonna go with mark of khorne as a juggernaut is always better.

07-06-2010, 18:37
Jugger equals 3 S5 attacks :) OT: Maybe replace two of the spawn with 3 extra knights for the knight unit? I experimented the other day with 8 Knighs of Khorne and they minced through loads. For some reason 8 just seems to work better than 5 for me.

@sherrif - On your sorceror i would replace the spell familiar with book of secrets. Take lore of shadow with the book and automatically choose steed of shadows, Its a great laugh becuase the sorceror can actually kill warmachine crews :D

07-06-2010, 20:07
@brady - but he flys anyway, he's basically a two wound Warrior, he can hadkle himself fine!

07-06-2010, 20:20
well then let him fly twice! :D